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User Reviews for Contraction Monitor Pro

4 out of 5
8 Ratings
4 years ago, does the job- thank goodness
Good app
Good overall app.
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5 years ago, Modelczyk
I want to love this
The interface is nice and very easy to use and work with on both Apple Watch and iPhone X. However, I’ve ‘tracked’ maybe 20 contractions now and only 5 have been recorded. I’m using my Apple Watch to do this as I’m not just sitting still with my phone, so it appears there’s an issue between the two interfaces. This is a real shame since I paid for this app and can’t use it as conveniently as I need.
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6 years ago, ?!?!?!?!?mom
This is a waste of money!!!!! Do not purchase! I have never reviewed an app. but this one is horrible!! The breakdowns of contractions are useless. It hasn’t been saving my data either . I know had three contractions on one hour and it only saved one of them. It wasn’t an expensive app but its frustrating that I now have to purchase another one.
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6 years ago, JessieLeighmomof3
Works great!
Love being able to use this on my watch! Been helpful so far!
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10 years ago, KTOde
Great tracker!
I really liked using this app to track my labor 20 days ago during the birth of my first daughter. Would give 5 stars but I started with the free app and was a little miffed when all of a sudden my husband went to time the next contraction and it said you've reached the max number of tracked contractions in the free edition. I thought the paid version just had more features or something and did not expect to reach the end of use of the free version, especially without any prior warning. I did go ahead and purchase the full app though and it's worth the money, I think. I was then able to email the history of all my contractions from both the free and paid app to myself to save for her baby book and future reference. You can also save a photo of the charts the app creates. Overall I'm very happy with this app and would use again and recommend to friends!
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12 years ago, Joiful Noize
Go ahead and buy the paid version!
Why on earth does the description not tell you that the free version stops at 20? Well, reading the reviews you'll see that this is a huge problem. Once you get past that, the app is great. I had preterm labor at 33 weeks that the doctor was able to stop with meds and IV fluids. Since then, I've be on high alert when I get contractions that may or may not be the real thing. This app has been easier to use than any old stopwatch and notepad. Being able to see contraction data in the history and on the charts has been extremely helpful. A very good app.
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12 years ago, Tricky Labor
Worked For Me
Easy to use. If I could edit, I missed that part, but didn't sweat it. Being able to edit when needed would be a good upgrade. I tend to have lots of contractions for days/weeks prior to the 'real' thing. When I went into labor last week, it was really obvious when a pattern developed. Both lines on the line graph came down and leveled out. Kind of cool, but in actuality for me, by the time I saw the pattern I was already certain I was in labor because my contractions didn't become regular until they were two minutes apart. Since every labor is different (I know, having had 6 natural labors) the app may or may not be useful, but it was lots of fun trying to figure it out using the app.
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10 years ago, Hgirls
Pretty good
I used this app with my last child, and am using it again for my current pregnancy. I like the ease of use while tracking contractions, when the contractions get hard and close together it is still easy to use and actually helped me focus during a crazy drive to the hospital with my 3rd. I agree with others, however, that the app is clunky and difficult to set up in the beginning. My due date has changed twice and it is a pain to get that changed in the app.
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11 years ago, Hoanybb
Good app, but buy the full version
Wife having contractions, push start on contraction timer, get prompt that only the first 20 contractions are free, then you have to pay. Would have been nice to know that ahead of time. Installed the pay version during contraction, but it erased all our previous data. What kind if injustice is it to bring a child into the world without a record of those first 20 contractions? Otherwise a great app, but I wish it would make the contractions less painful.
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10 years ago, Regan Maes Mom
Just okay....
This app has more negatives than positives. One good thing it does is time contractions, problem is if you forget to hit stop or mistakenly hit start, there is no way to delete the last entry and it totally messes up your data. The graph is confusing and is one long picture of all the times you've used it rather than saving data from each time you've used it. I've been contracting off and on for days and unless I delete the history each time I need the app, I can't get an accurate picture of my contractions at that time. I'd probably be better off using the stopwatch with a pen and paper.
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10 years ago, LaineyD
Good for basic contraction recording
This is a good app for recording timing and duration of contractions, then providing summary info. One suggestion on improvements, please provide the facility to edit/delete contractions. Sometimes I started the timer thinking a contraction was starting, but it was a false alarm. Then that recorded time, even though only a few seconds, was included in the summary data, skewing the average contraction length.
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10 years ago, USA_ROCKS
The only thing good about this app is the ability to leave the application and it still track your contractions. It does not allow you to put in a known due date. Rather it has you enter cycle information. Note to developer: if a woman is downloading this app she obviously knows her due date and is tracking labor progress. The personalization options are limited, thus not very personal. Also the inability to erase a error from the log prevents the user from getting accurate times. One can delete it from the history but it stays in the log. I wouldn't recommend this app to anyone. I'm sad I wasted money on it.
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12 years ago, Fink727
Easy to use no matter how much pain your in!
Loved this app when I was preparing for the birth of my daughter. I had a lot of false labor so this helped me determine when it became real. Also, with my first child, my water broke with no contractions. With my daughter it was a whole other experience starting with contractions. Awesome tool to have this time!! I would definitely recommend this to anyone!
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10 years ago, Ducktape2003
Works great, but needs an addition
Need to be able to remove accidental contractions, where you hit the timer by accident. Such accidents skew your average frequency, and I could have used this feature when my wife thought she was getting a contraction. Otherwise, I love the intuitive interface and ability to email the data. Highly recommended.
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9 years ago, gapabba
Lacking Features
Nice graphics and functions smoothly. However, no apparent way to add a missed contraction. Can change timing, but in editing, can only change date/hours/minutes, not seconds. They're important. The big problem is the charting. If the contractions stop & start, or if you try to sleep overnight, the chart shows a huge spike on the frequency because there's no way to pause or gap the space. The result is that the real, pertinent numbers lose all focus and become difficult to see.
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10 years ago, Homedecorguru
REALLY digging this app
I started having preterm contractions, downloaded this really quick based on positive reviews and it's been a lifesaver! I love that you can make comments on any contraction. You can also rate the intensity. Graph is nice. I love the ability to be able to email the list of contractions and comments. I'm going to be printing this list and taking it to the doctor with me today. One thing I tend to lapse on is stopping the timer when a contraction is finished. No problem - just go into the History and reduce the time to an estimated duration. I am picky with apps, and I would highly recommend this one! Simple, well thought out and very handy.
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8 years ago, MonsenFam
Awesome App
I love this timer. This is my 5th pregnancy and I have always timed labor on my own. This app has been great! The only thing I don't like is you can't delete just one contraction. My children, husband or even myself, have accidentally bumped it during a contraction or I've left the timer going . This messes up the summary and averages. I would love to be able to just delete those slip ups.
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12 years ago, Shibbwibb
Buy full version! Dont waist time on free version
I liked the app, but wasnt aware it only allowed 20 contractions on the free app... Problem is that while I was busy timing contractions, I quickly found out I needed to buy the full version of the app! However, I do like the app :-) so buy the full version & dont waist time on the free one, especially if your in labor timing your contractions!
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9 years ago, TheLotteryGirl
Great app! I used it & loved it
Thank you for such a great app! I love the user interface. I love the colors & the functions of the app. So happy I bought this app! I loved it!! Used it during labor (well, until I couldn't anymore haha) it was great to have the info when I arrived to the hospital. I bought the baby care tracker, too & Love it just as much!
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11 years ago, QueenOndi
Oh baby!
Amazingly useful app and totally worth getting the full version! One suggestion, however... It would be nice if there was a way to sync logs between iPad and iPhone. This would make it possible to switch between each device and not lose time.
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12 years ago, d35i6n
I liked this one best
I know there were a lot of people mad about the lit version only working for a limited time. I read the reviews an realized this before actually needing the app. I tried a couple and really liked this one's interface and usability best, so we bought the full version. Very happy we had it when the time came.
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11 years ago, tyty4910
Very easy and helpful
To be quick- I really like this app and have used it several times in prep for the real thing. What I don't like is that you can erase just one or two times in the history section, you erase all or nothing. A bit annoying if you just practicing how it works etc. Otherwise I like it
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10 years ago, Messandnoiseboy
Huge help!
This app was great for helping my wife and I keep track of her contractions during the birth of our first child. Now with number two on the way, we'll be using it again! We have suggested the use of this app to many other expectant parents!
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11 years ago, pippi624
Love it!
I loved that I could email my contractions to my doula for her to see the intensity and progress. Loved how it would summarize the last hr, last contractions and show Charts. Mostly I love how after every contraction it would ask you the intensity! I had a quick labor but this app was perfect!
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11 years ago, Hoyoo207
This app was extremely helpful since I went into labor when my husband was away. It was easy for me to use and was excellent for keeping track of my progress. I think it kept me focused enough to not freak out about being home alone.
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12 years ago, Reymundo
Worth $1 but could be better.
This is a nice little app for logging contraction frequency and duration. One feature I wish it did have was the ability to manually enter an estimate for a missed constraction (one that occurred while in the bathroom for example) so as not to throw off the charts and averages.
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12 years ago, Worth it 2
Serves its purpose
Worth it. If you forget to hit end timer (which is bound to happen, you are having a contraction after all), you can manually edit the time after the fact. You can email a summary to your spouse. It is handy for sure.
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12 years ago, tlew12778
Serves its purpose
If you read the reviews of the free version, you'd know it only goes up to 20. You can migrate all your data to the full version under settings. Haven't tried sending to contacts yet so I can't comment on the crashing.
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10 years ago, Jesse Parker
Does the job, but...
Does the job, but if you stop timing (say, for a nap), then the frequency part of the graph goes really high. That's fine, but it should adjust back down once that contraction is off the grid. You can't see the grid of my frequency because I stopped tracking for a few hours and the graph doesn't readjust. I just looks like a straight line.
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12 years ago, Bookfun
Don't like being tricked but best contraction app I could find
I like this app much better than any other contraction app out there, however I will think twice before purchasing any more apps from this creator. I don't like that the app freezes after 20 contractions in the trial without any warning. I would be really upset if I was in the middle of labor and it froze.
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12 years ago, FiveLilGirls
Love it!
Didn't mind the $.99 upgrade to the full version. Love the ease of use. Not to complicated to operate during the "real" thing. Used this app all the way to the hospital. Well worth it! Bonus was emailing the report to myself to print and keep for preservation!
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12 years ago, CountBlessings
Very helpful, but get paid version
I really enjoyed this app! Quickly upgraded to paid version once I learned you only got 20 recorded contractions. Didn't try to use the contact feature, sounds fun though. Very cute UI.
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12 years ago, Chuck Z.
Data Merge
Though a bit sneaky, I understand the tactic used to get people to upgrade. However, at least let us know in the description of the free version that it's limited. We too have run into the same issues as other reviewers. Our main issue though is that you can't merge the data from the free app to the paid version. Seems like a no-brainier.
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12 years ago, Banjocapo
Great app!
Love this app! Continues to time even if I get interrupted w a phone call. Keeps up w all contractions. Does crash however when you try to open the contacts link.
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11 years ago, sunshinelae
Awesome app
This app has Been my constant companion for 4 days of misery. So easy to use and such important information to keep track of when tracking was the last thing I wanted to do.
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10 years ago, ashapina
Great app!
Very useful app. Simple and intuitive UI. Pleasure to use. What's there not to like? Hey, I like it so much that I am taking the time to review between contractions! It's somewhat addicting tracking the labor progress; I'll miss this app once it's over.
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11 years ago, rahe55
Erase option
Sometimes we would forget to start a contraction or we know that they are to far apart and we wanted to delete past contractions from history. That would be only improvement needed
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10 years ago, Soclbtfly
Meh...but ok
The only thing I disliked was the fact that it seemed not to track my contractions properly. I had lengthy contractions so when the next one would start it seems like the time between them was off.
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10 years ago, josh&mia
Email feature is fantastic!
It may not be the most visually appealing contraction timer app, but the ability to email contraction data to my midwife during the birth was invaluable.
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11 years ago, music&science
So helpful
This app so helpful bought the full version and it was so worth it. Kept my focused on other things and left a or more time for my husband to look after me. Great app
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11 years ago, a_Little_TRUTH
Fully-Featured Monitor
Great, useful app. Very functional with all the features you would want in a contraction monitor. While this is a very simple app to use; I give it only 4 stars due to having a slightly clumsy interface, as well as a rather unattractive G.U.I. & color scheme.
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10 years ago, Pro drummer texas
Get this if you are expecting
Easy to use, accurate timing, plenty of information for the hospital. This let us know exactly when to go to the hospital.
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10 years ago, SusanTW
Helpful app
It does just what I need: times contractions. I do think it should allow you to delete errors, like if I forget to tap Stop, but other than that, it works!
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10 years ago, Ygtall135
Very helpful... I agree would be nice to sync iPad with iPhone for easier tracking, but I don't know what I would have done without this app! Will use it again!
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11 years ago, smallameangel
Great all-round app
I read the reviews BEFORE buying/trying the app, so please keep in mind that the demo version only lasts for approx. 20 contractions. Great app, very well balanced and gives good feedback. Totally worth the money. :)
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11 years ago, Medartist
Very helpful
While my wife was in labor I quickly downloaded this app and boy did it help. Very simple and easy to use and has all the info you need. Great price!
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12 years ago, SoldanoFamily
Great helpful app for contractions
Excellent simple app. Pros opens quick, quick response, ability to delete false alarm contractions. No cons at this time.
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12 years ago, I'm_linda
Contacts button crashes app
Every time I try to use the contact button the app crashes! Also it would be nice to be able to add contractions that occurred before I bought the app. I had three contractions before I bough this app and it would be nice to add them.
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11 years ago, Herrand83
Love it
I did upgrade to the paid version. I've been having lots of false labor and this app has helped distinguish when it's real.
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12 years ago, Skieg
Low class move
This app helps track contractions, but when you hit 20, it basically blackmails you into buying the full version and none of the data transfers. It made me angry. I'm on the phone, trying to help, my wife is I'm pain, the doctor asks about the contractions and..... Upgrade you suckers... The worst possible time. This is an evil application. Use a pen and paper.
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