Health & Fitness
4.7 (37.5K)
104.3 MB
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Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Equinox+

4.73 out of 5
37.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Bggdxv
New Update
Updating my below review to 5 stars. The developers actually listened to reviews, and made the in-club class schedules easy to read again! 5 stars!! *******What happened to the in-club class schedule interface? This new version is not only chaotic and messy, but simple things have been removed, to what looks like, make room for images?? Images for each class are unnecessary, please remove. Class time, the most important information, is so tiny and hard to spot. They removed: class end-time, teacher bios, number of spots available, and waitlist spot number. It used to be so easy and clear to pick and chose classes, and browse other options.
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6 years ago, fatix76
Very Unreliable Notifications
I actually really dislike this new app. It’s filled with glitches. The most annoying one is that the reminders to book or class start reminders do not always work so I’ve been consistently missing the window to book a class and having to waitlist which is VERY upsetting or not remembering to cancel in time. The one and only reason why Equinox works for me is because I can schedule my workouts ahead of time and I’ve only joined because of the classes so this new app has been crippling my schedule. There are several other weird things happening with it but while they’re strange they don’t actually affect the functionality of the app as much as the missed notifications do. I really hope it gets fixed quickly because as is it’s pretty useless and it’ll certainly be a huge problem moving forward. I have to say I’m really surprised they put it out with all the many issues it has rather than solving the bugs first. I’m pretty upset about it. I get it that it has added functionalities and it looks cool but if it doesn’t work for what it is really needed (booking and cancelling classes) then it’s pretty useless. So please fix it or bring back the old app that actually worked!
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3 years ago, :::::::::::
Terrible update, doesn’t work
8.1.21. I'm beyond disappointed in this app update. They removed the best part which is the monthly calendar to get a visual of how many days you've worked out. Now the bar graph only shows classes, not personal training, Pilates or gym check-ins. And it's not even correct with that! Bring back the calendar view with the circles that shows ALL workout days, not only a class! If you view the reviews by the most recent, 95% have only 1 or 2 stars since the update. And the developer response that's copied and pasted to all says to "...watch for exciting updates...". We don't want updates, this last one was crap and ruined the app! We want a fixed, usable app. You clearly messed it up with the last update because there was no UX taken into consideration. Go back to what it was, it was easier to read, better interface, better UX. Plus it seems you're "designing" for only the size of an iPhone 11. 🙄🙄 And I think I'm so upset because equinox hasn't acknowledged what a fail this was even though everyone liked it better before. I would love an email from equinox to everyone saying they know it was a big fail, it's broken, things aren't working on it, they hired a new web/app design company and they're re-doing it. Don't pretend this was an exciting update! It's horrible.
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3 years ago, wotann07
Very slow and all the metrics are gone
The app is extremely sluggish for everything: from checking in to a class to signing up for one. For that require selecting equipment (bike or a treadmill) the screen flashes with the list for the selection and then goes black. You have to play a mini game to be able to select quick enough. All the metrics from cycling classes and running classes are nowhere to be found now. There’s no way of selecting an instructor or a class as a favorite right from the activity history. It doesn’t make sense to go all the way back to the Home Screen and your profile to add favorites from there, you could easily link instructors profiles right to the activity, it should also be very straight forward to add a little star right there. When there are no classes booked, why is the barcode so hidden away? It should be the first thing when I open the app. You’ve also removed the option to add EQX to your Apple wallet. I could keep going, it seems like the development team is not focusing on the right features. Also, the calendar feature does not work. Nothing shows up in the phone calendar, and yes, I’ve checked the permissions.
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1 year ago, mysharona
Terrible and keeps getting worse!
No matter what I do meaning from closing out of all the apps that I have open to turning on and off my phone plus more the app keeps thinking for itself when it is time to book classes, most of the time it throws me out & I have to do it all over again, by that time the class is already booked up! Sometimes without choosing a spot it picks one for me, by that time everything else is already booked. There isn’t a time that it will book right every time there is a huge issue and it gives me anxiety! Before the pandemic it wasn’t as hard and problematic as it is now. Maybe it has to do with all the other features that have been added up since the pandemic that when we open the app they’re loading on & at the same time when we want to book classes because it’s loading therefore it’s thinking & there are a lot of people trying to book at the same time. Maybe setup a separate app for just booking classes? There is another issue now the automatic sign in when you enter the gym is not working either, I have to get scanned now each time. It would be a relief if this app got fixed.
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3 years ago, Brian900LSD
This app used to be good…
But the pandemic happened, they needed to create an online streaming workout experience so now we all have the new and improved Equinox+ app and the loss of a once-great website. The old app worked. The new app, simply, does not. First off, it was impossible to log in. Then the calendar sync setting was there but the feature does not work. Now the sync works but now it automatically creates a new calendar for iOS and Apple’s calendar app. I use Outlook mobile app (much better, IMO, across the board) so I cannot see unless I go into Calendar and change it manually. ALSAC if you so much as look at a booked class on you app — a new appointment is created. This did not happen with the previous app. Next problem—try to book a class or cancel a class using the app. The screen goes black. Nothing. You have to close and shut down the app multiple times to achieve the desired result. Try booking online? No good—they removed all member capabilities on the webpage. They keep saying these problems will be addressed in updates but why even launch a useless app like this without proper testing.
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2 years ago, Littlejohn42069
Please fix this app, it’s so frustrating
The most annoying thing to me lately is the class organization. It’s a mess. The way clubs are organized across Southern California makes no sense. I go to multiple clubs for various classes and there is no way to access these clubs that isn’t a complete pain every time. I have to use the overly complicated search function to try to save Pasadena or Glendale to my list that also includes DTLA and Hollywood and it deletes itself from my saved filters every time. How hard could this be to fix? I’d submit feedback but this app has been out for long enough that I have little faith it would be taken into consideration. So many parts of this are bizarrely user unfriendly. It’s like they are trying so hard to make it look cool and flashy that they forgot real people want to use it. I really enjoy being a member of Equinox, but this app is a daily bummer for me. It’s stressful and a waste of time. I hope they actually fix it someday and test it on real people because this feels like it’s been dreamed up in a corporate office by people fully out of touch with reality.
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2 months ago, Marcellus_H
Poor Value, Peloton Better and Cheaper
I had high hopes for Equinox Plus when I subscribed to their annual membership, but unfortunately, my experience has been far from satisfactory. Compared to other fitness platforms like Peloton, Equinox Plus lacks in several key areas. Firstly, the class selection on Equinox Plus pales in comparison to Peloton. The variety and quality of classes offered are limited, leaving me feeling uninspired and restricted in my workout choices. Secondly, the price of Equinox Plus is double that of Peloton, yet the value and quality of the service provided do not justify the premium cost. It's disheartening to pay more for a service that offers less in terms of content and features. One of the most frustrating aspects of Equinox Plus is the inability to sort classes by instructor. This feature is essential for users like myself who have favorite instructors whose teaching styles we prefer. Without this functionality, navigating the platform becomes cumbersome and less enjoyable. Overall, my experience with Equinox Plus has been disappointing. I had hoped for a premium fitness experience but instead found myself underwhelmed and dissatisfied. I cannot recommend Equinox Plus, especially when there are better options available at a fraction of the cost. I hope the Equinox team takes note of these concerns and works towards improving their platform to better meet the expectations of their users.
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7 months ago, NY yoga
truly terrible
terrible user experience. they need to separate out the on-demand from the inperson uses. Everything takes two or three steps when it should take one i.e. should have quick screen to check in… instead of having to open the app and then click on check-in. It is impossible to search in any meaningful way without having to go through the very lengthy step process of rep favorites. For as dearly as I pay for all access membership, app should be more helpful. You should be able to enter in an address that you are going to be at and have the app tell you what clubs and classes are available during a certain timeframe i.e. if you know you’re gonna be in Union Square from 12- 3pm noon on a Thursday you should be able to enter address location / time into the app and they can tell you which clubs are close and what classes they have during that time frame. You should be able to search a class that you know by entering in Gym name and time period. I.e. I book a certain yoga class every Friday night. I should be able to say West 76th, Friday night at 6:30 pm and app would take you straight to that class to book instead of having to scroll through the entire day and/or days of classes, depending upon which favorites clubs you have chosen. the app doesn’t gel with ipad. i.e. graphics get all screwed up. (see attached) In any case, very unfriendly interface for on demand classes. always have to do 3 steps to find full list of meditation classes.
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3 years ago, Anthony Marco Giovanni
The new UI change looks great and modern! But in all honesty, that’s it. You have taken a simple easy app and completely ruined it! It’s more than slow, sometimes the app doesn’t even open, and I end up giving the front desk my phone number and then I have to a fill out a sheet of paper with a pen. Kind of barbaric. Also, for the love of god, please stop with the Equinox+ branding and pop ups in the start of the app. WE all know what app we are opening, it slows it down and it’s pointless. Another note, please please stop with the clothing marketing ads!! It’s so bothersome and cheap. I’m going to the gym, not the retail store to save money and buy clothing. This app and the gym itself has completely took a U turn into more than frustration. Also, I do wish no more solo work out reservations! Such tedious and annoying waste of time and steps! And it doesn’t even work! Majority of us are vaccinated, we clean down our equipment and if you want to wear a mask you can, why are we still doing the solo check and please just get rid of it!
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2 years ago, justinasparling123
Glitchy and unreliable
I have had the app since its release and the past 3 months have been the worst user experience. The individual galleries by brand (equinox, pure yoga, etc) do not function and the filter does not work on them. In addition, if you leave the app even for a second (not close, just navigate elsewhere on you phone and then come right back within literal seconds), the app leaves whatever class you were on and so you have to refind the class, go back to where you were in the class, and hope you don’t get a text you have to answer because then you will have to do it all over again. Finally, the customer support is non-existent. After an initial response from their email handle, they went complete silent. The trainers and classes on the app are amazing, so it’s a shame that the user experience is so bad and it’s such a hassle to use the app (it wasn’t always so bad, it’s just these past few months).
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6 years ago, Thejoshonator
Waitlist Removal is stupid
The app was good and convenient. Now that you took away the ability to see the waitlist # you ruined the app and everyone with a multi-gym access membership a way to figure out which locations class we should go to with the best odds of getting into a class. The response of “it encourages new people to sign up for classes” makes no sense to anybody. What does that even mean? Is someone like “ooh all the pursuit classes are booked in midtown today. That is exciting, normally I wouldn’t register because I knew I couldn’t get into the class and I’d just go work out or pick a class with a short waitlist , now I don’t know if I can get into the class at all because it’s a secret, that sounds so fun and exciting, I love secrets. It’s like winning the lottery. I don’t even care that I’m still not getting in but it was fun to have to opportunity to be waitlisted and waste my time waiting to find out I didn’t make the cut and never had a chance. Thanks equinox (big thumbs up)”. Can I meet that person? Can you have them do a testimonial?
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6 years ago, piicktyskyhjkwpzb
REALLY Glitchy!!! Fix it please!
I’m just sick and tired of getting blocked out of a class simply because the app is glitchy. I set alarms in my phone to sign up for a high demand class right when the sign up opens up only to be waitlisted, because the app is so glitchy that the class doesn’t appear on the screen until I refresh five or six times, and by then I’m already waitlisted for the class. It doesn’t seem to be equipped to deal with a large volume of people using the app at exactly the same time to get into a class. I also never get the cycling bike I sign up for and immediately get bumped to a back bike. I should be able to see the bike I’m signing up for when I sign up. I also don’t like that you can no longer see what number you are on the wait list. We should be able to know how good a chance we have of getting into class, so we know to make alternate plans if necessary! Please fix this!!! Enough already. This has been happening for a year. Equinox is an expensive gym and the app should work smoothly.
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2 years ago, ALD2135
Old app was way better
As other reviewers have said, this app (pre-pandemic) used to be much, much better. The main issues I have with the current app are: (1) there is no longer an easy way to view your month with all of your check-in days highlighted, which I found very motivational and gratifying in the precious version of the app, because you could easily see how many days you had gone to the gym; and (2) you can no longer export a class to your iPhone calendar until you’ve actually booked it, which is really annoying because I used to use the export function to plan out my week in advance around which classes I wanted to take. Now if I want to do that I have to manually input the classes into my calendar, which I’ll never do. Both of these changes have made the app much less useful in my opinion and (I imagine) could be easily fixed. Please fix!!
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11 months ago, MJCWilko
Would love to see the app Apple Watch compatible
I would love to see this app be compatible with Apple Watches. Why? Simply for the check in feature. For example if you plan to run or cycle to an equinox gym currently you need to take your phone to then check in on arrival. It’s super annoying when that’s the only reason you take your phone with you. These days you can see your workout program, and track weight, sets and reps all from your wrist. As well as listen to your favourite tunes whilst working out. But you just can’t check into the gym. If it’s the only feature that the Apple Watch app does that’s ok. I understand building an app with class booking schedules and organisation can be challenging to fit into a watch app. But all that stuff can be done prior to your journey to the gym where you may not want to take your phone.
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3 years ago, leigh f 2021
Going for flash and ignoring UX
I hate this new app. Full of glitches (clicking on a day doesn’t actually take you to that day, classes today say they are tomorrow, etc). They clearly did not think about the user experience. They only give you instructor’s first name and last initial. At my club we have multiple instructors with the same first name and last initial so I have to click in to see who it really is. They give you the start time but not the end time. You have to do the math with the class length. I get that this was fine for the at home on demand classes, but if you want to do back to back classes in club, it’s more complicated. Visually, they take up so much space with a colorful picture of the category of class, which is redundant with the class name, and the key details are in teeny font. One good thing is that you can scroll through multiple days of classes which you couldn’t before, so that’s the one improvement.
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9 months ago, DR gurl
Buggy and major usability issues
Somewhat relieved to see I’m not the only one having constant issues with this app. As others have mentioned, it freezes and breaks all the time and takes forever to load the club check in. Also it’s so hard to navigate- make it easier for me to get to the Home Screen please! If I’ve gone down a few steps in a process i have to backtrack out of it to open anything else (like checking into a club). Is the last thing i want to do as someone trying to make it to class. Also, some of the screens cut off on my iPhone, i have updated, reinstalled, reduced text size, restarted the app to no avail. This feedback is specific to the “programs by Equinox” workflow. I have an iPhone SE 2 for reference. This has been an issue for the 2 years I’ve had the app. I’ve never been able to use that feature because of it.
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1 year ago, CREGeek
I’ve been very disappointed with this app lately. Not only does it keep glitching, but on my iPad the formatting is all messed up and words are on top of one another, making it difficult to read what’s going on. Probably worst of all is that the app USED TO tell you the last date you took a specific class. There being so many classes is what I love about Equinox+, but now I end up taking the same class 3x in a month when there’s another I haven’t taken since 2020, which would have been great to mix it up since I don’t know what exercise sequence to anticipate next in a given class. I reached out to the app help desk and at first they said they had no idea what I was talking about, then said they were working on it (WEEKS ago). I don’t think they’ll ever “get around to it”. For $40/ mo, there must be better fitness apps out there…
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6 years ago, hlb0918
Don’t update if you’ve upgraded to iPhone X+
Major first world problems, but the new update is so bad for iPhone X. I recently updated to an XS and now I have to use the full app in a tiny square in the middle of my screen. Why would the team release an update after the release of the newest iPhone that isn’t AT ALL compatible with the dimensions of the new phone? This is a dramatically worse experience, and for a luxury gym, I would imagine that a significant amount of your users upgrade their iPhones fairly quickly when a new version is available. I wish they’d had the foresight to not roll this out unless it was compatible with the newest iPhone.
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2 years ago, TheChantalShow
App Doesn’t Work & No Tech Support
I’m an Equinox club and online platform member. I pay over $20K a year in personal training and member fees and can’t use the app at all. Can’t even log in. No big deal, right? Except I can’t book any classes (half my member fees) or schedule/change or even see when my PT sessions are scheduled $1400+ per month and can’t access any online content at the gym either. I am disabled. I have to invest in and prioritize health and fitness. I chose Equinox because because it’s supposed to be the best. I can’t even get a tech support person to speak to me directly. All issues are “resolved” through an Assistant GM because I suspect the people who maintain the app are outsourced to another country. Zero stars for the app not working. Negative stars for them not having adequate customer support for an exercise platform. Negative negative stars for them not giving a crap about either.
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3 years ago, Cford725
A little buggy but not bad.
Hard to switch locations. Too much stuff going on in there makes it hard to find what you need. Biggest gripe is hard to switch between locations easily to see diff classes. I have to open up each class to see the location because the location in the screen is truncated. I do like to shop between multiple locations but app seems to assume im tied to one. I paid for all access and do use it so would be good to more easily shop around for classes. I work out at home and at work si would be great if i had a feature that would let me day parse filters so i could plan my day based on which gyms ill be near at what time. I would use that like crazy.
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6 years ago, mksmith84
Worst. App. Ever.
This is my first time writing a review for an app, that’s how frustrated I am. Equinox needs to take a note from Orangetheory, who in my opinion, have really mastered how to deal with booking classes and deal with wait lists. The Equinox app is consistently timing out. The waitlist isn’t synchronized or doesn’t have real time updates, because I have been on a wait list while also seeing two bikes available. Which makes no sense. You should also be required to cancel more than 30 min before the class to give those who are wait listed better opportunity to plan if they can make it. I also think it would be useful if booking for an entire week would be made available instead of the day before every class, Soul Cycle does this and it helps you plan out your week. I would expect more from a gym that charges so much. Please add more UX designers to your roster. This thing is in need of some serious TLC.
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3 years ago, Donniie
You would expect better based on how much the gym costs.
There has been so many downfalls with this app in the past 3 months, from the old one to the new one. 1. Random times when the app doesn’t work to book tour session or check in. It’s not like we have a key fob or the Apple Watch pass to try to get around this. 2. Syncing classes and bookings to the calendar is unreliable. It seems like it never refreshes after taking things off the calendar. Each appointment duplicates itself over 5 times. No location for the class which is nice for members with the All Access Pass. Items on the calendar are only about a week ahead but it should be about a month given personal training and Pilates appointments can be booked further out.
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5 years ago, Disappointed Equinox Member
Terrible! I expect better from Equinox than these types of bugs!
Ever since an update in late 2018 (including a few further app updates and multiple complaints at Equinox locations since the issue began), this no longer syncs properly with Apple health. It will recognize a class and show the class in Apple health (as “other”), which will count towards your exercise goal but it does not recognize the calories burned in that same class in your move goal. This is particularly frustrating since the move goal shows “equinox” in its timeline but fails to sync the calories burned towards that daily move goal. This was never an issue in the past and you would think that, after multiple complaints from multiple members (according to my two most frequent locations, many members are complaining about this!), equinox would fix this. I’d give zero stars if it were an option!
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6 years ago, Pinksandpurples
This app can be frustrating
Doesn’t load all accurate information — mileage and calories listed on my station bike do not match what comes out on the eqx app record. The app is consistently slow and list of classes may not be accurate. For example, ive encountered situations, including today, when I register for a class and the class or your registry doesn’t appear on the app. It actually makes it seem like the class doesn’t exist at all. You have log on several times in order to see the booking. Too many reboots. After reboots, activity data doesn’t appear right away. There are times when app reboots, right before its time to register for a class and then you can’t register for class the next day bc it gets full. Developers really need to fix bugs.
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6 years ago, TremontStBoston
Great evolution...
...but I wish it had a place to give suggestions/feedback, so members can make the app or club even better. Things outside the realm of a class/instructor. For instance, I wish I could save my bike settings in it, for ease of remembering. Or at least photos of my settings. (Inputting the data would enable for future automatic bikes, when client shows up, it could sync with the app and apply to save time) As for club specific feedback...I guess I have to put that here. Bins for used towels need to be closer to the exit. I keep accidentally taking them with me, as I shower at home. Lights in the yoga studio should be labeled, so we can turn off the unnecessary ones that shine right into your eyes. Have a secondary fridge for cold towels near the other end of the gym, not just near the treadmills, etc
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3 years ago, cms071784
New app terrible
The new app is terrible and not up to the Equinox standard. The in-club classes tab is an absolute mess! The old class layout was so clear and easy to read. Clean white background, black text. Easy to click day to day, week to week. Your personal calendar equally clean and easy to quickly scan. Changes to the schedule were flagged with a NEW ID, which was a fabulous feature. The new version is a never ending and very slow to load scroll. There are icons/photos paired with class that add absolutely nothing to the list experience, just additional clutter. Your activity section an equal cluttered mess. Please, please revert back to the old class schedule layout. This app is all about pushing the virtual experience versus the in-club experience which feels odd. It was so much better when there was a clear separation between the two.
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6 years ago, Sunkssd74
Bring Back Waitlist #'s
Overall I've been happy with the apps functionality for my needs...the occasional check-in using my phone when I have other keys. I have the multiple location membership so I am always using the schedule and "book a class" function on a daily basis. 100% please bring back the waitlist number because how else would you know your odds of getting into the class...why drive out of the way to find out you were #12 on the list 15 minutes before class. I got an email saying you were bringing them back but just updated to the latest version without any change....
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2 months ago, Rizzy is my dog
Good classes but app could be better
The classes and instructors are great but the app is glitchy. The search function doesn’t work well, favorited classes aren’t shared between the bike tablet and the phone app, and it doesn’t have a way to download the classes for offline viewing. Unfortunately that means I spend more time trying to keep the bike tablet connected to the internet long enough that the class doesn’t reset because the tablet doesn’t have a way to reset the time. I’ve already spent time with customer service to see if it is a tablet issue. I end up having to watch classes on my phone instead of the bike. I also like downloading offline classes for travel. Switching back to Peloton for this feature even though I prefer Equinox classes.
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6 years ago, socalspence
App is incredible. Wish there was an iPad App Though
This app is your go to for Equinox. Check in, sign up for classes, very easy to navigate. You can download it on your ipad but it still only takes up iphone real estate. Please make a native ipad app! Also if you save a class and don’t go, it counts it toward classes you went to and adds the est calories so if you end up not going, take the time to unsave the class so it doesn’t give you the wrong class count/calorie count for the week. Equinox is the greatest gym I have ever been apart of and it’s like a big community of people truly trying to reach greatness in fitness and health.
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3 years ago, sohorob
The vendor who created the new app should be sued
The new Equinox app is nothing but a complete disaster. I don’t think i’ve ever seen so many crucial bugs in a widely used app before. Almost every day i discover a new issue. Today the daily class schedule was all messed up because if you clicked on saturday, you got Fridays classes. And the text formatting is so awful that the class location often doesn’t even show up (which is the most important piece of information). I feel sorry for the front desk employees who have to check people in since many days the app is stuck on an endless “loading” screen. I can’t imagine the amount of money from our membership fees that must have gone to the makers of this app. Most likely an app company that was picked for inside “favors” instead of proven quality performance.
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3 years ago, Anon135185
Beyond dismayed at this app
This redesign is a complete fail. All I want to do is be able to book classes (with the update just now, it’s gone from cumbersome to just error messages instead of a schedule) and sign into clubs (there are frequent difficulties with that, for me and lots of others who end up at the front desk refreshing and restarting). The interface is unintuitive and prioritizes graphics over useful information, such as being able to see the name of the club a class is in on the schedule page (when it worked). The profiles for instructors are gone. The white lettering on a black background is truly awful for anyone who has any visual disability. One tab will show I did a class while the schedule screen will always say I’ve done no activity. Some serious fixes are in order.
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2 years ago, NYCNYCNYCNYC
SLOOOWWWW ⚠︎ check-in
I took a poll from my fellow members at 9 different clubs in NYC & LA… when I asked what the #1 thing people use the app for it was overwhelmingly for CHECKING IN. And yet, the app is slow to load for everyone on every device (yet most recent version and up to date iOS) and takes *3 taps* just to get to “Barcode.” This needs to take priority and with the older app builds you could conveniently add to  Wallet and never even have to open the slow app to simply check in. This is painfully inefficient. At the very least PLEASE SUPPORT Siri Shortcuts so we can create our own shortcut that goes directly to the Barcode screen if you’re not going to implement this on your end with Wallet support. (The app for workouts should have just remained separate from the one we use in person at the club if it means much speedier response).
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2 weeks ago, iphoneuserg
Glitchy App, Greedy Corporation, no customer support
The app has had glitches for years. It freezes whenever I book a class, and often the screen doesn’t scroll properly when scrolling a list of available classes. The business a greedy faceless corporation. They’ve increased dues every year without added benefits. They charged me an upgrade fee when I never upgraded and customer representatives don’t respond to me emails disputing the charge. I also had credit on my account for a referral that disappeared because they they secretly don’t tell you they expire. Customer representatives also have not responded to me about this. Their branding is misleading and purposely provocative with sexualized women and shirtless men despite their strict policy men cannot be shirtless during heated yoga! They don’t seem to have a lost and found policy either. I’ve left many items in the locker or accidentally thrown into the towel hamper but they never show up despite contacting the gym right after. Many of their gyms are overcrowded for the cramped space especially in many of their locker rooms and studios where you are shoulder to shoulder with others.
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8 months ago, sher2022
Unexpected exit and not able to filter
I got this app and membership from Amex platinum card, was excited to try it out. But unfortunately maybe the digital app still new, a lot of areas to improve: 1. Not able to filter things. For example, when I went out to do an outdoor run, I wanted to follow the instructor for a session, however, there is no way to filter “outdoor” from the precision run. I have been a long term user and fan of Peloton digital platform, comparing to their app, which is super smooth and a lot of functions you can filter whatever you like, instructors, duration of the session, outdoor/treadmill etc. Really hope Equinox can keep it up with its competitors 2. I also downloaded the iPad version of this app, which is terrible. Constantly exit out of no reason. 3. Content is not updated enough.
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3 years ago, TigerLillySurfs
UPDATE AGAIN/ why won’t it let me book class?
NEW ISSUE- why won’t it let me book a class???! I get a red error message which makes me irritated! NEW REVIEW: I just spent a few minutes going down the rabbit hole of click throughs to look for assistance with the app. Can’t find it. So I’m updating this review.... Why won’t the app add my classes that I’m enrolled in on my calendar on my iphone? I just had to manually enter tomorrow morning’s class into my calendar. Also when click on “add to my calendar” for a future class (as a reminder to me) it doesn’t appear. OLD REVIEW BELOW: Another update gone wrong! First it was wring picture wring birthday. Now, app won’t even open! So, I’ll just go ahead and leave my crappy review up from the last uodate... Again...why do you keep updating and upcharging! I get more irritated with every update.
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2 years ago, Ericahfc
Precision run changed my life
As someone who has hated running her entire life and struggled to even run a mile, precision run has completely changed my relationship with running, my mind, and my body. Constantly changing speeds and inclines keeps you engaged with the workout and it’s over faster than you think. Also love that the entire class is customized to meet you at your individual fitness level, which empowers me to work out on days I’m not feeling 100% without judgment or feeling overwhelmed , and push myself on days I’m feeling strong.
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8 months ago, ecoflightattendant
Super glitchy esp for very expensive app
I really wanted to like this app. On the surface, playing basic class videos seem to work well. But if you choose a program catered towards your goals and abilities (which would be great if it actually worked) the app shows you your workout plan for the week. All seems fine until you’re ready to workout- when you click the class your program says to do (ex: 30 min strength session), it will open a completely different class instead (ex: 15 min meditation). On top of that, even if you do the class it opens up for you (meditation), it doesn’t record it so you have no record of completing the classes in your program. Very disappointing. For reference I’m using an iPhone 14 Pro.
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2 years ago, Mariposa59
Broken more often than it works
I usually do not write negative reviews, but there have been too many issues to ignore. The app shuts down mid-class sometimes. It won’t even open on one of my ipads even though it says it’s compatible. I emailed for help, no answer after more than a month of waiting. Now all the classes say they aren’t available even though I’m logged in and that’s been for a week now. I cannot find any troubleshooting tips or explanation why it has so many technical issues. No transparency into the problem or when it will be resolved. I wish they would fix it because SoulCycle is the only spin class I really like, but I won’t continue to pay for something that isn’t working.
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6 years ago, Jilane
Do NOT download new app
Hold onto the old one as long as you can. The new one is very glitchy, makes booking classes challenging, and provides an unreasonable amount of real estate to the training/spa/other income generators. I think it’s unreasonable to force people to set a weekly check-in goal. It was previously optional which was better for those of us who travel, do other workouts, run outside, etc. Additionally, the text is so small it’s almost unreadable in a lot of places. I have excellent eyesight, and I imagine anyone with a degree of vision loss would be unable to use entire portions of the app. It’s almost as if Equinox completely forgot that the majority of people just use the gym and want a functional app for it. Read a review from someone in the Beta testing group who said all feedback was ignored. Whatever agency created this disaster should be ashamed.
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5 years ago, Amanda
Really enjoying this app
I like how easy it is to use and how sleek and clean the design of the layout is. It’s just as ‘pretty’ as it is functional. It’s great to be able to save or book classes so easy, browse which classes to go to in advance and read about them, the reminders for each class I sign up for, how it keeps up with my goals of how often I’m coming in (and keeps up with all the extra times I come in too! Very motivating!). I think the app pairs very well with the club itself. Going to the club would be a different experience without it
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6 years ago, Szqc
Good overall, but stat tracking issues
Used to work great, but now the this ride/best ride stats for cycling/spin classes are not tracking. It is only recording “this” not the “best” so you can’t track your info over time and incentive yourself to beat a true best. Please fix - broken for awhile. Also, suggest please adding app feedback tab or link - app issues often v diff than overall membership issues. FAQ is also advisable What happened to the photo feature for adding a workout? The old app allowed you to upload a photo that you took of your machine and it would auto upload the stats. Now you have to manually input - taking the app backwards as far as progress. I loved and miss that time saving feature - please add/restore this feature.
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6 years ago, Seba212
Pursuit classes pages is poor
Very disappointed the leaderboards are no longer showing at the Pursuit:Burn and Pursuit:Build game results. The Pursuit class summary page is over simplified and lacks the basic results from the class. The games graphics looks small on the page and not very detailed. Also all the metrics and milestones are gone from the activities panel (many years of hard work and progress were wiped away overnight…) The class feedback section is strange (specially rating the instructors). I spoke with a few Pursuit instructors and no on knew about this function in the app (it’s kinda rude to put them on the spot like that without any heads up) It looks like the new version of the Equinox app was build by people that never set foot at the Pursuit classes and don’t understand the importance of statistics. I’d like to see my workout data back along with leaderboards and more refined visual scores. Overall the new app version has too much content that I don’t really need (I prefer to use other sources for food, music and shopping) and is missing basic things like club locator (now hidden inside the user profile page…) Looking forward to see these improvements!
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6 years ago, Eaa1537
While the new app has a cool design, it is incredibly frustrating and glitchy. I’ve sent feedback through the app several times and nothing has been addressed. Here are some of my issues: (1) sometimes I don’t get reminders to sign up for a class even though I’ve clicked on the set reminder button and i end up having to go on the waitlist. Other times I get 3 reminders to sign up for the same class. (2) the app won’t let me export classes to my external calendar, it always says “hmm... something’s not right on our end please try again later”. (3) if I’ve added a class to my calendar but then later remove it, the app will still notify me that the class will start in an hour or send me the feedback form to rate the class after it’s over. The app should realize that the class is no longer in my calendar and not send these to me. (4) I don’t think a waitlist should ever be closed. Who cares if there are 40 people on the waitlist, they should still let us add our names in case everyone decides to drop out a minute before the deadline to do so. Overall, the app has become almost useless and makes my equinox experience sub par.
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5 years ago, thealucia
Great gym, could use some updating
Over the years I’ve tried different gyms and just taking classes and working out on my own. Though pricey, Equinox stands above all others and is well worth it. There is something for everybody at this location. Here are some highlights: great cycling classes, a full array of studio classes, from Barre to yoga to HIIT, big weights room - with a personal trainer roaming, available to spot or give pointers. Super clean locker rooms with nice showers, steam room and all the amenities you’d expect in a high end spa. Only negative so far: the floors in the main studio could use some updating.
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10 months ago, Elisa DC
Classes are awesome, app is awful
The headache to use this app is constant. Every, single, time, I try to workout with this app I cannot just hop on and use it because it will tell me my membership is inactive, which is false. I can’t even just log out and log in. I have to delete the entire app and log in. Which is beyond annoying when I really just want to workout. It’s frustrating as I’ve never had an experience like this with an app. PLEASE MAKE UPDATES, if this was my only way to workout I would’ve thrown my phone out of the window already but thankfully I really only use this on vacation or when I can’t get into certain workout classes. Begging you to fix this problem!
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2 years ago, Jpellest
Get ready to be bombarded with ads
They cannot wait to make their app worse with each release. In their latest version, 50% of your Home screen is now an “announcement”, in other words an ad for Equinox to charge you more (their shop, their hotel etc). I just want to book a class, thank you. Oh and that comes on top of super intrusive iOS notifications that you cannot turn off where they advertise their merchandise almost daily. This company is becoming a scam and it gets reflected in how they design their app: they brand themselves as a premium fitness club, can’t wait to charge you astronomical membership fees and yet even after taking your money they will force you to look at more ads on their app! Developers: do something!
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2 years ago, no nickname tri
App name should be changed to “loading error”
The exercises are great!! But what’s the point of having great exercises if your members can’t use them? 90%of the time I get error messages when trying mirror/airplay. I have an iPhone 11. yes it’s updated. I have a brand new Toshiba fire tv, and a new fire 4K stick in my other TV. Yes, all updated softwares. I am able to screen mirror anything from my iphone 11, except this app. And that’s on ANY of my fire devices. I can only mirror exercises from my laptop using the actual website, to my fire 4K stick. I used to be able to mirror from my phone to my devices but then it stopped. App is getting worse. And to make it worse, now I’m getting loading error messages on my phone when I’m not even trying to AirPlay.
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5 years ago, PaganCT
Super helpful app
One of the greatest benefits at Equinox is their group fitness. For some of the classes, it’s competitive to get a spot. This app enables that process and has made me aware of classes I otherwise wouldn’t have known about. The primary issue I have with it has to do with the cancellation policy, not with the app’s management of the policy. If there was one area of improvement I would suggest, it would be the filters. There should be more flexibility in how you search and what u search for. Overall, however, this app is as polished and solid as Equinox is on every front
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6 years ago, 234lou566
The news Apps UI is really difficult to use.
Recently updated to the new APP and the changes make it really difficult to navigate the app easily. 1) the font size for the classes is really small and does not adjust to the phone presets. Since most users use this on the go, it would be helpful if readability of font was a priority. 2) The check in button is also difficult to see on the home page, blends into the image. Again, if you are in a rush, it makes sense to have a clear/bright check in button on the home page. 3) The navigation bar is now located at the bottom of the screen and is really hard to use with just one hand on your phone. It ends up making you cramp your thumb, or stop walking and use two hand to navigate the app. 4) all the extra content on the home page feels unimportant and distracting. I personally use the app to find classes and check in, not see events etc. That extra content might be better stored in another tab. Again- more emphasis on readability and simplicity would be great as most users are using this on the go. Thanks!
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