Car Parking Multiplayer

4.2 (16.4K)
1180.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aidana Kengbeiil
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Car Parking Multiplayer

4.2 out of 5
16.4K Ratings
1 year ago, countryboy8478
I spent 1000 and gold for a apartment downtown in the game and then I go back in there and then all of a sudden I lost my thousand dollars in coin in the apartment. I’ve been playing this game for a very long time about 3 to 4 years and I never seen anything like this before out of you guys and it’s 50 million max money I think it should be higher than what we are doing and she got up to like 100 million that’s for selling cars or buying cars I’m on a iOS device but that should clued for everyone else it doesn’t matter what kind device you’re on and we need some new cars like the 78 Monte Carlo all the Monte Carlo‘s old Cadillacs Deville’s or the old Camaros. It be nice if we had a little bit more selection of cars. It be nice if we had a model a or a model T inner I would like to keep playing your game but the stuff you guys are throwing out there I’m starting to lose interest and I want my thousand coins back but it be nice if you guys can start doing more things into the game. It be nice you guys can throw an old Peterbilt in there to. A better tow truck like the old Chevys. Where we can actually make our own vehicles the way we want it, or do some customizing where we can make the Tires skinnier or fatter It be nice if we had some drag cars in or two.
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5 months ago, i love cars and cats
Hello, I’ve played this game for over 5 years now and I still LOVE it, I have some suggestions to make it even better! The updates your adding are so amazing that I think in the future, like in a year or less, car parking multiplayer will look like gta 5! So first of all, everyone has been really wanting this, please add a radio, it would be so nice to just drive around the map jamming out to some tunes! Next is about the graphics, this game is sooo realistic already but it could be better! Which I bet you are planning to work on them in the future! Next is about the npc people and cars, the new npc cars are amazing and super smart, but they would be so much better if they were more realistic like the cars we drive! The npc people are just the characters we had in the past versions, so if you could please make them look like our characters now, that would great! This is a big suggestion, PLEASE MAKE THE DOOR ANIMATION FOR ALL OF THE CARS! Also thank you so much for adding the c6 corvette, corvettes are my fav cars so if you add more corvettes, that would make me so happy! Also, can you please make the speed banners pay more when you pass through them, LIKE THE ONE IN THE DESERT! Thats all, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NEW AMAZING UPDATE AND I KNOW THE NEXT ONES WILL BE EVEN BETTER! 🔥👍🏻
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11 months ago, Berto 73
Cpm greetings !! I hope you read it !!!
I sent them a review via email. It is a bit long I hope you read it I appreciate your dedication for entertaining us. I await your response in future updates or via email and very hard the CPM community. My name is Gilberto Moran and my nickname in the game is uncle.g before .7tr3s. I would really appreciate your attention in this game basically since they came out for iOS and I love the social dynamics they have created in this world of race games especially that provides a feeling of driving and creativity for cars, very good and necessary since the time of Need for Speed Underground and several successors that emerged later. I hope you do not drop it. In fact the new update is divine I congratulate you, beautiful detail about the vehicles and styles of Ken Block. It seems to me that its approach is not to emulate any other existing game and in the same way to incorporate weapons or farms or anything similar and that is the most I like. Just enjoy the automobile experience and its ramifications. This is why I take the opportunity to suggest some things again and point out others for the improvement from my point of view in the multi player mode and the condition and dynamics of all vehicles in general.
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9 months ago, ItsMatt26265
Alright listen the work you put into the engine sounds are nice how ever every single maxed out car will sound exactly the same and drag racing is a pretty big part of this game either just add supper chargers to the upgrade list or just change the audio back to what it was a update or two ago because personally I use the dodge charger hellcat and wile the models are nice the big part of the hellcats are the supper chargers sounds they were pretty good and still are except for when you put the engines on and the cars sound completely different and I guess it’s more realistic to have the engines have there own sounds but there isn’t any other options if you want to make your car fast my TikTok is cpm_m4tt and I drag race and have a fairly fast dodge charger I design cars and race them after making my custom tunes so all I’m saying is maybe at least add a setting to where the audio for the cars can stay stock instead of having the turbos and engines louder or at least add super chargers please take this into consideration otherwise love the game and that’s the only thing holding it from 5 stars
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9 months ago, ILUV8NAL
Yoo developers read reviews??
I been playing for a few years now with different accounts combined and it’s a cool concept. First off can y’all make it where I can listen to my music on my iPhone while playing the game? Music always stops as soon as the app opens up and it’s pretty lame. Also you guys have a soft reporting system. Reports need to have more weight and actually kick people from lobbies because there a bunch of annoying players that will drive their cars into yours to make them fall under the map or move your car off the selling point. Can you patch this and prevent cars from going inside each other or being able to push the other car cause it’s annoying. Also your selling points are hard to use a lot of times, you constant have to go forward or backward to find that perfect spot to activate the selling aspect to sell your car. Last thing, add more cars more frequently!! Please do these things, a lot of us including myself, pay real money for the upgrades you offer in the app so you owe us your consideration at the very least. Please take this review into account and understand I’m not complaining at you guys, it’s the players on here that are being bullies and harassing other players and cause players wanting to uninstall.
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10 months ago, Sina was
Please read this one
Hello "I no longer have any interest in playing this game, as nothing interesting happens with each update. The prices of cars keep increasing; for example, a new player who just downloaded the game has to work for 3 months to afford an old-generation G-Class. In my opinion, and the opinion of all my friends who used to play this game every day, we have all abandoned our accounts with millions of coins and thousands of tokens. This game is regressing because the car prices have skyrocketed. I agree with raising the prices of luxury cars, but not the old cars. For instance, why should I pay $800,000 for an old Camaro? In my view, increase the number of houses, remove the old cars, create charging stations for electric cars, update the car dealership in the city center, and provide an option for all cars to be in the garage without needing to exit the game for car swaps. Please also consider monitoring the prices. According to me, the new Porsche 991 that was introduced had no value for purchase. Why should I spend 5,000 tokens on that car? Also, please introduce a banking system with in-game money, and definitely add Tesla to the game."
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4 months ago, 6ix gad
Instead of adding new cars fix know bugs that has been in the game since the start
I honestly love your game but sometimes I get real irritated trying to do simple stuff in the game like selling a car, like if I’m at car selling point why should other toxic player be able drive into my car and it’s either sinking through the ground or flying up in the air and there is a lot more bugs have you ever jus tried playing your own game Ina server?… you should keep in mind that you have a lot mature players also, so could you implement a age thing that lets you play with people your own age instead of having to play with toxic kids that do toxic stuff when they aren’t getting their way… and I spend real money on cars so why if one time I spend off all game money, it automatically puts me in servers that has a lot of people that is broke also, like I literally always keep ending up in there same servers even if I try to switch and keep in mind I have all premium cars so I shouldn’t be in servers with people who can’t afford to buy the cars I put on sale and it just because the money went below 5mil… I really enjoy the game so pls don’t think of this as a disrespect I just genuinely want the game to be better
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4 months ago, LilDready
Car Parking Multiplayer is going down hill
Car Parking Multiplayer is going down hill and here are some tips to help make it better 1. Graphics and interior could be more realistic and maybe put the logos on the steering wheel and the outside of the car on the front fender and rear fender. 2. We need a bigger map and also more realistic and we should be able to go shopping and be able to pump our gas also we should not be able to run out of gas in 5 minutes we should be able to last at least 4 days. Some cars speedometers go over the red line and I thought maybe if we do happen to ho over the red line the engine could overheat and blow up and we should be able to make a full 360 turn on the steering wheel and the Jeep Wrangler has some bugs to it . 3. We need some more cars to the game and I think people would like the 2010 Honda Odyssey with a 3.5 liter V6 engine and the 2016 Honda Pilot with a 3.5 liter V6 engine and 2008 Jeep Commander with a 3.7 liter V6 engine and a 2005 Ford Escape with a 3.0 liter V6 engine and a 2006 Subaru Tribeca with a 3.0 Liter Boxer i6 engine. Thank you if you can take this into consideration.
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1 year ago, Dave Ramsy
Need to update badly ASAP
This game needs. to have Teslas if it doesn’t, you are discriminating against people who electric car people who would love this game I know because I am one. Are used to love the game, but it has not been updated in over a year no electric cost not want anything acceptable in this day and age oh, also, you need to have a spawn environment that has snow this game has no snow spawn environment or electric vehicles both of these things are very unacceptable. Also when you don’t update your game in over a year that’s very unacceptable. I will stop playing this game at the end of the month if you don’t make these update soon. I don’t think I want to lose customers I want to not recommend the game to my friends and family I will tell them to stop playing it as well. Do you really want that you can just update it and me and my friends and family will continue to play but if you don’t I’m serious we will stop playing your game and find a different one that actually updates their game and cans about customers that play their game and update the game every few months at least if not every few weeks and has at least two electric vehicles in it please thank you
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3 weeks ago, SRT Red
Suggestions for Next Update
Some suggestion that I would suggest are maybe adding a tubing area to where you can do more to your cars engine while being able to keep that same motor sound. Personally I love the Charger sound but the stock motor with all the upgrade felt the motor upgrade is just still slow. Another thing would be to add more customization to the cars appearance. Things such as new rims and being able to squat your truck to where your back is almost hitting the ground and your front has like a 9 inch lift. More ideas would to add events to where people can earn coins and cash instead of just having to buy them or get coins for daily rewards. Maybe add ways to actually have a drift tune or maybe add preset tunes you can instal to your car for drifting or drag racing. Make a spot where others car share their runs with the community. I believe that would be cool and granted i know this is gonna take a lot of work but it would be major improvements in my opinion. Also another thing would be to add dually tires.
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5 months ago, 1k.breezy
I love this game I’ve been playing it for years and it’s a great experience for everyone that loves cars and open world games I usually play with my friends and we do a lot of car meets but their are some minor complaints that I have that recently been making the game die out a little and that’s how so many people have come up with the same thing which is the car noises and how you can’t replace some engines tunes without resetting your whole tune but the complaint of most players is how now that you do engine swaps it changes the sound of it which many people found disappointing. Take this as an example I love using my dodge charger and challenger but ever since they added the new update I lost the the whine noise I love about those cars and I dislike the fact the car has to be stock in order to hear it. So if you guys can read this please consider changing the new car noise update I miss the fact some cars sound and it would bring so much more hype into the game again 💯
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1 year ago, DoveMusicCloud
Please Help
How do I change the default home Menu? Does it always have to be a desert and crows flying around? Also please adopt a mmorpg style of character customizations. Why does it say 5,000 people are online but i keep seeing the same 30? And can you add another business to own that earns coin? and raise our wallet cap to at least 99m, or maybe we just need a way to sell cars in game for coin and game cash combo. This game has developed beautifully and most of us can hardly wait to see where you take it in the near future. We understand none of this is easy or cheap to do, so thank you for giving us a game that also gives us a peace of mind, but the update pretty much ruined all the engine work i spent the past year on. You really did the F1 bad, i had mine dialed in and its ruined… none of the gear ratios are matching up, almost feels like my account got tampered with specifically because I never changed any ratios and my cars are at least 2 secs slower…all of them. every update does something different to the gear ratio…why?????
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2 months ago, Evaa Rawand
I like this game because it’s so easy to play with cars and there are so many cars to buy you can also sell cars which is amazing please whoever is reading this download it you will be shocked to see a lot of fun things and you can make friends and the game has levels which you can learn to park and I have learned lots of stuff here this game definitely deserves a Oscar or 5 stars and I have told my cousins about this and they love cars so they download and had so much fun I love to play with my friends and cousins to play this game with me and Right now I bought all the cars from this game and I hope they update the game maybe it will have so many different things to do and I thank soooooo much who made this game I love it it’s my favorite game to play this is probably my best game ever and I play this game in 24 hours and if you had a anger play this game it will help you out😂 and I hope this game doesn’t disappear one day in App Store thank you for reading this I appreciate it❤️
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1 year ago, Micheal_1234
Car park 3D
Hey I rated your game 5 stars because I love the game and I like what you did to it and added all the features and stuff but can you add two more things to it like adding were the tires go flat after a while of driving and stuff I see you added we’re you have to replace your tires and stuff but can you add we’re they pop or go flat when they hit 0% and can you add the 1977Peter-build semi truck and can you add to we’re you can use the convertible roofs on the convertible cars you have several convertible cars on here but the tops don’t go up and down on them and can you add a 1975 Cadillac sedan Deville and a 1977 Lincoln continental on here to and it would be a good idea to be able to add switches to where you can make the car bounce around or something but to we’re we control how it hops and stuff like what direction or something on the car that you want it to bounce or hop at thanks and keep sending updates out I’m loving the updates like when you add cars and stuff on them.
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10 months ago, dino981s
Honest Review
This game is super fun, super realistic, overall great. The cars are nice, the damage is semi realistic (although I wish it could be a bit more realistic), there are a lot of popular irl cars in the game, and there is multiplayer so you can play with your friends! Although there are some glitches. For example, when doing some tasks like Mad Road, it doesn’t seem to count the miles driven on off-road and you can’t complete the task. And same thing with drift king, it doesn’t count your drift meters. Some tasks can also do some updating, like drift king because it’s very hard to drift for 30 m let alone 80 m so I think it will be better to do like 10 or 20 m so it’s not that hard and so it doesn’t take so long. Another glitch is when you enter into a new zone your headlights turn off automatically if you had them on and you have to honk the horn so they turn back on and it’s pretty annoying. Other than those things, this game is very good and I highly recommend playing it!
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6 months ago, jake&&&
Very fun game
This game is very fun٫ but it has a lot of lag for me٫ and it drains my battery very fast٫ but it is a fun game and i cant wait to see what is coming up for another update and another thing what if you guys (the devolopers) change up the daily rewards like different or new vehicles or modifications and have the cop lights and wheels be for free w/o paying irl money٫ but overall it is super fun game to play and i love it٫ also it would be cool if there could be more maps and barn finds and stuff like that and have more modifications for all vehicles in the game like different wheels in the front than the back or something like that and mor bodykits for all vehicles but it would also be cool to add working garages to the houses or buildings and it would also be cool if you guys could add motorcycles and tractors and other vehicles to the game٫ but this game is super fun and i really enjoy it thank you for reading this and keep up the good work.
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7 months ago, Ny'Riyah
Ideas for the next update
First off I want to say , this is one of the best car games I have played in a while. It very real from the cars to the city. It’s just a few things I think would go good with the game and make it more realistic. For example: Weather, in the game it can rain , snow, an storm. Where you can also be able to drive in daylight and nighttime. The second idea I was thinking about is , being able to open all the car doors and truck door. Instead of just being able to open the drivers door. Third Idea: being able to listen to music as you drive in your car. It would be cool if we had a radio in there car and they plays good music like the real radio in a car. Last but not least my Fourth idea: having more neighborhoods and houses. We need more places to drive to in the game, ands we need more houses. But overall the game is good. Theses are just some ideas for the next update.
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9 months ago, 420AllDayNvrStop
Lag, glitching out, and cars acting up
The game is cool and everything but there’s one thing u should allow more people in servers and fix the lag and the glitching out the game and make it more realistic cuz people ik saying it’s getting boring cuz the updates aren’t doin anything to the game… When u guys do an update people are gna think u guys changed it around a lil bit soo that’s why people are hardly playing it and getting bored of it for that reason… So guys i know u read the comments… And another thing is that I really appreciate ur hard work I really do jus the fix the game a lil bit… make it look different. And the cars too they act up a lot when people get into them and they shouldn’t be doin that and then when we don’t damage the engine we don’t have the exact speed we do and the cars disappear from our garage the premiums the ones u but for real life money… Jus fix the game a lil bit Appreciate and keep up the good work!!! ☺️
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1 year ago, GOV landon grim reaper
I’m a mechanic IRL ,this game is already close to perfect but sum car/truck/bikes and upgrades
This game is amazing all around literally from what I love about cars ALL they need is more engine swap choices you do already have lot choices but I mean like inline6 ,rotary,maybe electric battery swap (instant power) ,add different bike/motorcycles ,off-road vehicles like dune buggy 4x4 raptor and of course stuff like to be able to choose for a blower or a turbo ,different exhaust choices from exhaust u can pick like straight pipe muffled ,a flow master maybe I don’t know how maybe like add a raspy/growl to the flow master ,and most definitely gotta add the new 2022 charger this game is already amazing this is just add to make it even better and DEFINITELY 🔥🔥🔥add where we can change the PSI ON TURBOS so the cars can have a more range and option of horsepower like mabye making it where cars can have 2000+horse power and slicks added like a drag update but real stage or drags stuff
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2 months ago, 🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑brian
There’s a bug where I cannot load multiplayer when I click on it it just keeps loading the maps forever and this happens after I tried to change my language so I could sell cars easy and I’ve tried everything and I’m not allowed on social media I don’t even have Siri or safari and jsyk I’m on iPhone 11 so I don’t know if that’s helps but yea it’s been like this since 3-5 updates ago and I haven’t been able to play I have almost every car in the game my goal was to get all without spending a buck and now I need money and can’t sell cars the overall game is definitely 5 stars but this bug is so bad and annoying it’s a horrible bug and I tried my old iPhone 7 and it worked which is on a different update like back when before they updated ui it was 3 years ago but PLS fix it if anyone reading this knows anyone who works there pls tell them
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8 months ago, bryan@RobloxFan
I was designing a 1999 Nissan skyline r34 with a v.16 motor. The next day I decided to put it up to sell in the coin shop and after I did that about 1hr later and it sold. I was Al happy intel I saw that I didn’t receive a single token/coin don’t know what happened but I let it slide (Of course I was very mad). Next day I took an hour and a half designing a Toyota Supra from fast and furious (also had a v.16 motor in it) and put it up to sell in the token/coin shop. A day passed and it sold. AGAIN IT DIDNT GIVE ME THE COINS I SOLD IT FOR. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m really mad that the 2 prized cars I had sold but didn’t give me anything 😡. I don’t know what’s wrong with your coin shop mechanic but it sure ain’t workin😑 . I’ve been playing for 6 years and not a single problem has happened like this and I feel bad to leave this game in the past but yet I play and play all the time. I’m just asking if there is anything that you can do or help me because this is the VERY first time anything happens that makes me want to write a review :(.
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9 months ago, Fredroiv
This is a great game!
I love this game, I play this everyday, I love what you guys did, it awesome! Just a few things that will make me stay home and play this for hours, can you guys enable opening car door and trunks that would be awesome and can you enable my friends can com in my house because some of my friends don’t have houses and they can’t come in my house because they can’t afford it I also thought that would be cool 😎 and I know you guys already have Benz’s in this game but my parents own a Mercedes-Benz GLS 63 AMG 2021 and it’s top tier like the other cars in CarParking but for people that’s looking for a realistic game to play with really great graphics the pictures are old but the game it’s self is great 😊 from a person like me I recommend Bus Simulator, CarParking Multiplayer, CarParking Multiplayer 2, and probably some other games that are great and I don’t know about! Please 🙏 and thank you 😊 Happy Sunday amen 🙏
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3 months ago, A☆D℃⎦x
Bugs and thing they should add
Hello I have been getting really annoyed about the maximum slots for livery’s I’ve tried to make crazy cool designs but always end up being half way because of the maximum number of slots. Also another problem is that when ever I start to drive the cars nose goes down instead of the back I’ve tried every-way of fixing this bug but still does the same thing , and it’s not just for 1 car it’s for most of my cars. Also I think that if the developer's add some of the cars they took off the game when it was first released people would have even more fun with them. The reason I am writing this is so the developers of the game could add and these things but also fix some of these bugs it would make the drifting community a lot more happier that there cars would not be acting up when they are drifting.
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1 year ago, Almight_BigO
Best Car Game I played have been playing for about 2-3 years
I’ve been playing this game since I could remember, I usually make my money on the game thru racing, selling cars, or doing my missions over recently realized I could possibly make more n less time buying a game business to make profit, Worst move I could make I spent over 800k In game money and the business hasn’t even brought me back 100k yet and I bought them about a week ago and every time I reopened the game my profit for pick up is always 3k but it’s supposed to constantly gain before pick up, can we get an update for that so the business who spends all there money thinking there going to make faster profit can actually make profit, again best game but don’t make us a option to make faster money in game and in reality one story challenge not even 1min long race is worth 2 days of business profit
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5 months ago, really goooddd
Keeps resetting me and can’t log into old account can’t make a new save account
Basically redownloaded this game after a year or 2 of not playing it I used to love it the save option was working really good downloaded it today and was playing fine all day I just couldn’t save but I thought it would save to my device but as soon as I closed the game it restarted my account and made me very upset 6 hours wasted started at the 25 k and got to 2 million and got my Bugatti need be able to do different types of saves like on device,Facebook,gmail etc doesn’t make no sense to have to restart everytime I get on the game literally can’t even make a new account bcuz I used my email already and it gets stuck on sending record doesn’t budge from it at all and I spent money twice after getting reseted on this game and ended losing it all again
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1 week ago, DandyJ12
People need the lights
Can u add the light where we can put under the cars and can u add the feature where u can put VINLYS in window of the car and where we can change colur of the glass tint from the head light and rear light so it can make cars look cooler if I can make it black the rear or head light aka black out the tint and add a Toyota rav 4 and a Toyota hylux and a Chevrolet Silverado and lastly add rain wait wait I forgot something too also I forgot to replace 50% of the colorful houses close to gas station and where the squiggly road cus is more cool of there is more skyscrapers and also make the city slightly bigger and for the other park of the city where are there no sky scrapers where is near the airport is at ye change there and add more buildings add some like a lot at least and can u add more verity of NPC cars like ford explorer or Camaro THT u can add to NPC vehicles and one more thing I think is adding much more parked NPC cars
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8 months ago, ducksdrivintrucks
Maybe more customization for your character.
I’ve been playing this game for the past couple of months, and it’s very nice! Love the quality and all the little perks, but I’ve realized as playing as a female character, you have wayyy fewer options. And the ones you do have a priced way higher then the guys too. I understand not too many girls playing the game but it would still be awesome to have more free items and options like the guys. It takes quite some time to save up your coins without using mods or cheating other players out of their account, so having more free items for the female characters just like the male ones would be pretty awesome! I do hope you consider this, it would make the few players on here who main as a female can have just as much options as anyone else. Please and thank you!
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8 months ago, Naquan Ransome
Build a mall?
I love this game to the fullest. It’s a great way to pass time & make friends. Building a mall would improve the social life and give players more to do in the game. Then you can incorporate clothes, shoes, & other gear in the stores inside the mall. Also can we have more different faces & skin tones to our characters? I also want to utilize the restaurants. Want to be able to buy food or drinks & have the ability to sit down in the chairs/booths inside the restaurants. Want to be able to sit down on the couches & lay down on the beds inside the houses. That would make role playing in this game 100% enjoyable. Once all of these things happen I swear this game would be top 10 in google play & iOS. Please and thank you 🙏🏾 you guys are doing such an amazing job with every update that come out. Makes me fall in love with it more and more.
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4 weeks ago, best game in anime
Hi uhh how should I start? I used to play this game till these inappropriate sprayed cars pulled up while I was playing online. You say that this game is made for kids while it’s showing 18+ stuff which is very inappropriate. I really don’t recommend playing this game because it just needs many updates with the customization. Idk if you can fix this or something because nobody wants their kids to go on and someone with a car having a 18+ picture on it! I have seen this many times and this is very very bad for your game. As a car lover myself I would give this game a ZERO if I can. I won’t take this lightly and nobody should!!!! Also their are hackers in your game getting max money and giving it to people. Also fix the usernames for people because that’s inappropriate too! This game is toast if this doesn’t get fixed . Lastly if you let this slide you BETTER put the game ratings to 18+ because nobody should see that!!! I’m just trying to help this game out from being banned because of kids parents. FIX IT!!
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4 months ago, Redtank21
Possibly more update ideas
It’s a great game props to the devs yeah, there’s a few bugs here and there which eventually they will fix, but the game is always being involved and push the next level, but I would like to see the mountain map, having actual better layout like in a sort of town, or look more like a town, but with like a sheriff station and More emergency vehicles possibly like a firetruck or ambulance we haven’t seen none of those since the game is launch and y’all have fire stations in hospitals, but we don’t have no vehicles for them it would be great to see those and have more options in terms of role-play or in missions or jobs oh and new Camaro pls but although great game, keep it up guys I recommend y’all play this game if your into role-play and cars! Cheers!😁
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11 months ago, Erick012
Car parking multiplayer
This game is literally addicting to me! I play non stop when I’m not busy doing other things, and I always tell my self I won’t be on for long haha, end up playing for hours non stop. There will be some negative reviews I’m sure, but don’t pay attention to them, the game is absolutely amazing in every way possible, it is everything to look for in a Mobile game and I fall in love with the game more and more every day, all I ask is that you please do something with the hackers, please patch the speed hacks, and hacks that make them faster than everyone else? It upsets people like me when I spend money or invest all my time to make a fast car, and then blemish my racing record by a hacker… please fix that. Thank you so much!!! I’m rating 5 stars tho for sure!!!
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3 months ago, kaden1k2545
this is for everyone too look at PLUS THE DEVELOUPER so there is a guy that’s named ALPHA in the game first he said he wanted my car then I said ok and he said I’m going too get a better car too sell too you and he brought in a car that is not as expensive as mine so I thought he was nice so I gave him 100k I know it’s a lot of money but I thought he deserved it so then I said my car was 9000 coins not money but COINS then he said let’s trade instead of buying my car which I knew his car was no where near how much mine cost so then I said if you don’t want to buy car then he can give back the money so then he said SIKE AND THE F WORD TO ME AND SAID YOUR NOT GETTING THE MONEY BACK then I said I was going to bann him and he said sure you are he dident believe me so I blocked him and reported him and here I am now pls REPORT HIM and again his name is ALPHA.
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6 months ago, g NaN dgzb
The updates
All of the recent updates have been taking forever on my phone to download and I have plenty of storage this and off-road outlaws is the only games I have and it has taken a day already for this newest update to load and it’s not even half way done. I also think that you need to take out some the old and crappy cars for the old version of this game to clear up some space I also think that you should add some rally cars and have some set livery’s in the game and make it where it is not so difficult to make a cool livery and if you could add like a trophy truck and detailed suspension would be nice and a rock crawler and a part of the world for camping and add campers and the king ranch fords and the big dodge trucks and the 2nd gen dodge would be nice
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5 months ago, Jay is R
Car Prices and not a lot of money in severs anymore
Hello, Car Parking multiplayer I just wanted to say I have a little issue with your game. so the past two years car prices have significantly gotten higher. And a whole Lot of people don’t like that. I know I don’t enjoy it I struggle and grind for hours and still only make 71k a week from the levels. I wanted to also discuss the levels, so no new levels in the last couple years, and I see you’ve managed to raise car prices, but not raise the payout on levels or missions. Now the money circling around and servers so players usually sell cars to make money right but the people that buy the cars don’t have the money to get it and now the seller and the buyer are broke. Players are already broke(broke meaning under 100k) that’s all I wanted to say just please take the time to read the review and try to attack these problems thank you
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1 week ago, Bigrest34799
Special request
PLEASE I HAVE A REQUEST THAT I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IF YOU CARRY IT OUT WITH YOUR AMAZING SKILLS, I will appreciate it if you can make the Mercedes C63 a 4 door car or you can make an update where we buy that separately which is two options of the Mercedes Benz c63, where you can choose to either purchase the 2 door or the 4 door. Also I will really love it if you can add the Mercedes Benz GLK350 and also the Lexus es350 and the rx350 to the game, I would really appreciate it and also your Nigerian fan base would love this upgrade so much and we’d really appreciate and I mean it but you should know there’s that one die hard fan that will forever appreciate it, I hope you get this email and also take it into consideration for your Nigerian fan base, I LOVE CPM AND I APPRECIATE ITS CREATORS AND I ALWAYS WILL, CPM IS MY ONLY WAY TO ESCAPE REALITY. THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE CREATORS OF THIS MASTERPIECE
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4 months ago, TonyDriftzAlot
Best online free roam game I have expected
That’s a lot of car games out there like Forza and need for speed and even gta somewhat with there cars. They all have a good online platform. But non of those, or any others come close to this game. It is truly the most fun online car game I have played. The only issue I am running into is that you(the developers) have not made a jump to a game platform yet(like ps or Xbox). And a lot more people would stay on and play your game if it was on a console or even allow the player to connect one’s controller to they’re phone to play. But it’s not compatible. If you were to make the jump to a console, you will surely see your numbers go up. Amazing game over all. I will absolutely continue to drift around your servers.
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5 months ago, Hello 12361
I hope you see this!
Hi car parking developers I have been playing this game for about 3 years and I really love its but one day I was on world sale and a glitch happened and I lost nearly all my coins I had around 11k coins and when the glitch happened it took me out the game and when I loaded back in I had around 500 coins or less. And recently I loaded into the game and some hackers took all my favorite cars and my scatpack with logo and I lost all my full coin kit cars. I was not quite happy but I love this game and I don’t want to quit. Also I really love this new update I’m so happy with the Durango and other cars but I was hoping that y’all could and more trucks in future updates thank you for making such a great game car parking developers
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1 year ago, Ola samba
Seeking for more updates
Your game is quite okay but you need more updates, am spending money to play your game but there’s nothing interesting anymore, I taught that there will be new things in this new update but there’s only few new things which is not interesting to me, me and my family all play this game but nothing is sweet anymore, you need to update latest cars, for example dogbe, you only have one old srt charger in that game and we’re all tire of driving one car everyday, secondly you need to updates new houses for at least 10 houses in one city, 3rd you need to update the player movement, for example door open before entering your car, and also we need at least 5 new big cities in the game and the last you need to update room number, how can only 16 people participate in one big city, you need to upgrade room number for at least 50 people in one room, please if you can do this for me and I will be very happy and trust me I will rate you 5 stars
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3 weeks ago, Bd mafia
Needs some update to make it a great game
Hello I will make a review here so let’s get started, I played this game for about two years before doing this review. So we need a Tesla if y’all add it make everything open on it. And y’all need to have a Kia telluride and some designs are to bad or not allowed for kids, you need to report it or kids will not be allowed to have this type of game and y’all gave the update good but you need to add home 5 because I want to have luxurious homes with everyone. I hope y’all make me proud and we definitely need a cyber truck to the game because YouTubers hacked the game and now they have cars that aren’t in the game. So we need a cybertruck for some luxurious interiors plus we need a 2024 Volkswagen atlas peak edition with start off 404 hp
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11 months ago, Raptor3-3
I can’t find the skins for cars
I enjoy playing this game but I can’t find the skins for my cars or trucks and it’s a bit frustrating because I see people with red bull skins and actual police department and sheriff office skins on their vehicles but I can access the vinyls for my cars. I don’t know why other people have access to the skins but I just seemed to luck out like they don’t even show up as an option on my game. I do have an email if it would be easier to show you with a screen recording but other than the skins I love the game, I wish their was diesel pickups as well that sounded like a diesel maybe even give us the option to roll coal with the semis or add more like a Peterbuilt 379 square nose. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.
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2 months ago, lil.makks
the game is good, but I am not satisfied with some facts about it, firstly, I would like it in the game to be able to change the weather to rain, snow, wind, etc. second, so that you can open the windows in the car, third, add car icons so that it is clear what kind of car it is, and fourth, add a rear view camera on each car, and maybe this is a small thing, but it will be cool for the game and for all players, and the last thing when you want to pump up the car there is a V16 engine, it says it costs 400 thousand money, but in fact you have to donate for installing the engine and the same situation with flashing lights, and the most recent thing is to increase the amount of money earned so that the limit is 500 million! thanks for ‼️
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1 year ago, hfdbjhhjffnnhnfkdjgg
Great game but I have a few suggestions for it.
I would like to see more flat bed trucks aka wreckers in any price and including one for watch an add to get for free ,and I would like to see tow trucks something for watch an add thing ,but it would be awesome to see limousines ,and I don’t like how the daily rewards or as you guys call it 7th day rewards reset if you don’t play the game for a while or a few days and I don’t like the adds that pop up during gameplay ,and I would love to know how to get the custom vinyls in the game ,and sometimes will kick me out after a while then I would have to rejoin and continue playing until it does the same thing again other than that I love the game you guys should do more to the game.
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4 months ago, Mendoza1200
Hello, how are you all? I hope it's good 😊 Anyway I want to tell you that it would be good for you to add something that can make you copy some images or letters that have different letters :) that would make me very happy, also that the original engines reach 1965 hp since many did not like the idea that they removed the original sounds from each car :( And please try to make sure we can put our own music in our car and the other players can hear it.😭😭😭😭 Put that of copying any image since making designs is very difficult and not many of us can make any design and unless they sell us cars like that with brutal designs 🥲 Please listen to me. 🙏 The game is very fun, I like that. I hope it meets my expectations.
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8 months ago, Bkjp21
I love the game
I enjoy the game a lot and I like the improvements. I would Like to see some some of these cars on the game Volvo 240, a F450 super duty crew cab not single with Dually wheels. Older Cadillacs, 96 impala ss, Honda accord, VW Passat, the rolls phantom, def like a 96 Silverado truck too those look great Hooked up. I really would love to see a 88 ford econoline high top conversation van on the game. Not the low riff cargo van but the high top with the boomerang antenna. And also I do wanna point this out it almost seems like the game is more male bias because looking at the amount of female clothes and the detail in outfits vs the men it doesn’t compare at all really so maybe 🤔 y’all can expand that a bit to kinda make it equal for the females that play your game too. I mean I’m a guy and even I’ve noticed that….
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12 months ago, ll0o0ny
Car parking
I love playing this game and have been playing sence it came out I’m a big fan and can’t wait to see what this game has to offer in the future I agree with the rest of the community we deserve more cars more vinyls but what I’m really writing this review for is i broke my phone I originally played the game on so I had to log back in but when I go to log back in it sits on the retrieving data screen and never goes off that screen I left my phone sitting for two days still no login idk if the game is bugged but I have spent well over 500hrs+ on just designing cars I would really like to get back into my account if the tech team can help would be great. But great game love the open world realistic’s
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1 year ago, JusttZack
Saving in game items..
i’ve been playing since the very first old map, i’ve never had issues until this update, i purchased over 2000 gold and when i went to save progress it would not load it was just a spinning circle. i left the game open to let it load and i waited an hour and still nothing so i uninstalled and reinstalled and lost all my body kits, cars, wheels all purchased with gold. it’s pretty disappointing considering i made quite a few cars w livery’s that took a while to make and i lost both cars and gold. i requested a refund and now pending a response. fix the log in and log out screen so others don’t have to lose there things either. i love this game and i look forward to seeing what you guys have in store for us players in the future, i hope this is a issue that can be fixed so others don’t have to lose in game purchases, thanks.
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9 months ago, flyrodOFFICIAL
I love this game so much ! I shared it with my friends and family and I play it everyday. Please devs I hope you read this and take it and apply it to the game. First, allow us to open our car doors like we can have butterfly doors for certain super cars. Second, let us do more than just designing, selling, trading, racing, getting rich, and buying new cars. Let us go around with a real open world and we can have more jobs and when we have a house put features in the homes and allow us to go shopping, allow us to cook, and eat, allow it to be more real world just a little not dying though. And allow us to change our cars in game like buying a house and garage or something.
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1 month ago, _.qwe
Toyota (Allion, Axio, Fielder Wagon & Premio) & Nissan (Tidda)
I rate this game five stars but if u can add in those cars that I mentioned above this game is gonna be top tier seeing that this game is played a lot by Caribbean players such as Guyana 🇬🇾 ,Trinidad 🇹🇹 , Barbados 🇧🇧, Jamaica 🇯🇲 and many more. I would also appreciate if these flags from the countries above can be added in the game as well. 💪🏾 Please hurry and add in these cars Toyota (Crown,Allion, Axio/ Fielder Wagon(2010 model)& Premio) & Nissan (Tidda) both old and new models 🥹🫶🏾. Lastly can you guys add the glare of the headlight color e.g blue, red etc and stickers on the windows along with air suspension and sound system 🔥❤️ I would really love for u guys to add all of the above to the game cause you will really and truly not regret it not forgetting these flags 🇬🇾 🇹🇹 🇧🇧
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7 months ago, • Cøøkie_Kíwí •
Classic cars and a taxi job?!
We NEED older, classic cars. I dont mean like 80s+ im talking 1950s. I dont think there is any of those cars yet but it would be such a better game if those like me who love older cars could experience a wider variety of these sharp stunning cars. One car in specific that i would loveee to have in the game is a 1959 diner looking car. Other than the limited cars this game is so good and you should add some like taxi driver job of some sort to keep people who dont do trades or beat all the levels to pick up people and follow the rules to take the npcs to there location. These are just some ideas i would like for the game to incorporate but its conpletely your choice whether or not to include the classic style cars and or a simple job of taxi driving.
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1 year ago, my opinion about CPM
My opinion about CPM
It’s a very good game I did not take me a long time to get good cars. There’s a lot of mean people and a lot of people say bad words. Something I don’t like of the game it people saying bad words. My game was acting very bad I had a BMW I had it for sell 7M and in my screen I showed car sold 0+ I got upset because I didn’t get my money and I lost my new car. I had a Bugatti and I had it for sell and I saw a 1695hp car so I send a swap then I said car unlocked then I went to the main menu and I didn’t get my car😢. But it’s a very good game. You guys should work on giving the car new sound effects and good graphics for mobile also you should put a running button when your off the car because the characters are slow please.
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