Chard Snyder Mobile

Health & Fitness
4.4 (720)
17.1 MB
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Last update
9 months ago
Version OS
13.6 or later
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User Reviews for Chard Snyder Mobile

4.39 out of 5
720 Ratings
3 years ago, Didney Whirled
Managing expenses
When creating a new expense, “submit “ does not work. Instead, “save for later “ actually submits. As well, would be nice to be able to request distribution right from that screen, since all the info is there. No help button that I can find. Had to figure it out for myself.
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1 year ago, JaimeLee30
Worst FSA provider ever.
I am grateful to know I’m not the only one having an absolute terrible experience with Chard Snyder as FSA. I have used FSA through multiple other vendors over many years and have never, absolutely never, experienced the multiple claim denials and demanding repayment for something already paid. Dental not totally shocked but the receipt I sent I’m didn’t clear it and they required more and more docs. Now they are demanding repayment on a Dr’s office deductible that I see every month and pay every month according to my insurance card requirement. They deactivated my card and held my $ hostage until I jumped through multiple hoops to support my claim. They said if you need to use it we can temp activate for 1 day I said what if something comes up on a weekend and was told sorry not sorry. I will absolutely NOT participate in FSA next year (2023) if my employer uses them again. I have reported them to my HR rep as multiple people at my company are having a lot of issues. They called them and claimed that none of the issues occurred that I reported.
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7 months ago, Don't care any name
Horrible FSA provider, awful to use.
One of the hands down full stop worst FSA companies I have ever worked with. Never in my life have I experienced such constant denials of services that have been previously paid with no issue, including identical services that chard Snyder approved merely a month prior. Dental, eyeglasses, prescriptions, physical therapy, absolutely anything and everything that they can try to deny a claim on in order to keep your funds through the end of the year they will do so. It is completely bonkers. I will never put a cent into this horrific company or it’s crazy business practices ever again and I implore you unless you want to spend hours screenshooting documents, scanning things, uploading obscure details and docs into their poorly functioning portal, RUN and do not use this awful company. I hope they go bankrupt.
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3 years ago, very annoyed users
App doesn’t allow comments
getting denied and can’t type a message to explain the claim submitted. It’s annoying that the people who processed the claims didn’t read the receipts correctly and they could put incorrect comments but I cannot put any comments to explain it when filing!! So one sided. Had to call them and they still don’t get it when it was a valid claim. Filed again and they still don’t see the information correctly and wasted my time to keep filing and had to mark the areas on the receipt with no easier way to type up an explanation!! Having to file a claim 3 times for them to process it correctly is wasting everyone’s time and not to mention I should have received the money back on the first claim if I could comment accordingly.
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3 years ago, Donna Owens
This company refuses to pay valid claims, even with receipts. This is the second year in a row they have denied dental claims. Now they are denying chiropractic claims, prescription claims and again dental. It is exhausting and incredibly frustrating to speak to someone at the company. Have literally gotten an “oh well, not our fault” answer from them on more than one occasion. The only person there that I ever spoken to who is nice and tries to help is Jason and then someone goes behind him and after the claim is paid they then change their mind saying it’s ineligible they need more documentation. More than the doctors letter and receipts. It is terrible and time consuming. Next year I will not be contributing as long as my employer uses this company. This is supposed to be a good benefit but they make it a miserable experience.
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1 year ago, Yapadog
Horrible FSA!!!
First experience with Chard Snyder. I’ve had multiple FSAs over the years. I’ve never had one that denies almost every claim. Doctor visits, dental, therapy and Rx. Across the board denials. I didn’t even know that was legal. You have to go through a ton of steps to get reimbursed for your charges. It would be better not to have a FSA with the amount of time and trouble it takes to get paid back or even have a payment made with their card covered. Even when required paperwork is submitted, there is a good chance it will be denied. This seems more like a scam to keep people from using their money, so it’s forfeited to them.
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3 years ago, Epicore7
Smart savings
I am so glad I decided to get an HSA. COVID-19 rocked my world-everyone’s! Other savings was used to keep my family and I afloat but then I was not able to work on the med bills that were hurting my credit. Although things are still tight around these parts I can feel better that I have been able to positively effect my credit by pay a lot of my loans down.
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4 years ago, MsChelle C
So convenient and user friendly!! I’m able to upload pictures of the bill/receipt/explanation of benefits and they directly deposit the funds into my bank account within a week of two! Also it shows my balance so I can see how much I’ve used and how much I have left for the year. Love it!!
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2 years ago, tbubbles5
Too much to input
End date of claim should default to start date since that what it is most of the time. The EOB states what the claim is for so you shouldn’t have to enter that. The provider name is also on the EOB. Basically if you are submitting an EOB you should not have to enter all the information that is already in the form. This is already a time consuming process. Camera feature is nice.
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2 years ago, LizRN2
Worst service ever
Very Poor. Very difficult to be reimbursed for covered expenses. I can’t believe my claim to be reimbursed for a breast pump and for medical care while in the hospital including separate payment to my anesthesiologist for an epidural kept on getting denied. So frustrating dealing with customer service and having to submit and resubmit receipts. I finally just gave up. I wish Bon Secours would drop Chard Snyder’s services. We had no problems with our other FSA administrator. There are much better options available.
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2 years ago, Ms RoJo
User Friendly
It seems like I always have to log completely in (the Face ID or saved info never seems to work) or change my password often. Once I get past logging in, everything else is user friendly for me.
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2 years ago, Blah to CS from Indiana
Chard Snyder Mobile Account
Only allows 4 photos for medical receipts or EOBs. Most EOBs are 3+ pages, as are medical receipts. There is a function within the mobile app called ‘receipt organizer’ where you can upload additional photos, but your staff cannot access that part of the app. When you file a claim, you cannot choose the correct patient name. (An employee’s covered family member.) You can only choose the employee. There are a lot of bugs like this w/in the app. Not exactly user friendly. Remember that this is not CS’s money. The money belongs to the employees who’ve contributed it to their accounts. CS is only responsible for distributing it as appropriate. Your business practices do not reflect this fact at times.
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2 years ago, chickfilgay
Constant Login Issues
I’ve had this app for several years (and several iPhones) and without fail I have login issues EVERY TIME. It never saves my FaceID preference for login no matter how many times I change the setting back to it, and I have to reset my password almost every time I try to login because it is either expiring them within 30 days or is caching old passwords and rendering me unable to login. Chard Snyder also cut off my access to my FSA for 6+ months of my pregnancy in 2021 while they had me submit an endless number of documents to get them to allow a charge for a claim my insurance processed and approved with no issue. All in all, if your employer has Chard, be prepared. Your life likely just got a lot more difficult…
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3 years ago, Eat it...
Keep it up
The convenience of the app is great. The only down side is that when I am looking for eligible items there is not a huge selection to choose from. They should have an free text to where I am able to type in the products myself. Otherwise it’s a great app.
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2 years ago, Azzajoe
If you do not provide a receipt in a certain time period, rather than disallow the charge they lock you whole account up and prevent you from using the money for its intended purpose until you provide a receipt. Then when you do provide the receipt, they still keep your account locked up with no explanation. This is Outfit seems shady. My wife has had an FSA for years through her employer and none of this happens.
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4 years ago, Victoria Kelly
I can not give this company a good rating
Never have I had so many hoops to jump through just to use my money to pay for medical expenses. I am still fighting to get things paid for from two years ago. This company makes my blood pressure go up just having to call them to plead my case to use my own money. Then I get told something is approved while another person says it’s not an approved item when they sell the same thing on their website too much of a headache
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2 years ago, mljohnston3753
Ease of Access
The Chard Snyder App makes managing my FSA account easy. Claims and receipts are very easy to submit. Also the app keeps you aware of any actions needed to process your claim. Support personnel are polite, professional and very helpful. I’m extremely pleased with Chard Snyder managing my FSA account.
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3 years ago, qnt1017
Great and easy-to-use app!!
I highly recommend this app to submit your receipts for reimbursement. It’s super easy to use and you can take a picture of the receipt and submit it directly through your phone.
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3 years ago, M-Reviewer001
Works, but...
Nice app, but I wish there was an ability to update any field in the expense. Just being able to update by adding a photo is not enough. Would also prefer to be able to upload a PDF.
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2 years ago, szooghey
Easy to use
I use this app often since I have not received my card to pay for my medical and prescription costs. It’s super easy to upload receipts to file a Claim . Couldn’t be easy
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2 years ago, 1302dora
Fast and easy to use
It’s super easy to upload any receipts and you can always talk to a customer service person whenever you have any questions.
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2 years ago, Annoyed with this company
Not able to view notices
What is the point of having options to view denial letters and receipt request letters when the letters are not loaded into the app? It would be really helpful to be able to read the denial letters and the letters requesting receipts so that I know what is needed. Also, would be helpful to notify account holders if the card has been disabled.
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2 years ago, Leeong
Managing your medical expenses just got even more convoluted
App has poor UX, with buttons placed in odd spots, menus out of order in a maze-like fashion. For many issues, you have to be logged in to both the app and a desktop webpage, which is frustrating. Conceptually, the entire service is highly frustrating, but the app makes it even worse
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2 weeks ago, Metsman5
Never again.
I will go out of my way to NEVER, EVER use Chard Snyder for an FSA again. Total scam. Their business model is to maximize the money the return to the companies that sponsor them. Why else would I get questioned on a bill paid 4 months ago to a medical supply house? I’m the one responsible if I get audited by the IRS. Most people understand that. I see zero reason for the claims denials when we submit valid claims from valid companies!
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3 years ago, Clark - Igo
Never pay medical bills
Every time I submit a claim they are denied and they ardor medical procedures. I will not do this next year now paying out of my pocket for money you have of mine I have sent all my receipts in
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3 years ago, KrystleAmber
Such a user-friendly app and it is so convenient to be able to input my pin and either check my account balance or submit a claim. I recommend it to anyone who has an account with Chard Snyder.
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3 years ago, Jim1420
Solid app! Like the camera upload of receipts
Fairly Easy to use, mobile is set up to do things quickly
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2 years ago, Berbsies
Wish I had found this sooner!
So much easier than the email or website!
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3 years ago, CJ the dog mom
App is super easy to use
I have had a much easier time filing claims, getting my balance, and just generally accessing my information.
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3 years ago, Aabare
Saved providers.
Would be really nice to save commonly used providers. My family has several maintenance prescriptions. Having to type the name of the pharmacy every time...
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2 years ago, toobigadog
Information is not correct
The employee is not listed on our account. The Spouse’ name is listed TWICE. We cannot correct this information. Therefore, WE are unable to accurately describe and file a claim. We have 2 cards, both with the employees’ name, several providers refuse to allow the card to be used because the card does not include the name of spouse.
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2 years ago, TyroneKYates
Wonderful App
This new app is wonderful and I can achieve in seconds what it used to take frustrating hours to achieve. Best app of any kind I have ever used.
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3 years ago, mom2tahm
Submit claim
Easy and simple process. Enjoyed using the app and didn’t have to go through a long process.
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2 years ago, Mommac2005
Ease of use
I love the convenience of the CS app. I can just scan a receipt and submit a claim without having to worry about printing, facing, scanning, or mailing. Soooo easy to use. Thanks
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2 years ago, Wrightds
kind of a hack
OK you can submit a claim - it’s not easy, the interfaces is basic as you could possibly make it, plus they love to spray around your Social Security number and the text to phone feature doesn’t always work
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3 years ago, Evelin Huizar
Quick & easy to navigate
I like that you can now submit reimbursements right on the app. No need to go on to a desktop style browser.
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2 years ago, mobile experience
Mobile experience
Every time I log into the account I have to manually enter the password. It never picks up the face recognition ID. Today when I logged in, it made me reset the password for no reason.
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2 years ago, 4DXB
Clunky bad communication
This works but they randomly make you change your password. I know why they are trying to keep us safe but LET US KNOW WE NEED TO UPDATE OUR PASSWORD. it’s wildly frustrating to go to file a claim and neither Face ID nor password is correct.
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2 years ago, Magnolia49
Love your Chard-Snyder App
Easy and faster to use. I can use my camera instead of having to send pdf’s via my computer.
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3 years ago, a healthy adult
Easy to use
The representatives on the other side can be extremely rude and talk down to you but the app is super convenient
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2 years ago, ytan78
Fairly easy to use. Had a couple of issues with quality of the picture
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3 years ago, SW-attendee
Password agony
Try entering a password that meets all the requirements without being able to see what you are typing. Please enable us to show our password as we change and retype it. Terrible error messages too: about 5 different ways to screw it up, but no way to know which one applies to you. It took me way too long.
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1 year ago, Aqua Zumba fan
Good app
We have been using this app for years..It just makes flex spending so much easier!
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4 years ago, Muttley000
So much easier than sending paper
The app makes it so much easier to file claims, or send more information on existing claims.
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3 years ago, Subypal
Friendly and excellent apps
Friendly and excellent apps to view, pay and manage investment.
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3 years ago, glitzfritz
Super easy... and kinda fun!
Makes my FSA really easy to use. I can upload receipts right from my phone, and receive direct deposits quickly. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Verrry addictive
Easy to use and upload receipts.
This app is great. It is really easy to use and you can upload your receipts.
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2 years ago, Motorman75
Easy to use
Filing claims, checking if something is eligible, or seeing costs of medication is easy on this app.
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2 years ago, Daveu Crockett
Constant hold of true medical expenses. Forced repayment after multiple resubmissions of receipts and EOB. It’s my money I’m using for medical expenses and they keep making it difficult to use my own funds. App also needs some work as it can be difficult to navigate.
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3 years ago, KimmyChem
Very easy to use
Thank you for providing this app. It’s very user friendly and makes filing claims a breeze!
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