ClassPass: Fitness, Spa, Salon

Health & Fitness
4.8 (140.7K)
121.3 MB
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Last update
2 weeks ago
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16.0 or later
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User Reviews for ClassPass: Fitness, Spa, Salon

4.84 out of 5
140.7K Ratings
1 year ago, ging1088
I’m OBSESSED with this app
This might be the best app on my phone and I was a fan pre-pandemic. Now I have rejoined and love it even more. I’m a SAHM with a small window every morning to workout while my son is in school. This app has allowed me to sign up for a class during that window, cancel if my plans changed, and overall just been an easy app to navigate. When my first class ended up being scheduled incorrectly by the gym itself, customer service was quick and incredibly generous. I have been able to find gyms that have childcare so I can workout, something I would’ve never known if I didn’t have class pass. I have also been desperate to make mom friends, something I also now have a great chance to do with class pass. When I look at the prices of booking a class without class pass, the prices are higher. For instance, one very popular Pilates gym is incredibly expensive and memberships are more expensive than if you took the classes through class pass. Class pass, I love you. Thank you for giving this SAHM a chance to explore different gyms (something I have found daunting without your app), schedule classes and decide if I like them before getting roped into a membership, changing up my day to day by having different options (and in different cities so you can take a class while traveling), and allowing me to have gym time at gyms instead of buying memberships via the open gym option. Buy this app!!
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2 years ago, shatonyou
So far so good
Been using it for the trial month and even added some credits on because I ran out and going on 3rd month. I got this bc my work schedule doesn’t come out until the day before the week starts and it was great at first but being in the service industry when you’re randomly called into work the same day having to cancel last minute…the fees are pretty outrageous and making me consider canceling. $12-$17 for cancelling less than 12 hours should definitely be changed to at least 24 hours. Especially this time of the year. You’re paying more for missing the class than you would paying for it in the end and now I feel like I just was charged for something I never even signed up for. I do love that I can see all their class schedules for different places and that I can easily make the appointment online. I haven’t used it for beauty things or anything besides working out bc the credits don’t really make sense to spend your whole month on that when it would end up being cheaper in the nail or hair salon. I’m pretty stuck on the 2 core building and 2 cardio classes I take but the area I’m in you think there would be more options besides 1 or 2 pilates studios and especially yoga. Basically more varieties to pick from in my area that are work out related.
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5 years ago, Kayklo
Customer service
-----edit update: classpass has helped me resolve this issue. There had been a mistake in filling out the class review option. I tried to avoid filling it out by clicking "missed class" afterwards. I was refunded and it has been resolved. classpass is a great app with lots of options to workout at different places- but there are definitely small things like that needs improvement. ------ I've had class pass for almost a month now. While I really do like it, for me it's really been lacking in customer service. It's been over 4 days since I contacted customer service about me being incorrectly charged for supposedly missing a class. I specifically remember going to the class, but class pass charged me $20 for missing it. I contacted customer service, and have yet to hear back about what's being done. In another issue , I attended the wrong class and missed the original class, so I was charged $20 again. This yoga studio has 2 locations, and while I was aware of that, I thought that the location on the map for that scheduled class was for that specific location, which would make sense. I had not realized that the scheduled class and location did not match up with each other. I haven’t heard back about this, but I was already charged. My friend, who has the exact same issue as I did because we were together, was reimbursed immediately. I’m just frustrated because I feel like the app would be great if they were more responsive to customers.
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11 months ago, Derrinca
Don’t really love it but don’t 100% hate it
I’ve had this app for a while now. And honestly I don’t love it and I don’t hate it. I could cancel it by the day of tomorrow but I pay $30 a month or so and I can go get some services done. The problem is that sometimes as a mom of two boys and a wife I put everyone else before me. & ClassPass takes your credits and only rolls over some in my case I believe it’s 18 credits that I can roll over. So I’m constantly at 36 because I roll over. The other BIG BIG ISSUE is that it seems like their partners hate working for them because when I have gone to get a service they always tell me they will do it but not to come back because they don’t want to work with ClassPass and they just don’t know how to remove themselves. And the 3rd and last issue is that the services sometimes are terrible. In example I went to go get laser hair removal & the owner’s machine broke. She asked me to come back and so I did but the second time around she skipped all the steps she did the first time and my experience was extremely painful & they burned my face and did not let me know nor did she give me care instructions other than wear sunscreen all a week before my wedding. I rocked a scar for a week and luckily it came off before my wedding but now I’m forever scarred. ClassPass just gave me my credits back but nothing can ever make my face look the same not 10 credits when I’m paying for more. This app is alright but you get what you pay for. 🥴
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3 years ago, Agonzo123!
Fix the two Glitches
Please fix “location” settings to be able to save all the areas you clicked on or city of your choice like Chicago area where you can click all the different neighborhoods you want to see what classes and times are available have it saved so you don’t have to keep doing it each time you want to check for classes & times for multiple locations… just do it once and save it in your preferences or filters. Also, when you’re looking to see what classes are available all the day or from whatever time you want to see all classes from like 10am until 11pm and if you click on a time slot like 5pm to read class description, when you click back out to try and go back to where you left off at it doesn’t do that, it continuously takes you back to the the top of scheduled time slots each time you click to view a class description then you have to start all over again and scroll back down to the time slot you left off at to be able to continue to view the schedule for the remainder of the day. Please fix so we can view a class description and go back to where we left off at and continue seeing the rest of the schedule for the remainder of the day and not have to start all over again from the top.
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4 years ago, cherwonky
Life changer
I started using ClassPass almost a year ago and it has completely changed my relationship with working out. I’ve always needed something that stuck and that would keep me coming back and was really struggling to find that until I got ClassPass. Using this app has helped me with accountability and makes working out fun! My schedule is always changing, so I love being able to view what my options are from early mornings to late nights in my area. I’ve also formed a great sense of community. I love meeting other ClassPassers and have gotten several of my friends hooked on the app. I’ve gotten to know studio owners, and through ClassPass, I ever got trained to be a spin instructor by an owner of an indoor cycling studio which I had been spinning at for several months thanks to finding it on ClassPass! I’ve also gotten to workout in 4 other cities thanks to ClassPass! It’s nice knowing that even on vacation or a weekend trip to NYC, I have places I can drop into. Another perk to ClassPass is the flexibility with monthly credits. I’ve been able to adjust my plan based on what else I have going on that month. I could go on and on about how much I love ClassPass. I had helped me become the strongest version of myself both physically and mentally 💙
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5 years ago, Applejcks
Was a fan, but now may cancel
I really liked classpass —still do in terms of the convenience it provides and the ability to let people try different studios or gyms without separate monthly bills. However, a recent search filter change that didn’t behave the way as expected resulted in me booking a class at a different location than I had intended. Not realizing it, I went to the studio I thought I booked only to be told it was a different location. I cancelled the class since I couldn’t get to the right location in time and would have wasted additional money. When I contacted support about it, the response was pretty much: “oh well”. I’ve been a member and fan for several years and have recommended this service to many friends and family. To not get some follow up on this was pretty disappointing especially since I had spent about $12 for an Uber to make it to the class on time. So overall, i lost out on $32 because of a UI change and the company won’t even waive the cancellation fee. It’s not a big loss, but I find the principle of not owning up to a the company’s mistake (in their interface) is pretty f-ed up. Customers should not be the ones that pay for that. I’ll be cancelling this membership (of 3 years) if this is how they resolve company-responsible issues. Side note: other features of the app are cool. The recent addition of videos at home are super convenient! And I still like the activity filter and time filter interactions.
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5 years ago, rthomasmathews
Pros and cons of Class pass
Pros: you get to try out different classes and gyms for a really discounted rate (per class), no membership/commitment to a specific gym, can be used towards personal training sessions and other healthcare such as massages. Cons: you can only try a class or gym out 4x max but class pass doesn’t restrict the amount of times you book same class or gym on the app - so unfortunately you are told this by instructor (who needs a certain amount of people per class to get paid and ClassPass people don’t count)when he/she has seen you there 4x or more. If these are the rules, then app should restrict booking same class or gym after 4th time (so that it’s fair towards the instructors); also if you’ve paid for a cycle but get ill which happened to me and are not able to use the credits purchased, instead of rolling it over to the next cycle, you just lose them and start over. This really is unfortunate bc I paid for it and unfortunately lost all 45 credits bc I was unable to work out for 4-5 weeks. Another thing is that once you’ve booked a class, they are not able to refund you the credits if you cannot make it to a class for in case of emergency type cancellations (on the day of) and you could get charged $15 for not attending the class even if you have an emergency. Is there not a way to be able to cancel a class on the day of if you have an emergency and not get charged?
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2 years ago, btwnCOandSE
The right motivation to work out
I got a free month of this app through T-Mobile Tuesdays. It wasn’t until the end of the second month, which I paid for, that I took a look at what this app offers. Basically you buy a bucket of points and trade them for classes at various studios and gyms, like Fit wall, yoga, Pilates, gym time, spin, etc.. You can also trade them for hair and nail salons and massages. Participating businesses include various parts of the United States and the world, so you can take your work out with you when you travel. I had tragically fallen off the workout wagon, and couldn’t seem to get it together. Until this app. If you reserve a class and cancel within 12 hours or failed to show up, you pay a penalty. In other words you get fined for not working out. This is precisely the type of system that has worked well for me. I enjoy being able to sample different studios and different types of workouts as well. Although I never expected it, this might be the number one life-changing app I’ve used.
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2 years ago,
Great… until it wasn’t
I started with a free trial of classpass and loved it so much that I renewed for 4 months! I even upgraded my membership last cycle. It was great… until it wasn’t. At first, everything was super affordable and their credits per service/fitness class were amazing. Seemingly overnight, they changed a lot of their structure. Classes that used to cost me 4 credits now cost 7-8 (one at the same studio was even 10!), and my 10 credit manicure is now 14 at the same salon, despite none of these businesses changing their pricing. Classpass concierge is a joke. It worked great last November, but when I tried to book at the same salon last week I got a response saying they couldn’t secure me an appointment, but I called the salon myself and they were able to take me at that same time slot for the same service without classpass’ help. I then tried to schedule a manicure at 3 other salons that were “concierge” service as well, and classpass once again told me they couldn’t schedule it for me. That’s fine, but don’t advertise those salons if you’re not even willing to do the scheduling and are too lazy to call the salon to book. I reached out to customer support and they were no help. Now I have a surplus of credits I’m trying to use up because I will not be renewing this service due to the recent changes.
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4 years ago, Queengirly
Room for Improvement
Here’s My thing about class pass ! I actually really love it. However I wish they offered more diversity in sections like Dance. When you go to event-brite you can get dance classes such as as soca, Caribbean dance, Spanish dance, hip-hop, pole dancing and so much more taught by independent teachers. I noticed class-pass dance section is limited. However I’m already paying for a workout platform though so I should be able to take a dance class on the workout platform that I’m already using and have the ability to choose from different types of dance classes. It would be nice if class-pass found a way to work with diversity of independent class teachers without also ripping them out of money of course ! There’s so many independent teachers out there renting studios to teach their classes, if there was a way class-pass could get more of those teachers on their platform that’d be amazing. The more diversity the greater it becomes ! Also, for people that are budget friendly and really want to continue to use class-pass instead of people being subscribe AND THEN CAN ADD MONEY, there should just be an option where they can freely add credits as they go without a subscription. Class-Pass is a great thing but just cause it’s great doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement !
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12 months ago, Hannah.yuan
Worst Customer Service and Unheld Terms of Use
I tried classpass and wanted to stop after my cycle ended and had prepared to cancel after my last class on the cycle date said on the app. What I didn't realize is that tokens are taken off the cycle of the class date instead of when you booked it and since the app date wasn't clear, thought my class date was within my current cycle. I was charged on my end date (I thought I would be charged the next day after the day had ended). So I asked for a refund. This however isn't even the issue. I went through 3 customer service people and even read through the terms of service 3c "Refund policy". Their argument was that I couldn't get a refund for my $65 charge because tokens from my next cycle were used for that class (which was on the previous cycle's end date). I've restated over and over again that under the terms of use, I qualified under their first condition being that I request a refund within 5 days of my charge. Whenever this happened, the employee wouldn't answer until minutes later when I text "Hello are you still there?". Then they'd respond with the same policy that isn't even written in the refund policy. If a policy isn't written in the terms of use then how can it be used against a refund, especially when I already qualify for the refund??? Wasted $65 on this and 6 hours total of my personal time.
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2 years ago, chikac
Well that was short lived...
Was really excited about classpass’s concept and was very excited attending my first 3 classes; then when trying to set up my 4th class I realized the credit amount for the same class had doubled or tripled for the same classes I’d literally been in the week before. There was no warning, explanation etc as to why. I thought maybe it was some sort of glitch and looked up other classes and same thing, all had now become 8/9credits from 3/4 credits the week before. That’s very much a bait and switch. Had really been looking forward to replacing my lifetime gym membership with this but very glad I didn’t cancel my lifetime membership as I’ll be going back to it and canceling this. The lack of transparency leaves much to be desired. Issue #2; only 10 or your subscription amount of points rollover each month so you can’t accumulate more than double your subscription amount; yet there are services which cost 100+ credits so how does one accumulate that much if you can’t save more than double your credits monthly? This isn’t really explained well in their fine print!! I’d literally been thinking I was “saving” credits for my Bday(April) to go get a full spa treatment that costs 100+ only to find out my monthly payments of $42 since Nov 2021 had been resetting to 21 credits and rolling over 21 credits so the most I ever had was 42 credits at a time!! Smh!!
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5 years ago, Jonathancho
Second some of these reviews
I can completely agree and testify to some of the reviews on ClassPass. Was a fan, but may cancel. I think it’s great that they give you the opportunity and access to health clubs. However, I made the mistake (a truly novice mistake) of cancelling and re-reserving then cancelling, resulting in two $15 cancellation fees. My wife and I wanted to take a spin class together (our first ever) while we were at work communicating via text. We were trying to book a class but realized that one of us couldn’t because there was only 1 spot left (since it was grayed out). So we were both juggling back and forth, cancelling, re-reserving, cancelling...just to realize - yes there was one spot left. We then ultimately both ended up cancelling and took a different class (yoga 🥵). It was great, hard and tough, but a week later I get 2 x $15 cancellation fees from the spin class we canceled and re-reserved within a span of 15 mins? Contacted the support team and they only waived 1/2 thus far. I get it, it’s a free trial and the company needs to make money where ever they can, but to realize this situation and see that it truly was a mistake should have better resolutions for people like me. I like the app don’t get me wrong - and I want to continue its partnership, but the customer service part is just eh. Not quite the first impression you want for new users.
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4 years ago, Assouline
Game changer. But check out your billing page.
I can’t even understand how I existed before it. I now RUN five times a week. In a running class. With an instructor, on a treadmill, to pumping music. Super fun. I looooove being able to studio-hop- where I live in Marin, CA there are so many classes nearby I love being able to see them all in one place and drop in whenever and wherever I am. I have yet to use it outside of California but I can’t wait to take it for a spin when I go back to my old stomping ground of NYC. So why FOUR stars and not FIVE?? On three different occasions I found unexplained $15 late cancelation fee on my account that was 100% not within the last 12 hours. If it is within the last 12 hours I’d just let the credits charge rather than cancel a class. None of these times did the message on the screen said I will be charged a late fee, it only said I will be refunded the credits. What’s most upsetting that I was charged one late fee for a free class. Seriously. 0 credits class and I was charged $15. Unfortunately I only caught one on time to have it refunded. Very upsetting to know I have to check my billing page for such “errors”. Algorithms don’t slip- so this is somehow built in which is so upsetting and not OK.
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12 months ago, Nickname643678
Lost $80- do NOT trust them with your money!
I used ClassPass off and on for awhile and loved it! Never had issues until this week. I booked nail appointments with my mom before my wedding twice in one day, but the salon never got a call from them to confirm and somehow ClassPass said I cancelled the appointment. I never did (and could even have the salon vouch for this!) and even have receipts of chats after the time of my appointment asking when concierge was going to call them (my appointment was set for 3, and I have evidence of being on chat with them at 3:30 waiting for the call from ClassPass’ Concierge service). I was told to just wait, but had to either go through with the appointment I set for no cancellation fees or just sit and wait. They stated I was the one that cancelled when I talked with ClassPass but this is NOT true either time. So, I had to pay for the nail appointment on my own AND lost the money on ClassPass (so, I essentially paid double for the appointment- around $80). They have no phone customer support option and essentially stated I was lying about not cancelling my appointments. I cancelled my membership bc of this and never want to use them again! I was on chat with them for hours, followed the steps they told me to do, and lost money because of it. Terrible customer service support. Would not trust them with my money because of this.
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5 years ago, Smaing0115
Unclear information on account page
I got a referral from a friend to try the app out. Since starting to use the app, I realized that I couldn’t really make my schedule work because of my work situation. I checked in the app 10 days before it reached 1 month to see if I need to pay any fee afterwards if I don’t buy more credits. The membership page shows “$0 monthly fee + xx credits” with no disclaimer. I didn’t see any information on the page saying I would be charged $xx on a future date. I let the customer service know about this feedback after I saw my credit card got charged. They don’t acknowledge the unclear description at all, just kept saying it’s the trial policy. Yes there is policy but still there is a better way to surface that information instead of making it vague on the account page. You don’t provide those kind of information as checking a box, but should help to inform customers more so they can easily evaluate whether they want to keep the service or not. They kept saying that if I downgraded to $10 per month I can keep my credits to try keep me using the service while I am already very frustrated with it. What a terrible customer experience, trapping customers to subscribe. I like the concept of ClassPass, but it doesn’t suit my work life well. Now after this experience, I will recommend my friends to not use it because of the service.
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10 months ago, strawberry-pound-cake
You guys, stay away from this app. They literally scammed me into buying a ton of credits for a salon appointment. But after I made the reservation the reservation kept showing pending and even when I called the salon they said they don’t even work with ClassPass. I tried contacting them several times about the pending reservation and they only said stay assured we will make this reservation for you. 24 hours before the reservation, it got cancelled automatically and when I asked them about it they said that “User cancelled it” even though I’m sure I didn’t. After a lot of back and forth with the team they offered that I could use it again to make another reservation. This time I made sure it was made well a week in advance and ever called the salon to make sure that an appointment was available. Literally the same thing happened, I even contacted the ClassPass team several times to ask about what happened but they said that the concierge team is “in process” of making my reservation. As expected 24hrs before the reservation it got cancelled again. So please if you want to use the app for 2-4 credits classes it’s fine. But don’t use it for the big credit stuff and definitely never buy extra credits from them. It’s literally just a system designed to lure you in.
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5 years ago, gm44444
Glitchy, Scam App
I was introduced to this app by my girlfriend to book a boxing class - you get a set number of credits you can use throughout the month at a variety of gyms. Seems simple enough, right? Until ClassPass randomly says classes are completely booked even though in reality they aren’t even half full, they charge “premium” prices (~15 credits a class) for seemingly random classes at times throughout the day, and they don’t allow you to choose your bag spot in the class once you book it. You have to speak to employees at the boxing gym to actually assign yourself a bag, and at that point you’re better off booking through the gym directly. I wasn’t even able to assign my own bag because I couldn’t set my correct birthday on classpass, and therefore it wouldn’t sync to my boxing account. I was born on the 14th. When I went to select 14th, the value would jump to the 15th. When I selected the 13th, it would stay on the 13th. Again, I had to go in to the boxing gym to resolve this. With these 15 credits a month classpass is charging, you can only take 3 classes a month for $80. Again, you’ll get a much better rate booking through the gym directly. I’m upset I gave them my credit card information because I’ve heard the cancellation process is difficult as well, and I’m expecting random charges. Avoid and book with a gym directly.
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6 years ago, EqUiTAtiOnxQuEEn
Charged without warning
I received a link to try class pass for free, for about 3 classes. When me and my group of friends signed up, they asked for a credit card which was kind of odd since it did not say anything about being charged after a certain period of time. To our surprise, we were charged $50 with no warning of it for a membership that we didn’t want. We only ended up using 2 classes/10 credits before we were charged also. Trying to cancel our memberships and get refunds was a nightmare. I went back and forth on chat with the rep for literally 30 minutes, only receiving apologies and them stating they cannot refund me, which then turned into $40 and 10 credits, and finally into a whole refund. First, what kind of business states they cannot refund you when they don’t even tell you they are going charge you? If I knew I was going to be charged, I would’ve proactively canceled my account. Second, why is it so difficult to cancel? It was like jumping through hoops and I felt bad for being stern/pushy but I got annoyed after the 4th time they told me they couldn’t refund the full amount when not 5 minutes before they refunded my friend fully. I enjoyed the app itself, but this experience was so poor. At least consider notifying new members/accounts they will be charged after x amount of time.
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5 years ago, _truthbetold
Don’t do it!!
ClassPass is not worth the trouble of saving a couple of bucks. Red flag number one, they have no telephone number for customer service. You must email to get in contact with them and they can then take 3-5 days to get back to you! By that time, especially if your concern is time sensitive, it will be too late for them to resolve the issue in a timely fashion. Red flag number two. They also have the worst search capability that I have ever seen. There is also a maximum on the time you can go to a particular place. After that, the points needed to attend your favorite classes will be the total cost that you pay for the month!!! They lure you on in with a free month then it will be problems and issues from there on guaranteed! They also try to blame the studios for why a class isn’t listed on the class pass app schedule but is actually offered at the studio. When you ask the studio why it doesn’t match ClassPass they say they have been trying to fix it but ClassPass keeps changing it and excluding the classes from their offerings. They also try to blame the studio for why the point amount needed to attend more than triples. The studios are also not responsible for this but ClassPass will operate without integrity and continue to claim that it’s the studios. Poor customer service if I have ever seen it!! Don’t do it!!
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5 years ago, soph.delorett
Extremely disappointed
This is actually one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had with an app or service like this. 1st my roommate sent me her link to download ClassPass so that we could do a yoga class together before she left Los Angeles - I made an account using the link and neither of us ever got the reward for having a friend sign up with her link. She was supposed to receive $40 in credit that never came. 2nd after finalizing the account we signed up for yoga class and within minutes realized the traffic was becoming too heavy and we were not going to make the class on time which had a zero tolerance for tardiness so we both canceled within five minutes or less of signing up for the class. I only recently after reviewing my bank statements realized I was charged $15 for this class. 3rd upon reviewing my bank statement I also found out I was charged $80 through ClassPass when I would’ve absolutely never have signed up for a plan that cost $80 a month and my intention was to sign up for the $50 a month plan being that that was what I could afford – not $80. I only ever used ClassPass to go to one class at a studio that I’ve been to many times and luckily they were able to accommodate me even after they said I was not registered for the class via ClassPass. I am extremely disappointed by this app/service.
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4 years ago, sammaneh
Rude customer service and faulty app
I have had this problem with classpass app that whenever I try a new studio that I am not familiar with its location, it takes me to the back ally near the location. They insist on saying that it is a Google Map problem, but I use google map all the time and it is only through their app that I face such a problem. I trust the app to take me to the accurate location of the studios, because so many studios are on higher levels of buildings, or their entrance is at the back of the buildings, so if the app takes me to a slightly different address specially to the ally behind the actual address I think it is their way of directing me to the right door. Not with classpass. I have missed or been late for so many classes because of their error. But back then they used to have a gracious customer service who would reverse the charges whenever you missed a class because of that error, but it seems they have decided to go for rude and annoying customer service. Luna, my rude customer service agent, basically told me to go ahead and cancel if you don’t like it. Considering that after covid not many studios are open and the ones that are open have severed ties with Classpass, it seems rude customer service is a great recipe for business failure.
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11 months ago, Jabs send
Class Pass Scam
I tried to hold on for as long as I can but i couldn’t do it anymore and decided to cancel at 12:30am after an extremely irritating interaction with their reps. I don’t know if they’re eager to hold you accountable for your fitness journey or they’re just using that as a blanket to be as money hungry and petty as possible. I ACCIDENTALLY made a purchase of extra credits while looking for available classes for a class two days in advance. I was charged $12, and tried to refresh the screen so it wouldn’t go through. I immediately went to ask for help by a rep since I’m already a paying member and had already paid my monthly bill. He REFUSED me a refund several times without the opportunity for an exception…. Mind you, I’ve introduced TWO NEW paying members to class pass who are now enjoying their fitness journey while i fight tooth and nail for a simple $12 that was never intended to be spent. It really feels abusive. I already had to take a $28 charge for cancelling for an evening class (10 hours later in the day) because i woke up feel extremely ill… the cancellation policy is completely inhumane ….. I’ve cancelled and can’t see myself advocating for the app until the rectify this situation of a long history of grievances in just under 2 months …
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4 years ago, yay4music:D
Class Pass is Great
ClassPass is awesome, it’s a great service that is affordable. However there are some classes that are astronomically priced credit wise that shouldn’t be and therefore that business lost business from me. I’m not totally sure how classes are credited but there were ones that started as 7 credits that I used to go to weekly but that have recently been bumped to 11 causing me to drop that business. I know that popular classes can be priced higher but I never saw this class become 100% full. I do think that classes at popular studios should remain under 15 credits. Additionally I do think that there should be more incentives on ClassPass. For example, me taking the time to write this review to improve your business, I could maybe get 5 credits from that. ClassPass doesn’t offer any incentives to its customers which causes them to sometimes drop the service and then switch to the actual studio and pay them directly for perks and whatnot. Overall however I love ClassPass and will continue to use it. I especially love that I can use it when traveling. But I do wish they my email wasn’t given to studios to use and them spam me.
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6 years ago, bgubs
Getting worse
I really love classpass and am still on it but like others am feeling really frustrated by the credit model. All credits have gone up and again a lot of these classes are not full which creates a dissonance with the premium purchasing options as a customer when you know it’s not actually full, only the seats available for classpass are. If this was true dynamic pricing it would work better but allowing studios to set high credit floors ends up leaving classes empty I usually compare drop in rates vs credits and so I usually buy direct from the studio now instead of premium when it’s cheaper to do that. In addition the dynamic pricing for credits is frustrating because it makes taking classes with friends harder when we have wildly different credit prices for classes(2 vs 10 for example). I am strongly considering just using MINDBODY instead. I know classpass is making more money with this feature based off the last report on afterclass and studios are happier but this has become harder for consumers. I also don’t enjoy the fact that the number of times you can visit a studio on non-premium is dictated by what type of membership you have. Finally I hate that classpass keeps all of this under wraps and I figure this out talking to my friends .. Thinking this might be my last month...
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6 years ago, Khglynn
Outstanding App and Service - the points stress me out
ClassPass is a wonderful way to try new workouts in your city. I love being able to jump around between studios and activities, and the app makes that crazy simple. The price is super reasonable for the number of classes you get, however, since the switch to the point system (which I overall love,) it has been way more stressful trying to get the most out of my membership. I know it’s my neuroses, but seeing those few points disappear at the end of the month is killer. It would be wonderful if even a few rolled over at the end of the month (like 3 points on the 3 Class Plan, 5 points on the 5 Class Plan, etc.) It would make getting to the last day of my cycle way less anxiety inducing (even if overall I was loosing the same number of points.) I’m sure the points dropping off is critical to ClassPass’s bottom line, and I am in no way suggesting they go back to the old system, but a little rollover would go a long way to making their users (see: me and my boyfriend) feel better at the end of the month. And isn’t that the point of ClassPass: to feel better.
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7 years ago, Michael Dean
Confused by the low ratings
Most of the poor reviews just didn't seem to understand how to use the class pass membership but it's not hard and the app is almost flawless (which is what the review is supposed to reflect). I find it so quick and easy to find and book my classes and I can see what my workout buddy has booked too and can just select that to book if I want. I've recommended the app to so many people. On top of this, I love the variety and ease of use of Class Pass. They try out new systems and types of membership but they give you plenty of notice and you don't have to be a beta tester if you don't want to. They also throw in extra credits regularly for free. I have found many great studios and I have them on regular rotation (can favorite them in the app). I try new ones as they come too. It makes me more adventurous and mixes things up. Compare the membership to the price of a barre studio membership and you'll see it's a good deal. Plus I'm not tied to one workout. I get so much variety. I can do boot camp, bikram yoga, barre, dull routine.
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5 years ago, ebutxo
Loving ClassPass! Few Tips —
Really enjoying ClassPass so far, the value is awesome & the option to try fun new studios & get out of your comfort zone if you like is great while also being able to hit up your favorite go-to studios & classes! However, things I would have liked to know prior is that in the 2 weeks free you get 28 credits & I assumed that would be doubled with the $60/month plan since a month is 4 weeks but you get 33 credits for the month 😕 the value is still crazy awesome & had I known this before, would not have changed my mind about signing up. Second is the cancellation policy, I thought if I signed up but didn’t go, no harm no fowl BUT you get charged $20 for a missed class if you do not cancel 12 hours before the class time or at all. $15 for canceling past the 12 hours & you are able to cancel for free if you know earlier than 12 hours before that you won’t be making it. GOOD news is that you get your credits back with all 3 options! This is in no way a negative review, just a heads up because I can assume that some individuals may overlook those details at first just as I did!
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2 months ago, Riverbiver
Honest review
Used the free trial and ended up buying afterwards. It’s now been two months and let me tell you this is way better than a gym membership, you get to go whenever you want and the schedules are nice cause you can pick any studio in your area that’s on ClassPass, which is a large selection. I’ve been doing Pilates twice a week with my regular at home workouts and I can’t believe the difference. Pilates got me working every muscle and I’m so glad I worked up the courage to try it out cause I will be doing these for the rest of my life. I also started doing other classes like boot camps and it’s such a great way to add that extra boost to your regular regimen. It’s like having a personal trainer on deck whenever you feel like going. I suggest at least trying out the free trial cause that’s what got me started, so worth it and stop paying for gym memberships, workout with weights resistance bands at home incorporate running twice a week a and add these classes you’ll be ripped in a few weeks promise
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2 months ago, Dhouse1993
Won’t remind you trial is ending
Any app that gets people to be more active is a win in my book, however, be wary of their shady marketing tactics. TLDR: they won’t remind you when the trial ends, charge your for months of service, then will credit you back one month even though they didn’t uphold their end of the agreement. If you are interested in trialing the advertisement says “We’ll send you a reminder 2 days before your trial end. Cancel anytime”. Three months later I notice I’ve been getting charged for the membership but haven’t been using it (I didn’t like the class I went to and already have two other gym memberships). I dig through my email and only see marketing emails from them. My reminder email should have been sent Jan 20th, 2024. Nothing. I reached out to Customer Support asking if they could pull up there records to see if that email was sent. If I missed it, no problem, I’m happy to pay. If it wasn’t sent, I’d like the monthly installments credited back. Simple enough. They are beating around the bush when it comes to pulling their emails records and basically just said “hey we can’t refund you, too bad. It’s in our TOS”. Feels like the ole tactic of “we can’t get people to keep this unless we don’t tell them about it”.
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6 years ago, zing20
Used to be great
Up until recently, I would have rated ClassPass 5 stars but with the role out of the new credits model, I have had some concerns. I was part of the credits pilot and during the pilot period, the program worked really well. I never really benefitted from classes being worth less credits b/c most of the ones I take are 7-9 credits and so I didn't really have enough to make an 11th class but I was very happy to be able to take 10, which usually I rarely ended up taking all of them. But with the role out, there is a new "premium spot" feature, which was never part of the pilot and frankly, is absurd. This past Sunday evening a Fhitting Room class was available for 24 credits...that's ridiculous. I could just go and pay the full price. Whats the point of using ClassPass? Y7 is another studio I love but is now 15 credits. Row House is also more than 9 credits and I can promise you that I have been to many of the 5:30 classes and they are at least half empty, if not more, so I have no idea why someone would pay more than the already high (I think 9 is a lot for that class) credit amount for a "premium spot" in that class. I understand that you need to make your model work but 24 credits for a class is ridiculous. I am strongly considering discontinuing my membership.
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6 years ago, PnotB1234567
The app works. The business model doesn’t.
The app seems to work fine but I cannot recommend the actual service. In the guise of updating their model (from the unlimited classes to the capped classes to the different rollouts of the credit system) ClassPass has consistently raised the effective per-class fee so that the value of the program is a fraction of what it was. Despite Classpass’s claims that their new credits program did not signal an increase in pricing because credits allowed users to reserve “spots” in the classes that were not previously available, an eyeball of the class-available scheduled shows the lie in this. At my favorite two studios, for example, classes used to be available for 7 or 8 credits, but since the last program update, I have NEVER seen a class available under 12 credits at either. And I know this isn’t because the 12-credit seats are “premium” or that the times are particularly in demand; every single class is listed as costing 12 credits as soon as they become available for reservations and thus the 12-credit price isn’t a reflection of increased demand but just set higher initially. Along with the many increases over the years, I am now paying twice as much for half as much. The lack of transparency about this is really disappointing.
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5 years ago, Laxy_Wu
Idk how not everybody be using it!
I LOVE this! I used to be not motivated to work out - cuz gym is boring and I can’t / don’t want to commit to one studio. Just one studio’s scheduled usually is not be as flexible as I want it to be due to my high demanding job. And the membership of the those good studios are expensive and only worth it if I go often enough, but I travel a lot for work & fun. So classpass’s concept is just perfect for me! I’ve been using it for 4 years and I love the variety of work out I can explore. And I have found exercise I didn’t expect I would love from this app. I do have several suggestion/complain: 1. Please improve the location search!! I like to use select neighborhood over using current location because I want to know all the options near home AND near work, or wherever I will be (friend’s or family that I visit often, etc). But after I input all the neighborhood work for me one time, the next time thy will be cleared out. I have to select all those neighborhood over and over so many times it’s annoying. Make it stay or save to favorite or something. 2. Maybe add filter function within favorite studios overall class schedule? Doesn’t need to be as sophisticated filter as to find a class, maybe just filter out time. 3. I wish the late cancel policy could be less strict. Or different late fee for different cancel time, or studio dependent...? Also glitch happens too often...
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4 years ago, mb22222222222233
The interface of the app is terrible
The idea of classpass is good but the actual interface of the app is terrible. Here are some examples: 1. there is no way to filter out categories in your search so you always end up having to scroll through tons of activities you don’t like (like spin or Pilates or spa stuff for me) to find classes. 2. The options for distance in the search is terrible, it jumps from 1mi to 5mi!! And there is no way for you to type in your preferred distance. 3. It does not remember what studios or classes you gave bad reviews about so they constantly still come up in your search and you have to scroll through them. There is literally no way to filter them out. 4. The algorithm for the search doesn’t necessarily include all of the studios that fit the category you searched for. For example, 100% of the time I search for “barre” it will not include all of the available barre studios. Instead I have to search for the missing studio by name. This makes literally no sense!! 5. You always have to review the class you took before selecting a new class. This leads to inflation in the stars each studio has and is the reason every studio has at least 4.8 stars. There is literally no reason for this. Please higher some software developers!!
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6 years ago, dmillaaa
Classpass Credits
With the introduction of ClassPass credits they’re ruining the app. The benefit was that you could get more classes cheaper than through the actual studios. This made the nuisances of ClassPass ($15 cancellation fee, inability to reschedule or change classes on same day, inability to change classes through the studio, inability to ever speak on the phone to anyone, inability to book a class less than 30 minutes before) worth it. Every month since they introduced credits they raise the number of credits required to take a class which gives you less classes for your money. It used to be 10 classes for $85 a month which was a good deal. Now I get 60 credits for the same price which is around 6 classes. That is essentially the same price as buying from the studio where your classes don’t expire in 1 month or have o deal with any of the other ClassPass associates pains. They also don’t offer the number of monthly credits to evenly divide the credits by classes so you’re always stuck with leftover unusable credits and forced to either buy more or waste your money with unused credits. If they don’t start making the credits more reasonable I’ll no longer be a ClassPass customer.
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2 years ago, luvs2gabalot
Much love, could improve
I want to say first that I’m a huge fan of the service provided and love Classpass in general. That being said, there are a couple of things that I’ve found bothersome as a customer. The main issue I have is that I don’t believe customers should be charged with fees if we miss a class we’ve scheduled. I know there must be incentive to not schedule classes casually for the sake of the studios, but we’re already losing those points/our money, and the extra charge feels punitive. The second issue I’d like to mention is the inability to use points to purchase classes in the next cycle. If I have more than the points that are allowed to rollover (also not a huge fan of the fact that points purchased can disappear if you don’t use them in time) and I’m nearing the end of my cycle, I’d love to have the ability to use them for future classes, even if they’re in the next cycle. I do love Classpass and use it a lot, but I’ve often found myself wishing these aspects were different.
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4 years ago, katbeessea
Threatens customers to keep them
I thought about canceling ClassPass a while ago because I wasn’t using it as much as I wanted to. When I went to cancel, a dialog popped up that threatened to charge me $70+ if I changed my mind and wanted to rejoin (it was framed as some kind of “initiation fee”). Well, maybe I would want to re-up eventually? I thought, so I didn’t cancel then. I kept the service at the rate of $9/month for 8 months, occasionally checking the cancellation option to see if their policy had changed, but I always got the same message. Finally, today, after not using the service since September, I decided it was time and I didn’t care about them threatening to charge me. Instead of letting me cancel immediately on my own, ClassPass made me -chat with a customer service- rep to do it! I love the convenience of being able to attend a variety of classes in my neighborhood, but ClassPass’ customer retention tactics are highly questionable, and because of that, I let them rob me for 8 months, only to be subjected to someone asking me to justify my leaving and trying to sell me alternatives before I was finally able to cancel. What a horrible customer experience. I hope you enjoyed my money, ClassPass. You’re not getting any more of it.
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2 years ago, SushiRox5678
ClassPass Concierge is a Scam
This is probably dependent on your area, but dont sign up if you plan on using credits for services like massages and facials. They claim you can use credits for these and they will book with local spas on your behalf but it will never go through and always needs to be “rescheduled.” They are falsely advertising that they have partnerships with these local spas when in fact the spas often dont even know that their services are listed on ClassPass. If you try to “save” credits for these services you’ll basically not be able to book and then loose a number of your credits when you cant use them all on the singular exercise classes before the cycle ends. Then you either have to pay more money to try and roll over your credits (still losing some) or cut your losses and cancel the membership and lose all the credits you had. Lose-lose either way. They likely know exactly what they're doing. The exercise classes they offer are fine but if you dont use all your credits on a consistant basis you’ll get stuck in a cycle of continuing to re-up on credits to try and save some of the ones you lose when you have leftovers at the end of the month.
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5 years ago, BHB27
Sneaky policies add to additional spending
I had ClassPass for one subscription cycle following the free month. I loved the concept but the overall sneakyness of the app is concerning. I have two main concerns that I would like to address. First, your subscription cancelation policy creates an environment for accidental renewal. Because a cancelation of membership results in an immediate loss of all credits, it forces users to wait until the end of the month to cancel, increasing the chances of customers forgetting and having another charge of a months worth of credits. Second, the cancelation and missed classes fees are misleading. I understand the 12 hour cancelation policy. However, the missed class fee is one that’s not clearly stated and just another scheme to gain more money from customers. You not only lose your credits, but you are charged extra for missing a class. Policies should be more clearly stated. And you are not notified of the charge until days later- without even as much as a notification on the app I was excited to try this app but have been truly disappointed in its policies. I canceled my subscription because I can’t support a company that runs their business like this and I will be encouraging my friends to do the same.
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9 months ago, Kickinurmacass
Great app, just a few suggestions
The app is good, it’s a good deal vs going straight to a paying for services, there are quite a few locations that participate and there is almost always a way to get an appointment within a few days for whatever your looking for. BUT, 2 small changes would make it great!! 1) Please, please stop forcing me to rate everywhere I go, each time I visit. It’s annoying. and it’s not an accurate rating for the location. If someone goes in 3 times a week to work out and they just click 5 stars each time to get out of the screen, your not getting honest feedback on that location. Alternatively I mark that I missed the class because I don’t want to leave a rating. 🤷‍♀️ 2) It would be amazing if I could create my own private notes for a specific location. For example, I go to work out with 3 different instructors but I don’t remember who I personally like best. It would be great to just leave myself a note of what I like or don’t so I know for next time.
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4 years ago, jsjohn1914
Unethical Business Practices
During COVID, ClassPass is trying to force its users to go back to gyms. My account was paused but since several of the studios I visited in the past are open, ClassPass says that’s enough to restart my membership, so they went ahead and charged me for a month. Now I have a ton of credits that I can’t use. COVID numbers are going up, not down. The CDC is recommending that people don’t travel to visit family over Thanksgiving. I had to cancel my Thanksgiving plans with my family. My job site doesn’t open until summer 2021. And yet ClassPass thinks it’s ok to restart my membership without asking me what I want to do, simply because a few studios opened back up and ClassPass added new class offerings to stream. The streaming service is spotty at best and I don’t like them and haven’t used them since. COVID made ClassPass an unethical company. I can’t recommend anyone use ClassPass. I understand the company needs money, but it’s our memberships to manage, not yours. The customer should have full control of their membership with the ability to pause and unpause. My LA Fitness membership has treated me with more respect than ClassPass. I no longer trust ClassPass and will be reporting them to the BBB if this is not resolved promptly.
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6 years ago, Mettelus
You will end up paying INFINITELY more per class than signing up with a studio
The idea is good, but the system is infuriating and expensive. I got a $200 gift card for my thirtieth birthday from my friends—I work out a lot and was moving to a new city. It should have been a perfect gift while I looked for my new favorite place. However, the window to book classes is just a week, and if you have to cancel, it has to be before a 12 hour window. That seems reasonable, but when you cancel inside, you’re hit with a minimum $15 fee, and if you miss the class (get there one minute late) you’re charged $20 or more. It’s absolutely outrageous! Especially with the blizzard we incurred in the Midwest, everything is unpredictable. They don’t take it out of your balance either, it’s separately charged from your account. I have NO way of seeing what they’ve taken out of the original $200 my friends gave me, but you’re forced into paying at least $35 a month as the subscription, and then if you don’t use up all of your points before the next billing cycle, you lose them. It would have been easier to just hand Classpass $300 and take a few offbeat classes all over the city. I would not recommend this to anyone.
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1 year ago, MECarrera
Amazing classes, poor customer service
I absolutely love the quality and variety of classes on Class Pass and have recommended it to all my friends! However, the customer service and systems they have in place is very poor. It took months before they gave my gift of classpass to a friend and I believe they wouldn’t have done anything had I not been consistently emailing them. Each time a friend signed up I also had to ask for the referral credit, again they are not aware and probably are collecting a lot of money that they should be giving to their customers as they say they are. There is no number to call and overall it’s been VERY frustrating. As long as you don’t give ANY gifts of classpass to anyone and keep an eye out on your account, I would still recommend. Hopefully Class Pass will improve their customer service portions to allow for improved help, ability to call and to automatically give the referral credits as they say they do.
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1 year ago, ibennetti
If using to try out gyms…get the credits then run!!!
My parter HAD a paid subscription, and offered me free trial credits. I tried Pilates, really liked the class and said, okay let’s do the class again, try out a new instructor. Nope. You have to add the paid subscription (even though I’m sitting on 18 credits). I guess you can’t book more than once at same gym. I say I guess, because when I tried to contact customer support I get the super quick auto email and then someone who basically just repeated that I needed to, “update to paid subscription.” I’m like, “okay, I’ll pay for a month.” I really liked working out with my partner, and if it frees up the other credits, I have a lot workouts coming to me. Nope. Even though I had a valid subscription, it wouldn’t let me book anywhere I had been before, until the free credits expired. Customer support 1*; App experience 1*. There are better apps out there like Mindbody, etc. be clear, you aren’t getting access, discounted classes or flexibility with this app…you’re not really getting a service…just a crappy app that most gym goers stay away from.
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4 years ago, desiree gzzz
Bye bye ClassPass
I really liked ClassPass for a long time, but their customer service is just terrible. There are times they did not reply to my emails. But what really made me want to cancel is that they wouldn’t waive my $15 cancellation fee when I had booked a class in another city while on vacation, and was physically unable to make it to the location. It was BS. If I hear one more time that this is vital to them keeping a good relationship with studios, I’ll scream. That’s their issue to manage and they can’t just paint across the picture that there are no exceptions to this, because that’s not a realistic expectation for their human being customers. Also I saw there is a $75 reactivation fee which is laughable. Why would that be enticing to anyone? Lol. I think companies like lyft and Uber have become good at sorting through legitimate emergencies and reasons why things didn’t go as planned. I hope the next company that comes out in competition with ClassPass has that human touch, because it just doesn’t seem to register with whoever runs ClassPass. Ps. Yes I’ve gone to classes when I didn’t feel well so that I wouldn’t get hit with their fee. How ridiculous is that?
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6 years ago, Vronnz11
Horrible experience and even worse customer service
This app used to be great in the early days but I sadly have to that it has been one of my worst experiences with a paid app to date. I recently canceled because of moving to a place that did not have classpass studios in its area (plus the local amazing studios were cheaper and offered unlimited classes monthly!) I had 6 remaining credits to use and 4 days left in my cycle. I was planning on using those credits that had already been paid as I wrapped up my final month before the cycle termination. Unfortunately, classpass revoked all my credits remaining on my account and deactivated the account upon canceling—- essentially taking what I had already paid for away. Either this was some software bug or classpass is trying to increase their margins by swindling customers. I’d recommend that you support local studios directly which tend to actually have better prices that classpass and pass on this app. If you have any issue with your experience they aren’t going to help you. Once classpass realized what they had erroneously done to my account they offered no reimbursement or apology and tried to upsell me to another month subscription. Absolutely ridiculous!
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6 months ago, pashiboo
Watch out!
I’m debating if I should continue with this app. They are not transparent at all. I had the 60 or so credit plan and was using most credits. I liked the idea of having options for studio classes rather than just sticking to one. I had to decrease my plan after a month of no use for health issues. To my surprise, I lost all credits that i already paid for and there is really no reason. This is a major customer flaw and wonder if it’s legal. While using the app, it’s not simple to navigagte and you have to click to find saved places. Also if you want to just change the time of a class that has enough room for people, it’s just not allowed and you are either charged a ridiculous fee AND lose your credits. So there is really someone really doing sketchy work behind this wanting to keep and fine every penny of the customer. Again, good option bc you have variety but im not sure i will continue. I referred two friends bc of how happy i was to have variety and one had my same issue but wont return bc they kept credits we already paid for. Unethical!
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1 year ago, LiZiLizii
This is a scam
I heard about this app from tiktok and decided to try it. They give you 28 “free” credits when you sign up. So I scheduled a pilates class with that which cost me 6 credits. That would leave me at 22 “free” credits. Afterwards everything I wanted to sign up for I had to unlock by buying a membership. So I bought the $59 membership for 28 credits per month. Once I bought that membership I still had 22 credits. I’ve been going back and forth with their customer service due to this. They stated that one you purchase a membership none of your leftover “free” credits are available(this is not stated before you purchase a membership). So I emailed back saying they should make that clear before customers spend money on the app. They replied saying they would take that into consideration. Afterwards I took it as a loss, but I still only had 22 credits instead of 28. According to them this was because of the Pilates class I purchased(with my free credits). They told me that even though I already used 6 of my “free” credits it was taken out of the credits I purchased. I really hope you read all of this, bc it’s not worth it and seems super scamy to me.
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6 years ago, HumbleNickname
This is the best shared economy platform
I know, this review looks and sounds like maybe a PR bot wrote it. I assure you this is a real person. I’m writing because after reading so many reviews from people who claim that they are dissatisfied with this platform, it’s really clear that they are not using it right. I had the same problem - as a person who travels frequently, it’s great to be able to drop in to exercise classes in the geographies where I will be at different times. The interface has continued to improve and when I had any questions about using it, the problems were very quickly resolved by customer service. As a user of Airbnb, Lyft, and other platforms in the shared economy, it’s really awesome that this exists. Speaking of customer service, they have been very helpful and patient with me even when a couple of issues I encountered were user error on my part! Oh also the quality of the classes have been just amazing as well
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