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User Reviews for Calorie Counter - MyNetDiary

4.82 out of 5
90.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Essenceofclarity1970
My Favorite Diet Ap
I have tried so many different diet apps, and this is my favorite one by far. It’s so user friendly/simple yet detailed without being confusing or overwhelming. Plus it is by far the fastest tracker, lightning fast to enter in all your foods/meals. It is also extremely accurate as far as calories, and the data base is huge. The recipes are great too. I had used the free version quite a bit, which is really nice yet pretty basic on its own. (There are absolutely no annoying ads or invasive pop-ups in the free version and it’s a great experience.) I decided to go ahead and get premium though, and am glad I did. I’ve had a lot of success with losing weight and feel really motivated. Not to mention I plan to continue to track most days even after I’m done losing because they automatically adjust everything (calories/any activity) to help you maintain once you’re done. That to me is where I would gain again, was I’d stop being as mindful of tracking once I lost weight so this is very helpful. If I had one suggestion to the developers it would be to possibly add in the ability to implement intermittent fasting into the program if you should choose to. I use another Ap to track my fasting times. It would be great if this combined that option. One example is that it says I “skipped recording calories” for some meals when in actuality I was fasting at the time. This is not that big of a deal, and definitely still 5 stars despite this. It would just be even nicer.
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2 years ago, ngbev
Really Well-Designed
In general, I HATE apps, but I wanted to lose some weight and this one looked, at least, interesting. But MyNetDiary turns out to be incredibly useful, even in ways I wouldn't have expected. It's really intuitive, and provides an enormous database of both fresh and packaged foods--impressive because I'm gluten-intolerant and eat a lot of pretty obscure brands of bread, etc, and I wouldn't expect that many people would have ever heard of them. Logging what I've eaten is actually kind of fun, and I even do it when I've binged on too many calories and would usually just not bother counting them because I'd be too embarrassed at my lack of self-discipline. And I love the very precise breakdown of all of the nutrients, which is important to me because I'm also a vegetarian (yes, I am a pain to feed!) and now I have a better idea about how to get more protein and various other nutrients that I need because of my weird diet. And tracking my water intake is really helpful, too, as I've gotten a little lax about drinking enough (water!), and now I'm more motivated about that, too. Sorry--long review (I also hate writing reviews, so the fact that I did this one should tell you how impressed I am with this app!). Very soon I should be back to my ideal weight, and probably a lot healthier than I've been in a while (oh, yeah--the app also works with my Apple watch to keep track of my activity and workouts...awesome).
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3 years ago, Vidstitchluva
This app is AMAZING!!!
I am actually an app junky. When I'm looking for a particular app, I download a few of them simultaneously to compare which ones I like the best. I was using My Fitness Pal for years and did a premium trial which I was enjoying. The cost of their premium subscription really made me look at other apps. When I came across MyNetDiary it took me a few weeks to really go through the information because there's so much. I noticed a deal for the premium subscription so I thought I'd try it out. Since subscribing I have deleted my meal plan app, my grocery shopping app and my water tracking app. Because this app has it all! With this app I can customize pretty much everything - my macro nutrient percentages, water intake goals and alerts, micro nutrient goals, workout calories (connects to Apple watch) groceries list, diet specific recipes and Soo much more. The one thing that is a slight downside is the barcode scan doesn't have a very large database and many items I scan are not read. The upside to this is that you can manually add the nutrition information and pictures and upload them, therefore adding to the database. Customer support is very quick. I had an email reply within minutes. There is still a lot more information in the app that I haven't even looked into yet. I am overly happy with this app both as a free version and paid version.
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2 years ago, shawrl007
I just love this app!
I like that I don’t have to pay to use just the basic features which is perfect for me. I like that it gives you recipe ideas if it notices you skipped a meal. I love the way you can easily log or scan in foods and almost all seem to be there which a grade of how healthy the choice you made is...or most importantly- NOT! This helps me to actually learn the right portion sizes and make better decisions on what I’m actually putting in my body. Calories aren’t as important to me because I seem to always lack in that but the food choices I’ve been making or were eating are coming up C’s & D’s. With this app I now pick only A’s & B rated food choices! Maybe a C food choice like 1 chocolate chip cookie if I’ve been good!lol But in following this app you can monitor not only the food your eating but exercising, steps you’ve made, amount of water you should be drinking,etc. you can even choose a body system by joining groups but I prefer not to. I’ve been using this app since Jan 8th and I’ve already lost 6 lbs. I forgot to weigh myself the day I started so my starting weight was actually taken 6 days after starting this diet system. Anyway, love, love this app...super easy to use and it’s really nice keeping up and keeping track of what I’m actually putting in my body! Thanks!!! : )
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5 years ago, HidalgoM
Simple, Visual, Effective
I’ve been underweight my entire life and have had a lot of health issue because of it. Seeing a nutritionist and having this app have been two of the most effective tools I’ve had on my journey. I’ve had it for three weeks and am now only two pounds away from no longer being critically underweight! I love it because it’s not an overwhelming barrage of precise details for me to enter and see. It’s simple to use and displays my progress in a clear, visual way. At a glance, I can see how far I am on my daily goal and how well I’ve been doing for the entire week. Entering food takes so little time that I can enter it right after eating without any disruption to what I’m doing. The only things I would change about the app is its mindfulness of the user’s goals. I don’t really mind seeing tips on how to loose weight while using the app, but it would be awesome if the messaging changed according to which direction the user wanted the scale move. It would also be great if the app had a “pre-tracking” feature. Sometimes I pack my meals the day before. I don’t know if I’ve packed enough to meet my goals, but I also don’t want to enter them into the app if I haven’t eaten them yet. Right now I’m using a different app to keep track of it separately, but it would be nice if I could keep it in this one, then easily count it as eaten when the time came. Even so, this is a great app, and I’m thankful for it and the progress it’s helped me make.
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2 months ago, Mom of a 2 week old
So far so good, but having scanner problems on ipad
I want to lose about 10 lbs before my nephew’s wedding this summer, and I always do better if I keep myself accountable for what I eat. So I decided to trial this app as I’ve become disgusted by MFP constantly shrinking features and their exorbitant premium prices. So far I like this one. The user interface is pretty straight forward, though I am still figuring out all the features and which ones are only available with premium. I like that it will let me set my own macros goals, and the food database seems pretty extensive. The only negative I’ve encountered so far is that the scanner feature only seems to work with my iPhone and not my iPad. I can’t figure out why that is the case, but I’ve tried scanning several different items and it doesn’t ever work, but the same item will scan on my phone. I’ll increase my rating to 5 stars if I can get the scanner to work on my ipad. I prefer to enter data, create recipes, etc.. on my iPad because the bigger screen and using my keyboard just makes it so much easier. I also like that their premium plan is more reasonable than MFP. I’ll probably continue to test out the free version for a couple weeks, but if I like it I plan to do their annual subscription.
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1 year ago, MamaBean4
Both free and premium are good
I think I’ve tried all the meal tracking apps- even some that don’t exist any longer. This is my Goldilocks app. I have a variable activity level from day-to-day and (with premium) I can just carry my iPhone with me al day and the tracker makes sure I’m on point for calories. Logging is faster than any other I’ve tried (and accurate). I like the menu planning. I haven’t figured out how to smoothly incorporate the grocery list. I like that I get a nutrition summary in my inbox with no effort on my part. It was easy to see that, yep, and multivitamin would be a good idea for me. I don’t use the preplanned menus. I am AIP/ lots of food intolerances so it doesn’t work for me. I also am not a snacker, so the existing menus are too fussy. I have grabbed recipes to log with several times. I haven’t cooked with any, but I haven’t seen anything that seems off. (I’m a “retired” chef). I don’t have a lot to lose- around 20 pounds- but I went ahead and paid for a year to keep me on track for maintenance. After that, I’m not sure. Some simple AIP or super basic no-fuss grain free (paleo?) menus would make it worth continuing the subscription. I appreciate the lack of ads and upselling (coming from a trial of a popular app “program”, it is a breath of fresh air).
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4 years ago, PrincessDash22
Not in sync
So I have my "MyFitnessPal" and "Sworkit" app in sync with each other and with my Apple Health app; I tried syncing "MyNetDiary" together with my Health App since it wouldn't let me sync with any other app and I went through with allowing access to my Health App which (AGAIN) synced with "MyFitnessPal" and "Sworkit" and is documented on the Health app; I completed a workout from the app Sworkit and since it's in sync with "MFP" it was documented on MyFitnessPal saying how much calories I burned (Perfect), I went into my Health App it again, showed how much calories I burned and for how long my workout was. I go into MyNetDiary and my exercise box was empty and not showing that I had worked out or anything, not only that, I documented my food on MFP and it didn't even show up on MND. I will say it again if I didn't write it before, MyNetDiary showed that it was in Sync with my Health app and I made sure everything was selected when asked for permission so I don't understand why my workout/exercise didn't show up on MND nor my food until I had to manually type it/search it. Is it because of the other apps being in sync? Is it because I didn't manually insert the info directly from the Health app? Please help me, I used to use MND long ago and I liked it then, if you could please partner up with MFP and Sworkit so I can sync them from the MND app or help me understand why it's not showing up.
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5 months ago, bblluu
LOVE this app…and now with intermittent fasting!
Been using this app for years. Used it while losing weight, as well as after reaching my goal to keep track of important nutrients. I use it EVERY day all throughout the day and have come to totally depend on it. Great format, super reliable, with all the features I need……and now they have added intermittent fasting (which is not only helpful for weight loss, but there are also many health benefits associated with intermittent fasting…so a great addition to the app!). I can now get rid of the intermittent fasting app I have on my phone. Through the years the developers have made numerous and regular improvements, and thankfully without removing important functions many users have come to depend on. AND, without moving things around so severely thus causing us to be unable to find functions we’d been using for years (unlike so many other apps, which when they run an update, you’re in a complete state of panic when opening the app after the new update because everything has been totally changed, rearranged and vital functions have been deleted!). So thanks for a great app and thanks for making sensible improvements without causing your users to have a meltdown after each update!
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7 months ago, KCG2010
Love but plz reverse change to Day Report
Love the app. It’s helped me lose 15 lbs so far, and bring my cholesterol down from 226 to 180 (October 2022 to October 2023). Love that it syncs with the iPhone health app, which pulls in data from my apple watch and smart scale. BUT… Used to rely on the Day Report, but with a recent update it’s much harder to use. The totals used to be at the top, so easy to see where I am during the day and adjust my calorie and nutrient intake, and/or take a supplement if I’m low (for example, for calcium). Now it’s at the bottom, so I keep having to glance up and down and up and down to figure out which column header is what, and it’s aggravating the heck out of me. It also used to show the number of calories left vs target by macro (fat, carbs, and protein), so I could adjust my eating by those exact numbers. But now it’s showing me % to target, which isn’t helpful with making eating decisions during the day. Now I’m guessing more and planning less, and my intake is not as exact as it was before the update. It’s much harder to use now, and make eating decisions on the fly. Love the app, and still using it, but put the Day Report back to the format it was before so I can use it properly on my phone again.
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6 years ago, Marionsmom
Even the free version is extremely helpful!
My teenage daughter (who does NOT need to lose weight but likes to be mindful oh the nutrients she puts into her body) of all people introduced me to this app and I couldn’t be happier with it! Even just using the unpaid, free, version is ridiculously helpful and helps me be more mindful of my food options! I’ve been using this app for somewhere around 2 weeks and I’ve already lost 8 pounds simply because I’m able to see the calories that are hidden in foods I’d typically eat as a snack or something! I can not recommend this app enough for anyone who either wants to lose weight or simply wants to be more conscious and conscientious of the foods they eat! My “calorie bank” for the day is far more generous than I would give myself, were I trying to diet on my own! I can eat anything my little heart desires as long as I’m reasonable about it! (I went way over yesterday since it was my birthday and I wasn’t even pretending to try and keep myself on track!) As a woman who had an eating disorder as a teenager and who still struggles with those impulses to this very day (more than 15 later), this app is helpful in showing me excited where my calorie are coming from and EXACTLY how many I have consumed!
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2 years ago, losingmyzenonnickname
I want to love this app!
I have tried several apps and thought that this one might be perfect for what I wanted to use the app for. I needed calorie counting and tracking of percentages of carbs, fats, proteins. I was/am looking to lose weight. I signed up and entered all the required information. I wanted to loose 10 pounds. When I looked at my calorie requirements I saw the app had me at 809 calories which I thought was odd as the other apps I tried out would never allow anything under 1200 calories. I had also been advised by a trainer that that was too low. I reached out and never got a straight answer. I was basically told it was ok. Then after alerting them the app jumped up to a required 1226 I think then that jumped up over 1300 and then all the way up to 1500. I have reached out several times as I really wanted to give them the opportunity to correct what I felt must be a glitch and I never got a solid explanation or resolution. It’s a good counter though so for a free app it’s great. I wouldn’t pay attention to the calorie requirements as I know I will not lose weight at 1300 or 1500 calories. I was willing to upgrade with it working properly however that is not the case. For what it is worth they did not ignore my questions. I think it has potential for sure. I do wish it worked better as I think it would be ideal.
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2 years ago, Lisa_H_66
Thoughtful features that make tracking so much easier!
I got tired of the advertising and shrinking features of a competitor app so switched to MyNetDiary and am so glad I bit the bullet. It has so many features that have made tracking easier. I went for the paid version, which is very reasonably priced, but the free version is also great. There are no unverified food entries, so you don’t have to comb through a long list of inaccurate or incomplete foods to find what you want. One of my favorite features is that I can send them screen shots of my meal kit nutritional info and they verify and add it to the database within hours. I was having to enter the information manually every week with my old app. I also love that they let you edit a food item (not a recipe) to add or subtract an ingredient. So, for example, if you are eating out but asked for a substitution in your entree or maybe didn’t eat the bread, you can just enter the whole entree and subtract a food from it. No need to enter each item individually. I also really like the calorie cycling feature so that I can lower my calorie budget for early in the week and give myself more of a buffer on the weekends. This is a great app!
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2 months ago, saapenx
Great app!
I usually don’t write reviews for any apps, but this one is great! I had previously downloaded a similar calorie tracker, but when I discovered this one, I fell in love. It has so many more features compared to other apps on the market and I highly recommend it! It tracks how much weight you could lose per day, per week, and per month. You can also set a goal to lose a certain amount of weight by a specific date. One feature that I would like to see improved upon is the exercise option. I go to the gym a lot and I’m positive doing lots of weightlifting burns more calories. I would like to see more options for exercises we do, such as cable rows, lateral raises, or any other exercise. Along with weightlifting exercises, I think there should be an option to input how much weight you lifted. So far, the only options are to input calories or minutes. Right now, I have to search up how many calories a certain exercise burns, but even the internet can’t seem to agree on it. Lifting more weight burns more calories, and this is a feature other apps do better with than this one. Despite this, the app is a major improvement compared to others.
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5 years ago, Dragonflyla7
Keeps me honest
I have lost 39 pounds since I started using this app. I like that I can log in my activity. Tracking foods is easy. I like all the charts & helpful hints. I have health issues & will go back to the gym eventually. But I log all my housework & animal chores. It all adds up. If you eat over your calories do a little physical labor to keep you on target. I have a long term goal & it will take me a year to reach it. My health issues complicate matters but this app keeps me focused & positive. There are also chat groups to encourage one another. No meetings or rigorous exercise required. You just eat less & move more. This app is fun & easy. You can store your favorite foods to make your charting easier. What are you waiting for? Try it! Addendum 3/4/19. I went off program for surgery, rehab from it & for 2018 holidays until today. I’m so disappointed to see that macronutrients & the breakdown of the fats, carbohydrates & protein percentages that are counted as you add your food intake are now gone from the free app. Now you have to pay $8.99 per month to get this additional information. I’ve referred a lot of people to this app but now they will learn what I told them was free is no longer available. Basically now the app just counts your calories. I will purchase the app because I need to get back on track & reach my goal. So I changed my rating from 5 star to 2. It works but now you pay for it.
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1 year ago, only killing time
Feels better
I Don't usually write reviews, but this just made me want to. Had it for about 2 weeks now and although I haven’t lost much, I feel a lot better. I feel more in control of what I eat and keeping track has helped me in so many ways. Not only do I feel physically better because I’ve been able to look and see what I need nutrition wise, but mentally I feel better too because I’m not worrying if what I’m eating is too much or too little i just can look and know, enough to go to the gym and not feel embarrassed by not really knowing what I’m doing yet (which is silly i ever felt that way because I’m there for me nog anyone else). I’m not a whole lot overweight so I didn't really get this with losing weight being my biggest reason, mostly I just didn’t feel good and knew something was off, I thought I was taking care of myself but seeing my progress physically and mentally over the past two weeks having made some changes based on the tracking this app has provided, I know I wasn't. Im genuinely so grateful for this app and know I’m going to continue to progress as I learn new things about taking care of myself every day!
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4 months ago, SharonF63
Better interface than MFP!
The interface on Minette diary is for superior to MFP. It’s easier to see your entire day in one place and the daily blog and suggestions are more than welcome. The only thing I would say is missing is a section where exercise would be available, which I know would cost more money, but would be an added benefit as an option. The customer service is fabulous with my diary. They are accommodating and friendly, and always willing to help the only downside to my net diary is there are a number of incorrect items in their database; most of the time they get fixed and it’s not an issue. But I feel like the database needs to be come through and duplication after duplication need to be removed that are incorrect. I went back to MyFitnessPal, just because it incorporates an exercise section (which unfortunately after viewing it in premium is not very good.) I still have remaining months on my net diary which I intend to use along with the other but I regret canceling my subscription to my net diary. I’m going to renew it once it comes up again, just so that I don’t lose my grandfathered in pricing. I LOVE MYNETDIARY!!!
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4 years ago, xmrak
Excellent App for patients, doctors, and everyone in general
I cannot stop saying how amazing is this app. As a physician myself I have never encounter such a complete app where not only one can meet weight loss goals, but do so in a safe manner, with excellent recommendations by expert nutritionists, that above all make sure the process is safe for you, so not to go into dangerous fad diets, unhealthy BMIs. As well, it has been such a learning experience for me to realize how many empty. Añoréis, dangerous amounts of sodium, dangerous fats one can consumed thinking you are eating healthy. It increases your awareness and helps you recognize healthier options in food while filling satisfied. The free app is very good BUT the paid app is unbelievable. I am not one to be spending money as many a times it tends to be a completely useless purchase, not with this! This app is awesome. It is so accurate since you have an option to create your own recipe and it will calculate the nutrients for you by portions. I recommend this to anyone who not only wants to loose or gain weight but to anyone who wants to eat healthier to decrease risks of so many preventable diseases such as diabetes type 2, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease and many more.
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4 weeks ago, Saving _grace2020
Love this app
I normally don’t review app this is by far the best app I have ever used it helps me track all my food for all the meals and o can put my weight in and it calcalutes what I need for calories since I do intermittent fasting it is so nice the BEST THING is that it is FREE I don’t need to pay premium even though there is a premium subscription option the free option is great for me for what I need to track I love that I can scan any food I want to eat and shows detailed calories,carb etc it is very nice also I can input my exercise as well and it keeps me encouraged by sending me helpful tips, and things of that nature also ways that I can continue to excel on my weight loss so I’m very happy with the developers on this particular app. I think they did absolutely amazing job of putting everything together with the free option, I have to say there’s not a lot of free options out there that doesn’t have a catch or some sort of gimmick with it and I really can honestly say this one does not. Yes there is a premium version, but I don’t need to pay for the premium version, I like free version I will continue to use as long as it’s free.
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3 months ago, Lee222334455
I love this app more than others (mfp)
Out of all the apps I’ve used to manage weight, this is the one I feel the most comfortable using. Fasting apps, other calorie counting apps, none compare to this one. I switched to my net diary because I needed a change of “scenery” within my apps. I also felt like mfp was too sterile looking and just reminded me of ED’s and bad body image days. MyNetDiary has beautiful colors, easy to use features, and in depth explanation of why and how it calculates things for you so you can understand your weight loss, maintenance, or gain as you go along. It does have a new fasting option which is awesome. I was using the free version and i was still able to use it without pressure to buy premium and still reach my goals. I ended up buying the premium ($32 annually) and man…. I’ve never been so grateful for a purchase ever. I see full nutrients, can adjust macros and they even have different “diet” plans if you are keto, plant based or even just trying to eat differently. They also have a variety of foods automatically in their database. If your an aesthetic person like me, and want to reach their goals try this app
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7 years ago, bggrscntbchoosrs
It's working
I lost 6lbs in a little over a week and I don't exercise! I guess I've reached that point in my life where I can't eat whatever I want whenever I want. I have joined the 21st century and discovered this app, which is much more user friendly than some other ones I have tried. It does all the math for me, which is great. I love how everything is all on one page for a concise overall view of my progress. I love how I can scan barcodes and it immediately knows the product (and if it doesn't, you can add it! If it isn't correct, you can request an update!). I like that I can keep track of carbs. I love that I can input things in before I eat it so I know how many calories I'll be "spending" ahead of time- which makes daily meal planning a cinch. It is also really easy to delete or edit entries. I learned a lot about my habits and that I don't drink nearly enough water. It does take some self control to keep on target, because you will be starving while your body adjusts! I hope to see a way of bundling foods for a specific personal recipe in the future as well as ways of tracking certain specific nutrients, like potassium or magnesium. Love it :)
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2 years ago, Snackers X 2
Calorie counting made easy but I could do without the guilt trip
My husband and I both use the free app. I understand counting calories but found it too easy to ignore without using a tool. I especially like the different options for measuring the size of a serving. My husband has never been interested in tracking his food intake in the past. He has finally decided to get serious about losing weight and loves being able to scan bar codes to log his diet program foods… As I continue to use this app, I’m increasingly frustrated with being graded for my food choices! I make these choices intentionally and am achieving my goals. Overall, this app has been helpful and easy to use. But I won’t be upgrading to a paid subscription. Update: I rcd a notification there was a response to my review but I haven’t found it yet. I’d already read responses similar reviews and was happy to learn the grading is optional and easy to fix: we’re back in business and I’m bumping my stars back up to 5. If this setting is going to remain a default, seems the prudent move would be to notify folks it’s optional after the first use!
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2 years ago, Up@noon
The most used app on the phone
I chose to go on an intermittent diet with eight hours on and 16 hours off, with no real limitations other than that. I was losing weight and eventually I realized I needed to know what my calories were providing me since I was actually cutting down. I downloaded this app and instantly realized that there was no way I could do without it. It showed me what percentages of protein carbohydrates and fat were in everything that I chose. And scanning any particular food is so easy. I had a scale that was accurate in grams and ounces etc., so I was able to accurately record and see what I was having. I have lost a pound a week for 30 weeks and it’s peeling off easy because I enjoy the food I eat but I also understand that portion control has to be there. I enjoy this app immensely, it’s an amazing sidekick for dieting. It has the ability to leave notes to read articles , recipes, and information about dieting and so much more. I usually don’t rant about any of the apps on my phone and I must have 40 of them, but I will say this is definitely worth having.
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3 years ago, JJWhite1975
I like it BUT there’s two issues
If you have the premium version it was extremely frustrating for me trying to find recipes. I knew they were somewhere, but I couldn’t find them. I figured out they were under the COACH tab which in my opinion would be the last place I looked. That’s the only reason I’m removing a star from the review. I’ll add it back once I see that the recipes are on their own tab or in a more obvious place. I see that as a huge UI/UX flaw that has to have frustrated more than just me. The second issue, another reason I removed a second star. I think the monthly rate of $9.99 is a bit high. Charging people double for a monthly subscription isn’t very classy. People do not like to be forced to buy yearly subscriptions. Monthly on their mind is “safer”. In the end, you’re gonna make more money from the extra customers that sign up. Trust me on this one. Drop that down and find out for yourself. You’re only hindering sales of your app and personally I’m not so sure if I’m gonna keep this app. Pricing is a huge deal for me in regards to how companies treat their customers. Forcing a yearly subscription by charging twice the amount, I don’t know if I can get past that. I’m still on the fence about that.
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5 years ago, cheme75
Helps if you’re honest
Just deducted a star since they seem to be removing features from the free version - no longer see the macro nutrient fat, carb, protein listing under the daily meals - only the summary of the day. For my needs the free version offers all I needed, I can’t justify the cost to subscribe just to see the breakdown by meal. I don’t need any of the extra features of the paid version. I got no major dietary issues to track. Been using the free version off and on for quite a while. Helps me see where I am failing as well as where I am doing well so I can make adjustments to my overall diet if necessary. Over the course of 6 decades living g with heart valve problems, I’ve learned enough to maintain a decent meal plan for my health. But it does help to honestly track meals and snacks for the visual feedback and easier calculations to control fats, carbs, etc. In general, I like the app. I would like to see two improvements - one is an option to copy meals not just from yesterday but from a drop down calendar or other selector - my daughter suggested “Lose It” and I do prefer the way it logs foods and meals for easy reference. Second, I’d like to be able to be able to export the data to csv format or excel file so I could graph values of interest such as my carbs or fats in excel so I could share the data with my doctors.
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2 years ago, War-Mage
Decent, but some annoyances
I like it a lot better than myfitnesspal as that’s just one giant advertisement for underarmor now, and this, while having a pro version, and offering you paid services, does so MUCH less intrusively, actually makes me consider paying for some of them… But before I go that far, there are some annoyances that other calorie tracking apps don’t have. For starters, it doesn’t do particularly well with fast food, which is really important for me to track… The recent Burger King specials like the quarter pound king and big king didn’t show up before they were gone, so I had to look up the calories and manually add them. I use the app to keep me honest about how much fast food I’m eating and that extra hurdle is frustrating. Secondly, the search bar keeps correcting me… trying to type in “Baconator” for example gets to bacon just fine, but then drops the ‘a’ while I’m typing, and if I try to stop myself and retype the a it keeps deleting it, or I can forge ahead and type ‘bacontor’ which doesn’t bring up any results. If these get fixed, great app, if they don’t, still pretty good, would recommend giving it a shot.
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1 year ago, Miked272
I can’t believe such an exceptional diet app is free!!
When my trainer gave me a diet to follow for my two month weight loss, it was so inconvenient to keep a pad and paper with me for tracking every individual calorie as well as making estimates on what I thought was in different servings of food. it was time consuming and impractical. With MyNetDiary I can scan a barcode super quickly, and it logs all the food for me, as well as giving a breakdown of my general macros as an added feature. Not only that, it saves the foods that I commonly eat at different meals, so I can simply select several at a time to log for that meals calculation. This feature is super convenient because obviously I’m going to be eating out of my refrigerator so I don’t have to scan barcodes every time and can just click the bubble next to the food and serving size that I typically use. I highly recommend for anybody who is interested in a snap shot, that gives you easy access to one look at your daily calorie consumption as well as what’s left in your budget and a easy to read pie chart of the macro breakdown. Enjoy!
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2 years ago, udixjixbdjs
Thank you
Thank you so much for making this app. It is amazing. It’s easy to use (almost everything is scanable. I have the paid version. For me it’s worth it, I use it almost everyday. I was able to change my specific nutrient targets (the largest one I count is sodium) and had a 6 pack when I was religiously using that. Now I’m exploring my micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Since I’ve been tracking what I eat for a while, the app has a record of how much I’m getting of each one. I saw I was only getting about 50 percent of my daily iron intake, and extremely low on selenium and copper! I wouldn’t even be aware of these things if it wasn’t for the app. I got a nice multi vitamin and multi mineral and am focusing on consuming more mineral dense foods. I’m grateful for this app on some many levels. Also, it might not matter to most ppl, but I find this app much more aesthetically pleasing than my fitness pal. In fact I never really got peoples love for my fitness pal. In terms of calorie counting apps I would rate this number 1, Loseit number 2, and my fitness pal after that. Thanks again!
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1 year ago, Penisloaf
Well deserved 5 stars
Taking a minute out of my day to thank the developers. It’s not a big feat, but I’ve lost 34 pounds and am well on my way to my goal weight because of this app. No it’s not a miracle product, but it makes it easy to see your mistakes and your triumphs. Even If you log your foods honestly without doing anything different you learn so much about food. You realize that you can eat significantly more of one food versus a small amount of another for the same calories. For instance I can eat an entire lean cuisine meal for 300ish calories but one fruit pie will set me back 400+! Getting started was hard, I tried and gave up twice before but this app also encouraged me to be easy on myself and that a little mistake today doesn’t have to be the end of my diet, that I can pick up a fresh day tomorrow and have a great week and the one bad day has little consequence in the terms of long term dieting. My starting weight was 262, my goal is 175 and I’m 44% done. The Fourth of July 2023 is my goal date and I look forward to it very much. Thanks again.
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2 years ago, SpeedracerGrrl
Privacy concerns
I’ve used this app for years. Loved it. Recently I noticed the math was incorrect so I reached out to tech support. A tech was able to access my data without my prior knowledge or permission. In doing so, a glitch occurred which completely screwed up my numbers. For example, daily sodium intake was 1g. Protein was about 50g. And more. I asked him what happened and as an apology he upgraded my account without my permission. When I couldn’t get the values back to normal, I decided to just delete and reinstall. Unbeknownst to me there was an update to the software and everything I once had for free (pie chart and complete nutrient list) is now premium. I was not happy. I reached out again and the same tech responded saying he could see things were back to normal. So again he accessed my data without my permission! The reason why this is extra concerning is because I don’t have an account. So I don’t know how he’s getting into the app. Repeatedly. So I deleted it. I don’t trust it or the tech. I don’t have private data in there, but I’m worried the app may have a vulnerability of which I’m unaware. 5 stars for the app over all time but 1 star for support gets an average of 3.
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2 weeks ago, billd216
My favorite, I’ve tried many! Down 30lbs in 3 months
This is by far my favorite app for calorie counting, weight loss (or gain if that is your goal!) and being more mindful about my health in general. I’ve tried Noom, Myfitnesspal, and others and although they seems flashier, they are mostly just busier and less focused on what matters, the data. I also felt like the other apps were pushing their own staff written articles on you, their own recipe plans, etc etc. which honestly didn’t work for me and felt a bit inflexible. MyNetDiary is perfect for those who want complete control over their diet and health plan, while also having options for meal recommendations. I think my net diary wouldn’t be a good fit for those who really need guidance around what meals to eat and cook, since in my opinion, there is a lot of self-discipline needed to make this app work. Also, the community forum aspect of the app could use a ton of work. When it works though it works. I’ve lost 30lbs in 3 months and planning to love another 30 in 6 months. 100% would recommend.
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1 year ago, N-I-G-G-3-R
All you need to begin your gods logging journey
This is a vey beginner friendly app that has lots of nice feature including a blog, a large food database, and the ability to log quick calories if you are just estimating calories without knowing the nutrition or are just in a rush o log your food. However, what pushed it over the edge for me was the food grading system. For beginners like me who are just getting into fitness and have not really payed attention to things like nutrition in the past, the food grading system is a perfect way to aim for getting the best nutrition possible. All food are given a rating A-D representing how good they are in terms of thing like nutrition and calories. This grade will also get worse if you go a solid amount above the serving size of said food. Overall, the grading system is a great way to stay accountable for what foods you are eating and to get a good idea of what foods you should eat and what to stay away from. You will be surprised at at least some food that are less healthy than you thought they were!
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4 years ago, BornUnderABlondeSign
I’ve Had This App for a Year...
...and I am still using it every single day. If you need some accountability in your food choices and exercise, this is the greatest app I’ve found for that. It opens your eyes both to how many calories you’re REALLY consuming and to how many calories you’re REALLY burning. Folks, there are no magic pills or potions for weight loss. The bottom line, most effective approach, is simply to expend more calories (energy) than you consume, period, and My Net Diary is a wonderful tool for that. I watch what I eat about 90% of the time and for the other 10%, when I splurge, it’s easy to see how many calories it “cost” me and that number in and of itself is usually sobering enough to get me right back on track with an extra workout and healthier food choices so that I don’t backslide completely (it’s a slippery slope, amirite) and can continue to lose weight. It’s an easy to use app with a potpourri of useful info that I’ve even recommended to my patients, and those who’ve tried it, without exception, have loved it. Highly recommend My Net Diary!
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1 year ago, girnikanastasia
So Easy
I procrastinated using this app. I had tried others but they weren’t as user friendly to me and didn’t track the way I wanted or needed. I thought it would take a week or so to get the hang of using this but it only took a day! I knew I was overeating and since I hit menopause I also knew I couldn’t eat like that anymore. I had gained some weight and wanted to get into new portion control habits and check my macros since entering this new phase of life. What a difference! I lost 5 pounds without trying and have become very aware of all of the “extra” things I was eating, like a piece of chocolate here and there, a handful of peanuts a couple times of day…it really adds up at this stage of my life when it didn’t use to. I already had a scale and it’s become my new best friend and takes no time to use. You can set a reminder dee alarm for water intake, log exercise, etc. You can set your personal plan to adjust your caloric intake when you lose weight so you won’t plateau and so much more! I highly recommend this app!
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3 years ago, PreTjenE11
I’ve used them ALL this one BEST by FAR!!!
I’ve been on this yo-yo dieting and diet trends for 1/2 my lifetime. I used MyFitnessPal and GAINED weight! Why? They allow calorie/fat user adds that aren’t verified and i was WAY over on my calories! Calories in, calories out. It’s that simple. I love this app! And I’ve used them ALL even the premium paid for ones! This is fully customizable. I lowered my calories to lose weight faster and adjusted my carb, protein and fat! I also am able to track my MACROS! I truly am so excited! I was considering WL surgery but I started this APP and I’ve lost 27 pounds in a month!!!! Wow! Truly can’t wait to see how the upgrades roll out. The paid version is under 10 bucks a month and well worth it. This has been a game changer for me to find where my strengths and weaknesses really are! Thank you to the developers for caring enough to help those of us who like to control our own plan and just need that edge. This is what I recommend to everyone and I uninstalled all those other apps from my phone! Glad to have the space back, all I need is MyNetDiary!!!! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Hoppe1
Love this app, easy and awesome
I LOVE MyNetDiary. Life changing!! Helps me track calories, macro, and micronutrients. I want to follow calcium, sodium, B vitamins, not just calories or carbs. You can add foods or recipes to the database, but rarely need to. It has many chain restaurant menu items also. Keeps track of weight with a cool chart, and your personal calorie budget can auto adjust depending on your goal progress. Remembers what you eat and items pop handily. Combined with limiting ‘white carbs’, helped me lose 10 lbs I had been trying to lose for years. Things were moving in the wrong direction. Measuring food and counting calories is the only thing that has worked for me ever, and this app makes it easy. I focus on healthy eating and keeping within an appropriate calorie budget, also reducing sodium, and curbing my cheese dependence, and this app has made a huge difference in my journey. On a scale of 1-5 stars I give it a 10. GET IT AND USE IT! It’s freakin awesome. I used the free version and was so sold I bought the paid version the same day.
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11 months ago, smithgoblue
I am very unhappy with the changes made in the past two years to this app. I reopened the app after not using it for a long time and many features such as even seeing total PROTEIN for added foods for one day is PAYWALLED!! Very unhappy. 5 stars —> 1 star. I called it in my original review from years ago. I downloaded a few of these trackers three weeks ago, but stuck with MyNetDiary. Gaining weight is like a game for me with this app. Setting goals at the start (over time or weight per week) is simple. I haven’t tried adjusting the goal yet but with how clean the app is, I’m sure it’s simple. The daily and weekly running calorie totals (over/under to meet goal) are also helpful. Lots of function for free. Only subtle ads, and minimal popups or notifications (that’s a +). I like intentionally checking the app instead of being reminded I “skipped entering a meal” or “haven’t opened the app today.” Predictive food entry is also handy. You can also pre-make “meals” and enter the while collection of foods in the future. My only “meal” I’ve added so far is milkshake :) If it didn’t have the loads of features it does I would probably uninstall, but until they cut their own legs off like most app developers do, I’ll keep MyNetDiary.
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3 months ago, Gustersmith
My go-to app
I've used this app off & on for about 10 years, mainly when I want to lose weight. I've tried a few others along the way, but this one has an intuitive interface & way more functionality than other apps I've tried. It also keeps improving, which is important to me. CAVEAT: I recently opted to try the premium version so I apologize if I tout something that's not part of the free version. There are so many foods!! I've finally started using the 'staples' section & finally created recipes for the things I make frequently so I can log them as one food, which simplifies the process. Also being able to scan the barcode is super useful. This app makes it really easy & fast to log foods as I eat them. I very much like how it incorporates exercise (also there are so many exercises!) into my calorie budget. It's an excellent incentive to go exercise & to log it. I've also learned a lot from the tips. They written tips are concise & on the main screen. The videos are short but very informative & have links to other topics if you want to explore. Finally, I discovered the Community section recently. What a beautiful part of this app! You can read posts from other users, & post yourself, either to get feedback or give it. There was so much positivity & encouragement, I walked away from it feeling just a little better about the world. Thanks for making such a great app, y'all! And for improving it so much over the years.
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2 years ago, OceanYachts
I have now found out why I have a cloud aerial button unlike most other sites. Please everyone excuse my past review. That was in total lack of my knowledge of understanding how this all worked. As far as this app and the Pro Version they are very good apps. I would highly recommend them to anyone without any sort of diagnosis of diseases. If you have been diagnosed like I have I believe either of these apps would work great but only if you are doing side by side with a certified dietitian. That is where I went wrong again. Doing it by myself was a much to big of an under taking alone. A dietitian can assist in setting things up and get you on your merry way. I do plan to come back to using the Pro Version just as soon as my current dietitian is able to get things set up not for just one diagnosis but two and make sure that everyone plays with each other! Please take my advice and give these apps a thorough try out. You may be be very surprised at your results!
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3 years ago, baimeeker
Perfect app for counting calories
I have access, for free, to another app through work. They’re not big on calorie counting (or data from my phone), which is what works best for me. I’ve tried other apps for calorie counting (MyFinessPal, anyone? Noom?) as well as this one. But this is the one I keep coming back to. I’ve lost 15-20lbs with this app twice: ten years ago, and again 3 years ago. I’m back to lose my pandemic 15. I’m big into numbers and visualizing numbers. I find that even if one number didn’t improve during a certain period, I could always find another that did. This app hasn’t changed much in 10 years, and it doesn’t need to! The pro version also flexes to account for days you walk more. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking primarily to track their calories or another nutrient. That said, tracking calories isn’t for everyone, and I don’t know what it’s like to use consistently for longer than a year or for a larger amount of weight.
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4 months ago, RichC2020
Updated review
In a recent update, the devs made is so that you had to view protein, carbs, fat, etc. These were all free prior to the update. Hence the old review below. However, due to the backlash, they have reversed that policy and we now once again have access to protein, fat, carbs, etc. As such, I have revised my review. Old review: I was using this app for about a year. You could view calories, monitor your weight, check your protein, fat, carbs, etc. all for free. It was great. So good that my wife bought the premium subscription. But now they have updated the app so that all that free stuff now requires premium. You cannot do anything other than monitor your calories, weight, and salt intake. This makes the app no longer useful and removes the developers unique selling point over other apps (and there are thousands of them that provide bare minimum features). So, after this update I have uninstalled the app and my wife is canceling her subscription. We will find another app. It’s a shame.
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3 years ago, Skitzoh
Lots of data
This seems to be a very impressive app with everything it tracks and keeps the user informed of. Will be trying the paid premium service and updating this review after using for about a week. I will say so far though the free version has my 5 stars because: Cost: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ free Ease of use: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ trained monkey🐒 (they even have tips with arrows pointing and explaining things on the screen) Ads: NONE! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Database: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ seems extensive so far. I’m a trucker and so far everything I’ve bought at the truck stops I’ve been able to scan and input the info. Was even able to just type in the low carb burger I got from Carl’s Jr. and all the info popped right up Developers response: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Im always encouraged when I look at the reviews for an app and see the developer actively responding to issues users post about their app. I usually start from “most critical” first to see what issues others have had and what, if any the developer has responded to. I discount personal issues, I’m sorry but if you have an eating disorder (I’m mean most of us probably do whether it’s over or under eating, otherwise why would we need the app 😂) blaming the app instead of taking responsibility for under or over eating is a cop out and just lazy. Seek a licensed professional to help you work through the mental stuff… not an app folks. Like I said, I’ll update this review after I purchase the premium version. Hope this review helps some of y’all out.
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1 year ago, yogibee73
Love this app!
I’ve never had the desire to track my macros or calories. I’ve been intermittent fasting for 5 years and was looking for an app to track my fasts. I came across MyNetDiary and it had the best features/functionality in the free version. After a few days of using it, I wanted all of the extra features! I never buy apps but this time I did and I have zero regrets. This app has helped me make better food choices and it also revealed I was most likely deficient in a few things like calcium and vitamin C. I love the colorful design and how customizable the dashboard is. I cook everything from scratch and love that I can upload recipes and alter them. I used the custom tracker feature to add a tracker for my fasting hours and can create charts to view those eating windows as well as my longer water fasts. The notes section is essential as well. The video tutorials were extremely helpful that first week because of the extensive functionality and options available.
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1 year ago, JeffDBoston
Fantastic app, better in so many ways
I’ve used lots of different nutrition tracking apps over the years when I’m in action phase with fitness (weight loss, lifting, etc). They all will do the basics and at this point in 2023 they are all very good at what they do. This one shines in a few key areas. - The data entry is streamlined. When you are interacting with the app a lot of times a day that helps. - the database is great, and accurate . It’s not full of garbage entries from users - the graphical presentation just makes sense to me. Everything from the apple graphic of calories for the day, to the table that shows macro breakdown per meal based on time (not all snacks for the whole day are grouped together for example) - it’s flexible- I don’t use any of their diets or recipes really but I can configure as I wish - you can use the website too which is good when you want to see reports or work with a spreadsheet or bigger monitor - it let’s you log non nutrition stuff like comments and other things that happen that may effect your health
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10 months ago, Archervet
So much love
I used myfitnesspal in the past, and I just didn't like it. In my hands this app is much easier to use, and less "busy". MFP didn't suit me because I don't want to be in some kind of online community, I don't want to be super low carb, I'm not going down to 1200 calories a day, I just want to get the job done without a lot of hassle. With this app, I can usually quickly find what I ate/drank already in the database which is very important to me. I actually find that I enjoy logging my calories! I've been using this app for almost 6 weeks, lost over 12 pounds and am over halfway to my goal weight without being a completely hangry, miserable wretch. I am using the free version. I'd buy the full version but it's too expensive, and I don't want to pay a monthly fee. I do think they should work on their pricing to make it more reasonable to upgrade. Still, I am very thankful for this app and can truly see me using it from now on as part of a PERMANENT lifestyle change.
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4 years ago, NewMomGumption
49 down; 23 to go!
After having a baby and breastfeeding for a year and a half, I had gained a lot of weight. Got all the way up to 219. In the past, Atkins/keto diet worked for me but not this time. I had to go back to basics; back to what worked for me in high school... I had to count calories. This app has been indispensable. Most user-friendly layout I've seen. Very complete list of foods and nutritional info. Simple, to the point and so supportive. I've lost 49 pounds so far -- 31 since April of this year -- and I have another 23 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-baby body. Just walking and counting calories consistently has done it for me. Don't think I could have done it without this app. 👍🏽👍🏽 Update 12/19: Another baby and another big gain. This time, I have paid for the premium subscription in order to sync with my FitBit and earn more food calories from day to day. Loving the upgraded features! Once again, when I consistently stick to MyNetDiary’s recommended caloric intake, the weight comes off steadily. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾
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1 year ago, Hfknrbbr
The BEST app for calorie counting and weight management.
This app is AMAZING. You are able to log all your food items, all you do is type what you ate and it will pop up a bunch of options of stuff that other people have logged or that they added by default. If what you’re looking for isn’t there, you can add it!! They also allow you to add how much water you’ve drank each day, and add the calories you’ve burned from exercise back to your daily budget! The last awesome thing I’ll mention is the app will let you plug in your weight now, and make a plan for how much you’d like to lose per week, then it will give you a calorie max along with a projected date of when you will reach that weight!! This is just of the tip of the iceberg. You get all this and a LOT more without premium, but with premium you can access personal diets and exercises along with the “coach” option. All in all, this is the best app if you’re looking to count calories and lose weight.
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3 months ago, what8ever
Inconsistencies between devices
I’ve used this app for approx. 18 months and overall it’s great. However it has several issues: a) there are only 7 options to modify a meal on an iPad vs 13 options on an iPhone. Using this app has made me OCD, such that I can “re-arrange food entries” on the iPhone but NOT on the iPad because the “re-arrange” option is not available; b) notes entered on the iPhone, oftentimes do NOT show on the iPad, (perhaps my memory is wrong, so for over three weeks, I tracked my entries by taking screen shots from the iPhone and the next morning noticing the notes NOT on the iPad). (c) the nutrition highlight re: Vitamin A warns about intake over 3,000mcg; but also notes “beta-carotene, the plant source of vitamin A is not considered harmful.” Since I consume carrots and yams, which are beta carotene sources of vitamin A, why does this app NOT recognize that? (d) The “add exercise to calorie budget is set to “Off”, yet whenever I add exercises, the app ADDs calories to my food budget! Please make the app options consistent between devices. Please fix the memory of notices between devices. Vitals: App v9.9, iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4
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2 years ago, scout445
Outstanding in so many ways
Like others, I have tried a variety of tracking apps but this by far surpasses anything I have used. It is fun, visually appealing, intuitive, and has every feature I need. I no longer use Fasting as a tool but I could see where including it with this app would be an upside. As smart as these developers are I’m sure they could find a way. One feature I really like is the ability to write myself a note for a future date. On days where I know I will be eating out and need to give myself an extra peptalk I can have the note waiting for me on that particular day. This is good for vacation, weekends, and special occasions. I have found that this positive self talk makes a difference. I also love the way that exercise integrates with the calorie counting. It has inspired me to take that extra spin around the park on numerous occasions. Just a big thank you to the developers for their persistence in coming up with a really good tool.
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3 years ago, jliloverrhis
A great daily food log!
I began using MyNetDiary a few years ago, then took a break, enrolled in Noom for a few months, then when returning to MyNetDiary and realized how perfect this app is! My philosophy in using MyNetDiary is to target a total A- rating each day for the day total. Each meal should be A- and snacks, although these may total B+, should not result in the daily total being A-. These goals are especially handy when for whatever reason, travel, etc., result in an unusual choice of breakfast items, etc. You can then use MyNetDiary to see if a serving of low-fat cheese or a couple of boiled egg whites will bring you back to an A- rating for the meal or snacks. Targeting all 3 meals at an A- rating is a great strategy. This results in having high quality protein, veggies and/or fruit and small amounts of quality carbs, ideal for either weight loss or maintaining your ideal weight. If I sound like a fan of MyNetDiary, I would say that I am absolutely a devotee! Try this app, you will love this!
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