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4 years ago
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User Reviews for CalorieKing Food Search

3.54 out of 5
269 Ratings
6 years ago, $aver of cash
This is a great app, but don’t download this without an ad blocker
I am a type 1 diabetic and this app is great. With this app and a scale at home, you can figure out how many carbs are in anything. This app not only allows you to see nutritional information, but it also has a built in calculator where you can enter your portion in either oz or g or any other serving size and it will recalculate with correct nutritional content. It even has many restaurants, I was surprised to see so many. You don’t even need Internet connection or data for it to work, it’s all offline and saved to your phone. Only two problems. When you change portion sizes by typing in a number, the only way to get rid of it is by clicking on the units and then click done. Also,I had this app for a long time and loved it, but they filled the whole app with ads. Usually I am one to allow ads to give the developers money, because it is great, but I am not going to pay an outrageous subscription fee to use it without ads. This app was the last straw to make me download an ad blocker on my phone. Not I am happy and cannot ask for anything more.
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3 years ago, MoparWade
Pay the $12 or quit complaining about ads!
First, tired of seeing people complain that the developer had to start running ads to keep the app alive. It’s $12 a year!! Seriously, most meals you’re looking up cost more than that. So stupid. I use this all the time to determine what may be available to me when I’m on the road. The most irritating thing is that when you change the quantity on any food item that’s it, the number pad never goes away. You have to leave the food item and come back in. That of course gets rid of the number pad but also sets the quantity back to 1. Seems like a simple fix but after reading the comments it’s clear that I’m the only person paying for the app. Maybe just a bug fix for me then? Or, triple the ads for the people who don’t understand that things cost money?
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5 years ago, ZiaRisa
Used to love this app more
Calorie King, I have used your info way back when you were only available in book form. Now I recommend you weekly to my patients. I am dismayed with the new addition of ads which is very irritating as I demo your app to my patients. I have to close the app and restart and it's not so welcoming to those who are considering using your app. Also PLEASE fix this problem - once I have selected the unit of measurement desired for the food I have selected I would love to be able to enter the quantity and press enter and see the results. I am usually entering numerous quantities for my selected food and it is highly irritating to have to go back in to the select my desired measurement unit each time. Please fix this.
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6 years ago, t1ddaddy
Back On Top!
Calorie King, I believe there are many people in the T1D community who under valued your contribution to our everyday function. This is true for me and my family. Instead of valuing your silent assistance in our everyday struggle to manage an organ that science/Mother Nature used to handle for us, we seem to introduce ourselves when the opportunity to “sound off” presents itself. While I was blown away that carb counts were removed from your app (I believe in error), you properly responded with a expedient repair. Simply, thank you, and you now have my five star rating that you should have had from me on December 16, 2016 when our 7 year old daughter was diagnosed with T1D and when we were introduced to your app by our daughter’s endocrinologist.
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5 years ago, latteboy50
Life-Saving App!!!
I find it insane that anyone can find it in themselves to put dumb nit-picks in their reviews. As a Type 1 Diabetic, this makes my life 1000% easier. Who cares if there are some slight bugs or (sparse) ads? It has an insanely large food library and it’s free. You can change units and put how much your food weighs. You can also browse by fast food chain (which pretty much includes all restaurants regardless of if they’re actually fast food) and also by brand. It’s super easy to use and it really one of the best apps I’ve ever used! Definitely download it if you’re diabetic, or even if you’re not and are just trying to watch your carb, calorie or fat intake. Wish I could give this app 10 stars!!!
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4 years ago, Grateful Blueprinting Soul
Issue with incorrect info
So I have a concern. I was checking KFC’s calorie count for their coleslaw. The family size (14.6 oz) has 53 grams of sugar but the individual size (4.0 oz) has zero sugar? Ummm something is wrong with the math. The smaller and larger portions should both reflect the correct nutritional facts based on portion size. I did my math. A 4 oz portion of KFC coleslaw has 15.1 grams of sugar. If I someone didn’t do the research, they think they were doing better they are if they were watching their sugar intake. Additionally, it’s not just that item. There are several other things that are list in this same manner. Please fix the incorrect information. You could really mess up a persons health. Especially those with dietary restrictions.
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4 years ago, HateMigraines
Great database but with ads?
I use this regularly for my Diabetes. It lacks info on quite a few items I’ve searched for but very pleased with app. I just used it for first time in couple weeks and after looking up info on a food and before I could search for another it went to an ad! Ugh. When did this become standard? I would look for another app even if I have to pay for it. Will be doing a search to do just that.
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6 years ago, Anonymous5938
Another Type 1 Diabetic
This isn’t gonna be as good of a review as the other ones, it’s not you, it’s me. Basically, I’m terrible with words, but as a type 1 diabetic, this has helped a lot. My family and I both got tired of guesstimating and being too far off. My diabetes educator recommended this to me when I first got diagnosed (i was 13?? Something like that, i don’t know, it was like 2015), and it’s helped a lot. Diabetes is annoying and a huge pain (especially with hormonal stuff going on), but these makes it a bit easier to manage. Thank you~
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6 years ago, Jedesea
App is great but ads are killing it.
Out to dinner with the family and trying to look up dishes to dose our T1D toddler right now. About a week or so ago, we started getting full page ads in this app and you can’t skip them, stuck on screen for 30 seconds each. I’m fine with banner ads but locking my screen for half a minute is not okay. And removing ads is a monthly subscription, not a one-time purchase like almost every other developer out there? Come on. Doing quick meal math went from taking just a minute to taking over 5-6 minutes just to add up one dish. Everything else about the app is great but the ads are out of control.
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6 years ago, MathMom76
***Updated review.
Thank you for fixing the carb counting ability! We use your app everyday! We will definitely recommend this apps to others! We have been using this app to help our Type 1 diabetic son with his carb counting. After the update, the ability to calculate carb counts for food IS GONE! This app is useless now for us. This app was specifically recommended to us by my son’s endocrinologist. I will be letting them know on Monday to STOP recommending it to their patients! Please put the carb counting back!
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4 years ago, Pandamanda91
Great until iOS 14 update
Use this app all the time for help carb counting for daughter with type 1 diabetes. Worked amazingly well until iOS 14 update. Now can’t see numbers I type in for amount, although nutrition information does change. I’m constantly double checking though, which makes the app a little pointless until this is fixed, please. I even tried deleting and reinstalling. No change.
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5 years ago, !!funtoplay!!
Love it!! But...
I love this app for my daughter who is T1 diabetic. It’s convenient being on her phone and has just about everything, for the most part. I realize it’s difficult to have everything out there but I was a bit surprised when we couldn’t find any info from on McDonalds shakes. I know it sounds trivial but we use this app for carbs for her and I just fed McDonalds shakes are a permanent staple always have been Otherwise. This is a great app!!!
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3 years ago, Entrepreneurmyself
You changed!!!
Initially, I downloaded this app almost 2 years ago. On the advice of our dietitian. It was wonderful! Warranted a 5 star review. It was very specific for carbohydrate counts in general. There were some items that were not listed on the menus, especially for certain fast food restaurants, but that was ok. The best thing was that there were no ads. Things have changed recently! Now in order to research more than one item you must watch an ad! I don’t have time to watch ads, especially ads for games. Since this interferes with my use. Therefore,I will delete the app.
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6 years ago, Bobwhat?
Super Responsive
Ive used and trusted calorie king for years to help manage my type 1 diabetes. The information provided in the app is invaluable in my daily struggle to keep my sugar “normal”. There have been a few bugs lately that have caused me concern BUT I am happy to say that I reached out to the CalorieKing support team and they have addressed the issues within a day. Thanks for your help and for your commitment to as much accuracy as nutrition facts can provide.
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5 years ago, Skyspy630
Nothing but annoying pop up ads. malware(?)
After downloading this app I was able to look up exactly one food item before being overwhelmed with every kind of pop-up ad you could imagine. And none of them had an ex or anything to get out of it so I either had to double click the button or reboot my iPhone to clear the screen. Went back in two more times and the same thing happened each time. They have a remove ads function which cost $1.50 per month. I would avoid this app because with all those crummy ads, who is to know whether or not they include malware.
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6 years ago, Jk1776
What happened to the carb counts? They’re back - back to 5 stars
*** Edited: Thank you for listening and returning the carb counts.*** I have been using this app for nearly a year to help with carb counting for my son who has type 1 diabetes. I was very disappointed in the latest update when carb counts were removed from the detailed nutrition information. This has rendered the app essentially useless for me.
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4 years ago, CarbHappy
I love this app as I am a type 2 diabetic & use the app for not only calories but mainly for watching my carb intake which was highly based on a class I took & the carb counter helps me base the # of units of insulin I need to take. I went out to open the CalorieKing App to ck on a Particular Restaurant where I bought lunch plus to add the carbs so I could see how much insulin to take based on my lunch. My app would not open at all, it would show the Face Page but would not open in any of the categories, I tried to reinstall the app but that didn’t work either, I’ve used this app for a very long time so please let me know how to fix it, I’m 75 so make it easy for me PLEASE. I want my app CalorieKing back. CarbHappy
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2 months ago, DianaDoesIt
Well thought out, clean, clear lines
I really like the "ControlMyWeight" and "Calorie King" apps. They are connected within the apps, and the subscription pages are the same. However, when you purchase an annual subscription for one app, it does not seem to apply to the second app. I have emailed customer support and am waiting for an answer from them.
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6 years ago, EthanFloof
Not useful
This app isn’t very useful. It seems to know the calorie counts for a lot of processed foods, but if you type in a natural ingredient, say “pistachios”, it has nothing. Ironically, this means that the app is least useful for fresh food, the exact kind of thing you might want to eat more of if you’re trying to watch your calories. Likewise, there is an entry for “dry roasted peanuts”, but it gives the calorie value of one single peanut. Thus, there was no way to compare the calories in roasted peanuts to the calories in raw peanuts, because the raw peanut calorie count was given in cups.
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4 years ago, sg RT yghhjkkjfsdvhj
Incorrect information
I like the overall design of this app but many of the items listed in the food database have incorrect information about the serving size and calories per serving. I have had to enter the information myself. As well as scanning the barcode doesn’t bring up many of the items I eat but when I search for them on the search app they come up. This needs to be updated with more current information.
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3 years ago, Wickedgirl22
Mom of a T1D
This app was suggested to us by our nutritionist back in 2012 during our hospital stay. This is THE ONLY app we use to look up carb info, and the ONLY ONE you will need. It would be awesome if there was an update, even with subscription only, to have the option to ‘SAVE’ or ‘FAVORITE’ frequently used foods to be able to access quickly.
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4 years ago, Grenpen
With latest iOS 14 update not working properly
Ever since I updated my iPhone 8 with the latest iOS 14 update, the Calorie King app has a problem. I can’t see the numbers I type in the space for quantity. Even if I can’t see the numbers typed in, they are there, because nutrition changes as different numbers are typed in. PLEASE FIX! I would have give 4 stars if it weren’t for this and that you don’t offer 1/2 cup or full cup from the drop-down menu.
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6 years ago, S0K0I
I understand needing advertisements to pay for an app that people are allowed us to use for free. But, after every time I touch to go back, I get an ad. Sure, go ahead and use ads. However, you don’t have to make them so frequent I’m getting bombarded with them. It makes me not want to use the app at all. I’m definitely not gonna pay for your app to get rid of ads simply because you are shoving them down my throat so far I can’t breathe. I can’t even tell if the app is worth spending money on because I have an add every two seconds. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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6 years ago, Nana-50
Almost perfect.
The information from the app is super-helpful but the last update is annoying. Every time I search, find and adjust the information from my search the keyboard stays in place, making it difficult to see the information. Otherwise, great job!
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3 years ago, Nightshift2
Wrong calorie counts
Just got finished have Birdseye’s Voila! Fajita Chicken for dinner. Looked up the calorie count on the app & it says 170 calories per cup. I then looked on the package, which shows 220 calories per 2 cup serving. Cutting this in half would make it 110 calories per cup, not the 170 the app shows. Makes me wonder how many other things are wrong? Also needs updating for many brands & items missing from the app.
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6 years ago, Lizzie820
Not great
I’m a dietitian and I use this app all the time to teach carb counting, however lately the ads have gotten really bad. As soon as I look up a food with a patient there is a full screen ad/video that we are forced to watch. It is extremely annoying and completely takes the focus away from what I’m trying to teach. I understand the need for some ads but this is overload and it’s making me not want to use the app anymore. This app used to be a 5 but now I’m giving it a 2.
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6 years ago, kgwill7879
I need to be on a low sodium diet. This app it helps me keep up with the amount of sodium per meal. It has been eye opening to see the amount of sodium that is in our food. Daily requirement of sodium per day is 2300mg. In one meal you can surpass the daily requirements, which is mind boggling. This will be so beneficial in helping me control my sodium intake. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Demonscott
Very accurate so far
I’m a type one diabetic. So I use this app to base how much medicine I should give myself with almost every meal. I used this app to lower my a1c from 10 to 7.4 Thank you so very much for creating this app guys and especially making it for free ♥️ I’d happily watch these ads.
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4 years ago, rev500
App B, Ads/Price F
App is great for T1D, with one exception; after typing a number for portion size, you can’t get the keyboard to close. The ads are way too long, and sometimes not child friendly. The price tag for a year seems excessive given how simple the app is to create/maintain. Also cannot use one subscription for whole family, my wife and I have to buy separately; not great for parents with a type 1 diabetic child.
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4 years ago, Osuangel
You need to have someone to update the restaurants menu. Such as jersey mikes. You had subs in a bowl under sandwiches be salads... can’t find anything because there is so much and most stuff is in odd places need more Break downs... plus not all Sandwiches are listed some are there more than once. Same way with. Chick a fil. Don’t know which 4 or 6 piece chicken is correct since it Gives different info..
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6 years ago, Saltype1
TYPE 1 too.
I finally found your app again after loosing you years ago. Being a type 1, you’re able to make things easier for me . I am one of the longest living type 1s out there. I’ve had it for 60 years. So thank you again!
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5 months ago, jeanus mcbeanus
I love this app! I use it all the time. I only have one issue. Recently ads have appeared. I pay an annual subscription fee, yet suddenly ads are interrupting my use. I don’t think it is fair to start running ads on paid subscriptions. When will the ads stop?
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1 year ago, light67bulb
Please update your nutrition information
I am a type one diabetic and I trust your app, but the information is outdated I just got 18 units instead of 14 because the carbs were off. Please I just want to help I know a lot of type one diabetics use this app. I’m just try to make sure the info is correct
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5 years ago, PaHiker
Not complete
It has a lot of useful data an is easy to use, but it is not as complete as the website. Looking up mangos, for example, returns data for oz, gr, and a 10 oz fruit as purchased. On the website you get other options such as 17 oz, which is the typical size my grocer sells. After using it for over a week I am even less impressed. Ads after every search, not just once per launch. Looked up “chocolate milk”, got milk chocolate, chocolate shakes, even Nestle’s powdered milk, but no chocolate milk. Tried it again, still the same issues as before plus one more. The app has no interaction with Apple’s Health, so it doesn’t feed back nutritional information, doesn’t send or receive weight or exercise data.
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6 years ago, JD6924
***Updated review! Thank you!!
When my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Calorie King was the app suggested to us by her doctors. It has been our go-to app for carb counts. Thank you for fixing the carb-less bug so fast!! Other apps just don’t work for us as well as this one.
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6 years ago, Toby Time
Terrible App Support
Why do you update this app so infrequently? Prior to 6 months ago, your last update was 3 years ago!! That's unacceptable. As a diabetic, one can't count on an app that doesn't update with the ever changing landscape of retail and restaurant chain food. Please find a way to support this app and stay up to date. I'm once again adding it and immediately deleting it because it's a complete let-down.
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6 years ago, mike-dt
CalorieKing gets used dozens of times a day in our house and we have found it invaluable in calculating carbs for food. And the programmers are responsive to support questions. As much as we use it the annual subscription fee was a no brainer. The CK people deserve it.
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4 years ago, CharlesMont
Stop the Ads
As a parent with a baby with Type 1 this app is very much needed. The ads are very annoying though. I’d pay a one time fee for the service but there is nothing here that I can’t get anywhere else for a monthly fee or yearly fee plus more. Add more or keep it free without ads for all of us who need this app for diabetes.
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6 years ago, Malia526
Hate the Ads
I use this app for my diabetic daughter and when I need to switch foods quickly, the ads do not clear quickly. I think it’s terrible of you to charge $12 a year to remove the ads. Your app is used mostly for health reasons, not entertaining. A $12-$20 lifetime should be good enough for you.
Show more
5 years ago, ObsceneNameHere
Ads galore & uncloseable
App will allow you to search food items as the site will and allow you to subscribe for an adfree version. But here’s the problem; anytime you search a food item you are hit with a full screen ad that you cannot leave unless you restart the app. Make ad-free a one time purchase or reduce the ads/ make them banner style and closeable
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5 years ago, polargirl 91
My doctor recommended this app to me so I can keep better track of my carb and calorie count and although it has been useful there are several items on the lists that the restaurants no longer serve, so they need to update this app.
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6 years ago, Anila Ponari
Thank you for bringing back the carb option
Thank you for bringing back the carb option ,,, I wouldn't know how to count the carbs for my son which has type 1 diabetes ,,,I'm happy for fixing it lately ,,, thank you again ,,, 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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1 year ago, RecptionBev
App icon
My icon went away and you give no option for me to reinstate it. Being diabetic I would much rather count carbs than calories. Can you help me?
Show more
5 years ago, Piratezombi3
I paid for this...
This app is great for some things. But not for carb counting corn my for diabetic six year old son, as well as other aspects of food. I paid for this app because the ads were annoying and my six year old son was diagnosed as type 1, and this was recommended... the website, is fine, I’m sure. But I do not recommend paying for this app.
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8 months ago, timmy0&7
Great App
What a really great app for diabetics. I’ve just started using it and find it very useful, though I do think it’s time to update the database. Thanks for your work.
Show more
6 years ago, FeelingHelpLess123
Would have been 5 stars ...
Would have given this app 5 stars ... BUT charging $1.49/month to remove ads is the ultimate in gluttony! $1.49 for a lifetime would be more in line with other apps ... and I would be more than happy to pay that ... but greedy developers don’t get BIG star ratings in my reviews!! AND your ads are MORE than typically annoying ... every time you search a food an ad comes up ... YES, EVERY TIME!!
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6 years ago, Marcus Butzin
This is my food Bible for this T1 Diabetic
Great app I use it daily and have recommended it to people at the diabetes management class at the Veterans Hospital! I wish you would have a feature to suggest a new restaurant.
Show more
6 years ago, Ldytrckr
Carbs are back
Thank you for correcting the carb issue!!! I appreciate Calorie King for all of he help I get for my granddaughter’s T1 diabetes. It is hard to do some of the counting without this app!! Keep up the great work!!
Show more
5 years ago, Zisa2345
Info is not accurate for a lot of restaurants menu items
Was looking for updated information for restaurant menu items. Unfortunately the info for many foods are outdated, or not accurate. Some items are missing such as grilled chicken nuggets 6 piece from chick fil a. Guess looking up each individual restaurant for their information is better.
Show more
6 years ago, Nooshnoosh21
Awesome app update! Thank you for fixing the issues. Truly a lifesaver for our family when counting carbs for my type 1 diabetic child.
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