Da Fit

Health & Fitness
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1 month ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Da Fit

4.59 out of 5
70.5K Ratings
2 years ago, PBK380
Great app, using with niizero IP68 fitness watch.
I purchased the niizero ip68 fitness watch for the watch, but after receiving the watch I started checking out the other features. After downloading this app I found it opened up a whole new world for me. Many people rating this app have not given it a very good review, but I am really impressed with it. After a few weeks I began comparing the readings with other devices we have in our home and have found it very close to our other device’s, BP, Pulse, steps and sleep. I have not had any problems with connectivity to the ip68 watch and have very good battery charge run time. Device settings are simple to use and with this app it brings the device to a very affective health monitoring wearable item. I like the device and the app, together they are very good. I recommend this app and the device and would definitely go with the pair again.
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9 months ago, wiley miller
Good so far!
I got my watch yesterday night and I LOVE THIS THING, it’s easy to use, has many, many features, and it can play games! My only request is that we could’ve got more of the activity categories, as it doesn’t have football, and I may be missing one, it plays music (which is unnecessary, but cool!) the microphone I’ve been told sounds decent for something that’s supposed to tell time, and the flashlight could’ve been more creative and been an actual flashlight instead of turning the whole screen white, but it helps for if your lost in the woods at night, it has a calculator, for all those teachers who said “you won’t always just have a calculator in you pocket” your right, it’s on my wrist! The camera was kinda boring, unless you wanna use the back camera for a selfie, I was expecting a camera on the watch itself, but that’s ok… it also has a LOT OF different heart rate measurements, oxygen, blood pressure etc, a stopwatch and timer, which hasn’t proven useful to me yet, and a sleep monito. This thing is loaded with different features, and my data hasnt been sold to some old guy in a basement, so, good job DA👍👍
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11 months ago, Shar Night
Not always reliable.
I have had the smart watch and this app for several months. While the watch seems to track the data at a pretty accurate rate. The connection to the App is not the greatest. I keep the app open as suggested and almost always have my phone nearby. But the data often doesn’t go into the app like I will have days that end up showing little to no steps even though my watch showed 10,000+ steps it also is supposed to show the weather on my watch and often that data isn’t available unless I turn the feature in the app off and back on. Then it appears for a short time and then again no temperature or forecast. The part I don’t get is that the Bluetooth is still connected and working because I do get notifications of texts on the watch when they are received on my iPhone. Over all okay for the price of the watch since the App is free but if you want to be able to go back and look at your average data over weeks or months and have some of the other features work like expected you might want to consider buying a higher end product.
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1 year ago, diamonddavesaints
Decent app, which has some real issues
As a longtime Apple Watch user this is in fact filled with features not that far off from Apple Watch “watch” app. The security features, like a numeric password protection is missing. Also notice that at times my watch becomes disconnected from the app, and I am unsure why. The app is easy to use and navigate and does well for sleeping monitoring and keeping all day heart rate data. The blood pressure does not allow all day monitoring which it really should. The app does have some quirks, like it is defaulted to the metric system for temperature and height/weight measurements for instance, and after changing to imperial units, the app will default back to metric system. I have yet to confirm if this happens when the watch disconnects from the app or for another reason, but is alittle irritating. Also the sound defaults from my phone to my watch often, which means even clicks you hear typing go to the watch. I am unsure why this happens. It should default sounds to your phone unless you set it otherwise. Overall the app is pretty decent
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2 weeks ago, lulas29
Some things are good. Some are not.
I love the step tracker. I love that I can listen to my poscasts or Bible app without my ear buds or needing to carry my phone on me. What I don’t like is the sleep tracker. I am not a great sleeper. I have not been for years. As an example: I was having a hard time falling asleep last night so I read a book for an hour. Then I was scrolling on my phone for two hours. Out of curiosity (and knowing the sleep tracker was not at all correct) I checked to see what it was saying about my sleep or lack of it to this point in the night. It said that I had already had 2 hours of restful sleep. I hadn’t even been asleep by this point!! I check my sleep score this morning and it was 100. I have my watch band correctly fitted to my wrist. So I know that’s not the issue. My blood pressure has always read as that of a runner’s. It constantly reads high. My beats per minute are either really low or really high. I don’t know if the issue is the watch or the app. Either way I’m a bit saddened as this was a Mother’s Day gift.
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12 months ago, Colonel1728
Inaccurate BP data
I own several fitness tracker watches. I purchased this one for the health data reporting. I am a 74 year old male. I am in generally good health but do have some problems from my adventurous life. I monitor my health and need accurate information. The blood pressure monitor on this tracker is the most inaccurate of the trackers I own. It is totally un-reliable, giving a reading at least 12 points below my actual BP. The BPM is more accurate and the SPO is very accurate. The watch face is adjustable with several designs to choose from. It is an attractive wrist tracker and very functional. The phone pairing is a great feature and a real convenience. Operating all of the features has a strong learning curve and I have not mastered everything yet. Overall, the tracker is a good deal with a good price and many great features. I suspect the BP could be corrected with a software update that would allow the user to adjust the parameters, I.e. set the range of the BP under user profile.
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12 months ago, Seadog111
Need Software Upgrade
Nice watch with great features but it is in need of a software upgrade. Blood Pressure is 15-20 points low. I have compare watch to other blood pressure devices I have and ones at Dr office. Always the same watch BP is always low reading. Heart Rate reading are usually +-2 or 3. Phone function has the biggest issue. It loses connection (Pairing) to iPhone when App in iPhone when switching to another App. U have to continually turn the watch off then back on to reconnect phone function. Notified Tech Support they keep asking for video. But never say video of what. I described the problem they need to test with iPhones model 12 mini IOS 16.5. Watch was fine until iPhone upgraded to latest version the phone connection problems started. Blood pressure readings were always off from time of receiving the watch.
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10 months ago, Cyberlis
Love this app… but one thing can be fixed
I had an issue with this app earlier, but it was solved. (Hopefully the review on the watch face wasn’t posted after all, but if It was, I managed to figure it out and resolved the issue (thinking I lost my favorite watch face). Overall, I love the app and my watch. The ONLY thing I wish I didn’t have to do was to manually “connect” my watch to this app every single time. I keep my phone and watch in the same table overnight, so I think it should remain connected. I’ve even made sure to ensure my watch was connected to the app, but periodically, it’s disconnected. Other than that (and the seemingly fragility of the glass on my watch -which required my getting a watch face protective film). I think the app is pretty accurate, including the blood pressure when compared to my sphigmometer and the other BP meters I have. The readings will “almost” always be 1 to 3 point off (higher or lower) due to the fact that blood pressure readings are NOT static, and will change if one moves one’s legs, arms, or breathing while conducting a measurement. It’s the range of readings that’s important. (Also getting one’s spigmomenter calibrated against a doctor’s sphigmometer will help in knowing how much your readings (compared to the doctor’s) is off. I’m pleased with both app and watch. Hopefully, this app will continue to keep ALL of the watch faces they offer in the future.
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4 months ago, Kamau Bakari
Blood Pressure Measurement Is Way Off!
The main reason I bought this fit bit is to monitor my blood pressure. I am a conscious, active 69 yr old living a healthy lifestyle as best I can. The blood pressure measurement is terribly inaccurate. 30 + points below measurement with BP wrist cuff monitor. I thought it was just mine until I read the review by the 74 yr old who is saying it is inaccurate. From another perspective I understand the psychology of measuring and seeing positive BP results. Eating healthy, exercise, yoga/meditation and visualizing optimal BP readings the body mind manifests the vision of healthy blood pressure into reality. Otherwise, I like the various features on the app. The body awareness healing meditation is soothing, relaxing 😎 awesome, creating good feelings throughout the bodymind. The ability to change the face of the Fitbit with art is fun and a big plus creates positive vibes. Maybe an update like the iPhone has can fix the bug(s) creating inaccurate BP readings.
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6 months ago, Bxrubio
Decent but not what I expected.
For the most part the watch is decent. It’s aesthetically pleasing. Now let’s get into the functionality of it, phone works, emails work (I receive them occasionally), for the most part the watch works but the text messages don’t. I can neither receive or send messages. The only contacts you can have on the watch are the ones you choose as a favorite and you can only choose 8. If they can get the text messages to work I think that would be a huge improvement. In addition, offer the ability to customize the face of the watch through the app. Allow there to be a messages and phone icon on the Home Screen for easy access. Upgrade and allow all contacts from the phone to be accessible on the watch. In short add all the features on the Apple watch to this watch. It’s 2023 about to be 2024 in a few days, this shouldn’t be an issue customers are having.
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10 months ago, julesann82
So Far So Good…
The price I paid for this watch is almost unbelievable. Especially considering the quality and its many features. I have only just received it and completed setting it up this morning. So beyond the specifics of it’s features and it’s over all look and feel, I can’t attest to how it continues to work overtime or if all of its features work without issue. But for less then $20 bucks from the TEMU app, I figured it’ll be a good buy even if only half of the features work correctly. Even if I only get six months use out of it. I don’t think I can say I would regret buying it. I don’t know how much of a review this really is or if it will help anyone make the decision to purchase it or not, but it’s about all I can say at this point in time. I will update with a new review after a month or so.
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2 years ago, chevygmcguy
Not impressed with watch face selection
I purchased this smart watch because I didn’t want to spend a large amount of money for something only to be used at work or during workouts. To the point the Dafit app has lots of watch faces even seasonal ones but only 1 for digital faces that have the hours minutes seconds option. The one face they do have that fits my need is childish with what looks like Pinocchio twirling and flying up into space. Of the thousands of faces only a hundred or so are available and of the hundred this one is what I must use for work. On the app you can choose from 1 of 5 faces. 3 are just stationary you can’t remove them so if you don’t like or use them they’re a waist of space the 4th you can edit meaning put a picture there with the time and steps but that’s it and 5 you can download from the other options. The battery and use of apps is just like any other smart device, the more stuff you have on the faster you go through the battery.
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5 months ago, Svetatil
What you expect for 20$.
I had another watch but decided to get a new one (I was just bored). It’s not bad, however some readings/records are not accurate. I have a problem with sleeping and keep tracking of my sleep. This app or watch (not sure which is messing up) starts showing that I’m sleeping light about 10:00PM (22:00) while I’m sitting and watching TV, walking around the house. Blood pressure is a little bit off. You definitely can’t rely on those readings. Exercises: I’m doing Zumba 5 times a week, the same intensity (same routine every class). If I select “dancing” it shows different heart rate than if I don’t select anything. Without “dancing” mode it shows like I was doing nothing. I think with “dancing “ mode it shows more accurate rate (I feel the heartbeat is high). Anyway, I paid only $20 for the watch, so I shouldn’t expect high performance for such money. Again, not sure if this is the app issues or the watch.
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8 months ago, LauraFletch
Great watch!
I love this watch! Looks good, great price. I was looking for another smart, watch to track my steps mostly as I gave my Apple Watch to my college daughter. I was not that impressed with it. It seem like it lost battery quickly. It was bulky and it had way too many apps on it for me. This is perfect. Not too much of an investment tracks my steps my heart rate my blood pressure my sleep, although I’m not sure how accurate that is. I think the one thing that I wish it did was have a better way of seeing trends on the app like your sleep, or blood pressure on a day-to-day basis or month. Many people have complemented me thinking it was a much more expensive watch. The battery lasts probably a week without having to recharge. And they also sent me two extra watch bands. Highly recommended :-)
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4 weeks ago, JT2Tymes
Very nice purchase!
So far, so good! I got it on clearance, only giving about $20 for it, and thought it was worth that to find out how it works. Honestly, no issues yet. Received it in 2 days, and it arrived in perfect condition. The band is thick, heavy, and durable, yet flexible and not harsh on the skin at all. The colors are bright, the text is clear, and the touchscreen is very responsive. A simple QR download on the app, and it’s it setup and ready to go. The ability to change the interface so easily and quickly was a big win overall for me. Overall, just a day or two in, I would recommend this watch to anyone! Best $20 I’ve spent in a long time. (And for those asking, I’m on iPhone 15, and had zero problems whatsoever!)
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2 years ago, rmetz0224
Watch works, App doesn’t
For the most part the watch works. Step counter is way way off. I work from home and one day it said I took more than 10,000 steps when I never left my home. My biggest complaint is the app. It is horrible. I have it set up to save everything to the health app, but after a couple weeks of seeing nothing in Apple Health I opened the app to find out that the app will not record anything from the watch unless the app is open. Even then you have to open and close multiple times and refresh the app a few hundred times and play with the settings on the watch before it will finally record. Once it does finally record, I can see the data in Apple Health. I’m glad I just bought a cheap watch to save money for the Apple Watch. So, let this be a warning to you, sometimes you get what you pay for. This is definitely one of those times. I paid less than $40 for it and still think I was robbed by the company
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1 year ago, Frank Forest
Watch faces
I'm testing this app with a Zeblaze Btalk 2 Light. The software is not responsible for the data what comes from the watch itself, like blood pressure, blood oxigen or hearth rate. But it is very annoying in the app that there is no option for adding watch faces to a favorite folder or mark them as favorite instead of scrolling down miles to find them again and again. The storage in the watch is probably limited, so you can only change the one you have chosen to another one, can't keep a few on your watch, but on your phone would be nice to have this option at least. Or the function of making custom watch faces too. Actually you can add only a photo as your own watch face in the app, the functions are so limited! Let's improve it! We need good tools to really make it customized, and save not only one!
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2 years ago, PoetByDesign
A few issues
I purchased the I18 smartwatch to pair with my iPhone 13 Pro because although I love Apple’s ecosystem, I didn’t want to pay the price tag on the Apple Watch. Anyway, at first it seemed to be working OK. I connected it to my Apple Health app so it’ll sync with my Apple Fitness app. Just to test if the da fit app was keeping accurate account for everything, I continued to still carry my iPhone around a lot to see if the steps are calculating accurately. But even though I wear the I18 watch continuously, unless showering; the step counter in the da fit app are 4500 steps off. That’s more than an error. That’s an enormous inaccuracy. Developers you should create the da fit app to where corrections can be made in the workouts. Or at least in the step counter. Just like all of Apple’s Health and workout apps. Also, the weather app continuously disconnects. I have to turn off the feature and turn it back on again for it to reconnect. Please work on fixing these issues.
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1 week ago, Lisa_K 👏👍
A bit confusing
I really like this watch but it’s a utter confusing to me. If I put on the charger all the info has to be reset by going into the settings on my phone. Before I found that out I was going by the time on the watch, once I put it back on. It was running an hour dower today, but the other day it was still f’d by TWO hours! If I wasn’t retired I could see what a real mess this could be! Also, the directions were not very clear. Heck, I don’t even know if it’s water resistant. Yes, I did say I also have an Apple Watch, but this one tracks my sleep better so I wear this one during the night while the Apple is recharging. Back up watches are always a great idea, and when you are a watch freak like me, you get it. 😂 All in all it’s a pretty nice watch and more affordable than an Apple. Just go get one! I did!!
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2 years ago, dws98270
Careful what you buy!
I got this watch a couple weeks ago. Thought it would be fun to watch my life stats. You can change the watch face, hear if your phone rings, turn on your phone’s camera, and get the weather. It does not work on any of the life monitoring functions. I’m a diabetic and have high blood pressure. The blood pressure function has said my systolic pressure is 140 (on every test it has taken) and the diastolic pressure is consistently between 81-89. If it were that I could quit taking meds. The steps showed me doing 1782 steps. I must have done that in my sleep because I was confined to my bed all day. The pulse rate shows me in the 70s however I was doing some heavy work today, my heart was racing but the program showed me at 66 bpm. (I was 94 by manual count) I’m only keeping the watch because it too much of a hassle to return it and I like changing the faces, checking the weather, and easily setting an alarm for my breaks at work.
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2 years ago, 24/7Jag
App needs work
1. I can not make calls from my favorite list it doesn’t recognize the phone numbers. But I can manually enter phone numbers to place calls. 2. Bp, Bpm and O2 stats jump all over the place. I took many tests at resting rate from the watch and with a professional device. Professional devices are true numbers. 3. All non medical features(music, camera, weather,) are very functional. FYI Camera is not on the watch it utilizes the one on your phone. The watch actually is a remote shutter control. The music plays out of watch at an audible level at full volume and will function with Pandora. Weather is accurate to what the app on my phone has. 4.Watch face is customizable with 3 present and one customizable from app album and one from your picture album, that can be easily set. All in all, still some bugs that should be addressed and fixed. 2 stars for app.
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7 months ago, zaraberh
No complaints so far
This is the first Watch that I have gotten that has not cost an arm and a leg that has actually hooked to my iPhone. I am really pleased that it hooks to my Apple health app. I like the fact that it keeps track of my blood pressure and it counts my steps. The battery seems to last quite a while, at least 3 to 5 days as long as it is not on wrist raised. When on wrist raise the battery will only last one and a half days. I am really enjoying it and I like the different watch faces. The price was definitely very good as it was under $25 and it does what a 70 or $80 watch would do. They put out a good product and a good app to go with it I highly recommend the watch and the app.
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11 months ago, Emme LouLou
Great Watch
I love this watch, phone, messages, step tracker, BP monitor, BPM, sleep tracker, and blood oxygen monitor! I have had several of these watches and this is the first one that has lasted, I can buy bands for it through the seller, and the price was great for what I got. I love all the features. I can change the face of the watch to anything I want including photos. I also bought my sister one and she loves hers and wears hers all the time. I had taken a break and stopped wearing it for a few months because to be honest I couldn’t remember where I put it 🤣 But since I found it a few days ago I always have it on. I would definitely recommend and buy another if I needed too!! 5 Stars all the way ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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12 months ago, Texasredgrace
Excellent software update
I’ve been using dafit app with smart watch for three months. New smartwatch user here. I love the features & that it links with iPhone health app. I’m thrilled with the exercise format software update which previously was troublesome…the update is excellent! Dafit has helped me tremendously in behavioral & fitness lifestyle improvement modification . Thank you. I may be asking for too much, but one other feature that would be extremely helpful - add second sleep time to monitor sleep quality. Many people have broken sleep of 4 hours or less twice in 24 hours. I’m still loving my watch & dafit app. It’s such an integral part of my daily health regimen. Thank you ❤️❤️❤️
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4 months ago, annoyed_b!tch
Sleep feature gave out
I’ve had this watch for almost a month, and it’s been pretty good for most of the time. I do have a couple complaints, like a “help” part of the app would be nice, and the cycle feature is either awful or I haven’t figured it out right. It assumes your cycle based off of the information given, and you can’t add or remove bleeding days, so it’s useless with an irregular cycle, or even one that’s just slightly off. Three days ago, the sleep feature stopped working for me. I’m not sure why or what caused it, but it’s just not recording my sleep anymore. This was honestly my main reason for getting this watch because it was cheap and that was my main curiosity. It’s irritating. Like I said, there is no help feature, so I have no idea how I might be able to fix this.
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9 months ago, Clarencetr
Smart Watch
My Da Fit smart watch worked really well for a few weeks but then I could no longer hear calls I would get. Having said that, some of the other functions work well, at least right now. However, one function that is disturbing for is the BP/ HR/SPO2 readings. Because my health require accurate readings in these area, I was disappointed to find out how inaccurate these readings are. They are at least 10 points or levels lower. For me, that could be life threatening so I have gone back to doing those readings on my old way. I am saddened by this. I really wanted this item to work. But, I guess you get what you pay for.
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10 months ago, Tomhauburn
Watch and App review
Got my watch about a week ago. For 20 dollars I didn't expect much. It keeps good time. Some apps seem to work better than others. Blood O2 and Heart rate seems pretty good. Blood pressure seems to read on the low side. Weather App connects sometimes but not consistently. It seems to say I took more steps that I actually took. Calls seem ok through the watch but definitely not Apple Quality. When listening to music on AirPod Pro2 sometimes the sound ends up on the watch and even more so if your using a BT player. It would be nice to be able to communicate with the developers. But I give them credit for allowing all reviews to stay up. Actually answering issues in reviews would be great.
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2 years ago, olderperson123
Works sometimes
Temp, bp, pulse, o2 seem to be reliable. Sleep is hit or miss. Many days I wake up with no data recorded. Always tells me I went to bed at the same time which I never do. Often records sleep while I’m still up and records me being awake in the middle of the night when I’m sleeping. I can get 8 hours sleep but watch records sometimes only 3-4 hours. Alarm is just a vibration which is too soft to notice. Phone connected is so soft I can’t use it. App is okay but full of incomplete sentences making it hard to understand. Colors difficult to read because the background color is just a faded version of the foreground color. Very in accessible for those with visual or hearing difficulties. (People who would really benefit from good monitoring) The watch itself is difficult to navigate so I rarely look at it other than for time.
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2 years ago, MamaCane
Overall solid 2.5 maybe 3
Depending on what you wanna use this watch for. I like that this has an oxygen counter, step counter, heart rate, blood pressure those are all great for when you’re working out. The presets for exercise are lacking since I don’t play badminton ( who does)or skipping (jump rope?) or football or basketball but I do CrossFit or high intensity workouts several times a week so there isn’t a setting that captures accurately what I would like. Also great that it syncs to your phone for calls but stays connected when you are in an app trying to listen to music or dialogue that’s a thumbs down. I prefer the speaker from my device than my watch in that situation. It also sinks supposedly to your messages but it does not receive incoming text messages from your device only notifications from Facebook or Instagram. Bummer. Often (1-2 times/week) it will lose the pairing to the device and you have to completely shut off your phone for the connection to be found again that is a bit of a nuisance. If you wanna watch that will tell you the time check your heart rate your blood pressure o2 level and your steps this watch is just fine if you need more are going to be disappointed
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2 years ago, Wegotkabamed
App is crap
Fahrenheit does not work it changes back to Celsius right away. The sleep does not work a lot of people work shift work and the app does not calculate when people are sleeping during the day it’s just just dumb. Not having seconds on the digital options of the face watches is crap again. Overall the watch is good just comes down to the app which is completely poor compared to the other apps with other watches are like this. Overall I can’t I give this app a good score at all until they come up updates and they have a job updates in a long time so they need to fix this. Another thing what’s up with the countdowns why can’t we select a countdown that we want to select instead of having them already pre-registered on the watch. Only having three alarms on there too is absurd me most watches have as many as you want so I don’t get that either
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2 months ago, Nanay52
Love it
This app is great. It always keeps up-to-date and very easy to pair to my iPhone 14. I have never had an Apple Watch so I can’t compare it to it. But I would say this is very easy to deal with. The app is great. It has many suggestions for healthy living. The size of the font is easy for me to see , even though I have eye trouble. It tracks my sleep and I’m very very impressed. It actually does better than some other apps for that. It needs to some way to adjust the accuracy for the blood pressure. My blood pressure is higher when it’s tested than what this registers. Other than that, it’s a great watch and a great
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1 year ago, George136894
Good not great
Good product, however I do have two issues I have encountered in the first few weeks of ownership. One the step count is totally inaccurate. I use map my run, and several days I log 1.5-2.5 miles just on runs… while my app shows my step totals 1.2 miles or under. Also my Apple Health App will show several thousand more steps than my “da fit” app. Second, and very annoying issue… when I get phone calls or play the radio, and choose to play it on my iPhone speaker, the app wants to take over and move my phone call (or playing music) to my watch speaker several times during a conversation. It happens so much I have to turn Bluetooth off, so it won’t happen! Besides those two things, it a very good watch and app!!
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2 years ago, bmando2018
Carbinox and Da fit
This combo is a bad match up. This app is used in conjunction with Carbinox watch. Horrible, the only reason why I gave it any stars is because I was able to see the main time in the water. However, the face is so sensitive in the water; that the water itself was able to change the function without me knowing it until I looked at. It always has to be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit in settings. I want it to stay on Fahrenheit, but it never does. Definitely not a user friendly app, this watch is not priced for what it is worth, should be at min $30 and that’s total with S&H, it should never be over $100…ever 👎👎 Do not ever buy a Carbinox watc…ever👎👎I should have just paid for the G-Shock. Carbinox a fancy over priced digital watch. Also…the Carbinox watch receives late texts too, not accurate on bp, and not accurate on h/r.
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2 years ago, mixedupguy1982
Love & Hate. 2.5 stars
First off I never do reviews. My dad gave me the watch NIB never used from a close out sale. After charging it for 8 hours or so it functioned fine. The band however was changed for my personal wrist’s comfort ability, the original caused irritation. Then after 4-5 weeks the screen froze, then it started randomly calling or sending text to people from my phone contacts, then it displayed static like an old tv. Lol. I put it in rice and forgot about it for a little over a week, but it still looks the same. I really liked it cause I was able to find a stylish metal watch band that did fit and my battery life was actually longer than I think it said, and the interface was good for being able to monitor my health and activity statistics. Still lost way beyond my goal weight while I did get to use it. R. I. P. DA Fit. Never got it wet besides perspiration, or banged or dinged it. I’d like to say that I will buy a replacement, but I’ll just hold out for it to be a gift again before I do so, cause I don’t like being disappointed with a product I actually liked. All said and done I love it, but hate have to buy it. #honesty
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3 years ago, HatesNicknames2020
Please Fix Fahrenheit Temperature Setting!!
When you spend this little on a smartwatch you tend to not have too high of expectations. Everything about it is just ok, EXCEPT if you want to see the temperature in Fahrenheit FORGET IT! When you set the app to Fahrenheit, it switches back to Celsius within minutes. I don’t care how many times you change it, it goes right back. I thought I could beat it into submission one day so I played the game like 40 times until I finally relented and gave up. They just pushed out an update for this App and since many other have complained about this I thought the issue would be addressed for sure. Nope! Super frustrating as I love having the temp right on my watch. I guess I need to learn how to understand Celsius or buy the Garmin watch I should have bought in the first place!!!
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4 months ago, Yo-Yo1980
Good watch but have some problems
I’ve had this watch for about 3 or 4 months and it was working fine at first. Everything was accurate and it also helped me to call my mother in an big emergency so she could get me to the emergency room. The one thing that all of a sudden stopped working was the ability to see my text messages and my BP numbers wouldn’t be accurate from time to time. I have unconnected the watch from the app, from my phone and after several attempts it is still not receiving text messages and the BP feature is still off. Can you please tell me what to do to fix please and thank you. Other than than that the watch is awesome !
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2 months ago, SimiSmiley
Couple of fine tweaks necessary for full 5 stars!
This is the first fit watch that syncs the results well with a fitness app by my nutritionist. A downside to the button where it is that when it holds for too long, the whole information on the app resets. If you have bracelets or jewelry big enough to press on the button or even a normal stretch without realizing it, both the app and watch resets all your parameters. Also from time to time the app does not sync correctly with the Apple phone fitness app. Sometimes the calorie results is either over or under in accuracy. I do like that I can get close to 5 days worth battery life compared to the high end competitors. It also goes well when I go out in formal or leisure attire.
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3 months ago, MomAppDev
Needs a few upgrades
After setting up two family watches, I have found some basic features missing that I hope can be available in future updates. First, the option to reverse the date to month-day. Second, the ability to rename devices for differentiation among family members. Third, a visually accessible face category for people losing near sightedness as they age - a lot of the face options have very small print for no reason. Fourth, more options for data to include and font size when using a custom background. For example, being able to use the certain day/date format, such as Thu 07, or to display step count.
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2 months ago, LR palmiche '16
Overall a decent product.
I purchased the Smart watch about a couple of weeks ago. My works fine, maintain connection and data updated. Although I have two things to point to: Since it request to have access to the user location and more, it suppose to be passcode protected. The step counter is not accurate, my is counting like 200% of real walking steps I take every day. I contrasted with a well tune step counter, the type that clip on the pants pockets lid. Even so, it is a good product, specially for the price and the lot of features on it. I am planing to buy another for my dad.
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2 years ago, HandiNana
Pedometer inaccurate—disconnects
I have another “smart watch,” but got this one because of it’s SMS and phone call features. The SMS seems to be working fine. Sometimes it picks up incoming calls and sometimes it doesn’t even when I have the phone on me or within 25 feet. I was disappointed that the pedometer seems to be overcounting “steps” based on wrist movements; for example, it registered a number of steps associated with folding laundry and I was stationary. The metal bracelet is very comfortable and attractive. The app interface is okay. I wish that the sleep monitor provided rem detail that my other watch provides. It seems to disconnect from features like weather, BP, heart rate and I have to go into the app to get it to provide that information again. I’m trying to decide if I should keep it or not.
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1 year ago, SimplxyVela
Da Fit App Review
I got my watch as a gift, and I think it’s great! My friend saw me with it on and asked if it was an Apple Watch, I said no, she said that it’s really nice and to send her a pic of the box because she was going to try and get one. I think the app is pretty good, although I’ve heard that there can be some glitches and problems with it based on other reviews. I haven’t had any problems with it, I love that I can change the wallpaper to one of my photos because I have a picture of me and my best friend on it. I recommend this watch to anyone who can’t get an Apple Watch because it is a really good substitute!
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1 year ago, Munshine2001
I can’t get the sound to work
The app is easy to use and it’s very easy to par to my phone. All the phone and text features work just fine. But all my sound comes out my watch and it really bothers me. The sound is also really quiet. The manual says that I should be able to control the volume and vibration from my watch setting but I can’t. There is no where to change my volume. I went online and it said that I should be able to choose if my sound comes from my phone or watch but I can’t. I’m a dance teacher and I use my phone for my music but I have to turn off my watch to play my music during class. I don’t understand why the sound is like this and I wish they would fix this issue.
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2 years ago, CJWNY
Poor app
I give it 1 star,because of many reasons,im not gonna name all of it,but some of them,first of all they need to fix this app in order to work with the watch otherwise won’t last long!! My contacts simply doesn’t sync to the watch,at the beginning it say that was going to take long,I thought was hours or even a day or two but not this long its more than week and hasn’t synced anything,other notifications are just okay,it doesn’t really show much ,other thing is you cant turn off just the audio in the watch neither in the app or if you do then the whole thing turns off ,I want to listen music in my iPhone not in the watch,but i want be able to see the calls or watch to be connected to the iphone but it doesn’t happen that,by the way the watch is feifuns smartwatch which works with this app!!
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1 month ago, mecalee79
Not registering my dream state anymore
So ive had this watch for at least a year now if not longer and its been great no complaints. For the past 3 nights i have dreamed and the app is only registering me as having slept lightly and straight through the night. No wake ups no deep sleep no dreams.. but i know I’ve dreamed because i can remember the dreams.. i don't know what happened 3days ago but this is concerning and is kinds making me want to get a new watch as i feel like this one has lost its ability to register my dream state.. ive looked to see if it needed an upgrade and the software says its up to date.. so im not sure whats going on.. funny thing is that all this time ive had it it really worked great.. it used to register my altered states when meditating in the morning but now its just blah…
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2 years ago, Blood Parrot
Needs Work
Not wanting to spend a ton of money on a Smart Watch, this one seemed like a good fit. So far, most of the features work and the health measurements are close enough to be of some use. The call and messaging functions are good. The most aggravating feature in the app is the Sleep Monitoring which starts and stops at preset times. What??? How much sense does that make? Everyone does not go to sleep at 10:00PM and wake at 8:00 AM. The other night while washing dishes, the sleep app was monitoring my sleep. Really? This is such an easy fix in the app. Just as you allow users to start and stop Blood Pressure, SPO2, Fitness, etc, let the user start and stop their sleep time.
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1 year ago, ZZTop5002
After 2 weeks of usage
Like another reviewer I find the blood pressure highly inaccurate. Using a cuff at the same time shows the watch is consistently low by 15-20 points. That inaccuracy needs to be corrected. As well the manual that comes with the watch is limited and thus learning how to read the various measurements and trends is difficult. It becomes a trial and error kind of learning. With respect to messages because of a round display unlike some of the other watches it is difficult to read. Smaller letters and simulation of a rectangular page for layout would be an improvement in my opinion. Overall however it is well worth the cost.
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10 months ago, OakdaOak
Works Just The Way I Wanted
I’ve always wanted a Apple Watch for the longest time but as of right now I can’t afford one so I decided to find a cheaper option as of right now. This watch works so perfect for me and everything I wanted. I mainly wanted something to track my steps and calories and keep in check with my heart since I have a heart murmur. The other features on the watch are really cool as well and I take being a huge music person it’s actually easier for me to switch between songs on the watch then it is my Bluetooth earbuds. Very satisfied and very satisfied with the app.
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2 years ago, Tyquanna
Health Tracker
I love my watch. I was going to buy an Apple Watch but realized this watch does almost all the same functions. Once you buy earbuds you can listen to your music and control it with your watch. I don’t need to make phone calls while going for my daily morning walk. I just need to track my steps, monitor my heat beat and all the other trackers. I am going to order one for my husband and son. We can all watch out steps as a family. You can see when someone is calling on this watch but not answer the call to my knowledge any way. I would recommend to all.🤗
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2 years ago, CeeCeeMarie
MANY days missing for sleep/No Passcode
I originally bought the watch to track my sleep, but it seems as time goes on, it’s reading less and less info for sleep, with MOST days missing completely. I never charge the band at night, because the sleep tracking is the main thing I use it for. Yet somehow it’s still severely lacking… might have to look around for another brand that has better reviews for the sleep tracking…. And no option for a passcode on the watch so if I have quick view on, which I like to have so I don’t have to click the button just to view time, it constantly makes calls to people without me knowing and there’s no way to avoid that except for disabling quick view. My old and much cheaper watch had this option so I’m not sure why they can’t do this with theirs….
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3 years ago, Rob Pru
A little disappointed
I purchased two of the watches. I got my dad the black one and I took the army green. I love the look and fit of the watch but have a few issues. First, mine (green one) does not last more then two days tops before I have to charge. Been that way from first day wearing it. I also have to keep reseting to factory setting or I get a message that I’m not wearing it right when I try to get my HR or BP. Also, it never stays on Fahrenheit, every time the screen goes to sleep it goes back to Celsius. On a side note. I also bought your wallet. I really want to rep y’alls products but yall need to fix issues. No problems with wallet other then I kinda wish there was somewhere to hold cash better.
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