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CrossFit, Inc.
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8 months ago
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User Reviews for CrossFit Games

4.73 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Crankybutfit
Customer service!
I submitted the review below and within a week the percentiles were back! Not saying they did that just for me but still it was a pleasant surprise. Best feature of the old app was the ability to see your percentile ranks for the current year and all prior years. That appears to be gone. So you have to go to the last page of your leaderboard then get out your calculator, just like on the website, except with a more awkward interface. Giant step backwards!
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3 years ago, MorganWCatLady
Glitchy at best
I love some of the features of this app, but the glitches— omg. Who did they hire to write this app?! It’s super evident that development was rushed and there were no quality checks. I’m currently in the -1,892nd percentile for students 🤣because the program used my worldwide ranking instead of my student ranking to compute the progress bar. I’m having the same issue with the Tennessee leader board. Looks like there are a bunch of variable/copy paste bugs. Also the functionality is pretty pitiful. I’d like to be able to follow more than one athlete. Look at my scores from previous years. Link to athletes’ profiles from the leader board. But none of these features exist. I wanted to contact the developer directly but when I pressed “contact us” it said that my “phone not set up for email” or something to that effect. I am really excited for what this app could become but currently it really needs some TLC.
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6 years ago, D2duh
So far, so great!
Glad there is an app this year. I downloaded this app tonight and played around with and and was impressed. The Leaderboard is fantastic and easy to use and filter to see where you really stack up. I’m excited to see this feature when the Open starts in a few weeks. I will update once the Open starts to see how well it functions with the release of each workout. So far, so great
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5 years ago, Bontowastaken
Won’t load anything.
This is a poorly designed app. There’s some functionality that is available on the app that’s not on the website and a lot on the website that’s not available on the app. The weirdest one is that on the app, when you look at a custom leaderboard it doesn’t tell you the ranking. I’m pretty sure it’s in the order of rank, but it doesn’t tell you the number. So if you’ve got your entire gym in that leaderboard you’ve gotta start counting. But that doesn’t work, because it’ll randomly glitch and move the screen up or down and you’ll lose your spot. Also, the fact that to submit your score you have to leave the app is just bizarre.
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5 years ago, Zigmorpheus
Update: Stopped Working
App all of a sudden stopped working. When I pull it up I keep getting a message saying “Something went wrong.. Uh Oh.” I’ve done all the updates, restarted, uninstalled & reinstalled, cleared history & cache... nothing. Update: The app is working again. Support promptly responded to my inquiry and informed me they were aware of the issue. They won me back 😊
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5 years ago, vergillll
Can’t load custom dashboard
Seems like last years app was even worse than this so people gave 5 stars but to me, a first time user, app is still crap. Hangs, crashes, freezes, doesn’t display my customerleader boards, pretty much does nothing, not sure why this app exists? Edit: Dropped one more star. App doesn’t even display the leaderboards correctly. When I scroll down below my level list glitches erases most of the list including me till I close and re open the app. There is no way to scroll down below my level on the leaderboard. Good job guys, nice “app” or should I say college project.
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5 years ago, can't stop won' stop
Huge improvement since 2017
I participated in the games for the first time in 2017 and took last year off. What a huge improvement in all areas for the APP/web-site!!! It’s so easy to enter scores, log in, and it gives you so much more information without wasting time. Thank you for making this a fun experience!
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2 months ago, Rob Antley
More athlete comprehensive.
Need to be more comprehensive of the CrossFit Open. Workouts are often repeated, whether it be in the Open itself or within our CrossFit affiliates. It’s an act of congress to find results from previous years. I’ve been doing the open for 10 years. I’d love an easy accessible way to see my scores from any year. This should be the place for that. An inclusive Open resource and experience.
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2 years ago, TabMadd
Where did percentiles go 😩
This app has always been clunky and weird to use, but you use it for one specific purpose for a very limited time of the year so I’m not too upset about that. I am bummed percentiles went away this year and they don’t make it easy to find out the total number of participants so that I could do the calculation myself
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6 years ago, Boba r
Love It!
I love this app! It’s easier access than last years crossfit app and layout is much more slick. It shows the current leaderboard and the work outs. One thing I would change is the ability to follow more than one athlete. I personally have three that I’m rooting for and it would be cool to follow all three Overall this app is solid.
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6 years ago, natedgreat88
Great feature gone
After a year absence, glad to see the app back. The most important feature is the ability to enter scores, which we can’t assess until the Games starts. Another great feature of the past has been taken away - the ability to create and save custom leaderboards.
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1 year ago, CrossFit Johnathan
I am a big fan of CrossFit
I’m a big fan of CrossFit! This app is pretty good it definitely has had stages where it’s been buggy but it is a fun way to watch how your friends are doing with the open as well as follow live events.
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8 months ago, lkvahgoihang
Okay app. Still difficult to navigate.
Why can’t I go directly to an athlete’s profile by choosing them in the Competition Leaderboard? Why is it so cumbersome to switch between men and women in the Leaderboard? It would be easier if it were designed like the Top 40 section under the Athletes tab.
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4 years ago, jimsd2
App still has bugs
Halfway through the open my leaderboard/ranking in my country/age group disappeared and a bunch of leaderboards that don’t really mean much to me started showing up. The app still shuts down for no reasons occasionally and it will only link to my profile about half the time. It is good for entering scores and the leaderboards are great except when they just disappear.
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6 years ago, Trent, Lowell MA
Not tracking with website
The rankings it shows me on my leaderboard do not match the scores on the website. My overall rank, rank and view leaderboard rank are all different. (Overall is showing my rank before a score was validated, rank is giving score after validation, leaderboard is show a rank as of this morning.) This is also true on the regionals ranking. It appears to not be updating consistently when new scores are validated.
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5 years ago, Ben Noland
Leaderboards don’t show overall rank
Overall rank is a pretty important feature for a leaderboard app. The only way i’ve found is to count from the top down. It does show rank on the individual workouts, but not overall. I want to see how my buddies are doing within our state/gym and other custom leaderboards. The leaderboard on the website has this, and i try to stick to it when i remember, but the convenience of having an app with this basic feature would be nice. Another basic feature I’m surprised the app doesn’t have is the ability to click on a user and see their profile, like which gym they are from, how they did last year etc (which you can do on the website)
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6 years ago, MamaKern
I would like to see the filter include age/age range so that the non games athlete can compare him/herself against other athletes of their age during the open. This is particularly relevant for athletes older than 60. It’s a pretty vast range these days. Two years ago the app had this feature so it’s definitely doable. Thanks for listening.
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4 years ago, 0730404
Star something awesome
I’m a 14 year old that think the first time I saw Crossfit I ask my self what it was and I realized that is the best think that could ever happen to me I got the chance to learn this wonderful experience and I’m ready to star a part of my life here I come Crossfit games.
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6 years ago, Alison B Nice
Stay on Top
Keeps you updated with the leaderboard, worldwide, regional, and even your home box. Tracks all Open workouts and stats current and past years. Shows RX, scales, teen and masters instructions. And even tips to follow!
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2 months ago, OliverT325
Something is wrong
I love CrossFit and I want to love the app but it won’t keep my followed athletes. I follow athletes in the app but when I close the app they are all gone. I click follow on an athletes profile and as long as I’m continuously in the app it’s fine but if I close and reopen the app then I’m not following any athletes anymore. Please fix this.
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5 years ago, Powhiund
Poor ui design
This app is poorly designed. When I view the leader board it shouldn’t go to where I placed instead it should go to the leaders and have my placement at the top with my rank. The way it’s designed now when I view the leader board it goes to my spot, then I have to scroll for days if I ever want to see the top. The website is poorly designed too. If I click on custom leaderboards it shouldn’t take me to a page that describes what a custom leader board is.
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5 years ago, kimm1008
Not Impressed
Not a very well designed app. The developers should have done more UX testing and made improvements based on how actual users want to use the app. I want to follow multiple athletes from my box, but you can only follow one person and if you follow another it bumps the first one out. Also, when looking at athletes in the leaderboard, you can only see their ranking but not their # of reps in 19.1.
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5 years ago, AndrejNagy
A few tweaks would help
Great way to see the individual/team rusts for each event as a drop down under their name, but, a search field in the athletes category so you can just look up a name and also just put a number ranking them would make it rad
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3 years ago, Vic likes to hike.
A new hobby
Leaderboarding is a verb. Toggling through countless leaderboards comparing yourself be region, age, profession. It’s very cool to see people you know on here, then text them and talk trash. I love the open for this reason and this app is the portal into that world of comparison.
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6 years ago, jokegrr
Bug report
Love having an app this year! I just registered but wasn't able to join my team through the app because the pop up window appears mostly off the screen of my phone and can't be read. IPhone 6s
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2 years ago, clarket123
Percentiles are (almost) all gone
Why did they get rid of percentiles next to each workout? That’s the most important stat. Placement # doesn’t mean as much if the number of participants changed. Also, why can you only find links to video submissions if you are on google chrome. Provide the video link in app please
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6 years ago, Zippyzoozle
Better but worse
Like the new graphics but .. Can’t refresh it.... have to stop the app and restart to refresh leaderboard and placement stats. Can’t sort or filter leaderboard by workout. Can’t click an athlete to see profile. Been hoping it would get better every year but it doesn’t. Prefer to use pc browser which isn’t all that good either.
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3 years ago, Strong Hearted
Top Notch Info
I like the way they update points and standings. I would like to see an alerts system so we could see events first hand. My family loves watching CrossFit.
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2 years ago, Kellogg Woods
Huge help to my CrossFit Journey
This app keeps getting better and has been hugely helpful to following CrossFit, submitting scores for competitions, and much more.
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5 years ago, Peter J. Kuhn
Not bad!
I like the filters but it would be even better to see it more specific. I would like to see even city or state filter. Otherwise it’s a useful app and I can see where I am in the world, country, and region.
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5 years ago, Peisterz
Some features doesn’t work 2019
This year’s app update for 2019 wasn’t really that good. The athlete that i followed seemed to disappear even after i tapped the +. After 19.5, the app didn’t work and displayed the “refresh” button. The custom leaderboard did not show everyone in the list. When i wanted to see the default leaderboard list according to country women; it displayed the worldwide leaderboard instead.
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2 years ago, Carolineroooo
Too Busy, No Percentiles
My favorite feature of the old app was having the percentile of the overall place and each open workout’s placement. Best tool to know how I stacked up against others as an average athlete. Also, interface is crazy busy. Looks like a desktop site.
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9 months ago, mn2014
Mandatory login/account required 👎
Would like to feel/experience the app before making an account. Don’t feel like sharing my personal information and making an account if I’m not even sure I would want to continue using the app. Cmon
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8 months ago, Jon 55555
Poor WOD access/ tracking
Happy to be starting CF again after a few years away. But now that the WOD is on this app, the APP shouldn’t be so focused on just the CF games. I can only see today’s WOD. I can’t flip to previous WODs or track a previous workout. Today is a test day but I’d like to see and track a previous WOD. Can’t do that in the app as it works now.
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5 years ago, robbuchanan
CrossFit Rocks
I was introduced to CrossFit when I went to drug rehab. It has been a vital part of my faith and sobriety ever since. Thank you for everything you guys did and do for me. Semper Fidelis
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5 years ago, Bcrhoadsv
Not that great
Before it completely crashed and became unusable it was good for it’s convenience but had a couple of drawbacks when compared to the website. The biggest issue was on the leaderboard there was no ranking next to the person’s name.
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6 years ago, JoshuaG86
Works Intermittently
Some times it shows I’m registered for the open, sometimes it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, I click on register now and it takes me to the website that shows I’m registered. 🤷🏻‍♂️ (iPhone X on 11.2.5 iOS update)
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1 month ago, Carina_b12
Not sure why only me but it does not let me see the leaderboards. I have already deleted and downloaded the app 3 times and logged out and logged back in. I cannot get this to work 😫
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5 years ago, l3eautiful_Disaster
Info not loading??
Super disappointed in the app. None of my info is loading (and staying) even though I’ve put it in multiple times. Maybe because to many people are trying to do the same?? It’s been a couple days, I’m hoping it’s fixed soon?? ☹️
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4 weeks ago, Sussssssssie
Can’t access leaderboards
Can’t access any of the leaderboards in the app. Can only view them through a web browser. I see this issue was already logged before - so why hasn’t this been fixed yet?
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6 years ago, jshaner1
Worked great during the Open
I loved using the app during the Open. I've been trying to open it for the past couple of days and it won't open. I want to stay following an athlete who is going to regionals.
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6 years ago, Squidd91
Would have been 5
Better than the first version. One thing. The pictures for your page load in sideways.
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5 years ago, ChristianWithPurpose
Doesn’t work
Downloaded 2020 app iOS, twice (download, delete, download) and it is doing the same thing it did in the 2019 app, “Something went wrong” message tap refresh. Well the refresh does not work. At least the online version works. If you supply an app make sure it is working. Thanks and let’s have an awesome open.
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6 years ago, Dwp1975
Great app to keep on top of the CrossFit Games
I’m new to the CrossFit scene but consume everything about it where and whenever I can. And this app helps with Regionals coming up. Awesome!
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6 years ago, Staceyace
Great App
Great to have quick access to updates and standings. Wish it was just as comprehensive as the online website. Still good enough for 4 stars.
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6 years ago, Ares Black
Big improvement
Much more user friendly than last year.
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5 years ago, dduff43
Serves its purpose
A bit clunky to use - medium on the intuitiveness scale. I’d like to see the leaderboards a bit easier to search or change categories. But the relevant info is on it.
Show more
5 years ago, SJPhil
Once again...
Every year, Crossfit finds a new way to inconvenience thousands of athletes. This year was no exception. On the last day of the open, the app was unavailable. No leader board, no workouts, no profile. Just a “something went wrong” message. Tell me again why we willingly give these idiots our money every year?
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6 years ago, peter north
It’s okay
They constantly update the app so you have to use the app often. You can only follow 1 athlete, I would like to be able to follow multiple athletes.
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6 years ago, camifonta
Already registered for the open but when I get into the app asks me to register. I click the register button and says am already registered but app still showing that message and not the stats
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