Cateye Cycling

Health & Fitness
2.9 (29)
25.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
CatEye Co., Ltd.
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Cateye Cycling

2.9 out of 5
29 Ratings
5 years ago, Noxgod666
Has potential. Linking to phone not dependable. Reconnects frequently. Scale incorrect on cadence graph
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4 years ago, Dr. Smith17'
Lap function in app
Hi, I love my cateye padrone digital, Simple to use on the bike, and easy to mirror with the phone. It connects everything fine(HR, power, cadence & speed, but I can’t view the cateye map on my phone and see metrics on my computer simultaneously. I get over that part, but it really bothers me that I cannot set a lap manually through the app. Am I looking over something or does that function not exist? Any correspondence would be greatly appreciate. Thank you, Supper happy customer
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4 years ago, SpeedRacerGTI
Works great with Trek Bluetooth!!!
Tried five or six other apps that work just fine work my trek bontrager blutooth, but this one works effortlessly, syncs fast and shows all the data I need; accurately for daily rides and even long weekend rides, great easy to use app, love it !!!
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5 years ago, mbuho312
Don’t waste your time if you have wahoo sensors
Expect to restart your phone multiple times to get this to recognize any wahoo sensor. It will pair, but takes at least 1 restart. Settings and other apps all recognize the sensor, but this refuses too. I have several speed/cadence and heart rate sensors. It works flawlessly with all of them except wahoo.
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4 weeks ago, jeoler13
App was useful for recording time and distance, but did not help with telling speed , or connecting to my speedometer.
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4 years ago, davo in Ky
Cateye Padrone with blue tooth.
Own two. Great computer and would recommend to anyone as it is also priced right!!
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4 years ago, 3047279196
Very good
Very good cycling app, it would be even better if you were able to connect an Apple Watch
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5 years ago, "Pro version"
Mirror Mode
Still cannot set up mirror mode and it will not record route with gps. And there is no auto pause in app under « device » as described in manual. This is so aggravating.
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5 years ago, Chief102
Overheats IPhone
I am using IOS 12.2 on my iPhone. The last few times I’ve gone cycling the app has caused my phone to heat up to the point the display goes completely dim. I’ll be trying a difficult app now.
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5 years ago, Braves fan in AL
Works ok but
Loses connection during ride and will no longer upload to Strava. it works ok but spend the extra money and buy a Garmin.
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6 years ago, jcyclist01
Communication problems
Always losing communication with device during the ride the screen goes on search mode
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9 years ago, Matt Bunnel
Need Power Meter Support
Power meter readings only display actual 1 second power and gives no options to smooth data into 10 or 15 second moving average. Values fluctuate so much making it near impossible to use a training tool. Would be perfect if it could do this!!
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4 years ago, msmouseus
The latest version crashes on syncing with the padrone smart+
Renders the bike computer useless
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12 months ago, parasi101
Cateye is garbage. Do not buy
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7 years ago, Sanjosemike
Don't update to iOS 10 until new update
Update, April 7, 2027 Did a ride with new version. Went to upload it and it disappeared. Not in trips, not on Strava. Update, September 23, 2016 App update for iOS 10 works great. No problems on morning ride. September 22, 2016 Wow. I keep getting these emails telling me not to update to iOS 10 until the new cateye app comes out. I'm not a very patient person, so I kept wanting to update to iOS 10. I figured I know better than the people there, so I think I'll just update. But just in case I thought I'd read some reviews and lo and behold several losers went ahead and updated to iOS 10. And now their cateye doesn't work. Boo-hoo Hoo. Maybe next time you idiots will realize that when they send you an email giving you advice that there's a reason you were swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool. Meanwhile, I am out cycling with my padrone smart plus and it's working perfectly. By the way, you come off not just like losers but whiny losers the way you give out your one star thinking we care and pretending like it's their fault you don't read updates. Would you like some cheese with that whine?
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10 years ago, Lost while Driving
Not ready for prime time
When I try to change the settings of my Cateye Smart the app crashes. No change from previous version. Last version could not set the odometer accurately. Also last version did not display average speed, maximum speed, or elevation climbed. There was no note that this was fixed. This new version is worse than the previous. The app pauses after a few feet. I am returning the product and buying a different brand. Goodbye Cateye forever.
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9 years ago, Ck1029384756
Needs serious improvement
When connected to speed/cadence sensor the speed is extremely inaccurate. I have the correct tire size entered, and the speed jumps constantly, in intervals of 7 kmh. If I stop for a few minutes with the sensor connected then the app records ridiculous distances. For example this morning I rode 725km in an hour. I wouldn't use this app if I don't have the cateye Strada Smart computer, or if the computer would connect to strava.
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9 years ago, Pifhjkliu
Location Services
Please update your location requests to allow for people to only allow access to location services while using the app. I don't need the app tracking me when I'm not using it. It's a waste of battery.
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8 years ago, Cubanissimo
Crashes. Crashes. Crashes
Last year's edition worked like a champ. The current edition stays open for three seconds and then crashes. If I restart the iPhone 6, the app stays open but as soon as I do something to it like hitting start or sync with the Strada Smart, it crashes. Needs major major work.
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8 years ago, ojpd42
Bugs need to get fixed.
On the road the app works great while syncing with my 6S Plus and Padrone Smart. The problem is whenever I use my bike with an indoor trainer, the data uploaded to Strava after every spin session is wrong. Maximum speed and average speed are way off once the app uploads a spin/HIIT session to strava. The name of the ride on the cateye app is also not the same once it uploads to strava. The icons and fonts are huge on the 6s plus. It looks like the app is not using the native resolution of my iPhone. PS: Please add iOS 10 Beta support so you can smash bugs early.
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8 years ago, Wfff74
Battery drainer
Very disappointed it works great, however it's either all or nothing on the gps usage. Not sure why there isn't a use gps only while using app on this.
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8 years ago, Rider1226
How much longer does it take to update?
The fact that it's been more than 3 months since iOS 10 beta was released and over a week since iOS was updated and Cateye not updating the app is ridiculous.
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9 years ago, jrzapata
Constant disconnections
The app can't hold the connection with my Mio Go HR. While other apps are constantly connected to it. When the app is closed I have to go through the pairing process again.
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7 years ago, Deep_Blue
Latest update is flacky
Today my padrone+ was not working properly, I realise there was an update recently to this app - it's coincidental, I recorded 2.2km while I actually did 38km, luckily I was keeping track on Strava.
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8 years ago, Me63484
Unacceptable: App does not work with iOS 10
I bought the Padrone Smart Plus. It has to pair with a Smartphone to work. The app crashes whenever I try to pair with my iPhone 6S running iOS 10. It is unacceptable that your app does not work with iOS 10.
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8 years ago, Matt9k
I can't get it to work reliably.
The first time I got it to work, I fiddled with it for :45. The second time :15. Today I fiddled with it for :05, didn't get it to work, and gave up. UPDATE: hours later, no progress. Down to one star. This does not work.
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9 years ago, Hickory nutz
I will write a review after I use this program a few times and compare it to my cateye bicycle computer. Please check back
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7 years ago, bbwendel
Bluetooth Pairing Conflict!
9/30/2017: I lost my Strada Smart. Had it for a long time. Had it's nuances, but rarely lost connection. Bought a Pandrone Smart. Initially, it seemed to work fine, just like the Strada. Then I noticed it started to randomly lose connection with my iPhone (iOS 10.2). Then after only about 5 rides or so, it would not stay connected to the phone more than 10 secs. It would connect, then disconnect and you would have to do the 2-button reset on the Pandrone to get any response (Pandrone would think it was still connected ... "Ready"). I tried everything, including fresh batteries, removing all other bike bluetooth devices in the app, cold boot of phone, and finally a re-installation of the Cateye app. Nothing worked. Then I thought about something that was different with the Pandrone vs the Strada. When the Pandone pairs to the phone, it would pair BOTH to the app AND to iOS. That was the problem. There was a conflict. So I just removed the iOS bluetooth device ("forget this device") and tried again. Bingo. The ony problem is EVERY TIME you connect the Pandrone, iOS asks if it can pair. You have to "cancel" the request or else the conflicts will return. Can someone please fix this?? 3/21/15: Need to add Tire Circumference option of 29x2.2 (2298mm) or allow manual entry. 3/3/15: PLEASE FIX THE STRAVA UPLOAD!! DATA IS INCORRECT. STRAVA TECH SUPPORT VERIFIED API UPLOAD IS NOT WORKING RIGHT. The app in general does the job, but there are issues with the data upload to Strava and TrainingPeaks. The Strava upload is almost useless … power is not uploaded and HR and cadence values are off. The TrainingPeaks upload gets the basic sensor data right, but the zones don't upload.
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8 years ago, UsuarioInsatisfecho
It does not work with iOS 10
Awful interface and now it does not work with iOS 10. This app needs an update ASAP.
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8 years ago, Wreckdiver61
Fix the app
Fix the dam app I can't use my computer because it only works when the app is running.
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9 years ago, George Perry
Broken Basic Functionality
It will not connect with strava. In general, the cateye interface is crap too. Very disappointing.
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8 years ago, Napa5690
Does not work with IOS 10. Need to update immediately. Unacceptable.
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8 years ago, 👌🏻alt_shift
Urgent fix needed - crashes on ios10
This basically renders my Padrone useless. How unprofessional considering your reputation and brand.
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8 years ago, YUCKYBOYZ
App doesn't work with iOS10
App doesn't work with iOS 10
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