Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor

Health & Fitness
4.7 (57.5K)
85.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Cardiio, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
16.6 or later
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User Reviews for Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor

4.72 out of 5
57.5K Ratings
3 years ago, BecksLight
Extremely Accurate!
I tried several deferent apps , some ridiculously expensive, asking for yearly subscription (Don’t know what for). None of were as accurate as this Cardiio app. and I am using the FREE VERSION. For ONLY A ONE TIME FEE OF $9.99 you can add 6 or 7 more useful features, but if you decide to have the free version, that would be good enough, There would be No pop ups of advertisement or anything like that. I really like the fact that makers of this app are very honest people. Thank you. P.S I READ AMOUNG SOME REVIEWS THAT THE PULSE READER ONLY WORKS LIKE 5 PERCENT OF THE TIMES. TO ME, THAT IS A GOOD THING, BECAUSE IT WANTS TO MAKE SURE THAT THE READING OF PULSE IS ACCURATE . SPECIFICALLY IF YOUR FINGERS ARE COLD OR DIRTY OR THE CAMERA LENS IS DIRTY. BUT ON MY CASE IT WAS THE COLD FINGERS. JUST PLACE THE FINGER UNDER YOUR ARM FOR FEW SECOND TO GET WARM AND TRY AGAIN . FOR ME, IT WORKED EVERY TIME.
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4 years ago, Lowthers8
Doesn’t work with iPhone 11 Pro Max
Beware - this app simply doesn’t work with the flagship Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max. The problem seems to be the three cameras built into the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I contacted the help desk who in turn simply replied that I should read the directions. Either the help desk people don’t realize their own app directions are no longer up to date for current versions of iPhone, or I hope I’m wrong but perhaps they simply don’t care about customers of this app any longer. The app directions only refer to iPhones with a single camera. If it was just experimenting with placing my finger over one of the three cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, or some combination of cameras, I wouldn’t have had to see if the help desk could actually “help” a customer. If you’re using most any version of iPhone less than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, this app is fantastic and works well. I hope the developer decides to update this app for Apple’s flagship iPhone. I also hope the help desk procedures get updated to provide actual help to customers.
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3 years ago, Mawdine
Been using for several years…
I put this app on my phone several years ago, and used it regularly, and when my AFib got better, I didn’t use it much. Then my heart went completely out of rhythm, and for a couple of months, I wore a monitor, had an ablation, and finally have it back in some semblance working order. I rely on Cardiio every day, several times a day just for a quick heart rate. I did not pay any extra, just have the free version and that is more than enough to keep my mind at ease. This is a great app, especially for my new iPhone SE, with just the simple camera. I keep an image of my reading, and have a folder of my daily readings! Thanks, Cardiio!!
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4 years ago, steph0468
Paid 7.99 for the waveform measurement
I paid for the waveform measurement thinking it would give a little more detail about what is seen in the heart rate, like maybe a missing p wave, or too long a length between certain parts of the know, length of time to the T wave or whatever. I didn’t expect the only information shown after 7.99 (a lot by app standards) to only say: -.2 sec. <—-that’s it. That’s what you get for 7.99. Okay? How is that even remotely worth any money at all and how does that help me? I downloaded the app and would pay 50 bucks if it helped me figure out why I get breathless for no reason after never smoking and while just sitting. People downloading heart rate apps have heart rate questions. I don’t expect it to be a doctor in an app. But I do expect 7.99 to measure something resembling anything. I feel betrayed. I feel stupid for parting with that much money. I made an assumption that 7.99 meant the waveform was analyzed. It’s not.
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3 years ago, calincostian
Cute, very useful app
Great app for medium-intensity workouts (which is a relative term, as with most things). The pulse taking capability is a joke - works about 5% of the time no matter how well you try to follow their directions. I also find it cute how they say this is a 7 minute workout when it actually lasts 8 minutes, whoever added the durations of the sets and pauses must have skipped arithmetic class and was too bored to actually time it with a stopwatch. These are minor things though (don’t care much about the pulse rate) and they don’t detract from the usefulness of the app, the smartly designed and well thought-out workout, and the convenience it gives you to do it anytime, anywhere. I enjoy it every time I use it - kudos to the developers.
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6 years ago, Owl3369
Best Pulse bpm ios app
Before using Cardio I tried several 'free' apps and a few paid apps and all were unsatisfactory. First, most of these other apps indicate they are for iPhone and iPad but they do not work on the iPad because to take a finger reading you need a camera with light--iPad has no camera light. The Cardio app works on both iPhone and iPad and automatically imports results into Apple's Health app. Cardio measures pulse by either finger or face readings on iPhone and by face on the iPad. Readings are very accurate and match the exact same values taken in my physician's office. Excellent customer service if you have any questions.
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7 years ago, charliec75
A reasonable app
Generally good. The sensor part of the app does a reasonable job, when the circulation to my finger is good. Sometimes after a strenuous workout, or even during one measurements can get squirrelly. My BP tends towards low and so sometimes given the right circumstances it looks like I'm flat lining it. The basic app is festooned with adds/add-ons of dubious benefit. Not quite as bad as some of the other count your heartbeat apps, but they're there. Update 8/17 They've upgraded the measurement function so it reliably works on my iPhone 7. It's much better than doing a remote facial pulse determination. The add ons are still a bit gooey. I'm certain waveform will prove useful, but getting useful medical data from sporadic measurements is a bit weird.
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4 years ago, BartonAve
Was great until latest upgrade
The waveform feature is the best I’ve found on the market so far. The ability to add notes and connect with Apple Health help to keep a journal of overall health status and potential issues. HOWEVER, the latest update caused a glitch that makes the notes entry essentially invisible font. Without being able to notate what was happening at the time the waveform was captured, the data becomes exponentially less useful. I’ve contacted support at least half a fixed times with no response and no resolution. This glitch seriously devalues the product. Anyone considering another, might want to shop around first.
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5 years ago, DW in Virginia
Decent but hard to get reading right after major exertion
Generally works well. The finger measurement seems easier than the face measurement. My complaint is that after major exertion, like biking a few miles up and down slopes, it can't immediately get a reliable reading - maybe breathing heavily means I’m not still enough for a reliable finger reading. For example, it initially gives a reading of 140, then at the end of the whole measurement session won’t record it as reliable. I retest and get about 10 bpm slower, by which time I feel like my heart rate has slowed a bit. I think the 140 initial reading was accurate. I’m going to look for another app to try.
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5 years ago, iGreed!
Worked perfect forever...until now...
Always worked perfectly but I just got the new iPhone 11 Pro which has three cameras. The camera that the app uses is the bottom right camera but the flash it at the top left. Considering how the technology works this means that you cannot get a reading anymore as the light does not enter your finger. The camera that is used needs to be swapped within the software of the app, else it’s not possible anymore to get a reading - it just gives a poor signal quality error message each time. :( Please fix! Thanks
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7 years ago, DelbySue Pie
Scared straight user
I really like this app. It’s a tool I can use as often as I want in a day to keep tabs on my heart rate. I downloaded the app one night when I felt my heart running away with itself. The reading and additional information and estimates scared me enough to make some needed changes in my life. That night I also downloaded two other apps that were not user friendly. My mother started using this app a few weeks before me and highly recommends it. She has CHF and is working hard to control it. Thank you for being my constant companion on my journey back to good health!
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3 years ago, scissortail76
Only one without ads
This was the only app in the list that I came across that didn’t have ugly invasive ads and/or check for Bluetooth a million times. And someone actually seems to have proof read the text. Has good features that make the free version useful without requiring payment but then offers a good selection of upgrades that are useful without nagging you to pay every five seconds. There are volumes of disclaimers that you have to agree to, but that’s understandable for anything health related these days.
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1 year ago, joey5435
I’m so happy to see this and thank you again
The first time the government had a policy that allowed people who were born to work for At Home old house was when they worked in an office building or in a factory building and were working for an agency or something else and then when you got there you My Heart and Soul would have been the first person that came out of my mind that they could be working with you and work out for me as well so they could help you
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5 years ago, VOL DAN
Excellent way to monitor health
I use this once per day to check my rested heart rate. I checked it against the one I wear when working out and they both are right on the mark. I like the reminder to check my HR each day or I'd probably forget. The comparison of my results to people in history and other countries is interesting. I recommend this app to anybody that has decided to take a more active approach to monitoring their health. I should also mention that I have checked two other heart rate monitors that use the same technology. Cardio is the only one that is even close to being accurate.
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2 years ago, Itsmeehb
Reads baby heartbeat too!
So maybe a year ago, my heart was beating all kinds of crazy weird. Went to the doc..nothing. But during it all, I downloaded this app to really sense if it was my was 😉 It went away, but it recently started doing it again so started using the app again. But this time I’m expecting! And sooo crazy reads baby’s heart beat too! Well k think. My readings go from like 70s to 140s through out the time!! So I’m assuming it is because it’s never done this before. Soooo cute!!
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7 years ago, Natalied7777
Great App
App appears to be accurate most of the time. Great for keeping track of progress. I have anxiety so I like to check while coming down from an anxiety attack so I know where I am. It's too bad their isn't another option other than rest and active. Technically while having anxiety you wouldn't want to categorize as rest but you also couldn't categorize as active. It would be nice if there was another category so my checks during anxiety won't be grouped toward the average for resting heart rate.
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6 years ago, JDATL
Handy, quick, easy, accurate
Cardio is handy, available whenever you’re carrying your phone, which for many of us, is pretty much always. Readings are quick, about 15 seconds, just hit start and put finger gently over camera lens (or use face function). Accuracy is impressive. I was recently in the hospital for heart surgery and have had several follow-ups with surgeon and cardiologist. Readings from Cardio consistently track hospital and doctor readings pretty much perfectly, even when heart is somewhat irregular. Cardio has a legal disclaimer on the accuracy of the waveform, but I’ve found that to be as accurate as the pulse readings. Cardio provides helpful views for history and "insights” as well as suggested 7-min cardio workouts. Cardio will hold 30 days of data on your phone. To keep longer histories, data can be exported as a csv file and saved.
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3 years ago, johnny74325
I love this app
This app seems to be very accurate when compared to some of the others out there. I took it to the gym and compared it to a few different machines and it was accurate. I also took it to my drs office and compared to their equipment and it was very accurate there also. Only issue I may have is having trouble getting a reading of my hand is cold or if I move too much but that is normal and understandable
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4 years ago, qwertyuuoplkjhgfds
Doesn’t do what it says half the time
If you want to measure your resting heart rate, this is a decent option, I found it works most of the time. However, it is totally unreliable in measuring heart rate after activity. I tried over 20 times to measure my heart rate after a run, and i was standing so still that my heart rate was shaking my body. The app starts to measure it and creates the beginning of a waveform but before a number is displayed it quits the process and you have to start over. My heart rate was 192 by the time the app actually measured it because I had to sprint for so long until I could get a reading. So just get a heart rate moniter from target or something if you want to get readings while exercising or after exercising.
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2 years ago, AnkushGirotra
Cardiio is a great app but when it asked me for a review and I clicked 5 starts with I think basically just the text “Cardiio is great” it said “Submitted Review”. I thought I was in the App Store but seems like I was inside of cardio the entire time, the popup modal for submitting the review seemed super official and just like system modals that pop up throughout iOS, but when I swiped up to the multitasking view, the popup modal was actually a view inside of the Cardiio app. As an Apple developer myself, I’m pretty sure this goes against Apple’s human interface guidelines, but the app does take raw waveform measurements, so I guess I have to deal with it until the app is fixed.
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5 years ago, Latenightonline
Cardiio is fast, easy, and reliable
I have been using Cardiio almost daily since the afternoon a few years ago when my son put it on my iPhone because I was worried about what was going on with my heart. It says it’s not to be used for medical purposes, but, when my doctor and I checked it’s accuracy with his own device, we got the same result on both. In his words, “It’s surprisingly accurate.” I highly recommend the Cardiio app.
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6 years ago, chenanagan
Not accurate as before
Inaccurate lately. Highs and lows showed and now they don’t. I reported the issue months ago and have screenshots to prove it. I haven’t used in since until today. Only 1 of the 6 tests (I took face and finger) accurately showed actual real high and real low I saw on the screen. And recorded it. I add notes to the real high and low in the notes section and told them about it months ago. They haven’t fixed it. It worked great before that. Fix it and make it work properly again and the rating will increase. For now it hasn’t and I’ve reported this issue before.
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5 years ago, William Baggins
I’ve been using the free version of this app for a few months now. Some days it just doesn’t work. Post workout measurements require multiple attempts but by then my heart rate reduced so much it is not a meaningful measurement. I like it when it works. I decided to reread the reviews. I noticed the developer responded to zero of the reviews that contained any negative feedback nor responded to any that I looked at period. My conclusion is the developer put it together and is willing to take whatever money comes in with no additional effort on his or her part to improve user satisfaction. I’ll keep my money.
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2 years ago, nickle Reenie
Easy to use but temperamental
On my 13 pro max use your right pointer finger diagonally from the finger tip over the flash and the rest of the finger over lip of right most camera. A bit temperamental but the notifications work just fine. No free trial however there is a free version you can upgrade to the full version however I have found that the free version has all the requirements I.e., Notes on each reading, saved history, and notifications/Reminders.
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6 years ago, BFDJr
Help/Feedback Support
The absolute worst support I’ve encountered to date. I purchased the Pro Upgrade on my iPad and can’t get the family sharing option to work on my iPhone. I’ve sent at least 5 messages requesting help/assistance over the last 2 weeks and have yet to hear anything back from the Developer. I would err on the side of caution if purchasing the Pro Upgrade - don’t count on any technical support from this Developer!
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3 years ago, BobSVT
Monitoring tachycardia
Cardio isn’t as good as a medical pulse instrument, but it works well enough for me to determine whether my supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) is acting up. I ignore the pulse height and shape, which vary randomly if I don’t hold my finger steady enough, and pay attention to the pulse spacing. Cardio works better for me than holding my finger on a blood vessel. My SVT is mainly an annoyance; I am not recommending Cardio for more serious arrhythmia. Follow your cardiologist’s guidance.
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3 years ago, scott97420
Useful but there are problems
I like the app and I like the way that the data are displayed, but they’ve got some serious problems with continuity. About every fifth time that I go to use the app, it won’t measure anything and I have to delete it and then re-download it to get it to work. That’s after I’ve paid for a premium package, by the way. They don’t respond to emails about the issue, they just let you dangle and figure out for yourself that the only way to fix the problems is to delete and reload. I’m getting tired of doing it constantly.
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6 years ago, Asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm1
A must have for hypochondriacs and those with heart conditions alike
Of which I am both. All jokes aside however, though it doesn't rule anything out it is infinitely more cheap than running out and buying a pulse oximeter. Before I got my 3 lead heart monitor I used this all the time to record how fast my heart was going during episodes of tachycardia. Even if you're just using this when you're exercising, it's good to keep an eye on that stuff.
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6 years ago, RacerSnake
Very helpful and accurate.
I've been using this app a lot lately. I just had heart surgery, and compared it to the hospital ICU instruments and it was dead on. Now I pay more attention to my heart rate, especially if I feel funny at all. Totally recommend this. I use this A number of times during the week. A few times I had some funny feelings in my heart and it kind of confirmed it and so therefore I was more conscious of what was going on
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2 years ago, Unkown typer
I Manley needed the app because I didn’t have an Apple Watch really and I wanted to keep up with things like my heart rate or even how many steps I take I was always interested in what I could do that I never knew of or whatever Annnd this app helps me keep up with my heart and maybe even how healthy my heart is but I mostly like the workout routine that I can do every night and get reminded to do so Very nice app.
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6 years ago, Teehip
Can’t use this app anymore. Don’t pay $10.
I initially loved this app, but a few versions ago I’ve come to hate it. I’m using on an iPhone 8 with latest IOS. Also was used in my 6. The app doesn’t work right when there’s even the slightest bit of movement— like right after you finish a hard run. That’s when you want to capture your max heart rate. App keeps saying “poor signal quality”. I’ve tried pressing both hard and soft on the camera. By time the app can record my rate, it’s way down from my max. The app also doesn’t work in the cold. So winter exercise is out. I would never pay $10 for an app that doesn’t work.
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2 years ago, WantToUseOwnDice
Good for resting rate
Unfortunately, less accurate for active rate. I may have to try six times to get a reading! Even when I set it on table, it will frequently say ‘bad signal’. By the time I get a reading, my heart rate has dropped. ADVICE. Pressing the finger harder doesn’t help, lighter may! Kind of aggravating when I’ve just walked four flights of stairs and then can’t get a reading!
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7 years ago, Highfin
Great incentives 😍
My favorite app, gives me the incentive to exercise when I don't go to the gym. Always good to know your heart Health in comparison to every one else in your age group. The slower your heart the stronger it is. Unless you're suffering from heart failure. Going with the Cardiio part of the app, I do feel better the rest of the day, I give this a five star rating for sure.‼️PS-your heart is a muscle if you don't use it it will become weaker!
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2 years ago, Ariel143,998
Annoying but useful
I have to use this app for my online PE class, and it can be really annoying. My apartment has extremely good signal, but for some reason this app keeps loading my heart rate only to tell me there’s low signal. I don’t have this problem with any other device or app. By the time it actually takes it, if it does, my heart rate goes way down and it’s not qualified as part of the target heart rate zone I’m aiming for based on the requirements of my homework.
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4 months ago, 2111111113456779
This is the best app ever it is helping me with my health and I’m just it’s just crazy and I love this app so much! Thank You Cardio!!!! This app has completely changed the way I think about my mental health and the way I see my body I have lost 14 pounds and have never felt more happy and healthy I recommend this app to anyone and EVERYONE! Have fun and thank you so much to the creator(s)! This app is phenomenal!
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7 years ago, Jeremy6pt0
Accurate Heart Rate
This app is a Great heart rate monitor and reader it is accurate and does a number of different other functions- I'd recommend it for heart rate testing; it says not for medical but that's OK because you can always check your heart rate by touching the right side of your neck and counting the beats for 30 seconds and then you times that the number by two. Auto-written but correct ⬆️ 🙂
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12 months ago, unfortunatelynotbeyonce
As someone living with POTS this is amazing
I was diagnosed with POTS pre covid, before it was trendy (jokes). This app is amazing in helping me monitor my RHR, and so useful in me identifying when I’m having an attack. I was diagnosed late and am prone to ignoring symptoms so monitoring my heart has been vital in me making good decisions! Sure, I might miss out on parties or hiking but that’s so much better than randomly passing out!
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4 years ago, vwmvwm
Warm-up Routine?
I like the Cardio measurement, though at times, even with excellent lighting, I need to retry several times at times, and by the time I get the reading to actually take on my iPhoneXR my pulse has slowed down enough to sway the insights. There is a feature missing on the workouts I wish they would incorporate, and that is to include a warm-up routine in the beginning. Otherwise, some people may go right into this cold and strain a muscle or two. The animated figure goes so fast that it difficult to keep up on many of the exercises, especially on the chair step ups, jackknifes and lunges. For others, such as the squats, it actually gives me a good workout. For me the important part of this app is the cardio measurement.
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6 years ago, Rpee47
Simple, useful
I have Diabetes II and I use this as a type of monitor. If I see my pulse is up, I check my pill dispenser and there’s a 1 to 1 correlation with having forgotten to take my meds. I exercise, so if my pulse gets above 60, I start paying a little more attention to what’s happening in my environment. It’s fun to check in on your heart once a day. Wish it could do blood pressure checks.
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6 years ago, Nightjar254
Nice app, but not super accurate!
I like this app quite a lot more than other heart rate apps out there. It allows you to take as many measurements as you wish, and the premium bonus content isn’t pressured on you (and actually looks appealing!) However, it only gives a rough estimate of heart rate in my experience. I immediately took measurements promptly after having my rate taken by a doctor twice, and it was about 20 beats lower than the actual rate each time.
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7 years ago, Pacific101
Cardio App
I downloaded this app and started using it in unison with a pedometer app geared toward weight loss and overall health improvement. This Cardio app helped me keep sight of my heart health while increasing my activities. I've gone from fair to good to excellent over the coarse of three months. This Cardio app has also proven to be a great motivator for me, by allowing me to see real improvements in real time for all my efforts.
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2 years ago, nikki wikki ikki
This app is completely free and accurate. I tested it when I was at the doctor. I checked my heart to see how much beats pm and is was at 102 and the checked my heart it was the same at the doctor! The app installation is free and no need to pay for months or years to use the app! Install this app on your phone now it’s amazing!
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5 years ago, GG_The_Lord585
This app is actually a good one!
I downloaded this app yesterday and thought it was cool, because I didn’t need a bunch of medical supplies or something to read my heartbeat. The idea of this app is great. The flashlight on your phone turns on and you put your index finger on the camera. I don’t know how this works, but it seems like a great idea for an app. If you (a customer) are reading this, you should probably download this app because you can read your heartbeat, strong or weak. If a developer is reading this, congratulations! You just earned yourself a 5-star review for an app! Remember: If the are bugs, fix them as quick as possible to keep the users happy.
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5 years ago, Briwel
Simple and useful
Dropped a star because of the annoying alerts. Why am I getting an alert telling me “it’s time get in a workout” one hour after I completed a workout in the app, including logging my HR? Great app for tracking heart rate daily, and the 7min HIIT workout is very good, esp when incorporated into a larger plan. I fast walk 1.5mi, do the workout at the park, then walk the 1.5mi home, trying to keep my heart rate up the whole time.
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7 years ago, h pacer
Help my heart out
This little app. Helps me keep track of my pacemaker. Yes it's not a medical device, but if there is a problem with the heart rate I get a hold of my doctor. So yes this app is great and gets5 stars. And the exercises are not that hard to do. I have told other people about the app who have pacemakers and or others with heart problems. We use it as a tool. Now if it gust could do bp.
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4 years ago, forever777
Please upgrade
Please upgrade your app. It doesn’t work with the newest iPhones. This used to be a great app but after the release of the iPhone 11 Pro models it no longer works correctly. I’m surprised the developers haven’t updated the app yet to work with the new phone. IT ONLY WORKS WITH SINGLE CAMERA PHONES. Please test your app on the new phone developers. You will see the problem.
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4 years ago, machappie
Heart rate monitor: worthless. 7 minute workout: 5 stars
The heart rate monitor works maybe 10% of the time. I use this app for the 7 minute workout which is short but really intense if you modify some of the exercises. For example instead of jumping jacks, do star jumps. Instead of step ups, do box jumps. Instead of tricep dips on a chair, do real dips between 2 chairs. Instead of lunges, do jumping lunges. I usually do two, seven minute workouts in about 20 minutes. It’s a great high intensity workout.
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5 years ago, arran811
Accurate and easy to use.
I’ve been using this app for over a year now and find it very accurate. The app is easy to use and has what you need to take your pulse without having to pay for anything. From what I can tell if you did want to upgrade it there are some nice options and no adds.
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3 years ago, Tall_stranger
Rethink ‘poor signal’ alert
This app is very useful while taking a jog, for giving me an indication for when I need to take a break and when to restart. However, half of the readings end with the poor signal quality pop-up, which prevents saving of the result. By then my heart rate is too low to take another reading and save it.
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3 years ago, Nomen Nesci0
Does not work with multi-lens iPhones.
It is very disappointing that you did not update the software to use the lens closest to the flashlight for multi-lens iPhones. It used to work great with my single-lens iPhone (we even purchased the in-app upgrade), but now, with my multi-lens iPhone 11 Pro, the app is useless crap! The light and the lens are too far away from each other to get an accurate measurement! The iPhone 11 Pro was released 1.5 years ago (that's when I bought it)! How much more time do you need to fix the problem 🙄🙄🙄???)
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