Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

Health & Fitness
4.5 (150.2K)
45.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Phoenix Games LLP
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
7.1 or later
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User Reviews for Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

4.51 out of 5
150.2K Ratings
8 months ago, Elmentirosojaja
Not bad pretty simple nothing extra but that’s what I was looking for
It’s pretty good basically you choose your weight, male/female, live in hit/cold climate, hops im lot missing one. Anyhow after inputting all that info they’ll come up with how much water you have to drink according to whatever you put. (I don’t know how accurate this is) Then it asks you what size the water bottle/container your using yo drink out of is, in either ml or oz you can pick n choose. Then a water bottle pops up with the oz/ml you had put and as you go about your day it had a drink water button and you put how much out of your bottle your drank, 1 oz/ml, 2oz/ml, etc. (it’s like a drag type of style, shows a water bottle with a line running from the cap to the bottom and you drag down how much you’ve drunken through out the day) has notifications and that’s about it. nothing fancy but exactly what I was looking for.
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2 years ago, WaterGoalSetter
Not user friendly
I have the app on my phone and watch, and I’m not impressed with either app version. On my phone, it won’t let me change my bottle size - it has a spot to change it but then on the main screen it’s still set to a different size. When drinking water, I can’t just select 8 or 20 or however many oz, I have to say how much is left in my bottle. On my watch, I can just select the number of oz and it subtracts it for me. However, that’s all I can do in there - see how much I have left to drink and mark how much I drank. I can’t see or do anything else beyond the single view. To select the number of oz in the watch app, I need to scroll the crown/dial on the watch, which could be fine if it weren’t a super touchy scroll - it’s hard to adjust it just 1 more oz if you’re trying to get from say 19 to 20 as your selection. It also doesn’t say in either app how much I did drink (says how much is left to reach my goal), and am wondering what happens if I drink more than my goal. I’ve used this for 2 days now and I couldn’t identify a way in either app to erase or adjust the amount of you accidentally selected the wrong amount, which is in part why I didn’t just scroll to drink more than my goal out of curiosity. And lastly, I went in the phone app to view History, but the only way it’s letting me view it is if I leave a review. Well, you asked for it so here’s your review. I don’t recommend this app. Find a different one.
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4 years ago, Enthous
I see the last update to this app was 2 years ago so this seems like a waste of time but here goes. I just downloaded and so far I’m underwhelmed. The Help button takes you to their FB page, hardly helpful. Everything sees to be based in a bottle but I don’t get it. Why? I drink 12 oz if water and a virtual bottle shows a proportion empty. What does the app care how I get the water? If I drink a cup of coffee the level in the bottle goes down. Huh? There are bugs that must have been there forever. When I tap glass of water (this is how I drink water) it shows a 7 oz glass and I can’t find a way to change that. If I tap coffee there are overlayed characters with volume sizes from both coffee and water so they’re unreadable. All this is not so bad since most the time I would update from my watch, which defaults to (????) 2 ounces! It’s easy to change using the dial but why can’t I set the default ? Every time I want to update I have to dial to my glass size. Ugh. Last but not least the iPad app doesn’t have e a landscape mode and doesn’t sync with the phone so it’s only useful if you want an iPad only experience. All this and I’ve only been using it for about an hour. I’m still shopping. Will update this review if I find I missed something good but that still shows how poor the help is.
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5 years ago, N'verinder
Watch Interface is Fine, Phone App Needs Work
*EDIT* I have deleted this app after 24 hours. Even the watch interface stopped working correctly. Scrolling the Digital Crown would change the amount of ounces, and the app would reset it back to a minimum. Tried to force shutdown and try again, but didn’t fix the issue. I’m using a different water tracking app now, and it’s already proven much more effective and user-friendly than this one. Setup is easy right up until you encounter the “water bottle” interface. As best as I can figure, the app assumes you’re drinking out of the same size bottle all of the time. Simply not ideal, for me or many others I would guess. I use a 24oz bottle at the gym, a 32 in the office, and a 20 at home. I have the interface set to a 32 oz bottle, but I have to use the watch interface exclusively to log how many ounces I’m drinking. I log when I finish a bottle, period. Using the phone interface require “filling” the bottle, and some backwards math when you log your H2O: you don’t really select the amount you want to drink, you select the amount left in the bottle? It makes very little sense, and makes the phone interface useless. The watch app does what I need it to do however, and it updates my Health app with my intake instantly. For free. So, 3 stars.
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4 years ago, MortK1603
So far ok
As a teacher, I need reminders to drink water so I wanted to try something free before I commit to any money spent. I downloaded this app this morning and already appreciate that it does remind me. I can ignore it if I’m busy at the time, but it helps keep water drinking in my mind. I don’t like a few things, however. I don’t like that it’s confusing how to add additional water/liquid I’ve consumed apart from the water bottle sitting at my desk...ie prior to downloading the app...that was not intuitive. I also don’t like that the provided measurements are not realistic to amounts I drink and I cannot tell how to change them. For example, when I go in to add a glass of water, I want to add 12 or 16 oz, but I’m given the option of a “glass” as 7oz or “1/2 a glass” as 3 oz. Neither apply!!! I want to just be able to add “16 oz of water” or 8oz...you know, ONE CUP. 8 oz is a cup...not 7. That’s confusing. I’ll keep messing with it and maybe I can figure out a work-around. I also do t like having to write a review in order to view my “history”...but I guess it gets the company a review.
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6 years ago, Biteycat.com
Well the app is very well thought out, i can see what the designer was going for, but its not quite there; the app is buggy, the ads are annoying and tedious when you’re navigating the screens, especially during the initial set up when you have to change screens a lot. and again the app is buggy, it locks up, the num pad doesnt have an ‘enter’ button, so the box doesnt return when you’re done entering a number, you have to change tabs/pages and - boom another ad, then change back to the page where you can edit your settings, boom another ad. also it seems that the times the reminders doesn't adjust to your real schedule but is really just preset. i think a lot more math and calculation is needed here but the programmer didn’t want to spend the time to implement that... to me the subtle details make or break this app. in its current form i cannot see paying for it, or giving it higher than a 2 - i could literally program a reminder - alarm in my phone to do what it does, except i would then need to manually log the water in health kit... cool concept, sloppy execution, please continue to improve this app.
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5 years ago, Grnjag
Great app to manage water intake
After over a week using app I’m pretty pleased. It would be nice if they added smoothies and wine to the list of drinks, also give you option to adjust quantity for each type of drink. Otherwise I’m very happy with this app. Don’t know if the climate (hot or cold) function adjusts the amount of water you should drink, because in hot climates you really need more water which I logically adjust for. I thought I was getting enough water but found I was way off. Your weight divided by 3 times 2 should be your target to start. I’m sure with increased exercise and heat you might consume more. Also found out it takes three months to get your body fully hydrated and another three month to get your cells fully hydrated. So it makes sense to have an app to remind you. I live in very hot dry climate so this is especially important.
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5 years ago, DeniseDBH9
Writing review just to use the calendar feature?
I don’t usually write reviews. This app is just ok so far, It is buggy and I often can’t get it to finish a bottle which results in me have to start over on a new bottle and somehow the water amounts get messed up. No way that I can tell to see how much water you’ve drank so far, can only see how much more you need to drink. Wish you could do it both ways. I also don’t like the fact that I have to constantly figure out how much I drank and subtract that from the water bottle you set at the beginning. I drink out of different glasses, cups and water bottles. So this app is tedious for me to use. It’s probably fine if you drink out of the same container all day.... Now I’m annoyed because I wanted to look at what I drank yesterday and a message popped up saying to write a 5 star review. Maybe I misinterpreted this but I’m uninstalling now with so many other water apps out there. I’m not writing a review, especially a 5 star review, just to use a feature. I don’t mind paying for features now, but don’t ask me to do something I don’t like doing.
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4 years ago, MomoRollerblade
Started off great then started glitching
I downloaded this app to use on my Apple Watch. The first two weeks was great, you set up what times you want to be reminded and you record the amount of water you have currently drank using the side dial on the watch. A couple days after January 1st, 2020 I began having issues using the app on my Apple Watch. After receiving a reminder to drink, I grabbed my water and took a few gulps then clicked on the notification on my watch and attempted to put in 3 oz. This became impossible as the the dial on the side would initially move to that amount I had selected but then shortly went back to the standard 6 oz. Even if I decided to accept that I could only input 6 oz, after clicking the “Drink Water” button the “Today I Still Need To Drink” would briefly decline with the 6oz removed then immediately go back to 83 oz. Please fix this glitch. Love the app and want to be able to use it continuously. Added note: if you uninstall the app on your watch and then reinstall it the app will work for a couple days then the glitch happens again.
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7 years ago, Wumpnutt
Great reminder app! Works with Apple Watch!
I love this app for reminding me to drink enough water and improve my overall health from it. It works with Apple Watch, so I get notifications even if I’m too busy to check my phone. I LOVE that the developers have even thought of allowing users to choose how often notification happens, what the notification sound is, and even what the notification actually says! I would’ve rated it 5 stars if It didn’t require me to write a review in order to use all of its functions, EVEN after I’d paid for the full version. Also, it took me a minute to figure out how to use the bottle on the home page it looks like it should fill up the bottle the more you drink. But it’s actually how you choose how much water you are entering that you drank. Maybe I missed a tutorial on that though (I tend to skip over those sometimes.) Worth downloading though and paying for the full version!
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2 years ago, FLOWens7
Great Goal Setter & Simple-To-Use
This app is perfect for anyone who is looking to achieve their own personal goal through water intake everyday. The simplicity of the app makes it easy-to-use and fun to compete against yourself. Highly recommend if you are trying to stay motivated to drink your water and reach your intake goal everyday. The app also lets you customize your water supply level in ounces or millimeters, as well as select the different types of drinks you intake on a daily basis. This app also syncs to the Health App which is a huge plus if you are an analytically driven individual who enjoys tracking every single thing you put into your body. The Pro-Version is a one-time $1.99 fee to remove adds. The only downfall of the app is you have to write a review for 5 stars to unlock the calendar feature.
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3 years ago, Anonymous-05
This has definitely helped!
I have found that in the past I have not been drinking enough water so I started looking for a way that could help change that. As I was looking I can across Drink Water Reminder. I saw that I got pretty good reviews compared to some of the other water trackers that I found. One thing that I also loved that it was totally free so I tried it out. So far it has helped me a lot and I have gone from drinking little to no water to now drinking about 3 hours a day! I like how I am able to set reminders because then if I haven’t been drinking in the last hour to half hour I am reminded to do so. It also makes me feel so accomplished when I get to fill out the water bottle scale that shows me how much water I have left to drink to meet my daily goal. Overall I definitely recommend this app.
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7 years ago, Jolly Mommy
Helpful, but could use a few upgrades
I do find this app useful in reminding me to drink my water throughout the day, and I also like how it works with my Apple Watch as well. I would like to see it be easier to record exactly how much you drink at each sitting, or with each reminder, as well as making the picture of the bottle with the measurements on it go up to 40 ounces, since 30 and 40 ounce water bottles are common. Mine is 30 oz, and it’s inconvenient to have to record it twice in order to get all 30 ounces to show up. Also, because it’s not simple enough to record how much I drink each time, I have to wait until I finish the entire bottle before I record it, and it’s not really that accurate because sometimes on the fly (I’m a nurse, so everything I do for myself is “on the fly”) I’ll drink a quick 4 or 8 ounce cup that I don’t have time to figure out on the water bottle picture with the slider thing, since I’m usually drinking from my 30 oz bottle.
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2 years ago, Hydrated Harry
Mostly good
Tracking water intake with just a water bottle and small water glasses is fine. Setting the water bottle size at initial setup in the faulty U/I overrides typing in actual volume. Additional basic water container sizes are not included, so you have to “fake” water intake from the water bottle level to track disposable containers, like cans. The app should allow people to enter container sizes to make this easy, since labeling includes milliliters and ounces. Also need to “fake” daily target water intake above actual target to see data that exceeded actual target intake, otherwise app limits data reporting. Being blackmailed to write a 5-star rating with a review to see data is the annoying point I’m at now. I’m trying to make my life easier here. Way to complicate things and make me want to move to the next app (3rd water tracking app I’ve tried).
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6 years ago, Mesc1977
Still working out details
It’s actually kind of silly for the app maker to insist upon a review less than 24 hours after I download the app. Right now, it appears glitchy and difficult to manipulate; I do not yet know if it will be useful in the long run. I do not know if my issues are user error or app weaknesses; but since every time I open the app, I am interrupted with an insistence upon reviewing the app here you go... So far; it doesn’t communicate accurately between the phone and watch. The watch is more user friendly except that the numbers are wrong because I had already entered data on the phone that day; which did not transfer to the phone. The math seems backward. While I appreciate a countdown, I don’t know exactly how much I’m drinking at a time and I’m trying to double check between the watch and phone so I’m having to do a lot of extra math. I hope this app works out, but it may just be more work than it is worth.
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6 years ago, Eribbets
Very good for bariatric recovery
I had bariatric surgery less than a week ago and am struggling to get all of my water in each day, which is a very serious problem as that’s most of my diet at the moment. I looked through several apps and selected this one because I can create such frequent reminders, and I need to be sipping water throughout the day. I can also turn off sets of reminders during the times when I need to take a break from water before/after protein shakes. The app does need a good bit of polishing, but it’s a solid tool and I went ahead and purchased it. My #1 issue is that the water bottle size cannot be set to less than 16 oz unless you switch over to mL, and the bottle on the main screen is small, so it’s a little difficult to make those small adjustments (1-2 oz at a time is my limit). This should in no way prevent you from getting the app, however.
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3 years ago, barbedwire&bows
Nice little guy
This is a nice little app! I really like it and am pleasantly pleased. I downloaded to help obviously remind myself to drink water. I am an avid coffee drinker and my body over quarantine has definitely paid for the extra intake of caffeine. I used to be a water-holic and somewhere along the road it changed.I went on the App Store and was just looking for some thing easy to use, I gave notifications, and was compatible with my watch. I found this. I like that I can set a reminder for however often I want. I also enjoy that the intake amount is based off of your gender, your height, and your weight. When I don’t have my phone with me I can also just add my intake to my watch whenever it sends me a notification to drink more water. It’s basic, but in this instance basic is really good and beneficial.
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4 years ago, suh_m0an
Agreeing with Some of the Other Reviewers
Great potential. Definitely buggy. I was changing the notification sound and it would force close every time I played one. I didn’t get annoyed because I read the reviews and expected some kind of mishaps. Also, I like the look of it, but I feel like the interface can better explained. I had to mess around with the “drink water” part to fully get it. I did notice that you cannot change the amount of water you expect to drink without it changing your weight or vice versa 🤷🏾‍♀️ ... For now, this is good enough. I got a HydroMate water bottle and their app is absurd. Being able to track my water while using the water bottle really helps. I also like that it syncs with the health app. I only typed this review because I wanted to view the “history” on the calendar. I cannot see myself buying the full version as it is now. Did I read correctly that it hasn't been updated in a year?
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4 years ago, JCrista
A Life Changing App For Me
When I first moved to Florida, even with the heat, I was barely drinking 32 oz of water a day. It wasn’t until I lost my left kidney to two separate massive kidney stones and was told I have Stage 3 Moderate Kidney disease that I got serious. The kidney doctor told me I had to drink 104 oz of water a day. The well water down here is not drinkable and I detest water anyway so I wasn’t sure what to do. I finally started buying the carbonated canned waters that have no salt, no sugar, no calories. Initially I hated it every time the “drink water” alarm would go off. Still, at the risk of losing my remaining good kidney, I dutifully choked own a few ounces at the alarm. After a few months, of sticking with it, I am now easily finishing six 16 oz. containers of water daily. I still have a little way to go, but this app has saved my remaining kidney.
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4 years ago, Daboardgirl
Day One Feedback
I knew I wanted to find an app that could slightly be tailored to me as an individual meaning let me plug in my weight, bottle size and maybe some lifestyle elements, and then get a recommended daily target. Well, I can do two of the three with this app, and you can also set weather (only two options though). The notifications have been cool; I wish I had a smart watch for true integration because I don’t always keep my phone on me, but you can sync this app with Apple’s Health app. I don’t like that the screen doesn’t refresh itself. I have to go out of the app and back in, or maybe to another screen within the app and come back to my “water bottle”. And I accidentally touched the screen and it moved my water line, so I will certainly be off today, so be careful of doing anything beyond clicking “Drink Water” and “Refill”. Initial rating: 4/5
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4 years ago, ReneeBossLady
Great for visual learners
One of the hardest parts of trying to drink enough water for me is remembering. Then there is another issue where sometimes my son who is two years old and loves to drink with mommy drinks, tends to drink out of my glass. This app is awesome! I can show what I drink based off of the size of my bottle and how much water was in there to begin with and how much it looks like when I’m done. I have 32 ounce bottles that are unmarked, so this way I can track my water as I drink it rather than waiting until I drink the whole bottle to church the whole 32 ounces. It is amazing! Then if something happens to my bottle and I have to refill it or start with a clean bottle I can simply refill it and start over without it affecting the water that I am tracking in my charting. Great intervention for a chronically dehydrated person LOL🤗🙄🤩🤩🤩🤩
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3 years ago, kittty cat 54670
This app is very very helpful
How is it helpful you may ask when he gives me my reminder to drink water it makes a noise and it helps me get on a schedule with drinking water I’ve had this app for a couple months now and I just want to say for anybody reading this review that get this app because of how helpful it can be I know it’s tedious just to download an app and get reminders drink water and you can just do that yourself but it really makes a difference because if you can’t always get on a schedule drinking water this really does help you get on a schedule so please think about making a difference in your schedule and telling this app this is the best app that you ever get it free so that’s my review.
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5 years ago, CClickity
Pretty good app, but watch features need work
Love the way the interface allows you to adjust the mount of water in your bottle as you drink. I do wish it had the option to refill before the bottle is completely empty, as I often take advantage of a refill station whenever the opportunity arises, topping off even if there is still water in my bottle. My biggest criticism is the Apple Watch integration. It only allows you to log 3oz at a time and doesn’t clearly show that the entry has registered. The only way to be sure you have logged a drink is to check the tiny “oz remaining” number and make sure it changes. I wish the watch interface was more like that of the phone, but I realize that’s a big ask. All in all, the best free water tracker I’ve found with somewhat decent watch integration and I’ve tried several.
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4 years ago, VortexJszaGaming
Honest review by a 15 yr old.
This app told me to rate it 5 stars for an achievement. But in reality it is a 4 star app. I love how it gives you your own goal according to the weather, your gender, and weight. Yes it has ads. Don’t let this fool you though because you don’t notice them. It’s not the type of ads that cover your whole screen. It links your data with the health app which is great if you have an Apple Watch. It’s not the kind of app that says “Drink 5 ounces now” You just put how much you drank whenever you want and the cool bottle goes down corresponding to your goal. I wish you could compare your data with friends or add some aspect besides just drinking. Highly recommend this free app that does a lot without taking up your space.
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3 years ago, j.dperez
Just OK
Does what you want it to. The user interphase is a little clunky. They give you an amount of water to drink based off of weight, activity level, temperatures, etc. After that, however, they want you to determine how frequently you want to be notified with no option for telling you how much water you should be drinking. They give you a running total of how much water you have left to drink, but no idea of how much you should be drinking at each notification. So it’s easy to under drink and end up with a lot to need to consume at the end of the day, or you drink more than you need to early in the day and end up more total ounces by the end of the day (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). It would be nice to have the app tell you how much you should be drinking at each notification to meet your daily goal, rather than leaving that up to your guess.
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5 years ago, LolaAg05
App driving me crazy!
This app is so frustrating. The instructions are terrible. You can tell the app makers do not speak English. That would be easy to overlook if everything were intuitive enough to understand without instructions. I can’t understand the lines on the water bottle. It keeps showing me as drinking the whole thing instead of part. And then on my watch is is very buggy. It keeps resetting the amount to drink to 4oz today. Every time I turn the dial to 8, it rolls back to 4. So I gave up and hit 4 drink water twice. It didn’t register me as drinking anything. I waited a while and closed the app and re-opened it. It showed me as having had some strange random amount of water. There’s a history button in the phone app, I tried to tap it to see my past drinking history. But it doesn’t ever come up. All it does is ask me to rate the app every time I tap the history button. So here I am rating it. I am looking for a replacement to this app, because this one is too buggy.
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3 years ago, IreneBethh
Lite App that take little space on my iPhone
I just started using this app. At first, it was a little confusing on how to log a drink, but I am now getting the hang of it. The platform is simple, but has all I need. PROS: - There aren’t any video commercials like with Plant Nanny - only 11MB with this app verses 220MG for Plant Nanny 2 - CAN edit past days on a calendar (on plant nanny 2, you can’t change. If you forget to add a drink you had at 11pm, you can’t add that drink after midnight. CONS - The thing I’ll miss with the Plant Nanny app is the added “fun” parts of it.. collecting plants and seeing them wilt when not getting enough water added to my motivation. But.., now that I am motivated enough to drink.. I only need to record my daily intake - There is a pop-up from time to time but it can be immediately X’ed out with no countdown. They aren’t intrusive or time-consuming, but they do encourage you to upgrade to PRO Summary: if you are looking for a lite, no frills app, this one is for you. If you don’t care about heavy apps and can benefit from the motivation of seeing a growing plant as you drink, then Plant Nanny 2 might be a better starting app until you get into the habit of drinking enough water.
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4 years ago, jfit92
Awesome Accountability App
This app is wonderful. I like that it takes into account what time you wake up and what time you go to sleep, as well as the recommended water intake for your weight and height. As someone who is an avid weightlifter I need more water than normal so I can adjust the amount but it’s a very nice feature for anyone who is unsure of how much they should actually be drinking. My favorite part those are the notifications they send you to drink and the fact you can set the size of your water bottle so it calculates it so you reach your goal. Ex: mine is a 20 oz bottle and based on how much water I want to consume and what time I wake up and go to bed it alerts me to drink 3-5 oz every 45 minutes. It is a really great app to keep someone accountable!
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5 years ago, elrugg
I’d been on a hunt for a free app to remind me to drink enough water. I wanted to be able to set a goal and log drinks from a watch app. I didn’t think it would be difficult to find an app that met these criteria but I tried numerous others before finding this. Several others had watch apps to view but not to add drinks. Others didn’t allow me to edit the goal beyond their suggested amount or to edit it high enough to cover my particular needs. I’ll admit, as a breastfeeding mother, my goal is far higher than most others but that’s exactly why I wanted an app. This one actually had nursing as an option, beyond being the only one that let me set a goal of a gallon of more. This is just what I was looking for.
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2 years ago, Rachel_Anne3
Exactly what I needed!
I am not a water drinker. I really wanted to uptake. This app allows me to set the bottle size that I’m using and then show how much water I’ve had throughout the day. I can refill my water bottle on the app if it’s empty or nearly full. This is great when I’m heading out somewhere and want to fill up before I go. The reminders can be set so that there are a ton or just a few. They are super helpful! My one critique is that you can’t set the reminders differently on different days. As someone who has a set schedule that is different depending upon the day of the week, I wish there were more flexibility with that. Overall, I love this app and am happy to give it five stars.
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3 years ago, darjohn
Serves it’s purpose
I like the app. It serves it’s purpose. I use this app to remind me to drink water and check my water intake because I don’t drink enough fluids. It has the option to change your beverage to coffee, tea, juice or soft drinks. I wish there were more options or may be an option to add your own beverage type. Also I wish that you could select the amount of water or tea you drink. It automatically defaults to 3 or 7 ounces. Also wish that it worked with my smart watch and that the reminders would pop up on it. I don’t like that you have to rate it in order for some options to work. It also has ads but as soon as they pop up you can exit out of them so that is not a problem for me and I have not had any ads that I have found to be offensive.
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4 years ago, LadyBugPlus
Perfect app for me
What I love about this app is you can drink and measure how much by moving the line of a 20 oz bottle (or whatever size bottle you use) to the line it is on after you drink some of it. Then it tells you how much more you need to drink for your water goal for the day. YAY Updated. I bought the pro version version of this app. I decided upgrade because I liked the free version so much. It was way to off. On the free one it showed how much more oz water I had to meet my goal for the day. It was way to difficult and had many bugs in it. I tried to get support and found nothing. Sent me everywhere , even to fb page. I am staying with the free. It works for me. The pro nada. 👎🏻
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5 years ago, whatapainintheass
Great features, lots of ads and extra work
I am three days into this app. I Luke that you can change your water bottle size, however I am not sure it changes immediately. Also I found there to be too many pop up ads. You can pay a $1.99 to make them go away, so if I really want utilize my time I felt it was worth the $1.99 fee. I also just tried to look at my usage through the history and had to rate the app to have that feature. Which I think is ridiculous. Overall I think it is a good app with features such as reminders to drink water including many different sounds. I would encourage the app developers to make it more user friendly and ad free.
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4 years ago, mgallardo115
Useful but Needy
This app has been useful in tracking my water consumption, but there are a few things that could be improved on. It’s very easy to double click the Fill Bottle/Drink Water so sometimes I end up “drinking” 2 bottles in a row and it messes up my tracking. There isn’t an undo option so I have to actually remember that I did that or I will be shorted a full bottle. It’s also not straightforward to change the size of the bottle. I got a new one and it’s been a bit confusing to adjust the size of my bottle. Finally, the app blocked me from using all of the features on the app until I wrote this review. Helps them get reviews so I get it.. but a little annoying because it’s too soon to really judge it unless I can really use the whole of the app. I would rate it 4 stars but who knows what the rest of the features are like...
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5 years ago, Burgmomma
So helpful! Too many ads...
I have felt that I have taken care of my health in all aspects and have wondered why I am still in pain. I finally figured it was probably because I don't drink a lot of water. These first couple of days using the app have really shown me just how little water I drink. I knew for sure that this was my problem. I have felt much more alive and refreshed after using this app to help me drink my water. The only problem I have is that there is so so so many ads. It's annoying to open the app, have a black screen appear, wait for a bit for the "x" to appear and spend much too long trying to actually press said "x" just to say that I've drank a couple ounces. I'd definitely recomend this app to everyone, I would just warn the about all the ads first.
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7 years ago, Keithgothandles
Haven't seen its full potential
App seems like it will serve as that needed reminder to hydrate but I haven't seen its full potential. Without submitting a review, you are limited as to what you can do in the App. That's a little backwards if you ask me, but here I am writing about the limited things I've experienced. For one, you can't check on your history without submitting a review. Also, when you've reach your water quota, you still get reminders. The reminders are set by time and not by your drinking goal. I like the fact that the App is smart enough to recommend your needed consumption based on your weight, gender, etc. I can write more when I know more. I think it would be unfair to give them anything less/more than 4 stars at this point.
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7 years ago, Dorodo
Great App To Help You Stay Hydrated & To Keep A Record Of Consumption. Believe It Or NOT, WATER Is A KEY To A Healthier Lifestyles & It Will SAVE YOUR LIFE In MANY WAYS!!! If Any Of You Reading This Review Were Anything Like Myself And Dreaded Drinking Water Routinely & Resorted To Drinking Water Either As A LAST RESORT Or When Totally Dehydrated And Needing An INSTANT QUENCHING OF YOUR THIRST & WATER WAS THE ONLY LIQUID AVAILABLE.... YOUR NOT ALONE.... Having Said That, IF You Can Begin A Routine Of A Bottle Of Water Ever 1-2 Hours, You'll Slowly Acclimate Your Tastebuds To The Flavorless Taste Of Water & You'll Be Amazed At The Difference This Abundant Liquid Will Make In Your Health. NOT ALL WATER TASTES THE SAME... MOST BOTTLED WATER COMES FROM A TAP REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE BOTTLE SAYS!!! I've Found Personally That Dasani Water Tastes The BEST Among The Mainstream Bottled Waters. In MY Opinion Dasani Has The Closest Taste To An Expensive Reverse Osmosis Filtrated Water Supply, Which By The Way Is A Bit Expensive To Install At First, But In Short Order It Will More Than Pay For Itself. I Hope My Review Has Been Helpful To Someone Out There. Good Luck & DRINK UP, Your Body Will LOVE & THANK YOU FOR IT & It Just May SAVE YOUR LIFE!!! Peace
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2 years ago, Asheboro
Calculator and bottle size swap
Hi. I like the app but it has a bug 🐞 The calculator is somewhere not correct. I have 14 oz bottle. I was at “today I still need to drink 136oz”. so after drinking 14 oz the calculation was supposed to be 122 but it gave me 121 oz. 1oz less. Check it. The app should have some option of changing bottle sizes. Every time I have to go to settings to change it. I use 14 oz and 20 oz on different times of the day. It would be nice if I could have some options on the screen rather than going to the settings and changing it there all the time. Also water reminder sounds are not working and when you want to select one it leaves you stuck on the screen without an option to go back to the home screen or any other screen. Thanks. Nina Sharma.
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4 years ago, iReview4progress
Seems User Friendly, a breeze on Sign up!!!
I had the app tutorial finished and my water goals set with all the basic physical information etc setting small times to drink a small achievement as spaced out as you wish so if you prefer drinking more water less times throughout the day you can always add the info and then your timers will adjust for how much remAins in your goal and your day to provide a scheduled amount if you drink more you add it I will be a lot better off than Going at the “The Water Cure” without a reminder I’m scattered and need the pssst....drink the water.....so I don’t totally forget and end up slamming huge amounts and feeling yuck later!!! Thank you for a well made app I appreciate the boost towards achievements with these alarms!
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3 years ago, GraysunD
Works OK
Seems fine and helps remind me to drink water. The free version has adds and it constantly asks you to upgrade which is a bit annoying but is tolerable since it’s free. My biggest complaint with this app is the drink and fill animation is way too long. I don’t want to sit there for 5 seconds while it animates the bottle drinking before I can click to fill it up. There needs to be a setting to turn off the animation so when I click drink it instantly moves and switches to fill so the process of drinking and filling the water is quick and efficient. I don’t want to spend time waiting for the app to do its thing while I’m in the middle of my day. It’s really annoying and I can see users like my wife just stop using the drink/fill aspect and only use it to remind them to drink.
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3 years ago, Artist2.0!
Great app
I love this app, it’s simple, easy to use, and gives you constant reminders about your water. Before using this, I was drinking about 2 bottles a day. Turns out that I’m really supposed to drink about a gallon and a half of water a day (I’m bigger so the number is higher but results vary), and it seems like a lot but the app makes it much easier. I drink in 17oz increments which adds up pretty quickly. The ads aren’t annoying and only pop up once in a while, and there’s something satisfying about seeing the water go down as you’re drinking throughout the day. I would recommend this app 100%!!
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2 years ago, miamibaby88
Buttons glitch
The bottom of the screen there are four buttons. Achievements, etc.. none work. Tapping it multiple times brought me to here: writing a review. By way of clicking on the bottom buttons to explore the app- it’s virtually led me to this “Write a Review” page so that I am compelled to write here in hopes to use and navigate the app.. so far I am very happy with the consistent alerts and notifications, drinking the cartoon water bottle & filling it is fun!! The app lets you change units very simple design, the exception being that I can’t see or access the calendar feature- maybe if I write the review it unlocks it? It goes without saying too... our species is in danger if we need an app to remind us to drink water, but we do and I am grateful
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8 years ago, raymi0603
Great app to remind me to drink more H2O
Many times I forget to drink enough water and in many instances I only drink water when I'm thirsty instead of the recommended ½ ounce for every pound of weight. This app is great for reminding me to drink enough water. I have it set to send me a reminder every hour. Now it sends a reminder to my Apple Watch and to the iPhone to do just that. "Drink water." It's relatively easy to set up and once it's set up it's very easy to monitor my daily water consumption. It automatically adds water consumption to the Health app. Regarding the ads, at first it has many ads, but once I upgraded to the Pro version all the ads went away. It's an inexpensive way to stay hydrated.
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2 years ago, kawaii space cat
Mkay so I’m in middle school, and one day I was running, 1 lap, 2 laps, 3 laps, 4 laps, then I tried for 5 laps and half way around I fell down. I hadn’t drank any water that day and my legs just stopped working. My mom then downloaded this app for me which gives me reminder every 1 1/2 hours to drink water. Now I can run, swim, and play basketball all I want without falling down. The premium thing isn’t nessesary unless you get really upset about little ad banners. I would like to thank everyone who has downloaded this game and everyone who made it, it really helps. Thank you for taking the time to read this, Bee/Bella
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2 years ago, 山此处
clean UI and easy mode but a lot of bugs
Updated:bugs lies on updating everyday’s water amount needed. On a new day, the water amounted need is always zero if I drank enough water yesterday. I need to adjust the water amount today to make it normal. It comes with an Apple Watch app, where you can log your intake of water very quickly. At first I was a bit confused by how to adjust the amount of water. But the I realized it could be adjusted by scrolling the crown of watch, which is very nice. You can also check on the phone and it has a bottle with different water level. You can set how much you have drunk by adjusting the line. The bottle makes it more straightforward to understand how much water I took.
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5 years ago, Destroyer202020
Only doing this for the calendar
To get access to the calendar you just have to give 5 star because it was so good to get you back to your parents to see if they could do that because you don’t have any more time you could do that if they wanna I was like you were gonna you were just like that I love them and you know you wanna is a beautiful little baby I just love them and I’ll tell you what I mean I wanna was a beautiful little little bit ago I love you too much love love them love yeah yeah that’s what I love you too much love you too sweetheart love you sweetheart love you’re beautiful little baby love love them baby you too baby thank sweetheart
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12 months ago, Bellarielle
super helpful
I’ve always struggled w drinking water, and this app has genuinely been so useful. Being able to set the reminders, marking down how much water i’ve drank, and being able to set a reasonable goal of how much to drink off some info i gave them. It’s really improved my health as a whole tbh, with how much i drink water, i’ve gotten super good results (ex: clearer skin, better lips, etc etc.) And the best part of the app is that it’s free, and it won’t charge you like most other sites. I def recommend this app for ppl that wanna keep track of their water intake or js wanna drink more water as a whole!!
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3 years ago, Kris Eidson
Easy to use! Great to works with Apple Watch too
This is a Straight forward easy to use app that is exactly what it says. It will remind u to oh to drink your water throughout the day. I love that you can set it to start when you get up and start you day and it stops 30 mins before you end your day. You can let it tell you, based on your weight how much you should drink, or you can set how much you want to drink each day. It also has a setting for cold and hot weather so you drink enough water when it’s hotter. The bonus is that it work with Apple Watch, which I love 💕…
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11 months ago, Phoenix_Love619
Helpful & Efficient
Mom of 3 and 1 on the way- I often lose track with everything surrounding me, that I forget to track how much water I have taken in! With a high risk pregnancy, I need to make sure to keep up with my water. This alerts and shows me how much water I need to take. I put in how much oz my water bottle is, click the little emblem stating I’m a pregnant woman, insert a little of my health history (weight, height, BDay).. and then it sets up the time of when I should drink some water! It’s easy to use, easy to understand, alerts on time, and I highly recommend this app.
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5 years ago, ENBC
Very glitchy
This app is very hit-or-miss. It does not always reset your amount of water needed to drink each day, and I have noticed that often occurs when I don’t meet my water goal the previous day. So for example if I am 10 oz short of my water goal, the next day it will sometimes not reset to my goal and will say I just have 10 oz left to drink for the day. This doesn’t always happen though, and I can’t find rhyme or reason to when or why it will do that. When my water goal has not reset, there is a way on the app to reset today’s log. However when I do that then it messes up the syncing with my Apple Health app, saying I have a negative amount of water to drink (-2500 ml for example). I am fed up with this enough that I may just end up paying $5 for a more reliable water tracker app.
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