Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen

Health & Fitness
4.9 (11.6K)
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Last update
5 months ago
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User Reviews for Dr. Greger’s Daily Dozen

4.91 out of 5
11.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Cloudypianos
Simple but perfect plant based support
Dr. Greger’s daily dozen has been a life saver. I don’t like counting calories, I think that’s kind of ridiculous really, and “diets” are usually pointless, because we just need to eat healthy Whole Foods! This plant based plan to follow a general outline of necessary nutrients has allowed me to keep track of my daily food intake without it being a chore. I downloaded the app immediately after reading How Not To Die and as I help my way through a series of comparable books, this app has supported my transition to a fully plant based. Egan diet (I was vegetarian for years but never as aware or the nutritional aspects). After reading The China Study, Proteinaholic and a few other books I had an even greater understanding of the importance of NOT cutting carbs while also not stressing about protein. If anything consuming less and definitely no animal protein. So as I learn more about nutrition I can continually return to this simple app (and the poster I purchased from his site) to organize my spur of the moment vegan concoctions. I dot. Always check everything off the list but I make a good effort and see how off track I’ve been in the past. I can only hope more people become aware of the benefits of a plant based diet, and use simple wisdom like Greger’s to increase their own health and awareness.
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6 years ago, Dscinca
Love the Updated Version!
Thank you for an entirely revamped app. I was happy with the old version as a way to track my nutrition through consuming the Daily Dozen. I was also thankful that it was a free app. I love the new updates including historical data, the ability to check off boxes right on the home screen, and the addition of tracking vitamins B-12 and D. In future updates, I would love to see a couple of “extra” boxes next to each category as optional to check off - they don’t need to count toward number of servings but sometimes you ingest more greens than the recommended and that’s not a bad thing! I’d like to have visibility to the extra good things I’m doing. The other thing I would like to see is adding a user-defined section where we can add our own daily health goals. It might be taking a probiotic, or another type of supplement customizable to your own health needs. I think that users might even be willing to pay for a version of the app that includes customization. Either way, thank you for spreading your message and helping us to stay on track!
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4 years ago, Peyton454647
Very appealing to box-checkers
Love the app. Simple to use; so intuitive that even the digitally-challenged can make it work the very first time. Easily helps you identify what you need to work on, with regard to diet; a few days of using the app will reveal your dietary gaps, so you can take measures to shore things up. In the second part of Dr. Greger’s How Not to Die, he lists his ‘favorite’ beans, cruciferous veggies, whole grains, etc.; it would be nice to modify the app so users can click on something to quick-reference these lists in the “info” section for each group. This would help users learn more quickly about the wide variety of foods that “fit” into each category. (Former adherents of the SAD - standard American diet - way of eating will have never heard of many of the foods Dr. Greger recommends.) All in all, an excellent and useful app for guiding a healthy whole food, plant-based eating program.
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2 years ago, Kumpir
Nice free app
I wanted to tweak my diet healthier without doing diet-y things. So far this app is really helping me do that. I still eat some processed food but less of it because I’m filling up on produce. I love that the app is free and ad-free. It works smoothly once you figure out a few of its quirks, like, you need to check the boxes from right to left or they will all fill in at once. There’s a “today” button at top you need to use to select the date every morning, it doesn’t jump to the current day automatically. On my iPhone (a Max) I can’t see all 12 things at once, so I wish the app would float the things you still need to eat to the top, would make it a lot easier to plan the rest of your meals that day. I also kind of wish I could edit the list, I definitely get enough liquids every day without having to track, and the spices entry is a bit silly (“season your food,” um, duh?). It would be easier to track things I do need to track if the list were shorter and could fit on my screen.
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6 years ago, Jaclyn9189
Nice new features but needs some tweaks
A lot of nice features were added to the app (progress tracking, the ability to check off your servings from the main screen, etc.), but at the expense of some of the app’s ease of use. For one I think each item of the daily dozen now takes up too much room. You have to scroll more to see all of the Dozen, whereas before you could get a much better overview of your Dozen (and quicker navigation to each item). And while the addition of metric weight measurements is nice, it shouldn’t be the default setting every time you open the information window of a category. How many people are weighing their food as opposed to measuring its volume? At the least the app should remember your most recent setting (metric or imperial) so you don’t have to keep switching it every time. All of this means that the app takes a little longer to use, which I’m not a fan of. When you use a daily checklist you want to be able use it quickly as possible (with as few taps and scrolls as possible). (I also personally preferred the percentage progress bar to the fractional progress bar. That’s may just be my preference though.) So again, nice new features, but the user experience went down a little for me. I preferred the simplicity of the previous version of the app, and wish that some of it could be implemented back in (without losing the nice new features).
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8 years ago, Hadley Johnson
Amazing New App!
This app is the perfect tool for living a whole foods plant-based plantpure life! Whether you are a newcomer to this lifestyle or a veteran veggie lover this app is ideal. Very easy and simple to use, without any unneccessary gimmicks, it is a great way to keep track of adequate intake of the components of a healthy diet and fitness routine. While having an accountability app is so useful, I have always given up on them after no time at all because they took up too much time to use. And I have no time to spare fiddling around every time I want to eat something! This takes literally 2 seconds to use making it so convenient. Also the recommended foods and activities by Dr. Greger are fantastic! What a perfect cheat-sheet while grocery shopping, or even planning to get in some exercise! Love this and have always wished there were something like it but there was no such app...UNTIL NOW!
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1 year ago, veg/able
Daily Dozen
I have long been wanting to move to a vegan diet. I have been a quasi vegetarian for years-and I say “quasi” because if I was craving something, or tempted by the food of others, I would veer off course for that moment. This resulted in more cravings. I didn’t feel healthy. Last fall I was diagnosed with first stage heart failure. My condition is rare and, of course, terminal. I decided that I have no choice other than to embrace a whole plant based vegan diet. I have confidence that if anything will change my outcome, it is my commitment to this challenging lifestyle. When I found Dr. Gregger’s website and app, I was overjoyed. It completely simplifies and organizes healthy eating - especially for us newbies!! I love checking things off each day. Knowing I’m doing the best for myself, makes this journey sweeter! I LOVE it!!!!veg/able
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1 year ago, Singlemom, recovered addict
Life changing! Easy to use
I’ve tried many nutritional apps over the years- and they’ve been complicated and time consuming to the point I stopped using them. This app has EVERYTHING! The foods/hydration/exercise are all listed in the form easily checked off. If I want pretty much anything at all as far as meal ideas, what vitamins are in each food item, what health conditions can be prevented and treated, as well as the option to join a challenge online! I’ve never believed in counting calories- just want to be healthy and happy, take care of myself so I prevent becoming a burden to my children , and be there for them as long as possible! Dr Gregor is just incredible- and all proceeds go to charity! I’ve shared this app with every person I care about. Thank you Dr Gregor! ❤️
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4 years ago, drmatt2
Great app! A few simple suggestions.
Great app! Captures essence of both his books. Easy to use, and effective for focusing. Also the links to more info are great reminders. A few suggestions — when tracking with the calendars it would be nice to see a red X or something on those days when the app was not used at all. That way when tracking progress one can distinguish between not eating a vegetable and simply not recording eating a vegetable. —Also, the body weight section is buggy- you put in your weight in the morning but have to add it twice before it sticks. The weight graph also offers only monthly or weekly viewing of tends, so on may 1 you can no longer see April’s data— this could be changed to allow “Previous xx Days” or similar.
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5 years ago, Mountain hippie
Change of life
I started following this app in May of 2018. I had been taking cholesterol medicine for three years with only a slight decrease in levels. When I asked my doctor about diet, I was told flat out that diet would not help much as high cholesterol is hereditary. I am glad to say that in December 2018 when my blood work was taken, the cholesterol levels had dropped so significantly that my doctor requested a second test. There recommendation was to keep on the same meds, as miraculously after three years they must have started working. Since then I have changed physicians, do not take cholesterol medicine and my levels are far below the targeted levels. Thank you for helping to change my life.
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5 years ago, LornaLou1967
Thoughts and Changes that would be awesome!
I love this app... but changes I would make are these... Please make it so we can see our past. It would be nice to see how we are doing from our start. Maybe make it so we can “friend” others and invite others to this app. Please make it so we can go back and add something to the previous day if we forgot (we forget sometimes :) Tomatoes and Zucchini are both fruit and vegetables. (I may have missed other foods that have more than one category). That should be addressed. Can you add more variety of ideas of what to eat and maybe some links to recipes (I know BOSH has videos. But maybe a link?). All of that said. I actually GAINED weight using this app. So that was not so great as I needed to lose. I believe it was the grains. To workout as much as necessary to outweigh the grains is very hard for me. I live in northern US and I have arthritis. Even working out every day in accordance with your app I still gained 7 pounds. I will NOT be eating the grains for now. I hope you are able to account for this issue and help others like me. (I do LIKE grains and would love to eat them!). Thank you soooo much for this app! I will Continue to use it no matter what (just very little grains).
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5 months ago, Vulcancalm
Good for establishing healthy eating habits!
Long time fan of Dr Gregor, but I only recently tested the app because I wanted to instill even more new healthy habits. I wish the app would allow one or two elective personalized items that could be added to the check-off list — such as I’m currently trying to incorporate more mushrooms or mushroom powder daily into my meals. A fill-in-the-blank check-off item could be added down with the B12 making for a more generous “Baker’s Dozen”. Also it would be nice if there was a space to type out our three “If…then” habit-forming goals in the weight loss checklist. Just some ideas for making the app even more helpful in achieving optimal health. Keep up the good work spreading the word that “Plants are the best medicine”!
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5 years ago, WaikikiDavid
Many more healthy years!
This is the first nutrition tracking app I have actually enjoyed! My goal is to get 24 most days of the week. I lost 8 pounds i Gamification of nutrition! This is really Gamification of nutrition! This is really improving my health, and it is fun to do this with my wife. How many more years of health and happiness will we have! Many more thanks to the Daily Dozen and How Not To Die! mproving my health, and it is fun to do this with my wife. How many more years of health and happiness will we have! Many more thanks to the Daily Dozen and How Not To Die! n the first month without even trying. My energy level is high, I sleep better, and I expect to live years longer than I would on my previous diet.
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6 years ago, CharlieCopper
Great App! Some Suggestions
Great app, but I have some suggestions. Could you please split up the exercise into blocks? Maybe 3 that represent 1/2 hour of moderate exercise or 13 minutes of vigorous exercise? It’d be much more motivating if you could see that you did some exercise, instead of it being an all or nothing category. For some people, taking an hour-long walk in the middle of the day is an accomplishment too! Also, in the future, maybe it’d be good if you could modify the servings based on your weight? I’m a small person, and I find it hard to tick all the food boxes without going over my daily caloric intake, even without eating any sort of processed food.
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4 years ago, Lightnlove71
Love it!
I love the simplicity of the daily dozen and the reminder to have specific nutrients, variety and quality in my diet. I’ve been listening to “How not to die” over and over, not only because I think it’s fascinating but also so I can memorize the facts in response to family and friends when they ask me why I am eating a whole food, plant based diet. I would love to see an option added to review the quantity/serving size recommendation info for each ingredient and also to have an option to make notes on each ingredient each day to journal exactly what I ate and the quantity. Thank you so much for this resource! It is such a blessing in my life!
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6 years ago, Roarikk
Great App!
I have been using the app for a few months and it has been very helpful in modifying my diet. The interface is intuitive and it’s easy to pop in and update things as needed. If I could make any suggestion, I would ask that the nutritional value of the food be added, and maybe a brief description of its correlated health benefits. I use the application in conjunction with counting calories to lose weight while getting some of the best foods on earth. Seeing the static nutritional values, and having them accumulate, could help us plan our days a little better and further expand the usefulness of the app. This is a great start,I use it every day. Thank you!
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8 years ago, Applel<3ver
Vegetarian turned plant-based!
I'm 23 and have been a vegetarian since age 10. However, given that I was the only vegetarian in my family, it was difficult to not rely on dairy (particularly cheese) as my dietary crutch. Now that I'm on my own and ready to take full responsibility for my health, I've discovered the plant-based diet movement and absolutely love it. It just makes so much sense for a long, happy, healthy life. After reading Dr. Greger's book, I'm going to avoid dairy and eggs and up my intake of beans, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. This app helps me reach my nutritional goals, and I'm glad Dr. Greger isn't afraid to tell it straight! With the state of our country's health, someone needs to!
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4 years ago, Eaxia
Buggy update
This is a 5 star app, BUT the bugs are annoying. Whenever I try to look at the graph for my weight, the app closes - no matter what I do. This didn’t happen at first, but it does it every time now. Boxes check and uncheck randomly. When I check the box to enter my weight, it takes me to the correct screen, but after I enter it, the box is still unchecked - twice a day. Sometime clicking back and forth between the two tabs (daily dozen & tweaks) will erase all the checks on one or the other of my tabs. Or, if I didn’t enter dinner from the day before, and I go back to do so, all sorts of things check & uncheck. It’s becoming unusable because it’s so frustrating.
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4 years ago, iloveplantie
A must have
I have used this app for over 2 years and it is my favorite thing in my phone. It makes eating healthy food into a game and it becomes fun to add more nutrition into your meals. If you have any questions about what counts for your servings, you can look in the description (i) of each recommendation and it even links to videos and studies about different foods as well to explain more about the nutrition in an easy and interesting way. This app also doesn’t try to sell you things like other nutrition apps out there and prides it’s self on research backed guidelines. I love how easy it is to use and recommend it to all my friends.
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5 years ago, WoodyandWinston
Making it easier to do the right thing.
Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen is brilliant! A checklist is one of best ways to “make it easier to do the right thing” This is a powerful guiding principle of the Kaiser Permanente Care Management Institute. Checklists are gradually making their way into healthcare. Just as aviation checklists prevent air disasters, Dr Greger’s Daily Dozen will prevent health disasters. Keep fighting the good fight Dr Greger! We still have a long way to go. 200,000 people die annually from preventable medical mistakes, equivalent to 500 jumbo jets crashing every year. Commercial air travel kills only 0.2 people per passenger mile over 10 billion miles over 10 years. All the best! Ken Woodruff, Elwood and Winston Consulting.
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2 years ago, Spirit RG
Fact Based Eating
I enjoy simplicity. It’s difficult, at times, to deal with getting the right food for health and weight correction. The app is a straightforward check list. No matter what how well your memory functions one is certain to forget how exactly to eat right. I don’t fool around with all the myths and silly ideas about food. I can now rely on factual information through changing studies and a number stable ideas about. Eggs won’t be back and nor will butter. It’s not about pet ideas it’s about straightforward science. Keep it simple, and correct, use this app, I do! Randy G
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2 months ago, Justkimmin
Life-changer! So simple!
This app has changed my life! Eating healthy is so simple now, and making sure I check the boxes every day gives me the confidence that I’m really making a positive change. It’s much easier to focus on simple little things I can add to my diet, rather than focusing on things I should eliminate. By the time I get my daily dozen in, I usually don’t even have a desire to eat anything more, which helps me keep the more unhealthy foods out. Love this app, and the easy references it has in each food group to articles explaining the proven health benefits. Get it!!!
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5 years ago, UncoverMyEyes
So much help in this app
Not only can you keep up with the whole food you should be eating, you have all the latest nutrition research at your finger tips summarized for you by one of the top plant based doctors in the nation. If that wasn’t easy enough, he puts it all in video. They are short, made-easy-to-understand segments. You can watch just when you have a moment. But if you don’t have the time to sit, you don’t have to watch. He makes them in such a way that you can listen to them in your car. I drop off my kids for school and by the time I get home, I’ve finished an episode!
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4 years ago, East Texas wordie
Love it but...
I love and appreciate this app! I do use it daily and it has helped me so much! I only have two functionality suggestions/issues. First, since I am weighing twice daily to check that off, I’d like to be able to look at my progress over time. I have to record my weight elsewhere in order to see progress. The next issue is the most frustrating. Often when starting to record for the day, it is stuck on yesterday’s entries. I try changing the date at the top, but it pops right back to the day prior. The only way I can start anew day’s recording is to restart my iPhone. That’s frustrating. Maybe I’m missing something?!
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4 months ago, Bruce Jugan
Fantastic way to manage my diet!
I’ve tried counting calories, which works to lose weight but is exhausting, especially if one eats a variety of food that cause you to constantly look up the caloric content. With this app, on the other hand, I just record what I eat and it tells me what I should eat. I’ve lost a few pounds and I am not hungry… it’s an easy way to stay fit… and I’m 67, fit, exercise regularly and follow a plant-based diet and no alcohol consumption. I feel amazing! Oh, and I don’t take any medication.. it’s the only way to live 😊 This app helps!
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2 years ago, Klownhead
Great app! Great community
I love the work that Dr. Gregor is doing. I have some of his books although I can’t say I’ve read them cover to cover and I listen to his podcast. much like everyone using the app I to him on a path to really dial in my healthy habits. this app is a great way to check in and make sure you were doing Dr. Gregor‘s recommended daily dozen. and hey, it’s free! How cool is that? The only feature I personally wish it had, coming from a “habit tracker” perspective- might be a way to add custom habits. Perhaps something additional that you’re trying to track such as taking your prescriptions, avoiding alcohol, or smoking - journaling.
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4 years ago, M13579
Simple way to encourage healthy habits
I love this app! It is such a quick & easy way to remind & encourage users to make healthy, whole food, plant based choices. I also like how each item links to a clear definition if you can’t remember precisely foods are in each category. Additionally, it also offers the option to link back to an article for further clarification & the science behind it! If you have a desire to up your daily nutrition game, increase energy, and improve your overall health, then this app is for you. It’s simple, clear, & easy to use. Highly recommend!
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6 years ago, renlenfel
I really appreciate this app
I love having a check list for my health! I am not one to eat a lot each day so I often fall short of reaching 100% each day, so one thing that I’d appreciate even more is a more precise record keeper...in other words, I’d like to be able to look back and see, for example, that I’ve met my goal for greens most of the week, but I missed with grains, so maybe I should have oatmeal this morning instead of the green smoothie. So Instead of only seeing that I met 75% of my goals for a day, I’d love to look back and see what I missed previous days. I hope this makes sense.
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2 years ago, the old hick
The best pre-made list app on earth
This app is simple but isn’t that great! It’s no nonsense it’s free and I am so much healthier now that I am using it. It turns eating healthy into a board game of sorts. Update: been using this app for a few years now not even consistently but I feel great lost fat gained muscle my complexion is better then before I don’t get sick nearly as often as I used to it’s been really nice! Also it’s helped with my depression even when things get really hard at least my body doesn’t feel like junk.
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3 years ago, DeMuralist
Easy peasy
Clean and simple. This plan fits me well, I am losing weight without being hungry and while feeling better both physically and mentally. I would really like the app even more if there was a way to manually add some of the other tweaks he talks about in the book but felt they didn’t have enough science but couldn’t hurt (peppermint essential oil added to lotion for a nice foot rub for example). It would be great to be able to gather the ones I want to do in the same place where I am keeping track of all the other tweaks. Love that it is based on real science.
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2 years ago, VWM108
Up your healthy eating game
DailyDozen app has made a big p difference in my diet without much effort on my part. I have been mostly vegetarian for decades & trending more plant-based for the last year. What I love about the app is that it’s very simple & user friendly— and that the focus is on what to eat rather than on what to avoid. I am not a fanatic about checking every box every day, but overall the app helps me to make better (healthier & sometimes even yummier) choices than I would otherwise.
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5 years ago, bassgtr67
Great App - A little glitchy
I love the app and it definitely helps me eat more of the daily dozen foods since I’m the type of person that likes to check of accomplishes tasks and I like to compete with myself and try to improve on the totals. My only issue is that I’m an accountant and it bugs me when the number of boxes checked doesn’t equal the number of servings out of 24 listed at the top of the screen. Nit picky, I know, but hey I’m anal, what can I say? I haven’t done a lot of testing, but the first time I noticed it was when I accidentally checked something and then backed it off. Anyway, a very minor thing.
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4 years ago, A1C Hacker
Daily Dozen App
I absolutely love this app!!! I don’t say this lightly because I m not much of an app user but this app is a blessing! I started out reading How to Survive a Pandemic and I loved it so much I decided to read how not to diet. My doctor put me on a keto diet several years ago because I had high A-1 C pre-diabetic. In spite of keeping my carb intake extremely low at 20 to 30 g per day I was still unable to change my A-1 C to about 5.5. I look forward to the next three months using the DailyDozen app to check my A1 C at the end of three months! Thank you so much!
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5 months ago, cosmic mama
To infinity and beyond!
I cannot recommend this website enough. I was a yo yo dieter. I’d lose weight— as much as 80 pounds, then gain it all back plus a whole bund more. I got up to 311 before I stopped getting on the scale all together. I found the ‘How Not to Die’ cookbook and that started my PERMANENT 200 pound weight loss. I’ve gone from a 3X to a 6. And I have stayed there for years. My orthopedic surgeon refers to me as ‘my healthy one’ — bad knees from being a 300 pound high school teacher. Just do this. Seriously. Just do this.
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5 years ago, OwlsRgreat!!
Great Recipes
I really have enjoyed every recipe I have tried. All of them were delicious and easy to make. (Just a lot of chopping). My husband who is not on the vegan kick start loved the collards and red beans. I added a half of a poblano and it was great. The curry with cauliflower and potatoes was outstanding. I did not miss the meat at all. All of the videos have been helpful too. I really liked the one that shows short cuts and time savers. I will be preparing my vegetables in advance to save time when I need to make dinner or lunch. Thank you for this great app!
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8 years ago, Kikisumire
Greens check, berries check, beans check!
Thank you for making this awesome tool available! I love tracking my food throughout the day and seeing where I'm lacking in my diet. I also like that it tells you how big your serving sizes should be. I gave it 4 stars because I wish you could track your food for the whole week instead of starting over each day and not saving your previous days. It would be helpful to see where you improve! Second I wish it had half servings as well because sometimes I spread my serving size over a couple meals.
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2 years ago, MinnesotaBirder
I Feel So Much Better!
I read “How Not To Die” by Dr. Greger and changed my lifestyle as a result. I love that his app does not include any ads, because his organization is non-profit. My personal results have included more daily energy, a more optimistic mood, and an effortless weight loss of 10 pounds. I am looking forward to having my cholesterol checked in a few months - I believe it will be lower due to the healthy changes I have made. The best part is that I am really enjoying my meals.
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8 months ago, Kai-Everett
Helpful tool in recovery from EDs 😊
It’s been so helpful to have a marker on making healthy choices and eating so many healthful foods that it’s hard to eat junk food, rather than restricting and binging. I just find it mildly annoying that on the ones that require multiple servings, you can’t check them off individually. You have to keep a mental note of how many servings of a certain category until you can check it off, or check it off and hopefully don’t forget to get that extra serving in.
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2 years ago, OldMan75orbust!
Science Driving Action
I’ve gained and lost and gained weight my whole life. I’ve been swayed by dietary arguments made by friends, commercials, advertisements, etc. I start…but end up giving up. But this time, I’m guided by science made simple…and I feel whole in my effort to regain health. I’m down 19 pounds in a little over a month…and have miles to go. But I’m not anxious; rather, I’m balanced and invigorated with Dr. Greger’s amazing tool. Use it. Be confident in the science behind it. And you’ll see it works.
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2 years ago, Joy 0210
Eating right has never been easier!
My rule is I can’t have anything not on the list until I had at least 20 checks. I have struggled with eating right and tracking what I’ve eaten forever. I always give up when my schedule I gets too busy. This is simple and lets me know I’ve eaten what my body needs. And as long as I eat this way my blood pressure stays in check actually better than when I was on meds. Good is my medicine. I love it.
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5 years ago, LawyerGrrl
What I’ve been looking for
This app is almost exactly what I have been looking for: a simple, straightforward way to tick off the servings of anti-inflammatory foods I eat daily. I would love it if there was a way to customize the list somewhat, like adding “mushrooms” or “turmeric “ as a daily choice based on my personal health concerns or goals, or adding more checkboxes to a habit if I want, or even being able to add other healthy habits like exercise or sleep goals. I love the information, the videos, and the simplicity of use, and I would happily pay for those added features.
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6 years ago, Rdprincess
Love it but have one suggestion!
I love the app and all that it does to track your daily intake of everything you need to live a healthy full life. But I do have one suggestion. I use myfitnesspal religiously to track my food, and I forget about this app a lot, but If there were an option to link a myfitnesspal app to this app to automatically input data from one into the other..that way I could use this app to go back to track that I am getting all I need to live at my healthiest! If you could get them to work together that would be a game changer!!
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7 years ago, Siname
I love you guys right now!
This could not have come at a better time for me! I've been struggling to figure out what plants I had to have each day and this makes tracking so easy. Plus I know it's a solid list since it comes with Dr. Greger's recommendation! Also while I agree with others that keeping a record to see patterns where you're falling short would be nice I also understand that this app was also a labor of love created by volunteers. So with it being free and no ads I'm not going to complain at all! Thank you all so much for putting this together!!! Oh one other suggestion cause I'm a mom-track multiple people on the same app. That way I could track what my kids care tackers feed them as well and know what I need to give as snacks and such to fill the gaps. But just an idea of you ever try to enhance the app any. :)
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6 years ago, Brii9
Great App!
I love how easy this app is to use and how simple it is. My only issue so far is that once it's midnight all of your data for the day is swiped. This isn't very suitable for people with different schedules like myself who works until 2am and doesn't get to sleep until 3 or 4 most nights, unfortunately. It would be great if you could alter the time that the day refreshes. Otherwise it's a great checklist for people who want to keep track of and eat a well balanced whole plant foods diet. Thanks Dr Greger! :)
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3 years ago, Zqwxcervbtynmuiop
Amazing app by the way, very helpful. I used to eat nothing but potatoes and ketchup. This app saved my life. Anyways, I suggest implementing a negative score for food groups you miss out on. Kind of like how you get a positive score for getting a particular food group multiple days in a row, you should get a negative score for missing a food group multiple days in a row. It would better incentivize me to keep my diet balanced even if I can’t get all the food groups in one day.
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1 year ago, 5am fitness gal
Investment in me
My physical in January 2022 showed increased cholesterol. High cholesterol is something that my mom and several of my siblings have as well. I started faithfully using the DailyDozen and many of the tweaks since the 15th of January. By February 22, 2022 I had lost 17 pounds. I also had a cold which normally causes trouble for me because I have asthma it was gone in just a few days. I had my physical in February 2023 and all my lab values are normal and my LDL CHOLESTEROL dropped 50 points! Thank you Dr. Greger
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4 years ago, vicare70
Simple & Effective
Dr. Greger is obviously a very well known nutritionist and epidiologist. This app is great for people who want to be healthy and don’t want to get into a whole new system, like counting calories. The meals in the app are very nutritious and healthy! With all the food recommendations he gives you will no doubt get all your necessary nutrients. With this app don’t worry if you’re not getting enough nutrients. This is a whole food plant-based diet. My blood tests came out great and I’m very proud. This is a 5 star!
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4 years ago, SweetBabyCheeses
Love and suggestions...
So easy to keep track of foods and exercise, and that gets the love! BUT how do I get to the monthly chart where it tells me if I’ve had all the servings, by putting a colored dot on the days? Why doesn’t it sync iPad with iPhone? How do I erase a day on the column charts (it put an extra day column in between 1/24 and today, 1/25, and that column shows zero activity)? On both iPad and iPhone, it won’t flip between calendar-based charts. I’ve been playing with it enough that I should have found its features by now...
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6 years ago, Errys Frondarina
Easy to use but needs improvement
Add more functionality and make the UI more user friendly. Maybe instead of having to scroll down, show all the tick boxes on one page. The date is hard to change since it’s on the top of the screen. Add the ability to see daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly trends. Add visuals to show how much “130 grams of beans” to give a sense of scale. Add more foods in each category. Add recipes under each food type. There’s a lot more to improve but I haven’t seen many updates for this app.
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6 years ago, Jmc_51
A great way to stay on track!
If you’re trying to eat a healthy, whole food, plant based diet and want to make sure you’re getting all the necessary nutrients this app is so easy to use! It tells you how many servings, the size of each serving. It even has educational videos for many foods so you know why they are so important to your body. Just check the servings off as you go through your day. It’s so easy!
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