DoFasting Intermittent Fasting

Health & Fitness
3.9 (4.7K)
68.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DoFasting Intermittent Fasting

3.93 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
9 months ago, AMHGH
I have been using this for 3 months and overall I like the app. I think with a few improvements it would be outstanding. I find logging in meals time consuming and it is frustrating that I can’t pull a meal from a prior entry to todays entry. It would save a lot of time. I create most of my meals and these should be saved under favorites so I can pull them up as needed. The listing of foods with calories are all based on ounces and one portion. Example: an egg is not measured by ounces but rather how many you use. I spoke not use the apps food list as it is not accurate. If I find a listing and it is calculated on one portion it doesn’t allow you to adjust it up or down. Once it’s entered I can go to the overview and adjust it but this is 2 steps. You should look at the Weight Watcher app as it is very user friendly and keeps all your entries. I realize this is additional work but it would greatly improve the app.
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2 years ago, D Rog79
Live Chat is terrible/App has flaws
So I was trying to start my fast and the app would change the time I was starting it. And this happened a couple of time before I notice it was now asking me my eating time. So I had a couple of fasts that I never completed showing as having taken place but there’s no way to delete them anyways. So I didn’t like the app as a result and decided I’ll go back to Zero. Well I went to manage my subscription from the app and it goes over to safari and take me to the login page. When I got it log in, it doesn’t log in but instead says “It seems that you purchased your subscription via mobile device”. Uh…yeah!?! No sh** Sherlock. I did. So what? Doesn’t tell me anything than that I must’ve purchased it though the mobile device. Ok I did now let me log in. No, it won’t. No instructions on what to do. I go back to the app, I go to App Settings and then hit that blue button “Manage Subscription” and I press it and again, takes me to login on the website and again, I get that stupid message. I just want to make sure my subscription ends after the 6 month plan because I’m not satisfied with the app. It’s glitchy. I tied to go to live chat, someone name Florida joins the chat after 15 mins or so of waiting as 2 people are in the queue before me. and then she leaves the chat without a hello. So I have to start a new live chat, I’m really upset now, and another 15 mins with being the only person in the live chat queue. I gave up. The wait is to long.
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3 months ago, LAD12
Not user friendly
There is an app for everything, and I get it, but if I need to log into an app for everything, I want it to be worth my time, effort, and money. This one is NOT worth it. It does have potential though, and if the developer would make just a few improvements, I would have probably used it more. Logging meals is tedious, time consuming, and it’s frustrating that a meal can’t be input on a new day from a prior entry. It’s also annoying that the food list portions only let you choose grams, pounds, servings, and ounces… Case in point, an egg. At least give me the option to choose small, medium or large if all I can do is choose serving or ounce. Tracking your steps is worthless unless you have a Fitbit or track everything through Apple health. My step tracker is electronic, but it’s neither one of those options so I couldn’t even manually input my step count. I don’t have the money to waste on an app that is not user-friendly and just annoys me to use. Unfortunately, I spent the money on the app before I realized all of the things that would not work well. That mistake is on me! Regardless, I canceled my membership and will not be using this app again. Hopefully, the developer will read this and make some needed improvements for their current and future customers.
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6 months ago, Poor UI and UX
No way to stop the app from shaming me
I find a particularly ironic and contradictory that the app is meant to encourage you, but it shames you if you don’t fast every single day that you said you were going to when you first set the app up. The ironic part is that the app is all about easing you into fasting but it asked you as you’re setting up your profile how many days a week you want to fast well I said six and I can’t meet that goal two months into this, so I asked customer service if they could change the goal for me so that I would stop being shamed, after two days of not fasting when I set my goal unrealistically, and they cannot change it. That’s messed up!!!! Why would you ask me to promise you the number of days that I’m going to fast and then have me take a test once I’m already into the app and I’ve said how many days I want to fast but I had no idea what I was signing myself up for. Now I’m expected by the app six days a week and I can’t do that. So after two days of not doing it, it tells you that you haven’t been fasting and that you are not gonna meet your goals and if you keep doing this, then you’re going to make it harder on yourself. That’s really messed up.
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2 years ago, Dwalker404
Poor business, refused to honor discount
I had looked at this program and then didn’t purchase. A few minutes later, I received an additional discount in email. I decided to purchase but PayPal would not work no matter which of my verified payment accounts I used. So I ended up having to pay directly in the app. When I changed payment options, it dropped the discount and I didn’t notice it before the payment had gone through. I immediately notified them, requesting that the discount amount be refunded. They refused and never offered any discount on any in app purchases to compensate. Several emails later snd they still refuse to honor the discount they offered. Fir that reason, I refuse to go further business with them, immediately cancelling any auto renewal. Although the amount was not a lot, the poor and dishonest business practices have left a bad taste and are the cause of the poor review. I would give zero stars if I could. Note: Thanks for the response below, but I’ve already gone back and forth with 3 people at that email address and been told there’s nothing they will do to correct the billing. And this link doesn’t go to anything but a new blank email to start all over again. No thanks. Poor, poor customer service!
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2 years ago, RickA$$$
Start / stop / reset fasting plan Buggy - need fixing
I have been using the app for about 5 months to track my fasting which I started around 8 months ago. Ocassionally I forget to hit stop fasting or start fasting due to being very busy, occupied etc. if the delay in starting / stopping the fast has been long enough that the fast/ eating period has rolled over into the next day and you have missed an entire eating or fasting period, and You have to edit the start or stop time - almost always the app becomes unstable. It will ask me to “reset the fasting plan” but if you have had to select reset, often nothing will happen, you will be looking at the timer and waiting for the start / stop option to appear but nothing happens. I have to shut down the app and leave it for a few hours when it seems to right itself. Also integration with Apple Watch doesn’t seem to work - I will get the pop up on my watch “tap here” to start or stop the fasting/eating period, but it doesn’t work. Tapping on the watch does nothing.
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2 years ago, CocoaMojo
DO NOT BUY THIS APP. I am waiting nearly a month for a refund. Considering they’re headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania I think I’ll have to go to AMEX to fight for the refund. Before all this, the app didn’t work for weeks and weeks and I complained and asked for refunds on the app and scale, which Karolina promised me that I would get snd to hold on, though because it’s a wonderful app. Then, the App suddenly worked. I really found the app lacking. It doesn’t talk to MyFitnessPal nor can you enter any exercise. It also gives lousy nutritional information. MyFitnessPal combined with a FitBit is much better. In the time waiting for this refund and app to work, and emailing Karolina from customer service, I had asked about her scale I had bought to go with their program, and she wrote me it work great on its own. When I finally opened their scale, it didn’t work. It’s made of thin, cheap plastic and for tiny feet. When I emailed, Karolina said it ONLY WORKED WITH THE APP, AND I COULDN’T GET A REFUND because I had it over two weeks. WOW! LET’S JUST LIE TO A CUSTOMER TO PREVENT A REFUND OVER A $100 SCALE. Wow!! In conclusion - DO NOT BUY. DO NOT GET SNOOKERED, like I did.
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2 years ago, Allie MG
The last couple of updates have really been horrible
I really liked this app. It gives me something to hold myself accountable to. But the last couple of updates have not been good. At first, when I log in sometimes everything is zero and I can’t start/stop a fast. By everything zero I mean my water intake/goal is 0/0. My calories are 0/0. So I have to close all the way out. This last update makes it so when I open the app it goes to a sign in page. If I close it and go back into it, it flashes between my fast page and the log in page. 🤞 this newest update fixes all of this. But my biggest complaint is when I add custom foods, I have to keep adding them. And if I manage to find it in the search, I have fill in all the micros again. Very frustrating. But it is free so you can’t really beat that. And I have lost almost 20 pounds since the beginning of March.
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2 years ago, Paigygirl
Can I give it zero stars?
This might be the worst app and the worst customer service. I was “influenced” to buy it from an IG account I follow. I thought the $69 price tag was a little much but did it anyway. After 3 weeks, I was so frustrated with the constant crashing of the app, deleting all saved information, clearing all my progress, etc…I deleted the app. It offered absolutely no benefit over setting an alarm on my phone to stop/start my fasts. There are several free apps that do more than this one. Six months later, I get charged again. No email,text,etc saying it was going to be charged. I immediately contacted their customer service (like within 30 mins of the charge). I receive a response a day later saying because I didn’t cancel my account, they can only offer a partial refund. I re-download the app and cancel my account. I respond and say I want a full refund. Now they are saying because I cancelled my account, they no longer have my information to issue a refund. I’ve offered my PayPal info with screenshots of the transaction…zero response. DO NOT WASTE MONEY!!!!
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1 year ago, connectingUS20
I gained 25 pounds recently it felt like it happened in a week. Of course it was a eat. I’ve been trying to diet and having no luck. I’ve heard about intermediate fasting. That’s kind of how I live my life I stay up all night and paint and sleep past the day and get up and eat my big change is no snacking it was a lot easier than I expected and I love the app. I hate to cook and I hate keeping track of points. Everything on the app is fast to cook and healthy and the kind of food I like anyway. Customer service is excellent and I look forward to their daily emails. I highly recommend go fast as a way to lose weight easily. I just got an email that it’s OK to take breaks. That was really encouraging because I was going to take a week break for Christmas and I was feeling guilty. So to get that is very encouraging.
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1 year ago, KevinAmiri
Falls Short of Expectation
I have been considering intermittent fasting for some time to help shed a few pounds. As it turns out I was pretty much doing intermittent fasting by eating one meal a day at lunch time with coffee and fiber thins only at breakfast and skipping dinner. I stop eating pretty much around 3 PM until 11 AM the next day. What this app helps with or attempts to help with is set your goals and give you a way to track it. Well, when it comes to meals and their calories the list is significantly lacking but they give you a way to enter your own meals and their nutritional values. However, you have to manually enter it every single time even though there is a tab labeled favorites but no way to add meals to that list I was told by customer service representative I chatted with today! Extremely disappointing. Maybe I should have gone with Zero instead which has 5 star rating but you cannot tell with these apps since you have to pay to take them for a test drive.
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10 months ago, mmottmom
Please see review posted a few minutes ago
I ranked the app with only one star and I wrote a review of struggles I’m currently having. But I want to further elaborate. I’m using the free version. If I could use the app successfully for any period of time, I’d be happy to subscribe. However, I’ve had the app for well over a year, with a period of time I quit fasting, but I’ve had too many issues to want to pay for it. Previously, my biggest issue is not being able to save my own meals and I go. Having to re-enter line by line every time is beyond annoying. Also, many of the same items (I.e., taco) are listed multiple times with too many variations, and no way to identify the difference). And the library is also full of items (I.e., raw pork, raw chicken, etc.) that no one should be eating so why is it even cluttering up the options? When it’s working properly and I’m not having to make up food nutrition too often, I would give it a higher rating. But right now the issues outweigh the convenience.
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2 years ago, MEGGG0823
Ok for beginners, but don’t pay for it.
I’ve had this app for over a year. It’s definitely taught me enough about fasting and now I’m actually on the right track with self-discipline to loose weight. However it doesn’t always save your data, and it’s insanely easy to completely loose track of your day, and I’ve even gone to “end a fast” and then it doesn’t appear on my weekly report. It’ll say I skipped an entire fast, when I didn’t. Customer service is no help either, and canceling is a pain…don’t pay for it, but it’s a good app with potential, it just feels like no one is paying attention to it anymore because it’s always glitching out and now it’s even starting to crash on me. I’m gonna delete it, but for the first few months it taught me enough to do it all on my own with the notes app on my phone.
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2 years ago, sillyleann
Not Worth the Money
I really thought I would be getting something more for my money than a timer. Sadly, it doesn’t even deliver on that note. I should have listened to the reviews. If you forget to start or stop your fast in the app, you end up having to start over. There is not a way to go back and add when you started your last fast and ended. According to the app, I have multiple days I didn’t fast. But I did and cannot get the data in the app. I really think you can achieve the same results with the health app, fitness app, and your timer. The other app features are a calorie tracker, a water tracker, weight tracker, and activity tracking (which it just gets the data from your iPhone anyway). And the app does not share data with the health app. So, I have to log water twice if I want the data in my health app. The app says you get coaching. It does send you some articles every once in a while. But again, most of the information is stuff I have read reading health magazines or nutritional websites. The water recommendations are also basically what is widely recommended in many articles on the subject. It is attempting to be the jack of all trades. It is the master of none. Save your money. Use your iPhone timer, track calories in its own app, keep up with walking/exercise in the fitness app, and use the health app to track your water and weight.
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2 years ago, NikkiFlora
Great concept wish it worked better
I love the way this app is designed to work but in my experience it has been super glitchy. I started a fast yesterday afternoon and when I checked the timer just now it says it has been 50 hours since my last fast and would I like to restart my program? It doesn’t happen every time but probably my every few days it ends up losing my fasting information and asking me to restart my program. It’s really annoying because it loses some of my history when it does that. I also wish the calorie counting was a bit more user friendly but there are so many other apps for that I just use a different one.
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2 years ago, Boojum
Find a better option
For an app that’s supposed to help you develop good habits, you’d think the devs would make something stable. Here are the issues I’ve had since using the app: - Lost intervals. I’m not sure why, but the app couldn’t, on multiple occasions, track fasting intervals that went from one evening to the next, and reset my progress entirely due to a missed day. - Lost my entire routine due to an update. - For some reason thinks water only comes in very specific numbers of ounces, like 11 and 17. You have to choose multiple, pre-set increments where a simple number field would do. - Calorie tracker is limited and entirely useless. - Crashes frequently - Sometimes gets stuck on a random day in 1969, which loses your progress. Worst of all, the devs haven’t bothered to include any kind of account management inside the app. This means that to cancel a subscription, you have to submit a request through the AppStore if you signed up on the app or their website if you signed up online; the accounts *don’t carry over*. I had to search for that information online, it’s nowhere in the app! When I finally managed to start the cancellation process rolling, their support had the nerve to offer me a 50% refund despite disputing the charges THE SAME DAY for a service I hadn’t used in months. Find a better app! This is a badly designed scam!
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11 months ago, seppyupp
I Wanted to Like This
I will start by saying the one pro is that it alerts you when to start and stop fasting! But I have so many more cons: 1) It doesn’t adjust if your calories for each meal if you go over/ under what is “recommended”. 2) It is not linked or set up with many food chains and it’s hard to track when you eat out. 3) The conversions of servings are not at all accurate! If something is measured by cups on the box, the app defaults to grams or ounces and also doesn’t automatically start out with one serving. It’s hard to figure out the right measurement. 4) Customer service states they will respond within 48 hours and they do not, even after follow up requests. Most importantly, it says you can buy and “try” for 14 days but they don’t seem to want to offer a refund if you aren’t happy. They don’t have a true trail period. DONT BUY THIS.
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6 months ago, Jimsky10
Unethical business practice
Please be warned about this company and this app. I was interested in this app 6 months ago. I had a look at it however decided that it was bit for me. I'm not sure how it happened but at the time I ended up becoming a member unintentionally and was billed for 6 months. It's possible that I thought it was a free trial and and forgot to cancel in time, but I really don't remember and don't know. I went 6 months without ever using or even without downloading the app. 2 days ago I was billed for another 6 months. I only found out when I saw my credit card statement, initially assuming that it was a fraudulent transaction. I later discovered that it was an un-authorised extension to my membership. I should have been given a reminder or some form of notification that I was about to be billed. This would have A) Informed me that I was a member (which I was not aware of). B) given me an opportunity to cancel before I was billed. The company is refusing to refund me for the next 6 months of a service that I never used nor intend to use. They claimed that it's their legal right to charge me without further consent from me because I ticked the Ts and Cs box 6 months ago. If a company resorts to such a practice to make money then they a clearly desperate and it's worth steering clear of them .
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2 years ago, HateThisDoFastingApp
Unfortunately, I paid for the app and am quite disappointed in it. The app logs me out all of the time which is super annoying. I can’t look back to see what fasting times I have had in the past weeks. It only shows a weekly health report for the current week and even that is not correct. For example, today is Monday. It says I logged Monday through Friday last week, but not on Saturday and Sunday and I DID log for every single day. I find logging food to be extremely difficult. Most of the foods I eat aren’t listed. It doesn’t save foods I have entered. The app is hard to navigate. I don’t find it motivating. For me…it is a pure waste of money. I am definitely NOT getting what I paid for! Live and learn. Don’t waste your money. Ha!! Not to mention that you have to enter a nickname to be displayed on your review and every one I put is already taken. Why doesn’t THAT surprise me?? 😡
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2 years ago, Larry the pilot
App freezes
The program of intermittent fasting works. I spend too much time trying to make this program work. In the iPhone it freezes and will not load. I can’t end the fast or begin a new fast. Each day the program hangs up and often data is lost because I can’t get the program to start working. I have become an expert at how to get it to work. Often I am to busy to troubleshoot and sometimes I go two or three days without recording anything. The menu for food is ridiculously complex. It is often hard to just record a simple nutrition facts for a bowl of oatmeal If you follow the fast and track your nitration with exercise. You will lose weight in a healthy way. I lost 25 pound over four months. Stopped going to the gym and weight loss slowed. You can’t lose weight by diet alone. When this software works the program is a good healthy way to fitness and healthy lifestyle
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8 months ago, Kevin-CO-HI-CA
Basically a fancy alarm clock of when to start fasting
Save yourself the money and set an alarm instead of using the app to track when to start fasting and to start eating. That’s basically all the app does. The app tracks your weight which you have to input manually unless you buy their scale. On top of it, I signed up for the 6 month subscription that had an auto renewal. No contact from the company letting you know your subscription is about to renew and won’t refund you if you don’t cancel 48 hours before the auto renewal period. I used this for 1 month out of my 6 month subscription. I can keep track of my fasting on my own, you don’t need an app to tell it when you started fasting and then started eating again. Set an alarm for 16 hours and don’t eat til then. Now I have it for 6 more months because it auto renewed. Not worth cost of the subscription.
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1 year ago, TM36
Unstable and poor customer service.
I have been fasting for close to 3 months. I purchased this app because I liked the easy interface (I don’t need anything fancy). However, over the last month or so, the app has gotten so unstable that I am forced to delete and redownload just to keep up with my fast. Support tells me to just redownload as needed. That is unacceptable when there are tons of better alternatives. I would encourage anyone thinking about fasting to explore other options. There are many more affordable and stable options on the market. I contacted customer support to see if there was anything that could be done. I didn’t want to lose my months worth of data, but the live chat just parroted the FAQ. “Update your IOS or redownload.” Not at all helpful. Additionally, they won’t refund any part of your sub payment if it is past 14 days. Beware.
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2 years ago, Jacky Red
They’re thief’s. Charged my card long afternoon I canceled the service and are refusing to refund my monies. There are far more professional fasting services. DONT USE THIS ONE. They WILL steal from you and act as if they can’t do anything about it and the actual app is super underwhelming. I paid for it and only used it for a couple of weeks because it was just not a good service. Now they’ve charged me again without my permission. Pretty crappy. (UPDATE: I know how to cancel my subscriptions and did so as well as deleted the app so this response below seems a bit save face oriented and wants to paint the customer out as having not done something right which is annoying. Again, there’s a million fasting apps out there with better quality content and business practices. DONT USE THIS ONE. They still haven’t refunded my money. Crooks I tell ya. 🙄)
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2 years ago, neeknoe
Unable to login. Update
I paid for this app 15 days ago. I have never been able to sign in. I made an error with email addresses (used 1 to pay, but initially signed in with a different address). In over 20 emails to Support, the only advice I have received is to change my password. Which I have done. Several times. Without getting signed in. I restarted my phone, I deleted and reinstalled app. And, I kept trying to change my password. I have still never been able to open the app. I asked for a refund, that email was ignored. I would love to actually review the way this app works. However, I can only review Support. And Support seems to be nonexistent. The developers contacted me after ai posted this review, and said they would get back to me within 48 hrs. That was on June 6. Today is June 13, and I have not heard anything further.
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1 year ago, NewhabitsNewlife2017
Not a Sophisticated App
Think twice before hitting the purchase button for this App. The service doesn't provide any features you can’t get from other Apps and content that are totally free over the internet or already exist on your phone. It does not allow you to customize a specialized plan that works for your lifestyle or goals. When I realized this and requested a refund the response I received was that they were not obligated to provide any refunds and declined to do so… It appears they are just in this for a quick buck and not interested in providing a quality service. Disappointed but lesson learned. Anyway, I thought I would share my experience to help other people avoid wasting their hard earned money like I did. I am sure there are other quality fasting apps out there but this is not one of them.
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2 years ago, JackFrost777
Definitely not value for money
I decided to try this and intermittent fasting in general. Though you can manage your fasts with a watch, I elected to try this for more tracking. I am disappointed in the app. They tie you in for a 6 month period before you can even try it and I will tell you the app is extremely basic, kind of offensive for how much they charge. I won’t list all the issues but here are a few that annoy me: - you can’t just add your water, you have to pick one of their pre-determined amounts that make no sense and any adjustments are 1.5 oz not one. Makes no sense. - there is an option to set your fast when you started earlier but every time I try to roll it back it just resets - there is no offline option - no big deal but if you forget and try to use it when you are not connected to wifi or cell, it resets everything and you have to re-login and set up your account again - more annoying, it randomly crashes and you have to reset everything anyway These are just a few, but it is not a user friendly app and doesn’t come close to delivering for the price you pay. Look for something else, I am unfortunately stuck with it for another few months.
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5 months ago, ElmaBene
Not as advertised
I thought I was going to get more guidance on how to do fasting right for me. It seems to trial and error which fasting schedule to select. There is no fasting schedule recommended after completing the questionnaire. I am not sure how this makes any difference as advertised. It states there is a specific way one should break a fast, but not much information provided. Many of the foods to choose from to track meals only allows for choosing one portion none is given to choose 1/2 portion or any percent of a portion. I have choose something similar to track what I ate.A week on this doing 17-7 fasting and walking 5 miles every day and not even an ounce lost!
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2 years ago, What923
0 stars
One of the worst apps I’ve used ever and I still have 2 months left on my subscription. Do not buy- it may help fasting but will raise your blood pressure because it’s so frustrating. If you forget to log your start fast the night before it’s not simple to update or edit. The chat dropped me twice while trying to answer questions. I screen shot some directions they provided and those sections aren’t in my app. So as far as I’m concerned you can’t customize your water intake- use the preset only or adjust up and down but it jumps by 1.5oz?? Then if you didn’t religiously log all your food- forget it! Can’t go back to yesterday to add meals or adjust. I’m going back to free apps that maybe don’t offer articles, etc but I can find all that on the internet myself. Save your money on this one.
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2 years ago, Daizabop
Phenomenal Results
I use to weigh 230 lbs and now i weigh 176! Its a miracle! Im a 38 year old women, had 2 kids, so you know how hard it is to lose weight in my condition. Ive tried diets but i would give up almost instantly. Ive heard of fasting, but was too scared to try it as i didnt want to starve for long periods of time. However, the app provides the schedule for me, and i dont starve between fasting periods at all. It made it easier for me to follow and its been almost 6 months now, and ive lost 54 lbs! It takes commitment but the app really does make it simpler. Highly recommend if you’re trying to fast
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11 months ago, TraciR209
Can’t access an app that I’ve paid for!
I decided to do a trial of this app on 6/26. And while going through the sign up process they gave me a great offer for a 12 week membership so I bought it. But after using it for that 1st week, I got kicked out of the app and told I had to resign up with a new membership again. Reached out to customer service the same day 7/3, with pictures of my purchase, and my order number. And 3 days later I finally get a message back telling me to uninstall the app and relog in. Doesn’t work, so I message back to customer service what I’ve done. Only to find out it goes back to the general inbox, instead of the rep that I was working with, and now I have to wait another 24-48 business hours. So now it’s been another 5 days…the weekend. And I STILL have not heard back from customer service. It’s been well over a week at this point since I was able to log into the app. I’m beyond frustrated that I’ve wasted money on this and can’t even use it. Don’t buy this service. If you have any problems with it, customer service is a nightmare to work with. If I could leave 0 stars that’s what they would get.
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2 years ago, Anniewhiz
Good concept
Love the ability to be reminded of windows and be able to track both food and water. However it occasionally freezes and I have to close completely and reopen sometimes more than once. Also hate how you changed the water to preset volumes….update have used the app for 7 months…love the concept. It tired of the freezing and reset problems. E.g. I can start my fasting at 8 pm and the next morning it says a completely different start time. Recently it changed my start weight and calorie goal. Continue to hate the water volume options even since the recent update. Still often freezes making it impossible to start or stop fasting. Have to close and reopen usually several times. Canceling my subscription this month. Too frustrating.
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2 years ago, bear857
I first signed up and then changed my mind, due to the cost ( me and my wife, the next day after canceling it my bank account was charged for 3 memberships . After about 1 week I finally got a refund for 2 of my memberships. This month I was charged for 2 memberships again after I was assured that it was canceled. Now I'm in limbo again for the 2 memberships. July 22. : again I was charged $37 for a subscription that was canceled and assured me that it was canceled back in April. I have contacted the fraud department in my bank to handle this. I have attempted one more time to contact the company concerning This ! Back in April I was assured that my subscriptions for both me and my wife were canceled. Do yourself a favor and don’t even sign up. This is very poor business practices and this company an app should be banned.
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2 years ago, LMY91618
Love it!! BUT…
I absolutely love the 3/4 features of tracking (water intake, steps walked, and weight tracker) however logging food is actually pretty difficult because there is not a huge selection of items pre-loaded into the app. So every time I want to log a meal, I have to manually put everything in unlike another very popular app where there are millions of meals and items that are easily “loggable”. That is really my only complaint. I love the fasting tracker feature as it really keeps me on track with my fasting window. I love the ability to have a widget for my Home Screen of my phone to be able to quickly see how far I am into my eating or fasting window!
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9 months ago, Jjraspberry
This app is a scam! 7 day trial is not a legitimate trial, they charged me for the subscription before the trial was over and getting a refund for it was a battle, took several days, several emails, and several proof of purchase. They basically take you in circles, I had to file a claim with PayPal in order to get my money back. Yeah, but Self has a lot of work, the only thing that makes sense is the timer and calculating steps which you can do easily with free apps that are already on your phone. Their calorie intake is all over the place. Do not use this app!
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2 years ago, Newjersey22
Interesting but it has some bug misses
This is the first IF App I’ve used. Issues I have… entering food the calories & macros don’t save so you have to input the data all over again for the same meal. The water has blocks of amounts to track so you can put in 30oz you have to put in 32 oz. There is not Apple Watch app. If you find it let me know cause I really want that. Thinks I love are the count down timer. Integration with my exercise apps although it doesn’t provide much information like “walk 1 more mile to lose a pound this week” I probably should have tried a free app first.
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11 months ago, UpsetCO
Pushy, take your money!
This app tries to squeeze every dollar possible out of you. I had entered my credit card in order to pay $7 for a week trial. As I was trying to submit the payment it continued to bring up screen after screen asking if I wanted to add this or that or pay for a six month subscription instead. Ultimately I accidentally purchased a much larger plan. I immediately contacted support to request a refund. A week later they responded with, “we’re sorry, we’ll give you a life time membership” I said I’m happy to try the app, I just wanted a trial. That constituted accepting their offer and they will jot issue a return. I have never downloaded the app or used the service in anyway. I have no idea if what they offer is worth it, as they are such pushy salesmen.
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2 years ago, dchaves30
Very limited
I wanted to like the app and the program. But the app is really not user friendly. I cannot reset my fasting if I get off track. There’s limited interaction with the health app, like for example, getting my weight from there. It gets my steps, no my weight measurements, or water intake. Since I do it in other apps and they all sync with the health app, I do not need it to keep logging all calories, water and weight in all of them. I cannot restart my fasting unless you spend too much time without fasting. All in all, great potential. More interaction with other measurements from the health app would help. A reset button would also help, mainly if you’re adjusting your schedule to fit your needs.
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2 years ago, RJDC1424
Horrible Customer Service
Find yourself a better product. I signed up and hated the service and tried to cancel and thought I had. Three months later I get charged a recurring payment. I email requesting for them to reverse the charge as I have never logged in again after being disappointed in the first week and they place blame and do not offer to refund the recurring charge. Horrible customer service and a scam for collecting funds from people who did not like their service. There are better companies in the digital wellness space that stand behind their product and provide a full refund when customers are dissatisfied. I guess you can see in the app rating I’m not the only one, and they just want to scam for your money.
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2 years ago, The Newest Doolittle
Not user friendly
Because I paid for this app I’m using, but this app needs to be updated to this century. Other apps I’ve used that are free and so much easier to use and log nutritional value. Other apps you just scan the package and it automatically pulls in all the information. With this one I put some thing in and it doesn’t even exist in their database. Simple items are “not found” and I have to manually insert the info. Very frustrating to use…after my one month that I paid for is over I will definitely not be using this anymore. Such a waste of money. On the plus side I’ve lost 7 lbs, That that has to do more with my willpower then actual help from the app.
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2 years ago, lorijmom
Terrible app
I loved the idea behind this app and thought it would be helpful as I am new to fasting. But this is certainly not worth the cost. The food data base is very small and the app does not retain the calorie or macro information from entries the day before. So this information has to be manually entered no matter how frequently you might eat the same food. I literally have to look up a food on my other fitness tracker to get the macros to enter every time I eat. Even when I try to add a recent entry I still must manually enter the calories. Water can only be entered in the measurements pre loaded, and when you try to manually enter it, you still cannot type in the amount you want to enter. This is just not worth the money at all.
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2 years ago, Chrisser21
Glorified Timer, Over-aggressive selling
The app is great at doing the very basic thing of choosing a plan and then timing your windows. It stinks at everything else. The meal tracker is basically useless unless you use the limited recipes provided. The kCal tracker does not pair with any major fitness tracker other than FitBit. And, perhaps worst of all, the app literally tries to exploit your hunger to sell you things. It will (no joke) chime in towards the end of your fast to see if you’re “feeling hungry” and would like to buy some overpriced appetite suppressant. I found that very off-putting (if not downright wrong). That’s the most reprehensible sales pitch, but it’s certainly not the only one. Do not recommend.
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2 years ago, Tarjema
Unreliable at best
I’ve been using the app for about two weeks. It has crashed completely and logged me out four different times now, twice losing the start or end time of a fast. This is worst if you happen to be in a parking garage or elevator with no data connection. Once you do get logged back in, there is no way to manually enter the data for a fast or change a record once it is saved. The articles and advice are blandly generic and what info they contain is easy to find in a decent book or blog. I just wanted a simple app to track a basic 16:8 program, instead I get frustration and constant emailed ads to buy extremely expensive (even after their “discounts”) supplements. Worst money I’ve put into an app.
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2 years ago, Noibee
Happy to be losing weight...😊
I lost 7.4 pounds in one week, and I haven’t felt a lot of hunger pains... The program really does work, then the next day after the beginning of the Second week I lost .8 pounds, which is now 8.4 pounds in one week one day...(awesome) The only thing is my health report quit working I’ve done everything it said to do, but it hasn’t come back. So it’s only recorded five days of my fasting,Where it has been eight days so far...But I’m going to keep doing it, because so far it’s working for me...
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2 years ago, di$appointed but hopeful
I was under the impression that this app would be much more inclusive of all the categories necessary to manage your IF lifestyle. The food portion is really frustrating to manage and navigate/doesn’t save your favorites. It Has no ability to scan barcodes to save time. It’s really cumbersome. Even the water entry is difficult. If you forget to add water, you can’t adjust the time the next day. It could be greatly improved if they spent some time on the food/meal portion. As of now, I am essentially using it as a timer and that feels like a waste of $$. I am hoping the technology improves as I was Upsold into a year that I bought prior to using it (my bad).
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2 years ago, DezRyan007
Great App! Motivates Me!
Between daily tasks of keeping track of your calories in water and excellent meal suggestions… The helpful tips that they send all the time through email and texting are excellent and very motivational.… And finally being able to simply track things with the push of a button on the app whether it’s your fasting time. Or how much water you drink or how many calories you ate it is very helpful to stay on track with this app it really motivates me. I am seeing results!
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9 months ago, Dagirl922
I was excited at first because told you when to stop and start and if you missed it you could change the time. Then I started listening going my food. Well you can’t find hardly anything. They are pretty much random items put in giving calories. The scanning option errors out and doesn’t work so you have to grab a random listing and then dicker with how much you ate to get the right calories. This should be free until you figure out the bugs. Be aware once you sign up for trial, it automatically takes the 3 month billing off the top. Go to complain and get your money back they say they’ll give you a portion. I thankfully went through PayPal which retrieved my money!!!
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12 months ago, halimorgan13
Borderline scam IMO
I got this subscription in March and canceled in April/ May. It is now June 29 and I am getting a charge for a subscription renewal. I contacted through live chat, and they said that my subscription was not canceled even though I canceled it in no longer had the subscription through Apple. They are only refunding me 50% of what they took out of my account. And that was after trying to bribe me and have me continue to be a customer. You would think a company that charges so much money for a product would be more willing to give back $48 to someone who they were charged even though they had canceled their subscription. Just a heads up in case you were thinking about using this company I wouldn’t.
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2 years ago, StarManJohnny
DoFasting is great!
DoFasting has been amazing to me! The app is so helpful and has truly aided me to lose weight. The app has a multitude of tasks, recipes, workouts, articles, etc. to help aid you on your dieting routine. The app is great for consistent progress and tracking so your plan works the greatest for you. The app is great for keeping track of your progress in helping you settle a routine where you can finish a good exercise regiment and eat a good, sufficing amount each day. DoFasting is great I recommend it to anyone. 5/5
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9 months ago, Let’s do better
Caution auto renewal with authorization
The app does what it’s supposed to do tracks well. My complaint is the auto renewal takes place without any notification to the customer. When life presents unexpected occurrences, such as taking care of elderly parents, we tend to fall off our health goals. So this is just a caution to anyone purchasing the app please mark your calendar for 48 hours prior to your yearly renewal to cancel your subscription. Canceling is through the venue you purchased meaning App Store or computer. It’s very frustrating. Their website offers information but really, no customer support. Good luck with your health journey.
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2 years ago, Rider35B
App constantly freezes up . Can’t enter water consumption during fasting periods nor use any of the apps functions during the fasting period. Trying to get recipes for example. Page just freezes and counts down your fasting but no other access to app during this time. Also the entering of meals is not very user friendly as the save button is right over the portion selection so can’t see what you are selecting. You have to enter blindly then use edit function to correct. I can’t believe I picked this app of all the apps out there and put my hard earned money into it ! I really regret this decision and would take it back if I could. Don’t have regrets- pick another one!
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