CorePower Yoga

Health & Fitness
1.7 (440)
41.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
CorePower Yoga
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for CorePower Yoga

1.73 out of 5
440 Ratings
2 years ago, hailee18
App update does not bring much to the table
Updated November 2, 2022 review: The newest update only made matters worse. Now on the “Dashboard” under “Profile” all upcoming classes are listed under the current date and none of them list what day the class is, all you see is the time of the class. So for instance, it looks as if I’m signed up for 7 different classes today at various or the same time instead of 7 classes throughout the next two weeks. It would be nice to have all classes I’m signed up for listed out (as the original app did) instead of having to select each individual date on the calendar, but obviously for this to be useful we need the date and day of the week included in the list. Original July 31, 2022 review: The new version of the app does not have differentiating features besides merging the two CorePower yoga apps into one. While each app had worked fine on their own, merged they do not function well. Constant app stalls and very poor user experience. If you’re going to do this CPY, really do it and get some proper tech staff in to fix these bugs. What we have now is not what you expect from an expensive corporate yoga gym. Much work to be done.
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2 years ago, yogababe777
Uneven performance
When it works, this app is great. You can see what classes are available and who’s teaching them, you can set up favorites for different studios or cities, you can register for classes in advance and have them added to your calendar, and you can track how many classes you’ve been to. Sadly, the app’s performance has been incredibly inconsistent over time. There are times where I have to repeatedly open and close the app to get the different schedules to come up, the search function is awkward, it no longer seems to add classes to my calendar, and the class tracking is often inaccurate. As someone who goes to CPY 3-4 times a week and travels frequently, I find the app frustrating to use and out of alignment with what is a pretty consistent in-person experience of nice studios, great amenities, passionate teachers, and vigorous flow experience. I would love to see this app fixed so it can perform its basic functions well and reliably.
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2 years ago, joshn8r
New app is terrible
I have never written a single review for anything in my entire life but this updated version is so terrible I had to write a review. The updates have made it almost unusable, I would have rated it zero stars if I could. Just signing in was confusing because the sign in button wasn’t visible on the screen and there was a ton of white space between it and the user name and password fields. I have no idea if it is possible to look at multiple studio schedules at once. It seems like it is possible (or should be) but when I try to add additional locations to my search filter nothing happens when I click on them. And worse yet is I can no longer tell if I booked a class if the class is full, for some reason that makes zero amount of sense the place where it would normally show “booked” will instead show “full” or “waitlist full”. I cannot figure out how I can double check that I’m booked for the class. I hate to be so negative but this app is really frustrating to use and such a programming failure.
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2 years ago, VJT1
Cannot update profile
There seems to be no way to update your account information and profile other than email. I moved to another state and the app keeps referring me to my previous studio. I should be able to update my preferences including my home studio and home address. It is cumbersome to continue to add a new studio every time I want to view the class options. The website is no better. It’s difficult to update anything and find classes without multiple clicks- and even then you can’t change important profile information.
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5 months ago, Shortymcshorty
Use the CorePower website to schedule classes - this app is (still) useless
Love the in studio sessions and teachers, but as far as trying to sign up for classes, this exceedingly frustrating app is completely useless! This app did use to work smoothly and was a breeze signing up for classes, but over time the user interface and glitches worsened; and now for the last month or so, even after the most recent update, this app renders itself obsolete and can’t fulfill its main purpose: signing up for classes. This isn’t the first time that the app does not show any classes at the three studios in my state (or anywhere), but it is the longest amount of time in that it hasn’t been fixed. Considering how much membership is and that CorePower is headquartered in a tech hub, it’s hard to understand why this app is so poorly neglected after numerous negative and critical reviews.
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2 years ago, noodleboy347
Someone Needs to Fix This APP ASAP
I have never written a review before on the App Store but I’ve never experienced an app so poorly designed. Corepower itself is an incredible company but this app is turning me off from scheduling and going to classes purely due to the instability of this app. To schedule a class is nearly impossible, the times change every time I refresh it and it always gets rid of my filters. I booked a class yesterday for today and it won’t even show up on the schedule to cancel even though it says I have one class scheduled? I don’t want to get late cancellation fees but I am even unable to see a screen with my booked classes. Please fix this or you are going to lose customers! We want to go here and love the classes but the scheduling component is completely overriding all the good things about Corepower Yoga.
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2 years ago, namasty98001
Please change it back
The new version is extremely hard to use. It takes too long to load, app crashes frequently, and UI design is confusing: 1. The book button doesn’t change after book a class, would prefer the previous version, also the button is not disabled after the class starts time, if we can make sure the studio door keeps open after the class start time, then I’m fine with it. 2. Please don’t put the yoga onDemand and yoga schedule together, would prefer them as two separate apps. 3. Schedule is hard to use, takes too many steps to change studio, would prefer the previous version which we can mark yoga studios as labels and change location with a single tab. Besides, would prefer change date with a tab rather than scroll.
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2 years ago, CorporatePower Yoga
The most frustrating and useless app
The original app was simple and easy to use, this app ranks up there with the worst app I’ve ever used. If I could rate a 0 I would. I have literally ever written a review before but this apps experience has been so negative that I feel compelled to share my experiences. Logging in is ridiculous. It’s much easier to use the website on the phone but that’s also pretty frustrating. Pretty bummed on not just the app pitfalls and the the basic functions of the app are terrible/useless, but also all the retail advertisements, and we haven’t resumed any of the pre pandemic early (before work) courses in my area. I am a medical provider who recommends yoga to many of my patients in this area and it’s getting harder and harder to not warn my patients about these downfalls and how they have not been addressed.
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2 years ago, savblanc26
Everything’s wrong with it
With this new update, you constantly have to go in and select your default filter. Every class I have booked, immediately after I close the app, when I reopen I cannot see myself booked in the class. This makes it impossible to cancel classes. With studios not having a local phone number it makes it very difficult. I know I have booked the class because I have a confirmation email. Half the classes I’ve taken don’t show up in my class history which is also frustrating because I like to track my classes and progress. Look, I am no software engineer, but I’ve used many other workout apps and have never run into this issue. Just fix it. Very frustrating considering the price we pay for membership.
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2 years ago, K N Boone
This is new app is horrendous
I too never write reviews for apps. But this app takes the cake in worst app created. It glitches out every single day. It signs me out all the time, even though credentials aren’t saved. I try to book a class and it errors out at least 75% of the time. I try to take a look at schedules and it populates only every other day. I’m barely making it to class anymore because I just give up on trying to go because you must do everything through the app. I tried to go to a class last week, without signing up, as the app broke again, and they wouldn’t allow me in because I didn’t sign up prior. Something’s gotta give here, CorePower.
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2 years ago, awallia
Buggy app, not transparent with cancellation fees
This app syncs to “your calendar” but not for the calendar you sign up with. Staff at the location are unable to fix a bug where my associated email doesn’t get calendar invites, an old email I’ve never given CorePower (like gmail from 10 years ago) gets the invites. In addition, you cannot manage any important billing functions from the app. The app allows you to cancel classes, but unlike equinox or other fitness studios, doesn’t warn you what the cutoff is for being charged a fee. So basically the app makes it look like you can cancel class with no penalty, but then you get a penalty. It’s not a good user experience and it’s very buggy
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2 years ago, regaltuna
Bring back old app!!
The old app was so easy to use I was able to see the schedule, my goals, and class history. The new app is so slow and glitchy. Since the new update was released I have had issues with classes I’ve taken not showing up in my class history at all. Also, when booking the numbered of each day of the month does not align with the day of each week so I have to go to my calendar to see which day I am booking for. This is insanely slow, tedious, and inconvenient. Booking and doing almost anything with the new update is really frustrating I have started waiting to book on my laptop instead. Please switch back to the old app!
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2 years ago, Country-music rocks
Upgrade is torturous
I agree with all these reviews. The app is now hard to log into, the classes attended aren’t being captured, I can’t effectively see the class options for a day let alone to plan for the week, and it’s inconsistent about whether I have a class that day or not. It shows no classes in the home page when I know I have some upcoming and only shows it in the profile page which is confusing because there’s a section that says classes but is only the on-demand ones? That should be it’s own section. This update is very poorly designed. Please fix it. It makes it way harder to schedule a class which is frankly very demotivating.
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2 years ago, Zubaduba
Update has decreased app functionality
With the new update, the schedule is super glitchy and makes class reservations impossible on some days of the week. I keep getting “Oops, there was an error” messages when I try to book a class. Also, please take the class schedule view back to the way it used to be. Now you have to scroll down through all the classes and can only really view one at a time. And I’ll think I am looking at one day, but will accidentally have scrolled down to another day without knowing it.
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6 months ago, delaDB
Throw your privacy and data out the window
I mistook this app for something else and accidentally created an account through the app. When I contacted the company they told me that since I’m not in California they will not delete my information. However on the App Store it says the company doesn’t store and data from me. Even more, the app and services are available in my state. Does that mean that EVERY USER who isn’t in California has the privacy of their data at risk? I have never had any company EVER deny my request to delete an account. This company and app should not be on the App Store if they are not handling user data like they say they are.
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2 years ago, Erin Figs
So easy to book classes!
I love how easy it is to book classes and to save different studio groups in the new app. I have a group of studios I attend at home and a group of studios close to work, and I can easily change my experience based on where I am by changing the studio filters. I also love how the app shows me how many classes I’ve done and when I did them. Helps me set goals for myself! I love CorePower so much!
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12 months ago, Spaceman612
This app is slow and will continuously bully you
Takes forever to load and asks every few seconds if I want to turn on notifications, only gives option for maybe later, how bout stop pestering me! I have to delete my filter settings every time if I want to see the class schedule. When the schedule goes to load expect to wait a long time, and then wait for it to reload a second time because it always does. I thought an app rollout that has such horrible reviews would be cause to try something different, whom ever CPY paid to deliver this app they definitely deserve a refund
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1 year ago, hi_its_nels
Terrible experience
I hate writing negative reviews but please please fix the app 😭😭 the data is never synced properly so I never know if I’m missing classes. Filters often don’t work. Now the worst part is it asks me about turning on notifications every time I do anything in the app - often shows the modal multiple times - even though I already enabled!! I tried disabling and enabling and the modal keeps popping up. It’s terrible. The only reason I keep the app is for calendar syncing or I’d delete it immediately. So bummed - it makes it so hard to book yoga for no reason😭😭😭 and I go almost every day so it really is a bummer
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2 years ago, ruby_____
Did the boss's kid design this???
You charge $150 a month and you got some high school kid who doesn't even like tech to design this garbage app, huh? You must cease charging people for cancelling classes while utilizing such a failure of an app, because it doesn't properly cancel classes, or it says you have nothing scheduled, when, in fact you do! Nothing about this app is good and it's no surprise because we're talking about a corporation who wants you to shut up and pay them while offering you the absolute bare minimum in terms of offering convenience and customer service. There is no excuse for such an absurdly bad app. NONE.
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2 years ago, D. Malone
Please change it back!
Update is making me sad and frustrated. I used to be able to pick a date and see several class offerings on one screen and minimal scrolling. The new page set up allows me to see only one class at a time! What class do I want? Scroll up…there’s one. But what are my other choices? Scroll..there’s one. Wait, what was the first one? Scroll back. Are there others? Oh, I didn’t see that one. But what time was the 2nd one again? Sheesh! Please bring back the easy viewable class schedule screen 🙏🏻
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2 years ago, Yogi_SoCal
New App is a Downgrade
This is my first review of an app and that’s because I have never regretted updating an app so much.. This is basically bringing the website onto an app, which is not user friendly at all. Now on the class scheduling page you can only view one or two classes at a time. You have to keep scrolling. The filters are hard to find and the reaction of the filters is really slow. This is the top of your customer journey funnel and you should not be kicking them away. Please bring the old version back and at least make scheduling easier for customers.
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9 months ago, J$LOR
Incredibly Buggy App
This has to be the worst app on my phone. It routinely freezes. The pop ups will not go away. For example the “app notification settings” pop up will pop up 2-3 times in a row regardless of which option I choose. I’ve tried allowing notifications and also clicking g the maybe later option and the screen still pops multiple times each time I try to book a class.
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2 years ago, juiceeeyjuice
Horrible Mobile Experience
1. Difficult to navigate scheduling, the prior experience allowed you to view many classes at once, this allows 1 or 2 at a time. 2. Slow to load any screen, transition time taking too long 3. Dedicated classes nav bar screen essentially has the same functionality as the schedule screen, what’s the point? 4. What’s the point of the blue yoga icon, is that intended to show the instructor? We don’t need to see their faces, moreover this isn’t even being populated. Probably remove this to solve complaint #1 5. Completed classes are no longer being logged properly, completely demotivating for users that are trying to view their progress over time Translating the web app over directly over to iOS has gone over very poorly! Previous app was bad, although this one may visually be more “appealing” the functionality is much worse, unfortunately.
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2 years ago, ojn1525
Love the update
Super easy to book classes across both studio and live. Love to access the schedule in an easy way with my saved filters. Definitely a different look & feel to the old app but having everything in one place is so much better than logging into different platforms.
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1 year ago, Kyrcjxsrujfdrg
Terrible app
It’s amazing that such an expensive exercise service has such a ridiculously terrible app. CorePower’s app development has been consistently terrible for over 6 years and this app has a tons of bugs that only highlight this issue. It’s ridiculous that with an average rating of under 2 stars they still haven’t made any type of concerted effort to improve the apps performance or functionality. You have to use the app to book classes so the developers probably don’t care how well the app performs as long as people keep using it
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2 years ago, finleyhic
Just awful!
I agree with the numerous negative reviews of the app. It crashes constantly. It has stopped tracking my history. It often tells me no classes match my filter when I know perfectly well my studio has 10 or 12 classes every day. I tried to book a class yesterday and the logo has been flashing ever since. I have to uninstall and reinstall. Rarely it might work for a full week. Considering how much I love my studio and my teachers this is really disappointing. Enough already. Bring back the old app that worked just fine.
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2 years ago, Hhhfcgrdbujnyfrsvfrdtguh
The worst update I have ever seen
I cannot believe I am writing a review about an app but here I am to let you know how terrible it is. It was such a downgrade from the previous version and my question is, was this tested with a focus group or the yoga instructors prior to be releasing. Issues include: to much white space, hard to see classes, no longer can see the teachers, pages don’t load accurately. I have never written a review for an app but here we are. I hope the programmers either go back to the old version or update it further to make it user friendly.
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2 years ago, hdowonrbrowoakbe
Terrible UI
Please please fix the UI - this app is a nightmare to use. It looks pretty but makes absolutely no sense. I want to see a days worth of classes ideally on one page - why does it scroll into the next day? I don’t want to “continue watching” an on demand class, why is that on the home page??? Also “for you”, “schedule”, and “classes”?? What are these categories??? And again, I hate only seeing two classes at a time on my screen when we use to be able to see almost a full days worth for a studio. Please make this simpler to use !!!!
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2 years ago, corepowerappreview1385
Worst app of all time
This is my first time writing a review for an app since the App Store was invented. I’m an avid fan of corepower and have been going to classes regularly since January. This app constantly randomly logs me out (no other app does this) and takes forever to load when you just want to view the schedule. Why is the app slower than the website? Using the mobile website is a better experience and I don’t understand why the app is so much worse. Please fix. There are way too many loading circles in the app and it’s so slow.
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2 years ago, SBMaya
Terrible app
How perfect that an app for scheduling YOGA (i.e. mind and body wellness) classes is so incredibly frustrating to use and will give you a headache. It is very difficult to search for classes (sometimes they don’t load, sometimes the date you select isn’t the one that appears on the screen) and it is equally challenging to find which classes you’ve already booked (same above, parts of the schedule seem to vanish). Sometimes a class will show an option to join a waitlist, other times the option is there but not functioning.
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4 months ago, Jamiex110
Please stop logging me out all the time
Please, for the love of all things, stop logging me out every couple of days. I do not need the highest level of security on my yoga app. No other app on my iPhone logs me out this often. This has been happening for years and it bothers me so much I am thinking of going to different studio where I can schedule classes easier. Also why am I charged money for missing a class on an unlimited membership when you don’t even have headcount caps on the number of people attending? Doesn’t make sense
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11 months ago, karalaughs
This app is making me look for another yoga studio
Just updated, and somehow they still haven’t removed the incessant request to turn on notifications. If this happens more than once per APP it’s too much!! So I finally starting searching for other studios because this nonsense could drive a sane man mad. Yoga-adjacent things should not drive you mad. Whoever has made the decision to maintain this feature is doing a true disservice to your wonderful instructors, who fortunately do not also drive literally every single one of your app-using clients mad.
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1 year ago, shaykh11
It’s truly so easy to make a fitness app
Why does this app log me out every few days? For no reason. Doesn’t even save my login so I have to manually type it in every time. Also, WHY are we not allowed to purchase class packs through the app?! It’s literally ridiculous. There are so many good fitness class apps out there. And the key to their success is SIMPLICITY! Here’s all you need to do: have a tab for purchasing class packs, a tab for the schedule and a tab for your profile. ITS NOT HARD. For a GIANT franchise, your app should not be this sucky.
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2 years ago, ZenVester
Please Read 🙏🏼
Have been CorePower member for over 10 years and since its inception the app has always been glitchy. I love the community, love the classes but this app has been a source of real annoyance for all these years. I’ve talked to many who never take the take time to review who agree. It can’t be that hard to hire a competent development team, other smaller studios are able to do it. It’s really getting to the point where I’m considering taking my membership elsewhere. I’m spending too much time dealing with this glitchy app.
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2 years ago, Jessjregan
This is the first review I’ve ever written for an app. This has got to be one of the worst updates I’ve seen as evidenced by the many many other negative reviews. However what I think is most notable is the lack of CPY’s interest in listening to the overwhelming negative comments and making any improvements. I’ve been a member for years and honestly this app is so ridiculous, it now just makes me mad that I pay so much every month for a company that cares so little for their members. If I could give zero stars, I would.
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2 years ago, Bkinneavy
I’m sad. New app is sooo slow
This new app is really bad for scheduling! I’m sorry to say this. It’s constantly confused and takes forever to load or it won’t load the schedule at all. It’s really rough when I’m want to look ahead a few days. I guess maybe other things on the app are ok but I don’t use it for that. I use it to schedule classes and it’s a total pain! Please fix it. The old app was way better.
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1 year ago, ScrabbleMalGal
Poor Service
CorePower used to be a company that I raved about. Seems that over the last few years the customer service and user-ability of their apps and studios has become very poor. The latest issue is that I pay for an all access membership, which is supposed to include the all access on demand video service, however I’m not able to access any of the on demand classes from either of the application (this one nor the onDemand). Completely frustrating.
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2 years ago, mnrais
I’ve used the corepower app(s) for years and this recent update to merge them into one has completely ruined the functionality in every way. It’s cumbersome to navigate to book a class or see what I have booked, and forget trying to look at any other day in the schedule but today. It struggles to load every time I open it, and I end up waiting literal minutes. It makes me want to cancel my membership because I can’t even see what classes are available to go to! Please fix!!!!
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2 years ago, yogiliz123
Great upgrade!
New app is really beautiful and easy to use. Love how easy it is to change my saved filters and book classes. Also allows me to book right up to class time, instead of the old app which blocked it 30 minutes prior to start.
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2 years ago, Je Sd
Poorly designed, bring back the old app
This new app is poorly designed and clunky. Bring back the old app which was more stable, intuitive, and was way easier to navigate. It did the main job by quickly and cleanly by giving you the schedule across multiple studio locations with booking option. It was also easier to see studio schedules & locations when traveling and gave the user better control what he needs see and not see.
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2 years ago, Morigee
Terrible Terrible Terrible
Incredibly disappointed. The app is hard to work with. There are buttons in places that don’t make sense. Clicking the calendar at the top of the screen doesn’t bring you to the correct day. Scrolling into the next day could cause errors in booking if you are not paying attention (and could cost you 15$). There are so many issues with this app. It needs to be completely reworked. The old app was not my favorite, but this is much worse.
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2 years ago, globalcb
Change it back!
The new update’s schedule is very frustrating to use. Clunky, not easy to scroll through. The previous version was much better—it was a lot easier to scroll through, it would automatically go to the time of day and also show the classes that were available earlier in the day (helped with scheduling). A lot easier to change filters. A lot easier to swipe between days. Please change it back!
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9 months ago, Aclevine
Newest version is way better!
I used to be frustrated with this app but it works a lot better now! Yay! No more waiting endlessly for the class schedule to load. Just want the app to stop asking me if i want to take a quiz… i have done over 150 classes, i don’t need the quiz to figure out what my perfect class is…
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2 years ago, yogi132
I want the last version back.
Last version was so much more user friendly. It was a simple layout and I could clearly see what classes I had completed/ scheduled. My sessions aren’t recording on the calendar and the loading takes way too long. Also, it’s missing the “S” for Saturday on the calendar so you don’t really know what day of the week each date falls under. It’s difficult to notice the date change when scrolling through classes.
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1 year ago, noramlly
Seems functional
I’ve been using the app for a week, and I’ve been able to book and cancel classes just fine. It’s a little challenging to see classes at multiple studios, but I haven’t experienced the significant issues other reviews have described yet. Progress?
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1 year ago, Dave SD
Crap app
New version. Same crap as previous years . Nearly unusable. Can’t Corepower simoly fix this app. Over 200 studios and $150 or more monthly for each membership yet they can’t have a semi functional app that doesn’t get 1 star from almost every reviewer. Incredible arrogance or ignorance. Does the CEO or COO read these reviews or get feedback how crappy this app is. Evey tiem they “fix” one part they break another Yet we trust this company with healing our body n mind! Who is the fool ?
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2 years ago, Pnoonies
Scheduled class Screen freezes
Thank you for fixing the clunky filter! I can easily switch between my favorites studio settings without having to clear everything and start from scratch. However more work is to be done. Now that I can easily filter and find the class that I want, I have to restart my phone in order for the scheduled class screen to go away… no amount of clicking the “x” will close that window.
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2 years ago, frustrsted frustrated
App problems
Problems continue with the app Over & over. I have written several times to the corporate office and they tell me to take off the app and add back on . It works for about 1-2 weeks. Then back to problems again. Then a day doesn’t show up to book but the following day does . If you try to cancel it just clicks to “booked”. I already know I’m Booked I’m try to cancel and re schedule ! A client shouldn’t have to complain this many times to have an app work correctly. CorePower is quick to charge you if you don’t cancel in time - but doesn’t correct their issues with booking . This is suppose to be seamless not constantly having to write negative reviews and the corporate office just says I’m sorry. Just fix the app .Geeez !!
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2 years ago, TᖇIᔕTIᑎ
Love the new app!
I LOVE the new app. I found the old one so clunky and slow and love how clean and easy this app is to use. Love how I can easily save all my filters. Thank you for finally upgrading-- this makes the experience so much easier and better!!
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1 year ago, Janie7282616
Super easy to book classes
I constantly use this app to book classes, cancel if I need to, and view my class history. It’s easy to contact customer service and I’ve never waited more than a day to hear back. There’s always room for improvement but it’s a good app!
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