Extreme Car Driving Simulator

4.4 (61K)
294.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
AxesInMotion S.L.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Extreme Car Driving Simulator

4.42 out of 5
61K Ratings
11 months ago, Extreme Driver J
Great game but…
The newest update added some really awesome new driving views, the problem is those two new views (interior, and the realistic following views) don’t work correctly. After a minute or so the other traffic on the roads disappear! Also the traffic in traffic mode does not stop for your car. This really needs fixed (getting rear ended waiting at an intersection is kind of annoying.) the interiors of the cars need some work, as most are fuzzy and nothing moves except the steering wheel. Also all three of the views need to allow you to look to the sides and behind you, because you can’t see traffic when turning or baking up. The mirrors also need to work! A larger car collection would be nice, the cars could really use more realistic acceleration, the other traffic could look better, and an occasional other cool car to road race would be cool:) turn signals and a horn for the cars you drive would be cool, engine upgrades and aero kits, and customizable exhaust sound, you can add freely are needed, and the cars could be cheaper to buy. The traffic also needs to move faster, maybe 150 mph, since all the cars you can buy are so fast. More paint color and a larger wheel collection are needed, and the skins are priced at way to many gems! Also a way to turn of the coins would be great for free driving. The checkpoint mode has never worked for me and the free drag driving mode with no cars needs an other car to race, other than that great game, and a great new update!
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2 years ago, Losthound
⚠️⚠️ ⚠️Please read!!⚠️⚠️⚠️
I have had this game for a long time now, and I have thought of a couple of things that could be improved. I looked at the new update and was happy to see you guys are still taking care of your app. Anyways, this game is lacking in good customization. This includes being able to manually change the color of your car and car parts, changing spoilers, adding patterns to your car, adding a secondary color, adding a pearlescent to your car, and anything that could give the user a less restrained experience when customizing their car. I like the new rims and skins, but only being limited to a few colors, rims, and skins can get quite boring. I really like the map, but after playing on it for a while it can also get boring. Another concern is the interior car view. Every car has the same interior, so please fix that. I like the current car models, but it wouldn’t hurt to add some more. Multiplayer would be amazing, but I personally think the things I mentioned above are more important. Other than those things, I like the game. It does what it was meant to be which is to be a simulator. I know I am a picky person, but this game still has much more potential. Please consider adding one of the features I mentioned. I still love this game, and I won’t lose faith in the progression of this game. I hope you see this review, and thank you for your time.
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3 years ago, Sonicbrock
Good but…
Let me start off by saying that this game when it first came out, was REVOLUTIONARY there was just nothing like it. It spawned so many copies and even a sequel in San Francisco. But over the years even the updates that came couldn’t really make this game anymore exciting. It simply got boring. This graphics update is cool but once you get to 1000km it’s basically beating the game. When the dust has settled and all of the challenges, collectibles, and cars have been acquired, what’s next? I have a few ideas for this game though. Add cruise control, it may sound dumb at first but this could help with kilometers, not to mention the implications with better traffic AI. Add more areas!!! This has been something I and many others have wanted for so long!!! Re add the original car color maker, why did you even remove it? Simply keep mega skins and you’re set, or even add more. And finally. Add. More. Cars! Re add the Mclaren P1, Koenensegg Agerea, and Bugatti veyron! The Bugatti Divo can be kept too. And add more cars with Kilometer requirements this is just so that people who bought the VIP membership can get more worth out of the double kilometer buff. Also tone down how much money it costs for cars, it’s not very easy to get money in this game and I don’t like memberships for mobile games. This game I think would be so much better and quite frankly fun if added/ re added some of these things.
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4 years ago, 2456647
Really fun game
But whoever created this game needs to add more like a bigger city and stuff and and that we could be actual people and we could go in places like a car dealership and the people working who talk and we can talk to them and when we get on the game there are other people that are playing and you have like a phone that you can text and call people and you need to get gas and you start at 100 gas and go down on gas slow and you can choose what you look like and you can get arrested buy cops and go to jail and you have to follow the normal laws but you can speed and stuff but if the cops see you then you either pull over or run and there is a police station and you can take other peoples cars and you can find ladders and get on top of buildings and stuff and you can die and your player can get like a jet pack and other things like that and our players have ear pieces so we can here what there saying and to start the car you need keys and a lot more cars and we look a lot like normal people
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2 years ago, hbigoeenoqnciwojerjx
The Best Car Game on iOS and iPadOS
I have been playing this game since 2014 and I LOVED it, the stunning (for the time) graphics ran super well on my brand-new iPad mini, and I sunk hundreds of hours into this game, and when the off-road version was launched in 2015 I sunk hundreds of hours into that one too, (for some reason it has now been pulled from the App Store in the U.S). The choice of cars was and still is amazing, and with the graphics update 4 months ago, it finally felt like a modern mobile game again. I cannot tell you how many fun memories I have had, like the time I figured out you could (almost) fly in the game by spam pressing the reset button or the day when you could go under buildings in the LaFerrari, or the day I switched iPads and got to experience the full welcoming experience again. However I have one thing to complain about, and it’s very minor, in the recent update, they removed the most iconic car in the game, the grey 2014 Lamborghini Aventador, and that car kind of defined the entire game for me, whenever I saw a picture of an Aventador, it brought back the memories I talked about earlier. So please developers, bring back the Aventador PLEASE! Other than that, this is the best mobile game I have ever played, and nothing will ever take that title from it.
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2 years ago, ,sk,s
Just amazing
I remember back when I first played this game and it looked nothing like this it has gotten beautiful the graphics are so much better cars aren’t just weird blobs and just so beautiful I could have never expected this. I thought I was going to download the same game I played in 2015 and I didn’t it is so much better. When I was looking for this game i looked at it then skipped it because I don’t remember looking that way but I couldn’t find anything else with its car logo so I decided to download it. I also don’t really care with the ads or the fact that I have to drive more to unlock the levels that used to be free. I had like 50 or maybe even 500 miles on this game or kilometers I can’t remember what it used to use but it definitely didn’t always look this way. I also don’t care with the ads because I watched so many ads unlocking the last car and they don’t look the same today either. The last and best car was the red one then I remember it being the black and orange one never the one I see today. The creators have done so much work on this game and it is so much better than back then. I still had fun playing it back then I didn’t think I would have this much fun playing again today. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Jane2011b
Gets boring but good
I have been playing for 3 and a half years and yes it WAS fun. When you see these games your excited but if your play for 2 years and over you will probably be bored. Why am I bored it's because there is no new cars, no new challenges, and no new places. There wasn't a huge update or even small update the creator needs to update. If you don't update your games it starts to get boring. Then nobody will play your game. You know those games that you really want to play and you see in the videos, for example Grand Theft Auto, it's fun but you can't find anything like that game. Why don't you buy Gta then? Well parents sometimes don't allow you to buy such bloody games. This game at first was a dream and that means I don't have to search car games. Fast forward 3 and a half years later it gets boring. No updates no nothing. If your game has no updates then you have to delete the game cause you finished the game already. And also will take some of my storage. If you want to keep that game, it has to mean something not just junk that you don't use. Creator if you are reading this listen, ( you are probably not) make a big update. Also make more games that have cars. For example Extreme Car Driving Simulator 2020
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4 months ago, @Just_A_Kid77809
Needs updating
Here is a list that tells you what I need you to fix 1.more cars because 26 is a very small number 2.larger map because the smallest map in the game is the mountains and it feels WAY too small just driving around the mountain map and the freeway in the airport is smaller than the largest street in the city map 3.more songs and Ngl but the songs you made or put on in the main menu and during gameplay is good but it’s only 1 song that repeats itself 4.change physics because when you click the go pedal you hit 0-60 as fast as a dragster and you hit top speed in like 15 seconds and also some of the cars have no grip at all when the real cars are made for grip and again the corvette hits 0-60 in like 1 second, 0-120 in like 3 seconds, 0-180 in like 5 seconds and finally 0-top speed/198mph in like 10 seconds so pls fix it. Same with all the other cars 5.i get that the game needs ads to make it free. It’s just that your using it way too much, and sometimes their EXTREMELY NOT KID FRIENDLY and sometimes when I do a game play, I play for like 3 minutes and then “Chimerical break” appears on my screen. So ye that’s all I need you to do Thank you😇👍
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3 years ago, Wsaforever
Best game EVER!!! So here some suggestions. :)
When the game was first added to the store i immediately downloaded it and played, I would play and play for days in this games and I loved it! It’s a childhood game to me, so I want to help by giving ideas, one example is the controllers, it’s very simple and normal, but what if your where able to play the game using CONSOLE CONTROLLERS, maybe in a few months your game could be available on Console generations, like PlayStation or Xbox, another suggestion in the terrain changes in vehicles, if your driving in the off-road zone, in the dirt, your car doesn’t receive advanced changes like dirty tires or muddy bumpers, but if you added that feature, the game would becoming more realistic, maybe even adding wild life, just add the feature where you can’t kill them, one good suggestion is if you where able to customize your vehicles with additions, rather than just colors, you could add kits that makes the car look more Sporty or drifty, you can take your time, and if you don’t want or like the suggestions, then that’s ok, I’m just glad that a game like this exist would read this review, thank you… :)
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3 years ago, Roboralt3d
Better updates 🙃
So this game is a great game, been playing it ever since it came out but I overall recommend some new updates. First, this game has always had the same cars so why not add some cars this game would be fun with more cars (or motorcycles) because there have always been the exact same cars every time. Second, some knew places so there are 3 places in this game but why not some new ones this would be a great feature and would make the game more fun. Third upgrades it would be cool if you could upgrade you vehicles cuz they could go faster or brake better. Fourth, multiplayer I’m an IOS player I can’t play the multiplayer version so multiplayer would be a need. Fifth, so the fifth one I’ll explain: so you know how you start with a Lamborghini in the game already that is kind of messed up so you could probably add some sedans at the begging and then at the end all those hyper car. Add one: my add one would be spoiler customization and that’s it. So thank for reading this these are just ideas if you want you don’t really have to do them but yea these are my ideas on how this game can keep thriving. Bye!😅
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4 years ago, levih062423
Legendary game but some suggestions
This game is a classic that I have been playing for a long time. It’s great and really fun with tons of cars. I have a couple of suggestions that would make it even more awesome and hope developers see this. 1. Police chase. I think it would be awesome to have a mode where you could be chased by the cops. 2. More places to go. The city, airport and off road are all great places with tons of stuff to do, but once you’ve played those it gets a little boring. I would add on to some places or create a whole new place. 3. Easier to get cars. I don’t mind driving a certain number of miles and collecting the car parts but, if you want all of the cars you have to watch a ton of ads to eventually build up in game cash or pay real money. I know you guys have to make money but I would at least put someway in the game you can earn cash, instead of just ads, and make more cars able to get cash. Other than that, a very very good game that I can not stop playing. Hopefully developers see this and if so thanks for years of fun and I hope my suggestions are helpful!
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4 years ago, 🔥💰B 0 $ $💰🔥
A warning to people with lots of progress ⚠️
If you are a person who plays this game a lot and has a ton of cars, then listen up! I have a lot of progress myself and in fact have almost all the cars in the game. I enjoy this game a whole lot and have been playing it for almost a year now. But, one day, when I haven’t been playing this game recently, I wanted to play it again after a few months, but when I went in the app, they had new terms and conditions, and I was OK with that, but found out that I LOST ALL OF MY PROGRESS! I had to start all over again from the Lamborghini! I took all my time in this game to realize it’s all gone! I have a feeling that this kind of stuff is in their new terms and conditions (by which of course I didn’t have the time to read, assuming it had nothing to do with my cars). So, people who play this game, BEWARE OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, because if you don’t, then you could lose all of your progress. And if the developer is reading this, I want to say that I want my progress back so I can enjoy this game again.
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3 years ago, foxyjason2008
Good but gets a little boring
Needs new cars maybe some with drivers that you can reset that every time you crash they get launched from the car or if the crash isn’t minor they just end up in the wind shield or somewhere in the car also add like stunt cars made so they get destroyed more and a new selection of maps like one made for demolition and one like just for stunts add more cars like a lot more to unlock in other maps 😁😁😁😁please add the DeLorean and make it fly for one of the special skins that would be a very fun effect for the delorean because it would be a hidden effect in the special back to the future skin and add monster trucks to destroy the npc cars and make them so the npc cars show dmg and make the monster truck skins like grave digger and monster mut and make them all like different monster trucks with 3 so there will be 3 monster trucks to collect and all the 3 will have different skins like one of the trucks will be all the monster mutt skins the other will be grave digger and scooby doo
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5 years ago, rhe hteh
Newer device compatibility
Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of my favorite games. I have been playing on and off since it’s release, and just finally got a new phone and have been playing for about 2 weeks straight and noticed some things that could be improved. For example, this game could use some improvements for newer devices in particular. While I do understand this game was released in 2015, and quite frankly, is somewhat an inactive seeming game, but it would be nice if newer devices such as the iPhone X, XR, XS, and XS max had controls to match the devices size. It is quite frustrating to have to rotate my phone a certain way to play the game effectively, and parts of the screen being cut off, even if it is a small amount. I would suggest moving the buttons to locations where they won’t be cut off by the bar at the top, and moving them away from the corners of the devices which are curved, resulting in parts of buttons being cut off and having a less sleek looking game design. Thanks for taking my opinion to heart. -Reviewer
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3 years ago, Typhoomerange
10/10 Best driving game on the app store
I’ve played this game for at least 2 years. It is a perfect time killer and you can have a ridiculously fun time messing with the physics. There are different environments to drive in, other cars to crash into, and a pretty well made map for a mobile game. But with the last two updates, THE GAME LOOKS FREAKING AMAZING, for a while it was just the players car the looked like it had RTX on, but after getting on to play yesterday, seeing the entire map had been revamped, absolute mad respect to the devs for sticking with this game. Yes there are adds, but it’s not nearly as bad as most games these days. I definitely would recommend this game to anyone who enjoyed those old PS2 burnout games, sadly there isn’t any combat, but being able to hit objects and send them flying more than makes it my favorite driving app. If any of the people who worked on this read this review, thank you for making a good game
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3 years ago, Fnafgamer114
Really good but some few problems.
The game is really fun. But it gets pretty boring. I think you should add new locations. Maybe a snow area. Another thing is the AI cars. They aren’t as detailed as the car you play as. And they should be able to be damaged too. Also there are some cars that don’t make sense. When you switch cameras, it still the same inside. Like the Lamborghini. It’s supposed to be thin. When you switch cameras to the inside of the car it is the same inside for every car. Also the damage should be worse every time you crash. Like maybe losing a wheel. And like I said before, you should make the AI cars get damaged if you crashed into them. And you should add more AI cars. Maybe a 18 wheeler. Or just make the AI cars the cars you could drive. Like a AI Lamborghini. Also when ever I load in the game it asks me to get the VIP pass. You can’t click out of it in till you click the vip thing. So that’s all. Also no one sees my reviews anyway so you probably won’t even read this
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4 years ago, LyleAE
Great base, needs some work
The game is fine the way it is, but aside from the missions that you do maybe twice, it’s not really a game. Once thing that needs improvement are the cars. One of the top three fastest cars in the game is the first car you get, and that meant that I never really played with the other ones. Speed is the only thing that matters in this game, because there’s nothing in the world except for you and the map (and random cars with a set path if you turn on traffic mode). I would love a “Police Chase” mode, where a group of police vehicles chase you around the map and try to flip you, stop you, etc, or maybe you just avoid them for the sake of avoiding them. And finally the map is far too small and simple. There is an airport without a runway, and a few things to do, a city the size of a block and with no layout other than just squares, and a dirt road with random hills. None of these changes need to be made, the game is fun the way it is, but these changes would elevate this game from 4 stars to 5.
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10 months ago, Green88.
Beautifuly Remastered but With a Price
I decided to dowload this game again after loving it years ago. I do miss the old simplicity and raw style, but the new remaster of everthing makes up for it. The maps still have the same core idea but with some new structures. I do wish the AI cars had been reworked because they don’t stop for anything and get stuck. I do wish there was still a car that unlocks after you collect all the bluprints from exploring the maps. One thing I suggest is adding more/harder challenges that give more gold. The old ones get boring. Now the thing that spoils it all. It is ad infested. Every time I pause, go into the garage, and ads interrupt your playing time. I wish you would remove ads while your playing, and in a few other spots too if you are even reading this. I understand you have to make money, but I watch ads to get stuff for my cars and there are offers and VIP. Thanks for reading!
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2 years ago, Nursecern
I like the game, but…
I like the game, but there are too many ads. Can the creators of the game take away the ads when you are actually playing the game and driving your car? It is a little anoying. Otherwise, the game is absolutely awesome! I like that you can destroy your car and then fix it. I also like that it allows you to use the flip button whenever you want. This way I can fly in the air for around 10 seconds. I can also collect car blueprints this way, and the newly added gold coins laying around. Also, a little trick for the people who are playing this game. Turn off your Wi-Fi so you don’t have any ads. It makes the game way more fun. And if you are playing on Mobil, play it when you are in a car not driving Obviously or at a place without Wi-Fi. Ps, can you make it so you can customize the cars engine and ad nos? Pps, can you add more cars? Ppps, can you make things in the game cheaper? Thanks!
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1 year ago, roy cyr
MORE STUFF PLZ (read this or this game is DONE FOR!!!)
This game is pretty fun, but I really think that there should be more maps. It gets pretty boring after a while with these three, JUST THREE, maps. I also think you really should add different vehicles, like boats or tanks or helicopters. All of the cars are like, exactly the same, they just have different stats and look different. You need to make the cars more unique. I’m not saying you should replace the cars, because I have all the best cars and I’d lose them, just change them and add LOTS more and different types of vehicles (highly recommend planes) and if possible, change the name to something better, not just something plain that just says wut it is, something like “Get in Gear” or “Really Cool Driving Game.” If you stay with the same things you’ve had for all this time, (and I’ve played this game for like FIVE FREAKING YEARS) don’t be surprised if you lose popularity. I’m already kinda considering just ditching this game, so I think you gotta do, like a COMPLETE makeover for this game.
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3 years ago, #fingers toooo big
Childhood game overhaul, still too many ads
I just want to start off by saying that this game was my childhood reason why I wanted to play my phone so much. There was just nothing like it. I would play it for hours trying to get this one blueprint for a car and then realize I was trying to get it wrong then quit. Fast forward 3 years (I think) and I find the game has had a massive graphics overhaul. You can imagine my excitement when I saw it. I rated this game a 4/5 but now it’s definitely a 5/6, having deleted the game I have a reason to play it again. Pros: • great graphics for a free mobile game. • great driving system. (except for gyro, I’ll get there later) • unlock system is fair I guess, it rewards the player for playing long amounts of time. • HUGE map, used to have 3 zones but Idk if any were added. • very high-effort looking game. Cons: • the ads. It’s not the play/ad ratio or how long the ads are, they are just forced so much! When you pause, you can get an ad, enter game, ad literally do nothing, you can still get an ad. It’s too much but I don’t mind it for the improved graphics. • the sensitivity of the gyroscope is too high, and I haven’t found a way to turn it down. In summary, the game looks like it was made with a lot of effort, and graphics are 👌😩 it’s a double edged sword though, because there are many forced ads, so it’s a love-hate relationship
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7 years ago, Extreme Simulater
Plz read, ty love the game !
Hello, I would really appreciated you could add people walking around and stuff, if you hit someone the police would chase you, maybe make it easier to get money, cars, etc. gasoline would be amazing. When you acquire money, you could be able to go to shops and buy things, for example: Clothing, snacks, and things like that! Also if we could get out of the cars, to like walk around ya know. I would really like if we could see actual people in the cars instead of nothing driving by its self. A single player, and multiplayer game would be very fun! Also if there could be buildings we could go to, like A highschool, grocery store, gym, neighborhood ( also if we could get a starter house and upgrade into better homes) pet store, doctors office, dentist. Really everything in a city.. I really appreciate if you would read this Review, and add some of these things in the future update/s. So I thank you for my time here.
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3 years ago, hsjdhdjsgdusiushs
Amazing game but could use some updates
So the game is really awesome!!🤩🤩But I think it could use some improvements. So first you have to either buy or watch adds to get money. I think that you should be able to earn money way easier than that. I had to watch so many adds to buy 1 car!!!!! So please improve that. And I also think that the game should let you look in any direction in any camera point of view. If you look on the outside you can see forward and backward but in any other you cannot. Like if you are in first person/in the car, you can only see forward which can be a pro norm in traffic mode. One more thing about the game is when on traffic mode the cars move super slow and are recked very easily. They go 5mph and drive in the middle of the road!!! Other than that I think the game is awesome and I do think you should download if reading this.
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4 years ago, Lucy#qw
Great, ad problem
This game is great! It works very smoothly and nice. This game is also kid friendly for parents wondering. If you are a fan of roleplay, it’s well for that. If you have a huge problem with ads this is definitely not the best game for you, every minute and a half there is an ad but to be honest, I have never seen an inappropriate ad or none child friendly ad. It is a simulator game. However, it is very safe and there is no way to play with other people. The other cars are just npcs. ( None Player Characters ) I’m a fan of roleplay and this game is good for roleplay because just being in the car you can pretend it’s your future, and the airport is cool, too. There is an off road section where there are smaller houses where I like to pretend I am poor. ( Pretend ) There is also a way to “buy” new cars with game money and color your cars! Very fun! My suggestion is to add a “neighborhood” with some houses, and flower bushes. Thanks for taking your time to read! xxx, lucy
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2 years ago, silent elephant
First, what i would like to say is that this is a really good game and I do not want to force you to do any of this! I would just like to make some suggestions on the game. Second this is probably what i would suggest: getting out of your car (1st person), having items, being able yo get chased by cops in a mode, take other AI cars, have 100% gas then slowly (like a normal car) run out of gas and have to go to the gas station, and also i have always dreamed of this game being a multiplayer game so you can play with friends, but also just a single player with AI, and i would also love if you would make the maps bigger and talking about maps make more to go with the game, and also the AI when you play so much they get boring by graphics so i would just ask for the AI to have better graphics and better cars. Ty so much thats all i needed.
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4 years ago, Catsmeow221
Love this game but updates would be nice
5 stars because I love this game. I would only give this game 4 stars though because it needs updates. Add some new exotic cars (maybe some concept cars too) also, add pedestrians and emergency services... at the airport, add some planes running down the runway and taking off... add gasoline, maybe some shops to buy stuff (not with real money but with in-game money)... add some customization choices other than just being able to change the color.. how about a new game mode??? Add a police pursuit mode so, if you break any laws (speed limit, red light, stop sign) the police would chase you if they saw you do whatever broke the law... and add crash physics to the other cars too... still hoping to see these updates this year... Edit for 2020... this grand update better have the things everyone suggested (people, police, shops, gasoline to fill up the cars, new cars) etc...
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7 years ago, Motocross2007
New update for this game plz
Why did I put a 4 out of 5 stars? I think this game needs some major improvements. I like this game and everything, but the thing that really bugs me is the adds. Everybody hates the adds and sometimes when your in the middle of a really fun game the add comes out of nowhere. I suggest you add a place that you can create your own paint and design the car however you want, however my second idea is that you should put the dealer and the cars name on the garage screen. Third thought is that you guys should add some vehicles for free instead of waiting five days straight in the daily and add some F1 vehicles too. My final thought is that you should also add a new place to explore (e.x. race car tracks) and maybe add a editor to the game too like create your car and place and your city. If you can add either of these choices (recommend: F1 cars) then this is gonna be a 5 our of 5 star app!
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4 years ago, 29922929
AMAZING GAME!! But please add these things.
Hello Game maker or developer, I Totally LOVE this game but I want you to add these new things. The first thing I want you to add is a km shop. It’s so hard to unlock the km cars and it takes a long time, so you should make a km shop. For 99 cents, you can buy 95.0 km. For $1, you can buy 110 km, for $5 you can buy 140 km. For $10 you can buy 210 km, for $20, you can buy 310 km. For $50 you can buy 487 km. For $75 you can buy 787 km. And for $100 you can buy 1,235 km. Or you can make km day claims. But with only km. But you can still keep the cash and car day claims. But the km day claims are just all km. First day of km day claim is 95 km. Next day will be 143 km. Then the next day will be 456 km. Last day will be 204 km. And you have to do this. First day claim of km should be 96 km. Next km day claim should be 150 km. Next day claim would be 220 km. Next day claim should be 534 km. Last day claim should be 734 km. I hope you add this!! Thank you for reading😉
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4 years ago, supahboi555
Same car noises
I have been playing this game for awhile now and have unlocked most of the cars. In fact, this was one of the first games I ever got when I got my first phone a few months ago( I’m in middle school currently). And I’ve noticed something. ALL THE CARS SOUND THE EXACT SAME! I wish there were different sounds specific to each car and vehicle, sort of like need for speed, or Forza Motorsport. Don’t get me wrong, this game is very fun and I enjoy it a lot , but it would be A LOT cooler if the cars had different engine noises. This game is excellently done, but literally all the cars make the same darn sound. Please fix this! I’m speaking for all players of this game and it would amazing if you could fix this. Other than that I see nothing wrong with this game. So there is my professional review. Thank you for reading developers, keep up the good work and I wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year.
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2 weeks ago, Uniserv USA
Love the game but it’s so compact!!
Can you PLEASE add onto the world? Like we need a big area specifically for off roading not just that one area where you go through the countryside. Maybe a little travel and then you reach a race track that has an option to drag race and maybe bring that other track you already have into the game. Also give us the cruise function we once had waaaaaay early in the release. Lastly y’all removed the other camera angles… why?…bring those back too I every so often I love to play in the other the other angles. Lastly it would be nice to add friends on here so when we meet others in multiplayer, we can actually friend them and connect and when we are online playing they can see and join in. Make the roads LONGER too. There’s no cruising length by the time you enjoy it, it’s over
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4 years ago, username6565
Car ideas
So this is a review to give the developers some more ideas for vehicles. So, let’s get into it. 1. Some more ideas for cars could really help out. So, why not just add more like a Nissan GTR or a Maserati. Here are my ideas for cars: Chevrolet Camero, Corvette, Porsche 911 Carrera s, BAC mono, Lamborghini Gallardo and countach, Marussia b2, mcclarwn mp4-12c, Ariel venom 500, Audi R8, and Lexus LFA. 2. More types of vehicles. So personally I think the game would be better with stuff besides just cars. I think you can add planes or boats(and lakes and oceans) 3. Homes and walking. I think you should be able to get out of your car and walk around and customize your character. Maybe being able to buy houses or apartments could improve the game. 4. Too much adds. I honestly love the game, but not the ads. I just think there are too many ads. Please try and fix this. But you also do not have to add all the cars I listed. I hope the game can be updated soon
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3 years ago, fatsquirell
Got better.
This is just a note to the developer. I played Extreme car driving sim... about 4 years ago? Back then, on my kindle, it was the holy grail of mobile games. Now, in August 2021, I was thinking: “what about ECDS? Haven’t played that in a while.” And wow - updates were great recently. Graphics went up to 5/10 (in my opinion), ten being hyper realism. I’ve never written a review, but this game deserves more love. Car customization could use some work. Also, multiplayer (crash arena, racing, maybe even just an XP and leaderboard system,). maybe if you really wanted to up the game put more detail into the textures. It’s just that the details need more work. Car buying system (finding tokens, driving distances) is still the old same one which is good. That’s all I need to say. Oh yeah, don’t make it a money grab. Nobody likes those. Bye, great game! 4/5
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3 years ago, SKULLCRUSHER141
The perfect update
I’ve had this game before years ago and I recently downloaded it again and saw their was some minor changes but most of it was still the same. So I get on today and see there’s a new updates so I was thinking, “ohh their probably going to add a car or 2” but to my surprise it was way more than that. I get back on the game after the update and the graphics are 100 times better, the map has change a little and in a very good way now their is many more little activities you can do now and won’t get as bored as easily. The cars look way more realistic and the buildings do too. So if your like me and remembered about this game go ahead and download it. The only down side is that there is now some ads but they don’t last more than a couple seconds.
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10 months ago, jeff the duck68
This game is okay
This game is super fun and I’ve had it for years. The one thing about it is it gets boring after a while. There’s really not much to do once you’ve unlocked all of the free cars. I wish the ai of the npc cars is better, and that there is more to do. Also the exclusivity is just laughable. No one is spending $80 on a random mobile game for a car skin. I think the biggest thing is how fast it becomes boring. Because, again, there’s nothing to do. I think that the crashing and destroyed cars should be more realistic, and that the npc cars should do something else other than drive in a loop. Like maybe after you hit them they speed up trying to get away from you. Just a thought. One more tiny nit picky thing that i just cannot stand in this game is that the speed is super unrealistic. For example, you could be going at a speed that looks like 5mph, but the speedometer says 30.
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4 years ago, Lollipop🤩
Fun game. I have some suggestions though.
This game is fun and if you have a good imagination you can make it even better. But I personally think they could make some changes. Maybe add people to it and make the buildings to where you can go inside or have a hotel where you can sleep or something like that. And if you do decide to add people maybe make the other cars have people as well to where if you hit them or they hit you, you can “talk” to them. If that is considered maybe consider giving the player options on what they would like to say to the other driver. Just some suggestions as a player. This game is honestly great and I love the new updates. Please take my suggestions into consideration. I would love to see some of my suggestions in your game sometime. Thank you! 😁 P.s- This is simply my opinion and don’t feel like you HAVE to change your game! Also, as a believer of Jesus Christ I would love if you would believe in him as well. He has done so much for us in our lives and we could do nothing without him. He wore a crown of thorns and was nailed to a cross and died for all of us! By all of us I mean every human being ever born! If you believe in him you will have ever lasting life and go to heaven when you pass away! So Believe in God, stay safe, and God bless!🙏🏻
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10 months ago, MontgomaryGator7567
Great game but Developers and players please read!
I have owned this game for years. Ive loved it and played it every day since. But I have some ideas for the game and want to add to make the game even better. 1. Need more maps! The map is big and fun but i already know every road. 2. Make it more lifelike, make it to were you need to get gas. 3. I think you should make it to were like, you can pick up and drop off people or groceries, make it like a uber or Shipt. 4. Make the interiors of the cars different based on what car you have.5. (Also sort of number 2) PLEASE PLEASE and blinkers! It would make the game so much more enjoyable and fun!!! Last one, make there a multiplayer mode! Im kinda tired of the very, very, very slow CPU cars in front of me. PLEASE hear me out and consider some of these ideas. Thank you!!!
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4 years ago, Ba Y. Con
Amazing game - needs more features
I have been playing this game for years and I decided to finally write a review on it. A disclaimer for new players: this game is about driving, completing special tasks with your car and exploring. You also start off with a Lamborghini Aventador (I presume) and can unlock new cars, like Chevrolet, Toyota, and even super cars like bugatti and other lamborghinis. You can earn bucks to purchase new cars or paint cars. This game is good for car lovers and people looking for a fun driving game alike, so give it a shot. You can also purchase packs with real money that give you new and amazing cars. Pros: Stunning graphics good physics Beautiful cars Cons: Not a lot of challenges to do Costs a lot of (IN GAME) bucks to paint your car Gets boring relatively quickly I just bought the weekend fun pack because I love Lamborghinis and the pack came with one so I bought it. I love it but the game gets really boring if you play for more than half an hour. You should add more challenges, new challenges, and secrets around the map. On that thought, you should make the map bigger because I have already explored the airport, off-road and city. You should add modes like race mode or story mode to get the player more involved, maybe even make an online option!
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12 months ago, Big Y.M.L
Dear developer,
This game is a awesome game. I love it sooooo much. I always wait for the money gifts and complete challenges to earn cars and money. But, there’s one thing that would be cool. If you could add more trucks like ones that resemble the 04 Chevy Silverado 1500 and the OBS style Chevy trucks. And maybe a option to modify the suspension like to make it higher in the front more than the rear(squatted😏) and even dropping it low. Or maybe some big wheel options kinda like your other game. Not tryna demand anything, just thinking what would be cool. Thanks for the awesome game tho!😁 ❕UPDATE❕ Ok, so I noticed y’all updated it and it is so cool! The map is a little different, more realism, and better options for the cars! Can’t wait for future updates. Hope there’s more trucks in the future.
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1 year ago, Quadruplee4
Shameful Scam
This game was a staple of my childhood - when I was young and went on road trips, I would play this game, and the time would fly. I recently was thinking of it again, and decided to revisit some the game. I was shocked to find what I saw. Now, instead of the wonderful, game that you had to play for hours to get better cars, the only way to get those great cars is by buying the VIP Pass, a scam for immature children. If you are a child, let me explain, they want you to spend money on a consistent weekly basis, for you to get the simplest things that everyone should access. This will total hundreds of dollars a year, for a game that you will never really care about. This is a SCAM. This game has become a huge scam. As someone who had thousands of kilometers of driving, I could access only half of the cars I had previously earned in my childhood. You want me to pay for tokens, cars, and deals. This is ridiculous. This is a scam. This is a game that WAS great.
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2 years ago, fx do uh fh of xhghyffh
Good game 2
I wished there was a update to it or you can get more cars even some maps you can drive in and get but besides all that the game is good I would love for there be a second game of it I deafly get that I would really love if there was an update to the game but besides that I love just driving a car without having to do races just like free room just like a free room car you can just play like you can smash into other cars and there’s just like nothing like it it’s just a good game I want more after this review I will go back to playing that game but it’s pretty good after one day of playing it I am attached to it it’s like I can but I barely spent any time on anything else but this game it’s pretty awesome I hope you think of the same thing when you get this game.
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1 month ago, PianoMan3333
Great Game But Big Issues
okay this game is really fun and the map is pretty big and fun. the cars and car design is amazing and definitely a stand out. however, the ads are ridiculous. i understand using ads to make money, it’s necessary. but it’s ridiculous to watch an ad to load in to the garage, leave the garage, get a VIP pass ad trying to get into the game, have it boot you out and have to watch another ad, and half the time a pop up add covers HALF THE SCREEN WHAT? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO PLAY WHEN I CANT TOUCH THE PEDALS?? also every time you pause, load into a new area, go into the garage, and change modes there’s an add. oh yeah also EVERY TWO MINUTES OF GAMEPLAY THERES AN UNAVOIDABLE ADD. THESE ARE ALL 30 SECOND ADDS. in 15 minutes i get 14 adds and like 5 minutes of gameplay with load times with the pop up ads its unplayable. please fix this because its a good game. also please expand the map if you can. thank you!!
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12 months ago, Ocean Surfer
I feel like you guys are making the ads pop up way too often than they should and it’s getting quite annoying and frustrating to the point where I don’t want to play the game anymore. I feel like I’m playing for two minutes and then boom a commercial “just has to be shown”. I like the game a lot especially when I get to drive Paul Walker’s car Nissan Skyline and in blue btw wich is very cool, but please cut it out with the frequent ads being shown because it’s really making me want to lose interest in the game. Every time I play the game an ad pops up every two minutes. I want more playing time and less ads to be shown. Why do you guys even put ads in the game anyway? You need money that bad? I mean…seriously? Aren’t you making enough money off this app anyway? Come on guys.😐 Just take the ads off or make them pop up less frequently please.
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2 years ago, Beau Sheffield
My favorite game that i have cherished for 5 to 6 years now. crushed, gone. The new update ruined the whole game. It is a shot at trying to be like the other game that is copying this game. Here are some reasons that need to be at LEAST put back. 1. Car sounds, the old car sounds was much better. (i’m probably just blinded by nostalgia.) 2. VIP membership, half the cars that you could get in the old version for free by grinding up money, now you have to pay real MONEY😀✋. For a subscription that is expensive. 3. glitches, my most favorite part of the game. Now i understand that you need to fix them but, you knew that we loved those glitches they were funny as heck. Such as going out of the map, going inside a building, or my personal favorite, flying. (which is still in the game,thank god.) But you fixed them ALL. All in all, just please let us get the old version SOMEHOW. Anyways, thanks for reading and have a good day.
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3 years ago, dylan❤️❤️❤️❤️
I lovvvvvvve the game but I have some suggestions
I love the car game but I have suggestions I want a police chase and I want a thing that you can get out of your car and add blinkers And choose the time and chose the whether and new maps I mean I love the maps like off road and airport and the city but can you add new maps and city’s and add a country I would love that then all the games you made I will make them five stars!!!!!!!!!! And you make some stuff free then some people who don’t have a lot of cool stuff can get stuff like that and a beach because I went too the beach and got this game and loved it and make a multiplayer mode pls I would love that thanks for making this oh and can we chose whatever music we want just so we can listen to are favorite stuff
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1 year ago, C9aq
Extreme Car Driving is a mobile game that has been around for years, but it is still one of the most popular and addictive games on the market. I believe that Extreme Car Driving is the best iOS game because of its thrilling gameplay, realistic graphics, and the memories it has created for me during my childhood. Firstly, the gameplay of Extreme Car Driving is what sets it apart from other racing games. It allows players to perform stunts, drifts, and jumps, which is a unique feature that is not found in many other racing games. It also offers a variety of game modes, such as free roam, checkpoint, and time trial, which keeps the game fresh and exciting. The controls are smooth and easy to use, making it accessible for players of all skill levels. Secondly, the graphics in Extreme Car Driving are top-notch. The game offers realistic car models and environments, which immerses players in the game. The sound effects and soundtrack also add to the overall experience, making it feel like you are actually driving a car at high speeds. Finally, Extreme Car Driving holds a special place in my heart because it’s made my childhood so much better
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1 year ago, HypeSkye
Please change this man.
This is overall a good game, but the problem is that every 15 miles i work for gives me only 100 coins instead of 5,000. Please change this back, it makes purchases to cars easier. Think of this, what if you were going to grind for the fastest car, which costs around 179,000 bucks, and each 15 miles gives 100 bucks. Thats crazy to even attempt. All im saying is that you should only change that, and dont make these megaskin purchases cost real money. I wish I could have it too, but I dont have money to spend on the game I like the wraps, and it migjt be fair to give the 5,000 coins for every 15 miles per hour. If the wraps cost 100,000 each, then that would be a great deal for the megaskins!
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3 years ago, TakeUrBusinessElsewhere
I have been playing this game for so long and feel it is one of the best mobile car simulator games on the App Store! However, I wish they would add more locations to explore and more cars to drive. I have every car in the game and have played for so long there just isn’t much left for me to explore. I feel these recent updates really freshened the game up and I em really enjoying the new vehicles that were added. I feel they could also do a lot more with the car customization too. Some ideas I thought of were: more color options / more mega skins that actually add custom designs to the cars / as well as tire options (such as soft,medium,hard). Either way I really enjoy the game and highly recommend it to anyone
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5 months ago, Spyro user 55 yt
Add on
It would be cool when you want to walkout the vehicle and on all cars add subwoofers play your music files open windows open the hood also the hatch with a gas station to fill up gas or electric and realistic turn signals also weather mode change car suspension also go into any building also free airport ride to the jungle drive around the USA a whole new vinyls and realistic speakers and a sounding horn and a few vehicles with a backup camera added and a phone and phone store and name tags above the players in the update with this and multiplayer mode so please add all this please in the next update and about the phone make it like an iPhone 15 pro and the different camera views also change your character and change clothes.
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4 years ago, djiellys
On the verge of delete
Okay so, first things first, I love this game. I have been playing it since it came out! And I love the progress it’s made over the past couple of years. But I don’t know if this has been an issue for a while and I just didn’t notice or what but there is one thing I absolutely from the bottom of my heart but in the most caring way possible, HATE the ad problem. What I mean by the “ad problem” is not that there is to many ads. I think there is just the right amount. But basically a lot of the time whenever I play this game, and I have an ad, I won’t be able to skip it. But I’m begging you plz plz plz plz fix this if your capable of doing so. Also now that I cleared up here is a couple suggestions and updates you could maybe add in the future. Free world play!: having the ability to walk around the world and be able to interact with stuff Multiplayer/online mode!: being able to invite friends and drive around with them Game modes!!!!: have some game modes people can play like hide and seek with cars, races, and tag I really do have a love for this game and hope you will take some of my suggestions and keep them in mind. Keep up the good work! P.S. FIX THE AD PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, Batman1155
Love how you are making updates for the game
Keep up the updates, it shows that you people care about the game and are making efforts to improve it. Also love how my favorite exploits and glitches still work, like how the reset car position function is totally broken and can be used to get inside the buildings and on top of them and to clip through things, like clipping through the airport tunnel to get to a out of bounds area, or to get crazy air time by spamming the button, FYI as I said this function is totally broken, or you can use it to clip inside of objects, like how I’ve clipped inside a ramp so it looks like the car landed on the ramp and cleaved into it. LOL. Also please don’t fix this this gives the game a certain charm to it and makes it a lot more fun.
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