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User Reviews for EyeMeasure

4.78 out of 5
17K Ratings
5 years ago, nathan the awesomest
Perfect for measuring IPD
This app takes seconds out of your day to measure your IPD. I needed to know this measurement for my Oculus Rift S VR headset in order to see the screen properly and I had no idea how to measure it or anything. Virtual Reality Oasis, YouTuber, recommended this app to measure it and it worked great. One recommendation I would have is that it started scanning right away, I wasn’t sure if I was at the right distance or not so I just kept moving my head not knowing if it was helping. I would appreciate some kind of information to be told to the user saying I am doing it right or not. Even a “Perfect! Just stand there and smile!” would be nice and humorous. Awesome work though!
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9 months ago, ASL4U
Found the instructions
So when i opened this i just got the face scan with no instructions (on my ipad). I tried it with light, without light- without light and just a flashlight shining in my face. Nothing did anything. Then i thought to try my phone and it’s started out just scanning but then some instructions showed up - hold the phone at least 1’ away from your face (and some other details) so when my phone was the right distance it just came up. I did it twice- got different numbers but not by more than a whole mm. So I’m going to believe the primary n numbers- maybe take it one more time out side) and see what i come up with and then go with that. Grateful! And it does work… it’s just tricky to get in the right place. Try the phone. It works better.
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3 years ago, Knockedaskew
Waste of time
First, the complaint that many share: Why are there no instructions? As many others have stated, the app scanned my face continuously without displaying anything at all. After heading to the reviews hoping to find some hint of how to operate an app with NO buttons other than a useless contact page, I quickly realized that the developers promised instructions many times and never included them. The easiest fix is to include the instructions in the app description on the App Store. Please, take five minutes out of your day and update the app description to help all of us who are confused and irritated. The silliest response I saw was that the instructions were sacrificed to make the layout simplistic. Seriously? Omitting basic instructions for the sake of aesthetic is ridiculous. I won’t use this service. There are better, more accurate alternatives... that include instructions.
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3 years ago, ncmudbug
User hostile
Maybe I’m not as smart as other reviewers but I couldn’t get this to give me any results. There are no instructions, no prompts, no error or tip messages, and nothing on their website. NOTHING. I’m using an iPad. Does it matter whether it’s in portrait or landscape orientation? I don’t know. What is the best location for the light source? No idea. Was there enough light when I used it? You got me! How many times does it need to scan your face? I wish I knew. How sensitive is it to movement? No clue. It seemed to scan my face over and over and that was all. I guess if it works for you it’s supremely user friendly but for me it was user hostile. I realize this is “free” and a lot of effort went into developing this but it would have been nice if a little more effort was expended to explain how it works. Something, anything that would help me use this properly.
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4 years ago, Dannygirl212
Works perfectly
I’m planning on ordering an extra pair of glasses online but my eye doctor would only give me the machine measured pd and not the one he measured manually and used to order my glasses. I just wanted to double check that the number was correct since he wouldn’t tell me if his measurement was different from the machine one and I know that the manual measurement is probably more reliable since that’s what he actually used for the glasses I bought in-store. So, I got 68 from the doctor, my mom measured and got 68 and this app measured and got the same. Now I feel comfortable placing my order. Thanks so much for creating this app!
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2 years ago, qayshp
Near perfection
I've used this (ridiculously) each time I'm about to place an online order for glasses over the past 3 years... As if my PD would change along with my Rx. Anyway, each time it has given me the same results and matches with the one professional left/right measure (summed) from even more years ago. Actually that there is my one complaint: It does near and far PD perfectly, but doesn't even try to split left and right if you have a frame on. One underrated feature is face width. It made selecting frame sizes online just that much easier!
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3 years ago, Sprydog
Great little app
Why do people need instructions for something that is so self evident? The negative reviews regarding lack of instructions are ridiculous. The app only does 2 things and it does them very well. Anyone having a problem is holding their device too close to their face or is using it in low light. It does require some patience but overall it’s extremely easy to use.
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5 years ago, NicCanDance
A little help?
Please include some kind of instructions. When I opened the app, white lines started scanning my face. I sat for awhile but no results. I put my glasses on and got a measurement that went from my pupil to the bottom of my glasses, but no option for results like those in the sample photo. I searched the comments and notes for any clue as to what I was doing wrong. Finally, it just magically worked. I ended up holding my phone at arms length from my face, so maybe that was the issue? I’m not sure how accurate this would be for glasses, as the measurements quite a bit. I’m using it to measure IPD for VR, and at least that only varied by +- .2
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6 months ago, Jahnee W
Does not hold results
Tried this & results varied depending on your distance to phone. Also without glasses on it was difficult to read results. Tapping results just produced a blank screen. When glasses were put on to read the results, the results constantly changed. Tried PD Check AR app and liked the way it held results so you could read them & write them down. Also it would give a red or green signal as you moved closer to phone. Stopping on green I was able to achieve identical results each time unlike the Eye Measure app. Deleted the Eye Measure app.
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5 years ago, Geekymonkey
Love the update!
This was already handy, and now with the update, it’s perfect. I don’t have to worry as much about how my phone is positioned. I can move my head around, and the values stay pretty much the same. I can’t personally attest the accuracy, but I’ve heard it’s pretty close. I use this to set my IPD in VR, and it’s much easier than trying to measure myself or going to the eye doctor. I love also that it shows both bear and far IPD. Kudos to the developers!
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5 years ago, emeraldeyes1
Very Accurate
I just ordered new glasses and got my pd’s from my optician and your software measured the same and that is wonderful. However, for those of us wearing progressive lens, we need monocular pd’s as each distance is not always the same. I have a new iphone 11Pro and I can’t find out how to clear the software in order to redo the pd measurements. Was very excited to share and demonstrate with a couple of friends, but can’t clear the screen.
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3 years ago, The True Captain Awesome
Good app, needs polishing
This is a solid and useful app. It caused some frustration initially when it didn’t seem to work, only displaying the camera image. A restart of my iPhone fixed that, but this seems like an opportunity for some error handling to catch this and make appropriate suggestions. Reading the reviews, it seems like others have run into similar issues. Outside of that, this works very well and has a great cool factor.
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2 weeks ago, AlexIdontcarewhatstaken
To whomever made this.
You are a gentleman and a scholar. I’ve never had a better experience with a one time tool… I just kept waiting for it to ask for my credit card, I mean was there even donation box… I didn’t see it. This app gets it done, asking for little, no account, no video to watch, wha the heck I didn’t need to sign into Google?!?! I salute you.
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3 years ago, MS Testman
Great App Almost Exactly What OR said
I was really amazed at the numbers the app came up with. I just had my eyes checked yesterday and the app almost matched the numbers my Optometrist gave me. If you round to the nearest whole number they would be exact. Since my OD used whole numbers, I would say the app is more accurate. Wow Dotty you did great creating this app. Congratulations on a job well done.
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4 years ago, TaiLyn K
Best, Dont pay for other apps
This app worked immediately. I didnt have to find a magnetic strip card or hold anything up to my face (have in the past with other apps). I very rarely write app reviews but I was cleaning apps in my phone and wanted to report before deleting it (job is done). It was great. So pleasant as I had to do no work at all. 10/5 stars hands down
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5 years ago, Slippy42
Solid, accurate app!
Works well and accurately. However, keep in mind it doesn’t work well in the dark. Question for the developer! I don’t see mention of the VR measurement in the results. Can this get a bit of explanation? Have you considered adding a button to save the results to the photo roll (with some of the ads)?
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3 years ago, TGOD_93
Quick and fast!!!
This thing works great! This has been the best app to get for people that need to know the measurements!!! Some of these doctors are hard to hassle with and won’t tell you unless you buy their products Highly recommend this to everyone
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1 year ago, GeraldFNC
Complaints about instructions? Really? As soon as the camera opens it tells you the measurements if you’re in decent light. I told Siri to take a screen shot and whalla. The results button didn’t give me anything. Maybe that’s what the complaints are about.
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1 year ago, screw your stupid nicknames😡
Super easy
To all those struggling, hold your phone at arms length and bring it closer after it takes initial reading. I left my glasses on and then took them off, same measurements. Thank you for this as I need prescription sunglasses for work and driving.
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2 years ago, Knashingteeth
Don’t waste your time trying to use this
It doesn’t work. After starting it up, it started scanning my face with thin wavy horizontal and vertical lines but did nothing else. It just continuously kept scanning. There is no button to click for a result of whatever it scanned. There are no instructions of any kind. There is an information icon but that just gives you release version info — nothing about how to get a measured result. It doesn’t match the images shown in the app ad.
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3 years ago, TheNormsk
Nearly great.
Seems easy to use (on iPhone 13) but the lack of instructions makes you wonder if you are using it right. I found that if looking at the photo I get one PD and if looking across the street I get another. So I think it is important to look through your phone at arms length to focus on a distant object so you record your far PD. I then I gradually bring the phone closer and look at it, which appears to narrow down my near PD. The segment height works well as long as your frames do not cast shadows. It does not work for my tinted lens frames I want to get new progressives in. The other downside is that it does not give mono PD for each eye.
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11 months ago, rocksrweird
worked the first two tries (i think)
I was measuring using a little tool from zenni, but not confident in my measuring, the app instantly worked and confirmed what I thought I was seeing….then i handed it over to my partner and it just wouldn’t come back with anything at all, deleted and redownloaded, still just scanning our faces with none of the cool measuring displays/results I experienced.
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4 years ago, VltKpr
So easy, a caveman could do it!
This is the best app out there for measuring your PD for a glasses prescription. The numbers are as accurate as other apps that require you to hold a credit card to your face and the process literally takes under a second to give you your numbers. Well done, Dotty!
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5 years ago, Brett Michael
Pretty great for VR
This is the best app I’ve found for measuring your IPD for adjusting VR headsets. My only question is why doesn’t it look like the pics in the store listing? No heat map or share exists in the app, unless I’m missing something but it’s very simple with no controls like that. Doesn’t really affect using to though. Really handy app, and free!
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5 years ago, dj KO
Fantastic App!!
It is so intuitive, so easy to use, and most importantly, accurate! (Checked with ophthalmologist). One suggestion for next update: adding a feature to read monocular pupillary distance. Right now, this app only offers binocular pupillary distance, which is only helpful if PD is equidistant for both eyes.
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1 year ago, plantifier
Not very helpful
Instructions were provided but not very clear and numbers would change based on slightest movement or change in distance. So hard to believe accuracy. Also, numbers changed quite a bit based on wearing glasses vs not. I clicked the results button and nothing happened. It just took me to a blank page.
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3 years ago, Kennedy_1999
Correct PD measurements
I used this app to order some new glasses. After a while I was worried the app was not correct so I went into my eye doctor and got my PD taken. The results were EXACTLY THE SAME AS THIS APP!! I was shocked and found that pretty cool!! Excellent app as long as you use it the way you are supposed to.
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3 years ago, TheBearHeeb
Would definitely have paid money for this
My optometrist wouldn’t give me my PD without purchasing their frames and this app saved the day. Super easy to use only note that it starts scanning immediately. This is the kind of actually useful app I’d have paid to use.
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1 year ago, Bennoda Bear
Worked okay kinda
So it kinda worked, it kept fluctuating between a lot of different numbers when I tried to scan my face, and the “results” button did nothing but bring me to a white screen where nothing showed up. I got recommended this application by a company that I was buying glasses for as LensCrafters doesn’t supply PD information on their prescription nor do they provide it over the phone. Would be nice if it worked like it’s supposed to.
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6 years ago, mpkhan1
Excellent utilization of the faceID hardware
Really nice and useful app. Wish there were some instructions though. You just start the app and you have to guess what the squiggly lines mean. Maybe a quick guide, like how far to hold the phone, where to look...
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3 months ago, Hello_There_✈️
Scary Accurate!
This app is very easy to use and is scary accurate. The only reason it is not a 5 ⭐️ is because the “results” button is just a blank screen that opens. But you can just take a screen shot of the live measure screen. Having a lot of light helps too.
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2 years ago, RuolingOnARiver
Does not work
I’m wondering if all the people posting “works perfectly” are even people at all. This thing just keeps having white lines scanning my face with no indication of what’s happening, other than that it’s clearly scanning my face and not measuring my PD. “No need for instructions”. Sure. Somehow some people got it to work without instructions. My guess is that this app is just collecting data of my face for facial recognition software and not going to give me a PD at all
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3 years ago, Victorainbow92
Very Unique Concept, Does Not Deliver
Unfortunately, as someone who’s worn glasses all their life, I know my PD and seg height measurement. I’ve been wearing the same frame for years and have all my history of measurements. This app DID NOT provide me with accurate measurement of the glasses I currently wear—not even close! So how can I trust my “new” glasses to be close? I understand they have a consultant with whom I can speak to, but then what’s the point of this app? I’d rather trust my eye doctor and optician. Waste of time.
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1 year ago, JJL1962
Doesn’t work
I have tried all the suggestions in the reviews. I have brightened up the room, held the camera at arm’s length and closer and I still only get lines scanning my face. Nothing else happens. It would be nice if the developers offered some tips because I’m not seeing any numbers like others have posted. Nothing pops open when I access the app. I downloaded another app and it instantly takes the measurements.
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4 years ago, ✨CocoBunny✨
GOOD But..
Bro you NEED to have instructions in this app. Worked well but I had no idea what to do when I opened this app. You need to give clear instructions for the user on what they need to do, especially if they know nothing about PD and stuff. If I had to look onto the Reviews for clues on what to do, thats bad. Please improve that.
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3 months ago, AngelOvTeOdd
Useful yet leaves something to be desired
Interface is minimalistic - which I like - perhaps to a fault, and when I tap on “Results” nothing displays. I’m at least able to see the reading on screen in real time and take a screen shot of that. App is useful but seems to need some updating.
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1 year ago, iAM10ecgrannie
As an affiliate of an online optical store, I SO needed this
I have many clients need PD measurements. I installed this app on my iPhone and the PD measurement of my own eyes was ON POINT. I love that no PC or credit card is needed. Results are INSTANT. I will recommend this app to ALL my future clients. Thanks
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1 year ago, Bets777
Ended up using my old PD ruler
My son kept measuring and measuring, yet when he’d tap results, blank. So trying calculate, record and/or memorize while it constantly moves alone is not easy. So he had to come to my house and mom had to help. I remeasured manually with a ruler from 1984 to confirm. The measurement was correct, it’s just too awkward! Worked better the last time we used it.
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1 year ago, HDsadness
Easy to use for IPD measurements
Awesome app that I definitely recommend getting! Small size, quick and easy to download and use. I'm very glad a tool like this exists. I'd hate to have to break out a millimeter ruler to adjust my VR headset.
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5 years ago, Ihop23947
Varies depending on where you’re focusing.
If you focus on an object close say your phone screen you’ll get a lower number. If you look over your phone you’ll get a bigger number. I changed it by as much as .5. No idea if that’s significant. Cool app though.
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5 years ago, Fmartinez02
Great app!
I was a bit confused at first but customer service is excellent! Answers were always prompt and clear. App is great and easy to use with my iPhone XR. Became very useful as eye doctors and their staff nowadays refuse to help with PD unless you buy products from them.
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3 years ago, GrayKnight15
Maybe it works
Maybe I’m just an idiot but if that’s the case, this app certainly isn’t idiot proof. It explains nothing, it just starts scanning but never stops and never tells you your results despite my best efforts to move the camera around and try different distances between the camera and my face. If this actually works, they should include just a short description at the start of how to use the app. For reference, I have the IPhone SE, the latest iPhone to come out.
Show more
3 years ago, Jackiek31
App does nothing
This app did nothing for me. For a split second the very first time I opened the app it looked like some measurement was about to take place but then it just became a selfie camera. No instructions or tips of how to use the app. I tried holding my phone at different distances from my face under all types of light with no results. Wasted about 15 minutes before giving up and manually measuring my pupillary distance myself. Save yourself the annoyance and get a ruler
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2 years ago, nestor82
How to use
Can someone please tell me how you are supposed to use this app? It scans forever with no indication to say if I’m doing it right, please write a comment explaining how to use it.
Show more
3 years ago, Bean12121ipad
Downloaded at night so opened with a black screen
Needs a splash page or something. Downloaded the app at night and when I first opened it, it appeared to just display a full black screen. Closed and reopened several times and almost gave up on it when my face finally showed up. You need something else on the screen so people know it’s working
Show more
2 years ago, VonHagenstein
Did what it was designed to do on the first try.
I'm maybe unduly impressed these days when things "just work" as they're desgned right out of the box. This does what it's designed to do and with a fair degree of "polish" I might add. Nice work devs!
Show more
4 years ago, Fraerooo
Simple and easy
I never review stuff but I had to for this. Gave me what I needed immediately which was great. My only question is should I be using the near or far PD when ordering prescription glasses? Amazing work!
Show more
1 year ago, Robyn D L
This helps
This app helps me get to know the exact scientific length of my eyes hope that other people join in on this app because this is a life saver.👍🏾
Show more
3 years ago, Echopeus
Genius idea
I’ve worn glasses all my life… I never knew this was a measurable thing but when ordering glasses online it’s vital - and some optometrists won’t give you these details
Show more
6 years ago, betak333
Edited: Different measurements each time
Edit: I figured it out, and have tried measuring multiple times to ensure I get the same measurement consistently. Thanks to the devs for reaching out! Tried this on three separate occasions and got different measurements each time.
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