DrChrono OnPatient Portal

Health & Fitness
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75.9 MB
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Current version
drchrono Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for DrChrono OnPatient Portal

2 out of 5
17 Ratings
1 year ago, ephelan_
Limited app with pointless “features“
Appointments and Messaging are the only reasons to use this app. As a user, I have zero control over my profile. What poor design. I have OTHER doctors and OTHER medications that I cannot add. I can’t add any immunizations either. Billing is empty but I’m definitely getting charged. I can’t even change the card on file or see any billing history. I feel like this app was created just to say “we have an app!”
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2 months ago, JenoPsychNP
Poor maintenance and interactivity with EHR
I utilize EHR, DrChrono for my private practice. Onpatient has so many flaws with not letting patients see their information I put on the portal. When you want to drop a report, you only can do one at a time. Many of my patients can’t even get their image and demographic information to load. Even my Apple users struggle. Lately, patients can’t even see documents sent to them. When you want to upload documents for them to fill out, you can differentiate of this is for new patients or not. They need to improve the product and work with DrChrono to fix this ASAP.
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3 years ago, jxj313
Convenient when features work
I appreciate being able to check my appointments and medications as well as being able to send messages directly to providers. However, for the past three days, messages have stopped working. I spent a considerable amount of time composing a detailed message to update my provider and when I finished and clicked send the app's response was, 'Oops. Message wasn't sent successfully, try again'? Every attempt over the past three days has resulted in the same failure to send. There is no clear way to contact support from what I could find.
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1 year ago, Doabetter123
Horrible app
If I could leave 0 stars I would I have been waiting almost 3 weeks for test results and no I’m the office seems to understand the app. The app deletes information and there is no way to find your doctor worst design ever and not safe for people who need to see their lab results. I will just have to do an entire new test to get new results where they don’t use this silly app. Extremely dissatisfied
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10 months ago, ~PBare
definitely NOT a well written Application
Possibly on the backend the medical profession can utilize the data requested. However, the functionality for the individual user is absolutely pathetic. Multiple errors and constant problems on every level. Worst application I have come across in years. FYI: there really are professional developers available that produce functional products.
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2 years ago, badddy
Thanks Dr Ira Goodman
He has been treating me for almost 22 years and he is one of the best pain management Dr. In the state of Illinois and without him I would have been dead 22 years ago he is one of the best pain management Dr.s in the state he is component Dr. I have ever meant!!
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10 months ago, CAKello
MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS READ THIS! Poor design/No regard for user ease
Onpatient application is clearly designed for app designers, not for users. Patient documents are hidden in appointments when they are obviously front page welcome worthy. The online version is worse. When choosing documents, users are presented with app technical information. Patient input is limited to inconsequential data. Messaging seems to be the purpose of this app. There are much better options available.
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7 months ago, Tristan97420
This app is literally useless
I can’t use any of the features, my doctor sent me my medical documents and my inbox is just empty and I can’t even reply or get in contact with anyone cause there’s no contact info, how is this even legal?
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7 months ago, Becky Creighton
Doesn’t work
My doctors office sent me a link and when I created account the site didn’t show I was connected to any doctors. I couldn’t fill out any information prior to my visit. Great concept, just needs to work.
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12 months ago, wandaaaaaamgf
Waste of time
This app doesn’t give you detailed medical records like the other apps. My other physicians has a much more detailed app which gives you notes after each visit.
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1 year ago, RM4900
Worst Ever
If I was a medical practitioner I would be ashamed to use this product. I am struck by the poor pt information entry capability compared to a host of other apps I use. Limited medical information capability and limited Rx. Serious lack of profile control capability for pt.
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5 months ago, DuchessOfEarle
This app is confusing and not easy to use. Information displays so poorly it’s unreadable. Needs more development, I’m not even sure how this app made it through the App Store approval process.
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5 months ago, Byurules84
Does not work
Downloaded and it won’t let me log in. Deleted the app, logged in, even changed the password and it won’t let me log in. Fix this app!
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8 months ago, D Sugar Kopplin Easley
This app is HORRIBLE!
Do not waste your time downloading this app. It is better using the website as this app is not a fully functional, reliable source for your medical records.
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1 year ago, NellyBellWHS
After installing this app and going to their online website I was unable to log out. I then received a ransom ware email. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
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1 year ago, darianam
poorly made app
my password seems to be wrong and every time i ask for an email to reset it, they simply won’t send the email to do so, now i’m locked out and can’t see any results of consultations and labs i paid for.
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8 months ago, Daisy4jen
Horrible App
Just horrible; never loads nor works.
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1 month ago, Hopefully Playing Soon
Help. Network error
Cannot check in for my appt.
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10 years ago, Rev.WJFM
Used to be 5 Stars - Now…...
This app used to be my one stop shop for content updates to my child’s doctor by sending secure emails from my iPhone and receiving messages and scheduling appointments within the app - the newest update of the app has revoked these features and now is basically useless on my iPhone. I have to log in from my home computer to use the OnPatient website to correspond with my child’s Dr and Schedule appointments. This app in a information only app that allows for collection of data from your phone, but as I am contacting a doctor for my child and not myself, the integration of the biometric info is totally useless to me. So disappointed in this newest version of the app. - the “support” link on the app store only takes you to the inpatient site that has not way of contacting tech support. Totally useless Needs Attention.
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11 years ago, LDMartin1959
Description lies, or company doesn't know their own product
Company has either lied in their description of this app or their support people know nothing about their app: If you read the description of the app it is VERY CLEAR they claim it is for patients, not specifically (or exclusively) for doctors and medical staff. Yet, when you contact their support they will tell you that it is *NOT* designed for anyone to use except doctors and medical staff. Additionally, it appears that if your doctor, pharmacy, et cetera, is not on their list of providers (and it seems a rather limited list) YOU CAN'T MANUALLY ENTER THE INFORMATION. What?? Are you kidding? This is supposed to be where I can store my personal health/medical information and I can only list a doctor if they have subscribed to the DrChrono service???? Who designed this app and what were they thinking???
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7 years ago, sdruest
Great potential, needs improving
We love having onpatient access to our provider. It helps when at specialists and saves me time waiting for phone calls back. I love being able to send photos and updates directly to the office! We do not love that you can't synchronize more than one patient per account, making it impossible as a family of 5. We also don't like how limiting the app is vs the web. Dr. Chrono seems like a great tool, they just need to be more user friendly. Please allow synchronized patients for parents!
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9 years ago, SoCal Patient
First, there is no obvious way to log out once logged in so anyone has access to my health info unless I delete the app. Second, once the initial profile is completed by the patient, there is no way to edit it. Third, I tried to "read" the HIPAA statement but could not close it. When I tried to back out, I was sent to different screens and basically locked out. Much of the information I entered now does not appear in any field. I'm giving an extra star because the email function works nicely.
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2 years ago, Crystalline fox
Terrible & almost useless
Many of the problems listed by reviewers years ago are still problems today. The app does not seem to communicate with the online version. I sign into the app & my data fails to fully appear on the app. In the Online version, I’m connected to a doctor, on the app I’m told repeatedly to connect with a doctor ( even tho I already am) much of my data is missing or incorrect & I am unable to correct it on this “read only” app. It is totally not user friendly &useless to me as it stands. There are other glaring issues, but other reviewers have listed them repeatedly.
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8 years ago, owner1989
Quick and Easy
This is such a great way to allow patients to upload all of their information from the comfort of their own home. Instead of having to fill out all these forms in the doctors office, you can do it at home. So when you get into the doctor office you can be seen by the doctor sooner because you don't have to fill out and paperwork! Great Application.
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7 years ago, skipcress
Can't get app support
I hate to write bad reviews, but the "Health Data" tab doesn't seem to work (whenever I go to the tab, it asks if I want to "Set Up Data Sharing" or "Decide Later," but both options just return me to the "Profile" tab), and I can't find any way via the app or the website to get developer support for this app. I'm actually just hoping somebody reads this review
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9 years ago, theSquashSH
Why isn’t this a standard!?
This should be a standard across the US, it would be incredible if all doctors made their records accessible through an app as easy as this one. Also, according to their tech support, they are adding back in the message your doctor feature soon (which is pretty essential).
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11 years ago, Sacred Way
Hope I can use it in the future
I have a critical illness that makes traveling difficult. This looked like a good app for me especially after reading all the reviews. Unfortunately, my doctors will not share and the hospitals do not want to be bothered. This might be something that can be legislated in the future to make health care more accessible, affordable, and allow the patients to be knowledgeable of their issues.
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3 years ago, Padmananda
Can never get in twice on ipad!
While this app intends to provide a very useful service, it fails miserably on the ipad. I can sign in only once, and then it gives me a ‘fatal error’ message when I try to go in again. It requires me to delete the app and re-download in order to get in again. It seems to work on the iPhone, however pages of test results are much easier to read on an ipad. Doctor’s offices want you to use it, yet they can provide no support for it. Ugh.
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5 years ago, RubenMartinez09
Challenge to attach photos
Challenges with attaching photos, which could be useful to your doctor. - Only does square photos when your phone likely took a vertical photo - Trying to Attach a photo seems to clear the subject line of your message - The photo doesn’t actually seem to attach to your message, even though it has you go through the workflow
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12 years ago, ThaliaKemp
I love the features
I love the features this app offers, my favorite is I don't have to call my doctor, I just schedule it through here. I hate making phone calls at work to schedule appointments to see my doctor, now it is just through this app.
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8 years ago, kivatinos
A usable personal health record.
I love the fact that the app keeps moving fast and enhancements are coming out. A simple, usable personal health record, best I have seen, period. You need to tell your doctor to use the drchrono app as well to chat with them!
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10 years ago, TallyKat
Finally a very useful App!
I am always on the go but I always have my iPhone. I love having a way to manage my healthcare info. It seems doctor's office are always the last with technology communicate. I really found a "find" with this app.
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11 years ago, wurzelgogerer
Finally a PHR from the makers of the excellent iPad EHR
Great looking app so far! Love all the features and can't wait to connect with my doctor using the passbook integration. This is indeed a very unique and innovative way to share my medical information with my provider!!
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11 years ago, Mzchiu
Great user experience
You can check-in so much more efficiently with this app, save time and money checking-in patients with this! It's a huge time saver. Compared to some of the other programs like Phreesia, this is definitely a step up.
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10 years ago, Tumblejerm
Beautiful new update, REMOVED EMAIL function! Largest feature now remove?!
The best way to correspond to my doctor has been removed. I cannot find anywhere to read/write e-mails to my doctor! Please put this feature back! The touch ID login is really nice! But, without the e-mail function it makes the app useless! Please fix ASAP!
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10 years ago, Grealch
Not every health problem merits scheduling a 30 minute long appointment with your doctor. Sharing snippets of health indicators really help, especially with chronic health conditions. Saves my time, saves the doctor's time.
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10 years ago, kp53
can't register
was excited about trying this app, but can't. after downloading, it opens with a log-in screen. I haven't registered yet because I just got it. and it won't let me open it to register. no help at website--it also requires a registered email. can't find a way to contact the company for support. even if I'm doing something wrong it shouldn't be this hard to figure out.
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8 years ago, Ky1ek
A great way to manage my patients. I love the onpatient application because it allows me to keep communication with my patients and provide better care. This is a must have for those drchrono users.
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10 years ago, DrRocky1012
Great patient check-in
This app allows my patients to see data from anywhere, makes my life a bit easier.
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4 years ago, RatiugRednef
Great App!
From rescheduling an appointment, messaging my dr. and having access to my medical history, it makes everything really convenient. I highly recommend this app!
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12 years ago, DianaBrazee
Great app!
I created an account to track my senior father. I message with his doctor, its great when I have questions. Recommend to tell your doctor to use, great for asking questions. Great app!
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11 years ago, GuyOnABuffalo
Simply amazing!
I hope every doctor starts using this service. By far the easiest way to check in, complete paperwork, etc. No more clipboards with endless forms for me! Great app!
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11 years ago, m_silvera
Super easy
This is the medical Evernote of healthcare, I just take pictures of all of my medical records and put them into this app! I pull it up when I see a doctor. So easy.
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12 years ago, BerylSchuer
best one
I've used a few PHRs in my time, this is the best one I have seen, works on the iPhone. Keeps track of everything. Hope to have it sync with fitbit at some point!
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9 years ago, SeriousSam88
Good way to keep track of health data
Easy and simple to use. Makes you want to manage your health data.
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3 years ago, unable to submit this
Can’t add a doctor and doctors office can’t even help
I’ve downloaded and deleted and redox loaded the app multiple times to try to resolve the issue of not being able to add a doctor or view any information. The dr office was not helpful bc they can’t see the patient’s view. Nonfunctional app that needs to either be fixed or dumped.
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10 years ago, fftq
Nice design and easy to use
This app looks great. Looking forward to using it more with my doctor, and hopefully with Watch integration later :).
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12 years ago, MagnoliaDema
I kept my paper medical records but would always forget them when going to new doctors, this app is amazing. Now I just bring this to the doctors office.
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8 years ago, Thoughtful driver
Hook it up to apple health!
Love being able to chat with my dr via app but even cooler is that through the app I can share some biometrics too! Straight from my Fitbit!
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12 years ago, SofiaMeltza
Overall good app
Overall good app. Before this I kept most of medical record infomation in Google Health, there is not more Google Health so I moved my medical record data over to onpatient.
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