Chomper Chums®

Health & Fitness
4.4 (17)
86.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
United Concordia Dental
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Chomper Chums®

4.35 out of 5
17 Ratings
6 years ago, Megwin19
This is just awesome.
I never write reviews but I was so impressed by this simple app. It clearly was made with the health of your child in mind. They have come up with a way to encourage healthy hygiene and eating habits. I like how it shows where to brush and floss while the timer is going during the toothbrushing. I think it helps my son to get a little bit more of an understanding of what I’m doing when I’m brushing his teeth, and therefore helps him to feel more relaxed. I think that this will help him to brush the correct way on his own eventually. It’s also really neat how you earn coins and points for brushing and flossing and rinsing and then you can use those coins you have earned to buy your character food and drink, and you can choose to buy either healthy food or unhealthy food for your character, and those choices actually make an impact on the health of your character. So the child is being rewarded for good oral hygiene habits as well as good eating habits in this truly exceptional, yet simplistic tooth brushing app.
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6 years ago, Carolina Peaches
Easy to use
This app was a game changer in my house. My 5-year-old grandson lives with me while his mother is deployed with the Navy. He and I have a wonderful relationship with the exception of one thing: brushing teeth. He hated it. Hated the taste of toothpaste, too. Bedtime was a struggle just to get him to brush. Well, I heard about this app on the “Sawbones” podcast. What a difference! Now brushing twice a day is fun! We brush our teeth together as we follow the animals as they brush. The little germs are cute too! And one thing I learned along the way is that I was not brushing long enough! So Chompers taught me something too. This free app clearly had a lot of thought and work put into it by its designers. I wish to thank them for offering it for free and for making brushing fun in my house!
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3 years ago, AGoody15
Get’s my kids to brush without a fight!
I love this app. My 3 year old has Sensory Processing Disorder and it used to be a knock down drag out fight to get him to brush his teeth. Recently he and his little brother (19 months) have been obsessed using this. They brush for the 2 minutes, and then want to go through the floss and rinse part to continue to brush their teeth. Fantastic app for anyone with a headstrong kiddo!
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5 months ago, roblox/love
This is just WOW! Let me tell you all about it! You have to put your name and choose your desired animal. When your done, make sure you have a flosser, a toothbrush, and something to rinse with! Then, you will press the arrow at the top corner and the button in the middle! Now you can start! Your animal will lead you step by step! Enjoy!
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7 years ago, AnnoyingErasingApps
My kid asks for floss!
She loves this app. It isn't just a timer, it actually shows very clearly how to brush, floss and rinse, and kids are rewarded for feeding their "pet" healthy food. My kid has special needs and has had serious cavities and this app is a lifesaver.
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5 years ago, written by dval219
Cool unless on iOS 8
This app is really understanding
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4 years ago, physnicks
My kids LOVE this app, but where is the sound?? It has worked maybe 5 times, we’ve used the app nearly every night for the last year and a half or so. The music really helps the 2 minutes go by faster. Why won’t the sound work???
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4 years ago, HDFS major
Add more
I really love all of it but think they should include brushing the front top and front bottom teeth!
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10 years ago, Chinjillavanilla
Daughter Loves This! Brushes Happily Now!
I initially looked this ap up because it was written by our insurance. It us a great ap! My daughter used to hate brushing, and after this she does I'd gladly. We have been using it for 6 months or more, and she still likes it a lot. You earn coins by brushing, flossing, and rinsing, (you can do one, some, or all three) and then spend the coins on food to keep your pet healthy. This is a nice way to keep track because if you miss a time it's not so bad, but if you skip a lot your pet gets sickly. If you keep feeding your pet, you win an award and start with a new pet. You can choose from 4 pets. You also win awards for brushing regularly. This ap also teaches brushing quadrants and uses a timer. GREAT BRUSHING AP! Thanks, United Concordia!
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11 years ago, jotach
My kids actually use this app!
Best brushing app I've seen. My kids actually use it. It's fun and also times flossing and rinsing. I hope they keep going with this and add more food and more characters. It teaches something about food choices too.
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10 years ago, Apurpal
Great app but crashes now
Used to love this app! My kids loved brushing with their characters and enjoyed earning the coins to buy their animal a treat. But since updating my OS, it has become highly unstable, crashing often. I can still use it, but it won't run at all on my wife's phone. I'd love it if they'd fix the new compatibility issues!! Until then I can't recommend it to anyone with a fully up to date phone.
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11 years ago, PreppychickGM
The best!
This is the BEST children's brushing app out there, and we've tried most of them. This is the best, the most thorough and precise. It shows you exactly where to brush. My daughter and I both use the app, and my teeth feel great afterwards.
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12 years ago, Bobb1300
Kids want to brush after every meal or snack!
My kids are addicted to this iPhone app. They want to brush after every meal any even after every snack! Well done!
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11 years ago, Dad of the in Ohio
Awesome app!!!
Rather then fight with my kids to go brush their teeth I can just hand them my phone, and they fight over who gets to brush their teeth first.
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12 years ago, paige.!<3
Awesome app
My baby brother is in love with this app he is 1 1/2 and he dances to it and wants to keep doing it even after its done this app is a great idea
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10 years ago, Fever Score Junkie
App opens however when I hit the arrow button to begin the app it crashes every time. I tried turning off my phone then turning it back on after install and it still crashes. I used this app about a year ago and had no trouble with it. Please fix.
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11 years ago, 303sunny
I love it! It actually it is good for me. And I now want to brush my teeth even more! You have to try it!
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10 years ago, F-Dizzy
Great app, until the last update
This app has been a great motivator for my son. But ever since the last update it has been crashing constantly.
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12 years ago, Aaa38
My kids teeth look better already!
Fun and helpful app!
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12 years ago, jessedstein
Simple yet elegant
The developers know what they're doing
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12 years ago, Ajpetro
Great app
Works well and does the job.
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10 years ago, Mechfrancis
Not iOS 8 compatible
Downloaded this to try to motivate my daughter and the app opens but when you press play it crashes. Apparently it is not iOS 8 compatible enough.
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12 years ago, Effrazier
Great App!!
It easy to use and to understand.
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11 years ago, jbug0429
Love it! Now my 6-yr old will brush her teeth!!!
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10 years ago, Weirdred
App crashes
I want to like this, but every time I open the app and hit the arrow to start, it immediately crashes :(
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12 years ago, Rchargers
Love it!!!!!
My kids ages 11,9,5 love this app! Great job!!!
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10 years ago, Pensk8jr
Can't play
I downloaded this today and everytime I click get started I get booted out. I can't use this app.
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12 years ago, CleanYourTeeth
Kid loves it!
Nice work. Hopefully less unscheduled dental appointments...
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10 years ago, TheXboxwon
App doesn't work on iOS 8
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