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Eat This Much Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Eat This Much - Meal Planner

4.71 out of 5
20.5K Ratings
1 year ago, JYDIZE
I was about to give up on the weigh loss effort, and then on a sleepless night I was on social media, and somehow ended up seeing the ad for this app. I debated exhaustively about whether to waste my time on yet another weigh loss app … but when I discovered that I could enter the specific nutrition (ie amount of protein) and the calorie goal per day, I decided to try it. Well, entering specific targets is definitely an advantage, but then when I saw the simple-to-follow recipes, I realized that I had found something life changing. I eat very simply, I don’t follow long, complicated recipes. While I sometimes eat too much 😊, I would not classify myself as a “foodie”. I like knowing that Greek yogurt with some fruit and bran mixed in is as complicated as breakfast has to be! There are plenty of recipes to choose from and you can easily change them if you don’t like the ones generated by the app. The combination of foods the app provides also prevents massive cravings. Things like multigrain toast with a mix of almond butter and honey gives my palette a bit of sweet and also satiates me so I don’t feel like I’m deprived. I don’t often write reviews, but felt that I needed to give credit where credit is due. The only downside to the app is that occasionally it glitches. If this review contains information you think would work for your lifestyle, I recommend it. Thanks!!!
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4 years ago, Amirmh
Can’t say how much I love this app
This app changed my life. For the longest time in my life, I couldn’t decide what to eat and whenever I had to make a choice I’d go for a random meal which wasn’t always the healthiest choice. I couldn’t remember what I ate during the day and follow my macro molecules and, God, the calories! I was thinking about hiring a nutritionist to help me lose weight and focus on muscle building. This app did it all! My weight is coming down in a steady pace and I never feel hungry but the opposite because these meals are yummy and very filling. Yes, It autogenerate meal plan, gives you the grocery list, and let you change or edit any meal that you don’t like. There is a lot of freedom for the user to eat a good variety of food and still stay on track. You can customize your meals for their portion, cooked or not, and many other things. There is an option that ensures you’re not spending more than $10 a day. That’s really cool. You can choose from a variety of meals or diets and still there are hundreds of options for every meal. I’m a very picky person when it comes to apps but honestly I have no complain about this app. It’s simply amazing! Thank you! Also the pro version is really worth it. Take advantage of it.
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2 years ago, sampalmer228
This does all the heavy lifting for you
Eating right can be hard enough but the time it takes to scroll Pinterest to find healthy meals, doing the research on what you should be eating, making the menu and the grocery list for the week… ugh! It’s so much work that it’s easy to fall back into bad habits out of sheer exhaustion and lack of energy. This app takes ALL of that out. It makes the menu for you based on YOUR goals, AND the grocery list?! Take my money!! I love that it’s so simple to change a meal if it doesn’t sound like something you’d like. The creators of this have really thought of everything and I have zero complaints. For 50$ for the year, this app is a gem! I just hope there continues to be variety in meals as time goes on, I could see that being a problem otherwise the longer we use it. My husband lost 10 pounds the first week! Also, everything we’ve tried so far for the meals have been delicious and TOOK NO MORE THAN 20 MINUTES TO MAKE!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you thank you thank you for making being healthy not such a steep mountain to climb! I will be a loyal ear this much fan for sure.
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3 years ago, StarLady4real
Do you want to lose weight?
Then do this! This app is the icing on the cake for me. I needed guidance with calories and food intake so that I could accomplish what I wanted and I am super happy with this app. I actually love everything about it. I love the food choices, the recipes, the variety, the math and science and the importance it follows on the protein intake. This will help me get to my goal. I do some light strength exercises but it’s the food that I had to get under control. Im 46 and weigh 132. Sounds great! Right? Not when I have a very fatty pregnant belly from birthing 7 children. So I have a goal to lose 17 more lbs. It’s totally personal. Whatever you decide to do, this can help! By the way I started at 156 got down to 137 and I got a little stuck there. Things slowed down too much. That’s where this app came in. I dropped 5 pounds in a week. Yes I’m happy! My goal is actually within reach. I follow the vegetarian plan and I always listen to my body more than the app but I don’t stray much because I’d rather reach my goal sooner than later. *honest unpaid review
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6 years ago, runawaymonkey3
Great App. Needs work.
The ability to have a meal plan built for you based off macros using realistic meals (with dietary and allergy restrictions available) that you can adjust to a price budget is an incredible addition to my IIFYM lifestyle!! Saving me HOURS of planning meals and try to adjust the macros to suit the day. The only downside is the food database and the difficulty personalizing meals and foods. For example, counting macros is important, but it’s equally important to be flexible. If the serving size says “1 medium banana” and counts the macros for 118g of banana, but your medium size banana is a little short (96g). I personally would like to be able to adjust the grams to see if it’s really worth cutting up another banana, but in order to adjust them on the app you would have to essentially create a new basic food or custom food for a 96g banana. Also, the database for custom branded foods is pretty small. Lastly, if I add a recurring food to my plan but adjust it, there’s no way to adjust throughout the weeks making you have to manually adjust it. Overall, worth the cost and all the little hiccups so you don’t have to pull your hair out counting macros in a self-made meal plan.
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10 months ago, Jelnesia
Perfect App
This app is what I’ve been looking for!! It does all the work for you from generating your foods by macros to even using what you have on hand and including that into your meal plans. I like this app because once you tell it how many macros, how many meals you want to eat a day, and all your likes and dislikes it generates a meal plan from its large recipe database to give you so you don’t have to figure out each week for your meal prepping. The meals are customizable the way you want it especially if you want to be simple with less ingredients. The paid version gives you way more access to see out further so you can plan and also the paid version lets you put things in your pantry for it generate from what you already have. The free app is cool, it just limits you to daily prep if that works for you. I say give it a try if you trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or just eat healthy on whatever your goal is.
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6 years ago, TheRealSProject
Trying this app out on the 14 day trial period. The app has bug. When you leave it open and turn your phone off then turn it back on the app crashes and you have to force close it then reopen it to get it to work. Now to the actual part everyone cares about. Im not a vegan but wanted to try it out because my sister is a vegan. The grocery list was awesome! I went into the grocery with confidence and as I was plucking the items I needed off the shelves, I was swiping the item off my list. It made grocery shopping a breeze! Now Im only just ending my first week of eating and so far the recipes have been great tasting and very satisfying (I am 6’2 260lbs athlete) the only problem so far is when I want to cycle through my option they are very limited. However when I search the app for vegan recipes there are 100’s of items I haven't seen on my plan. Makes me feel like I am missing out. Maybe I’ll see some more recipes on week two. I think this app has great potential just needs more work on the user interface and the algorithm needs updating for sure. Also I am excited to switch over to the paleo option in the future since the vegan option has been delicious so far.
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6 years ago, Koda~~
Fantastic, but needs more
Since starting to use this app, I’ve lost 8 pounds and saved about $100 on food costs. The recipes it suggests are interesting and taste good- although I wish there was more variety. I have it set to generate a week based on as much variety as possible, and I’ll still get the same lunch or snack 2 to 3 times a week. I’m sure more options will be added as time goes by. The biggest addition I’d like to see would be a way to easily plug in / link online recipes. Instead of having to type out all of the steps and ingredients, I’d love a way to just drop the link to a recipe into the app, and have it magically sort through the link to add the appropriate ingredients and steps. I also really want a way to sort the items in your pantry. For example, if I know a “custom food” or a “branded food” belongs in the grains section, I would love to be able to just drag and drop the item to that section using the same mechanic that’s used to restructure where foods sit in your day to day planner. I don’t know how feasible either of these features are, but they’d definitely make the app easier to use from my perspective.
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5 years ago, ohhhdiane
Game changer!
First and foremost, this is the first time in eight years I have ever felt strongly enough about a product to write a review. Second, this is the first time in my life that I've actually measured and weighed food. This program/app makes everything so simple and easy. The functionality and customization options are endless. I love the shopping lists, and pantry options. It has a recipe clipper for ease of addition of recipes from websites. Some people might appreciate the easy few clicks it takes to order groceries for delivery. All that being said, I'm down fourteen pounds in a month and a half, and I was not large to begin with. I'm the lowest weight of my adult- and my teen- life. Some of the food options and combinations are a little odd at times, but you can refresh, or add recipes, or 'dislike' foods or recipes. I recommend this to anyone who will listen. And yes, go for it and buy premium! Worth every penny and more.
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2 years ago, Thanatos_Original
Horrible app
Again and again app keeps freezing, you can’t login in, food wount add to categories, you have to be online to use it, if your Internet goes out or u live far away and have bad internet app will not work! Had it for a few months and at least 5 times it completely stopped working it wouldn’t even allow me to login. Now again it’s loading its loading and nothing! Horrible app! Nothing but problems! Food in the app is horribly missed marked, you can’t add anything else when adding your own food just protein fat and carbs… maybe the guys don’t understand that food has other things in it also! You scroll they the day and food cancels or replaces with something else because there is no lock button…. I can keep going and going! And of course again and again and again website is down so app is down, can’t login can’t do anything. Elementary company. To make things worse you can’t even go back to a previews day, u have to click back back back day by day and I need to go back 3/4 months. That’s a lot of clicking. Again no one even thought about being able to scroll calendar backwards, only forwards smh
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6 years ago, Schotker
What a Difference
Let me tell you all something, I have the toughest time losing weight. I have a genetic disorder since I was born. Don’t judge me, I have never given up hope on losing weight. My Aunt whom I love so much purchased and pays for this app for me. I just started this December 8, 2018 it is only December 11, 2018 and I have lost 5 pounds which is marvelous. It works, that is not even a week. So I am very proud of myself. It is helping me focus on what I’m putting in my body. What I love about it calculates my macros. Get this app it is worth 60 dollars a year. I’m so stoked. What is great at any time my aunt, and my doctor can say let me see your app and check what I’m eating, not just that they can adjust my calories to what they think is best for me. It helps to have a good dr. And someone who is a nurse in my family that cares about my weight. I couldn’t be more excited in my whole life! I will write another review in a month! Let’s get it!
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12 months ago, HealthyLif3
Finally losing weight!
I was struggling to lose weight for years and nothing worked. I would eat healthy but eat too much. So I put in a last effort to see if there was an app to help me out and I’m so thankful I found this app! It is a bit complex to set it up at first but I think that’s because it’s so powerful. I’ve been using this app consistently for 2 months and am surprised that I am losing weight every week! I even was finally able for the first time in 2 years to get below a weight plateau! I highly recommend this app! Plus it’s really nice to try new recipes to keep it fresh and have the option to add my own. I never feel deprived, it’s amazing what portion control and proper macros can do! I’m eating pasta, homemade banana ice cream, tortilla pizzas and losing weight! I’m so happy I had to share! Follow it as intended, and keep it up. Thanks ETM!
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4 years ago, MiniMonster77
I really love this app! I’ve been searching for a good diet app that is free and this is perfect. Although I have only used this for a few days I really love it. What’s nice about it is that it really isn’t that hard to follow, it’s not so restricting to the point where I don’t want to keep on doing it. There are times where I have liked a recipe they gave me but they have a solution for that, you can view alternatives and switch out your meal. This is really helpful especially if you don’t have some of the ingredients in a recipe. I have been trying to eat healthier and eat a healthier amount of food and so far this has really made it easier and helped a lot. The app even makes sure you get the right amount of different types of foods like fats, proteins, etc. I would really suggest it if you need help changing your lifestyle.
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4 years ago, leahchoik
Okay, so I have been using meal plans, workout apps, macro and miles trackers for ten plus years and this app is definitely THE BEST ONE for meal planning. Not only does it give you the option to count your macros, calories, etc... but it gives you the flexibility to change all of that whenever you need to. It also allows for certain types of diets. For instance, I have been wanting to do keto for awhile and I even purchased a plan, but the recipes and meals were way too complex and it was just too hard to try and keep up with. This app, on the other hand, gives you the meals with recipes, and all the nutritional facts right from the day. And if you don’t have the ingredients or it’s not something you want to eat that day, swipe left, and you have a new meal that is still within your macros and calories! Also, I recently found out I am gluten intolerant so they have options for that. Vegan, vegetarian, etc... this app has you covered! Whoever invented this is seriously a genius. It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for and is already making sticking to keto so much easier. Thank you! I am using the free version which is day to day planning, but I do plan on purchasing it for the month or even year. Highly recommend this.
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7 months ago, daPOLIC3
Best App of its kind by far
This is by far the most comprehensive, customizable, and well made app for macro/micro goals, dietary planning and grocery shopping. It takes all the good ideas of any app of its kind and puts them together in a simple way that makes it gool proof and extremely fast to put together. I can be at the store and never given meals for the week a thought before that time and generate a full list of ingredients needed for a week of meals that meet my familys goals literally at the press of a button. This app and its associated web interface is a MUST HAVE for anyone looking to make meal planning and dietary tracking easier and more efficient. I never thought I would be excited about an app, but this one is definitely a life changer.
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3 years ago, buchan10
Decent food but app needs improved
4 Stars: For the tasty recipes which are easy to cook. 2 Stars: For the app. After sticking with the Keto meal plan for a month on premium I would say that much of the food planned out is tasty and fairly easy to cook. I will continue using the app for more recipe suggestions but I will not be renewing premium for the time being. The main issue I’ve seen with premium is the grocery lists. The reason I purchased premium was to generate a full week of meals and use the generated grocery list to make shopping easier. After a month however I have found numerous times where the grocery lists either far exceed the quantities stated in the recipes or the list does not include everything needed forcing me to go to the store again. These excessive quantities and frequent grocery store trips have increased my food costs for the week just to stick with this plan.
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4 years ago, alicesix
Phenomenal and Easy to Use
I’ve never written a review on an app in my life. I just felt compelled. This has been SO useful for myself and my trainer when meal planning. I have dietary restrictions and so I go and create my ideal meal plan (the barcode scanning ability for products is unparalleled— makes life so easy!!) and then she checks over the percentages and macros and makes suggestions for adjustments. Then I can go through and say “hey, what happens if I switch out the 1/4 avocado in my smoothie for 1/3 of a banana?” Or “If I added a protein to my snack would that help me reach my percentage goal? If so, how does that affect my carb intake?” I mean... if I don’t see results with this app then there’s no hope for me. Bravo, developers! My athlete brother recommended this to me when he was on a mission to gain weight. We both love it!!
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4 years ago, bleh2202
Great algorithm, crap recipes
I’m giving this app 2 stars solely because the algorithm that they have created to track nutritional intake is pretty awesome. The recipes are a way different thing. I’ve been using this app for almost an entire week, point blank, the recipes are completely gross. I’m doing keto and even with all the potential flavor from fats, the food is still absolutely disgusting. I prepped dinner for the last 30 min, carefully measuring, and after all that effort I am left to choke down another stomach churning meal. As far as the estimates for daily grocery expenses, not even close. My bill was almost double what it was supposed to be. I wanted to love this app, I really really did, but I don’t at all. This has been the most time consuming, expensive, and underwhelming experience. I would not recommend it at all, unless you are going to add in your own recipes and nutritional info. It’s a bit more work than I am willing to pay an 8$ monthly fee for.
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1 year ago, AmandaLeighAGI
If an app could be sainted…
It’s this one. Seriously doing the lords work for my family’s meal planning and dietary needs. I had an eye on this app during its humble beginnings quite a number of years ago, and decided to take another look at it this week. I am so impressed at how far along this app has come and after playing with its new features was sold and ready to see what the damage would be financially. Then I saw the price and really got a warm feeling— super affordable for just about anyone. It would have been silly not to subscribe. I had my family’s meal plan for the rest of this week done and our grocery list delivered from Instacart in less than two hours. (The integration with instacart needed some tweaks, but the devs didn’t miss a beat in letting me know what I might need to adjust.) In fact, the upfront transparency from the devs on the app’s weaknesses and strengths were greatly appreciated as I navigated the new UI and I have full confidence this app will continue to impress as improvements come. Seriously Congrats on an amazing app - please never sell this to another company that will surely ruin it.
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6 years ago, mike_056
Really great app despite a few gripes
This app has been great so far especially when I go to the grocery store. I’ve always had problems planning my meals out but this app solves all of that with nice meals that fulfill my macros. I would like more specialty meals, such as very well prepared and tasty shrimp or chicken and sort of “restaurant” foods (I don’t know how else to describe it). I came from another app called MealPrepPro and the recipes in there were absolutely amazing. I’d like to see something like that on this app. A really big con to me though is there there is no offline mode! I have to have internet to sign in and get my recipes and meals which I think is absurd since no other app does it and I live in an area where I have bad connection. If that feature gets added and some more stylish recipes I’ll be ready to switch all the way.
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2 months ago, nahaak
Love it except…
This app has almost everything I want. The servings vs amounts vs amount to fix sections are unclear. Never sure how my Quanties for purchasing vs keeping track of nutrients amounts are not always in sync. I’m sure it’s the settings so my complaint is this app needs a user guide online that I can make sense of The grocery list is for all things needed. I figured how to go to print a pdf and add groceries. That generates a list but you would think the groceries tab would get you a correct list for the week. It’s there but you have to go to share a pdf or print. Should be easier. Biggest complaint is your calories amounts. Often I check online for an item you have listed and your amount is a lot higher. Example a single avocado. I would like a feature to change this Work around is to change amount but then you have to leave a note to purchase the whole item. I would like to be able to have a separate item list. As I use or add foods in my list would be only foods I use etc. This could be the changeable list when I find an avocado and add the correct calorie content. Love the meal planning and tracking features.
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4 years ago, Jaclyn9189
Powerful customization
Takes all the work out of planning meals, especially since it has such powerful customization tools that allow you to automate the process. For example, I’ve been able to choose the difficulty of my breakfasts to easy no-cook, my lunches to medium difficulty w/ cooking optional, and my dinners to hard difficulty w/ cooking required. I’ve also set my lunches and dinners to be eaten as next-day leftovers, and I have my dinners sized for 2 servings and my lunches only 1 serving. I also chose vegetarian only, no nuts that I’m allergic to, and removed cheeses as an option. All of these are automatically taken into account every time I generate a new thinking required.
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6 years ago, KFillen
Great app, worth subscription
I’m currently on the 14 day trial and will likely continue with the annual subscription. As someone who desires to be fit and healthy but is also too busy to plan everything in advance on my own, the app is a game changer. I love the level of customization allowed (although this is a double-edged sword which I’ll get to later). I can manually enter exact calories and macronutrients either to the gram or % of calories. I can eliminate foods I either don’t like or can’t eat and they will never be generated in the plans. Why 4 stars and not 5? While the app is just about fully customizable, the interface isn’t the most intuitive and so the more you choose to modify and specify the more work and thought you will have to put in upfront. You may wonder, as I did, if the app is actually saving you time or not. However if you do it right the first time, you shouldn’t have to re-create it again. Another caveat is that my wife and I don’t have the same nutrition and food preferences. So, planning for us both has proven difficult. There are workarounds, but they will add another level to the time and work you need to get the app working the way you want it.
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5 years ago, Bbcregular
Best I have Found
This is the best meal planning app I have found. There is a large learning curve in using the app. Filling the pantry with the foods on hand in the beginning does not guarantee that your foods will show up. Use creativity to use your foods with the goals you set. I had some waste of food in the beginning. If the grocery list says to buy 6 zucchini, look at the weeks plan to see if you will really eat that many. The same with red bell peppers. One week I was to buy 6 asparagus stalks and 1&1/2 sweet potatoes. Lol try to do that in a store. So the left over vegetables will need to be used in other ways. Overall I have been using the app for a month and lost 12 pounds. Hubby lost 13 pounds. We are achieving our health goals with this app. Well worth the annual fee.
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5 years ago, Pepperh1
Good concept. Still needs work and better food database.
In general, I like the weekly menu based on the diet of your choice and the grocery list. I have noticed that the number of foods and recipes is still fairly limited if you have allergies or do not like certain foods. I have had only “bell pepper” or “banana” be the lunch option with nothing else. Their database of foods is still a work in progress. Also, I have calories set to lowest 1200 per day and quite often it comes up with an 890 or so calorie day. That isn’t healthy unless your doctor is monitoring you while you do it. One thing I’d like to see, but is only a wish vs need, is a Whole30 diet option. I do spend a lot of time tweaking the menus to get them where I want them for the week. I’ll use it for the year but probably won’t renew.
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6 years ago, Lalandmine
Great but needs better food preferences.
Take some time to really sit down and mess with the settings. ETM’s first few stabs at my meal plan were questionable, but I hadn’t really TOLD them specifically what I wanted. Once I messed with leftover settings and meal preferences, ETM dialed it in pretty well. I did the 2 week trial and will continue paying for this monthly. My issues: Food likes/dislikes/exclusions needs a lot of work. For example “Pork/Bacon” are on the same check-mark for things you do/don’t want to eat. I WILL eat bacon but no other pork products, and there is no way to specify that without going all-in on both. Also, say I want to exclude chicken thighs from my meals. I have to find the various capitalizations and name variations possible and click the red X on ALL of them to exclude them all. If I just say that I don’t want chicken thighs, I might still get meal suggestions for “chicken Thighs” or “Chicken Thighs (boneless)”. You have to find them all and that’s annoying. I would also like to include/exclude meals by method of preparation. I don’t have an oven and it would be A DREAM to exclude meals that need to be prepared by baking. I would pay extra for this feature.
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4 years ago, Merekat27
Easiest Diet App I have found
This app seems to be the most user friendly and I have tried as many of these apps as I could find. I feel this app simplifies what’s important to me such as the grocery list and recipes. Other apps the recipes were so complicated and there are so many ingredients on the grocery list I get overwhelmed and never do it. This app lets u pick from around 5 different diets (keto, vegetarian, Mediterranean) and then u can easily select foods you want to omit from the diet u select. The recipes are simple and the grocery list is doable. Also they give u loys of options on how u want the app to appear menu-wise and even emails you a customizable list to print out.
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3 years ago, philly101112
Best App Ever
I absolutely love this! I was looking for an app to help me kind of figure out missing pieces to my diet & I always journal my food to stay steady on a healthy path! Wow! I got that and more! This app is honestly the best I’ve ever seen! It is easy to navigate, so well laid out! And being able to fine tune your diet structure! Then add the bonus of all the recipes! I tried one last night and it could be a new favorite :) If you are trying to loose weight, you have an amazing tool in your hands. This will help you not only loose weight, but help teach you what you need to know to keep the weight off once you loose it! Great job, thank you :)
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5 years ago, Laura Krier
Good idea but needs work
I love the idea of this app because meal planning within specific calorie constraints is HARD. But there are a few things that are frustrating and make it unlikely I’ll use the app. Most importantly I don’t think this reflects the way people really eat. For example, one day suggested I eat three apples for breakfast and a bowl of refried beans for dinner. Another suggested a dinner made up of roasted chicken with yogurt and cantaloupe. Or there is kale every single night for dinner. No thank you. These are clearly meals planned by robots without tastebuds. :-)The food database is incredibly limited. The contact us and report a bug links are broken. And I can’t find a way to say thanks for the trial but I don’t want to subscribe. Perhaps if I spend more time customizing it will work better but right off the bat I thought, this does not reflect how I live or eat.
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2 years ago, CherryQ514
Liked so much, made me buy premium!!!
Seriously love this app, I've always been a person who can't come up with meal plans myself--ADHD brain. This keeps the calorie count for me and gives me food ideas instead of me thinking it all out. App isn't too terrible to navigate but it could be make more appealing/simpler. People giving this app bad reviews don't seem to be very smart BTW, like they don't bother learning how to navigate the app, or have common sense. If you have ADHD brain like me, you don't need to go any further than generating the meal plan, getting groceries, making the food. This is a meal planner app people, not a weight tracker.
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4 years ago, Not to be names
Good for the most part, but...
It is a good app, but the calculations seem very odd. I’m at a healthy weight and was trying to maintain or lose a couple pounds. I entered in all the information, and it was saying my total calories in a day should be 880? This seemed very low and so I looked up at what the average calorie intake should be for someone my age and lifestyle. It said I should get around 2200 calories a day! The recipes are good are everything, but the low calorie count is frustrating because 50 calories of tomato soup isn’t enough for dinner. Maybe I’m doing something wrong? I’m not sure, just threw me off. But everything else besides that one thing is pretty good, I’ve found some good recipes from this app so still recommend to try out.
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8 months ago, momjohnson8
New user
I just downloaded this app, it looks promising but I have to say I have already noticed a problem. I put no gluten for my meal options, and the first lunch it gave me included a hamburger bun. I had to go in on a separate category and check no bread to take that out of my meals. That’s should be labeled in the gluten category as all regular bread has gluten. Now I have a dairy intolerance as well, and so I checked no dairy, but one of my meals has ranch dressing for it? So this is a problem for people with food intolerances or allergies, as I still have to find my own alternative if the app suggests things I can eat. I am going to complete my 14 day trial though, and update my review as I go. Just was surprised at this oversight as I filled out my information.
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6 years ago, Mrdasher
Helps you help yourself for real change
I have struggled with maintaining a healthy diet my whole life. I am 47 years old. Before the advent of smart phones and apps, when I really wanted to do well at losing weight and keeping it off, I would keep a food journal and write down everything I ate, tracking calories and macro nutrients. I would use a book listing the nutritional values of all foods (a very thick paper backed book). When I found this app, I tried it out for a couple of weeks and then purchased the subscription version. It is SO easy to use, and it makes grocery shopping easy and I don’t buy extra food I don’t need or won’t use. I love it.
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1 year ago, carma840
The only meal planner you need!
As a busy mom, one of the things that’s consistently been a struggle is planning meals and the shopping list for the week. This app puts it all in one place! Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, this app allows you to plan meals and know exactly what you need to buy each week. I’ve been able to upload our favorite recipes, add them into meal plans, and create 6 weeks of saved plans that we now just rotate through! When we swap things out for new favorites, the grocery list updates accordingly. I pay for the subscription and it’s 100% worth it!
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7 months ago, LLE_QuiDat
Amazing App
I have had the app awhile but was overwhelmed with life at the time. I reached out to support a couple times and they are amazingly empathetic and supportive people. Now to the app, I just started and the recipes are bomb, the grocery lists make shopping easy. I can't wait to track more because that is super easy too. Now I just need to be able to connect this to health and I'm good. This is not just for "dieting" but can be used that way, it is for healthy living. Hey support or developers if you see this YOU ARE AWESOME and I'll be reaching out to figure out how to keep my subscription going. Thanks for all you do!
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10 months ago, Mewnu
My only weight loss that actually works
I downloaded ETM around 5 years ago. I needed an app that holds my hand with the weight loss journey, because I CANNOT be trusted with portion size, groceries, or logging food. I needed an app that babies me and does EVERYTHING. This was my answer !!!! I made sure the app was catered to me, I.e foods I don’t like, variety, macros, etc. I lost 35 pounds and kept it off. BUT THEN I got pregnant and had my son and I’ve struggled being 40 pounds overweight for the last 4 years. And honestly I’ve tried to do it myself and I just can’t. So i finally was like I’m going back to ETM!!! I’m back on and 3 days in and I can literally already see changes. I wish I’d got back on 6 months postpartum and didn’t wait so long. This is the only app that I feel holds my hand the whole way and all I have to do is pick up a set grocery list , cook it, and check the box. Also I’ve added so many food pictures , if you see a grey blotchy counter behind the food that’s me. Lol
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6 years ago, Bottledbreath
Great App, Makes Meal Planning Easy
Currently this app works great! I previously had some issues getting it to work properly for a few days, but they've since been corrected and everything is good again. If you're considering getting a paid subscription, I'd highly recommend it. I love that this makes sticking to my diet easy by generating a grocery list in advance. It's also great that I can add my own recipes to my plan, and there's a huge database of both brand name and restaurant foods, so I can easily adjust my plan around my cheat meals. Nearly every recipe from the app that I've tried so far has been a hit. The subscription price does seem high, but it saves me so much time, I find it worth it. My previous review: I'm not sure what the deal is. This app worked amazing for the entire year I've had it. That's why I renewed my paid yearly subscription. Now it crashes before I'm even fully logged in. Luckily I can still access my paid account features from my computer, but the iOS app is inoperable.
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7 years ago, $Wsj
Great App!
This app saves a ton of time, and indecision when it comes to meal prep or evening dinners. The variety of meals is actually pretty expansive, so if you dont like a meal...swipe until you do. This app caters to paleo, veggie, or vegan diets as well. It allows you to hit calorie targets as well as macros to keep up with diet goals. It takes some effort to become familiar with the app so I suggest going through the tutorials (which u can always refer back to). Once you get going it's: look at the "week view", swipe for your favorite meals, display shopping list, and hit the store. It becomes VERY efficient. And there is a pantry function, so if you already have an ingredient on the shopping list swipe it into your pantry...done.
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4 years ago, keirstin19
Wow, just wow.
So this app is absolutely amazing. Starting back up on a diet is usually difficult for me but not this time around. This app has your diet planned out based off of your own information, it gives you more then enough choices for a diff meal each day so you don’t get bored of the same things AND it’s also very helpful with staying on track. Super super easy to use and also comes with recipes and directions on how to make everything. When starting my diet I was at 148lbs and now I am down to 143! That little push is what I needed to stay motivated. I couldn’t be happier with this app! 100% worth the download!
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3 years ago, Nordakota
Great Concept But A Little Buggy
I love the ability to add foods for certain meals and have the app generate a meal plan within a calorie range. The problem is I have entered like 20 options but I keep getting suggested the same couple of choices every time. And it does weird things like suggests 1 and a half portions of an item or just half a portion of an item at times for a meal. So if I could get it to just suggest full portions and actually randomly select my meal choices until every meal had been tried once, it would be all stars for me and worth upgrading to the full-feature version. Right now I can’t see paying for something if I can’t depend on it to work like it is supposed to.
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4 years ago, Olethos
Not great anymore
This used to be a great app and I used it to get my diet under control and lose ~60lbs. However, earlier this year they did some sort of update and now my meal choices have been greatly reduced. For example, before I might have 12-15 breakfast options and now I only have 2-3. Refreshing the meal, or indeed the entire day, will usually just yield the same 2-3 results that I didn’t want the first time. I’ve tried to contact the people behind the app, but I haven’t received a helpful response... just an apology for a delay in getting back to me but no information about the issues I’m having.
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5 years ago, Decim Weaboo
Like to see some additions
While this app looks great and is an awesome way to regulate your diet, I’d like to see the addition of more diets in the future I try to eat as pescatarian as possible but there is no option for that in the app, so I’m left choosing Mediterranean and then having to adjust the apps preferences. This isn’t terrible but as pescatarian is a common diet and some people stick by it because they can’t eat pork/beef/chicken meat, it should be included. That being said if pescatarian is added the app must also be aware of mercury consumption. Of course someone should always be watching it themselves but some fish can only be eaten 5 times a month due to mercury intake so that needs to be watched.
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9 months ago, CraYzJake
Good foundation… let me know when it is finished
I really liked the fact that this app has a grocery store and a pantry feature and that you can set the number of meal you plan to eat as well as the Fat/Protien/Carb ratio you want and that it will give you meals base on that ratio. I found it quite useless that the meals it gave you were not based on ingredients you had. I would also like a feature where I can choose ingredients to add to my meal and have the app tell me how much to add to reach a specific ratio and calorie amount and suggest other items/quantities from my pantry to complete my meal to the ratio I want. I may not need a recipe to make a meal, I might just need random ingredients that add up properly.
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6 years ago, GreenChileFlow
Great App but Needs Work
This app is awesome! It really takes the guess work out of meal planning and calorie counting. However, it could really use a few features. First off, it should keep you signed in whenever you close out of the app. Tp have to re-sign in every time you reopen it is quite annoying. Secondly, the app should allow you to add any custom meals you have had for the day (ie, if you decide to cheat and have a slice of pizza). Lastly, it should take into consideration having a late night snack. I don’t want to eat something high in carbs or protein right before I go to bed. Other than the above criticisms, this app works great. I would definitely recommend this to a friend!
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9 months ago, Angel Bartolli
Intuitive design meets meal planning mastery
Bravo to the EatThisMuch team! As someone deeply involved in UX design, I'm thoroughly impressed by the app's intuitive and thoughtful interface. Navigating the planner is a breeze, and the search functionality for recipes is spot-on. What truly elevates this app is its robust meal customization, allowing me to align my digital planning with real-world goals seamlessly. Kudos to the team for executing this so well. Eagerly awaiting the integration of extended family preferences—a feature I'm optimistic is on the horizon. Can't wait to experience the next wave of enhancements. Keep up the remarkable work!
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3 years ago, Ant62493
Stopped Working Properly
I’ve been using this app for over 4 months now to help meal plan for my macros. I’ve had no issue with my specific calorie/macro settings or food restrictions until a week ago. All of a sudden my meal plans started being a good 500 calories less, and the macros are nowhere near what I have as my nutrition target. I have tried to change settings and regenerate meals countless times. I also emailed app support, only to be told that it’s an issue with my nutrition targets, and not the app, though my nutrition targets haven’t been an issue until this past week. This is highly disappointing because the app has been amazing thus far and I pay for the monthly subscription, when the app doesn’t even work properly now.
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3 years ago, KapellmeisterAB
Perfect app for menu and shopping
When I saw that I was able to not only make a menu just with a couple of clicks starting from diet all the way to preferences, The app then spits out a shopping list and you can go buy it. Very simple very straightforward very easy. You should buy it and you will not regret it. I definitely bought it and I have been using it for a couple of weeks now. So at the end of the week and the start of a new one, the day before, an email is sent to you, with the grocery list and the menu all planned out for the upcoming week, how great is that?!
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5 years ago, Katy_baby
I use this everyday
Great app for all the calorie counting healthy eaters. I’m on a counting calorie journey and this app really helps me watch what I’m eating. Somethings like Avocado May not be on there so they let me add it. You can create meals or follow one of their meal plans. I just create meals and I feel like I have control over my diet but also I can eat what I REALLY want. The app shows you how many calories are in a specific food so you CAN eat what you want just in moderation for your caloric goal. The only thing is that sometimes the app just crashes. Closing the app and reopening does the trick. And if you don’t have premium then you can only do 1 meal plan a day. I hope this was a help to someone.
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3 years ago, Odysseus42
Buggy and Frustrating
I’m not sure if the app is actively being developed anymore. But trying to control the meal plan is very buggy. Support is nice, but they are not very helpful. After I spend an hour trying to get my meals in the meal plan working, I might shoot an email to support to let them know what issue I’ve encountered. The response is almost always “we checked your account and don’t see the problem.” Yes Sherlock, it’s because I spent an hour working around the problem. I try to explain this and I usually get back “great, use the work around!” General lack of interest in trying to duplicate the issue to fix it. And using work arounds every time I try to meal plan for the week is extremely frustrating.
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7 years ago, Elidelopor81
Could use some work
Used this for the past 8 months or so; I like the app for my own meal planning, but don’t like the auto plan feature. I chose Paleo style of eating and it daily will have recipes that are NOT Paleo. I’ve gotten to adding my own custom recipes, deleting everything they put in, and planning everything myself. Just wish I could upload recipes on the app from online rather than type it all by hand. Also wish there were more ingredients (ie Whole Foods items, Coconut Aminos, etc...) and a different way to search for them All as well as by Category. But I paid for a year and 85% of the recipes I use I’ve already typed in, so I guess I’m committed until something else significantly better releases.
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