Camp Gladiator

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Camp Gladiator
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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Camp Gladiator

4.92 out of 5
11.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Stronger with CG
Great options for workouts
I started with virtual workouts with Jeff Kelly because I’m in North Myrtle Beach. He is so Awesome …. Once he went to Charleston but not virtual I branched out to Teri Wagner and Amanda Brisco…. After my two year membership I was turning 70 but didn’t want to quit, so I signed up for another two years. I’m an active person and was in Jazzercise a long time but CG is the absolute Best!!! After 300+checkins after two years I’m looking forward to another 300!! I really enjoy the 30 minute focused workouts on building muscles. I think that’s a great way to focus on areas to keep me strong. If only I could get some referrals to boost me! I keep trying realizing this is a golfing area ( which I also partake in) but focusing on certain muscle groups has definitely helped me. Thank you CG!! Keep it up!! Wut Wut Marsha Mims
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4 years ago, Eliz0502
Love CG.. few tweaks needed to app
First I love CG and the workouts. I love how seamlessly you pivoted to have virtual workouts. That being said.. in the last few months I got an Apple Watch and more notifications pop up. PLEASE fix the app to ask us how our camp was at 60min from check in, not at 30 minutes. I will be in mid workout and my watch will buzz and it’s the app asking me to rate the workout. All of our workouts are an hour, there’s no reason to ask after 30 minutes. Minor nitpicking, more for esthetics - under points why are the positive points added red and the subtraction of points redeemed black. It should be the other way around. Also wish there was a way to get to your billing page without closing the app and logging in on the internet. Sometimes I choose to use points towards memberships and sometimes I want to save them for other things. It would be nice to have that option on the app or at least a link that will take you there directly on the site.
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5 years ago, faithandfitness
Love the app and the workouts
I hate seeing bad reviews especially about the company because this should be about the app. This app is awesome and so are the workouts- I can track my check ins and all of my friend referrals. About a month ago when I was in Florida for work, I just pulled up the locations and was able to head to a new location and follow my maps. They were actually at an alternate location and that was listed in the app as well so i was able to find everything! It has the trainer of the location listed and their photo and their trainer rating also. I had a friend that had to cancel because she moved to Oklahoma and they were able to cancel her account same day. Never had a problem at all!
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5 years ago, Jimmie Tunemania
I hate seeing the bad reviews associated with people trying to quit. Sorry, you signed a contract. CG was very careful with me to ensure I understood my financial commitment. I also had a situation where I quit my month to month contract last year. Corporate called me back (a couple of times because I don’t answer numbers I don’t recognize) were friendly and helpful in my cancellation. I came back in January and really enjoy the classes, the comradery and the instructors. Any workout program will be the same / you will get out of it what you put into it. The app works great, the program is great. Don’t let a few bad reviews sway you away.
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7 years ago, MrWufz
Filter Useless, Check-In Not Reliable
The main reason I use this app, apart from checking in, is to find locations. However, the filter seems to use an OR Boolean, when it should use AND. I want to see all the camps available on a certain day AND time, not day OR time. How it is now, I have to go through each one individually. Also, my faves aren’t marked on the map. They should appear as a heart. Finally, check ins aren’t reliable. I know they rolled out a new system recently, but I’ve had 2 issues. First, with the old system, if I checked in and then tried it again at Camp (want to be sure I check in, since there’s no notification to insure I checked in from my car), it would say I’m already checked in. With the new system, it double counted me. Second, the graph at the bottom doesn’t seem to be accurate. It’ll tel me I have no check-ins when my history says I do, and vice versa. Unrelated and didn’t affect my rating. Really wish CG would offer camps on Fridays. Not everyone cares about going out on Friday nights. I know a lot of the trainers are young, but maybe get some of the older ones to do it. A lot of people I’ve met in CG, like me, run T/R/Sat, so the Sat Camp isn’t the best if you want to get enough rest/recovery time.
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1 year ago, Journeyman2015
There are better options for you
The introduction of 1-to-1 workouts is a long overdue improvement, but CG still gets too many things wrong: 1) They claim to have certified trainers, but the trainer profiles don’t tell you by whom nor do they show visual proof of a current certification, which makes it harder than it needs to be to do your homework ahead of time. 2) Personal experience from the one time I tried to hook up with a trainer who did 1-to-1 work on the side: The trainers have no concept of how to act professional. Looking for a trainer who will do the full workout with you and show modifications when you need them? Good luck with that. Want workouts geared to beginners that start with bodyweight basics? You won’t find that, either. 3) You can’t work with a registered dietitian directly. To put it in the bluntest way possible, this makes their nutrition guidance illegal, because only RDs can legally help you with meal plans. The only reason why CG has so many members is that the general public is too gullible and stupid to have any concept of what Trainer Research 101 entails. Don’t be like one of them: Hire a CPT who works in a private studio instead and hire an RD to assist. It will cost you more but you’ll get professional guidance instead of these money grabbers who will set you up to fail.
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2 years ago, The Rosc
From a gym member failure to CG addict
Camp Gladiator is definitely my go to for workouts, mental and physical therapy, and a social life! The same people “just like me” show up to challenge themselves and each other to be better everyday. I HATED the gym. Felt like I was in a fishbowl and stared at making me uncomfortable. Camp Gladiator allows you to set up where YOU want to be and work at your own pace. The trainers encourage you to meet the people around you without it being awkward. I’ve made some great friends who hold me accountable over the past 2 years. I’ve gone from gym failure to CG STRONG! It’s definitely #bettertogether.
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12 months ago, Some1 Se@rching 4 REAL Music
New App incompatible with Apple Phones
Despite the constant “bug fixes” the application for CG is still problematic. Multiple overhauls to the system leave a percentage of members unable to check in via their phones for workouts. I can log into my account from the internet but I’m repeatedly told my password is incorrect for the mobile app. From the change of workout programming cycles, to losing the accumulated points I’ve received from working out to now having an app that is a waste on my phone, my unhappiness as a customer is growing. My family and I pay memberships with the expectation of a working product. This need to improve the app has backfired and I will be waiting for update 7.03 in the hopes that the ongoing problems of CG are resolved.
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6 years ago, Andreadlc10
Apple Watch, filter and lunch hour
Is there a way to add an Apple Watch extension? Like maybe we can check in from our watch ? This especially helps when I’m having to carry everything to my spot at early morning camps since I don’t like to take my phone or check in on the iPad all the time. Next can we add a filter by trainer? I’m all about trying different trainers but sometimes I wanna just see where my faves are. Last, I would love if we can look just by the lunch hour time frame like 11 am -1pm workouts . I would like to do some two a days but i can only do that in early morning and lunch and it takes forever to with the filter to find it during just those times.
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6 years ago, Dal-Pal
Best Work-Out Program Ever!
My wife and I joined Camp Gladiator almost a year ago, and we have finally found a work out program that works! We were both pretty active before but were not consistent with regular fitness. Camp Gladiator has kept us accountable and given us the opportunity to connect with our neighbors! The trainers have so much energy and genuinely care about your progress. I am challenged every time I go to a cg workout, and I always leave more energized (sweaty), and ready for the day!
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6 years ago, Cg member
App needs work
The App does a good job at helping you find camps near you, however it does a terrible job of providing the details for the camps in a readable, usable fashion. If the camp occurs on 3 or more days then the space allotted to show the camp days and times is truncated and you can't see the actual time the camp starts. E.g. the camp may be at 9:15, 9:30, 9:45, or 9:00 but you'll have no way of knowing because all you can see on the App is "9:" because the rest of the time is cut off. Additionally, the camp rating system is garbage. 1) it's not anonymous which results in heavily positive skewed reviews and 2) you can't leave a review without explaining why- the App won't accept your star rating unless you add text or select from the preset options for what was good or bad with the trainer/workout.
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6 years ago, BobRobApex
Touch ID Still Broken
Update: I guess it's time to abandon the app for most functions like check-ins and leaderboard. Finally got TouchID to work for a couple days but now it's gone again and took away actually COUNTING my check-in with it. Leaderboard is blank again. Hope I can trust it to remember my CG Fit results and that it eventually counts my 12th check-in this camp to complete CG Fit. Simplest way to check in to camp is still broken after several months, even after reporting the issue to CG. Am I the only one that uses this feature? Now I have to cancel out of the Touch ID prompt then tap in the PIN field then the phone number field to log in AND it's logging me out more frequently. Maybe they are trying to steer campers to logging in from the trainer's iPad instead by making it harder to use the app?
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3 years ago, JennyK0457
Updated New App Isn’t Great
The old app made checking in easy and right on the front page. It’s a lot harder to try and search for and check in now. Your check-in history is no longer available on the app you must do it from the desktop. I set check in goals by the month so not being able to easily count up where I’m at is a big let down. Lastly the old app allowed you to set up your workouts as a calendar meeting. This is a huge part of my consistency and making my workouts a priority especially with an ever changing work schedule. Hopefully they will come back with the old features that made the old CG app 5 Stars.
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6 years ago, CONFRUSED
App issues
I’ve used this app since Nov 2017, my issues seem to be the same every time. They all are consistent with getting logged in. I get logged out while already in the app, I can’t log in due to some issue, or I’m not a recognized user, and I always have to delete and download the app again. Recently I’ve had issues where when I go to download the app again it won’t even download. On a personal note, since the last update, I guess the CG Store got removed from the app. I kind of liked being able to shop while in the app. But not a problem to open my Chrome and login from there to shop.
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11 months ago, miechtwostars
Don’t roll out painful changes until you are ready
I have never experienced an app as bad as this. Have to download a new version multiple times. Had to follow very specific directions to change password on the browser before attempting to download new app. Constant missteps and they passed the pain of migrating to a new system on to the customers when they clearly weren’t ready. Points earned are missing. These points can pay for items in their store. They gave us little notice that perk was going away and therewas virtually nothing left to “buy” by the time we were notified. Amateurs affecting the trainers ability to serve customers should be fired.
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2 years ago, Mountains889
Apps good. Camp Gladiator as a business is terrible
All you naysayers saying this should be about the app and not the company need to know this company is so so bad I will use every Avenue possible to let people know they will regret their membership when they have to deal with the corporate end of CG. Do not enter into a contract with CG - ever since covid started their business office and customer service are ATROCIOUS. I had to tell my credit card company to block charges from camp gladiator. After 4 months of not being able to reach them or get a return phone call I gave up. I really did try to work with them. I felt for the trainers trying to make a living during the pandemic but I couldn’t get ahold of anyone.
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5 years ago, jsolz4
App is Not User Friendly
Being part of camp is great, but this app is just a mess. Finding the schedule is not effortless and too much work. Feels like you get enough of a workout just navigating through this crappy app. Doesn’t always update the account on time, points are always pending status but show available. Missing explanations for certain ribbons and member status. Instead of trying to be fancy, the developers should really work harder to understand their target audience. Also, even when you find the schedule, the actual camps are different, especially during bold week.
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6 years ago, shademonster
Poor location info
Trying to go to a new location is painful. The app provides no way to contact trainer in advance for info, which many are more than happy to provide. But also if they change location you are on your own to run around to all the alternates to see if they “might” be at one of them. Two thumbs down. They need to give trainer some way to update location with where a specific work was changed to a different location. Would be nice if that updated on map and allowed app checkin as well at alternate location. I just spent 45min running around looking for this workout. Would have been better off just going for a run. Boo
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6 years ago, vikstr
Notifications? Filter? Touch/Face ID?
When I get a pop up of a notification, it never shows up in the actual app. Why? The notifications area is useless if I can’t see notifications (I use an iPhone). I was told I can receive notifications/messages from my trainers, but apparently I’m not actually receiving those. The filter section is also pointless if it doesn’t narrow down classes. The algorithm needs to be an “AND”, not “OR” equation. For example, if I want to be able to search for classes on Mondays between 4a-8a, I don’t want the filter to return locations that have classes on Monday at 5:45PM, just because there is also a 5:30AM class on a Tuesday at that location.
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4 years ago, go teamcg
G May
CG trainers are 5 star and the transition to zoom is good the problem is with the app check in . It . Doesn’t count them correctly. To get a workout to count you have to delete it and reinstall it and then you get a check in but then you loose your points I had my contact person try to add missing check ins and it doesn’t work very disappointed with the app since points and check ins are suppose to be a big deal.
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5 years ago, Gladiator4Life!!!
Camp Gladiator is awesome and this App makes things easy!!!
Camp Gladiator’s App saves me every time I travel to another city or am looking for a location that is not my usual one I attend. I mean there are over 6,000 locations so being able to filter those makes my life so much easier, am I right!?? It also lets me know who the Trainer at that specific location is so I know who to expect when I show up. Overall, I recommend this app and definitely sign up Bold 😉
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5 years ago, ld2006
Fix the rate your camp experience already!!!
Please please please fix this once and for all. It’s super important that we as campers are able to provide timely feedback to our trainers on the camp experience. This helps to keep enhancing our camp experiences over time. Yet this app continues to have problems with this one particular aspect and it’s just so disappointing and it’s getting rather old. What’s the point of downloading an update to the app if it is just going to take away the option for campers to rate their camps and trainers? Highly disappointed that this continues to be an issue and meanwhile Campers are still unable to leave any feedback for their trainers.
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3 years ago, camper sachse
There many trainer across the city that do great things in Murphy Sachse Wylie but today I want to say that Marlo Paris is awesome. She devotes hours of her time out of a busy week and us camper notice. From community week game nights to Sunday fun runs is a great trainer and person all in one. She bring energy and humor to camps that make peak week seem not so scary some of us. She is definitely one reason I love camp gladiator and continue to go to camp. Thank you Unknown camper
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8 months ago, TraceGonz
App for IOS still not working correctly…
First update…I was able to see some workouts but not my check-ins or update my profile. Also, app doesn’t allow me to see trainers on Sunday if I clicked Browse all live workouts. After another update…after uninstalling and reinstalling and clearing Cache I could see my check-ins but still no workouts on Sunday. Another update… I could update my photo on profile, see trainers on Sunday in the “quick access workouts” but not if I clicked Browse all workouts. Now today 9-3-23 after another update … I uninstalled/ reinstalled cleared cache and now I can’t see any workouts.
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2 years ago, Ben628648
All over the place
…this app is great when it works but at the moment it’s actually unusable - can’t search for trainers, can’t check in, won’t save favorites, won’t show me nearby camps. Currently getting error messages for most things but I got it to give me a list of camps for a minute but it showed I had no matches until after I deleted my search and then magically it showed me matches(very buggy behavior). I gotta wonder what type of QA they are doing or what type of devices they are testing with where so much core functionality goes broken like that. Missed out on 4 checkins so it’s been broken for a while now…
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5 years ago, 😅💪🏼
Camp Gladiator has change my life and my families life for the better! Not only am I physically in the best shape of my life (even after being a competitive Division I Athlete), I feel more connected to my community, my family, and feeling more positive than ever! Each workout is led by a certified personal trainer who is passionate each and every one of the campers! The community that CG builds is unbeatable! Highly recommend this program for any age and any level of fitness!
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6 years ago, Gi Gi 718
Best camp ever!
Camp Gladiator is an amazing way to have a full body workout with a certified personal trainer that hold you accountable and motivates you while your working out and when you are not. There’s more to working out. CG offers CG fit, CG games, and brings a culture together by having socials. Camp Gladiator has a 4 week cycle starting with Endurance, strength, agility, interval and peak. Memberships are as low as $59/month. Can’t beat that price for unlimited times and locations to chose from.
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2 years ago, ThereIsHope04
Workouts on Demand
Last year my husband and I moved from Tyler, Texas (a big Cg hub) to Hayesville, North Carolina. We are up in the mountains “two hours from anywhere” which also come with sketchy internet/cell service. But the views are amazing! With that said, I love the workouts-on-demand. I can do these workouts when my internet service is good and I still feel like I’m training and apart of the Cg family. -Hope
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6 years ago, pizza4lyfe23
Value far exceeds the cost
CG has become my favorite part of my daily routine. The trainers provide challenging yet rewarding workouts for a community of peers from all fitness backgrounds who motivate me to push beyond what I thought I could do. I love being able to find any convenient location and time directly from the app. The large offering of locations works great with my often changing schedule.
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4 years ago, cmbyars
GREAT APP! But need help :)
I love CG and I love the community! I’m having a little problem/confusion with my app and didn’t know where else to go but here to get help! My app says I have done 13/50 workouts but I know I have done over 20! The switch happened when I decided to commit to go bold! When I go to check in history all my checkins are there but about 10 of my check ins say “points pending”. Would love some insight on this! Just want to make sure I’m getting points for those :) Thanks y’all! #CGstrong - Chloe B.
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1 year ago, Scorclaw
Amazing workouts but the app still needs work.
I’ve been with CG for about 6 years (1100+ checkins) and I can’t say enough about the trainers and the workouts. AMAZING! The app however is still having problems awarding checkins for on demand workouts. I deleted the app twice and I have the lastest version, didn’t fix it. I worked as a software engineer for year so I’m familiar with quality control. CG, you can do better than this.
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4 years ago, tropicaltwister
cG has been killing it when keeping their app updated and making changes through the pandemic. They have added features to help everyone check in. You can check in 30 min before camp so I’m confused about some of the complaints. They have been vocal and have made changes in a timely manner. Thanks for the communication and dedication to your campers! #nevermissamonday
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2 years ago, Rajc007
Was good for a while
I enjoyed the camps and the at first. But there’s not much you can do in the app. They make it very difficult to quit. I did not enjoy the transition to Zoom and found another option. I’m okay with paying out my contract but they won’t accept it. Now I’ve moved overseas and they still won’t accept a cancellation unless you’re in your three week window. More hassle than it’s worth. Stick with an app and company that doesn’t try to lock you in at all costs. Trainers are also not happy with their setup.
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6 years ago, bobby321123321123
Amazing workout & community
CG has been amazing for me and my family! The workouts are for all fitness levels. I have been injured and every trainer is able to offer modifications so I still have a great workout! My teenage kids live the challenge and can tell that the workouts help with their school sports! We love working out as a family where everyone is challenged!
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3 years ago, Laurie3118
Not a fan of the new layout
I don’t know why I can’t click on any of my information. I liked to click on my checks to make sure they were there. I liked being able to click on the referrals. I liked the leader board. Our individual camper profile page has nothing usable or useful on it now. I hope those things will be in another update soon, because those are what pertain to campers on a regular basis.
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1 year ago, miessd
Best workout for all ages! Always challenging
best work is always something different and challenging plus when you do pick a favorite trainer it still stays challenging because they vary every workout. Plus plus there are always variations for us old folks! However with CG I feel younger and stronger then I have in years!
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6 years ago, faithfulpc
Best workout ever!!!
Not only is this the best workout I have ever done. But the app make it so easy to view my account and find a workout. It’s a well designed app with a great user interface. The terms and conditions were provided for me multiple time and are very easy to understand. Not that I would ever cancel but I hear the cancellation process is super simple.
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2 years ago, First time with Capital One
Shady company
Camp gladiator is a shady company using pyramid scheme multilevel marketing like tactics that rope people into overly long committed contracts that will just rip THOUSANDS of dollars from your back account with their support team saying too bad so sad you signed a contract. If you’ll willing and committed to stick with their regiment for 2 YEARS then it is a fine service when you receive what you par for. But if you try to cancel due to any number of reasons like losing your job in the midst of a pandemic they will still insist they take their money from your bank account. Buyer beware!
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6 years ago, Meganhgann
Best. Thing. Ever!!!!!!
Camp Gladiator is the most amazing program and it has changed my life! They have amazing trainers, convenient locations with a wide range of time options and the community is second to none. I'll be a CG member for life!! My trainers TJ and Sergio really push me and along with the friends I've made at camp, they all help to hold me accountable. Couldn't ask for a better experience!
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7 months ago, ChrisC2019
CG I recommend. Their app… no!
App stopped working for weeks After frustrating my trainer and myself for weeks, finally discovered the app had stopped working with my iOS version. Would have been nice to see a message in the app that told me that was my problem. I DO RECOMMEND CG because of my trainer Amy W. (Raleigh, NC) regardless of my app issues - because she is so great (try her for online if you aren’t local). I’ve met a couple other local CG trainers, and they also have been good. The online trainers have been good so far. afaik: You have to use the app to be in CG
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5 years ago, zhdhehduebew
3 years in. It does all it needs to.
What do I need the app for? Find camps. Check into camps. Manage basic stuff about my account. See how many checkins I have. See what days I checked into various camps. It does all of these. I don’t usually leaves reviews, but I saw one particularly petty negative review from someone with a persecution complex, and I am leaving this one just to offset it. #wutwut
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6 years ago, Amac2!
Amazing company
I love CG! As a Physical Therapist, Im always looking for ways my patients can continue to exercise once I have resolved their pain. Camp Gladiator is for all fitness levels and a very fun and inviting atmosphere! I’ve met so many people that haven’t worked out in years but came to CG and fell in love, felt accepted, and made huge fitness changes in their life to better there health. Try it!!
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5 years ago, Racheezmo86
Love camp but hate the app!!
Ok I love love love going to camp. I hate your stupid app and al it’s issues. I can never login. It won’t update my profile pic. When I had it in 2016 it always worked and it was on point. I got back into CG in the fall of 2018 and the app is for lack of better words absolutely useless. I have deleted and downloaded it connotes times yet it tells me wrong combo. But I use the same phone number and pin and I check in at camp on their tablet and I can login on the computer. What the heck???? It’s the most frustrating thing ever
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3 years ago, MatthewJLawrence
Please fix this issue
Hi, the app prompts to rate the workout 30 minutes after the workout started. But the workout takes an hour to complete. Please set the rating notification to the end of the workout (60 minutes) so prompts don’t show up on the phone and Apple Watch until workout is finished
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5 years ago, CoDMAN1029384756
Camp is Great but App Hasn’t Worked in Year
App appears to be developed by cheap workers outside U.S. I’ve called customer service many times. As of now, I can only use to check in and find locations. No longer provides account of leaderboard- still shows leaderboard in YTD from 2017. No longer provides opportunity to rate my workouts either. Recommended solution: get a CG member who builds apps who also has a passion for CG and you’ll get the best app possible. I would bet they built this app using a cheap company outside US who doesn’t care..
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6 years ago, Sonu524
Touch ID stopped working, search features, fav loc
I’ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling several times but “Touch ID” continues to not work. It used to work in September 2017 but it hasn’t worked since ~December 2017. Also, would be great if we can search by trainer and not just day and time. And finally, I wish I could edit my “favorite locations” list to move various locations up or down. As it stands, if I add a new location to my list, it goes to the bottom of the list. Some weeks I want to re-arrange my favorite list by time/day/trainer and to do that, I have to delete all of my favorites and re-add them based on the order I want it to appear. Seems like a simple enough fix. Please fix the app! We rely on it too much for it to not work better.
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5 years ago, Lizlaub
Best workout program and this app is a huge help.
These workouts are super challenging, but also fun! The fact that there’s an app to help you find al the locations makes it SO easy when You have a crazy schedule! I love being able to track my check ins and see how I’m doing against the rest of the nation!
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6 years ago, LAIDBACK LU
Awesome app from an awesome company
The app is intuitive and easy to use. There’s plenty of visuals that allow you to track how often you go to camp, so you can easily see the value you are getting! The location finder is great to find workouts at anytime and place! 10/10 would download again!
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1 year ago, AstroCaro
New app needs additional notification feature
I like the ability to connect with trainers via the app. However, I don’t keep the app open all day nor do I open it regularly to see if I received a message. That’s a huge waste of time. A notification when I receive a message (as in many similar communication apps) is a much needed feature for this app.
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3 years ago, A@Jones80
Do Not Like All Changes
I honestly don’t see how the updates are helpful. Most people want to open the app and check in. I can no longer view details of my referrals, check ins or points on the app. For check ins it’s little lines. Please bring back more visibility of our items. If I forget to check in I like to validate when the trainer adds it. Or see my pending referrals. Confirm where my points are from. Really odd to take this stuff away.
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