Crossword Jam: Fun Word Search

4.9 (441.9K)
206.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
PlaySimple Games Pte Ltd
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Crossword Jam: Fun Word Search

4.86 out of 5
441.9K Ratings
2 years ago, lalaloopsuw
Blew me off my feet
Knock knock Who’s there Word games Word games who No, word games booo👎 Unless your talking about crossword jam now this game is a👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻definitely a 10/10 now my mom first got this game then I was like mom what game is that she said crossword jam I was like no way first that is an awesome name great job on that 2 I was like couldn’t be then she said why then I said bc all my friends said they hate and they would give it a -0 but now I know why they didn’t like they apparently don’t have the time but crossword jam is a really fun way of learning it could help you on a spelling test or a spelling bee and the other day I called my dog cute and my mom said thanks that was one of my words and my mom plays this game so much every time I go up to her she is on her phone playing crossword jam Oww my fingers hurt of all of writing about how awesome crossword jam is well BYE Oh and kelloookangoo I am only on level 17
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3 years ago, jenbjenbjenbjenb
There's better apps out there with the same concept
The game is fun at first, but has a lot of faults. You have to pay to access the coins that you earn in game, they're held in a "piggy bank" but aren't stored there until you've played for a while, so you can access them at first but can't later (you need coins for hints, which you'll need after a while, trust me). The app doesn't recognize all words in the dictionary as actual words, so it limits the bonus words you can accumulate (which help you earn coins that you CAN access). The amount of ads is actually ridiculous, I don't think I've ever downloaded a game before with the amount that this one has in it. There's an ad after every game, even if it's only 3 words that need to be found, and every time you open the app. I started only playing this game when I wasn't connected to wifi and turned off my data so I didn't have to deal with them. There's also daily challenges where they want you to watch EVEN MORE ads. The app will host tournaments where you can earn a lot of coins if you win, but once you approach higher levels the amount of coin prizes drops. When I first started the tournaments there were awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but the most recent tournament I entered only had a prize for first place, so unless you play the game 24/7 you won't win. The theme is cute and if you like these kind of words games then you'll have fun, but all of the issues I stated above are why I'll be deleting the game.
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2 years ago, piccolino pigeon
Very fun, despite a few minor issues
I’m on the penultimate level of this game (which is Tonga, as of 26 Nov 2019), and have overall had a great time playing it. My quips are: 1) certain words that are very clearly existing words are not counted; this occurs both with singular or plural forms of certain words that are counted in their other form (“layouts” is counted while “layout” is not, even though the app’s dictionary’s first entry for “layouts” is “plural form of layout,” e.g.) as well as with a plethora of random words (“lust” won’t be counted even though “lusty” is, e.g.); and 2) the Daily Challenge is occasionally designed in such a way where you literally have to just guess which word is going to fill a certain space when multiple words could potentially fit and be correct in the “crossword” schema. For instance, say both “act” and “ace” would fill the space in the puzzle equally appropriately; you have to guess one or the other, and guessing incorrectly forces you to lose points toward the daily challenge that you’d otherwise have been guaranteed (not all Daily Challenge puzzles include these frustrating elements—some, that is, are able to be solved in a more precise and accurate way instead of having to guess randomly at where certain words have been arbitrarily placed).
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7 months ago, Victoria menna 03
Victoria review
Hey guys it’s me again I actually figured out a way to make it work for me because I just things of money I put a good five dollars Fred but it was definitely worth it so originally I gave it a start because of all the issues I had and if you saw my first review you’ll know what I’m talking about is basically kept on kicking me out I mean we download and everything like that so I just want you guys to know that don’t say that reveal cause I think it’s a fun game like a lot and I really like it it’s good for long car rides so if you’re ever bored in the car and do you wanna play Word Search go to Crossword Jam because it’s a really really really fun game so yeah this is why I’m gonna be giving it three stars I didn’t get much better but I did get somewhere I got two full stars that are the only two reasons why I didn’t give it the extra two stars is because I soft watch ad and you didn’t you just get help without having to pay for it that is still annoying anyway if you need help just ask them you don’t have to pay any of your money right now the actual money in the game is a big money why do you have to pay for that why did you run out and you still need help like cause it’s rude really rude so yeah I love you guys bye
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5 years ago, LantyArizona
Not as good as I thought.
While the game starts being so exciting and new, one eventually runs out of good words. Some words like 'isle' and other repetitious words can always get you out of a jam. However, eventually the game becomes predictable. Sometimes one spell words knowing they are indeed correct and should be able to obtain mega bonus points, the game does not recognizes them and you don't get the bonus for the effort. Sometimes I connect the letters and form the correct word however it does not catch. It seems the game wants me to use all my bonus points but the object is to leave me without bonus points for when I really are in a jam. When this occurs, it really becomes frustrating because the cue to the initial word in question, is the same word I just connected. And I was right. Not good. It seems that if you want to improve people's brains, redesign the game to include a comprehensive on command dictionary. For those words that are unfamiliar to you. So, this game helps you to parrot and repeat usual words. Not so much brain exercising but mimicking and parroting. Not so much de eloping brain. More like a broken record. Copy some traits like Kindle. It has a comprehensive dictionary for those words you want to learn meaning to. Then, you learn to use them properly. It also has a Wikipedia link and Internet link. I do't mean to through shade. Only providing points so the game could be a real brain exercise.
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4 years ago, okie too
Crossword Jam
THIS GAME CHEATS. IT WITHHOLDS POINTS AND FINALLY STARTS EXITING THE GAME REPEATEDLY. WORST GAME EVER. This started out great! It quickly became my very favorite game! In fact, I am currently on Game 2360, country is Montenegro, and the percent of people completing that game is 0.85%. Now...the problem is that for the last few countries the game has cheated me out of Bonus Points. It will either turn to a black screen or just not give the points. It varies. I first thought it was just a one time thing or maybe a few days’ thing. Wrong. I also questioned my internet but that was not an issue either. The withholding of points worsened as I continued completing the games and going on to the next country. It is now to the point that I rarely get any points at all. Today it didn’t give me the consecutive day points. This is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. In the beginning and 3/4 of the way to where I am I would give it a five star rating. Now I wouldn’t even give it one star. The puzzles are difficult enough as I progress. Crossword Jam should not cheat and withhold points. Shame on them. I TAKE AWAY THE ONE STAR I GAVE THIS GAME IN MY PREVIOUS POST. It will NOT let me proceed. It keeps blanking the screen and exiting out of the game—repeatedly. Currently I am on game 2505 and the country is Bolivia. I have tried and tried and it will not let me finish the game. In addition, it WILL NOT GIVE me ANY points even though I earn them.
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3 years ago, Mjwill52
Black Screen
Have been playing this game for months and really enjoyed it. I could even deal with an ad between each game. I was somewhere in the 1250 level (I don’t remember the country) and started getting a black screen, like it was trying to load a video ad and couldn’t get it started. The only way to get out of it was to close the game down and restart it. That is until yesterday… when I close the game and try to restart it, it just opens back to the black screen. I’ve restarted the game several times, made sure the app was completely closed out, shut down & restarted my iPad several times, and even let the app stay open to the black screen for hours hoping that it would close on its on after a time however, nothing happened. I hesitate in deleting and reinstalling it because I would rather not lose the levels achieved. From the recent posts I’ve read, this is not an isolated case and appears to be tied to a recent update. I hope the developers are busy working on the problem and will have an update to fix it very soon and please fix it so we don’t lose our current progress, coins or points. If you can fix the problem I will update the rating.
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10 months ago, culturedpearl
Keep your eyes open! It Cheats!
Updated review: I’ve been playing this game a long time and all the issues that plagued it when I started are still there. In fact the loss of points has gotten even worse. I think I actually get points about one out of ten games! All the garbage that pops up right in the middle of playing is awful. I can be right in middle of making a word and the bonus word jar will pop up saying it’s full with only one word in it, as well as the piggy bank stating it’s full. Then there’s the other ridiculous pop ups also right in the middle of the game. At least me finish the word. if you’re right handed, the word hint (costs 120 points) is right at your knuckle and I’ve lost almost all my points by simply tapping my knuckle on the button when I’m making a word. It either needs moved or have the option of not using it. It needs some serious work to get a 5 star rating, as it’s far from it. NO POINTS AWARDED after Royal Match Ads. SECOND Update😡 Now all the new ads that don’t have a 5 second limit, DO NOT AWARD ANY POINTS! No point in sitting through them when you’re just cheated anyway.
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2 years ago, Unicorn5g
Ads are Inappropriate
Hi to whoever is reading this. Crossword Jam is a great game, but has constant ads, and most of them are frightening or inappropriate. The last ad I saw was an advertisement for a pill that makes you lose weight. This kept popping up over and over, so I just turned off my Wifi and played that way. There was another ad that was about “Royal Match”, and the ads are frightening. One of the so called “Playable Ads” showed a king underwater, and you had to solve a puzzle to keep him from drowning. If you want to make a game that kids can play, can you at least make the ads appropriate? Please and thank you? Also, some of the words that are in the dictionary are apparently incorrect when you match it up here. Isn’t RING a word? This is very annoying, especially when it’s the last word of the puzzle. Please fix this so these words are valid! Otherwise, this app is great! The levels seem to go on forever and there are more than one hundred countries you can go through. The power-ups aren’t bad at all, and the levels are challenging.
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1 year ago, Tooth_Monkey
I am currently frustrated with this game! The game has help buttons that you can use by paying with the coins you earn during game play. One shows the first letter of the word 30 coins, the next is a hand w/the index finger as a pointer 60 coins, the third is a lightning bolt 120 coins. At certain times during game play either the pointing finger or the lightning bolt is 50% off. I had a little over 200 coins and the lightning bolt was 50% off. I was struggling trying to figure out the last two words so I chose to purchase the lighting bolt for 50% off equaling 60 coins. It charged me the full 120 coins. Normally this probably wouldn’t bother me, however, you only earn a small amount of coins at a time, 5, 10, 15, occasionally 20 and if you are lucky and it’s very rare, you can earn about 30 coins. This is a game I play a lot, I love word games and this is a really good one, hence the four stars. But because it takes so long to earn coins or it’s frustrating to loose that many coins.
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3 years ago, Alyce_01
Relaxing & Fun
I rarely write reviews, but based on how much I have played this game, I feel it is only fair. I love word games and this one is great to pass the time, expand my vocabulary, relax me when I’m stressed, and easy to play with a podcast or music in the background. It’s not completely mindless, but does require enough focus that other worries and thoughts slip away. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten so far on a game before. The way they create competition keeps me motivated to keep playing. I don’t find that I need to purchase coins as there are usually plenty of opportunities to get them. However, I do stop playing if I’m low and can’t figure out a hard puzzle. Regardless, you do not have to purchase anything to be successful in this game. I honestly love this game and play it every single day.
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10 months ago, DarknessOnTheEdgeOfTown
A series of ads linked by occasional game play
The review by jenbjen (etc) is spot-on. The basic behind the concept is great, but the avalanche of ads is overwhelming. You truly do spend more time enduring (horrible, low quality) ads than you do playing the game. Surely a business model exists wherein the devs can profit without bombarding players with garbage ads! And, as an aside, someone really needs to come up with a counter to that “save the king” game wherein we have the opportunity to set fire to the king— I know I’d play! As jenbjen… pointed out, this “game” misses a whole bunch of legitimate words, so it’s not much of a learning aid. Not that I can see anyone wanting to improve their English skills putting up with the ads. And the tournament play is *highly* suspect— presumably just a come-on to increase ad views. There are MUCH better free games that are far less annoying than this one. After countless hours wasted on this sequence of ads, I’m done… for good. My advice: don’t waste your time installing this. Find a good crossword game and spend your time working puzzles instead of watching ads for a stupid fat king.
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1 year ago, DedeMimi63
Crap game, very unfair
Every few days there is a tournament. I’ll be in first place, play one game and be down by 500 points all of the sudden. It’s impossible! You get 15-50points per game. I’ve paid the fee to not have ads. That makes it doubly impossible! I’m on nearly level of 4,000. I don’t think they get harder as they go up. I played 2 games ago and only earned 13 points, but the next game had a lot more letters, thus causing more words to solve and more points. I got 46 points the last game I played. That’s when I was up be 300 pts, and all of the sudden I’m down by 500! There’s no way anyone could earn 800+ points while I solved a single crossword. I’ve spent so much money on this game only to be cheated daily! Last tournament I lost by 20,000 points! That’s not possible. Unless, they played 24/7 and got high point crosswords each time! Just beware, if you’re competive don’t invest in this game! The only people who get points after the tournament is 1st place! Second place gets zilch! That’s a lot of hard work over 70+ hours. I’ve invested too many hours to start over with a similar game.
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2 years ago, FreeTvLover
My coins disappear! Like from well over 200 to suddenly 10. A game comes on that I don’t want to play and interrupts the game I do want to play which I downloaded! If I wanted to play the other word game I would have downloaded a game like it. And after this game appears and then I go back to playing the original game is a lot of the times I lose lots of coins. I am forced to play in tournaments. I believe that there are either bots playing or people who have computer programs that they’re using to cheat since sometimes some of those players jump MANY, MANY points VERY FAST! Then I’m either promoted to a higher level where there are more bots or computer cheaters or I am offended by being demoted! I am FORCED to press the play now button for these tournaments or I can’t play the game anymore. If the tournaments are mandatory then why make me press the button??!! I hate being forced to join tournaments. I was offered 50 coins for a reward for signing in with Facebook but when I did that I didn’t get the reward! I used to really like and enjoy this game until all of these thing began occurring.
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2 years ago, "name is taken"
Fun but....
I'll listen to an audiobook or music while playing the Crossword Jam game, and an ad will pop up. I understand there are going to be ads. I even play extra ads for the bonus content. My problem is what the ads do while they are running. The ads blare over the audio I was enjoying while playing your game and at an alarmingly loud decimal while completely disabling the audio app I was listening to while playing. I’ve turned off the gameplay sounds and the background music in within the app's settings and have muted my phone to no avail. I have no problem with the ads am; I'm not willing to pay $9.99 to disable the ads as that is too much, plus the Crossword Jam app will freeze my phone 10 out of the 10 times I play it. Is there some way to disable all app sounds, including app ads, while the Crossword Jam app is running so that I can continue to listen to the audio I was already enjoying on the other audio app? Nothing in your app’s settings nor my iPhone notification settings seems capable of correcting this problem. The only settings for the app in my phone’s setting menu are the generic notifications settings which are already turned off. I want to know why you choose to override my preferences and blare your advertisement’s audio over my music or audiobook and at such alarmingly loud levels? I’ll watch the ads with zero complaints but shutting down my preferred audio is not ok. How are you going to fix this?
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2 years ago, mtelfer2654
Too many pop-ups
I love crossword puzzles so when a friend recommended this app to me and I tried it, I quickly purchased the ad-free version. While the puzzles are really fun, this game has so many darn non-ad pop-ups that it takes away from really enjoying the game long-term. For example, you are automatically entered in tournaments and then provided your results and whether you are promoted or demoted to other leagues, whatever the heck that means - different leagues seem to have no bearing on the games. You are automatically put in timed-events sometimes. You have to navigate through two or three pop-ups each day you launch the game. I just want to do crosswords; I don’t want all of the incessant pop-ups. Buying and doing crossword puzzles in a paper book is more enjoyable than this app/game but it’s not always convenient to carry around a book and a pen like it is a phone. I wish there was a version of this game or someone else would offer an app that’s simply crosswords and none of the other extraneous junk this game forces players to sit through.
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3 years ago, bugt
Fill in the words
Endless fun... I love this, with two exceptions; I too am very frustrated by losing points and at the very beginning of the game there are bonuses for checking in each day. Well, I’ve been playing this game for years and have yet to get to the top prize. I’ve gotten knocked down to the bottom of the rewards list or just stuck at the end behind the final check’s extremely frustrating. Second issue, there are many times I’ve played a word that you refused only to find out at the very end (when I’ve had to lose points to get a letter) that the word you refused to score was indeed the correct one. I find this very annoying. I also have found words that you won’t accept but really are words. Please fix these things. The frequency of the ads too are horrendous but if you fix these other things I can live with them.
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3 years ago, Th3H1ggsB0s0n
Fun game…misleading leaderboard
I do enjoy the game but a few things bug me about it. 1) There are numerous occasions where actual words are not considered words (even bonus words). The dictionary needs an overhaul, as apparently “ding” is not a words. 2) The leaderboard...absolutely fake. I played last night and the “person” in the #2 spot was at 3602 points (I was in 3rd). I started playing again this AM, but checked before I started…”person” was still at 3602. I played ONE round which took under a minute, and immediately dropped to 4th. The “person” in 2nd went up to 3802. So in that short span, this player mysteriously started playing at the same exact time and somehow managed to get an impossible 200 points… I have no doubt that if I spent money on this, the outcome of #2 would differ greatly, but I’m not spending money on a word game. Just get rid of the leaderboard success placebo as it’s just false advertising.
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4 years ago, the geek girl
Great game
I really like this game. Some word games they get so much harder as you keep playing that it becomes a matter of you buying points or coins for clues to be able to keep playing. This game isn’t that way. It’s just a fun word game. You certainly can buy coins if you want to but I don’t. I earn them through videos are other ways that they let you earn coins instead of just throwing money at the app.I’ve had this weird game on my phone just as long as words with friends, it’s been a while and I have really loved playing it. Thank you for making this fair for people that can’t afford to buy all the extra coins for help and still want to play a fun word game. I highly recommend it. This game is not full of annoying pop-up ads either. There’s a nice balance which makes it fun to play.
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3 years ago, Mortimer's Friend
Pretty much what jenbjenbjenb said plus a total death
I was liking this game. I am not one to put out cash to play, but I did as the initial amounts were small. Then not so small. I gave up on the piggy banks when I had to shell out $7.99. I did not need the coins anyway. The tournaments were interesting also. I run the game on my two iPads (one for home and one for travel) so I had two separate games going. I was using my home iPad and the screen went dead black. Out of charge…nope. The game went black. When I reloaded it I got the first screen…then fade to black. I went to my travel iPad and the same happened. 🤔🧐🤔🧐🤔 oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Second review 9/9/21 Ugh! Huge ugh! I have never played a game with more glitches! I lose time, I lose coins, I lose my patience. I sit through an ad, glitch to black. I reboot. I watch an ad for coins, glitch to freeze or to black. I reboot. I am giving them one more week, and I am gone if I see no update improvements. I am so very glad I did not sink more money in this game. 😡🤬
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8 months ago, Destana1xx
New Frenzy Mode
I normally don’t update many apps because a lot of the updates that apps make are ones that I find to be unnecessary. But I decided to just update all of them one day and all of a sudden Crossword Jam has this “Frenzy Mode” that zaps and fills in a bunch of letters and now it’s made the game way too easy. Before this “Frenzy Mode”, the game was fun and challenging and had the thrill of working your brain to solve the crossword. Now it just feels like the words are literally being handed to you and no effort is needed in order to pass the level. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make there be an option where “Frenzy Mode” is optional and can be turned on or off in settings. My mom also plays this game and agrees that it’s an unnecessary feature for a game that should be fun yet challenging. Until there becomes an option for “Frenzy Mode” to be turned on or off in settings, I will no longer be playing the game.
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3 years ago, ptlpltptlplt
Black Screen
This is a really fun game. I enjoy the tournaments except for one thing. The past few days I have been getting a black screen when I’ve tried to play the game. I’ve turned my phone on and off to restart it but I’m still getting a black screen. Everything else on my phone is working fine. I’m almost wondering if it’s intentional. I’ve won 3 tournaments in a row without needing to make in app purchases. If this is a way to give preference to players making in app purchases over players that watch ads, it would only be fair to mention this upfront. If it’s a technical glitch, it’s been going on for several hours now. You may need a more knowledgeable IT employee so there is less down time. It’s the only game I’ve played that something like this has happened. I would have given the game a solid 5 star review if it weren’t for this issue. The game itself is a lot of fun.
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5 months ago, Kali7jarah7
Best Supporting 🩷💜
This game has been so great for me since the day I started playing it and it has made me deeply better at spelling things and writing them down and making me more confident about my abilities and how they have improved my abilities and my skills and help me to talk more and people at my school are very mean and they bully me about my abilities and they say I am not smart and they slap me in my face and then when the teacher comes I tell her In they say they don’t know what I’m talking about but they just don’t want it get in trouble but they make me feel bad for saying that and then my teacher says that I have to go to the principal 💔💔💔💔❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹 I hope this doesn’t happen to you but it is always going to happen to me.
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3 years ago, Runer girl
The best game
I love this game it’s educational because you get to make your own words and they don’t have to be right then it just comes from as bonus words and it doesn’t pay to pay for stuff so I think this game is one of the best games in the world you don’t need to pay for anything and if you lose you lose and it doesn’t time youBecause when I get time usually I feel the game but they don’t time you so it’s easier and they let you suffer your cards and let you do Mr. owl and you get hints they don’t need to do it by yourself they help you’re not like 00 I’m not gonna help you but they actually help you look in your hands in it like you have bonus word and you get presents if you finish your world
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3 years ago, CJ_proartz
I used to like it
Recently, nearly every time I complete a game, it wants me to submit my name for, I’m not sure what. There is no way to get out of that screen except to submit my name, or turn off my device and start it up again. Then I play another game or 2 and that comes up again. I just want to play the game. I don’t care about statistics, scores or tournaments. Please just let me play one game after another by allowing me to exit that “submit” screen. Otherwise, I will stop playing & delete the game. There are plenty of similar games. Update: I started playing this on my iPhone instead of my iPad. The above problem went away. But I often get an ad and can’t get out of it. Clicking done or X doesn’t work. Today when I opened the game a screen came up about tournament results. Nothing happened when I hit “see results” & it won’t X out. The only way I can continue is to turn the phone off & on again. Then soon an ad won’t close & I have to turn it off & on again, and again..
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1 month ago, Bunny autumn
No, add so free
This game is so fun no ads it gives you money for the game. It gives you hints and you don’t always gotta work by yourself and you could contact him. I rated a five star because of that I just don’t like ads. It’s very good for you you start it has infinite levels. It goes up so high, but the words get harder and harder, but the first level is so easy, but I like it cause it’s so easy so maybe if you join me OK join it’s so fun. I’ve been gonna get on this two days ago I saw on TikTok was playing. It gave me this thing to start playing, but I just clicked him I asked my mom before I did it and she said yeah some join me so if y’all think I’m lying go check on my review is so freaking fun. Come join me.
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3 years ago, RunJJRun
Best Game For Many Reasons!
This game is the best. Other games get increasingly harder to solve to the point you just don’t want to play anymore. This game, however, isn’t the same. It offers the right amount of challenge and you don’t have to know every word in the dictionary, this game uses words that everyone knows. I’ve been playing this game for a few years and I never get tired of it. I did break down for the first time and purchased the no ads version because ads are annoying when you are playing a game you enjoy. They offer special challenges where you can compete with other players, if that’s your thing. Just a great game that is fun and not stressful.
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1 year ago, Pandas are my jam 🐼
Greatest game ever! 🤩
When I got this game, I thought it would be a fake game. But once I opened it, it was an amazing, fun, game that seems a kind of educational at the same time! There isn't much to write when all you know is that, “This game is fun!” When you sign in with Facebook, you get coins, and can change your account for the game. You can share with friends and family to play this awesome “Crossword Jam” app. That's all, just recommend since I found out you can learn from a game that's actually fun, if anyone reads this, don't listen to the other reviews, because that's their perspective and horrible phones and networks. Try it! 😁
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3 months ago, Sssparkleii
USED to love your game, USED to 😢
I don’t know what you did the beginning of 2024, January or maybe February, but now the game freezes CONSTANTLY!! I used to love the game, but now it takes 3-4 tries to open properly, it opens and freezes. Most recent competition only had 40 participants, 40, that’s very few, something is wrong with that!! 😢😢 Even typing a review in game wasn’t working right and freezing!! I typed a review in the game, but words were invisible, cursor kept moving normally but no words showed up. I sent the invisible review, then opened App Store download, went to review section, went to start a new review, which caused my sent one to open (with words….. hurray), and this is the “edited” version!! 😢 Fix it, you’ve lost a lot of players. I love your game and want it to quit freezing!! 🙏🙏Anna
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3 years ago, Oklahoma Teacher
Please develop additional levels soon!
Too bad I can’t give this game a 0. I’m giving up on an update, so I’m deleting it. Too bad, because I used to really enjoy the game. It’s been so long since this game was last updated that I wish I could give it a 0 rating! It’s been weeks, if not months, since I could last play this game. If I could, I would give it 0 stars! This game STILL hasn’t been updated! What gives?! I had originally given this game four stars (see original post below), but am downgrading my rating because it’s taking the developer so long to add additional levels. I’ve paid extra to be able to play more, but so far my money is being wasted. No fair! I enjoy this game very much, but I HATE being hassled repeatedly to “show them some love.” I continue to give this game a four-star rating, but am seriously considering dropping it to three stars because of this hassle.
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2 years ago, 18 moon
Game freezes up
This game continually freezes up. So rather than get points for continuous day playing it does not recognize you trying to play. Also when the “piggy bank” is full why should I have to pay to redeem. I sure earned it. Other games just give you the reward. May just delete the app especially if there is no response seems all nicknames are used will try another guess there are a lot of complaints!, ok now 5th try all others are used. Going on my 15 try 16 Dog. Again game is frozen 11/27 will give 1 more try and if not working will delete. Liked the game but the freeze ups are annoying. Plus never a reply from the developers. There are many other games available Patches here seems quite a few of us are getting disgusted with your inept problem solving. Now that you have had my $$$ I should either get the coins or a “double” my money.
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4 years ago, Alex Orange and Addi Banana
Why this game is great and some annoying things about it.
This game is great because it is challenging in different ways but nothing that you can’t figure out. This games name is awesome and creative. This game is fun and entertaining when you have nothing to do. You can play this game in the car, bus, etc... You can also play this game on long or short road trips. Even though this game is great, there are some annoying things about it. Like, this game can be really challenging and there are so many adds. We need more coins and we can run out of hints too easily. This is my i like this game and some annoying things about it.🙂
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1 year ago, Kathibg57
I’ve been playing this for a long time and really enjoyed it but I’ve got to say that the farther you “travel” in this game the worse things seem to be getting. I’m inputting words in (often more than once in the same game) and they get rejected. Then, at the very end when I’ve only got one or two words left to fill in, all of a sudden I try one of the rejected words again (having no other choices) and after using points to try to find letters, it turns out that the words that were previously rejected are not suddenly correct! This is definitely a system error!! It’s getting rather frustrating! I’m on level (?) 1487 and this issue seems to be getting worse the further I go. Please fix it!
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1 year ago, LLH919
Please make Bloom Rush / Treasure Hunt optional
I like this app for the challenge and for keeping my spelling/vocabulary sharp but frankly 2-3 mandatory Bloom Rush / Treasure Hunt each week is too much! Sometimes I enjoy the challenge (and usually place well) and other times I just want to do a puzzle or two to clear my mind or unwind and then another dang mandatory challenge pops up. PLEASE consider adding an opt out feature. The most recent challenge was during Christmas. 🤨 48 hours later there is another one. I either have to join the challenge or stay off the app for a few days. It’s getting to where I have to join or stay off the app more often than just casually playing. This one small tweak would make a big difference in user experience.
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11 months ago, WelcomeHomeSW
Pretty good
I enjoy this game, but not for long periods. I find it difficult to play on my iPad as the game graphics will not turn either sideways or upside down. So if I need to charge my iPad, I can’t play the game at the same time, since I cannot turn the game so that the side with the charger is any place except where it runs into the cover. I don’t seem to see I have to watch any ads at all which is really nice I must’ve paid for the ad free version? If I did, it works. So if you’re somebody who likes to pay to have no ads and it’s a reasonable price go for it because I haven’t had to put up with any ads even the optional ones. Also, I find the background music/noise annoying. I probably need to figure out how to turn it off…
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2 months ago, TisiM99
Great game
I have been playing this game for several years now, it's my morning routine during breakfast. There have been many updates, most were great; expanding the game leaps and bounds. There have been some repetitions, but very few. My gripe is with the constant adverts, first it was one or two clicks to close them, now its up to 4-5 clicks. Then just recently they added adverts into the game itself, so as you are solving the puzzle, a tiny icon thing pops up and starts talking! How annoying is that! You can't just close it, and hitting the mute button is difficult because its so tiny. While I understand that the game is free, this is a bit excessive. Dial it back a little please.
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5 years ago, Sjshshshshzhzh
Fun to play...
This is a great game to learn new words, there meanings, and a fun way to pass the time. The only thing I can’t wrap my head around is something with the scoring in the diamond tournaments. I look at the ranking and I’d be in first, and then I’ll play 1 puzzle (takes me about 5 minutes) and immediately look at the rankings again and somehow the person below me jumps up nearly 300 diamonds in 5 minutes pulling way ahead! It seems to only happen when I get near the top of the leaderboard which seems kind of odd. It’s happened several times. Not sure if it’s some kind of glitch or somebody who literally does nothing but play this game. Even still, getting 300 diamonds in 5 minutes comes out to finding a word literally every second. Doesn’t seem possible. But other than that in my opinion this is a fun game to play
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9 months ago, andysbabymomma
This game used to be so fun!
This game was so fun until recently. When I downloaded this game six months ago, it was awesome and so challenging! About 3-4 weeks ago there was an update and now the game is TOO easy! Letters are given freely and almost create a word before you really have a chance to think about it. Ads have been added to the in game screen instead of just in between playing puzzles. And they are unmuted ads so you HAVE to interact with it to stop the ad to continue to play the game. Overall this most recent “update” has just made the game not as challenging or fun anymore. Too easy to get the reward without really having to try.
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9 months ago, Promote positivity
Fun to play but room to improve
I play often and enjoy finding the words. I have some recommendations to improve accuracy as well as the human experience. 1. Make sure all words for the letters are accepted. Often words in the dictionary are not recognized. 2. Don’t use the phrase, “You’ve been demoted.” It is fine to award and move between levels but use terms that encourage learning, not just results. At one point I deleted the game because of this. Who needs that kind of experience? Make it fun. It’s just a game. 3. When all words have been found, create a celebration experience, similar to Solitaire. Currently the game dumps you into an ad for other games.
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5 years ago, web204
I like this game and I play every day. But the points don’t make sense. I agree that I am not getting the points I seem to earn. Another time, I had almost 900 and then the next day I was down to a little over 200. Not sure why. I do use hints but not that often, certainly not 20 times in a day. Now I add up or deduct each time I use the hint. And what do the other buttons do? I don’t want to select them to find out because they require use of more points but what are they for? (Thunder bolt and pointing finger). Please add descriptions in how to play the game. Also explain if there are any other reasons that point are deducted or not added. I think that would help. I like this game but I lowered the rate because I don’t understand some of the features.
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5 years ago, Mary_A_C
Cheats on points
I love word games and my vocabulary is quite large. Usually I finish quite quickly, but sometimes I get stuck on a word and come back to it later. I am over 2,000 in points and have never left a puzzle Uncompleted. However, this game cheats you out of points all the time. I was twice over 1700 and knocked down to 1500 for no reason. Also the bonus words tell me when I have accumulated 40 points but only 15 or 20 are added to my score. This game would be a lot less frustrating if it did not cheat you. I rarely use a suggested letter which cost points, but still lose points. I think the reason for this is bc they would like me to buy coins which I would never do. If I ever ran out, I would quit. I don’t like being cheated.
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5 years ago, Pep coat
Love but words are repetitious
This game is addictive! I love the crossword style as it helps to figure out the words. What I don’t like: 1) 30 coins for a clue is too many. I don’t do in app purchases so it is very easy to burn through rewards. 2) The 1 hour wait time to cash in the bonus words reward is very annoying as well as the fact that I can’t even keep accruing the bonus words during that period. Do you want us to play the game or not? 3) Please branch out with your letters. The same words get played again and again. 4) And most importantly... THE GAME WON’T OPEN SINCE THE LAST UPDATE. (Weeping) I had no idea it had become my favorite game until I could no longer play it and didn’t want to play anything else! 😳
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6 years ago, TX-NY-BX
Good in the beginning
I finished this game from start to finish. There's times when you input a word and it'll say the word isn't in there just so you use coins or a spin. Then I would put in the same word AFTER using my coins and the word would be in there. Once you get to the upper levels you don't get as much coins (I get it because of a challenge) but at least I would have liked to get better spins. Then they charge you more for a hint as the levels go up. I started to see glitches but I kept the game until I finished it through. Like I said before I liked the game in the beginning towards the end I was ready to uninstall. Not many coins. It sikes you into purchasing coins and you get bull spins and they charge you more coins per hint smh.
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1 year ago, LiZZieJ03
A complete disappointment after 1.5 years of playing
Love word games and puzzles. I’ve been playing this game for about a year and some change. One thing I’ve been noticing is, the game doesn’t credit your points. Example, from time to time they will throw in the option at the end of a game, to watch a short advertisement. At the end it says you’ll get “10” tokens, then when you get back to the game and notice it didn’t give you those said coins. Same as for when you finish a chapter it says it will give you 20 or 30 tokens, you once again see that you never get credit for it. Not sure if it’s a flaw or what, but it makes playing the game useless. It could be a way to get those who are hooked to buy some in their play store. Either way, don’t fall for this game!!
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3 years ago, TRUE FACT BRUH
Great crossword game! Love it. READ REVIEW!👍🤩
This game is worth as much as 5 stars. I love it because it is fun and increases your vocabulary. If your kid struggles with reading and reading hard words like “photosynthesis” this game is perfect for them. Crossword Jam is a great game because it is engages your kids to learn new words. Crossword Jam makes the game fun by making a challenge puzzle for you everyday, and making your kid desperate to get coins and owls (which is what you earn from the challenge puzzle.) When you find a new word in the crossword puzzle and click on it, it tells you the meaning of the word. Get This app! It will help you or your kids a lot! :)
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1 year ago, choosing beggers
Its not a bad game to kill time if you buy it. However, the contests and the puzzles are rigged. The contests you will be in first all the way up until the end when someone with way less puzzles solved will come out of nowhere and take it from you. Pretty sure they are bots and not people. One “person” jumped 400 points in their score without actually completing anymore puzzles then when i checked their profile just an hour earlier. The puzzles are rigged because only certain ones let you find 3 letter words and certain ones don’t. They don’t want you to get “bonus” words so quick that you don’t have to buy coins. I got this game because i thought i could play with family you can not. Just the random bots they put in to keep you playing. So done with this crap. What a waste of $6.
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2 years ago, Kuhlcee
Limited Vocabulary
I have been playing this game for about 6 months now and noticed that it takes forever before new words are added to the games. Makes it boring real quick. The worst thing that happened to me is accidentally clicking on one of the ads which automatically opened my Safari as well as the App Store. When it opened Safari, it closed all the tabs I had opened causing me to lose a lot of important research I was working on. Safari’s appearance changed as well after that. I went ahead and did the iOS 16 upgrade and hopefully remove any viruses or Trojans on my phone. The App is not deleted from my phone and cannot trust the creator of this software now.
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3 years ago, kar@bear
Crashed and lost it all
I’ve given a 1 star rating since your game crashed and I lost the ad free play that I paid for and the level and coins that I had were also taken away. I don’t have the game connected to Facebook or Apple, and I sent a screenshot of the receipt for my ad free purchase, along with the level 535 that I was on and the 960 coins I had. It was all lost when your app crashed, and you never restored it. I followed the instructions in your email and it didn’t work, I never got a reply and left multiple emails and contact forms. Terrible customer service, I feel ripped off of the $12 I spent and lost with the game. Seems like a scam, I am very disappointed since I really enjoyed the game before it crashed and I lost the hours of play I spent getting to that level and the money I spent on ad free.
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1 year ago, Avakin user!!
This game is really nice. You can learn to spell short and long words. But the downside is that if you want to delete the game it only deletes from your Home Screen. Meaning you can never delete the game because it will stay in your library . Unless there is a trick which I don’t know. It stinks because I have low storage and that is basically the reason behind it because it won’t delete. Now I am not exactly sure I’m looking at the wrong picture or something because I don’t know a way to get rid of it. But there may be a way. So I would really like to know how to get rid of it from my phone. Other than that the game is pretty good. I even had downloaded Word Trip.
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3 years ago, #michlle tanner
Fun but..
Don’t get me wrong I LOVED this game. To be honest it was one of my favorites. But these new updates that they are adding just doesn’t make the game appealing anymore. For starters, they added the update where you have to buy the coins you EARNED from the piggy bank, which is really annoying especially if you earned a lot of coins, and it doesn’t go into your coin count. The game just uses that to make more money. Another thing, the game just randomly crashes when you get to higher levels. The last thing is that even if you buy no ads, the ads are still on the screen, which is a real scam of money like the piggy bank. I don’t recommend getting this game, unless your willing to spend a lot of money trying to make it better.
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