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User Reviews for Discord - Chat, Talk & Hangout

4.74 out of 5
2.5M Ratings
1 year ago, Ånîmęłøvęr0622
AAAA I LOVE DISCORD! j one thing tho.. 😕
tbh discord is j great. i use it ALL the time and it’s a really awesome app. i would TOTALLY recommend it for communicating with friends, family, or for school purposes bc of how great and easy it is to use. i’m pretty sure i have been on discord for 8 months now and so far i haven’t had any problems. well, maybe this teeny tiny bit of a problem.. i wouldn't mark off a star for it though, it’s not that big of a deal. anyways it was j abt when u “report” someone i’m not sure if it actually reports them? if i could j have some clarification on that it would be very well appreciated! i’ve j brought this up bc some ppl from servers im in, or friends of my friends, would always msg me or smt and it would always be smt negative and i didn’t like it very much. so i reported them but it didn’t even give me a clarification on if my report went through or not. and it didn’t even give me a choice to tell them what i was reporting about. like i said, i’m not going to take a star off my review because i really don’t see it as a big deal, but if this tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny little ‘problem’ could be fixed, it would definitely satisfy me! OVERALL THOUGH, discord is just freaking awesome. i love it sm. thank you for such a wonderful app!
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4 years ago, Arqilies
New update reminds me of iMessage...
Don’t get me wrong, I love Discord, but ever since the update that made the text box cluttered with so many buttons, I feel like the app lost some of its uniqueness (and gained more glitches, at least with my phone). It feels like iMessages and the text box feels so small when I write because I can only get five or six words to a line when I used to get the entire width of my phone screen besides where the “send” button was (the one that didn’t used to be so obnoxious). I guess you could say I miss the simplicity of the chat box. Also, the movement of the it when you click into the text box versus when you click out glitches on me and makes the whole app slow when switching between chats, channels, or servers. Everything lags behind and it gets to be pretty annoying. One thing I absolutely love, though, is that when you type something, but let’s say your phone dies (like mine did twice), Discord saves what you wrote in the chat box! I have been saved so many times by that feature. Discord is a great app and I use it for so many things, but I also write a lot on it, so what I wrote affects me the way it might not affect others. The 2,000 character limit can get a bit irritating, too, so I wish there was a way you could switch the limit off, but I’ve found ways to work around it so it’s not an immediate issue. Overall, I love Discord, but I miss some things from its “Dark Ages,” as they called it.
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1 month ago, toga.shaxingan
If this new feature comes through…
Okay, so I’ve saw leaks about this new discord feature which’ll be enforcing restrictions and limitations upon members of the app that may violate the server/app’s rules. Thus, I’ve come to state a personal opinion before I even consider updating this app, especially knowing how the majority of the users of this app can be corrupted or unmotivated. If otherwise, they would send a variety of memes or say certain things that daily life on the internet can typically occur. As we know, many people can be toxic and can oppose this but my main concern is the fact that some of these rules can be vague and take out users for the most simple or petty reasons. Upon updating this feature to the app, I’m sure that the said majority of people will be affected and this will discord the app at a drastic rate. While this may be beneficial for eliminating predators, downsides will also come into play. As stated prior, it can potentially affect those who unintentionally violate said rules out of habit and this might even take advantage of the old messages prior to someone updating this app. To be honest, the only people safe from this feature are those who are consistently inactive and in addition to believe that this app could potentially die out in only from a few weeks to a couple of months. By then, there will be no turning back unless the executives remove this entire systematic process and god bless that people are attracted back into the community.
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4 years ago, MemeManOfThe90s
Spoiler Alert: There are No Spoilers...
I love the app, great to talk to my friends and everything, service is improving with each update and I’m able to find different chats easily enough. When it comes to discussing subjects like books or movies, though, I want to make sure that I’d have a spoiler tag to hide the words or image so people who don’t want to be spoiled stay spoiler-free. Problem is, through research when I couldn’t find it, there is no way to make a picture or sentence “spoiler hidden”, which ends up having me to avoid any postings or talk about movies and such. Having a way to turn a picture or post onto a spoiler post would be something fine since it exists on every other device known. Also setting a custom status is also a slight pain, once you make one it either disappears after a small time or stays forever, but what about having the option to save a custom status? So that way you could have up to three you can switch between or turn off on the fly without having to delete it and go through the process of making the same custom status all over again. I want to let my friends know when I’m at work, if I’m still asleep and other such so they don’t have to guess why I’m idle. I know Discord can’t make everything happen, but some quality of life improvements and features that actually match all the other versions would be nice after all this time. But it’s a great app, still.
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2 years ago, aaliyana Kehlani Nuñez
I love discord but please help
I have been having discord for two years and this thing that’s happening I’m starting to not like it so lately my profile has been becoming pixelated and every time I change it to my friends profile who don’t have a pixelated it becomes pixelated for me I don’t know what’s going on but I definitely want this problem to be fixed because I look so weird with the pixelated pfp idk what’s up with this but please fix it I do not like my profile being pixelated every time I change my profile to my friends it always comes out pixelated for me but not pixelated for though I even went on PC and I tried on my phone and it still makes it pixelated I don’t know what’s up but discord I think your update is making profiles pixelated because my friends profile is pixelated too and I don’t know what’s going on with the profiles but please fix it I don’t know if y’all are making a new update for Discord and it’s hacking peoples profiles I don’t know because everyone profile is pixelated to it’s not only me and my friends it’s a lot of people read it is talking about this too so I don’t really know what to do please know that I want this to not be some type of hack because this happened on other social media‘s and I hope this is not some type of hack and I hope it’s kind of like a update y’all are trying to do right now but please fix it I hope that this is that some type of hack please and thank you!!
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4 years ago, SpareGuitar
Integrated Phone Calls
Discord is an amazing app that lets you do casual conversations without the loud notifications you would usually get from text messages. It does an amazing job at keeping notifications hidden when you want them to be. But I cannot say the same for calls. Recently, Discord started integrating their calls with actual phone calls. This means that every time I get called on Discord, it goes through to my ringtone. The whole reason I use Discord is to keep my online life separate from my personal life. Although there is a setting that allows you to disable this feature, I still get the ringtone. Whenever I get called on Discord, even though the app is closed, I still get a ringtone. I even have all notifications turned off in my settings. The ringtone only lasts about 2 seconds before it realizes that it should not be there, but it gets pretty annoying, since it forces me to stop whatever i’m doing on my phone. What annoys me the most is that this issue has been fixed before. The previous update had the setting that disabled the integrated phone calls, but it actually did its job, unlike this recent update. I had no calls going through no matter how much I was getting spammed with calls. I thought this problem would be gone forever, but it still managed to find its way back. I’ve resorted to having to delete the app just to avoid the ringtone...again. Please fix this issue.
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2 years ago, LolaTheAwesomeMii
Okay, but mobile keeps glitching
I like Discord because the app allowed me to meet many people and get myself involved with different activities but during texting sometimes the “connecting” makes it glitch and then my messages can’t be sent at all. I could easily leave the app and refresh it but it’s a pain when it happens all the time. I’m afraid one day the app would kick me out and all of my text would disappear, my time wasted. Every update I hope this gets fixed but I heard Discord isn’t very efficient in fixing their app compare to their desktop version. I do update it, but it’s no use when the same issue arises over and over again. Please fix it. It used to not do this before and if I knew this was going to happen I wouldn’t have updated the app. But then that would prevent me from other perks like background gifs and each individual server pfp from Nitro. I’m usually on mobile because of how convenient it is to bring around the house and when I go out so I use it more than desktop. So if Discord could please keep up with the updates on the app as much as the desktop, that would be greatly appreciated. Especially this buffering of sending messages, since it’s an annoying hiccup that keeps coming up despite being small. Otherwise, it’s a great app that has me spending on it even though I told myself I would never spend on an app.
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5 years ago, Grumpis D'Gringus
Please, please bring back the private call option
Sure, Discord is much better in terms of quality, but by far my biggest complaint is the removal of the private mode option while calling people. I deserve a right to privacy, as does everyone else, and it’s too loud for that to be an option. Other people can hear my conversations and it’s very bothersome. I miss having the option between the two. Don’t fix something that isn’t broken please! Otherwise, there’s this constant bug with webcams/ turning on your camera. sometimes it never loads and you have to turn it off and on to get it to work properly. I’ve had to do this up to 3 times maximum to get it to work finally, which is nothing at first, but becomes annoying. Finally, (most likely not 100% discord’s fault, you can ignore this if you want) the connection seems to be getting worse. I used to love discord for the quality of the calls, but several times a week the quality becomes so bad that I have to restart the call several times to understand a sentence the recipient. The most common connection issue is definitely the that audio seems to skip out entirely for a few seconds sometimes. I understand that this could also be due to my own connection and the recipient’s connection, so take this with a grain of salt. Considering that, many times before there has been nothing wrong with our internet and this still happens.
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5 years ago, Snewcomer22
Please read this
From the very beginning, I have had numerous problems with this app. The only reason I am giving it two stars is because when it does work, it is phenomenal. When I first got the app, it wouldn’t let me join the server I wanted to and said I was banned (even though I’d never used the app before). I re-downloaded the app recently because I was joining a clan and they required discord. I got the app and I was still logged into my old account, which was glitched, so I created a new one. I actually had to create that account on my browser because the app didn’t even let me do that. I created my account and tried to login on the app, no success. I’ve re-downloaded the app numerous times since then and still, no success logging in. Luckily, my browser still works and I use that to chat with my clan. Unfortunately, even when I turn my phone sideways, I can’t see all of the writing because it shows all the members of the group on the right hand side and it takes up half of the screen. Then, I have to read downwards one letter at a time and I don’t have the patience for that, especially with all of the scrolling it requires. If I could get on the app and not have to worry about that, I would have no complaints, but this simple fix is ruining the entire app for me. If you want people to use your app, they have to be able to create an account, but so far I haven’t had any luck with that.
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2 years ago, chicken nuggies 3826
Issues/maybe add-ins
I love using discord, great to talk to friends on here, but i have one problem is that whenever I’m on call with my friends and I’m away from my phone either they wanna call a group chat or someone calls me I don’t hear it saying that this person or group chat name is calling me and I never know until I go to my phone and notice it later that someone call me or I have to manually go back to my phone and join the call, I don’t know if it’s just me but it’s been happening for a while and when I’m not in a call and off of discord and someone calls me I hear it saying that this person is calling me, just not when I’m already in a call, which it did before. Also I think maybe they could add in where we can record our private or group chat calls to like record for memories or something cause you’d always want to remember those moments and I know you can in servers but not in private calls, which I think it should, to record the funny moments going on and not just audio but maybe record when we turn our cams to cause we all be doing funny things and also for security too if someone calls someone in private chat and keep harassing a lot of people and need to record the audio or camera too incase if they do have their camera on and doing something wrong.
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2 days ago, Oslo Nicole
Yeah okay uhm what
Usually Discord is great, I’ve had it for several years and it’s pretty great for most things. But this new mobile app style update has got me all messed up. It looks bulky and gross, it seems that discord has fallen victim to the Facebook effect where every (mobile) app tries to look the same. It has its pros but to be blunt it’s not good looking and the interface is hard to use especially with the separate tabs for severs and messages. All of the available options being in separate places makes it feel very bulky and the way calls look now is just honestly bad and the message options/information interface is even worse. I appreciate they are trying to change and the time it must have taken but it’s just outright bad. Discord, like all apps, need bug fixes and such like the status’ being weird, but the actual user interface and styling of the app was simple and easy to use so why it’s been changed is beyond me. (TLDR: new mobile update is bad, otherwise the app has been (/was) great and easy to use. Would be 5 stars if the new mobile update did not exist.) -as someone who uses Discord daily and has used Discord for YEARS to form and keep some of the best and strongest relationships (relationships included friendships guys) I’ve ever made/had. Thank you for reading.
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2 years ago, Deco_Urchin
Great Website!
Discord has been incredible for me, I have been able to talk to and call friends, connect with new people, and it all has been very private and secure. At first, I was a little bit superstitious when it came to discord. It did seem like a very open messaging service, leading to incidents with cyber bullies/child predators. Since getting discord, all of these worries have basically vanished. It is a high quality messaging and calling service (especially for large groups), and it can also serve as a way to meet new people. In my experience, I have stayed on private servers and direct messages with my friends, but I have still gotten a ton of usage out of the app. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking for a nice voice calling or messaging service. I would also like to mention to any parents who are nervous to allow their kids to use this to at least give it a chance. If your child stays in groups with just his friends, they will be absolutely safe, and if they do go into a public server, I have found that people are generally very nice. Plus, if you do get into a situation that is uncomfortable, you can simply leave the group or block the caller. I hope this helps!
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7 months ago, SerixSkylark
Good and all, but one small issue
Not quite sure if this is just a “my phone” thing, or a “recent discord update” thing, but I noticed after some time that images I try to send from my gallery in the app directly will not show up with a preview like they do now. Instead, it’ll show up as a file being sent, as in like, a webp-esq file where you can’t see it and have to open it externally. Except for the fact that they just DON’T send. At all. As an artist, this is very problematic for me, but I found a workaround where I just copy images from my gallery app to paste them on discord, which sends them normally and without issue. While inconvenient, it’s all I can do until there’s a future update where it could get fixed. On top of that there’s my role icons disappearing every time I send a message, the random freezing often whenever I open the servers or members tab, and the occasional crashing. I do wish discord calls themselves weren’t treated like phone calls where my screen darkens and the sound quality is terrible, but I’m not sure how much can be done about that, or if it’s just something iOS does. Either way, those are really all I have to complain about. Otherwise, the app is great. Cheers to anyone at discord who reads this and gets back to me about it :)
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1 year ago, 🦅🐷🐨gg
Great app except for a couple of issues
I’ve been using Discord for quite a while now and overall it’s a really good app. However, although it’s mostly accessible with screen readers it needs some improvements. For one, when a person sends a text even if they wind down a couple of times it’ll still read the text as one complete block. This is a problem because for super long posts it is really hard to read the whole thing. The second problem is that when using voiceover if you try to move the cursor automatically jumps to the button to exit the channel you are in. For me at least, this can make it very difficult to scroll through the channels messages and it’ll do this while I’m trying to write a message as well. Again, overall really good app and I’m so glad that I downloaded it because it has helped me connect with all of my friends. Edits. Thank you so much discord for fixing see bug with the screen readers. I guess that the paragraph thing is a little bit harder to do so I’m not even going to complain about that. If you can fix it eventually great, if not that’s completely fine and what you’ve done so far with fixing the buttons has been great. Thank you so much for creating this app that’s provided me with so many great experiences.
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1 year ago, Natavision
User unfriendly / learning curve
Unlike most apps discord has a learning curve that makes it’s hard to find things and unfortunately creates for a forced experience as a student having to use this platform for class to get help as a option because we have no lab. I would not chose this app if it weren’t for my school using it and saying I had to in order to get help. I think the hardest part is just navigating and understanding why it even exists. It’s a platform that lets you share but has limited file size, and is more like a Facebook group because it has limitations on how you can interact within the platform based on who created a page from what I understand. And I dont understand much. All my gaming friends use this for streaming. I really is great for that, im not so sure it’s my favorite thing in the world to have to use to many forms of communication just to get help. I would say make it more user friendly. That’s vague, but it could use some work on the interface, the side bar option is a strange approach. Possibly something that goes across the top of the page, alittle less hard to find things. Also the ability to tag and message more easily findable rather than a secret option you have to right click give it something pre intuitive like a button for messaging and tagging and the options to use @ when tagging teachers rather than finding them in the strand right clicking on their name and picking the option to tag.
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2 years ago, fuqmyassunderarmor
No customer service
I will start this review by saying that I haven’t actually been able to use discord. I downloaded the app for a school class but when prompted to verify my number, it wouldn’t accept it because it was linked with another account. So, I went through the process of trying to find an account I had created years prior. In the meantime I contacted support and got a very quick robot response telling me to do exactly what I had just done. I found the old accounts and deleted them. However, that wasn’t enough. Apparently when you press delete on an account it takes an additional 14 days before discord actually deletes it. A day later, support for back to me and told me that I needed to send a copy of the error message I was receiving (even though I had already stated it in the last email). So I did. And a day later I still have received no response. I had to sort this issue out myself and eventually found that simply deleting the account wouldn’t remove the phone number associated with it. Finally to remove a phone number from an account I had to add ANOTHER email in the process - further convoluting the account issue. And finally, after 20 to 30 “account verifications”, 4 password resets, zero help from discord- I had access to a discord account. A whole 3 days later. All of this could’ve been resolved if I had access to someone at discord who knew a lick about user accounts and how to immediately delete them.
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2 years ago, i hate loading screens
Recent problems
I’ve been using discord for about 2 years now and recently I’ve been having multiple problems, be it screen share not working as intended and closing my application, over heating problems or discord closing while I’m in other apps. Usually I fixed these problems by just redownloading the app, but just yesterday it wouldn’t even let me open discord after redownloading it and so I thought “maybe it’ll work after I shut down my phone and it that doesn’t work I’ll wait until tomorrow.” Now today the app doesn’t open so I try redownloading it and it still does not open, (by the way when I mean the app doesn’t open, I mean that it gets stuck in a loading type animation and no matter how long I wait it seems to be infinite) so now I’m sitting here writing about the recent problems discord has been having and asking if the developers are even caring about mobile discord or is it really just a case where I should just get a mic and use discord on my pc. Despite my 3 star score I’ve still used discord for 2 - 3 years and it’s always been working as intended and it’s worked well up until like 8 months ago. Maybe this is just a problem with my phone despite me having an iPhone XS Max, maybe it’s just an iOS side problem, but discord team keep up the work maybe you’ll find a fix. Thank You
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6 years ago, Gorogokvi
Keeps crashing and marking unread messages as read.
I like Discord for what it offers, but the iOS app crashes randomly whenever I try to load a picture, gif, song, or other upload someone else posted, and crashes when I try to post pictures quite frequently. I know that a lot of people upload stuff, so the fact that it crashes as often as it does is a major concern for me. Another issue is that the app has decided to randomly mark all messages in random chat channels as read when I open them, even though I’ve still got dozens to read before I reach the end of the string. Or I’ll be reading the messages, and suddenly it marked all messages as read, to include ones that happen while I’m reading, and not even remotely caught up. It happens randomly, so I don’t even know what might be the issue. It might happen to a chat every time I open it, or just once in a while but it’s a bug I want to see gone. Being tagged in a message, and then having that indicator removed randomly is an issue. I don’t always have time to read everything in one sitting, so I want to be assured that I can read it later. It is a major issue when it starts you over at the end of the conversation, and doesn’t save from where you had to leave off. (This is mostly for my admin duties on servers.) I like that I have the ability to take Discord with me, but if I can’t use it half the time, then it’s like I don’t even have it at all.
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2 years ago, crazy cracie
This discord talent show should be shut down
So these people were making a discord talent show and when my sister was up she was in the middle of talking and they stopped her. They said “alright have a nice day thank you for coming!” And my sister was so sad. We actually arranged at this certain time to go to a talent show together and I was there to support them so they were gonna tell dad jokes together. So like they’re here calling me just upset and embarrassed sad, and I already reported the discord server. I’m livi#5618 reporting the server and can u please shut it down. Me and my friends weren’t the only one experiencing this bad disrespectful behavior, this guy was complaining about how they kicked his friend out and I heard them kick a lot of people out while they were talking. I’m just thinking: give them some time to talk! I reported livi#5618 that’s me, so I hope u the server I reported as well. I was super mad about it and right now I think they’re kicking out more people. Please shut it down and give them a warning because this behavior is not respectful and for the first time I hate one of these talent shows. I think a lot of people are upset about this to and honestly I’m not gonna accept this. I don’t know if they’re gonna make another one just shut it down please. Thank you!
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9 months ago, physicssquirrel
Big problems for motion sensitivity.
I use discord on mobile because it's often inconvenient to get to a PC, and while it is adequate for sending a message in a pinch; there are some meaningful shortcomings. I am someone who is sensitive to things moving on my phone screen outside my control. I needs gifs to not autoplay, and if the screen jumps around at random, it is stressful, almost painful. On gifs, fortunately discord delivers. Unfortunately, it does so by disabling gifs entirely. Even when I tap on a gif to look at it, it still doesn't play 90% of the time, so in exchange for having a useable client, I can't see the contents of a gif, even when I want to. That's problem number one. The big issue comes up when I want to read a message in a channel in which users are actively posting. Every time a message comes in, my scroll position in the channel moves wildly, up or down, seemingly at random. It makes it literally impossible to read anything in a channel, unless the channel has no current activity. This to me is unacceptable. At no point should I be interrupted from reading something by the text suddenly moving, let alone moving entire page-lengths off of the screen in an unpredictable direction. This has been an issue for years, and somehow it has never been addressed. Gives the impression that the mobile client, and accessibility, are not priorities.
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4 years ago, Just Req
Amazing, with several missing opportunities
Discord is a great app, as I myself have been using it since 2018, and it hasn't given me any problems. However, there are some things I wish Discord had that it currently doesn't. Here's some I could think of: -In servers it would be great if you could mention a role without the person(s) that have that role being notified (maybe a different prefix, like $). -If, for example, I want to ping people with a certain assortment of roles, such as Moderators that are online at the moment, or Friends that are also Server Boosters. Some way to combine role pings to capture the attention of a more precise bracket of people would be nice. -I'm in so many servers that it's extremely difficult to navigate through each of them, even with folders. I really think there should be an option to lower the size of server icons, and a new folder functionality, instead of appearing on the same row as others, servers in open folders would travel to the right of other servers, giving space to be able to see every server and navigate with ease -Slightly similar to the previous point, but there should be an option to make channel tabs smaller. Same reason.
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3 years ago, BluChange
Near Invaluable
Since I joined my first server, it took some time for me to get used to all the functionality. There were so many things I didn’t know about, and yet that’s one of Discord’s biggest selling points. Most of the time if you want to do something, you can. Mark a server or channel as NSFW or 18+? You can do that. Change your display name for only one, specific server? You can do that too. But for me the most valuable thing about Discord is the sense of community that you feel almost immediately after logging on. Depending on your server choices you’ll almost always have an unread message, meaning there’s almost always something or someone for you to come back to. And if you don’t want to be bothered? Turn off notifications for servers and channels you don’t want to hear from. Not once have I had a security issue or even fear that I would lose personal information. Setting up 2-factor authentication was the easiest security experience I have had in a long time, and if you still have concerns, you won’t be required to even give Discord your phone number, much less your name and other personal info. When I’m not using the in-built messages app on my phone or tablet, Discord is my #1 default
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1 year ago, angxlics
if this was two weeks ago, i would’ve given 5 stars
i WAS paying for nitro for over a year now, and i didn’t have any issues until my last payment. since then i’ve decided to no longer pay for nitro or give support towards the discord company. i got an email saying that my automatic payment was late and i needed to pay for nitro or else i would no longer be using nitro. i was confused and quickly paid for nitro while i was at work, i got a confirmation email and i was good to go. the discord app was no longer saying i needed to update my payment plan for three days, before getting pop ups saying, again, that i was going to run out of nitro on the day it was stating in the “late payment” email. i emailed discord support, didn’t hear anything back until i opened ANOTHER ticket and i finally got a response. they asked for where i paid (?), the email, and what day. although i had stated all of it. i told them and they told me i needed to get transferred to a higher level of management. i didn’t hear back for four days, two days AFTER the day i was told nitro would run out. which it did. i opened a new ticket and demanded a refund, and the NEXT DAY i got a response to the second ticket i opened and was informed they fixed the issue and gave the fakest apology i’ve ever seen from a company.
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2 years ago, A PIMP who Loves JP/JW
Disabled My Account Because I canceled my nitro subscription!
I’ve used discord for a very long time, for 5 years and I really enjoyed using it until I my account had gotten disabled because I decided to cancel my 3 month free nitro subscription. I had canceled because I didn’t really have a need for the subscription. I was rarely on and never really used the perks of their nitro. I had canceled my subscription on September 22nd 2021 and didn’t think they were gonna charge me, but I had checked my bank account to find out they did. I waited a few days thinking maybe it was on an accident and they’ll refund me my money but I had seen they didn’t. On September 25th I had put the request for a refund and got approved. As soon as that happened my account was immediately disabled and I wasn’t able to access it anymore. I contacted discord support to see what the reason why and explained what had happened but they insisted that I had broke their terms of service because I didn’t let them charge me for a subscription I had canceled. I had some of my best friends on there and was in a lot of really cool communities and it’s an utter shame that I will never be able to communicate with them again because of their poor customer service and api. Don’t use discord, they’ll disable and ban your account because they have bad api and customer service won’t listen to what you have to say because they feel like it superior to you.
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2 years ago, AnimeHokage
Great! Except for one thing…
This app is great! I gave the app a 5 star only so this could be seen, but I truly rate this a 3 But I give it that rating over one thing… THE PHONE NUMBER! Discord randomly asked me to put in my phone number in order to proceed so I did, when I finished that process I went right back over to delete the number because I did not want my number in my account. However when I did press “Remove Phone Number” It took me right back and said “Something’s fishy here, we need your Phone Number” So I realized I had no choice but to keep my Phone Number in my account. So, I put it in once again and then it said “This number can’t be used because it was used recently in another account” I was furious! Discord Devs, you’re not slick, this was basically you guys just saying “We don’t want you to remove your Phone Number, so yeah lol” That’s honestly not cool, you’re forcing people to put in their information they aren’t comfortable putting in! Others have been having this same problem, and some different reason why they don’t want their phone number in their account. This is not cool Discord Devs! Please remove this! Other than that… I love the app!
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10 months ago, Brenna of House Targaryen
Good, but message requests is aggravating
Overall, discord is a good app to keep in touch with my friends, especially as we’ve stopped playing the games we’ve met in or fallen off other social media sites! It’s an alright platform for us F2P folks since none of us particularly NEED extra emojis and it’s really just for communication (although I’ll admit the video length threshold is a little low, I think most people consider a “short” video to be about Vine length) But this “message requests” thing is AWFUL. I was told it was a newer thing, but I’d like to be able to set my messages to just “if you’re in my servers you’re probably messaging me for a reason, approved automatically”. I’m sure you’re trying to protect me but I can block anyone being annoying pretty easily. Or, at the very least, let the message requests NOTIFY me I HAVE a request. The pm icon doesn’t pop up an alert at ALL and there’s no request push notification either. It’s a pretty good way to miss someone in your server messaging you about time-sensitive stuff and it’s really not helpful if you’re the unlikely-to-message-first-unless-they-do introvert sort :( If there could be a fix on the notifications for it, or a setting that bypasses it, that would be great!
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3 years ago, Opus' Sepulchre
Wonderful app from a member of the Discord Role-play Community!
Honestly, this app is what gets me through a lot of boredom in my day. It’s great, and even on the occasions there’s a problem, the devs tend to fix it rapidly with surprising speed. I use Discord to Role-play a lot, in fact it’s become my favorite pass time for the last year or so. The only thing I kind of wish was a bit better, is the character limit. As a member of a few role-play servers I find myself often constricted by the 2000 character limit, especially considering I tend to write out 10K+ messages in google docs that I then post for characters that I role-play. As I’m sure is obvious, when I do several of these posts an hour the process of copying and pasting fragments of the messages becomes tedious. Not something that I generally hate, because with how wonderful discord servers are, allowing for many channels to be set up in ways that allow role-play servers to set up several settings, the limited characters per message is far outweighed in my preference. But, in a future update, if at all possible, I’m sure I, and the large amount of Novella Role-play members would certainly enjoy and appreciate an extended or unlimited message character limit.
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1 year ago, puppyisthecoolest101
Bugs and Glitches
Discord is great overall but ever since the recent last 3 updates, there has been some bugs and glitches on mobile that needs to be fixed. The first bug I found is getting out of control now. When I am creating my own server and trying to edit a channel, the channel would freeze on my phone and I can’t do anything. I tried refreshing the app numerous of times but nothing happened. I tried deleting the app and redownloading it and it worked, until I go back into my own server with the same channel and it freezes again. I even tried updating my phone and nothing happened. Please fix this bug. It’s so minor and can be so fixable. The other bug or glitch is that, it seems like it got changed. When I am trying to make a certain role not see a certain channel while having a specific role that allows you to see it. I moved the certain role above the specific role and apparently the certain role can still see the channel that only the specific role can. I liked it how it was where the certain role was above the specific role and the certain role can’t see the channel that the specific role could. I mean this is up to you to decide whether or not you want to change it back but I am not fully satisfied with this.
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4 years ago, hsbebeheheh
Go back to the old style then having large words in your face.
In short, it's ugly af, and feels incredibly intrusive. The previous ui design was much nicer to look at, and much less in the way and in your face. Please remove this asap, or change it to something more akin to the previous design. I'm seeing a lot of other people expressing dislike of it, so I hope that will help convince you to change it back. On a side note: I'm someone who really needs empty space when using things. Not too long ago, Twitter completely updated their website, and in doing so removed a significant amount of empty space which was previously present. Until a plugin was developed to set it back to the previous design, I actually could not use the website. Something similar happened recently with Discord to a lesser extent, specifically with the friends tab. The recent addition of the "active now" section removed a lot of the empty space which was previously present, and as a result I can rarely use that tab without needing to look away or click something else immediately. This new update again takes away more empty space with the new ui changes, albeit to a notably lesser extent, but it's enough for it to instill at least some discomfort for me while using Discord.
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3 years ago, ColdCorndog.inc
The new discord update is gross
I’ve been using discord for almost a year now and it was chill and fun to use which it still is. I just can’t get over the new font they are using and the way they highlight pings now it’s so gross, and the logo is fine and all but the color is kinda wonky like it just doesn’t fit the theme for discord as well as the other one did. And I get it though they’re trying to make it marketable to tons of other groups (which it already was) but really what’s so wrong with the app being known for gaming? Come on. I still use the app cause it’s my main way of communicating and gaming with my friends but it’s just really throwing me off now. Before the update I would’ve given it a 4-4.5 cause there are quite a bit bugs and I think it’s annoying I can’t send my friends videos and pictures just because it’s a small bit too big, and if I wanted to send them videos of my dogs being cute I’d have to pay 5-14 bucks (because of tax) to do so, but that isn’t too bad. Anyway now because of the annoying fonts and all the bad things I’ve been hearing coming from the new update, I’m giving it a 2 but it’s an in general great app if you wanna meet to new people online and communicate with your friends. I believe this app has a place for EVERYONE, disboard is a common and easy place to find a server for you.
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1 year ago, bonnie from splatoin 2
A Genuinely Outstanding Social Networking.
Discord is A Genuinely outstanding social network. It’s great for being able to stay in touch with buddies from school, Family, work etc. You can join and create servers with as many people as you wish. Servers can be very useful for a group of 11+ people. They can be themed for School, Work, Business, Game updates, and even just having fun and talking with your pals. Your able to make group chats with up to 10 people in them. And if your worried about other people friending you, it’s no problem unless you have a user name that is a popular funny joke with a predictable number at the end. Discord makes it so you have a four digit number that is uniquely yours to your account, so you don’t have to worry about random people friending you. There does need to be work done, maybe have it so if it’s a server that is for kids make that a option to tag out or remove any crass or abrasive language although I can see why it’s not necessary since the app is rated 17+. If you want a secure, comfortable Social app, this is the one for you. And there is also a dark mode which makes it very easy on the eyes.
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2 years ago, Fluttershy311
Severely disappointed with Discord Support
My account was hacked and during the two days it was hacked, three Nitro gifted subs were purchased by the hacker. Discord Support helped me get my account back, but even though I mentioned the false purchases when I explained in detail the whole situation, they didn’t pay any mind to that part at all or offer any solution to my financial dilemma. I didn’t know what to do, so I went to my bank provider and decided to get my money back that way. This was apparently against the Terms and Conditions, so they disabled my account. I tried to appeal by explaining the situation again, but all I got was a cookie cutter response that denied my appeal. I tried one more time; this time I offered to undo the chargebacks because the Discord email that informed me of my account being disabled said I could. I just wanted my account back even if it meant giving back money that was wrongfully taken from me in the first place. All I got was the exact same cookie cutter response denying my appeal. Are bots running Discord Support? There seems to be zero empathy and zero reading of anything I said. From my POV, I’m getting punished by Discord for trying to get my money back that was stolen from me while using Discord. Although, I didn’t go about getting my money back the “right” way, this still doesn’t sit right with me at all. Now I lose my account of 5+ years. What a joke.
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3 years ago, .,.,...,,plz read
Where is the customer service
The app itself is a 10/10, the mechanics are great, i’m able to chat with my friends for hours on end, it was overall an incredible time, UNTIL out of the blue “ your account has been suspended for violations against the discord terms and service”,OK what exactly did I do, “we will be investigating your account”. I emailed them, A bot responds “ The reason your account was disabled was because you violated the discord terms in service” OK, BUT WHAT DID I DO?????? “ you violated the terms and service”. Needless to say I lost about 20 friends because I can’t speak to them anymore. In their eyes they see someone who’s completely ignoring their messages, it just won’t let me get in. I tried to log back in, and I had to take the robot verification test eight times before it stopped letting me take the test for “Rate Violations” which basically means you tried getting your password in too many times and now we’re not gonna let you do it anymore. The app itself is great, But be warned, your account might get disabled for no reason what so ever. Discord if you’re reading this (a real person that is) WHY IS MY ACCOUNT DISABLED??????????
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4 months ago, Laggy person
Good way to interact with friends or family
I normally do not use discord when I don't have to but I actually have the app just so that I'm able to stay in contact with the people that I know and love. Discord is a pretty safe place as it only allows you to add people that you know personally because when adding someone, it ask for their name of their account and the 4 digit number that comes with it which I personally believe is really good as it doesn't allow for you to just randomly talk to random strangers on the internet. Another thing is that I like it because the app also allows you to play games on there while chatting with friends on discord. Sometimes I would be messaging a friend I know on discord and he'd be playing whatever game and I'd still be able to message him because while he plays and interact with me which I personally think is cool, and convenient as it allows for message interactions and gaming time. And I'm the type of person to message a lot of my friends and family on the app itself. I do believe that this is a good place to stay more connected to those that you know and love.
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3 years ago, Kite_Kidd.0
Suggestions for an already great app
I love the features, I often rescue kids from the Amino Communities and show them the quality differences for communication. There’s a lot of secret quirks you find out from other users and I think it’s a good way of differentiating newbs to the OGs. However with all of the cool things I’d like to be able to have a few features that I’ve seen in other apps added one day. For instance backgrounds for the channels ((could be nitro feature)) make it easier to submit transparent stickers on Apple mobile. I have to get on the PC site and it’s such a hardship when I have to mess around on the site that isn’t meant to be seen on mobile. And for the censors || || maybe keep people from screenshotting the message after you uncensor it. I’ve seen photo editing apps do it so I’m sure we could squeeze the feature into Discord. ALSO:: can we get rid of the emoji conversion? I’m pretty sure if someone wanted to send an actual emoji they would. Otherwise everyone probs want to stick to the keyboard aesthetic. Over all a sturdy and nice app once you get accustomed to it. As a newb things seem very cluttered and you just have to figure it out on your own :/
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8 months ago, Gaspatchosoup
Couple of things
Get a response from the developer about my issue being about security and privacy and I need to go to some address and let them know about my issues. First no my review is right here. How about you read it and fix the issue. I’m not gonna go someplace else and post a second review. Second how are push notification you know things that get sent to the user that anyone can see about privacy and security? When I was setting up my account one of the tests to prove I was not a robot was finding the middle of a bears nose. The issue was where I put the icon and took my finger off was not where it was going. I would push and hold get a bubble showing me where the cursor is and when I would put it on the nose and remove my finger it would be on the eye or forehead. Second issue I have is at least twice I selected no to do you want to receive notifications. What happens later in the day. I get a ton of notifications. Why ask if you are gonna ignore what people select. I shouldn’t have to select no then go to my settings and turn off what I did not give permission for. Open the app today the second day using the app and I get an in app notification to add my contacts and the box was already checked. I selected to not do this the first day (yesterday) when I set up my account and nothing has and will change. Stop asking.
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9 months ago, SaltySpartan04
Worst customer support
Discord, a platform somehow worse than Facebook, because at least Facebook support uses real humans. Recently, my account was disabled under pretense of “Selling Cracked Accounts or hacks”. As I’ve done no such thing, I contact support. 7 hours pass, I get a reply from their automated bot saying they won’t reinstate my account. Wouldn’t be an issue, I’d be able to keep going with emails if it wasn’t for the fact Discord full on deletes your account, with no way to recover it. All of this following me trying to apply for a Bilingual Japanese Customer Support job for the company, and purchased a full year of their Nitro Subscription. Not only are they wasting time, but they refuse to give me actual human contact. My long-running account of 3 years is doomed to perish, and it’s all in the hands of The Discord Messiahs. There’s a reason everyone complains about the discord support, and how often they get falsely terminated just to speak to a degrading robot. If only they had a better support team, or even just helped me not lose an account after I conveniently drop a huge amount of cash on their service, something so I don’t lose contacts I’ve built. Only one can hope, and I’m sure the Discord Staff reply to this review will be just as robotic, if they’re even able to stomach reading this review, since I know they’re not too keen on criticism.
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2 years ago, JGuard1
What Once Was Fun…
…has now become far less so for me. As a writer by hobby, I love using a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad, making it easier to type up documents, messages and such without having to lose the tactile effect of a real keyboard. However, the most recent updates to this app, which I used to communicate with a small group of friends, have brought a crushing blow to my enjoyment of it. Up until recently, when using my Bluetooth keyboard, I could hit the “Enter” key to send messages, but now… now it only causes a line break into a new paragraph in a message, which used to be tied to the Shift+Enter combination exclusively. And there is no button in the settings menu of the iOS app to change this. I could easily forgive if this update aspect had simply swapped the functions of Enter and Shift+Enter, but removing the “Enter to send” functionality entirely? No. This is an absolutely appalling decision on the part of the developers, and I would strongly urge them to change it back, or else give users the option to choose whether to use it or not, and/or to what key or key combination they would rather bind the function. Otherwise, many users who, like me, have developed a muscle memory to hit Enter to send messages will continue to have a problem with what was once a glorious app.
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3 years ago, Kio Shi
TL;DR Too Many Updates
I love Discord, it has helped me in so many ways, gaming, interpersonally, working, I have used it with so many aspects in my life and I probably will continue to use it until my friends and I move on to a different service. I enjoy being able to send an instant message and edit it if I need to add or correct something, I like that it can be personalized with an emoji or the like and servers bring communities together. My only complaint is now with so many updates, gone is the simplicity, gone is the uniqueness of the service and in comes being like everything else. Every update it seems less to do about giving to the users and becoming more about business. And every year incompatibility issues arrise. What’s messed up now? Notifications, Voice Calls disconnecting when trying to multitask or random disconnects, Streaming requiring more and more resources, even Discord itself becoming more of a social media platform than an instant messaging/gaming integrated app. Maybe it’s just me but, personally I don’t exactly like where Discord is headed, and I’ll probably see everyone in the next platform, whatever it may be. The next “Myspace/Facebook”.
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3 years ago, HibikiMehShipfu
Great, just a few problems.
This app is very very good but has some bugs... One is if you tap on a msg to dm someone then go to user settings it bugs out and the message typing thing will be at the bottom of the user settings preventing me to access and leave the user settings and forces me to restart the app. Another bug I have with this app is that I’ve noticed whenever I join a call the app constantly makes my phones screen black as if it keeps constantly putting my phone to sleep. And my last problem is that I’m a nitro user and I constantly change my profile every now and then, and when I select the animated profile I want to use it displays it as if it were a normal profile picture and when I go to save it my profile picture won’t update.... I deleted the app and tried again and then it changed so it seems like I have to deleted and reinstall the app just to change my profile picture. Nonetheless it’s a pretty nice app if you ignore the problems that it has as they are easy to ignore. The only problem that really bugs me is the blackout screen thing when I’m in a call with my friends my other friends have that problem too and we have no idea if there is a fix for it.
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4 years ago, NinjaGrande
Amazing on so many levels
I have been only using Discord for about 6 months and have loved it too much! I keep it open 24/7 to see what friends are playing and love chatting with them while we play games! I have loved all the fun features that Discord has to offer! You can create a massively public server or a small little server for your gaming peeps! Also, it is so easy to manage the server! Everything is so clear and easy to navigate when you own a server! I love it how you can customize the roles and have other people have higher roles and being in the group of people which everyone is! I love the things that you can do when you don’t even own a server like try and earn respect and climb up the ranks! It is like a little civilization that you are in with a bunch of other people! The settings and security of Discord is great! I love the fact that you can completely secure yourself and only allow messages from people you know or having the freedom to meet people! Plus what I have researched Discord is like unhackable! You can do so many things with Discord that it’s mind blowing! Anyone who is uncertain of getting Discord read above and just get it!
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3 years ago, ColinZstar
Discord you need to see this
Dear discord, Right now I’m extremely mad and furious, you want to know why you may ask? Well I figure there is a lot of bugs in your app that you may not know of. First I made a discord account that I loved with a group and a lot of a friends, I also was attending groups and having fun until I was wanting to invited people to my group. It showed up a picture saying this “Somethings going on here” it also says this “we’ve detected something out of the ordinary going on. To continue using discord, we will need you to verify you account” so I was like no big deal right? So I did everything. I put in my number, I put in the verification number, until it got down to my password. I was like “oh I know my password in a heart beat. So I put the password in. It was correct to I thought when I hit done it will bring me back to the page with my friend. When I hit done, it brought me to are you a robot thing. So I did the task and I was done so I hit verify. And guess what... I hit done again.. it loaded.. and did nothing. I was having a full panic attack. So I deleted the app and did the whole thing over again. Yes all over again. Same thing happened. So I don’t know if it’s a bug or you guys want people to get so angry. So if u get things please update or do something so you don’t get other people mad to. Thank you..? -sincerely Audrina
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11 months ago, SunnyBunny1985
Used to love you.
So when I first came across discord I loved it. It was a free social media platform where as long as you didn’t offend your friends everything was kind of a free for all. There was acceptance, old friends, new friends, some people I’ve come to call family. I met my fiancé in a discord server… 5 years ago I had nothing but good to say about it. However with every update they have put out things have grown worse and worse rather than better. I know why they don’t want negative public reviews and want you to tell them privately… it’s a save face moment. But I have to say… discord used to compress files so well I could pop off 5 photos at once without nitro their premium service. Now? I can’t pop off a single one because they retracted the auto decompression without adding a manual option… why? So you have to buy a monthly nitro. I’m not foolish. I’ve been coding servers there for almost 5 years now. If you can’t be good to your customers and honest to boot? Your customers will leave. They will grow tired of your greed. I won’t pay for something I used to get for free. Especially not when its barely what I used to get for free. I might think different if it was at least twice the value but it’s not it’s the exact same value as before. it’s the free value at a cost now. I’m as disappointed here as I am Facebook now.
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3 years ago, R0NIN707
Fantastic on Mobile/Desktop, Needs to Be Ported to Other Platforms
Let me get one thing straight. I love using Discord as a platform for chatting with friends, playing games together, etc. There are a few minor bugs I could do without (the first one that pops into my mind is how if a message is sent almost exactly as I switch to another channel, flipping back to the first channel won’t get rid of the notification unless I switch off it and switch back), but overall, it works fantastically. I especially love being able to search up GIFs on mobile. That was definitely needed. The only thing I’d request is that the team would bring the Discord app to other platforms; namely, console platforms. Currently, I can’t stream my console gameplay to Voice Channels because I can’t easily access Discord on console. While typing on a console keyboard would be a nightmare and a half, I imagine streaming and voice channels would work beautifully, as that’s exactly how party chats tend to work. I’d be willing to put up with getting out my phone to type quickly in a channel if I could join a Voice Channel and stream to it from my console.
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8 months ago, Casey Saints
Confusing And Difficult
I downloaded discord for school related reasons, at first it worked fine, no issues with logging in and the app seemed to be user friendly. As I started to use the app more and join and leave servers I noticed that discord was extremely confusing and not straight forward what so ever. Correct me if I’m wrong but discord is supposed to be an app for quick and easy communication with people you know or don’t know. A fun place to meet other and talk. If discord is promoting itself to be this exciting and nice app for everyone then they should first fix their issues regarding logins, verifications, emails, phone numbers, and overall user friendliness. I tried going to their support page through the app and even then the app would not give me a clear idea or explanation to fix any of the issues I’ve come across. Now whenever I try to login with email or phone number discord tells me that the email/phone number is already being used for a different account or the email doesn’t exist. Seriously, I get safety and all but it has gotten to a point where I literally cannot even use the app because it will not allow me to login. Luke is aid previously, I need to be able to access this app and account for school related reasons and now I am behind in my courses for the semester because my issues with this app.
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4 years ago, Dxalringg
Suggestion: Please Read.
Hello there ‘Discord’, I hope you’re having a wonderful day. Now, this app has always been amazing. I’ve never really had a problem and to do this day no complaints. Complaints and suggestions, two things often misunderstood. But I am here to say I am not making a complaint. All i suggest is that we have the same options as computer users. I’d like to change my game status on my mobile phone because obviously i’m not able to take my computer just anywhere with me. The games mode isn’t available in the app or web login unless it’s on the computer. It slightly bums me out but since discoed has always been such a great app i overlook it. I think everyone would be happy if the game status option would be on mobile as well. Playing on the go IS a thing. Why not add it for us too? All in all that is my suggestion, the ability to change my game status on mobile just like in my computer. Yes, I understand that this may take time. But it is worth waiting for and I know you and your team can accomplish it. Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day. (If you would like to speak 1 on 1 for any particular reason or questions, my discord is iisabxla#2993)
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2 years ago, Akward dream
My accounts
My main discord account just magically signed me out and i know the password but it said it didn't work so i register and trembling because i lost all my friends, but then it magically signed me out again, i quit using discord, my account ElliottLian#4141 remains dead and never work, if you read this discord please bring my account back, or saying the token expired because i tried making a new password for my main discord account but it never works and another attempt it said token expired, i keep waiting and finally doesn't say token expired, and when i made a new password for my main discord account and remembered it, i was in a joyful mood, ready to login. But when i did, it just said it didn't work, i put it correctly and never work. I was crying, never meeting my friends I've met a long time ago when i started discord. I miss them, discord ruined my relationships with other people. If your reading this discord, please don’t mess this up for other people, you might ruin their day. Also, if you get a chance to revive my account send me a dm in gmail so i can see. You have ruined all my relationships. Good bye discord, its nice having you for a long time, but its time for me to go to another path of light, where it will never crap itself. Goodbye, Discord.
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4 years ago, Jualter
Mobile app has issues
Discord works great on a desktop computer/laptop, other than finding the right chat room and general navigation issues like getting a message noise but never seeing the message because you were in a voice chat room. Could use a redesign. Like why isn’t voice just enable in the same chat room so there’s no switching back and forth? However, this review is for the mobile app. It doesn’t work. Every time I do so much as sneeze (another app notification/text message comes in, if I get a phone call, etc.) the app stops working. I get that the voice should stop but after switching apps and coming back or after ending the phone call, the Discord app never recovers and must be restarted, rejoin the room, and then it works...for a while. Until almost anything else happens. Worst of all, when my phone falls asleep, so does Discord, sometimes. It’s unpredictable when I’m just randomly disconnected from Discord. My friend reported his phone calls not coming through when he’s on a Discord voice channel. Not sure which problem is worse. I’d highly recommend using a different app. Often, my friends and I just use a phone conference call. And I can send a text message while on a phone call. So how does this app improve my gaming other than taking bandwidth from my gaming?
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2 years ago, Ezephel Roman
Best app so far.
As for all of the reviews claiming for this app to be bug filled and laggy, it’s not an issue as of discord itself. It’s a personal user mistake and wifi connectivity problem. I have been using discord for years, about six now, and I have never had an issue with lag or bugs. Even with all of the new updates. Only once has the calling been unavailable but that was because discord put it on hold to fix a connectivity issue, since discord calls aren’t the clearest out there. I would definitely recommend this app to friends and family to keep in contact. I’ve created a whole community on discord and brought many people together, even saved lives. And I’m not being dramatic. This app gives people a way to vent and learn new things, meet new people, make connections. I met the love of my life on this app and now we live together in person, in our own apartment! I’ve never been more happy. And before you call me some old nerd with a joy for gaming, I’m actually not a gamer, and I’m only 18 years old. (: I recommend discord! It’s helped me through so much!
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5 years ago, Everett James
Simply the best
I started to use discord around a year ago, with that said I use it for everything, I own a few gaming teams and it is so nice to communicate with other team members, other teams, etc etc, I also use discord to communicate with friends, teammates ( especially in games where a mic is not supported ) discord does not affect my frames which is something I enjoy, I can still play my favorite games with discord open without sacrificing graphics or frame, I also have a few servers which I moderate and using bot support I can easily put up chat filters to prevent people from using certain words that may be deemed inappropriate, setting discord up was surprisingly easy and I had no trouble what so ever, I have never been let down by discord either, there servers have never been down allowing me to always communicate the quality is purely amazing, for any game devs out there I would use this as this app allowed my favorite developers to host polls, show updates, and even do giveaways, simply put this is the best way of communication for any devs, gamers, or fans, and even friends and would highly suggest that you get this app
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