CRUNCH ~Six Pack in 30 Days

Health & Fitness
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8 months ago
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User Reviews for CRUNCH ~Six Pack in 30 Days

4.81 out of 5
28.7K Ratings
4 years ago, bridgey bridget
A lot of people with the four stars reviews said that the instructions weren’t laid out correctly, and it was hard to direct how to exactly DO the exercise. BUT after I downloaded the app I found out that was wrong! When you click on whichever section you want to focus on, the exercises are all laid out for you. And from there, you press the arrow or the “>” and then you see how the exercise is supposed to be done!There is even a video of a real person doing it too! Additionally, it’s free! Honestly the voice doesn’t really bother me much, but I love how they have specific exercises for whatever specific types of “abs” you want. Plus, the results came in a decent amount of time. I would say about a month and a week, usually I like to take about a hour a day to do these exercises, but that’s just me, and the exercises are just about 7 minutes to 15 minutes. I ALSO love how they layout different types of “levels”- beginner, intermediate and, advanced. Usually the higher levels are harder and longer, but overall I LOVE THIS APP. And I DEFINITELY recommend people to use it, but I also want to mention that I got this from the original app “7M workout”, but this one focus just mainly on the abs which is what I need! DEFINITELY RECOMMEND.
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6 years ago, AimeeES.
Love this app!
This ab workout app is like having your own personal trainer. What I’ve known about myself is that I have trouble getting motivated when it comes to exercise. I used to exercise a lot when I was in my 20’s, but then as I got older and had more responsibilities, a career, getting married and having a baby, I lost all that motivation. What’s more important than everything else? I realized that I wanted to be in great shape again and the only to do that was to work out. I found this app and now my motivation is back! This app makes me excited to work out and I love that the “trainer” is counting down for you and keeping track of your exercise. Keeping track is a pain, but this almost forces you to just do it! No experience required! You build up to it. I’ve been using it for over a month now and I am already getting toned and more definition as well losing fat! It’s a Godsend!
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5 years ago, funsize😜😜😜
Read review!😍😍😍
This app is fantastic!!!!! Recommended to everyone!!! Well but there is some things that would be awesome if you fixed, I love to work out and get fit, but there’s always something weird like “oh you need a yoga ball” or something but this no! You just need yourself!! But if ur like me, you need something to pump you up like awesome music! Or an awesome instructor!! I’m in the 6th grade and I don’t feel very pumped up.....😭 all I have is the clock and that’s very painful and tiering and then the instructor saying “half way there!” In a sweet voice but I need a instructor screaming “HALF WAY THERE!!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! PUSH IT!!! COME ON!!” Something like that! But also some music could be helpful too! But I know what ur thinking just put on music! I can’t then I can’t hear the instructor! That was just an recommendation, it would make the app the best of THE BEST! But I like it anyway! Thank you
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4 years ago, Haylee H.
First time with this app, and I’m very pleased! I have tried many apps and none of them motivate me or you have to pay, or you can’t play music. But this app... it’s does all of those things! I don’t feel as if it’s at to much of a level and pace I cannot keep up with, I can actually feel my abs working. As far as I know, just using the regular workouts which range from Beginner to Advanced, you don’t have to pay for them. And best part, you can play your own music over the app, and you can also adjust the voice on the app. Overall it’s amazing app and I’m excited to see what the outcome is for me!!
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6 years ago, Tapany713
Bring back the old app please!!!
Or at least fix what’s wrong. I rated the app 3 stars from loyalty. The problem I now have every time I use the app is that the audio from the app takes precedence over the podcasts I listen to while working out. If I increase the volume to be able to hear the podcast, the bells and voice in the app are TOO LOUD, and vice versa. ☹️🙉 Also, since you have different workouts, why not also offer a “blank” workout that would just count down the intervals and allow the user to just do their own circuit?
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5 years ago, Nicki1289
A “MUST HAVE” in your Health app folder
I wasn’t expecting to like this app as much as I do. I don’t have time to get to the gym nor do I like working out in front of people so this app is ideal in that aspect. It’s also really motivating to see how the app keeps track of your workout streak! It makes me want to workout everyday just to keep the days highlighted lol. I also love how they have different workouts with different time frames. This allows me to workout out according to the amount of time I have. I’ve already recommended this app to 3 people!
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8 months ago, NatTurtlePerson
Although i don't have abs yet (probably due to the lack of time i have to actually work out) i still see results from the app whenever i use it for a few days. And by results i don't mean a smaller belly or anything, but just sore abs in the morning and tightness. I love being sore cuz its proof that im doing something. Some of the workouts require balance, like side planks. With these i usually fall over or dont really feel anything. But ive learned about so many ab workouts that i could make my own workout with the ones that work well with me.
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4 years ago, Webkinz2008
This beginner workout 🏋️‍♀️ is great. The first time is always hard for anyone. But by day 2 or 3 you’ll see a difference in yourself. You’ll see a slight difference in your tummy area. You won’t have lost inches but you will feel better. Less bloating or that heavy tummy feeling. That’s a good sense that one should keep going. Commutes 3-weeks of just doing the beginners version puts one in a good place. Absolutely, practice at your pace. You will see results. Then you’ll be like - OMG - oh my gosh!! I just did that workout & feel great. 😀
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4 years ago, Yeti yeet yeet
Use all of their apps!
This developer has got it down to a T. These apps are perfect for me because I don’t enjoy going to a gym, and I usually have no idea what to do when I get there. The 7M apps have workouts for you and you get to choose the levels and how much time you want to work out! And I just do these in my garage everyday! I’ve seen a major difference in my body, as I use a mixture of their apps for 30 min everyday. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to better themselves.
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7 years ago, Betanzos99
It just ok
It shows you next move in such a small & light font it is very difficult to read. To learn the move you hit the play button which takes you to different random sites where a trainer shows you the move. Some are done well, others very cheesy by someone in their living room with no professional speaking skills. It's ok for now until I find one I really like. If all the demo videos were done by the same person &professionally recorded then this would be a keeper.
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2 months ago, Anon99716
Free tier is usable!
I’m only on day 3 of a free-tier workout, so maybe there’ll be fewer stars when it’s time to check results, but the app itself is well-designed and presents the workouts in a straightforward way. Having each exercise shown during the ten second break and then throughout the interval makes it easy to figure out what to do, and the videos are properly lit and cropped/green-screened so that you’re not having to squint all the time.
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4 years ago, #momma
App review
Love this app! It has helped me a ton as far as time. I don’t have hours to workout, so the time with these exercises works for me. The only thing I would recommend is if there was a way you could check ✔️ mark the workout you have done. Example...I started out with the beginner ab and core exercise. When done with those if you could put a check mark next to it so you know you have done those in the time frame you wanted. Hopefully that makes sense.
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4 years ago, Poole123
Wow ok I’m 14 and I started doing this bc I wanted to see if it would work I wanted to see what it could to for my intentions. I’m 14 and I’m under 100 so I wanted to do something small and I did the ab workout but I didn’t know it was for intermediate like a lot harder and BOOOY I was HUUURRRTIINNGG 😂😂😂 but little did I know I did that workout every day for 2 weeks and now I have a six pack and this app THIS APP I’m never deleting it!!! Play your fav song and DO THIS !!!!❤️❤️ CAUSE YOU CAN
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4 years ago, litl ol climber
Just ok
I used another app free that I thought was better. I may just pay for it because there were a little more to it. The voice to this is a bit monotonous and needs to be a little more energetic. Good for a beginner but like one reviewer said need examples of how you do an exercise. A beginner wouldn’t know this. The other app I used let’s you stop and look at it with a drawing and real life person doing the movement. One last thing most apps don’t realize is you can’t tell what leg you’re using because the picture is tiny! Use a different color leg or put L left, R right!!!
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1 year ago, NDLSBR
Great !!
I like this app a lot it’s fast and easy you can almost control everything the only things they could improve on is maybe a bit more variety but that’s it. I would definitely recommend. And to go with the getting abs thing it is mostly nutrition so if your eating wrong than your not going to get results.
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4 years ago, kourtnijessop
The best free workout app I’ve ever had!
It has beginner workouts and they are easy ! All the workout are only a couple minutes long so you can fit a workout in on your busy schedule! On each workout there is a little lady that you watch and follow along with so you will know what exercises she is wanting to do. And it tells you how many calories you loose with every workout! I love it! I do it ever day! ❤️💪🏻
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4 years ago, Seacreature9
Love this app!
I have 2 kids and a big dog that require so much of my daily attention. Not to mention working a full time job. These abs workouts are short but insanely effective. Thanks to whoever put these together cuz they are so great and I actually have time to accomplish a really good abs workout. I feel like there is a good variety of abs exercises that target all core areas. I will certainly always go to this app for my abs workouts!
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5 years ago, CuddlyBearSarah
I'm only 11 and I have to say I don't consider myself overweight and in school we had to weigh ourselves and I'm a normal weight for my age but I'm nearly just nearly overweight so I want to gain abs tone done my muscles and become skinnier and this app helps like wonders I fully recommend this is an amazing app and you can see your results really quick as well as the fact that they show you how much calories your your loosing! Love it!
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3 years ago, noneir
Intense, easy to follow and QUICK!
I am overly impressed by this workout! Had been looking for something that would challenge me (have been working on my abs for a while and needed to spice things up), be easy to follow and not take too much time away from my regular routines...this nailed all of those points, PLUS it’s free! I HIGHLY recommend...even to beginners....there are workouts for every level!!
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4 years ago, X - Æ A - 12
Very working
This app really works your body and your will to keep going. I’m going into the 8th grade pretty soon and I’m positive this app will help me to get lean and cut even just a little in the few months I have of summer vacation left. I’ll be using this app all throughout summer vacation and will leave a review on how it worked for me at the end of it, before school starts again.
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4 years ago, Sfdghkocb
Awesome for free👏🏾
I have seen a significant difference in using this app every day. It gives you exercise that you can gage for yourself if it’s too easy or too hard for you. They have even added some medium difficulty for the beginners, which is great for me👍🏾. Just give it your all everyday, because this is great for a free app! I even downloaded the yoga app. I’ll see how that one does.
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4 years ago, 20232006
Great app!
This is one of my favorite workout apps! I have done the summer abs for about 5 days and I am already seeing drastic improvements on how I look and feel! The key to this app is self determination and consistency, if you don’t have the will to do it consistently, don’t expect any changes. Yes the workouts are a little challenging, but I guarantee in the end it will be worth it! Good luck!
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2 years ago, Gamer12335673
Great Ab Workout App
I love this app. It has a great variety of ab exercises and incorporates a little bit of cardio too. I definitely feel sore after using it. I like that there are so many ab routines you can choose for free. It’s also great that the length of the programs vary from 7 minutes to 20+ minutes. It’s user friendly and easy to follow.
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5 years ago, fitnessgirl106
Fantastic Workouts
I love this app! I used to never workout because it just didn’t seem fun. With this app I’m always up and moving. If you can’t get to sleep at night, like myself, do a quick workout it uses the leftover energy. I would suggest adding some more workouts I love challenges. Other than that I give this app a five out of five rating 👍.
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2 years ago, Viv-ash
Amazing but need help
I’ve been using this app for 2 months now and see great results. I just linked my Apple Watch to the account and have not been able to use it. I will click the app and it will close I re downloaded it and same issue please help so I can go back to my workouts
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4 years ago, Robin Tyree
Fantastic!! The Best Ever!!
This is, without a doubt, the best online/mobile fitness app(s) I have ever used. The workouts all easy to follow, flexible regarding various levels of ability and specific outcomes while targeting specific muscle groups. I love the wide selection of exercises and routines. By far, 10/10 would recommend. Best investment for HOME, work/office, gym, etc. workouts! Love this!!
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4 years ago, 69jmee
Must Have App!!!!
This app is very user friendly it allows you to seamlessly move trough the workouts with a rest in between. I enjoy the timer and the voice over countdown. It’s a must have for anyone wanting to get back into working out with out the fuss of a gym.. I truly enjoy this app!!!! Thank you for offering such an awesome product at a great price $0 BRAVO!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Kayjanexoxo
Highly Recommend
I downloaded this app a while ago and can’t tell you enough how much it’s helped me get back into working out especially during the pandemic. From the actual workouts itself to the music playing WHILE you are working out , is just amazing.
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4 years ago, 24ShastaSilverFox
Ab Workout
This app is amazing! You can choose workouts that have different levels of intensity. If you're not sure about an exercise you can tap on them and it explains everything for you. I highly recommend this app for anyone that needs a quick workout or want to do multiple workouts!
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6 years ago, Ambiry
Excellent for beginners as well as experienced
Perfect for just starting out, you can set the time you would like to do for your daily workout and can always re-adjust if too simple or too difficult. I recommend previewing all exercises before starting because the app is not automatically show you.
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4 years ago, smiling2056
Awesome 10 minute abs
I just tried another app with a 5 minute ab workout and it didn't even give me a burn. This 10 minute ab workout gave me a burn but also had great variety and clear examples of how to do each exercise. I'm very happy with it and will be doing it regularly. I can't wait to explore the other workouts on this app.
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4 months ago, yomamaplaysnba
Great app it matches the description and has more options than just getting tight abs. The app also works really well I did just a few workouts and I realized the change and always remember “you can’t be great without putting in work” and if you feel like quitting think of why you started in the first place.
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3 years ago, rannalisek
Love it!
Most workout apps make you pay in the app, however this app doesn’t make you pay anything that makes me really happy. All of the other apps I’ve tried to use make me lose confidence and make me want to give up but there is just something about this one that makes me very motivated!
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4 years ago, Steps1173
I was so not expecting to feel anything after a 7 minute workout but it actually works. I feel just as exhausted as when I took exercise classes before my twins were born. So little time to workout now. I feel if I keep it up for 4 more weeks I will definitely notice a difference
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4 years ago, cp!1356
Audio suggestion
I think this is a great workout for my level of fitness, challenging but not putting me in traction 😉 The only thing I would change is the audio in the middle of each set saying “you’re halfway there” as it is discouraging to know I’m only halfway there, better for me to just keep going and have it talk when I get to be done with each exercise.
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4 years ago, BadAfroChix
Good solid workouts
Love the workouts. They’re simple and easy to follow. You can choose the level you want to push yourself too. And they have an assortment of durations so you can pick the best workout for the time you have. The illustrations are so easy to follow that my 3 year old can understand- and sometimes does with me.
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4 years ago, JunBart
ABSolutely working for me!
This app is very easy to use . I can choose the intensity I need to achieve my daily goal. Each set of workout have been very fruitful for my personal goal. This is not the only step I am taking to achieve my goal, but this is major component of my regimen. 😊
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5 years ago, Fix the bloody ads
Fix the ads
Can you fix the ad section? There’s this ad from Rappi, which is incredibly annoying. You can’t close it, or do anything about it. And its sound simply overtakes the app’s own sounds, so there’s no way to hear the countdowns! You have to workout with your phone in hands so you can keep track of time. Less than ideal and not sustainable for more than a week or so. You’re losing users if nothing is done about it.
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6 years ago, Howtobraid
There’s so many options of groups of workouts you can do beginner, intermediate, and hard core workouts and it saves me money and time because I can do it at my house instead of paying to do it at a gym. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to start exercising or exercising more from the comfort of their own home!!!!!🙏🏻🙌🏻
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4 years ago, Vist18
This app is amazing!
This app really pushed me to work my abs out. It uses unique workouts to tone and train your core. My core has become noticeably stronger, (also the look of my abs isn’t bad either). But i fully recommend this app to anyone looking to push themselves to become the best version they can be.
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2 years ago, S1h2e3l4l5y6
I’ve had this app for years and I love it!! Great free abs workouts from easy to advanced with guided prompts through and a demonstration of how to do the exercise. I definitely recommend, you can add them to other workouts you do. Such as I bike and then do weights with the 7min abs in-between makes for a great combo 😊❤️
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6 years ago, T'Jayla
It’s a great app it helps a lot and it’s free it focuses On one part of the body and it has different apps for other parts It’s the absolute best working out app i’ve ever had And I also love how she talks to you during the exercise which helps A lot and has me not focusing on the Exercise which makes The pain forgettable
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4 years ago, Peter in Japan
Videos insist on streaming from the Internet, devs don’t replu
My workout space is in the basement of my building, with no Internet, so I can’t use this app as it wants to stream the videos for each exercise from the Internet, either through wifi or data. When I contacted the devs through email, they did not reply, so I guess they have no interest in hearing from users. If you have wifi and don’t mind the “use in vertical mode” requirement (if on an iPad), it’s not a terrible app.
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3 years ago, fbgcngtfjc ftr
I got this app to lose weight bc I’m over weight for my age and I love it! It was hard but its so worth it In the end! I definitely recommend this app. It’s great to get you back into your active self and I loved the different levels! 100% recommend
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4 years ago, xoxo_osas
This app works wonders, used it for about two months now and I’ve seen changes in my entire body; especially my stomach area. What’s even surprising is that it’s free, easy to use and it tracks your progress (calories burnt etc). It’s a must have!!!
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2 weeks ago, thegu_
Just some feedback
This really helped with my journey to get a six pack journey and I remember downloading this and i wuit half way through I will never give up on this app and make my dream come true although some of the workouts where kinda goofy but help
Show more
2 years ago, Terrresa
Recommended for all my clients
This free app is amazing. I love using it for the plank challenge to gauge my fitness levels. I recommend it to all my clients. It’s very easy to use and I love how after I finish a work out ask me how I feel, I always feel great. Way to get that positive reinforcement.
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3 years ago, Lvnwrds
Great Abs!
This workout really works my abs! I love how the workouts are leveled and how they involve other parts of the body! I totally enjoy them. Plus I love the how to portion of the workouts. It ensures that you are using proper technique which is very important because sometimes we can forget!
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3 years ago, JonU_#
Simple, Effective Ab Workout App
This app is great Simple, intuitive interface. No ads It actually has good ab workouts! Its my go-to app when I want a quick 5-30min ab workout. Plus it tracks how often you workout using the app as well! Well done devs. In a world of subscription only workout apps, you rise above the rest!
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3 years ago, BevyBam
Great workouts
I just started but so far I like the combination of exercises that are in the workouts. I would have given 5 stars if *the orientation would go to landscape once I propped my phone up for viewing. I had to tilt my head to get a better view of the exercises I’m not familiar with. *Where’s the music?!!?- IMO, workouts just go with some musical motivation.
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