Challenges - Compete, Get Fit

Health & Fitness
4.7 (5.7K)
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3 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Challenges - Compete, Get Fit

4.66 out of 5
5.7K Ratings
4 years ago, TallCalGal
Love It - highly motivating!
I joined a team of strangers using this app a year and a half ago. That first team didn’t work out - two of the women weren’t serious about exercising and consistently wouldn’t close their exercise rings which frankly was highly frustrating for me when I was trying so hard to make sure to get my rings closed. My message here would be if this happens to you don’t give up! Try a different group until you find a group that works for you because in my experienceI I almost deleted the app but thankfully after a few tries I found three other women that have become not only my teammates in exercise but in life. I never want to let them down so I make sure to do my exercise to close my challenge rings every day. I have never in my entire life worked out every single day but because of this app and my friends that I’ve met through it I do. If you are looking for motivation to work out every day this is it and I highly recommend it!
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3 years ago, friedlawyer
Game Changer
This App has basically changed my life. I am a participant in WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers). Although many of the uninformed think of WW as a mere diet— the reality is it is a lifestyle choice. It’s not just what you eat but how you think about eating. And it’s also about staying active. That’s where your App comes in. I have the Apple Watch and iPhone, but these tools really spring to life when you connect them with the Challenges App. Every month I compete with about 10 other WW members in all parts of the United States and we have a blast. I never win, but that’s not the point. I try to close my rings every day to stay competitive. It’s addicting. The only improvement I would request is to integrate FitBit into the App for my WW friends who prefer that device to the Apple Watch. I’ve noticed there is a link to that in the settings and I have asked a few folks to try it out since I don’t own a Fitbit. I’m looking forward to the possibility of adding them into the next Challenge. Thanks again for this amazing App.
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3 years ago, 1geraldine
Challenges and Points
The Challenges App is very motivating and I participate in several Challenges every month. Now and then when maximum points are achieved the next day points disappear and are not always retrieved by syncing. Filing a ticket is useless, the reply blames your other apps. You have to increase move points above and beyond the required threshold to avoid getting your points stolen by the app. One (1) point loss can put you way behind in a competitive group challenge where 20 or more have perfect scores. If your progress is not recorded in the Activity App it won’t be in Challenges either. If your watch and phone Activity App isn’t syncing that can be troublesome. I have had to find and use a variety of troubleshooting methods to stay in sync and avoid losing points. 1geraldine
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4 years ago, mattsears18
Needs a lot more flexibility
I REALLY wish that the competition metric could be set to steps or calories instead of points for closing rings. The concept of rings is too abstract. Why do competitions use a 370 calorie daily goal, and why is this not adjustable? You should be able to edit the name and description of teams and challenges after creating them. Names and descriptions should also be optional. The requirement to have teams is confusing in competitions with just a few people. There should be a way to search for challenges or to make a challenge public so that others can join without being explicitly invited (they would still need to be approved). Update: Fantastic! My friends and family and I have all switched to Rove but Rove doesn’t send any notifications so it’s not very motivating for us. My crew will be anxiously awaiting a step challenge app that can send us a ton of notifications throughout the day. I haven’t used the Fitbit app in several years but it sent the notifications that we’re wanting. E.g. “Matt just took the lead! Go get some steps!”
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1 year ago, Khadarrah
Was awesome…when it worked
My sisters and I started using this app with Lose It to get us on a path to better fitness. It’s been both motivating and fun to do with them. That is, it was until a week ago when the app started crashing every time I tried to open it. Sending in a log of the app as requested was no help, they just said they were underfunded so no idea if they would ever get to fixing it. I’ve deleted and reinstalled multiple times, turning off the phone in between. I deleted all 3 apps (Challenges, Lose It, and Apple Health) that work together. Every time I reload and log back into the Challenges app, it’s fine until I get to the part where I turn on Health permissions. Then it’s back to crashing. The only work around I’ve found is to turn off food nutrition sharing to Challenges in Apple Health, but that breaks the ability to record anything but steps. Time to find a different app, I guess. I like this one enough to pay for it, but glad we were still testing it out before I subscribed to Lose It.
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3 years ago, Anon.321
LoseIt! has apparently dropped support for in-app challenges, replacing it with this Challenges app. Unfortunately it appears that some of the best (most motivating) features did not carry over. It compounds other issues in LoseIt like the fact that even “verified” foods are often incorrect. In LoseIt, the challenge showed WHAT points were earned for. So if for example “spinach” was not counting toward veg points, it was possible to choose a different “spinach” option that did count. This was annoying but at least allowed users to get the points that help motive them to eat plenty of fruit and veg. In this new app, there does not appear to be any detail. So a key motivator for many users has vanished. So, so, so disappointing. I’ve used the LoseIt app since it was first launched and saw it develop in really wonderful ways. But in the last couple of years it gets less and less useful, and this new Challenges app is unfortunately part of that decline.
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3 years ago, Maria D M
Love it!
Love the app! Definitely very motivating! The only issue I have is more with the group with some people changing and lowering their daily goals in order to close the rings with lower effort and get more points which is frustrating. I do wish we could still see team members move calories to see if everyone on the team were being fair but hopefully that will come back. Because of the app I work so much harder and actively do more like walking my dog further etc to get more points!
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4 years ago, Kisses curls
Needs a few tweaks
I really like the idea of being able to create and join challenges with my friends to keep me motivated. There are a few things I’d like to see added in future updates: 1- I’m not sure why it only allows you to have four people on a team. I’m guessing it’s to keep things fair amongst all the groups in the challenge. My suggestion would be to leave the group size open and then allow groups of the same size to compete with one another. 2- My second issue kind of ties into the first one. Since I can only create teams of four, I can’t be in a group with all of my friends. This would be fine if I could just join multiple groups. Since I can’t do that, I have to encourage my friends to create their own teams, which can be confusing for people that have never used the app before.
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1 year ago, Jameiley
Keeps me on my toes
I’ve never been so invested in closing my rings, getting those bonus points and competing with others. It has taught me that a little motivation goes a long way. My only issue is the move ring rules. Maybe I don’t understand but since I am heavier than some on the other women competing on my team it’s harder for me to get to 36 points for moving and when I do it takes a huge toll on me up to the point that I can’t do as much next time. The team that I am competing with is a 2 month challenge so we have all been losing weight but the app doesn’t make it possible to re-record our weight for the purpose of the move goal. Hopefully they can fix this but other then that I love this app and I will keep using it after my group challenge ends.
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2 years ago, JadedWolfgirl
Means well
This app means well but lately I have been having issues with the way they do the point system. I set my goal which is different to the one that is used per day for the week using the watch. I almost closed that move circle on the 22nd of February of the year of 2022. Meaning I almost burn 1,000 calories for the move circle. In challenge the move goal is 430 calories. Before going to bed it claimed I maxed out the points when I view the history they took points away from me for no reason what so ever. It can be fun to use but they don’t seem to be honest about what you earn! And I have proof that it actually happens where they are taking away points for no reason. I have seen this company try to restore the points only to have them taken away again. I have taken screenshots of everything as proof of this company running the app doing this. I have the proof.
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4 years ago, Word Monster
Getting better
Dec 1, 2020: I’ve been using for many months now a d it’s working better each time. It helps once you get the hang of it. Would love to see it allow more than four people. Also it would be nice to have a challenge where the goal was to close all the rings and it tallied that instead of points. This is fun for variety. This was original review: Created one challenge for closing the rings and it worked pretty good. The instructions to do so are less than ideal and quite confusing and cumbersome. But, I’m slogging through and trying to give it a good try. I tried the nutrition challenge and couldn’t get it to work. Never could get the meals to synchronize from LoseIt to Challenges. With some work this could be a very nice app.
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6 years ago, Tony08581
Trouble syncing data from previous days.
I did a couple of late night workouts and noticed that my iPhone Activity App (to which this App syncs) tally for move (calories) and exercise (minutes) did not match what was in this app. It fails to update the data for any activity that happens between the last sync of the day and midnight. In other words, if it syncs at 11:40 pm, and again at 12:01 am, the activity that occurred between 11:40 and midnight is not updated in this App, no matter how many times I try to sync. Now that I am aware of this issue, I will manually sync just before midnight when I am working out late at night. However, it would be nice to see this issue addressed in future updates.
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2 years ago, MickeyRena
It was all fun until…..
The latest update seems to be causing all kinds of problems. Several people in our challenge can’t get their points to reflect steps even though the app shows they have the steps. We’ve tried to sync data, signing out and back in, uninstalled and reinstalled, turned off permissions and turned them back on. It’s become a pain to try and figure out. What once was a fun way to motivate one another to get moving has become a source of frustration and disappointment. Not sure what was broken, but I sure hope you fixed it because if we’re having these kinds of issues and the original issue wasn’t taken care of then what was it all for?!
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3 years ago, Alyxana
Awesome! Please add iPad support 💕
I just found this app a few weeks ago and it has been AMAZING! I’ve been a LoseIt user for almost a year and now being able to link that into challenges with other folks on the same path has been so motivating! I love it!! The only thing that makes me sad is that the Challenges app is not currently available on iPad. I do most of my logging on LoseIt on my iPad and I love seeing the challenges there too. But for any challenge created in the Challenges app instead of the LoseIt app, I can’t open them to see my progress because there’s no iPad support. I really hope this is added in soon. Thanks for making awesome apps!!
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4 years ago, TRHood87
Suggestion for update
This app is a great motivator and works well most of the time. The major problem I see is not really with the app, but with people who cannot follow directions. The app needs to be updated so that challenges set as individual challenges do not support teams. Right now, all of the individual challenges I have been a part of are completely invalid because people sign up in teams and invalidate the challenge. Truly losing my motivation to sign up at all because of this problem. App developers, please find a way to distinguish between individual and group challenges in the app. If that occurs, this app would be 5 stars for sure!
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3 months ago, Soleo23
Good unique App!
Let me start off by saying I searched through a lot of apps, trying to find an app that had exactly what I wanted. This app came the closest by providing individual and team challenges in the format that I was looking for. It’s a great app provides reminders and really helps with overall team motivation. But what I must say, I really don’t like that there are no admin features after the setup of the Challenges. You should be able to edit the type of challenge name, teams or even team members, adding this would really make this app one of a kind and truly garner a five star review.
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3 years ago, Quimbiggs
Love This App!
I was searching all over the Internet in different apps for fitness challenges I could join. This app has been the absolute easiest way to find compete. I really like that I can Join a Team or create my own very quickly and easily whether I invite others to my team or strangers join. I also enjoy the social aspect of this app. So be sure to check the “Comments” section of each challenge you join for even more challenge codes or just to communicate with other people competing.
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7 years ago, Lady lovebug
I found it very discouraging when I first saw how many people were in the challenges. Once I figured out how to begin my own challenge and invite others is when it began to pick up. I now have fun encouraging and challenging others and myself as well to complete all rings. Since this app I find myself being more competitive and the drive to have the most points at the end of the day pushes me to exercise. Get this app. It's free and worth it. Live healthy live happy 😁
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2 years ago, aabow2
Very fun but lots of bugs
My friends and I have been doing the move challenges for a few months and we like the motivation and challenge of it all but there have been several points issues and syncing issues that have made it difficult when fighting for a place at the end of a challenge. Would give 5 stars if the scoring was a bit more exact and worked more. And that the apple watch app sometimes shows different points than the phone.
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5 years ago, GettingFitinmy50s
Team Challenges = Great Motivation!!!
I would give this 5 stars if there was a team chat feature. If we could talk to each other as a group, it would be more motivating. I am only able to send my team messages that are predetermined. I can only talk to them one on one. If someone tells me they have an issue or need some help, why can’t they tell our whole team? Why can’t we talk as a team? If I knew my teammates personally, I would set up a group chat some other way. This would be a great modification to an already fun and motivating app.
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3 years ago, c1clgrl
App Deleting Points
The app keeps reducing my prior day points. I have synced my app on the history page but that doesn’t update prior day points. I have deleted the app and reinstalled which worked once but hasn’t worked since. This seems to be a bug that happened in the March Challenge. In addition to the app deleting my hard earned points, there are days that I clearly exceed my point goals (based on Apple Rings app) and Challenges does not give me the full points earned. Very Frustrating! I have been using this app since June 2020 in a very competitive group competition. I have been happy with the app until March 2021 when these bugs appeared. Please fix!
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1 year ago, Reviewz_
Eat Well Challenge needs work
There are syncing problems between LoseIt and Challenges app, the Lose It “verified foods” requirement is glitchy and you can’t see if a food is “verified” from “My Food” tab. Because of the syncing issues days will go by without accurate points tracking which defeats the entire point of the challenge. Even the support rep admitted the Eat Well challenges aren’t reliable. You should fix this or remove it as an option. It’s actually demotivating and is probably you them money on Lose It subscriptions.
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5 years ago, MN1
Deleted it
App immediately opens to a screen to make a “Lose It” app logon. If I wanted to use “Lose it” or have an account, I’d of downloaded that app instead. Have found that most apps lately that require an account that needs to be logged into are data sellers, meaning everything logged about you is sold to “partners” and the company you’re dealing with will say they are not responsible for what the partners do with your info. Did not make an account in this app, so did not get to read the fine print, but it’s a good guess that’s where this was headed. Apps are what’s for sale anymore, you are. And your entire online world is tied to the email account you use, which is also tied to the real world.
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3 years ago, arbroh
Magical apps to lose weight !
Hey, I started using this app on Feb, 15 with the starting weight of 275 lbs. today after 22 days, on March 7th, I got to 258 lbs. l understand that losing weight is not easy especially when you kept the high weight for long time. Using this app, I am educated on what to eat and how much and most of the benefit are showed up after tracking my nutritions. I am happy with this app. I am sure that I will achieve my goal I.e. 187 lbs (high side for my height) sometime very soon.
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2 years ago, WastedTime78
Needs Revised
I definitely understand that going by current weight is the easiest way to do this, however, there are people who are high weight/low caloric intake due to active weight loss. If my caloric intake is only 1200 calories, but my move goal is 1710 to get max points…that’s not gonna work. Maybe come up with a better way for those people who are eating less calories? It’s not like there are any prizes in this and so many people cheat while those of us who play the game with honor aren’t going to benefit from starvation mode.
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4 years ago, EmmJay217
Won’t be using again without an update
I’d give this app 5 stars in a heartbeat with two changes.... 1) PLEASE make an option for a challenge creator to select individual or group. It is beyond frustrating that there is no control of this and that people can create teams when the creator explicitly states the challenge is for individuals only. Whether people simply can’t follow directions or purposely sabotage a challenge, it’s very disheartening. 2) I noticed in my last challenge I had to sync several times for my data from my watch to match my data showing in the app. The sync feature is a bit buggy. Other than that this is a great app. Very user friendly and I like the scoring system. Would use it a lot more and would even pay for the app if those issues were addressed. Unfortunately until the individual/group issue is addressed I won’t be using the app any longer.
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5 years ago, P!nkLun4+!c
Love it, but...
I love this app! It has really motivated me to keep moving. The display is quick and easy to read. The only drawbacks I have are: #1 at times, it won’t sync and I have to turn everything off and restart to get it working properly. #2 it is extremely difficult to earn move points. After a 4 mile brisk walk, I still cannot close the move ring. Each day, I try to close it 3 times and after working out for 2 solid hours, that still doesn’t happen. Great concept, because I love a good competition, but the app needs a little work.
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4 years ago, OJ3D
Great! A Few Tweaks and I think they're onto something
Great! Was looking for something like this. Apple watch only does one one one completions and this does it via groups which is perfect. If you do a challenge and do a solo team it works as intended. However you can do it 4 to a team but not what I use it for. Think the interface could use a little cleaning. Would be nice if there was a buy in to compete for money etc.
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4 years ago, great brain teasers
Great motivating app but......
I love the app and how it motivates me and my friends to move throughout the day to close the circles. Is it possible to the creator of a challenge establish if it is a group or individual challenge? When a challenge is created as an individual/solo challenge, teams are set up and people join them as a group and it makes the challenge unfair. The creator should be able to edit teams that don’t compile to the rules.
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6 years ago, McBEAN29
So far, just buggy, will update when useable
Accepted a challenge invite so I installed the app. Went through the process of creating a profile and allowing access to Apple health info. Tried to proceed to challenge, “create team” popped up, made team name and clicked enter and get an error popup. Click challenges, sends me back to create team. Endless error pop up cycle, inevitably making this app un-useable and useless. Hopefully the developers can fix this bug because the premise of the app is what is lacking on apple’s end. Fitbit has nailed it with their community and challenges and Apple has nailed it with design and function, if only I could have both!!! Was hoping this app would solve that. Still hopefully. Please fix and I’ll update this review. Oh also, “teams” is kind of a lame premise. The goal is to beat your friends in competition, which inspires competition. Can you please set an option to just compete against friends and not have to be a part of a team at all?
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2 years ago, brennerkl
Room for improvement
I love the app. Taking part in the challenges has really motivated me to keep up with my workout. The only complaint I have is that there should be some configuration for the intensity of work outs. I think a person working out for 30 minutes and burning 500 calories should receive more points than someone working out for the same time and only burning 100 calories.
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5 years ago, MelodyCore
A little extra motivation
One of the reasons I bought the Apple Watch is because I thought it was really cool to close the rings by staying active throughout the day. The Challenge app just takes that up a notch! You are accountable to others. Really. If you sign up, your team is counting on you to earn points. Every day since I joined a group I feel that and I’ve been dedicated to doing my part.
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5 years ago, Aggravated.....
Great app, needs some changes
I’m not sure why the option to have control of the challenge/teams had never been implemented, but it is SO frustrating when you try to set up an individual challenge and people don’t follow directions on how to do that and run it for everyone else. It would be nice if wet had the ability to remove people from our teams and also remove teams from our challenges. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Other than this, I love this app.
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1 year ago, Hallo, Ich heiße Heidi
Wanted to love this ...
... especially given the high overall ranking. But I cannot get it to work! I've tried to contact customer service three times and have not had any follow up from them, which is even more disappointing than the bugs the app has. So here I am. As other reviewers have mentioned, the app won't sync with Lose it. Once I grant full permission to access apple health, the app quits and will not open again. TLDR: inoperable app, poor customer service, and based on the other one star reviews, a development team who just doesn't seem to care about user experience.
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4 years ago, Sissy_49
First challenge
I just started my first challenge through this app today! So far I am loving it. It is giving me the motivation to get moving and stay moving! I just wished you could write a message to all my teammates at once instead of selecting a pre written message or writing it individually one at a time. Perhaps the option is there and I just haven't figured it out yet!
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2 years ago, QuiksilverMusic
Too many syncing/scoring bugs
Have used this app for years with employer and friends, and this is the first time I’ve experienced so many bugs. First, the time it takes to data to sync is bonkers. Almost have to close and reopen a handful of times before it recognizes anything that’s logged. And secondly, the scoring is way off. My wife and I log the exact same foods and recipes, and see major differences in scores. Very frustrating.
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2 years ago, GinaZ73
Great app except…
I absolutely loved this app and it kept me so motivated. I much preferred the team based challenges since I’m super competitive. But I’ve finally given up over having to put up with inactive players. Impossible to find a team that is consistent. I deleted my account and left…I was already an ultra active person every day. I’ll just stick with the conqueror app to watch my progress.
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3 years ago, maeybee
Love it but...
Love this app! I competed on a team and it was great motivation to close my rings each day. I really wish that the close your rings challenge was open to iPhone users as well. So many of the people that we asked to join our team were not able to because of the Apple Watch requirement. I really enjoyed using this and wish my iPhone friends could enjoy it as well without including food information.
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3 years ago, jezral
Mostly ok
Probably once a day it will just stop counting my vegetables from the Lose It app. I have to keep going back and deleting the veggies, changing the portion size, randomly trying to find similar veggies (like carrots instead of baby carrots, or lettuce instead of scanning a salad barcode) and suddenly it will decide to start counting all my veggies for the day. I don’t know if it is a sync issue, or certain veggies just aren’t classified correctly, but it is hard to be confident in the points when that happens.
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3 years ago, JMU2009
Love the app, really encouraging and motivating
I’ve been using the app for airtime while now and it’s highly motivating and encouraging. I like the message feature, but I would be great to have a group chat feature that’s between just the team members as well as the full group. I think this would increase the teams camaraderie! Thanks again for developing the app!
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6 years ago, Rcooked
Much Improved
This app is much improved over the last time I tried it. It’s now got the option to add individual groups for competition with friends and family who have the Apple Watch. It’s still slight confusing and needs cleaned up so that it has the ease of software like Fitbit. It’s going to be a great app when flushed out. Very impressed with the progress, as this is just the sort of competition based app the Apple Watch needs.
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4 years ago, Lady18Bugz
Need Individual Challenges
Overall I am enjoying this app. It keeps me motivated. However I wish there were more public challenges such as weekly or weekend only challenges. Also I would like to see the ability to have challengers where you compete as individual instead of on team. It’s slightly unfair to the teams that don’t have four people as they can’t get nearly as many bonus points.
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6 years ago, Cjrose85
Great in theory, but missing points and support is lacking.
I love the idea of this app. If you work out near midnight though, even after manually syncing prior to midnight, you do not get all of your points. When trying to contact support, they just tell you to manually sync and update the app, then ignore you when you tell them you’ve already done that. This is a huge flaw in the app, as I work out very late in the evening and am tired of not getting my due points.
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4 years ago, s40970
Terrible App Support
App support is basically an FAQ section and there’s no way to contact anyone with any issues not listed in the FAQ. It’s very obnoxious when app devs are to lazy to support their app. Update: After several minutes of trying to figure out what the devs meant, I discovered you have to click the menu on the FAQ page. I have no idea why they wouldn't include a link directly on the page. It's the only option in the menu so my best guess is they don't want people submitting tickets. There's no other reason that makes sense for having it as the only option in the menu.
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4 years ago, Jacklyn kk
this is a fun way to do some team challenges with your friends!! My friends have been doing boys vs girls (girls won of course 💁🏽‍♀️) and we make bets with each other to REALLY motivate us to move. Our next bet is the losing team has to wash the winning team’s cars 🥵 So far I haven’t faced any bugs or issues and I’ve had it for about a month now!
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6 years ago, curryboi07
Good App. but could use a little tweaks here and there.
This app is great! But I used it for an Athletic Center holiday challenge and found the limitations of number of people on a team and made only for Apple Watch users. If in the next update you could change the team limit and have all smart watch users be able to use this app then this would be a better app.
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1 year ago, LL Bear
App keeps shutting down
Have had this app for years. A friend and I are in a one-month challenge but as of today, upon checking stats, the app keeps crashing. I deleted app and downloaded again. Tried to get support via Zendesk, but my credentials (which are the same for LoseIt app) is not working. Tried looking at support pages in app (but app continues to crash). Please get some attention on it.
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1 year ago, KDRupert3
Want to like this app- too many bugs!
The concept is great, super motivating combining social competition, diet, and excercise. Got a group together to get fit and motivate each other and most of the group is having issues with the app reporting currently. Some have the app crashing, some steps are not counting, some can’t get lose it data to refresh. Super frustrating because it’s so close to being the perfect health tool. Please fix the issues!
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5 years ago, Leonardoty
Cool in concept, dumb in practice.
The idea of the app is cool, to bring together communities and have them compete in fitness competitions. But the problem is, the app aggregates points based on the number of members - so all you need is more members and your team wins. The correct way to do it would be average points per member, so that it doesn’t matter how many team members your team has. The app also hasn’t seen an update in over 6 months. I uninstalled after a week when the notifications got out of hand.
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6 years ago, Justin Bonz
Luvs it but could be better
Overall it’s a pretty wonderful app and motivates me to when I need to get done and I’m grateful to have the challenge on an annual basis. I wish I have the ability to kick people off at team as a creator of a team it will be nice to have a little bit more control. I’m not sure if the app changed much from last year either. Ultimately Does the app get the job done? Yes
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