City Sports

Health & Fitness
2 (124)
49.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Fitness International, LLC
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for City Sports

2.02 out of 5
124 Ratings
2 years ago, bob99999
Bad Support for login issue
It’s been two months without any one who knows how to have this fixed by their software vendor. As of today, Jan 13, I tried to use the app and my login worked. Someone must have worked on the issue that I reported but no communication back to me that it was resolved. I am changing my rating to 2 stars at this time. If the app continues to work fine over time, I will increase the rating higher even though the support and communication was slow and still needs to improve.
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10 months ago, HelpdeskMan
Lots of bug issues
Incident: -City Sports apps doesn’t communicate with online/internal network -Login credentials continuously gets rejected despite entering correct account info -Prompts to reset credentials will force log out a user from their app
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4 years ago, yghguguhuhu
Decent gym app
I’m guessing that there’s been improvements after reading other complaints about the City Sports app. I’m able to see gym hours, my membership info, club locations, manager names, etc. I find signing in with my phone convenient too.
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2 years ago, Pstar1950
A membership card pop up.
I have continuously set my app so that when I arrive at the gym it pops up on my screen. Unfortunately it works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t. Anyone else have this problem
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2 years ago, Carlop28
App is getting better!
It’s been pretty spotty here and there but this month, the app has been the most consistent for me. Looking good!
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2 years ago, q8werty
The app check in feature no longer works
Are used to be able to check in from the parking lot using the app but now the check-in box doesn’t show up anymore. I also checked with the front desk and it doesn’t show me checking in.
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3 years ago, mnk311
Impossible to login
The user account and password reset flow is completely broken. The site and app allow resetting credentials, and the new credentials then fail to work for login. You can see others mentioning this in the app review as well. Email support request was ignored, no one at gym offered help.
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12 months ago, Rojellybro
The only good thing you’d use this app for is to check in, it barely does that. App is too glitchy, so much room for improvement doubt I’ll see it anytime soon. Other gym apps are more useful that they could copy. (Ex: planet fitness with being able to see how busy the gym is currently)
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2 years ago, Busy2Gmom
Bad interface for mobile
When I tried to creat an account, I got stuck at 2nd step. It asks “enter the first 5 digit of account …”. It can’t display the entire sentence. How can I know what 5 digit numbers I should enter? And of course I was locked out after 3 tried. The app is not designed for mobile use.
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8 months ago, Recalculating.
Mr Workouts.
Always nice and clean in the work out area. Rest room also clean. Janitors always on top of their job.
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2 years ago, Kikkkkeeeeee67012
It does it’s basic job.
Where it could use some updating to its layout and formats. It could benefit club hours were added to each gym.
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3 years ago, scott2817
Can not even login
This is the first time I wrote an review for an APP, this company seems to have no customer support and IT , I have reset my ID and PW 20+ times as they instructed , but still , can not login . Every time I have reset the PW , it shows reset successfully . But I can never login . Trash for sure .
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1 year ago, Maxime-B
In desperate need for Apple wallet support
The app has a terrible interface, one thing it could do to greatly improve useability would be to have the possibility to offer export of member card to Apple wallet.
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12 months ago, Realbaconator
Where’s the Money Going?
For $60 a month per member I would hope they could pay a developer to make something better than I could in my free time but I guess not. The app is only slightly crappier than the locations.
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5 years ago, ewangdesign
Easily the worst and most useless app you are forced to use
Read above. The most basic and vital information is hidden, try finding gym hours- I challenge you! Useless information is easiest to access. Instead of simple lists, you get a map inconveniently zoomed out.
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6 years ago, Sav138
Needs work
I can’t even access the options that they offer regarding my account. The only thing it works for is checking in at the gym and getting alerts from the kids Klub. Updating info won’t even open it just keeps “thinking”.
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5 years ago, SunnyDee71
They won’t stop charging me!!!
I’ve tried to cancel my membership since November’s now July 2019. No way to cancel or delete credit card from account through app. In person promises were made and never kept. This is why I hate joining gyms...every one of them is a scam.
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5 years ago, 事如春梦了无痕
Check-in history
The check-in history is not accurate at all. I told the receptionists and hoped to get the issue solved. But the issue still exists.
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1 year ago, Dothedonutman
Terribly Developed and Substandard Design
App takes an unreal amount of time to load upon opening, and once finally loaded you are presented with a UX that makes you wish you didn't bother opening the app to begin with.
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2 years ago, Y!user
Show the number of visits per month
Needs show how many times I went to the gym
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5 years ago, Al Terego5
The only thing this app is useful for is putting your ID card on your phone/watch. But every phone update it will stop working, and you can’t fix it without deleting it and reinstalling and re-logging in.
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4 years ago, khayes
“Share details” is screwed up
Need to fix the “share details” on the racquetball reservations - it does not work anymore.
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1 year ago, Tatianuhh
Doesn’t have all locations listed
For over a year now, the app doesn’t have HIIT sign ups or schedules available. We've reached out multiple times for this to be addressed but to no avail. Garbage app.
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2 years ago, nate73637
Can’t log in
The app doesn’t allow you to log in at all. The website is just the same. Fix this problem
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12 months ago, Gillean.G
“My guest” feature not working
Clicking on “my guest” leads to phishing website. Accounts will be compromised.
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4 years ago, Keahi12
Will not recognize user name or password
Can’t use the app if it doesn’t let me in! I’ve reset password 3x after creating account and still have not been able to access y account.
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5 years ago, Scooby doodoo
Can’t open membership card
Can’t even open my membership card to check in but the app says that this update nullifies the plastic membership card so now there’s no way to check into my gym...
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5 years ago, alif lam meem
App loops endlessly
When trying to update my credit card on the app. It loads forever 💩 app
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4 years ago, scott t winkler
Wow: first time I’ve seen an ap go backwards!
No stars if that works! No idea what these people were thinking! Why develop and release a new version of an ap that is a quantum leap backwards. Almost impossible w this version to get basic info, umm, gym hours?!? Doh!
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5 years ago, artemsiyushov
Wallet support/Receipts unavailable
Hey guys. Could you please add QR pass to check in to the Wallet app. Also there is no way to access receipts from the “Receipts” tab. It’s just empty. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Raymen25
Checking in error
Won’t let me switch phones for checking in. Says see someone at the front desk but they’re clueless too. Got a new phone and it won’t let me use the apps contactless check in
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6 years ago, Omlett82
Well, this is my first review EVER on an app. But could not let this one slide. Nowadays, I expect an app to work like the user wants it. I only use it to sign into the club when I go. On the website are training videos - why is that function not in the app? The app really has the bare minimum! When I schedule a training session, I expect that I can add the appointment to my IOS calendar. But that is not possible. CitySports! Work on this!
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6 years ago, Anonymous Gamer 8469
Membership Card
Can’t even have both the Membership Card on the Mobile App and the Card itself at the same time. It’s one or the other. Waste of time.
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5 years ago, Itsbelva
Please update the app
You can’t update your billing information: you must call/ walk in and provide your personal information to someone at the front desk.
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1 year ago, andrewespar
Stop with the notifications
Do I really need to see a notification every time I go to the gym to “Rate how we did”? Very annoying
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5 years ago, Cz9033
Schedule Personal training stop working
Always get “server has encountered a problem” from the app, cannot even check my booked sessions.
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1 year ago, Coco121235
Poor app
Needs to show the number of visits for each month!
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10 years ago, samanata
Crashing & calendar issues
This app is ok and works most of the time. Love that I can scan into the club with just my phone. The app crashes very often, but that's not the most annoying thing. Try adding a class to your calendar and it sometimes doesn't work. Reason? Conflict in your calendar. Hmm, why don't you leave my schedule up to me? I don't need a personal secretary - just put the darn class on my calendar (like your app promises) when I try to add it. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Rocketbadmash
Update app
App takes long time for card to load
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6 years ago, boyaksky
Billing information
Cannot update billing information 👎
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2 years ago, El Gandy
Worse app ever.
Even writing this review is a waste of time.
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6 years ago, Sv_fur
I am not sure how this app passed the article App Store review with that amount of bugs!!!!
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6 years ago, gd4me2day
Minimal functionality.
It’s helpful to check in at the gym get schedules and reserve courts. That’s all folks.
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4 years ago, myn8m3is8ndy
cant even login or recover using the app... garbage...
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8 years ago, Erictheelephant
hours of operation of selected club
the club sport app should at least have hours of operation for your selected club. Why do i have to open la sport to put a favorite club into club sport app? Why is there no personal fitness tracking other than the check in calendar. And the personal tracking calendar should be on the opening page, so i dont have to go through a billing section to get there. There should be a more fitness diary section that a person could track their performance in. Even better, something like a barcode on each machine that can be scanned to show what machine you worked each day. So much can be done with this app to make it more relevant.
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9 years ago, boomjaggle
Needs better features
Really needs to have the ability to notify members when a class they have added to their favorites has been canceled. The old way of leaving a note on the front desk to inform people about the class is sooooo 1990's! Lol Seriously though if you're on a have an app built then do it right so you don't have to spend more $$ to add features that seem pretty obvious.
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7 years ago, K-ron76
Good but more social features needed
App is basic and does the bare minimum but given the overall number of local members, adding more helpful and interactive features to help members leave messages for spotting partners, racket ball or b-ball players or engage socially in and out of the gym could go a far way in making it more usable.
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7 years ago, GINNYA66
Room for improvement
+ easy to cancel appts + make reservations - my pet peeve is when I check in I have to inform the front desk I have a personal training session, if you don't then you have to go back to front desk and recheck in very annoying when you're in a crunch for time. This should register automatically. Inconvenient for both clients and staff. - Ability to send message to trainer directly instead of calling front desk. Sometimes messages are not given in timely manor. - would be nice to have towel request at all facilities 😬 Wish I didn't have to keep wet towels in my car all day especially in the summer.
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8 years ago, Smj1106
Unable to log in (annoying)
I downloaded the app yesterday and created an account through the mobile version. When trying to login it gives me an error message each time "login failed, unable to retrieve profile". I'm connected to wifi and reset my password 10x. I try on my boyfriends phone (Samsung) and I am able to login just fine. Why is it not working for Apple???!!! 😑
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10 years ago, DtmT87
No Wifi, No Login
If you don't have a wifi connection, it won't allow you to login, which makes their feature to use your mobile device as your key tag completely useless. Definitely needs to be updated
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