Calorie Counter by Cronometer

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Cronometer Software Inc
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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Calorie Counter by Cronometer

4.76 out of 5
59.8K Ratings
6 years ago, MaddiesMommy06
Was loving it until *UPDATE!! It works again!!
NEW UPDATE: I ended up emailing the support staff about the issue I was having and one of their people was in constant contact with me until the developers were able to fix the issue. My Polar Fitness Band is now back to syncing with the app, and my activity data (i.e. calories burned) are showing up in the app again! I’m back to losing weight!! Thank you so much, Developers and Support Staff!!! ********************************* The app all of a sudden stopped working with my Polar Fitness Band five days ago. Now, my activity data (i.e. calories burned) won’t sync with the app anymore. I’ve tried everything. I unlinked/re-linked my Polar Band with the app. I’ve logged out and back in after changing the settings. I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it. Now, any time I try to link my band with the app, I get an Error message, and the app gets stuck on a page that says “Connecting Device” with a little circle going round and round like it’s “loading.” To get out of that screen, I have to exit out of the app, and when I go back in to the “Connect Device” page, it says my Polar Band is linked- even though it’s not! Been dealing with the for 5 days now. Very frustrating. The app is only useful for me to guide as a weight loss tool if I know the correct amount of calories I am burning, and thus what a true 500 calorie deficit is, so that I can aim for a one pound a week loss. Please fix!! Otherwise, would be 5 stars!!
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1 month ago, bin:342&2
Gets nearly everything right, amazing app
I NEVER write reviews for apps but I’m enjoying this one so much I had to encourage others to get it. I used to use My fitness pal and it was clunky and unintuitive, and when they put the barcode scanner behind a paywall it was the nail in the coffin for me. I switched to Lifesum which isn’t a bad app but the calories and macros were sometimes inaccurate. I’ve been using this one for a couple weeks now and it is absolutely everything you need it to be and more. It has the barcode scanner, it shows recent foods logged and allows for custom meals so I don’t have to scan 13 ingredients every single day for the same meal I always eat. There is so much convenience and ease of use built into this app it makes counting calories enjoyable. Showing my vitamin intake, calories and macros all with a few swipes, showing the barcode scanner from the log food plus button instead of having to find it on the foods page, swiping foods to delete or the other way to get a nutritional summary, etc etc. And all these features are for FREE, with some good features offered with gold aswell. Whoever made this app knows exactly what they’re doing and I had to show some appreciation, awesome app which should become the new go to instead of the other garbage that’s more ad then app.
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3 years ago, MichelleCardinal19
Perfect for my needs
This is the best macro tracking app that I’ve ever used and I’ve tried many of them. I love the Energy and Macronutrient target bars, as they are very easy to read (nice color coding and I like that they are bars and not circular graphs). I was also able to manually enter my own Calorie/Macro targets which is great. Also, having the Micronutrient breakdown is a huge bonus. The last app that I used did not have this feature and it is so helpful to be able to visualize my vitamin and mineral consumption. The search feature is amazing! The database is extremely large and I’ve had zero issues finding the foods that I’m looking for. I absolutely love the barcode scan feature. The diary is great; Having it right below the targets is really convenient and easy to read. It allows you to scroll through past days or to drag/drop foods if you need to organize your entries. Honestly, I could go on and on about all of the reasons why I love this app but what I love most is that it is simply a place where I can track my foods and it’s not full of a million unnecessary bells and whistles. This is an especially great app for those who are familiar with tracking macros and want something simple; but it is just as easy to use for someone who is just starting out. Thank you for this wonderful app, I am so glad to have found it!
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3 years ago, F P N
A great in-depth free tracker
My partner and I love this app, we use it to track our daily intake and plot it against recommended values, in particular vitamins and nutrients that other apps don’t check. I recommend this app as the best app for micronutrient tracking. There are a couple draw backs in the free version for us. One is the lack of an apple watch app/complication. I’d pay for the gold service to get information on my watch since no apps track the vitamins and micronutrients as well. I like that information in an easy format on my apple watch. The other drawback is that you have to subscribe to share recipes. Cronometer doesn’t support subscription sharing which is something I would purchase just for sending my saved foods to my partner. We don’t have a need for the other features offered in the gold plan, so the price is a bit too high for us to consider two subscriptions just to send a recipe to save one of us the time of typing in the ingredients. Their customer support has been great when I reported incorrect nutrition information in their database. Within a few hours, they corrected some products that had incorrect vitamin data and I was able to update my diary and see the changes before the day was over, which is important to me because I want to make sure I’m getting the recommended daily value of micronutrients in addition to the macros.
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2 years ago, Annoying, Needs help
Loving this app! Have some suggestions…
I have been really blown away by how thorough this app is in comparison to others. It seemed like all that was out there were ways to count calories, which I’m not interested in at all. I have had some trouble the last few years managing some recent health changes and despite working with a holistic doctor for a time, the work and understanding really needed to come from me. I’m no expert when it comes to nutrition, but I’ve sure tried to learn how to eat healthy given my dietary limitations. I thought I was doing well when I found this app. I was feeling okay, having more good days than bad days. Started logging my meals on the app, and it’s really opened my eyes to how unbalanced my diet still actually is, and would explain why I still have “bad” days. What an extremely helpful tool Cronometer is, seriously, it has brought such clarity to my diet. I am extremely grateful! My only suggestion would be that I wish I could customize the “suggest food” section to better fit my limitations (gluten free, lectin free, MTHFR gene mutation, anti inflammatory, etc) because I am also not the best at creating meals, so that section I would find very helpful. Maybe Cronometer could add a way to customize it based on your diagnosis? Just a thought.
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5 months ago, SeniorDev6568
The best calorie counting app but not perfect
The bar is honestly so low when it comes to these apps. I will say that when it comes to tracking caloric deficits this is the best app. If you have an Apple Watch you can automatically import your active calories. Input your BMR into the app and your burnt calories are effortlessly tracked. This almost the sole reason I use this app. Other apps like MFP and LoseIt! would try to “guess” my calories burnt and then do a bunch math gymnastics to calculate a “calorie adjustment” from my workouts. It constantly was off by up to 500 calories. But this app still is lacking. The UI seems like it was made by freshmen software engineers. If you are in the middle of making a recipe and lose internet connection or leave the app for too long you can kiss your progress into that recipe goodbye. Want to separate your food diary into separate meals like every sane human on earth would want? Better pay up. It’s not even broken into time chunks it is literally just a compact list and if you add a lot of piecemeal items it can get long. And the home page might as well not exist. They don’t make the views simple and digestible. Maybe one day we will get a calorie counting app whose quality makes it easy to fork over cash but it seems like the strategy for now is to club you into submission with ads. Still bottom of the barrel. Just at the top of the bottom.
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2 years ago, i cant think of anythnig
Loved the app until new updates
6/25- The issues have been fixed! I’m really happy to be able to use the app again. And more than that, it’s really great to see a responsive team that listens to new ideas and bugs and follows through. Thank you! I loved the app until the last couple of updates- it was the only app that really let me look at micronutrients, easily toggle off and on calorie counting while still tracking nutrient data, and gave me lots of trends and general data with a more accurate database. But the second to last update removed the ability to toggle calorie counting off and on by permanently adding calories to your macronutrients summary so you can’t track protein, carbs, and fat without seeing calories. That’s also the only place you can see a deficit if you have one set up now, as the general energy summary only shows overall calories now and is not intuitive at all. I did contact the team but received generic instructions for turning off calories that are no longer accurate since the update. I emailed back but haven’t had a response since. Unfortunately I think it’s time to find a new app to use and recommend to people given it looks like these changes are here to stay.
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2 years ago, ender13
Has potential
I was really hoping to make this my new default but it’s missing a few important features. First it does a better job than LoseIt for making it easy to add recently used foods and most common foods. Also you can add favorites which is great. It has a nice clean UI and really good fitness tracking integration. So far I’ve been pleased with the database as well. There are a few things I think it needs before I could fully switch though: 1. It doesn’t have any automatic conversion between measurement units. If something has serving size of “1 cup” I want to easily choose different measurement units (when possible), such as “5 tablespoons”. When a serving size is “five slices” I want to be able to choose “one slice”. Both of these should be very doable with strict data entry structure in place. 2. Doesn’t seem to provide a weekly overview. MyFitnessPal and LoseIt do a much better job of graphs and visually representing how things are going. 3. Smaller thing, but it displays different databases labeled CRDB and FDC but doesn’t explain what they mean. 4. Finally, when doing a search or barcode scan I wish it would highlight in some way which option I chose last time. Most of the time there have been 2-3 results for each barcode when I scan, and once I figure out the right one that matches my label I want that to be highlighted in some way for next time I scan.
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4 years ago, chokokhan
App is getting buggier with every release
Pretty explanatory. Also, I feel this is one of those concepts that was amazing in the beginning and went downhill in time. I’ve used Cronometer from its early browser days- excellent since then at what it does. Since they expanded and grew, the made poor choices along the way. Firstly, the team is downright incompetent. Customer service/ support team is probably founder’s extended family/ friends or just unqualified for the job. Absolute garbage at handling questions, feature requests. Take a look on the support forums if you don’t believe me. Downright embarrassing. Secondly, whoever is in charge of the app probably learned coding in 2 months from online tutorials- which is not bad, just not good enough to charge money for. After years of requests from basic functionality like time stamps, they finally introduced the feature a couple of years back and immediate made it paid. I walked them through 2 errors they had made, but eventually just gave up when I realized they’ll never figure out how to properly integrate their app with apple health. All in all it’s my preferred app since I loathed the big fitness tracker apps, but it’s basic database search functionality for micronutrients- the thing everyone used Cronometer for, has been there since day one. Everything else is just trash. Hopefully the founder decides to hire the right people soon, preferably talented professionals this time.
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4 years ago, PerfectPregnancy
Perfect for me!
I’ve always had a low BMI and after getting pregnant consulted with a nutritionist. I needed more protein in my diet so I started eating meat after being a pescatarian for a year. Unfortunately, the app they had me using was clunky and not very intuitive. At 18 weeks pregnant I was not gaining enough weight still so I searched for my own app and found this one. It’s absolutely perfect! It takes into account that I’m pregnant and let’s me adjust how much weight I want to gain per week if I want. It tracks the important stuff that I need to make sure my little man is getting everything he needs! And it’s soooo simple! I’ve created recipes with my daily shakes and was able to scan in all my vitamins. The copy and paste feature is perfect and the barcode feature is fantastic. I’ve been using for two weeks and have only had one item that the barcode didn’t recognize. I’ve never written a review on an app before but as of yesterday (after using the app for only two weeks) I am on track with my weight where I should be at 20 weeks pregnant and I couldn’t be happier that I found this app! Thank you for making something so easy to help people track their diet for whatever purpose they choose!!
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4 months ago, MPBISCOOL
Better than most others
My goal personally has been to gain weight and muscle mass so I’ve (admittedly) not been using all the apps features though it is cool to see all the breakdowns. However, it’s done a great job at tracking my intake. The barcode feature is a godsent and it has probably 95% of all the foods I eat already logged in the app with all the nutrition breakdowns. I am on a rotating sleep schedule that swaps from days to nights so tracking my “days” can get a bit tricky but this Crono allows you to go back a forth between days and continue to log foods. Typically when I’m on nights I use the day I woke up as my “day” so after midnight I just have to go back to the previous day to log my meals. I also meal prep so it’s easy to go ahead a lot my meals for future days as well. To add to that you can also copy entires meals or days to the next day which is amazing. I’ve suggested a few feature that would make the app easier for those of us who are on a night schedule. Over all easy to use. Also syncs with all my Apple heart data so my smart scale and watch data etc is all input into the app. 10/10 would recommend.
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2 years ago, Knuckles049IH
Best food tracker
Love this app so much!! In my experience it’s the best food tracker out there—I’ve tried MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, iTrackBites, and several others, but cronometer is hands down the best I’ve found. Love the simple, clean user interface, clear display of macros, daily nutrition analysis, and especially the ability to import and add recipes. I use it to help me maintain/lose weight and watch my sodium/fat intake while ensuring that I’m getting enough protein and other nutrients. Quick, simple, and easy to use. The free version does have ads, but they are fairly non-intrusive, and the gold version is ad-free and absolutely wonderful. I have it synced with my Garmin and I was skeptical about that at first, but they pair together very well. I have left reviews of Cronometer before, and I wanted to update my previous review but for some reason it has disappeared. No worries; the app developers seem to have fixed the issues I brought up (database issues) and I just want to thank you for your dedication and continuous improvement of this wonderful app! Truly a life-changing tool. Thank you so much! :)
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4 months ago, ShoshinSeattle
Cronometer’s challenge did the trick
I have used Cronometer for a number of years to track my steps and occasionally to log my food intake. At the end of 2023 the folks at Cronometer announced a challenge whereby one gained points for assiduously logging food during the month of January. I decided to get a jumpstart on logging so that it would be a habit by the time the new year started. Even though I didn’t win the competition, I’m happy to report that thus far I’ve lost 9.6 pounds. It’s not a huge amount over two months, and I have quite a way until I reach my goal, but I’m quite happy, especially because I am now able to fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years. This comes at a very opportune time, since I’m about to head off on a two-month trip to a place where I know I will be doing lots of walking and because I’m hoping my friends will notice the change. Even if they don’t or don’t make any comments, I myself feel much more comfortable in my skin and know that in the warmer climate I’m going to, I will be happy to be carrying less weight up the stairs.
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2 years ago, n33kers
Seems about on par with MyFitnessPal
I have only used the free version of Cronometer so this review is only for the free version. It doesn’t have as many items in the database as MyFitnessPal but you can add them in easily by just taking pictures of the nutrition facts label. Cronometer seems to have more accurate nutrient scores than MFP. Free version of Cronometer tracks more nutrients than the MFP free version. Doesn’t have the option to add in your foods under specific meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. Does have a reminder you can turn on to remind you to log your foods by a certain time. Doesn’t appear to have a multi select button for adding foods which is pretty annoying because it has pop up video ads that come on when you hit the add food button a bunch of times to add multiple foods. Will not integrate my Garmin smartwatch for some reason. I have been using it for about a month now, overall it seems comparable to MFP which I had used for about 10 years off and on, including the MFP Premium version which I tried out but did not find worth paying for.
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4 years ago, sunshine 8-10
Excellent Tool to Keep Check on Your Nutrition
I am 75 yrs. old and have about 10 lbs to lose as the Coronavirus epidemic has been tough. We have been basically locked down since early March since I was fighting it off in early March. I have an excellent immune system & could tell I was fighting something it’d never fought before. It took a good month & a half before I knew I had won my battle, but was shocked that it took more than 3 mos. to get my strength back. Needless to say, with less activity & a bit of depression that I couldn’t be as active as normal—I started eating more “feel good foods”! Here came the lbs marching in. I had used Cronometer in the past to lose weight, but thought my old iPad couldn’t handle so much memory. It was slowing down, so deleted all I could on it. Wrong! I have it back on now and am slowly losing the damage done. It is very easy to use, really helps you know how much nutritious foods you are eating, and it’s free unless you want more. I’m very pleased with it & if you need support, it’s there. Excellent tool for weight loss or maintenance. I’d give it 10 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Olivia T1d
In Love!!
The features on this app are way better than any I have tried in the past, and they are FREE! Unless you want a diet plan, which in my opinion is fairly priced, you don’t spare a cent! You get to calculate your exercise, and it automatically subtracts from your goals. the calories aren’t overwhelmingly in your face for those with a history of emotions around food. It’s so simplified and accessible! One of my favorite features is the recipe input-it makes it easy to calculate baked goods correctly for those of us who are bakers, and I was so happy to discover such a feature. I am a type one diabetic trying to calculate and track carbs to get a better understanding and control of my blood sugar. I am also somebody who has struggled with weight for a lot of my life as well as body image issues, but I am using this app for my benefit, not to impress others. Finally, there are many more foods listed, vitamin and mineral details, and a data tracker so you can look back and easily find the tools to progress. What a clean design! I feel so lucky to have come across it!
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2 years ago, Rainy1
Better than My Fitness Pal for tracking
So I have been using this app for several weeks. I am losing weight and I am mentally healthy with my approach. I lost a lot of weight through a food provided program in 2019- very low calorie and about $600 month in food. I am losing my pandemic weight at the same pace without deprivation, boxed or frozen food and I am eating foods that I like everyday. Here’s why? I log everything. I can create notes for each meal or just in general. It’s a bit like a journal around my eating. I get feedback on the nutritional quality of my foods. It’s helping me look for items that will complete my nutritional profile for the day. I love that. Finally, there are a lot of food items in the database. It’s super easy to add items, import a recipe (love that) or create a recipe in the system. I did purchase the paid version which gives me a few additional options around reporting and nutrition tracking.
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2 years ago, International_snoopy
Good but glitchy
I downloaded this app today after MFP’s recent paywall update. This app certainly has more features than MFP does for free which I really like. I’m still looking around the app and exploring but I like what I see. My only complaint is it is quite glitchy. I’ve had to close and restart the app a few times and it did randomly log me out already once. I’ve only been using it for about 20 minutes. So I can see this frustrating me in the future if I’m trying to use it in a time crunch. Hopefully the developers will fix the issues or have the app running better in the future. Given how most apps require you to spend at least 40 dollars just to open them I’ll take what I can get! I really hope the developers don’t stoop down to spamming the app with ads or creating tons of paywalls like other apps. This has the potential to be the best weight tracking app out! I will say I did notice they have a “gold” subscription so there is already a paywall, but I hope it remains as something extra and not something necessary.
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5 months ago, Himay84
Great for Tracking, Terrible Ad Interruptions
I love this app - however I use it typically only when I’m in an intense cut or modified date so I prefer the free version. I love the myriad foods available via barcode, it’s friendly to look at, super easy to use, I love how it syncs with Whoop and Apple Health (it’d be nice if it was smart enough to not pull in the same workout twice). However, the most recent update inserts the most irritating full page, long video ads in the middle of using it. I’ll be mid-entry and full ad pops up with no way to exit it before it’s done playing. I recognize the need for the developer to reap some sort of monetary gain from the free version. I’m not anti-ad. I am opposed to an app throwing up an ad while I’m in the middle of using it and not allowing for me to exit out of it before the 1-minute video is done. And the ads are for things like, games and Temu. Not quite wellness focused. It isn’t enough for me to give in and pay the $10/month, but I do dislike it enough to potentially find a new app… despite my love for all the things this app offers, the ad thing is a big turn off.
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2 years ago, CJPdub
So much potential!
I’m a new user (Gold subscriber) and a WW convert. I love the emphasis on complete nutrition and the many ways to customize this tool, which I’m still learning! A couple of things that would make this app even better: 1) Give us a separate category in the Diary for Water intake (e.g. in addition to Supplements, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks) 2) The Fasting feature has a lot of room for improvement (standalone chart, reminder notifications, etc.) but a good place to start would be making the history easier to access. Currently it’s buried under four clicks: Settings/Targets/Fasting/ Fasting History. This is really cumbersome. Being a new user, I may be missing out on some tips & tricks so if anyone can educate me I’d welcome it! Also, if there is an opportunity to participate in your Beta program I’d love that! Thanks for the recent improvements and keep ‘em’ coming! EDIT: Coming back to share that I learned you can customize your Diary categories, so I added one for Water and that has worked well for me!
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9 months ago, Billysendsreveiws
Useful app
I’m trying to keep track of my diet, especially specific micronutrients during my pregnancy, and this has been helpful. Foods and supplements are easy to input (or add, if the app is not familiar with them.) Obviously it isn’t perfect since it can only give a general idea of how much of a nutrient any specific person will be able to absorb from the foods they’ve logged, and certain nutrients are generalized (like “vitamin k” instead of “k1” and “k2”) I also wish there was a way to add vitamin D from intentional daily sun exposure and that when you log water or drinks that it used a 💧instead of including it with the food 🍎 I’d love to have a second page of highlighted nutrient targets at the top of my diary instead of their nutrition scores page -but overall it’s the best app I’ve used. You can see your records on the app, or the web, and they have a lot of different measurements for inputting the food you’ve eaten, which is very helpful if you estimate instead of weighing things sometimes…
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5 months ago, Cycle-Dave
Better than MFP in every way
I used MyFitnessPal (MFP) for a few years and got tired of all of the syncing issues and also the dizzying array of incorrect subscriber food entries which lead to tons of inaccurate and frustrating tracking. Yes, it’s visually appealing. But there’s truth to the old saying about dressing up a pig. It’s still a pig. I researched, found, trialed, then switched to Cronometer and never looked back. Syncing across multiple devices is rock solid. The database is vetted. If you find something that doesn’t match the label info, you can easily report it AND they respond quickly with updates to correct any issues. Also, Cronometer allows much more flexibility defining daily calorie goals which is so helpful when workouts dictate different daily needs. And when and if needed, their tech support is responsive and very helpful. Lastly, subscription costs are lower than MFP. I’m never going back. Keep up the great work.
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5 years ago, Dr. Ruch
My nutritionist told me to use Cronometer because I lost so much weight and they want me to put weight back on. My use of Cronometer has impressed my visiting nurse and my visiting dietitian because of how flexible it is and how much information you can control with Cronometer. Two young gentleman that work at a supplement and powder protein store and are also personal trainers were very impressed because you can also track your alcohol consumption and water intake with Cronometer, that’s just in the basic free software. I am a biologist by trade, I know to gain weight you have to eat more calories than you’re burning. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you’re eating cronometer is a very easy way to track your calorie intake. You can enter the name of foods or if it’s a packaged product you can scan its barcode and most of the products you buy are already in the program. I am going to purchase Cronometer Gold which gives you more than the free program.
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2 years ago, Brainy_redhead
Love the recipe import function
When my doctor told me to track calories last year to lose weight and lower my BP, I told her tracking makes me crazy and I hate it. I resisted for almost a year. I had done WW and Noom before and always found their databases inaccurate- the same item would have multiple entries with wildly different calories. I didn’t have the bandwidth to track. The worst was that I found myself not cooking because adding recipes was really hard. I hated adding each ingredient, etc. I used the free version of Cronometer occasionally and felt like the database was much better than the others. But when I saw the recipe importer, I was delighted. And more importantly it works!!! I regularly cook recipes from The NY Times and Eating Well and I can import the ingredients. What a joy!!!! Sundays I import all my recipes for the week and add them to my days. So much easier to identify what I should eat for breakfast and lunch. Great app!
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10 months ago, Dnarris
Perfect tool for weightless assistance!
I’ve been overweight for a long time and have tried many tools to help me lose weight. Some helped some were completely useless, but Chronometer has been an invaluable tool. I’ve lost 60 lbs in the last 12 month. Being able opt not only track your daily calorie intake, but keep track of your daily nutrition has been huge help towards healthy weight loss. It’s also incredibly easy to use with the majority of foods I’ve come across being in their massive database or easy enough to add just by scanning barcodes. Since my weight loss and become more into a healthy lifestyle I have managed to get my certification as a personal trainer and definitely will recommend the use of the app to my clients. Remember everyone that you can meet your goals if you keep your mind to it and there’s tons of tools to help you with Chronometer being a prime example!
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6 years ago, Pogo27
Useful for keto and nutrition
I use both the app and desktop page and have found it took almost all the guess work out of the keto diet. I have found it's default guidelines to be comfortable for me, and my favorite thing is getting a close look at what I'm missing nutritionally. I suspect a few deficiencies in my diet and after tracking my habits I was sure what to supplement and what to eat more of. It's a good overall look at daily habits and trends and very very helpful for keto. I trust Dr. Mercola on many health topics so this almost feels like he's personally coaching me, because I trust that he had his developers use a well thought approach to the calculations involved with this. I have no complaints about finding product or inputting info. I don't expect perfection, it's a constantly changing market. I have been pleasantly surprised that many name brands I use are there. I find this app much more helpful and informative than my fitness pal. It's more personalized.
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10 months ago, Theadorable_101
From My Fitness Pal to Cronometer
I was using the free version of MFP for 2 years but never really stuck with it. But with Cronometer, even just the free version is AMAZING. It shows you the nutrient breakdowns and percentages of vitamins and everything. I love it cuz I’m a visual person and I can actually see what I’ve eaten (as opposed to just calories). It’s aesthetically pleasing and the charts activate the part of my brain that wants to “complete” each part- especially protein which I’ve always struggled with eating enough of. There are still days I forget to log, don’t get me wrong, but Cronometer makes me actually want to track my food more often so I’m far more consistent (I average 4-5 daily logs a week!). Plus it makes me want to eat the amount of protein I should be eating to achieve my fitness goals (which it will ask u in the beginning when setting up ur account). Definitely worth using
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4 years ago, Merrrriah
Perfect for what I was looking for.
I just wanted a simple app that would allow me to see all my nutrition information about what I eat. I especially wanted to know what kind of micronutrients I was lacking in my daily eating routine and this app has helped me make those changes that ensure that I’m getting all the nutrients my body needs. Allows you to set goals! So for me I try to stay under 26g of sugar a day and this really helps me see what foods I’m eating contain sugar even if I didn’t think they did. Also, you can see exactly what nutrients you are getting from the piece of food that gave it to you and how much it gave you! Ex) eggs gave me 10% of my daily need for folate I guess the one negative I have is that it doesn’t allow you to group your meals together but honestly that doesn’t really bother me (: This is just some of what you get with the app for free! I haven’t paid for a subscription yet, but I might so I can link my Fitbit
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1 year ago, orainova
Love the app, very convenient… until it’s broken
Unfortunately, there’s been yet another new update… and now exercise from my Withings scanwatch gets imported twice (instantly, the moment it appears, there’s two instances)… It throws off the daily calories. Hope it gets fixed soon, as it’s quite annoying having to manually delete duplicate. Another annoying thing is the app freezes frequently (usually when adding food or if you pull to refresh… have to be quite careful if I scroll not to pull accidentally as it freezes…)—————————————- Used to love the app but it’s buggy and food can now only be entered for “today“. It seems they broke the “plus” button and now it doesn’t take into account which diary day you’re in. This makes the app useless since I’ll have to login to the site or scramble to enter everything before midnight…
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4 months ago, Meeka D.
I love it but there’s just one thing…
I’m new to this app and really enjoy all of the features. I discover a new feature all the time and I just love it even more. This is by far the best food tracking app I’ve ever used! However, I am disappointed that I can no longer edit or view ingredients in a custom meal from the diary page. Going to foods then custom foods and searching for the item just feels like I have to go alllll the way around the app just to get to where I was already at. I saw your update message saying that you heard all the complaints about editing foods and what not and it’s all been fixed. I can’t imagine anyone complaining about that feature bc it was pretty great! Please bring the option to edit a custom meal from the diary page back. And if I’m overlooking the feature and it’s somewhere in my face, please let me know. Thanks😊
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3 years ago, VNWIE
Best App for Tracking Micronutrients
A lot of diet and fitness apps allow you to count calories, macros, exercise, and water, but there is no app I have used that compares to Cronometer in its ability to track micronutrients (at least in free versions). With Cronometer, you not only can track how many calories you consume each day and what your daily macronutrient distribution is, but you can see what your daily intake is of vitamins and minerals in comparison to the RDI. You can also change what micronutrients are highlighted in your daily summary, and you can even manipulate the minimum and maximum intake for each micronutrient based on your own personal needs. Also, the simple user interface really makes logging food easy and straightforward. As someone who cares not only about tracking their caloric intake, but seeing the nutrients I am getting in that intake, this app is very useful and the best I have used.
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2 years ago, homestedgal
A must-have for pregnant/breastfeeding moms to be
If you are trying to lose weight, trying to be healthy, or trying to make sure you are getting everything you need because you, like me, are trying to get pregnant/ are pregnant, then this is the only app you will ever need. The breakdowns of carbs/fats/proteins into their components is so amazing, not to mention I have never seen a more all-encompassing and user friendly app for micronutrients, water consumption, caffeine consumption etc. You name it, and this app breaks it down for you, as well as shows you the foods you tend to eat that contain certain nutrients, in addition to telling you the function of the nutrient and other food sources you can get it from. Making sure I am eating enough of specific micronutrients for my baby has never been so easy! You can even log your prenatal vitamin!
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1 year ago, It’s TK
Top 3 reasons why this app is better than others
I’m genuinely impressed by this app for several reasons that make it stand out among others: 1. First and foremost, this app provides detailed micronutrient information. It goes beyond just displaying carbs, fats, and proteins, offering insight into your daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin E, vitamin D, vitamin C, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. This is crucial for anyone on a diet, as a calorie deficit can often lead to insufficient micronutrient consumption, which may hinder progress 2. The app makes calorie tracking a breeze. It displays your daily calorie total, as well as the breakdown of carbs, fats, and proteins consumed, right at the top of the screen. Unlike many other apps, there's no need to navigate to another page to find this vital information. 3. Lastly, the app boasts an extensive database of food nutrition facts. It incorporates data from reliable sources like the United States Department of Agriculture's National Nutrient Database (USDA), the National Coordinating Center for Food and Nutrition (NCCDB), and even databases from other countries, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate resource for users. All in all, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to manage their nutrition and make better choices when it comes to their dietary habits
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3 years ago, Spartanicus55
Best of its kind
I was a long time user of the (now very old and largely defunct) DietPower software. As the years rolled by, I tried most of the other online health and fitness apps, and none of them were a suitable replacement. They often had terrible food entry, were very noisy, and were often more focused on support groups than they were on the primary task of just logging food and exercise! After a decade of trying most of the other apps and being dissatisfied, Cronometer was worth the wait! The food logging is nearly perfect - the searches are fast and intuitive, and the barcode scanner is fantastic too. The ability to easily copy old records (even whole meals) to today’s food diary makes data entry lightning fast. Exercise entry is simple and there are categories for nearly everything- and all are easy to find. The calculations for calories burned is straightforward, and the entries allow you to enter custom values if you track them in another app such as Runkeeper. Integration with devices looks excellent (though I’ve not used that feature yet). Best of all, the interface on both the app and the website is clean, uncluttered, and very intuitive. I have nothing but gratitude to the folks at Cronometer for getting it so *right*! Strongly recommend!!
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7 months ago, Mollyquad
Easy to use and the paid version worth the money
I was using a different calorie counter that was discontinued, so I switched over to Cronometer. I was able to figure it out quickly and learn many of the features on the first day. I have been using it now for several months and I’m very happy with it. I just recently upgraded to the annual plan. I think the paid features are well worth the money. My only complaint, which is the same with any other calorie counter, is I wish they would offer more than just 4 meal groupings. I eat many times a day due to hypoglycemia, and it would be great if I could see each of my meals grouped together, rather than just breakfast, lunch , dinner, and snack. I know I am in the minority, though, so I don’t expect this desire to ever be satisfied. Great app. Very happy with it.
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3 years ago, PrincessSoturi
UPDATE Macros are right - but calories are wrong
Edit: The cronometer team replied to my email and this review very quickly with a good explanation that not every gram of each macro has the same amount of calories. A quick google search basically says that the general rule is 4-4-9, but cronometer is right that this general rule isn’t the most precise. I’m glad to hear this, because this is my favorite tracker app. Thanks for getting back to me so fast! This is a glaring weakness in the app. I like that the sources for foods are barcodes and legit data sources, unlike myfitnesspal. I believe the macros are right. But the calories are incorrect! It’s 9 calories from each gram of fat, 4 calories per gram of carbs, and 4 calories per gram of protein. When you add up those categories from the macro columns, the “calorie” row has clearly undercounted. Why this is happening is unclear to me, but it’s a major weakness in the app.
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1 year ago, upsetRokuFan
Lost its 5* with recent update
Love this app. I use it to track nutrients needed for my various health issues to make sure I can keep healthy and avoid medications. However the most recent update has lost one star for me. My main gripe is the custom recipe section which I use all the time. The function search is a pain as the search box goes away if it doesn’t find something you are searching for - usually when I mistype something. Also if you copy a recipe it doesn’t immediately appear in the list of recipes, and if you edit a recipe the changes don’t show up straight away. Looks like cache is not being cleared properly on the save. Hope these comments make their way back to the developers. Obviously not much user testing was complete before it was released!!
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4 years ago, Medieval_Poet
Great app but in need of a couple fixes
I love the faster and easier use in finding ingredients in this app to list macros BUT there are three things I find annoying. 1.) At times a save doesn’t immediately save what I just added to a recipe (uber annoying!). 2.) Other times a save somehow doubles my recipe with the ingredient listings shown twice so then I have to go back and delete the duplicates. 3.) In the process of deleting these duplicates, hitting the “x” often ends up opening the ingredient screen rather than deleting the ingredient. I think the “clickable” area for the button needs to altered so there isn’t app confusion in deleting the listing rather than opening the listing. OR, change the ability to delete a listing with a swipe or a check box on the left or right in the programming end so deleting ingredients doesn’t become frustrating. Otherwise, I like that the app already calculates net carbs.
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5 months ago, Kleintjie!1
Ads are too long
This is by far the best app for tracking nutrition out there. I love the intuitive nature of it and the ability to add all my vitamins at once by creating “recipes” etc. The “favorites” section is great as well. The free version is good but the advertisements have become so long now, coupled with the fact that sometimes you can’t even figure out how to “X” out of them that I’m considering switching. Additionally, recently they changed the way that it works such that if you add a favorite and change it to a different amount, now it updates to that amount for the next time - which is really annoying. Previously, it would only update the save amount if you updated it from the menu from which you were choosing the item - which was a better way of doing things. I wish they would switch that back.
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2 months ago, marywzll
Best Tracking App There Is
I was told that I had high cholesterol despite being young and having a healthy BMI… I always watched my diet and counted calories but I never paid attention to my macros, only protein. With Chronometer, I realized I was missing out on so many vitamins, along with eating too much fat and sugar. This app helped me lower my cholesterol down to normal levels within a month. The ease of tracking everything, as well as having what I was putting in my body visualized through numbers, helped tremendously. I am so happy this app is free, but I do plan on making the switch to Gold to both support the developers and gain even more functionality within the app. Thank you, truly. I never leave reviews, let alone any elaborate ones such as this one. But Chronometer is worth the praise, 100%.
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3 months ago, JAH KAMREN
Before Chronometer I was using MyFitnessPal. For what it is I had nothing against it and it worked well over the past 3-4 years. I took a nutrition class and I was introduced to Chronometer. Man, was I missing out. Not only does this work well, but it async to the website (no refresh needed). Aside from that the customization is endless for your goals and it can sync with other devices (for myself, Dexcom Glucose Monitoring System). What is more impressive is that you can do all this with the FREE tier! You can’t do that with MyFitnessPal. You need to pay right off the bat. Here’s another things.. if you decide to use the pro version of Chronometer it’s significantly reasonable. Overall a great app! I have transitioned over and will be subscribing after my subscription with MyFitnessPal expires.
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5 years ago, Onthefarshore
I love this app, but I have a recommendation
This app is one of my most used and most useful apps! I like it so much, I paid for the subscription and have no regrets. It has enabled me to meet each and every macro and micronutrient it tracks (and it tracks many!) saving me the cost of expensive vitamins and supplements I no longer need, because clearly see I’m getting them all throughout the day in the foods I eat. I also love and continue to learn from the “suggest a food” feature. I do have one suggestion for the app developers. Please add an import recipe function. I used a different app previously, and while the nutritional information it provided was by far more limited and less useful than this one, it provided the ability to import recipes. That’s a huge timesaver and a feature I keep wishing this app had. If you add that capability I will give this app 5 stars and you’ll have a fan for life. :)
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3 years ago, Dewswim
No stress
I didn’t want to start a diet at all. It stressed me out thinking about counting calories. This has completely changed the way I look at my meals for the day. I’m able to see how many nutrients I’m getting and where I need to fill in the gaps in real time. I can then decide what I want for a snack and it isn’t telling me that I should not eat a cookie! Instead I can see how many calories to eat to stay in my goal. It updates after I do exercise so I can adjust throughout the day how many calories I’m going to eat. I love the wheels. I also I’ve that I can weigh my food and easily see how many calories it is exactly for what my portion is. It is very user friendly and I like the graphics a lot! I’ve gained a lot of insight into my health and it’s helped me understand where I need to fill in some gaps. Highly recommend!
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6 months ago, Chimlow
So much nutritional information!!!
And has plenty of potential!!! You can edit nutritional information that some corporations fail to provide Like protein contents and other micronutrients!!! Like you don’t want to intake too much Isoleucine according to peer reviewed studies!!! Plus Create meal plans and create custom food entry’s in you diary!!! Sorry if I’m screaming!!! This app is easily worth $150-$350 for lifetime membership!!! This is definitely an app if you want to put yourself in blue zone mentality. I would love the database to keep expanding. Starting from big chain fast food and restaurants on downward since it’s more accessible for people to come across. But understand food items come and go sometimes. Like i see some chik-fil-a and Taco Bell items missing but like I said, YOU CAN CREATE IN CUSTOM FOODS!!! Yezzir!!
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11 months ago, Sojamelashes
As far as I’ve seen Cronometer is the best app for tracking macros and micros. I haven’t used the premium version yet but am looking forward to when I can. The free version has everything you need. Unlike other apps the free version of Cronometer still allows you to see kcals consumed burned and remaining as well as a long very long list of micros. I’ve seen some people say it’s to much for beginners etc. I think for me it’s perfect. I can focus on what I know and if I see something I don’t know I can ignore it or I can look it up learn about how much of that I want/need to lose weight or bulk up and tweak my diet or eating habits to fit it better. The premium version has “the oracle” which I’m eager to get and use to find foods that fit my wants more specifically.
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5 months ago, 99VIGGEN
Great Tool and App Developer
I appreciate the insights that this application has made into my diet and nutrition. I used this for a number of years to start the habit of tracking my habits. I found that I both used it frequently enough to warrant a subscription. I want to support companies that produce good products and/or services, and feel like this is a good purchase. I appreciate the privacy policy focus for subscribers, and prefer that over an ads-based user interface. Additionally, compared to some competitors, the food database is curated and continues to grow. Any errors that I've found and submitted are quickly responded to. That's an evidence of both customer service and a concern for "good data". I recommend the app for learning and adapting your dietary habits.
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3 months ago, HiwISeeIt
Cronometer-useful but could be easier to use
I like to keep tabs on my food intake and what it’s providing me. Cronometer provides that but I find it difficult to use. Specifically, the amounts of each food item are different than the amounts I’m actually eating. For example, for papaya one raw whole papaya is my only choice when I’m actually eating 1/2. Other foods give you options in grams. I have no idea how many grams 7 raspberries are. As a result, while I am recording I know it’s not as accurate as it could be. Cronometer could be a much more useful tool if it were simpler to use. It’s as if it has complicated itself by trying to be able to do too much. It’s intricacy is overwhelming and could easily lead any but the most computer interested to quit it entirely and that’s a shame. Perhaps there could be two versions: one which allows food recording with more flexibility and calculation in terms of fat, carbs and protein and one with all the other information provided now. Or, at a minimum, have a very detailed training video explaining all its components and providing examples of it being used and a very robust customer service element enabling users to quickly have their questions answered in real time by a real person. The one time I reached out on line I never got a response. That’s how I feel about Cronometer. Thank you.
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4 months ago, LC in GA
Great app for insights into what you’re eating
I have been using this app for a couple months now, and in comparison to my experience, with MFP, this has been much better. I am able to quickly scan my foods, categorize them, and set goals for my specific nutrient targets.(protein, fiber, calcium, etc..) I will honestly say it has been eye-opening as where I thought I had deficiencies, I do not, and where I thought I was doing well, I have deficiencies! I did upgrade to the package while my husband has the free version and we are able to share all of my custom recipes if you do download this, I highly recommend that you join the Reddit group as well as Support actively monitors what’s happening on that chat, which has been super helpful
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3 years ago, nittcrack7
Could use some improvements
I've been using this app for a couple years now and it's helped me lose a significant amount of weight in that time. While it's great, there are a few features that are missing or wrong. 1. A lot of the calorie counts for food entries are plain wrong, and are usually lower what the actual calorie count is. It requires me to do a math problem every time I want to log something. This is frustrating because it applies to common foods too. The solution to this would be for the food entries (at least the most popular ones) to go through a reoccurring review to make sure that they're accurate. 2. Today, I was logging a recipe that I had created. One of the items in that recipe was only measured in fluid ounces. When I go to log a portion of that meal, I realized that the weight was entirely off! It hadn't considered the item that was in fluid ounces when it totaled the entire weight of the recipe. When I looked closer, the app just said "grams unknown". All it would take is for the app to do a simple conversion from fl oz to grams. Now I am paranoid about the accuracy of every recipe I create in that app. As I come closer to my weight goal, it becomes apparent that every calorie counts, and if I cannot depend on this app to be accurate, then I no longer have reason to use it.
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2 months ago, Charlielmd123
The best of the best
Hyper inputting everything consumed is a pain and no way to live, but to do it in spurts to educate one's self and get a sense of diet is really a great idea. This app takes that to another level and I'm not learning about each mineral and so forth and food sources and the like. Love this app it's without a doubt the best diet app I've come across. Only thing I don't like is how much time and money wasted on other apps. If I had one issue it's the number of food items in the database there's not enough restaurant food guesstimates especially when traveling overseas. My diet iq has gone up tremendously because of this app and commend the company and developers for this. Thank you guys keep it up you making a difference
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