Health & Fitness
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Fitness International, LLC
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6 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ESPORTA FITNESS

2.52 out of 5
361 Ratings
1 month ago, Japandy
“Rate you visit” notification is not intuitive
After every visit I receive a notification from the app to rate my visit, so I open my phone via the notification, but I’m taken to a screen that says, “you have no messages, which is confusing, and I have to hunt around to find the place to rate my visit, which, strangely, is right back in the messages page. If you want me to rate my visit, please make it easy. Also, it would be great if I could leave a comment when I rate my visit. I have more concerns and compliments than just 1) whether the place was clean and 2) whether the front desk experience was good.
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2 years ago, Tool923
Booking sessions / adding to calendar / or Notifications
When you go to book a class, I would like to be able to have a button that lets me Add To Calendar instantly. This would make things much easier for me as I need those reminders that I have a class. It would also be cool maybe too - having customizable Notifications (to your own settings) app reminders of those upcoming sessions. Thank you.
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2 months ago, melmai
A once great app ruined
Before LA Fitness started renaming some gyms Esporta the app was so great I defaulted to it instead of the other gym chain I also belong to. As a traveler the app would gelocate me anywhere and within a couple of clicks at most have me adding classes to my calendar. Now the app zooms in on gyms hundreds of miles away (either the location I signed up at or some random spot I was a few weeks ago). Meanwhile there is a pin showing where I actually am, but the app is nonetheless aggressively zooming in on some distant city. If I can manage to wrench it over to where I actually am by typing in the current city I now have to additionally choose which brand of gym, LA Fitness or Esporta. Pick the wrong one and the map is blank. The developers really couldn't have just made this part a single screen and written the name of the gym above the address? App is such a pain now I dread trying to use it, and I used to brag to people that this was my favorite gym chain in large part because of the app.
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2 years ago, zoo nurse
Esporta App
The App was great when I first started using it early last summer. But they have made repeated changes to the app since then and the changes have been for the worse. You can no longer reserve your personal training on the app because it does not work properly for that aspect. I also cannot check my hours that I have available for personal training which I used to be able to do previously. I’m not at all happy with the changes and I feel they need to go back to the previous version.
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2 years ago, bxvejzk
Home screen layout could be better, way over crowded with things i seldomly use. A bit buggy too, i keep getting a message to update my info and i already updated it a week ago. Class schedule is helpful and i like im able To get updates on cancelations and changes. The check in history is usually incorrect and not useful for tracking your days at the gym. There are days that scan in that do not show up on my check in history at my home gym and when im visiting. I will be asking if i can just get a regular card to free up space on my phone.
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3 years ago, Carlos Aldava
Definitely needs improvement
This is all over the place I can never find what I’m looking for and you can’t even see your balance or next payment amount just bank account info and they don’t even let you copy your long member ID. There is no possible way to update your login information and y’all just repeat options in your side bar. Take a look at EŌS or other apps much more useful. I’m better off using your website than your app that hardly works. Also add an Apple Card what if you have hardly any service and you can’t load the app.
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3 years ago, eajb98
Okay app
I loved LA Fitness and being able to check in with my watch app. I love the facilities and the location but I hate having to have my phone on my person when I’m working out. The LA fitness app had a watch app, and now I’m inconvenienced by having to navigate through the app every time I go instead of just using my watch.
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2 years ago, Doctor_23
I will go out of my way to avoid esporta
As the title says, I will go out of my way to never belong to an esporta gym again. This may be the ONLY gym or subscription service in the country that still requires you to physically MAIL your cancelation if you're unable to be there in person. This is 2022, the ONLY reason there is to prevent online or even through phone call cancelation is because you're a greedy company hoping to create enough hoops required so that people are less likely to cancel their membership.
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1 year ago, Ngeema
Terrible app
Been a member for a Year and Every single time I check in it gives me issues! No matter the location. Frustrating because the Staff gives off this bothered feeling because it won’t scan. Ask me the same dam question every time “did you get a new phone?” No! You just saw me two days ago come on now…. But seriously bring back the keycards you can hang on your keys. Yes I know they have them for a $10 fee but yet when I ask for one they are conveniently never in stock. SMH.
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2 years ago, haydenhewett
Does not open
Every time I click the app, it sends me to the loading screen for a couple seconds and then the app just crashes immediately. I’ve tried deleting it and redownloading it. Looking up the problem did nothing. The lady at the front desk gives me attitude every time I ask to sign in at the front desk with my phone number even though it’s not my fault the app doesn’t work. Seriously thinking about switching gyms at this point.
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8 months ago, Ria333333333
The worst place to do business
When you go to sign up for a membership everyone is so helpful but the minute you want to cancel, they send you through all kinds of hoops and hurdles there is never an operations manger in to cancel the membership. The OM was over 30 minutes late back from lunch by the time I left. Don’t sign up for a membership with this place. They steal your money and make it almost impossible to cancel your membership.
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1 year ago, tylerd120802
This app seems like a beta release that needed another six months of development
Its just slow and buggy for an app that doesnt really have a ton of functionality. Takes like 10+ seconds to open the membership card a decent amount of the time, and I randomly get “rate your visit” notifs more than 24 hours after Ive been to the gym which is annoying.
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1 year ago, Iam_q
Apple Watch Compatibility
Please consider and listen to your customers who would like the option to check in using their iWatch. It might do everyone some good if majority of customers didn’t have their phones to check in. I am one of those who would love to leave their phones behind when coming to the gym and not have to worry about losing or breaking it because it’s the only way I can check in to work out.
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2 years ago, Ryanf515
Basically Useless (I’d prefer a card)
The problem with poorly designed apps like this is that it doesn’t do anything useful for me the user. Why not give me some basic info like: how often I’ve visited the facility? I know you keep and track this data for your own benefit. Why not offer it to me for my benefit? Basically useless app functioning as a virtual card for singing in to the gym.
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2 years ago, Kennedy S Anderson
This gym on old north Hamilton road does more harm to your body than good. Equipment is so broken and out dated and they obviously do not care. I’m guessing they changed the name so not to be completely tied to LA fitness who couldn’t bother to maintain it. It’s the definition of a scam. The infrastructure itself is also a hazard. Ceiling leaks everywhere and floors rise with moisture. I would not recommend this gym or giving your money to any Esportas(LA Fitness) they need sued and possible jail time for neglecting to fix all the issues
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2 years ago, BigDro82
Apple Watch support
I just logged in to the Esporta app after being logged in to the LA fitness app for years and was disappointed at the fact that AppleWatch isn’t supported. I loved the fact that I could leave my phone behind and scan in using my watch.
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12 months ago, Cal8thetics
Profile picture upload options
It would be great if we could update our profile picture on the app 🤔
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2 years ago, elphabathropp
Check in
They disabled contactless check in and it is a hassle now! Trying to open your phone woth your hands full of gym bag and personal items and the scanner never works. Line to get in and doors get propped open and it’s freezing. Used to be able to check in from car when I arrived. Looking for another gym. It’s like the militant Costco people demanding your card at the door!
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1 year ago, Tarheelgeek76
Apple Watch compatibility
Please make App compatible to Apple Watch. Would like to enter club without having to carry my phone in. LA Fitness App worked on my watch…but since you changed the name of my club I was forced to use ESPORTA App…would be nice to check in using my watch again.
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2 years ago, SP. V
Can check in with mobile
I used to be able to check in with app before entering the gym, but now it does not work at all. Another thing that I find quite annoying is that the app would show I have a notification that there’s a message, but when I click the message section of the app, I then get a message stating there’s no message.
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2 years ago, Kur'an okuyorum
Inefficient to use
There are too much things to improve in this app. 1. I wish I could add classes not only location to my favorites 2. I wish I could see weekly class schedules on the app 3. I wish I could get notifications after choosing favorite class to begin 4. I wish to calculate a calorie meter or step watcher tabs to use
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2 years ago, .:Rock:.
Could be better
I like that the app will pop up when I’m near the gym, however, the app freezes when making a court reservation it’s very annoying. I would give it a five star if the fixed this bug.
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9 months ago, Neilky
Used for checking in and reserving
It’s great for checking in and reserving a court but I don’t use it for anything else. It would be great if they would add a “my guests” submenu underneath the “check-in” menu so it’s easier to check your guest in.
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2 years ago, Yusei_Fudo1
Might as well not even have an app
If you’re going to pay money to develop an app at least hire good devs. The app crashes all the time, bunch of bugs, and it’s also not user friendly in the slightest. I deleted the app and just sign it using my phone number at the front desk. Just have offline barcodes for paying customers that don’t want to download trash apps.
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2 years ago, kstone716
Can’t download on multiple devices and membership card won’t work
Brand new member. Downloaded app to my daughter’s phone when at the gym and then tried to download app to my phone when we got home. Had to remove app from daughters phone and re download to my phone only to now not have my membership card work and no one at the gym knows how to fix it.
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3 years ago, Jsigcald
No class reservation link
This app doesn’t have a link to reserve classes we have to call the gym to have the staff reserve a spot for the classes which is a bit inconvenient, the staff direct you to the app, but it’s not available, please fix
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4 years ago, KTHOG
Apple Watch app available soon?
I’ve only been using the app on my phone for a few days but so far, so good. Wondering if there will be an app for my Apple Watch soon, though? That way I don’t HAVE TO have my phone with me to check in at the gym.
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4 months ago, Milton45;?
disappointing and they are rude and scammers. Due to a lot of work, I couldn't attend and even so I continued paying for several months until one day they called me to renew because my card had been lost. I had to cancel because the shift manager spoke badly to my wife, supposedly she had left. Canceled and the next month they charged me again. scammers.
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2 years ago, littlebella43
It’s ok, Nothing special
When I belonged to planet fitness, they had a Calendar which showed you every time you went to the gym. I think that would be really cool so you can track your workouts but this doesn’t have anything like that after searching through the app
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3 years ago, DaveLag
It will take forever to cancel your membership
Companies want your money. A lot of people ambitiously get gym memberships, realize they don't want it anymore and want to get out ASAP with no penalties. So, they make it hard to cancel because they want your money. There are legal ways to do this online but they don't want to implement nor make it easier for you.
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3 years ago, AnnBDA
Good but can be better
I wish The app can show how many ppl are in each location (live). This will help members to choose what’s the best time to go. Specially with Covid. The locations should make member to check in and check out.
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3 years ago, AB@21
Watch app
The app is pretty straight but it would be a lot better if they incorporate an watch app to make it easier at checking in the gym, and also since we in pandemic it would be nice if we could see a live update on how busy the gym is.
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1 year ago, FeatherWeatherHeather
This app is absolute trash. Keeps canceling my reservation for class then kicks me out of the app. Required me to create a new user name and password. Then kicks me out again. Repeated this cycle 3x. Had to use my desktop to complete the process. Now the app won’t register my information from the website anymore. 😩
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2 years ago, Alex's settings
Not compatible with Apple Watch yet
Would really like to see an Apple Watch version of this. Totally defeats the purpose of working out with only your watch.
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3 years ago, D.S.1
Not enabled for Apple Watch
The app on the iPhone is not that bad. The really annoying thing is that it’s not enabled for the Apple Watch. Also, Esporta does not provide you with a physical key tag anymore. This means you always need to bring your phone to check in. Will upgrade to 4 stars once they solve this issue.
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2 years ago, BenKohler7
How to make a basic app worse
How is it you take a very simple app and make it even slower and more inefficient. Each time I go to the gym I get a “rate your experience” which does absolutely nothing. At least when it was owned by LA fitness it would prompted me to present my membership Id- this version doesn’t
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2 years ago, DebInPlymouth
Apple Watch??
LA Fitness allowed checking in with the Apple Watch. This functionality is not available with Esporta. I don’t like having my phone on me when working out. It was so convenient to check in with the Watch app. Please add this ability soon.
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2 months ago, shaun49
The customer service experience when signing up for a membership is excellent, but it becomes incredibly frustrating and time-consuming when attempting to cancel. I visited multiple times they have not cancelled yet. Don't know how many visitis i sholud do to cancel the membership.
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1 year ago, bmacbride13
Terrible app
Most of the features don’t seem to work, and my specific gym never updates the group trainings so trainers that don’t even work there anymore are listed and the trainers that do work there get double-booked with personal training. Its overly complicated to use. Just all around a bad design.
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1 year ago, R2KBA2A
Terrible app. Difficult to navigate
Title says it all. Difficult to navigate and find what you need. App is totally worthless for account management. Cannot change password or get my membership tag number, which I need to change password on main site.
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8 months ago, rvalentie
A bit of a waste
If nothing else, this application, should at least properly record the days you go in and work out. It’s not accurate. Not at all. It is missing probably 30% of my gym logins.
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2 years ago, V-Parsippany
Contactless checkin
After the last app update, I can no longer use contactless check. They have manual scanner which never work at first attempt. What a waste of time during check in process…. Even front desk person are having hard time using scanner.
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2 years ago, pascati23
This app all around NEEDS an update, they also need a feature where it tells you just about how many people are at the gym. Blink has that feature which was nice cause I could see in real time.
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3 years ago, iamramsey
Precise location
The GPS club search does not work if you do not enable Precise Location. The search should work properly even if Precise Location is disabled.
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1 year ago, A to A 2 A
App is okay, interface is poorly done.
App is functional, but the interface is poorly done. It looks like either it was done by someone incompetent for the task or the company was rushing to get it done just to say they have an app.
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3 years ago, ellie_phnt
Would be convenient if pool lane reservations were added, just like court and personal training that are already available.
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2 years ago, DP ky
Club employees
I have been very impressed with the friendliness and work ethic of the club in Lexington, Kentucky and Bradenton , Florida. Always helpful and keep the clubs nice and clean. DP
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10 months ago, 327282
racist employees
(i’m 14)i was going to the gym to go hoop and my friend didn’t have guest pass anymore so the lady told me i couldn’t go in, so then i started to call my parents to ask for a membership and they said no then as i was leaving my dad came and scanned me in but he’s bald and white and i’m black and curly hair so once i was hooping she came back and said do you have any relationship with that man and i was old her it was my dad so then he told her that i was his son but she kicked me out cause we were being “aggressive”
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3 years ago, dnt play w/ me play w/ yo-
Very unprofessional.
Location near me always PACKED. They wanna charge me my annual fee and cancellation fee. They can run that cancelled card however many times they want. 😂💀guy was getting loud with me when I told him this ain’t what I signed up For. The Buildings look big. But so many stations crammed in a small area.
Show more
2 months ago, Tyler Guedry
Don’t do it
Cancellation is a bloody nightmare and they do everything in there power to make it impossible. They have thought of every single little thing to make it say nope can’t do that. This company is pure greed and there ethics have gone out the window.
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