CenterWell Pharmacy

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Humana Inc.
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for CenterWell Pharmacy

4.71 out of 5
179.2K Ratings
2 years ago, mellow 69
Canceled or lost scripts
This app is terrible. I called in about a script that should of been being filled and the pharmacy said I had no more refills. But the bottle I received a month earlier said I had 5 left. Come to find out after being on the phone with them that all my scripts had no refills left and the month before they did. So the higher ups of the pharmacy went to the doctors email which had the original amount of each medication and number of refills on it and finally got my script which will now probably be late again in the process of being filled. Now the app is saying their is no credit card on file. When will all these glitches stop? Now I am going to have a to call in and get passed the pharmacist and to the person that can fix this problem. The same thing is going on with the OTC part of the app. But it doesn’t what to use the money I am a lotted every month and says there is no card on file. Is their anyone else with a Apple device having these problems? Because it’s the software that is doing this not the personal. They really need to fix the glitches in their software before someone really ends up hurt or in the hospital for this happening to them. So keep a close watch on your scripts and payment information please.
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3 years ago, Dodie 831
Humana mail order pharmacy is clearly the best pharmacy I have ever had I had to switch from Walgreens because WALGREENS is so horrible. My medication‘s are shipped from across the country and then delivered to my door faster than WALGREENS could get them to me and WALGREENS is literally across the street from my house! “I am Not exaggerating”Humana Pharmacy answers the phones immediately and you’re never on hold, they have so many people that are able to answer all of your questions right away! The service is Excellent!!!💚💙Also because of “COVID” at Walgreens you are no longer their local valued customer because they are too busy in the store and the drive thru administering vaccines and tests. Your literally standing there for a half hour amongst WHO knows how many sick people-they are too busy for you they say come back later!!! Please take my advice and go with Humana Pharmacy you won’t be sorry! Their APP is great and easy to use and you can track your shipping and they will keep you updated as to where and when it will be delivered. So your not stuck waiting for a delivery you can plan your activities around it. I couldn’t tell you the last time I was this happy with a company! Great Job Humana !!💜💚👍
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3 years ago, ClareSue
Not the friendliest app
It is not easy to find everything in a search. The products offered are minimal in comparison to products that are in a pharmacy. For example they do not offer a variety of sunscreen. I use titanium dioxide sunscreen, which is not offered. They do not have a good assortment of Feminine hygiene products especially vaginal lubricant such as Replens. The brands offered are not easily known brands. The vitamins and supplement are not organic and from off brand suppliers. There is only one type of incontinence pads. The cool-mist humidifer is for the ½ gallon when a Gallon size is available online to buy. The supplement line is minimal; no zinc for example. I could go on and on. The prices on some products are about 3x what it would cost if we were actually buying them from a commercial supplier such as Walmart. But since I’m not laying out the money it’s problematic. So, my point is that I will be getting stuff ( this is a medicare advantage policy, so why are there children's products offered)that I may not need but can’t actually get what I do need. I would like for Humana to have a patient advisory board to help make the OTC friendlier to all patients.
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2 years ago, MazeMonkey
Love this!! Everything at your fingertips!!
I recently signed up for the additional insurance to add on to my Medicare Disability. I hadn’t been able to get anything in recent years because, there just wasn’t any plans in my area that allowed me to have my doctors, and important medications on the plan. But they told me to keep trying and not to give up hope that they keep adding places and plans and they said to call back next year and keep checking. So I checked a couple more times and they still didn’t have anything but now they do. I know I didn’t need to tell you all of that, but I just wanted to mention it to anyone that might be having the same issue, and is frustrated. Please mmkeep trying, because it is well worth it. This app for the medication is really a great app. It has everything there. medication’s listed and it even has a medication reminder if you need it. And it’s very easy to use and if you do have questions, you can call the customer service and they are super super! I just can’t say enough good things about them and the app!! Thanks!!
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6 days ago, katie the nanna
App Store could be improved
1. There are many items not listed on the App Store on mobile devices. If we were given the option of inserting the item number for items we need which you offer but are not listed it would be most helpful. 2. This is the second time that I have come up with an exact monthly total amount of items ordered but have been charged on my credit card for going over the monthly amount. Granted, they have both been very small amounts, but I am on a fixed income and I am very meticulous about how much I "spend" as to never go over the amount I have in my acct. I called in the first time and after much conversing and confusion on the reps part, it was agreed that the items I had ordered totaled the amount I had said and I was given credit for the extra charge. Now, the same thing has happened again, so I will have to call again...Ugh!! If this happens to hundreds or other people, this could be a big problem. Please check into it! Thanks for your kind attention to these matters.
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2 years ago, Pennytm
Great except one issue…. updated see below.
I do like getting my quarterly allowance for OTC products I would buy anyway. It does help with OTC cost. My only issue is with the site itself. Twice while I was shopping I was kicked out for timing out issues. That wouldn't have caused me to take away a star from my review. I took away the star because I was not only timed out before finishing, it wiped out my cart. Thus, I had to start all over again and find the products twice. That was my only complaint and why I gave it four stars instead of five. UPDATE I have not had anymore issues. There are so many things to do from keeping up on meds, getting renewals and authorizations and price comparing with pharmacies near you. I must say having my meds sent to my door is just fabulous. They will work with you and your physician for generics and comparable meds that cost less. It is my main pharmacy except for me Rx scribed from office visit.
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2 years ago, Bjorn Reddy
Too many errors. I have to constantly log in and check my meds against what the pharmacy thinks i need. All too often it drops meds out of auto refill for no valid reason. I understand that if i don't respond to an auto refill message it will take a med out out auto refill, but i have many meds that just drop out for no reason. But worst of all are meds that get locked in limbo and there is nothing you can do about them except call the pharmacy WHEN THEY ARE OPEN. 8am-8pm M-F sounds convenient right? If you live anywhere except in the pacific time zone maybe. Those hours are In the Eastern Time Zone which means in the Pacific Time Zone you can call from 5am-5pm M-F not convenient at all. I am constantly having to call to get meds out of limbo and sometimes i have to call multiple times as the person helping me does not do what they tell me they are doing, i.e. sending me the meds I have stuck in limbo. What happens is that I have meds that are ready for refills, and if i look at the meds i can see they are ready for refill but the app has lost them and won't let me order the refills. I must call in to get them unstuck and refilled. There appears to be no logic as to why a particular med gets stuck in limbo, they just do. This is the worst pharmacy app I have ever encountered.
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1 year ago, LindaSmith1
I hate Humana including CenterWell.
I have been with them since January 1 and I have spent a total of 16 excruciating hours, trying to fix all the messes they make. I could go on for a week just about mistakes at center well; it’s very hard to get them to cover your claim, and none of the reps know anything I am so sorry I switch to Humana. As far as the app goes, you can’t count on that at all – – the information is not up-to-date or accurate. They send out Scripps that you don’t ask for. they ask you to transfer all your prescriptions to them so they can have them on file and they send them all to you. they tell you prescription is on their way that never arrive. If you call in the reps just me in a tangled mess and make it worse. The information on the app is hardly ever right and the rest tell you not relying on it. Humana has cost me a fortune in money, time, and my health app. I have canceled all my doctors appointments and therapies because each and every visit cost me four hours on the phone talking to people that have no idea anything about their company or the insurance business.
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4 years ago, bayou fed up
Horrible pharmacy technicians
This pharmacy text me or calls me constantly almost to the point where it was harassing so I called Humana Medical to see if they could stop all the texting and calling and they “said” they did because the text and calls stopped. That was about 2 1/2 months ago. Now it appears they took me completely out of their system and I have been trying to get my meds ordered for six days now and they still have not mailed them. I have paid them all the money I was suppose to pay to get my order and I’m yet to even get a tracking number. Every time I call they tell me the same lie each time, it’s about to be shipped, it took me four days to get someone to get the order in the system they kept lying about putting it in each time. It’s like if I don’t do it their way I will pay. When I say they took me out of their system I mean they literally “TOOK ME OUT OF THE SYSTEM” a technician and to reinstate me, there was NO RECORD of me EVER having been a customer. That’s a problem now but it want be in the fall when I get to choose my medical for next year
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3 weeks ago, Crazy4SHERMAN!
This is the worst prescription mail order service ever.
I started using this in April and so far I have received two refills for eight prescriptions transferred to them by my two doctors. I am out of meditation that was ordered and apparently it was confirmed and ready to go and now not even on the account anymore. You have to log in to order prescriptions, then you have to log in to pay and after paying the outstanding balance remains in notifications like your not sure if it was rejected or whatever. The navigation to understand what’s going in is ridiculous and confusing and now that my prescriptions have been held up they can’t be ordered together anymore like my last pharmacy. I thought online mail-order prescriptions were supposed to be simple and this has been the worst experience I’ve ever had, even after CVS for five years. Anyway… I recommend skipping this and moving prescriptions to Costco or some little mom and pop pharmacy store. That’s the call I had to make with my doctor. You would think a pharmacist would understand two weeks without you meds doesn’t end well for anyone. The bottom line I just really hate this service.
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12 months ago, sickocallz
App could really use some work
So upon opening app today I knew of a few things I needed or wanted. Near top of app stated;”all past purchases.” This was clearly incorrect! It only showed a few things on recent purchases. I then proceeded to enter item names into search bar and the search resulted in “no match.” However, upon looking through various item categories I found the items I was looking for and under same name as I entered into the search bar! I also understand, know and appreciate that items are typically at no cost to me,(including shipping). But the item mark ups are extreme! Often times 2-4x what you would pay locally or on other sites. Again, free or not the mark up is not comparable to purchasing elsewhere. They need to work on the search engine results and realize the product mark up is way out of line with competition. Also, work on product pricing and offer more detail on some products,(poor or lacking descriptions on most items). I can also think of a few things that would be nice to add to the OTC store.
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1 year ago, dogmom1234567
Takes to long
First the positive:I’m happy with the ease of the OTC benifits. I’m also thrilled they raised it to 50. Can’t get anything for $25 these days. As far as the pharmacy RX side. It takes FOREVER to have anything processed filled and shipped. They say 7-10 day turnaround. I felt that a bit long. Especially if your on meds that can’t just stopped being taken. But it turns out to be more like 14+ days. Also every time I call about something, I get a completely different answer. I’m still just trying to have one med removed from my profile because it’s been replaces with a more effective one. So when it’s time for the correct med to be filled they tell me they can’t because the med that needs to be removed has a side effect with the one that I’m supposed to be taking now. ThisParticular medication is one of the kind that I can’t just stop. I will give them one more chance to make it right and then I’m done. The good thing is my meds end up being a small amount cheaper going this route. So that’s needed these days. If the phone staff was trained properly & they speeded up delivery it would be wonderful.
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4 years ago, Zsdep
Need to revamp your ordering system.
Ordered a heating pad on last order and was cancelled but no reason given. Tried to order another today and said only one per year! OK, but that should have been given as reason for cancellation because I was not told that before. Also, while entering this order today, I was almost finished when it kicked me off for “inactivity”? I was typing the last item in when it kicked me off, how is that inactivity? And, I lost my entire order and had to start over and enter the entire order again; luckily I had written the part numbers of each item down! Have had nothing but problems with orders, and customer service had no clue what they are doing. I spent 35 years in customer service management and I know when it’s bad; it’s bad! I do appreciate being able to get these items but it shouldn’t be such a struggle every time especially for older folks!
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4 years ago, MTGIGI58
Humana Pharmacy
I wish that I would be contacted via email or text (as requested) if a RX has been cancelled. It has happened 4 (FOUR) times in 7 days from my Dr’s RX. I have a cap of $50 to contact me if my RX is over that amount~otherwise, I would expect it to be sent to me vs just cancelling the entire RX. Also, if a RX needs prior authorization, a simple email or text (with the medication listed-as also in my preference-I should be contacted ~ESPECIALLY~Since my Dr’s office wasn’t even contacted for Prior Approvals. I’ve been taking the same medications for almost 5 years & I’ve been a Humana member the entire time~The Pharmacist should be able to see that this (these) medications were previously taken the prior month-daily-and I’m now in a 20 day delay on several of my medications. My local pharmacy closed their doors & I requested Humana Mail Order Pharmacy because I’ve set my Dad, Aunt, & Uncle up for their meds thru Humana Mail Pharmacy for convenience & pricing. I want to remain a loyal Humana customer, but I do feel like being contacted is imperative for communication between patient/pharmacy relations.
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3 years ago, Shayna03
App review
The app could be more efficient. If you could do more on the list of all prescriptions it would avoid confusion and be efficient. You should be able to request refills and change the automatic refills from the list of all prescriptions. Then they could be split up as you have them. Also if changes have to be saved put the save button immediately instead of having to scroll down. The same thing goes to having to put refill requests in a cart then having to go through the steps of paying. Once the refills are selected they should finished. There are so many emails sent out payment could be in a email. Seniors are going to be the ones using this app. So you need to keep in mind they have short memories and are not technically up to date. Also only one email needs to be sent out that order was received and sent out with payment due. No one wants to get 4 emails regarding one prescription. They will start ignoring all the emails. Efficiency is the key to less confusion understanding and proper payment.
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4 years ago, KatMc2
Times out and dumps your cart... why?
I think the benefits that Humana offers are great, but the app is awful for the OTC Pharmacy. Love the convenience of being able to do the OTC order via the app, don’t get me wrong, but to have it unknowingly dump your cart if you walk away from it? AWFUL! Then tonight I was filling it out and it timed out saying due to inactivity. I was scrolling through and clicking on different items to see if there was anything else I might need. So how is that inactivity? I guess the app is only good if you already have figured out exactly what you need and you better not dilly dally at adding them to your cart and checking out! It’s bad enough that it times out and you have to log back in, ok fine, but it dumps your cart too! Then I have to try to remember what I had decided to put in there this time...what a HUGE inconvenience. Especially for someone with memory and concentration issues. Please Humana, if you ever read reviews...please correct these issues? I haven’t read previous reviews, but I can’t be the only one that feels this way...I’d be shocked.
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1 month ago, kdp2222
Crapola website- it is so difficult
Getting in contact with the Pharmacy & their communication with the Dr. is always , for MEDS that have refills - Is a nightmare, every single MONTH. CW will send to you a reminder text-but to get the refills on the Same Meds I have taken for over 30 years, starts at least 12 days before refill. DAILY calls to CW & then to attending Dr for communication is like pulling teeth! I have told CW EVERY MONTH that my Dr only has office hours on Tuesday & Wednesdays. This is the situation every month - It is very difficult to be the patient trying to coordinate communication for these two providers! I am going to switch from CW AS THEY WILL TAKE yet another 10 days to mail out prescriptions after they finally speak to each other! So my meds are never available on schedule - Plus I have my own job to take care of, I am tired of babysitting Cw!
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3 years ago, Showmeskb
I’m shopping for a different provider…
Since I pretty much had to choose Humana when I started Medicare and needed a prescription provider supplement, I have had one problem after another. When I call them, it takes forever to get through all the Robo-questions and then the wait time to talk to a representative is unacceptable! I just tried to use their app for the first time, and it was so frustrating, it inspired me to write this review… I placed an order (reorder) 12 days earlier with a representative. Yesterday, after running out of my meds for two days, I called them back. After jumping through all of the Robo-operator hoops, I waited for a representative (on hold). Finally, the representative (after having me repeat most of the information that I had to give the Robot), I find out that there was no record of my order (which I had invested a lot of time in, 12 days earlier). I asked to speak to a supervisor, but they weren’t any available and one would call me back later in the day. Guess what, no call back from a supervisor. So, if you have a choice when you choose a prescription provider, DO NOT CHOOSE HUMANA!!!
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2 years ago, Luxurious.Brown
Why am I being charged?
Makes me curious as to why I am being billed for my prescription of Linzess 72mg, 3 month order? I was under the notion that because I was getting my meds delivered and not using the local pharmacy, it was at no charge. I mean, I get charged $3.65 for Linzess when I picked it up at WinnDixie Pharmacy. But this was before I enrolled in the Humana Home Pharmacy system. I am out of this particular medication, thus the $6.99 expedited fee. And I understand that charge, but I would appreciate an explanation of why I’m being charged $9.65 for the 72mg Linzess, when I didn’t when it was Humana!! Thanks and I mean no disrespect by my word choices, k. Honest to goodness, don’t think it’s lost on me that I sound like a smart-*** when I type emails. That being said, I mean no offense, I was just sorta surprised when I saw the total for my most recent order. Thanks Centerwell! -Patrick Brown
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3 years ago, J Martin 50
Humana website
This is one of the most frustrating websites I have ever accessed. Keeps tell me my password is incorrect. I reset it and next time I try to access the site it doesn’t recognize my new password. Also when I am out of refills the site site says it will contact my doctor for approval. After a day or two I receive an email informing my they are unable to contact my doctor. Don’t see why you are unable to make contact with my doctors office I have no problem doing so. I then access the portal at my doctors office and make the refill request there and no problem they order the refill. If I could rate your site a zero I would. I just want to talk to live to a person but you make that difficult as well. Extremely disappointed in your pharmacy service and definitely would not recommend it to anyone!
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1 year ago, castlefloors
Don’t trust electronics totally
Most of us who are mature thinkers allow that electricity is crazy, subject to error, and everything that man has made is subject to some degree of corruption. The app is no different. Works nicely most of the time, but not all the time because it is a construction of average humans doing their best to do well. Medicine apps for hurting or sick or dementia folk never do the job as the impatient demand. Yet, I think that is doing a decent job. Give others a break, I say. Take a look at what the pharmacists have to do and empathize with them. They mean we’ll and really care. Medicine is complex. More so than people want. Keeping tabs on our own refills is an adult responsibility. Expecting others to do it all for you is childish. Be thankful for Center Well Pharmacy. They’ve been good to me.
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5 years ago, RK Austin
Always a problem with my scripts. They’ll just cancel them and I have to get the doctor to resubmit them. The app will say the RX has been shipped then they cancel it. Then I have to get doc to send a interim RX to local pharmacy because I’m almost out of meds. The price of meds aren’t consistent. One month it’s this price then the next it’s significantly more expensive. I was supposed to save money they said. GoodRx has cheaper prices on 3 of the 5 meds I take. Between comparing prices month to month and trying to get scripts resent, hustling to local pharmacy because of their mistakes, I’m done with this app. They have my credit card number that I entered so I could conveniently pay online, but every time they need me to call them and I have to give them this info again. Just a horrible experience. I would give this app zero stars if I could. I’m a non-critical and relatively patient and understanding person but this is ridiculous .Ughhh. : (
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3 years ago, boo boo princess
Frustrating app
I recently changed my primary care provider. Despite the fact that I have repeatedly informed Humana pharmacy that my previous provider should be removed from my account, that includes any & all prescription medications including any refills, this does NOT transfer to the Humana pharmacy app. I’ve called and spoke to a Pharmacist ( more than once ), a pharmacy technician ( more than once), and a pharmacy “ customer service “ representative. None of these individuals have been able to accomplish the above task. I’ve even had actual conversations with pharmacy employees who have stated that they are not able to access the app. Recently I went over 8 weeks with No access to my account as I was locked out. It took me multiple calls before I could get that issue fixed. Therefore I like the simplicity of the OTC shopping, however currently I am having difficulty getting my prescription refills with the proper medical providers name on them.
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6 years ago, Ex-Google Fan
2 Thumbs Up
The Humana pharmacy App opens fast & responds appropriately, however , as soon as you complete your transaction and hit “Submit” or “ enter” the app closes without processing your request. It closes during all transactions that I have tried. Such as, refilling a prescription, ordering a new prescription, and placing an order using with the over the counter drugstore. I have downloaded the latest updates and have tried this using my iPhone 6s as well as, an i pad air 2 with the current IOS versions and Humana pharmacy software updates. I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it which did not help. I also tried going in through a web browser clearing all of the cookies the temporary files and data closing the web browser and then going to the website again. When submitting the request or hitting enter I received an error & once again, I was kicked out of the page for that site. I also use the Humana Medical insurance application which works with out any technical difficulty on my iPhone 6s and the i pad air 2. Your help fixing this app or my user error (which isn’t impossible 😉) would be greatly appreciated. Due to my schedule is extremely difficult to contact the Humana pharmacy personnel during daytime working hours. Thank you in advance for your time and assistance, Donna
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2 years ago, Mollybutter
Ordering Medications
I thought ordering online was a bit confusing. I wasn’t sure if I should take a picture of the prescription bottle and fill out a form or if my information was enough to get the refill. I called to find out and talked to a person in the Philippines (how did I know?) because I spent three years there with my husband and recognized the accent, and he talked to me for an hour and a half. He asked me why I take this medication and thought he had the same symptoms. I tried politely to get off the phone twice but he kept on talking. I really don’t think people answering the phones should talk about personal things or ask those kind of questions. I have to say that ordering through my Doctors office and going to Walmart was easier even if I had to pay.
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2 years ago, mermdream
Limits too low
Hearing you system for your CenterWell Pharmacy OTC stinks. Limits of two per order of things like ibuprofen? That’s ridiculous. You’ll just have to spend a lot more money sending me multiple orders, because I take one package of ibuprofen per week, and need to order 10 at a time at least. The layout is difficult to maneuver, and the wait times when you search for something are very long. It is my opinion you should’ve met left it as Humana pharmacy in the first place, and when I sign in I often find that myPurchase power has been reduced. Case in point being lowering the amount of money for the OTC products and making it once every three months instead of monthly. I’m finding it more disappointing all the time, and if my tech for Dara medication wasn’t so inexpensive on this particular program, I would have opted out for a system that was easier to maneuver and had the benefits that I signed up for in the first place.
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3 years ago, brienne12
Great App
This is easy to navigate. I do like that they do the OTC every 4 months instead of monthly. This way I don’t forget. That’s a lot of free products. I haven’t bought heartburn medicine in over a year. And next month I’m going to by my husband some diabetic socks. The prices of the items are expensive but it’s free money so I don’t mind. I haven’t order my prescription meds from Humana yet but that’s because I change meds a lot and I don’t want to forget to order them. I’m all about being able to get a 3 month supply at a time. Even at the pharmacy. I take eye drops that are $500 without insurance. I got them for $9.20 for three months at the pharmacy. If I continue to take them I’ll see the price difference. Thanks Humana. You’re the greatest supplimental insurance I’ve ever had
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2 weeks ago, ?ridiculous
About as automatic as a dial phone! I have been using Autofill since it was invented! It fails me at least twice a year . I can always tell when it’s screwed up cause they start emailing me or calling me! I have run out of pills because they did not “auto” refill. When I call them it’s always the same excuse.. the Dr didn’t refill! Did you call the DR. No! Did you contact me No! Aren’t you supposed to contact the Dr.? Yes! I take 4 drugs and they have not changed in 12 years. They are 90 day prescriptions. I go to the Dr every 6 months and get all my scrips refilled! Yet CenterWell hasn’t caught on to this even with all th AI available and continually messes it up! I just called you and you have three drugs up for refill the fourth one not for another 3 weeks. I will be out by then!! Why can’t we get all of these on the same page??
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3 years ago, cgr47209
Reasons for the stars I rated on this app
I would love to use the app more often however it is extremely frustrating when I sign in on the app account and every time I change screens to check on an RX on the account it flips back to the sign on screen telling me I was logged out due to inactivity. That is totally bogus. It is not reliable to go from one screen in the app to another without getting kicked off. As an agent I hear the same issues from my clients who have used the app on my recommendation.! Very frustrating for my clients as well. The fact that I am an agent as well as an enrollee means I experienced the same issues as my clients relayed to me. Very frustrating. Even putting in this review the send button is not lit where it can be submitted!! Cyndi Richey
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11 months ago, kathyl78
Great service, quick delivery
This is a great benefit to my Humana Insurance, when I tell others about my over the counter monthly allowance, they are amazed. Having $40 a month to go to the “ Over the Counter Store” online through my Humana Insurance has saved me not only money but so many trips to the store or pharmacy. Because, all the things I can order from it come delivered directly to my doorstep. And I can order from such a wide range and variety of products from toothpaste, pain relievers, blood pressure cuffs, adult diapers, vitamins, bandages to bath mats and Ensure they almost have it all. And if you need more than the allowance you can always purchase it outright. As I said a great service to go along with a good Insurance company, I would recommend to you!
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2 years ago, Scott J. Rose 69
Phone Calls
I have contacted the pharmacy numerous times about scripts refills I’ve asked to be taken off auto refills on all scripts was told that I was removed from auto refills but I still get calls which are a nuisance when I need a script refilled I have and will order them on the app on my phone I don’t need extra scripts in my scripts drawer of my home to mix them up or use newer scripts before I’ve used all old script bottles I went with Humana mail order scripts for 2 reasons so I don’t get these calls from my old pharmacy and so I don’t have to travel to town numerous times a month to pick up scripts and for them to think their going to get me in their store and buy other items that’s why they use tactic I can’t afford my scripts let alone buying other products in a big retail pharmacy or fuel for my vehicle to travel to town please STOP calling about refills if there happens to be a issue with a script that I forgot to get filled I will contact the pharmacy myself to fix issue Thanks : Scott Rose
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3 years ago, febfrank
I have tried lately to order off the OTC app, and had my orders canceled, due to outta stock! Which is a hassle, because have to call in to see when items will be back in stock, and even had the representative tell me that I could Oder it in another brand or design or flavor, and they put the order in, and the other items still come back outta stock! Seems like what or whoever is doing inventory, is not keeping up with updates?! If there is a outta stock items’ then why don’t you (X) it out on the app shelf?! Till it’s back in stock! Also not able to clear off app refill reminders and message, sometimes app will just close and make me relog back in. Than You : please have Tecs look at these issues.
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6 years ago, SpareMoment
Suddenly it’s not working
Over 2+ years it’s worked perfectly! Refills, orders, payments. About 3-4 weeks ago it suddenly won’t display my orders past or if I create a new order, it won’t allow me to complete it and look at it. (I’m on iOS phone or iPad - both are failing) I called Humana CS 2 weeks ago rep said wait about 48 hours. My iOS is up to date. I have deleted and reinstalled app. Called back today to IT. Was told the problem is with the browser -Safari. Wanted me to download a new browser blabla. Again it worked fine on the same iPhone running Safari over two years and now the fix is for me to change things ?! I don’t think so!!! Fix the darn app so it works in all browsers just like it had been. Highly disappointed!
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3 years ago, Stopped tracking
Bad app
If I order through humana pharmacy my sons heart medications will be free. The app never works that even my local pharmacist knows us because they have to fill for few days here and there. Right now when I go in to refill there is nothing there to click to get his meds refilled. I tried for years to get them on auto refill. But nope never happens. Humana needs to do better these are medications that we need and if he doesn’t get them you all will be paying higher medical due to his condition. Get with the program of what a customer experience really means. Invent in people that build the products and know your customers. It makes my stomach turn… get in the game of CX and stop talking the talk. Get your people trained. The app also clocks with every click. It should be as easy as every other app we use daily. Have your people go check out social media apps and learn. I would rather pay for his meds. I will be switching from Humana Pharmacy to Walgreens today.
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4 years ago, gpsofla
They talk a lot... performance, not so much
When you call the people on their end, supposedly pharmacy professionals, kept asking me to spell the name of the drug, which has been around for more than 50 years. Their highly touted drug pricing node has rarely worked or been available. And then there’s the ‘tier’ system.... how convenient to call drugs that cost them more than generic Tier 2, 3, or 4 and cost more than your rent! Contrary to popular belief, genetics are NOT exactly the same as the brand’s original version. By law, they only need to be 80% the same. Which would explain why you sometimes feel like your drug isn’t helping as the brand did. I gave up a decent Rx provider, which I paid for, to get this ‘better’ version of medicare, which included Rx coverage, which is not comparable. Last, I call them and leave messages for a call back... but they call back without IDENTIFICATION on the caller ID. I don’t answer those calls... they are mostly unwanted callers or scammers. I guess they don't want us to actually answer.
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2 years ago, ginapa39
Site is sporadic! At best! No pills?
I’ve entered my credit card info 3 different times and saved it but your site comes back as no card info and it erases everything I entered. Then to top it off, when it was Humana and refills were empty they would contact my doctor. You guys just let it run out. Then what? Is it my job to call the doctor and have them call you to refill a script that isn’t even a controlled substance. I don’t know about other doctors but mine is far too busy to take calls and place them for every script for every person. Worse yet you don’t notify me that refills are done. I put it on auto refill for a reason! This is the second time just since you took over that I realize I am out of pills that I had set up to be here when I needed them. We are senior citizens and this mail order was supposed to make things easier???
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3 years ago, hydreg
Medication Refill
I have insomnia really bad which means when my 30 day prescription runs out, I need the other one on the way. Humana doesn’t allow you to refill until a certain date. When I am down to five pills, I would like to refill and so that I will receive the new prescription by the time I have one pill remaining. For example, I ordered refill on 11/4 because they would not allow me to before that date and as of today I have not receive my refill. This causes undue stress for me because I have to try to call my physician and get a temporary fill untill Humana can fill this order. To me this is a necessary especially as you’ve been a client for years do you have to go through this every month today is 11/11 and I have not received my refill yet that I ordered on 11/4
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3 years ago, Kidatheart56 19
I have had trouble getting notifications beforehand about it being time for my medications needing to be refilled. I have talked to Humana customer service and a Humana pharmacist about getting notifications and both said I would get a notification either by email or text and I still am not getting notifications as I should be and so I am trying to keep up with my refills myself so I don’t run out of medication. My previous home delivery medicine service always sent text messages about when it was time for my meds to be refilled in a timely manner. The previous medicine home delivery service even sent notification for my controlled substance medication. I just don’t understand why Humana can’t do just as well as my previous drug plan and so I am working on switching companies if this problem isn’t remedied soon!!
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3 years ago, Ms.Crudup
The reason I choose Humana
I’v been with Humana for 6 years, I was treated with respect and patience from the very first phone call, I receive in-home doctors check-up once a year, all the extra perks the phone calls that I get to remind me about my medication the online services are so great, they even give an allowance for the over the counter items and each yr the allowance is larger, just overall every person that I’ve ever dealt with at Humana Pharmacy has been professional kind and understanding. (Even when I’m a little short with them and not feeling well.) I recommend Humana pharmacy to anyone and everyone. That ask me which health insurance I have. The best me and for me. Thank you to every agent working at Humana you are appreciate. Ms. Crudup
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5 years ago, Butbros
Humana is probably better without such a train wreck
This is a pretty basic app that while likely networked to numerous incoming data points, in my experience, either provides wrong information or missing information throughout. Again, this app dosent have to do too much, and while I researched a recent order discovered the following: Location: address prescription items were being sent to was listed wrong requiring a call to Humana with the obligatory 15-20 minute wait only to be told by CSR that her data showed it going to what was the correct address. So what she had in her computer was inconsistent with what the app showed. Payment: same page showed message: no payment information But when I checked my Account info it clearly showed I had a CC# on file. So even within the app, fields aren’t communicating. Did anyone bother to test this thing? Doesn’t accurately communicate with company data. And dosent communicate within itself to fill in all fields correctly. PLUS: on every order that had shipped. It shows NA for date filled. That’s kinda important I would say. Need to go back to school on this one.
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1 year ago, Msbeasley1
This app is horrible and the layers of people you have to go through to correct the errors are ridiculous. When requesting a vacation override make sure they understand that it is needed asap which is still 2-5 days even if we pay for expedited service. I assumed that mail order would be able to process these items more expeditiously but believe this was to no avail. Don’t assume they will get it right because each layer doesn’t know what the previous layer did. Make sure you have meds to hold you because it will not be processed correctly. This entire system is a nightmare not for travelers just those of us who never leave home.
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4 years ago, Prior exec
Not enough details, disconnects in information
I have had to call twice because of letters I received. In both cases, the problems had already been resolved. If the app had better details on pharmacy order status issues, the issues could have been resolved sooner. Time and resources were wasted by Humana, my doctor’s office and me. In my last call with Humana, 4 days ago, I was told that a prescription had been updated for refills, yet the prescription still shows there are no refills. I now don’t know if the issue has been resolved or not. I tried scanning my prescriptions to transfer them to Humana, but only a few were,added to my prescription list - even though they were approved as they were scanned. There was nothing to tell me what happened between the scan and getting them on my list. I know Humana could have also gotten this information from the pharmacy. It would be more efficient to do so, and then allow the patient to indicate refills that are needed. The rating would have been lower, but the convenience of order on-line is wonderful.
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2 years ago, jnwln
Cart wiped clean and no info about items
It’s certainly better than it used to be! But I had my shopping cart almost completed, I had to go check on an item on a different site, and when I came back to complete my order, it had wiped my cart clear. I had to start over. Not happy. I was signed in, so there’s no reason it shouldn’t have just saved my cart. Hundreds of other shops do, and then they keep reminding you 😊. This site doesn’t give you any details about the items and the pictures are tiny but blurred when you enlarge so you can’t even get an idea from the packaging. So to get details you have to go find it elsewhere. And guess that it’s close to the same. Waste of time. I get that it’s a free OTC allowance and all, but update your pictures and your cart to hold items.
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8 months ago, Greek ~ Island ~ Girl
All right, so I am Molly Wagner’s daughter-in-law and I had to do this for mom because she gets so flustered because of all of the hoops you have to jump through just to refill a prescription or three so I downloaded this app to help her and let me tell you I am only in my 50s so this should not have been difficult for me as I deal with apps and documents all the time however, your site your app your phone system is terribly difficult to get through and you have to put things in multiple times to get the app to except it. Please consider the people that you are supporting and supplying medication‘s to and realize that a lot of them don’t use computers don’t use apps and they get extremely frustrated when they can’t just go in and do what people do every single day please consider modifying or making your app or your phone system easier for senior citizens to use. Sincerely yours, Micky Wagner
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2 years ago, zzzszzzzzzzszzzzz
I called to question an 867. Chg for one month of Lyrica. First agent said a ‘0’ copay. I was disconnected after 15 minutes , no one called back even after phone number was provided verbally! Second agent indicated the 867. Was correct indicating I needed to pay 25% of 2602. My math said only 650. He suggested I probably need to pay more for tier 4 drug. Since Humana converted to Centerwell I have had issues every time I try to order Lyrica, from no pre authorization on file, no order found, Centerwell 6.99 for expedited shipping not guaranteed, script for a few days to hold me overnight was supposedly sent to local pharmacy-never received, etc. I would give them less than one star if it were possible!!
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1 year ago, DBTip
Intuitive and 95% reliable
Nice to have all meds listed, when next available refill is and what my cost will be. It took 3-4 months to get them to charge my debit card instead of sending a bill and ringing my phone. The less time spent on the phone, the more life there is to enjoy. It’s all set up now. I choose which to refill as needed and which to auto refill. I get texts that tell order and delivery status. Much better and less expensive than going through the Walmart Pharmacy system. Too many trips for nothing. This app keeps me informed 24 hours a day. Customer service are good at what do and seem genuinely interested in my satisfaction.
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2 years ago, Jara18JR
I’ve spent numerous hours trying to accomplish a simple task of ordering OTC items. The application does NOT show or advise the user, that an item is NOT AVAILABLE OR IN STOCK. It allows you to place it on cart and order it. Subsequently, 2/3 days later, you receive an email advising the item ( NOT SPECIFYING WHAT ITEM THAT IS). Consequently, now you’re coerced into selecting anything just so that you don’t miss the quarter and loose the benefit (OTC ALLOTMENT) This is extremely frustrating, time consuming, and most of all disruptive to the Customers and Staff. Have you IT Application Developers test out applications ( ON ALL SOURCES; COMPUTERS, MOBILE PHONES , I PADS, ETC) prior to setting up for use by the general public.
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3 years ago, ArgoRFD
Humana Pharmacy App
It’s not perfect, but much better than a previous insurance pharmacy app we have used. For example, if you don’t have a “Second Line Address” the app puts the word “Null” into your mailing address and I don’t know how to fix that. Another issue is we have two - three doctors and when we accidentally had Humana Pharmacy request all our RXs resulting in identical RX requests from multiple doctors. Humana Pharmacy faxed the other doctor about 5 times asking for the prescription they already had from another doctor. When I called to try to straighten it out I was told there wasn’t a thing that could be done other than wait for the RX request to run its course. Other than that, I like this app.
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6 months ago, Nurse Debi
OTC benefit no longer available at any store/pharmacy and their prices are far above local cost. Attempts to research further information on individual generic medications is futile. The labels are not posted when enlarging graphic. How can a healthcare provider not provide education for their clients? Centerwell Rx has extremely limited options. Vit D3, 2000 iu is unavailable. Price of 1000 iu is same price as 5000 iu. This is higher than WalMart and Dollar General. So to double by taking 1000 doubles the cost. Eye drops ordered 1/9, still not received 10 days later. It seems the order didn’t process it until 1/17. How can a pharmacy do this to their clients? Adaptive equipment has limited options. Need walking assistance - non available. Wound care does not include 5-7 day bandages for skin tears. Best alternative per physicians. These are obvious cost savings for the company, without consideration of the clientele served. Seriously disappointing.
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2 years ago, Zepstono69
Change of Primary Physician
I was on the phone for 55 minutes trying to get my information about my primary Dr to this organization (CenterWell) I could barely understand the representative. Her accent was making it so difficult to understand that I thought I was calling a foreign country! She kept putting me on hold to enter some information and verifying things. It seems your technology is slow and backward. When I thought we were coming to a resolution of the conversation, all of a sudden she was gone and I heard nothing more! I didn’t even get a chance to take the survey. I much prefer the Humana Pharmacy but I guess that’s the way it goes. Things always seem to get worse and not better! God help us.
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