EoS Fitness

Health & Fitness
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Netpulse Inc.
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3 months ago
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User Reviews for EoS Fitness

4.55 out of 5
3.6K Ratings
4 years ago, EstelleRose0
Best app so far
This app gives you the option to sign up and a check in at the gym. Pick the location that’s near you and you have the opportunity to use the gym whenever you like. During these times, there must be a mask present. There is also a check in history to let you know when you got to work out. You can check in the gym for classes or check it on the app. Overall, I really like this app and it makes a huge difference when you want to get involved and motivated at the gym. This app includes having a EoS store so instead of buying at the gym, you can buy online. This makes a lot more easier when the gym is open 24/7. This depends on what location you’re currently living in. I highly suggest using this app to keep tabs when going to the gym.
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7 months ago, orangefuzzyball
The spirit airlines of gyms
Yes this is a very cheap gym but be careful, they make their money. The phone app deceptively lists being able to adjust your membership via your account settings which then takes you to some separate webpage where you jump through hoops to cancel your 9.99 a month membership. Took me nearly 2 hours which is not worth the savings of using a different gym. But still months later I get a bunch of frantic calls about a past due balance and no credit card being on file. I didn’t manually remove my card it was likely wiped when I canceled my membership. The number I was provided wouldn’t link to any customer support so I went to the gym to just talk to an actual person about what was going on. I showed the assistant manager the link on the app that I used to cancel my membership and they denied ever seeing that on the app before and insisted my membership was still active and that I had to pay a 50 dollar fee for the two months since I had canceled and a “discontinuation” fee. In short do not trust this app to do anything with your account settings it’s clearly meant to honeytrap you into the situation I found myself in. Make sure you just go and sit in front of the reps and maybe notarize a print out saying you cancelled your membership. And really shame on the devs for putting their efforts into a scammy app
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7 months ago, Maria Cga
Horrible update, barely usable
This app used to work perfectly, you could easily search and book group fitness classes. You could search by your 3 closest locations or even up to 10 you picked! All arranged by distance to you. I discovered a bunch of classes that way. Plus you would have the option to easily add a class to your calendar after booking and it would automatically include the location too. Very convenient, no complaints. But now the update removed all of that, now you can only search one location at a time and have to pick from a alphabetical long list of allll the locations, not even organized by distance like it used to be. It takes much longer to book and i have to remember where each class was. And they removed the add to calendar feature that was so useful. I'm still attending classes bc i love some of the teachers but this just made it unnecessarily harder to do so plus made it harder to stumble upon new classes too I hope they rework this app back like it used to be bc this is just a pain and is making me rethink my membership
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1 year ago, Zooo55!
Something for everyone!
EOS newest facility offers something for everyone. The choice of classes and times is incredible and if not you’ve got other locations to find the one time or class for you. The instructors are not only enthusiastic and fun but will give you options to fit your ability. There’s tons of equipment and specialized areas for you to also do your own routine. With an indoor pool, you couldn’t ask for much more. EOS fits perfectly in my active retired lifestyle and with my insurance’s ‘Silver Sneakers’ plan I pay nothing out of pocket for all these amenities. This place was a great discovery after my recent move here from the east coast.
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5 months ago, Ny710
This app is “supposed to be” a major part of the gym - communication, information, ETC. It’s never been used 100% for communication with the members and now it is WORSE!!!!! G-Fit has been missing for almost two months and when I called the different locations, they acted as though I didn’t not know HOW TO USE my phone and/or the app. REALLY????? They suggested I come in so they can SHOW ME how to use the app. I know I am not stupid. They all had the nerve to confidently tell me they have it on their phones as though they don’t know it is missing from some people’s phones. Do companies communicate throughout anymore OR are they just pretending (as to not care)??? I told them my phone has their last update. I have even deleted the app a few times, but to no avail. I wrote in to “Support” and they told me each time they’ve been aware of the issue and they have been working on it. They had another update yesterday and G-Fit was not added. Are they still “working” on the issue??? Does anybody care??? ————————— The gym is not kept clean or stocked with paper in the dispenser. The manual medical scale is off. The clocks don’t always tell the correct time. The lockers are dirty. There are no changing rooms for privacy. Some of us are prefer to change our clothes in private!!! Again, DOES ANYONE CARE?????
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7 months ago, Chiquita9123
Update is AWFUL
Literally everything about this update is awful. I only have a gym membership for the gfit classes. This update made finding and selecting a class impossible. No reminder notification for when we can book, no reminder class will start in 2 hour, can’t select more than one location, have to scroll through all locations when I am in Florida, military time, when you click on a class it doesn’t give information about the class like it used to, the lag when the calendar loads or changes weeks is tremendous, not to mention the check in when in class doesn’t work. At all. All of this will make people miss classes. This app makes me have to put in a lot more effort than is needed. It shouldn’t be this hard. Please go back to the previous version. It wasn’t perfect but it was only mildly annoying compared to this impossible version.
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2 months ago, cdtaylo2
Gym great, App terrible
EOS gyms are all great locations to work out. Amenities are fine and the chain is reliable to have quality equipment to satisfy diverse fitness needs. The App however is a total disaster. If you are planning to just use app for basic check in you’ll have no problems. But if you are planning to book classes or use any other features, beware. I’ve made several attempts at getting the App to work, including deleting and reloading. I’ve discussed with EŌS sales and management teams. They can do nothing and after several months, my app still doesn’t work. Worst part, the EOS staff isn’t able to manually enroll you in their classes, have to use the App. I would delete it altogether from my phone, but the barcode is better than having to give my phone number every visit.
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1 year ago, baileybooXYZ
EŌS Gym App
I use this app mainly to sign up for classes. It’s very easy to use and convenient. I like that you can only sign up for classes a day in advance. It deters those who would sign up for a whole month in advance at another gym. I like that it has a limited capacity to class sizes however that is not enforced by most instructors. Many times classes are packed beyond what is comfortable space. The only class where cheating isn’t possible is the cycling class. The gym staff needs to be more diligent and keep up with the machines that issue class tickets. Many times it’s out of paper. So in this case instructors can’t filter out the class crashers.
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11 months ago, Rapid Tap
I love this EoS app! I love my gym EoS Fitness and all the incredible instructors!!
I love all my favorite absolutely incredible EoS Fitness Class instructors like Gabby Soltren, Cecilia Armour, Ally Falca, Jessica Bower and all the wonderful friendly staff at all your locations and I use a lot of them so I know!! I WANT MORE CLASSES WITH GABBY SOLTREN!! She is so much fun so inspirational and motivating and everyone in class loves her and she gets us to go much harder than we ever would but we have FUN doing it!! SHE IS A TREASURE!! I will take any classes with Gabby Soltren!!! JUST PHENOMENAL LEADER AND TRAINER AND TEACHER!! She’s amazing and absolutely awesome!!!
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4 years ago, Chellefish81
Misses work outs sometimes
I would give this app a 5 star rating except it seems so have a glitch in the system that can make it miss recording workouts and check ins at the desk. It can be very annoying to miss those check ins when you have joined a Challenge. I love the up to date class schedule it even tells you if some one is subbing for your class and who that sub is. I really like the idea of the challenges if the recording was more accurate. I really like I can use my phone to check since I don’t always drive to the gym. I would love to have a nutrition tracker built in the app that would subtract out the calories burned in my workout. Also being able to set up alert like reminders to drink water would be super cool.
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3 years ago, Teddy Bearzz
Childcare issues
I would give this app a 5 star, however when I try and schedule my reservation for my son to go to the childcare area I have to go through the long process of entering my agreement number every single time without knowing what’s available, then sometimes when I get to the part that has the openings I will see something that works with my schedule so I’ll try and click it and it will notify me that the spot has been taken. Sometimes it won’t allow me to schedule anything at all although it shows as being available even after reopening the app and refreshing the page.
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1 year ago, The golden goose 97
Good app, could use a couple things.
I love the accessibility of the app, I would just like more of a mange account type. Like adding a place to see what is included in the pass I have. I know I can access it online, but it would be nice to be all in one space. Like for example, I have the black pass and it comes with all the stuff. It would be nice for the other passes to be listed as well and see what is included. But not only that but to click on the category it includes and tell us more about it. Like for the buddy pass. It would be nice to see restrictions or requirements. On another note, it would be nice to add your buddy to a fit class when you sign up. :)
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1 year ago, jeff standage
Kids Club Reservation are a pain!
It’s a 6 or 7 step process to create a reservation for kids club. You have to fill out multiple pages of information just for the app to tell you on the last step of the process that your location has no available time slots. Why can’t they make this process easier for parents needing to make reservations? Let’s not forget another annoying feature, you can only make reservations one day in advance. I wouldn’t mind having to go through so many steps to make reservations if I could make them for my entire week but I can’t. I have to try and remember the day before I go to the gym to make a reservation. This is really frustrating as a parent just trying to make it to the gym when I can.
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8 months ago, MichJo4
My EOS app was recently updated, and I am extremely disappointed. I love attending this gym because of their group Fitness classes and being able to easily look at them in the app. That is until the update. Now it is extremely difficult to search for nearby gyms bc the list is just one long list of locations alphabetically. I can only select one gym at a time to look at classes when I used to be able to select up to five and below all of those classes. These are extremely inconvenient Changes. Another downfall but not a big issue is that the times for classes only display in military time.
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3 years ago, laugeri
Childcare sign up
Signing up for child care is not great. You have to put in all your information- Name, email, phone number, access number, pickthe location and club.... before you can even see if there is availability on the calendar and most of the time there is not. :( then you have to go back and do it for a second child and sometimes you can’t book them for the same time slot. Being able to see what time slots and how many available spots upfront would be really nice. Especially if I’m trying to sign up for a class too. Only complaint. The rest of it is great!
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2 years ago, Balloonmom
Great gym
I love EoS. Great gym, and it’s near my house. Lots of good equipment, and it’s clean. A special shout-out to group fitness teacher Lisa. She’s amazing! My only complaint is how hot it gets sometimes, especially in summer (not fun in Florida). And I wish the group fitness room was kept open even after morning classes are over. I can’t always attend a class, so the room offers a place I can do yoga when I can get there. Can we please keep it open, even for a short time??
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1 year ago, Cuppycakexoxo
App doesn't transfer health data
On the iPhone, this app doesn't always transfer the data from health. It's really discouraging when I sign up for challenges and set goals on the eos app because I could workout for like 4 days in a row and on the app it doesn't show anything because the data doesn't transfer from the health app. I tried to go through the support on this app to fix this issue but when I click on the link it says I don't have access which is frustrating. How am I able to resolve this issue if I can't contact anyone from support. I've checked my settings to make sure the data gets transferred and nothing.
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9 months ago, FrustratedEŌS
Why only one class location now?
I never write reviews for apps, but wanted to give feedback in hopes that a change is made. The previous class selection process was great; now it’s a huge inconvenience. Every time I open the app it defaults back to only my original home club, which I don’t even live near any more. Then I have to select one club at a time to see what classes are offered at the clubs near me. Eliminating the ability to select multiple locations was a downgrade. Please restore the option to select multiple locations (more than 5 would be great) and save our selections so we don’t have to choose them all over again every time we open the app.
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2 years ago, Pestuji
Non-functional. Only works as a barcode.
The EōS app is hot garbage. Nothing against the gym itself, I’m happy to be a member, but the app is generally useless. It’s a slow, buggy mess, and there’s no way to update any personal information on the app, not even a way to change payment cards. There isn’t even a way to contact anyone for help through the app. The website is unfortunately just as bad for different reasons, so I’ll have to go speak to a rep in person to make any edits to payment info, address, etc. The app could really use some updates. It does display your barcode for signing in pretty well, but that’s about it.
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7 months ago, Meli543
Fix the “bugs” of the new update. This is not what we want.
24-hour notifications for classes you love are gone, ability to add booked class to your personal calendar - gone. If you want a class, set your own reminder. If you want it on your calendar, do that yourself too. It’s inconvenient and a loss of features. No more emails confirming your booked class or that you completed it. What’s the deal with military time? If it’s a temporary ode to our veterans, great. If it’s permanent, it doesn’t make sense. I love working out at EoS but app changes which I assume cost money to do should result in improvements. This does not.
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1 year ago, spinhero
Missing a critical functionality
The app looks nice and it does the basic stuff; sign-ins, check availability etc. but I think is missing a really important functionality that I know other chains already have; crowd levels “meter”. I would use the app (and the gym) infinitely more if I could see how crowded my gym is at any given time..and please don't just feed it off what google maps says, I already do that and it’s not quite accurate. Please consider adding this functionality! Thanks
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2 years ago, Valsu (Polecat)
Getting started
I’m really enjoying the app it’s not difficult to navigate and it makes searching and booking classes fast and easy, not to mention Find other locations that may be close by and have the class your interested in. It also lets you see what trainer is teaching the class for that session in case you make a connection and wish to continue working with the same instructor.
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12 months ago, Ashley.Cheng.415
Tracks weekly visits and books group fitness!
I go between 3 different EoS locations depending on my schedule that week. I really enjoy the group fitness class feature because I can see what classes are each day at each location. I can reserve a spot for the classes from my phone. I can also find gyms close to me if I am in a new area. The app is also helpful to track your gym visits.
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4 months ago, apta
One giant leap backwards
This app feels like beta product that was implemented by somebody who doesn't use it daily or even weekly. As many others have commented the filtering is next to worthless. You can only select one specific type of exercise. Forget about multi gym searches. If you try to filter by instructor, it becomes laughable. The list of instructors available is phenomenal. I would guess over 1000 different names listed by first and last names from all different organizations that are stuck with this particularly poor app. A simple filter by location should be trivial to implement. Keep complaining, that's the only way to improve it.
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7 months ago, Trintill
Ability to see group Fitness schedule gone🤬
All the group fitness class scheduling is gone when the app updated. 90% of my EŌS gym membership is attending classes, so this is extremely frustrating. I have many friends at the gym who are also going through this. And those who have the schedule, it doesn’t allow multiple locations and to filter and customize like it did prior. I have deleted the app and reinstalled it several times. I have logged out and logged back in. None of it works to get the scheduling portion of the app working. This gym does me no good if I can’t get in to register for classes anymore on its app.
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4 months ago, cjean98
They fixed all the bugs!…except one.
Ya, class booking times are fixed and multiple location view is working! Final issue for me is it doesn’t always record check in history. Is there some trick to it after you sign in, like clicking back or closing the app? It be like here’s your history, you went to the gym 1x this week. And I’m like 😠. Excuse you? You didn’t count today, you didn’t count yesterday. What are you even counting?
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9 months ago, 130Jenn
What happened?!
Are you guys serious?! This app was fine before, not sure what happened with the recent update but now I can only see one gym and its group exercise classes. I used to have 5 favorite gyms selected and could see what classes were going on and I could select what gym I’d go to that evening based on offerings. Now it’s always just giving me my home gym options which I don’t even go to because I’ve moved. I liked selecting my go to’s like before and it displaying all their gfit classes. Also, I have to select my “gyms” based on the cross streets every time. Do you guys need a new UI/UX person? This is not it. Serious downgrade.
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6 months ago, Sacarrion82
Ok app lost some functionality
I like being able to check into the class as soon as I check into the gym if I have booked my class in the app. I used to be able to add all five locations near me to my profile as my favorite locations and see the G-fit schedule for those all at once. Now I have to click on each location one by one to see the schedule. it’s kind of a pain when you’re trying to plan out your week I wish that functionality would come back soon.
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5 years ago, Dnakbajdld
Extremely user friendly!
The app - and gym and staff, for that matter - have been more than welcoming to me as a beginner to fitness. The staff never make me feel silly for asking questions, and every class I’ve been to has encouraged me to go try another! I love that the app allows me to book classes directly, log workouts, and even get in touch with my personal trainer. I joined EōS for the cost and convenience but the culture and staff are what keeps me around
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6 years ago, AllNiknamesAreTakken
Class schedule doesn’t appear
The app doesn’t display the class schedule. Only one in a long list of EOS issues, and the gym hasn’t even opened yet! Months of delays in opening, a few false emails telling us to come to the gym to get our cards followed immediately by “oops, we got ahead of ourselves, not yet!” emails, then an email today that said “Download the app to see the classes for this week, the gym is opening at 6 a.m. Thursday!” But the app says it can’t show the schedule, and the website doesn’t have the schedule either. Given the other reviews on here saying the classes fill in less than a minute after becoming available on the app, I don’t have high hopes.
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6 years ago, MikeyMangood
Can’t sign in
I created an account through the app after creating one with my gym. It worked once, but after switching to a new phone, I can no longer sign in. It says the email or barcode is in use when I try to create a new account, but then it says that email/barcode is not in use when I try forgot password/ID. Please correct this so that the 3rd party app is updated to match login info for the gym itself.
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1 year ago, YdalmyMimi
Very Satisfied Member!
I have been coming to this Gym for about 3 months and enjoy every minute! The staff, especially the Zumba instructors are excellent. The App is very easy to navigate and find whatever you’re looking for. The fact that the Ehrlich location is near me is a Plus. I highly recommended to my daughter n her husband and now they are members at the new location in Lutz.
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10 months ago, LupiDiva
Add additional Favorite Locations
The app is great! I enjoy having the ability to book my classes at the tip of my finger for the week. One thing I wish they would change is the ability to choose more than 5 favorites at a time. I have favorite formats and instructors who teach all over the valley. Setting up my week with the formats and/or instructors is challenging as I change locations to get them all in.
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6 months ago, N1kk1a
Great app. Has all class schedules
The app is great! It shows locations of all the gyms. When you click on the bottom right of the gym location you want it says website & scroll to the very bottom of page it shows all the classes they offer, times and descriptions. App has challenges to join & all the amenities for each gym.
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9 months ago, TheOriginalVixen
Impressed by Modern Exercise
This app is everything, and I didn’t even know it when I first downloaded. I thought I was just making check in easier, but I was so wrong. You can build custom workouts, track your goals and progress, follow virtual classes, view live offerings, and so much more. I’m really a big fan, and I never bother rating apps.
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6 months ago, Fairryyyp
Recent Update
Please fix the new update! Thank you. I can no longer view multiple gyms at once (my membership allows me to go to different gyms). I can only sign up for one class a day (some classes are only 30 minutes long and continues to the next class with the same instructor. Typically you would sign up for both). Military time is not the best. I never really know what movie is playing at the gym. I have no strong negative feelings as I’m sure EOS listens to it’s customers. I’m hoping this will be fixed. Thanks again.
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7 months ago, othlvr23
Bring back the old features
When I originally started using the app, I loved it! …And then they made the updates…and I HATE using it. Going to classes is one of the reasons I joined Eos and now booking is so annoying. I live equidistant from 2 eos gyms and previously I could filter the booking calendar to show all gyms within 10 miles from me. That is no more. You can only look at the schedule for one gym at a time. Also now all of the times are in military time and there’s no way to change that. It’s made booking a space in the classes a pain in the neck. Please change it back!
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2 years ago, vail 970
Group fitness
Classes and instructors are excellent. The room the classes are held in has the thermostat set at 72-73. Considering how many people are in a class, it’s way too warm. It becomes very uncomfortable and breathing is stressful. In my experience ,at other fitness centers, the thermostat is typically at 68. For myself and others in the classroom it would be appreciated if you could follow up on the temperature setting. Thanks Jerry Schonfeld
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2 years ago, NB417
App is good, except childcare reservations!
This app has been great so far for reserving classes and other things. But the child care reservations are awful! Please update that process!It takes several minutes of adding basic information only to see that the timeslot you are hoping for is already booked. The app should have all of your information already saved for your child and the gym location, and then just click on the time to reserve!
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1 year ago, JRCOMPTON4
Love the app
Love how modern and user friendly the app is! Would love to see a widget that could have my check in barcode in a future update. Also if the app could better explain the different fitness levels and how the points are earned that would help a lot, i kinda just earn them and don’t know what i’m doing to earn them.
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1 year ago, dex :))
Good service, iffy layout
The gym is great and has awesome facilities but the app is a little difficult to navigate. It's kinda hard to find where your workouts are, and the search bar for creating a workout is annoying. One word misplaced in the beginning and it wont find anything. Also, when creating a workout, you cant edit the order of the activities after they're chosen!!! Overall, good app but lacking in some practical features.
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3 months ago, Scottsdale Sam
Great App
Has everything I need for my workouts, classes and much more. Certainly worth downloading. Very helpful in scheduling group classes. Helps keep track of the instructors and where they’re teaching. Also alerts you if a class is cancelled or there is a change in instructors. Don’t know how I would manage my G-Fit classes without it.
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1 year ago, RussellPane (LOGT) S21
This app is amazing!
EOS fitness is a great gym that is supported and bolstered by A great app based experience. I have totally fallen in love with the workout tracing ability and the scheduling tools that are perfect for planning my health and fitness journey alongside my life journey. This app makes it easy to schedule classes and keep you motivated and in the loop with your next challenge and your next accomplishment!!
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5 months ago, Mrstallica
New App Is Horrible
Deleting the truthful reviews and leaving the stellar ones from 3 years doesn’t change that fact that the new app is awful. While you’ve finally fixed the ability to choose multiple locations, you still haven’t addressed choosing multiple instructors and took out the class names in filters. The glitches are overwhelming as well. The app needs to be completely closed after booking a class in order to view the schedule again. Two steps forward, five steps back.
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12 months ago, Amiah.m
EŌS app gets 5 stars from me !
The app is very user friendly Has a Very organized layout Has really useful options to use on the app Works great even with little data Have nothing but good feed back to give about it to be completely honest , I'm just a young adult that enjoys fitness , I hope this review helps :) <3
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3 years ago, Michone1
I would give 5 stars if the kids club section were able to auto-fill and if you knew if your time was available before you started the long process. It is the main reason I use the app. It is a very long process to fill out all your information. And when you are going through it, you don’t even know if the time you need is available. I hope this is a simple fix. I’d love to change my review.
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1 year ago, ~ Mary C
Its just really well done!
Its just really well done. You wont be disappointed in the gym or the app! Only improvement i recommend is adding ability to filter by time period for classes. i work 8-5 so i only want to see morning and evening classes. Also saving filters would be fantastic.
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8 months ago, mochrimek
please fix, new update driving me and other members insane!!!!
I don’t know who’s grand idea it was to completely revamp this app, but ever since the update, so many fellow members and instructors have voiced their irritation over the AWFUL UI. Want to search classes over multiple locations? Good luck, you now have to search by location every single time. The times of the classes are suddenly in military time and are NOT correct. There was nothing wrong with the app before, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it but now it’s completely broken.
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6 years ago, Esparzaesp
Issues providing class schedules
More often than not it won’t display same day class schedules, and not at all for the closest gym to my place. I reinstalled the app a couple times but just turn to the website now, defeating the purpose of the app. The way you cycle through different locations in town is also a pain. Would be great if I could just select the class I want and see which locations from my favorites offers that class. Wouldn’t make a difference ‘til the first issue is fixed. At best this is just an alternative to having the card on my keychain.
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4 years ago, Momwithlittlepeople
Waste of time and download
I downloaded the app to join a challenge through my EOS location, and was excited to take part, and have extra encouragement to be active at home. However, it soon became apparent that though the app says Fitbit is compatible, it would accept it only for regular workouts and not for the challenge. Some sort of error in the eos app system prevented it from adding my distances, though my Fitbit has it all. Contacting customer service was a waste of time because they think their app is infallible and it must be user error or another app’s fault. Uninstalled.
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