Cardiograph Classic

Health & Fitness
4.7 (3.4K)
17.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
MacroPinch Ltd.
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cardiograph Classic

4.71 out of 5
3.4K Ratings
7 years ago, Hepis Oliver DaFlor
Works as advertised!
Simple, easy to use and accurate. I had another BPM device on the opposite hand and both devices gave readings that were only different by 1 or 2 beats. It takes a couple tries to get the position and pressure correctly, otherwise awesome app!
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3 years ago, Cubhole
This App worked very easy on pre-iPhone 13. I was stumped at first and then found the App works very well with one of the new photo lenses. You will have to move your finger around until you find the correct lens.
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7 years ago, Pparchman
Useful Tool
Used periodically to know if heart is racing. Have compared while in doctor’s office & it is pretty darn accurate. Can sometimes be a little tricky to get the hang of, but it continues to improve. Have recommended many times & will continue to do so.
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7 years ago, Mountain Viewer
Very helpful and convenient
I like that it doesn't require external sensors. Has worked on all my iPhones through multiple generations.
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7 years ago, pdot
Skewed to the high side
Oddly enough, I get a better reading with the front camera instead of the back considering the camera lens quality and lack of light. When heart rate is around 75 bpm, the app gives me about 79 with the rear camera and about 77 with the front.
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6 years ago, dcrocket
Doctor loved it
Began with A fib and now irregular heart rhythm. The doctor was impressed when I showed him a couple days of history. I think it’s going to be a great tool in my recovery.
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7 years ago, Kahuna84
Well done app
I just wish it had an export to excel or some feature that would allow you to do that. Other than that, it does what it supposed to do.
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7 years ago, Konakayaklady
Perfect for my needs
I prefer the Classic version to the new one. It's so easy for me to check my heart rate before, during, and after exercise with this app. I've shared it with many people and they are all impressed. I use it daily when I get up and am always thrilled to see that my heart rate is about 50 at age 74.
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7 years ago, HerbKS
Works great, light weight, easy to use. I suggest using your rear cam for better results in darker areas. No issues...
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7 years ago, Peripatectic
Excellent adjunct to health maintenance
I often use this tool to get a general idea of the impact exercise and stress have on my heart rate. It is so simple and portable.
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3 years ago, sforstall
The best design! It stands out!
Really hate the flat design. This skeuomorphic design is outstanding, keep it alive!
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7 years ago, TN principal
Not an EKG, but a handy way to take your pulse and record irregular pulse. Some MD’s are skeptical if not hostile. Others find it helpful.
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7 years ago, greybeard65
Fun app
Gives you a quick check of pulse.
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7 years ago, Jeffzkb27xSwiftiesXD
I think Cardiograph is good.
I think Cardiograph is a good one. It is useful. I think it is a good one on the Apple App Store.
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4 years ago, Frcalky
Will not show arrhythmias!
App will only record a regular rhythm. This is not beneficial if trying to document issues to show your physician. Only gives you a 0 for rate and no rhythm strip. Needs button to allow you to accept strip if not perfect regular heart rate.
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6 years ago, rp7658
Good for a sample
Not super accurate but darn close! I compared it to my blood pressure machine and heart rate is real close
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7 years ago, Stonesfan1973
Pretty simple
Cool app; easy to use and understand
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7 years ago, TheCMkid
Simple; it works well
And, it's easy to use.
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6 years ago, Missing too many features
Doesnt work
I have an irregular heat rate. Common for many people. The device says heart rate of zero and no heart rate detected. When clearly the graph and audio have it recorded... it also does not put the recordings into The history. I would not recommend.
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4 years ago, Gary W Martin
Fake graph
Pulse number is probably correct but the waveform is a phony animation lol that has nothing to do with the camera’s flash whereas cardiio waveform actually relates to changes in blood flow.
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5 years ago, MarLam
A life saver
What a beautiful way to hold a conversation with my heart! Thank you😻
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5 years ago, jenztek
More info
No info on what a regular or irregular heartbeat should be.
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6 years ago, BorderC
Good baseline
Consistently records within a range, even had my wife , a nurse validate the numbers.
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7 years ago, Ldydy1st
Needs to do continuous 30 seconds .
This would check rate as well as regular pattern
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3 years ago, need a pulse checker
Not a happy camper
This doesn’t work. I paid for it and it never has worked consistently. When you pay for something, I expect it to work !
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6 years ago, BH Boston
Pulse monitoring
Very easy and accurate measurements of pulse!!!
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7 years ago, Jsidebo
Doesn’t work
I know I have an irregular heart beat and I check it to make sure it is not beating too fast. About 90% of the attempts I’ll get the error message from the app.
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5 years ago, Olyrick
It Doesn’t Work w/ A-fib
It doesn’t work if you have a-fib. Was only able to get 1 reading, trying over the course of 2 days, at least 50 tries.
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7 years ago, Locotetaapple1
This is excellent app to track your heart rate.
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7 years ago, Ivubsoisxn
Wow... great app. I was wanting an app like this. Does a lot and more.
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7 years ago, Ex_Varian_Rep
Easy to use
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4 years ago, @$&2344990
Does work anymore
I lord this and it worked for literally four days. Them suddenly no matter what I do it doesn’t seem to work. Bummer
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7 years ago, Myleina1204
Very helpful
Thanks love this app
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7 years ago, Jeeem80
Doesn't open
Latest update is failing to launch
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3 years ago, DSLspeedy
It’s what I need!
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7 years ago, Flossie36
Very helpful, love it.
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7 years ago, Mcap123
Love it!!!!
It is so easy to use!!!
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2 months ago, Mrbillc7
Reads 20-30 higher heart rate than actual. Used BP Cuff to get actual heart rate. Not worth the 99cent I paid.
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7 years ago, icanhazapple
Doesn’t work on iPad Pro 2nd Gen on iOS 11
Camera doesn’t seem to work as needed. Doesn’t work on iPad Pro 2nd Gen on iOS 11
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7 years ago, Hot Bermuda
Excellent, accurate and accomodating
I have been working with 3 different cardiograph apps for many months and this one, the now called "classic" cardiograph wins hands down in many respects. Unlike the new version of this app, the classic is more robust and manages readings in less favorable lighting conditions. Compared with the others, I've never had a situation where a reading was not possible. The others a painfully fussy, unless the light is dazzeling, they won't cooperate or take a brief sample and call it a result. The Classic allows multiple accounts for different family members and allows a library of readings to be collected and recalled. The classic looks more like a functional piece of medical equipment, the new version is a stripped down, minimalistic version without the more detailed animations of The classic. I also find the classic is quite happy taking a reading from one's little finger, or any finger for that matter, the results all being the same. Currently I'm in my 16 month in hospital and can verify the accuracy against the equipment to which I am connected. The doctors and nurses are all most impressed with the app, some of whom have it as well. Overall, I prefer the responsivness, looks and feel of the classic and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for this sort of medical app. As far as the new cardiograph, despite an upgrade, it is infuriatingly fussy about lighting, finger position and movement. I do LOVE the tracing which is far superior to the choppy fake look of the classic. If the best of both designs were combined we'd have a winner I think. Being able to measure and store other family or friends readings is a must however. Final word - a good robust design, nice medical appearance of the controls, good functionality, nice feel but rather fake looking heart beat tracing (the QT interval is terrible) this app wins hands down. Overall, an excellent job. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not remove this version. Minor graphical improvements are needed but the basics are perfect. I say this from 6 months use in a hospital setting. Developers, please contact me if you wish for additional details. Being used alongside professional hospital equipment gives me a unique perspective of the apps in question and how they have worked in a clinical setting.
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7 years ago, Sureeyawadee
Just great !⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Love this app so much!!!😆❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, jpierclay
It works!!!
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5 years ago, Hfkkendkkf
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6 years ago, Sweetgrlooh
Does not work!
Waste of money! Does not work like it claims.
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6 years ago, James Kass
Do not use if you own an iPhone Xs!!! The LED is hot as a mothatrucker and you will burn your freakin fingertips off like that scene in Men In Black.
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7 years ago, Seanna Rose
Fake waveform!!!!!
Ok heart rate may be accurate but the fakest waveform ever! I want my dollar back! This is crap!!!!!
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12 years ago, Patient in room 7
I went to the ER with a racing heartbeat and showed them my history on the Cardiograph. The ER doctor couldn't believe how accurate it was! Word spread throughout the ER. The next day I went to a cardiovascular center for a stress echo and the tech said, "You must have been the patient in room 7! Everyone is talking about your phone app." Despite the pain in my jaw and neck I probably wouldn't have decided to go to the ER if I hadn't been testing during that uncomfortable 10 minutes and could see what was happening. Just four days later and I'm now scheduled for a heat cauterization. Thank you for this priceless, although not totally flawless app. I know you will continue to improve it. One feature the ER doctor mentioned he would have liked was to see the tape, to know how regular the heartbeat was. I discovered later that you can view the tape. The only thing is that now I have "broken" tapes and I can't delete them. I look forward to your next update!
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8 years ago, Hughmannova
HORRIBLE Forgot I tried this last time it appeared on Apps Gone Free. At best it was extremely inconsistent re when it would take a measurement. To be fair, this was on my iPad mini. Now it failed to take a measurement on the first try, stating there was not enough light. mPossible remedies: more light & try not pressing down as much on the camera. The app uses the selfie camera by default. mIt suggested switching to the other camera, which was not possible. Moving the iPad just below a bright light fixture and the app started then quit after one beat cycle. Adjusting the finger used or pressure to super light over the lens was not a solution. The app then immediately offers an improved upgrade, which when you click on, migrates to the App Store with a 1.99 price tag. Recalling the first go around a few years ago, I downloads 2 apps that went free about the same time: this one was faster (about 15 sec) vs 60, though frustratingly inconsistent for when it would take a measurement. The other Cardio, worked every time and one did not have to hold a finger over the lense, rather hold the dp selfie camera in front of your face,mad just until it says hold still, and accurate measurement results (I compare it before and after measurements at different doc offices and the automated machines in drug stores). Note: as it takes the measurement ignore both the displays rate and the EKG like heartbeat strip, as they are both nonsense - but the final result is accurate.
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12 years ago, mannapat
This tells me more than I counted on!
At first cardiograph didn't work for me. But I discovered that failure to work indicates those times I am in atrial fibrillation. I have another way to verify this, so I am pretty sure. I don't think your app likes an irregular heart beat. I'm finding this very useful. I can certainly understand why you could never indicate A Fib, or any other irregular heart beat with this app. Likewise, I don't think any failure necessarily indicates an irregular heartbeat for anyone. But I do know that I pop in and out of A Fib quite often, and so far, this app has been right on the money, once I figured out what was happening. So thanks, I really like this. A little note to anyone reading this: If your app is showing a failure, don't get excited. You're probably doing it wrong. This app has worked properly every time I'm NOT in A Fib.
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12 years ago, sma429
When It Works...
This app is fantastic when it works. I took my bpm using my fingers and a timer, and compared. It was within 2 beats, so I'm fairly certain that it does work, when it works. Unfortunately, I get errors more often then accurate readings. Ive only ever gotten a reading using the front camera on my iPod touch once. I can't get a reading from the rear camera without taking my case off(though it is a thick case, so that's understandable). I've only gotten one reading after 6 here in pa where it's kind of dark. During the day, it's easier, and that's still no guarantee. If you have a polar heart rate monitor, or something similar, I wouldn't replace it just yet. Although, I used the polar ones on high school, and my gym teacher made me rerun the mile because for more than a few minutes it said my heart rate was 0. Plus this app is cheap if you already use an iPod touch/ iPhone, it may be worth not buying another device.
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