Couch to 5K® - Run training

Health & Fitness
4.6 (4.4K)
139.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Active Network, LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Couch to 5K® - Run training

4.61 out of 5
4.4K Ratings
2 months ago, nicoleta506
Best Couch to 5K training app out there
This app has the basics, which is all you really need to get started running. I started from very little activity and not much experience being athletic when I was younger. Run-walk was the only way I was able to build up the stamina to actually complete a full 5K. Because of this app, I’ve even worked up to running a full 10K, something I never thought I’d be able to accomplish. You’re able to listen to your music, pick the narrator you prefer to give you the audio cues, it records how much you run (and your pace during the walking and running portions separately). It’s also completely free. You could try the program for as long as you want to decide if you like it or if you want to pay and try something else. Unfortunately I don’t like the 5K to 10K program by this company as much, but once you’re at a 5K level there are much better programs and capabilities out there. It doesn’t sync with your Apple Watch and it doesn’t really update anymore but for the basics it gets the job done better than any other app which requires payment nowadays. It’s totally worth the download and try!
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10 months ago, OaklandHills
Please update!!
I’ve had this app as long as it’s been out. I’m in my 40s and have had 2 kids and several moves and then of course COVID hit the world. So I’ve started and stopped running many, many times. Each time I want to restart running I try a new app to help me pace myself so it doesn’t feel too hard and I give up. But I already go back to this app. It just works for me - easy at the beginning and it gets harder slowly so you always feel like you can do it and you’re making progress. HOWEVER - I beg that you update the app so that it syncs with your Apple Watch. I run mainly on a treadmill now - easier on the knees and the rest of the joints. And I can never blame weather for skipping. But since it only tracks your phone, which sits stable on the shelf, there is no tracking. It doesn’t track my distance or improvement or HeartRate… and it could, so easily. So please please please upgrade!
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4 years ago, alynn333
Used to be great...
I was using this running program through the Active website before it became an app. I absolutely loved the program and app (up until about a year and a half ago) and over the years have told so many people to purchase it because it’s one of the best ones I’ve found in terms of building a base without injuries and for not being intimidating, even for new runners. That said, the last year or so I’ve been thoroughly disappointed with the app. It’s buggy, shuts down randomly and doesn’t save the run (other apps I’ve tried that are free, you can just reopen the app if it crashes and the run is still going so you don’t lose everything), and most importantly does not work with the Apple Watch like it claims to (I have a cellular plan and the app, phone and watch are fully up to date). You have to bring your phone with you if you want to see any of the stats (time, distance, pace, interval) and that defeats the purpose. Also, sometimes it’ll queue me to run or walk with a buzz notification on my watch (when I’ve left my phone at home) but most the time doesn't. There’s no telling when it will or won’t work. The convenience this app used to provide isn’t there any more because it’s not keeping up to date with modern technology. Until these issues are fixed I would discourage anyone paying for the app.
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1 year ago, Fishgirl27
App rating not the C-5k program
Overall: This app will help you get through an interval running program in order to be able to run a 5k or at least 20-30mins of consistent jog. I’ve had this app for years (like pre Fitbit) and it really hasn’t adapted to new wearable technologies. Pros: Variety of trainers/motivators, alerts audible over music, alerts push to watch most of the time, breaks out weeks and allows repeats and keeps all the data. Cons: No way to have an indoor/treadmill run so it vastly underestimates pace. Not sure what the watch version does as it just tells me to open the app on the phone. No way to see timer on watch or lock screen without opening app. Can only “share” results with Facebook or the app community- can’t send in text or use one of the 50 social media programs out there. Race data is significantly lacking - only one run shows in my area under all search parameters and it’s not even the largest race in town. There’s definitely ways this program can improve but I’m not sure the developers are still interested in doing so, also not sure there’s a market since you can just modify basic workout apps to do the same thing.
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5 years ago, NotoriousSGB
Not as good as it used to be
I downloaded the app a few years ago and LOVED it. This latest version though is left wanting. First off, I had to purchase it again because it didn’t remember that I had already bought the app. Then it has been pretty glitchy. This morning it skipped a full walking section and went from run to run. The other day it froze on the warm up and wouldn’t go into a run. Also, the audio cues are difficult to hear with my music playing so I have to listen really closely to know what I need to do. I turned on the vibrate to see if that would help and it barely made a difference. I used to be able to look at what the intervals were so I could mentally prepare myself for the run and now I can’t. I have to keep hitting “skip” then redo the exercise just to see what is expected of me that day. I am not impressed with the app and it has been sooooo frustrating to us. I go jogging for my mental health and it doesn’t help that this app gets me all wound up because it’s not operating as it should. Finally, skipping tracks when the exercise starts and shutting of my music after cool down is super annoying. I get my music ready before I go and like to listen to my music after I stretch and it shuts my music off or skips tracks.
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2 years ago, Kasie2
I can do this
I am not a person who likes to exercise nor am I a person who has exercised their entire life. I am a chubby girl who got more chubby during the pandemic. My all time high was 204 which is quite a bit considering my height. I purchased the Couch to 5K app years ago and never used it. A test i took told me I was a high risk for a stroke. It’s time to use the app. I freaking love it. If I don’t jog (I am not a runner) 3 times a week my body yells at me to get back to it. The only issue I have is during the first week it tells you to run/jog for 1 minute. If you are a person who is carrying a lot of weight this is hard to do. I started off where I was comfortable and worked my way up to 1 minute. I am not a long distance runner/jogger so whenever I get to the week that has me running for 4 minutes straight I have to do what is comfortable to me. I love that I want to get up and jog. Forgive any typos! I am literally on the treadmill as I type this because I just finished my week of jogging ❤️. To all the people who think they can’t, trust me you CAN!!
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6 years ago, Ultra Cool Kid
Used to be great
I used this app before this update last year around this time. It worked so well, and I was even able to finish it and run my first 5K! Well through the year, I started slacking and wanted to get back into running because I love doing it. I knew right where to go to help me start training. This Couch to 5K app! Downloading it and opening up and seeing the beautiful new redesign was a nice surprise, and I was so excited to run. I went to my normal spots where I used to run where I never had an issue tracking my speed, distance, or placement on a map. After my run, I went to check how I did, and I couldn’t see any info. It said I ran/walked a distance of 0.07 miles, when I actually did about 1.75 miles, and it had no information of my speed. It didn’t start tracking me until I was in my cool down. I’ve tried turning my location services on and off, clearing my workout history, going to a different place I used to run, starting a new account, and nothing!! I used to have no problem with it tracking me, and now I don’t really understand what the issue is.
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4 years ago, sydneyc w
Killing it
Let me preface this by saying I am a person who enjoys fitness and started Couch to 5K at a decent base level of cardio fitness. Not amazing, but I’m not a couch potato either. I’ve never been great at distance running, but it’s been on my list for a few years to run a 5K so this year is the year. Highly recommend paying money and signing up for one so you’re motivated to stick with it. The first 4 weeks of this program make sense and work you up in sensible intervals. Then week 5-7 are madness. Like I looked at them and I was like HOW!? Who came up with this?? But surprise of all surprises... I did it! I actually was ready for those crazy hard weeks. So needless to say, I’ve been very impressed with this app as far as fitness programming. The app itself has also worked well for me. Once in a while I think it may not be playing the “walk” or “jog” bits but that might be because my phone is on silent.
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5 years ago, rachel_3094
Great program, mediocre app
I restarted this program recently after being out of the game with running for a while. I used this app the first time I started running and it helped me get into 5k shape (I'm definitely not much of a natural runner). After using this app for the first time in a while, I'm finding a couple of issues that I don't remember having before. The coach is way too quiet in the background of my music (though my music is not very loud and the coach starts off at a great volume when you first begin). I find myself often missing cues to walk or run. Also, it is not taking my distance or pace as it did before, even though GPS is active. I also think that it would be helpful if there was a bar on the lock screen of my phone when the app is running, I have to unlock my phone every time I need to check if I missed a cue to walk or run, which is inconvenient while running. The program is great and I recommend it to anyone who wants to get into shape without burning themselves out, but the app needs some work.
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6 years ago, Cmblanch
Helped me with pacing
I've run several 5k and even a 10k prior to the app. I was "out of the game" for a while and decided to use this app to get back into it. Building up and focusing on time spent running rather than distance really helped me learn to better pace myself. I like that none of the runs are incredibly long either, the longest toward the end is around 40 mins including warm up/ cool down. I recommend to friends often. However, I'm not giving 5 stars because I've encountered SO many glitches. Several times the app has shut down on me without warning, and when it does that none of the run is recorded (this usually happens to me toward the end of the run). The distance and time recorded in the app also include warm up and cool down, which I hate. I want to know my pace and time spent during the actual workout only. For those two reasons, I always keep a second running app recording on my phone with running to give me better data and reliability.
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10 months ago, Allie1637482
Excellent, but a Little Misleading
This app is a great, gradual build-up to running for 30 minutes. I say 30 minutes, because it’s a little misleading as far as distance. The 10 minutes of walking during the warm ups and cool downs does add a small but significant distance to your total. I’ve thought that I’ve surpassed 5k in distance, but after subtracting my walking distance, I still had about 0.6 miles to go. With my pace, I’ll need to work up to running for longer than 30 min so I’m actually hitting 5k running alone. A little annoying, but because it’s been such a gradual build in running time, I think I’ll have no problem adding another 6 or so minutes on my own over the course of a few weeks. In general, I have very much enjoyed this process and I believe that I’ll continue to run using the app with the free run option!
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7 years ago, HM to the Mache
Buggy timer on iOS 11
I have been using this app on my IPhone 5 for a couple of years with no problems. Simple, easy to use and accurate. I just upgraded to iOS 11 and have had nothing but problems since then. I’ve gone on 2 runs and 10 minutes in the timer gets wonky. The seconds get tripped up, move slowly or the timer stops altogether. Yesterday I was in the cool down and the timer stopped. Then the app closed and all my data for that run was lost. Super frustrating. I tried resetting the app and also deleted and reloaded it, to no avail. I even ran the timer against a stopwatch for accuracy and the same problem occurred. I love this app and want to continue to use it, but will have to look elsewhere if they can’t fix this bug. I emailed them today so we’ll see what happens. Like other reviewers, I also have experienced the same issue with the music volume dropping way down after the first voice prompt. Not nearly as big of an issue as inaccurate / buggy timing, but a nuisance just the same. I hope they can fix these issues.
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4 years ago, shwnsmith12
So Happy!
I’ve been working on the Cto5K for about a year now, starting at being able to barely run for a minute at a time. I’ve tried a few different times and always ended up stopping because I would pop something in my calf - which is obviously my error. Then I learned how to actually prepare my body before runs, and now I’m nearly complete with the program. Today I ran past my week 8 day 1 queue for a cool down (I didn’t hear it!) and actually ended up clearing the distance for a 5K. I know this sounds like a paid review but it isn’t, I swear. I’m so grateful for this app. I’m happier, healthier, and recommending it to all my friends who are trying to get themselves to where they want to be too. Small steps turn into big progress if you stick to it, and I’m so glad that I have. Can’t wait to register for a 5K once the ‘Rona is clears up!
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5 years ago, Fatty McCrapperpants
The best.
I’ve tried quite a few of these, and this one is the best. I like my cheery coach, Runicorn, and I wish he was in the other Active apps. Some of my older runs have lost the comments I wrote. It was a little better before some of the updates. I can’t read the workout descriptions anymore, because they have gotten so small. They didn’t make all these changes to the 5k to 10K app, but that thing is still too hard for me. But, after all that it is still the best I have tried, by far. The gps seems to be pretty accurate in my area. It doesn’t work you to death, and all the stats are a good motivator. I especially like the graphs in the log. Well done. I didn’t think I could do it, but it looks like I will actually finish the whole app this time. Here we go, week 8!
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6 years ago, AlaskaLove(907)
Used to be good
I used to love this app as it’s helped me get back into shape multiple times after falling out of running for a bit. However, since I started using it again this time it’s been no help at all. I’m just staring week 3, and already 4 times it’s just completely crashed on me. When I go to reopen the app, hoping to have at least an idea where it died, there’s not even anything showing I actually started the workout. This is frustrating for tracking progress I’ve made, which is one reason I really like this app, but it also totally disrupts my workout. When it crashes I’m not always sure how far I am into my workout, as I don’t watch it while I’m running and just listen to cues. It’s also frustrating because I then have to completely stop the run to try and figure out where I was at and get started again, which completely messes up my pace. Like I said, I used to completely love this app and would have gave it 5 stars. But at this point with all the glitching I wish I would have just gone with a different running app.
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6 months ago, ConradHam
100% recommend!
I’ve always loved running but I have always been overweight and out of shape. I’d start running but never stuck with it because I never learned how to prepare for or actually run a long distance. This app has solved all those problems. This app guides you, quite literally, from couch to 5K. It is well worth the $5. Along my running journey, I’ve tried lots of apps. This is by far the best app to guide you through how much time you should run and how to split that with walking. The only reason why I wouldn’t give this app 5 stars is because I wish that there were more trainers to choose from and that they talked to you through the run (kind of like Nike Run Club) to give you tips on your breathing and your form. I would 100% recommend this to anyone who wants to get into running but doesn’t know where to start.
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6 years ago, Coolbeans26
Pretty Good !
I have only been using the app for three days so far, so I guess my review is limited right now. So far the pace is decent (for someone totally out of shape), and hopefully I can keep up as it progresses. I like the different display pages, and how it shows yours your progress a lot. My only complaint is the limited input by the “coach”, and that I barely hear it when it wants me to switch between intervals (not a phone volume issue). I run to music, and when the app wants me to switch between walking and running, it says about 2-4 words that I barely catch over the music. At the beginning the coach sounds good (voice going over the music), but while running it is lacking. I would also like the coach to throw in more words of wisdom and updates to keep me motivated while working out. I definitely plan on using the app through to the 5k, and will try and update as I progress. That’s it for now.
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7 years ago, Chess fan1543987
Meh... some good, but bad is more.
It's a simple app. So it does the one thing with the parsing of the running workouts. Then it tries to sell you a bunch of stuff you don't need or want and compete with fbook for a "social experience"... Next it wants to compete with LinkedIn and get you a job. But the real problem is that it doesn't do the one thing it should well. It doesn't gradually ramp you up based upon some responsive algorithm. Nope some guy just came up with some time partitions and told you to deal with it. Finally it doesn't track your gps (per the support email I received) "indoors or in small spaces like tracks...". Well ok so when does it work? Not even outdoors very well, either, bc I have driven my route and the thing came up short vs the car odometer. So it makes you feel really slow when it tells you you ran a 12 min mile pace. Even though you know it's wrong you can't do anything about your stats, like draw in the course on a map. Not worth the money in my opinion when other apps do it better.
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3 years ago, ViewFinder7
Old Faithful
I originally got this app 6 years ago when my mom (a full-time stay at home mom who has never been too active) and I decided to run a 5K. We both trained together using the app and we successful ran our 5k! Because of that, every year when I want to reboot my cardio and running, I turn to this app and it has thankfully never disappointed. I train with my iPhone and iWatch while listening to music and the cues come in clearly over my earbuds while listening to music and it simultaneously vibrates on my iWatch with the cues as well. I also love that it keeps track of my pace and distance for each walk/jog portion. Overall great app that I highly recommend to new or returning runners.
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7 years ago, Abdulm
Doesn't worth the money
Cons: It doesn't send you the voice commands unless it's always active on the screen, while you run you cannot state at the mobile screen instead you keep it in there pocket. It only sends the text notification if the phone is locked. I bought this because of the Apple watch support, again here the app on the watch doesn't stay on top of you want to check your progress. You would need to manually press the buttons and switch it. You can't just use the Apple watch alone, it doesn't work, you still need to carry your phone while running. Think about you keeping your 7" phone in your pocket during workout. If you don't carry the phone while workout it doesn't record anything then you will have to use some other app like Nike+ (free app) to track and manually log there distance and time, BS right? You cannot start the workout from Apple watch, you should start from phone, carry the phone, keep staring at the screen all the time. I don't know what they meant by saying Apple watch support. Pros: Apple watch sends a vibration for every step. However this also sends vibration when you're halfway this confuses if you don't keep unlocking the Apple watch and check what the text says, which is a tedious task during a workout session. It tracks the GPS, logs the miles, share social but I never let it access my fb though. Conclusion: Doesn't worth for a paid app.
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12 months ago, Kelly Diff
Good with a couple flaws
I’m a 49 year old woman who has gotten painfully out of shape and haven’t been exercised regularly in at least 5 years. It’s taken me about 10 weeks to get to week 5 on the app but that is ok as I paused a couple times when I injured my calf. I generally like the app, including the very conservative pace, but the app has 3 main flaws. First, I can’t stand the trainers and it’s annoying that you have to start the trainer anew each and every time. Second, I really wish the app would keep tracking distance/pace after the workout ends — sometimes I’m not quite home and I’d like to know the total distance of my workout. And third, I really wish I could preview the walk/run schedule of each week beforehand instead of while actually doing the run.
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7 years ago, Chargermaniac
Couch Potato? This app works!
I have been trying different exercise programs for years to lose weight. I never stuck to them, because they usually felt out of my reach and too hard for a couch potato like me. I’ve stuck to this program, and loved it. It allows you to go at your own speed per gait, but tells you when to walk or jog at intervals that increased slowly, but like I felt that I could do. I feel good about myself, and love how it starts so easy and increases with difficulty. Anyone can do it! The only thing I wish they would add, though, is having the trainer tell when it’s the last jog interval, so I could give it my all. Still, I would definitely recommend this app.
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6 years ago, LauraBellRunRocks
Good for new runners
Before using this app I was not a good runner and had never tried to be one before. It starts off so easy and builds gradually enough that it worked really well for me. I can now jog without stopping for about 3 miles which amazing! My pace isn’t great yet, but the fact that I can just keep going was my initial goal from the start. My biggest complaint is it’s harder to keep track if you need to go back in time. I took about 5 months off when I was over halfway through with the app because of health reason. When I was able to get back to it, it was not conceivable for me to be able to jog 28 minutes straight again. It was much harder for me to keep up with where I was each time I ran because the app wanted me to jog where I left off 5+ months prior.
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7 years ago, Devilstower
I want to love it, but it simply doesn't function
Filled out my profile and got started. Plugged in the earphones, stuck it in my pocket and launched off. But after telling me to take a brisk five minute walk, I didn't hear the trainer again. Pulled out the phone, pressed away the lock screen, and found that the app assumed I was halfway through a jogging sequence, though nothing had been said. Turned off the screen, dropped it back in my pocket, and immediately the voice said "brisk walk, jog, walk, halfway there! Jog." Jogged on in silence for another few minutes, drew it out of my pocket, pressed past lock screen, and found that the app had paused itself. Started the whole thing over and found that only if I kept the phone in my hand, with the screen on, app front and center, would the voice reliably speak and the app not either shut down or leap around unpredictably. On to another app.
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7 years ago, belleex
Can't find the support page…
So I guess that's another factor to this less than stellar review. I love using this app since it's definitely helped me get from my mostly sedentary state to looking forward to getting a good run in and breaking a sweat. My biggest issue is with music playback: my music plays at regular volume for the 5 minute warmup walk, then as the trainers voice cuts in it lowers the volume (so I can hear them, understandably) and never comes back to full volume. So frustrating! Half of what keeps me motivated is having good music going and when it feels like it's miles away, my workout seems bland. I tried to find a support page to leave this feedback on so it wouldn't have to negatively affect my review of the app, but since that took me in a maze of webpages, I guess it goes here. Someone help! Please and thanks.
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4 weeks ago, c.gwin1020
overall I love
I was super skeptical about buying this app, i’m not a runner and haven’t been in over 6 years so I wasn’t sure if this app was going to be good for me. But you set your goals, your weight and how often you want to run and it’s been perfect! You can even pick your trainer (I love runicorn). Overall it was a great buy, the only thing I wish it that it was more encouraging throughout the workout, especially while you on the jogging parts like “keep pushing”, “you got this” etc. because sometimes you’re tired and you want to be done and a little push is what you need. Overall I would recommend to my friends and definitely anyone that wants to start running from scratch, I know I am.
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2 years ago, costumesandy
Great the first time!
This app is great for first time users. I used this app in 2015 and learned to run for 30 min + which I never thought I could do. I like that it has GPS and shows your route, and shows your run average run time and walk time. It was great the first time I worked the program as it remembers what workout you are on. Now that I am doing the program again, I have to remember which week and which workout I’m on. It’s also kind of a pain to have to select each workout. Not much has changed in this app in the last 7 years. The price is good, but technology has evolved so much and this app has not. I was tired of carrying my phone with me and just got an Apple Watch only to find that this app is not supported as a stand alone and I still have to carry my phone with me to use it. Now I have to find a new app to use. It’s a shame because I did like the stats on this one. If you want a simple app to work the plan once with no subscription price, then this app is for you. But if you plan on re-doing the plan and want to use your Apple Watch away from your phone, look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, megnificent64
Used to be good
I got this app to start running again. I used this app 2 years ago and loved the app. I have the Apple Watch and was excited to use the app with it. I like to check my progress, but it will close out of the watch and I have to go back into the app during a run, which is frustrating. This happens 2-3 times during the run. I also do not like that every time you start the app you have to go pick your trainer and then the trainers do and say stuff before you can go to the actual running. It was cute the first time, but I know what trainer I want. If I want to change it I can go through the app. It does t need to show up every time I use the app. I’m disappointed, I payed money for this app and its finicky. I really hope they fix the watch part. I am still using it because I paid for it and I’m on week 4, but maybe it’s time I find another app.
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6 years ago, Mitchmanistheman
Love this new update, but just one issue...
Like I said, I love this update. It works great on my 6S. The big problem lies in the old version. I’m on week 6 of the program, and in the earlier weeks the app would work...sparingly. Basically, the app would glitch in the last few minutes of my workout and crash. So I would go back into the app and manually enter my distance. But I can’t change the time. I would just skip through quickly, and it would say I went 2.2 miles in one second. It messes with my statistics. I just don’t understand why I can only manually input my distance, and not my time. Other than that, the program works great. I finished it about two years ago and had since fallen out of the habit of running.
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9 months ago, awesomepossum86
Great training tool!
I just finished my first 5K in nearly a decade after using this app and am very grateful for the support this app provided. It helped motivate me to keep training and keep running, therefore increasing my cardiovascular fitness. It was nice to be able to change your “coach” — sometimes, I really needed to pretend to be chased by a zombie to keep going. However, I do feel that the training program on the app advanced a little too quickly for someone who was as out-of-shape as me. Make sure you plan a couple supplemental workouts each week to help you reach your goal. And, not related to the app, but a word of advice for anyone determined to make a positive change — get yourself a good pair of running shoes!
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3 years ago, I love books Duke
This is a great app!!
I Love soccer with all my heart and I have since I was 4. Soccer is a sport that requires you being active and able to run and anyone can play it. I love soccer but have been getting worse and worse at being active ever since COVID and actually most of my life, this is a great app with a good commentary and will get you on the trail or boost you to working out and loving it. This app has been great for getting me ready to play soccer again after a long time of sitting on my couch and watching Netflix, gaming, and eating. I would highly suggest getting this if you feel the need to burn off the chubby that you choose to ignore. :)
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6 years ago, Komododave
Everything is great except sound.
I enjoy almost everything about this app and workout program. It steps up the intensity at a good pace and the variety of motivating voices are fun. The only thing that almost made me leave the app was the sound control. The music and prompt volumes are connected and, until I turned off control of the music through the app, it was a crap shoot as to whether I could hear them. Sometimes it would be loud, sometimes it would be so soft, I’d have to keep restarting workouts. Since I turned off music control through Couch to 5k, the prompt volume is ok, but it’s still tied to the music volume. Please please fix this. It can’t be that hard to decouple the app volume from the music. Otherwise, great app.
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10 months ago, Themightyaaron
It’s a shame but I have to switch
Been using for 3 months now about to do my first 5k! It’s been a huge help! My only complaint is that recently it stopped giving me the ability to post my runs and that was always a motivating treat once I finish. Pls fix it 🥲 **** 4 months now using I’m about to upgrade to 10k but going with 10k couch potato instead of your app because I STILL can’t log in or share my runs. It randomly logged me out (done multiple times) and I can’t get back in. And you have “forgot password” but I think I logged in with apple id or a burner email and you don’t have a “forgot email “ button. So frustrating. **** final note I wish I could start from beginning and not lose my old runs! But it just saves over them????
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6 years ago, hwltgjs
Awesome, but Slightly Tedious, App!
This is such a great app! I’m on my 2nd round of using it now (I can run a 5k personally, but my husband can’t and wanted a training partner), and once I’m through I plan on using the “5k to 10k” app as well. The only reason I’m not rating five stars are the “badges/trophies.” I think they’re fun, but it’s tedious to click through three or so screens at a time, because you got multiple badges. That said, the program absolutely did work for me. Last year, I was basically sedentary (and overweight), and now I run a 5k once a week (still overweight, but much less so), as well as do the program with my husband (who is on week four, so not quite a 5k yet). It can be a bit tough on the knees, but I haven’t felt any pain beyond normal soreness.
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7 years ago, ToddMM
Great Program but Sound Issues
I bought this app a few years back to prep for a 5k and I am starting again from scratch. The program is very well thought out and planned but the software has become problematic as IOS has progressed. When the voice comes on to tell you to run walk etc., music volume is supposed to attenuate so you can hear the instructions. Unfortunately in recent releases the music does not return to normal volume. For the remainder of the run, you are to approximately 50% of your total volume. In addition, the voice giving instructions sometimes forgets instructions such as the halfway point. This is an outstanding program otherwise. If this is corrected, I will change my review to five stars but this is a big enough issue that I think it drastically affects the usability and value of the app.
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12 months ago, amandapanshou
Your Confidence Will Soar!
This app is worth every cent after the download purchase! My husband and I have been using this app since the pandemic started (on and off, due to laziness!) I was never a runner, mainly because I never enjoyed it or thought I could handle it. This app builds up your confidence and stamina in your ability to run and continue to “beat” your recent personal record. I am up to running 20 minutes straight with little to no troubles! Trust me, this is by far the best running app for those looking to build their confidence and those wanting to prove to themselves that they can do it!!!
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7 years ago, Jooshie91
I love it!
*Edit* I still love this app. I’ve fallen off but get back on it so easily. Can you make it so the app doesn’t lower the volume of the music. It effects it by at least 50%. I absolutely enjoy this app!! My run time and overall cardio has substantially increased. I really enjoy the training program, however the UI can be better. My halfway indicator word rarely and when it shows the GPS it won't tell me what the dropped pins were. I believe the entire feel of the app can be updated, it feels a little out dated and doesn't have a fresh feel to it. Overall really great program to hit the hardball road! Oh and the Apple Watch app needs some serious updates. The app on the watch lags by at least 15-20 seconds.
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4 years ago, Catidid52
Used it for years!
I’m very pleased with this app. I’ve used it several times over the last six years, and each time it’s been a great tool which helped me feel confident about my running. My only two problems come from the music player. I wish it had a shuffle option, so I could easily listen to different songs each time I run. I have found a work around for that, but it would be nice to have in-app. The second is the volume changes. After getting a cue, the volume often cuts lower, so music that was at a motivating level becomes significantly quieter and nothing can easily be done to fix it while you’re running. Again, great app, I’ll keep using it for sure.
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6 years ago, Chapindad
Should be 5 stars
I am only finished with week 2 but the workout part of this program is awesome. I was more of a bed to 5k type person so I had to repeat the week 1 workout twice before I was able to get going but I am not through week 2 and am having no troubles. For that a lone it is worth the purchase. Now for why it lost the two stars. The voice cues and vibration misses are a huge problem especially for beginners that just getting one foot in front of the other is enough of a challenge. I had to purchase a $30 arm band for my 6plus just yo help with the issue. I have learned to just reset that section of the routine to get it back but that is going to be an issue later on. This has to be fixed or reworked. I also just purchase an apple watch hoping that I could get the timers and cues on it. No such luck. I just not everyone has the apple watch so that would be a good in app purchase. I would pay $5 to get that feature. Update: They added Apple Watch support but it is very bad and close to broken. They also do not update activity or any other apple health stats. It is sad because I love the fitness part of the app.
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6 years ago, _my_nickname
It does what it says, but is a closed system
I’m really happy to have the assistance of an app to get myself back running. It does what it says it does. But I’m really disappointed that the app’s data is self contained. The app doesn’t trigger a workout with the Apple Health app so I miss out on the larger statistical analysis that I could be getting. If there is a setting for this it is well hidden. The watch app is all but useless, though, unless there’s something wrong with my setup. I get notifications on my watch, but if I want to check progress I need to tell the watch to switch to the app, wait for the app to sync with the phone, and then I can see the data. Repeat for any time you want a visual update and you almost immediately just ignore the presence of the watch app.
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5 years ago, Whitawhit
Great app for beginners!
I HATE running. I HATE exercising. This program has helped me to change both of those attitudes since I finally found a program on my level- truly a beginner. I have quit and picked it back up and it’s truly my go-to program when I am starting over. If you feel you can never exercise or you are too out of shape to even begin, I definitely recommend this program. Even if you can’t jog the 1 min in week one (as I did when I first started), then do what you can and repeat the week until you CAN do it. Stick with it and you WILL be running a 5K by the time you are finished.
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7 years ago, EricaJoy
Timer freezing at the worst time
I was very happy with this app but got to week 8 right around the time I upgraded to iOS 11. For some reason I just couldn’t make it through the whole 28 minute run. I thought I’d hit a wall...until I opened the app during one run and saw that the timer had frozen. I locked and unlocked my phone and the timer unfroze for a few seconds then froze again. And then it happened again during that run and again during another attempt and I realized why I couldn’t do a full 28 minute run...I was actually attempting a much longer run due to the timer repeatedly freezing during my run. This is a pretty major issue and severely impacts my ability to use the app. :( other than that, it’s been fantastic.
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2 years ago, rentfn
Still love this app
I used this app five years ago when I got into “running”. I started again and fired it back up. Constance is there cheering me on and I’ve started not to hate her when she says “time to jog” The only problem I have is when she says we’re halfway there, if I’m listening to music the music volume won’t go back up to the level it was before she spoke. I have to pause and resume the music for the volume to be at the same level. One time I raised the volume and then when she spoke again it was very loud and I jumped into that “run” section
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5 years ago, Brew jockey
Good but lacking things to make it great!
This app does the basics just fine. Tracks my run. Gives “encouragement” if you want plus badges when completing goals. Things to be addressed: 1. The music player through the app doesn’t allow me to shuffle my chosen playlist. Therefore, it isn’t useable to me. 2. When it sends notification of the next step (jog,walk, etc.) it should make all other apps drop volume. It does not. Many of my other apps do this. Why can’t this one? 3. Apple Watch app. It seems that every time I go to look at my status on my watch it is reloading or telling me to start a workout on the phone app first. I am in the middle of my run. It is working!!
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6 years ago, Unpleased pizza fan
Great training program. App could use improvement
I’ve used the training program to get back in shape a number of times over the years. The training portion works great if you stick to it. The app itself could use some improvements though. It needs better pairing software for the Apple Watch. Being able to run this app standalone on the watch as a complication would be a huge benefit so you could run without taking your phone. Also, The app does not continue to run in the background when your phone is locked. It’s difficult to keep from pushing buttons while running and could benefit from using push notifications instead of leaving open for the duration of the workout.
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6 years ago, BrittanyKay1234
Awesome, until just now
Wasn’t able to run more than 30 seconds before. It eases you into more running time, and before you know it, you’re running 10, 20+ mins. Never had a problem with this app, until a few mins ago I had finished the main portion and just moved into the cool down... and the app completely crashed. Without saving my progress. That’s some bs. When I clicked App Support, it sent me to a website and I could not find the app support section. So now I’m just letting the daily run go through again without actually running so I can at least move forward next time. Annoying. Hoping it’s a one time thing.
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3 years ago, TheCountryMouse
Great for stress/anger management
Let’s face it… 2020 has sucked for a lot of people in a lot of ways, and I am no exception. By the end of the year, however, I decided to stop using unhealthy coping mechanisms to deal with it. A couple of friends recommended this app, and while I’ve never liked running and I still don’t like it, I try never to miss a workout. I am always calmer afterwards, and the app’s workouts don’t give you more than you can handle. Also, the reward badges are hilarious. I like the variety of trainers, but I always run with Constance—just my speed.
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3 years ago, Casey The Magnificent
I love this app!
I am not a natural runner at all, but I have used the app on and off for a long time. In the last couple months I have really committed to it. I love that I can move back and forth in my progress according to how I'm feeling, and that it gives me some structure and takes the guess work out of trying to progress on my own. I've lost 13 pounds and really enjoy running as a form of stress management. I am actually really grateful for this app and have already downloaded 5-10k, even though it will be a bit before I'm ready for it.
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6 years ago, SRQ Rob
Don’t stop the music!
This app provides a good training program. Two annoying problems, the app will get one star back for each one fixed: 1. I did *not* give your app permission to access my music and media. When I start a workout the app advances to the next song in the active playlist running in the background on Apple’s Music app. When the app determines that I have finished my workout by time elapsed it stops the Music app. Couch to 5K is not a music app, it is a workout app. Leave my music and playlists alone! 2. I enabled notifications but denied access to my music and media. Every time the app starts it insists that I enable notifications in order to get background alerts. Stupid, annoying bug.
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12 months ago, Iamktc10
Does the job
I’ve been using this app for 2 weeks and am happily making progress. My only issue is with how the audio is lowered at the halfway mark. Usually I watch a show while I run on a treadmill. For every other transition, the app lowers the volume of my show for just a second to announce the transition, then returns it to normal volume. But at the halfway mark it lowers the volume until the next transition, which for me in week 2 is 90 seconds. It’s just really frustrating because I need the distraction of a show to keep running and I can’t hear it. Otherwise though I’ve had no problems.
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