Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker

Health & Fitness
4.6 (76K)
365 MB
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Last update
4 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fabulous: Daily Habit Tracker

4.56 out of 5
76K Ratings
8 months ago, Keithrube1
Fabulous indeed!
I was seeking an app to help me stay on schedule. As an entrepreneur with ADHD it is often very challenging. From going to bed at a reasonable hour, each night, to waking up at a reasonable hour, to having balanced structured meals that are healthy, to have my spiritual time, exercise time, and just me time. I also needed to find time to do service, which helps me get out of myself by helping others. I’ve never had a structured schedule, my whole entire life and I’m 55 years old when I started the section on evening routine and I was about to type in the fourth change that I wanted to make the app actually would not let me, I loved that it said we never want to take on more than we should. I’ve only been using for less than a week and I can tell you I’m going to bed now. Two hours earlier. I am making it to the office earlier. I am doing better with the morning routine but I still have a long way to go. I actually stopped working. Looked at the app clicked it and that is something different. One of the best things this App has suggested to me was on my iPhone pro 14 max to take any interesting and fun apps off of the homepage. It’s worked. It literally works I just keepspiritual thing on there, my daily calendar, reminders list or to do list. I have a long way to go with this app is reminded me is that there is absolutely no rush. I will appreciate life more by doing certain things less get the app and pay for it. Well worth it.
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2 years ago, olober psychos
Changed my life! (Only one issue)
This is probably the best app you could EVER HAVE on your phone. I left a rating a while back but it really deserves a full review. Im a 20 year old college female who suffers from severe mental health issues and addiction, and have for most of my life. I was so depressed that getting up to shower felt like an 8 hour shift, so most of the time i let basic self care take a backseat. During my trip to rock bottom i stumbled across Fabulous. Its exactly what i wanted that other programs didnt have, it keeps you on track and its ENJOYABLE. and i can say its great for people with ocd, adhd, or autism. Now, after only 3 months, i drink water, eat 3 meals, exercise daily, practice mindfulness, and take care of my hygiene better than ever before! Im even about to QUIT VAPING after 4 years, which is something i never thought was possible. I can actually relax at the end of the day because i know i have done everything i need to do, and Fabulous will remind you of that. My mental and physical health have improved so much in so little time, I will probably never stop using this app. Unfortunately, the poor reviews here arent (completely) asinine. They do have severe billing issues that they have yet to fix. Please, be VERY CAREFUL if you decide to accept a free trial or purchase a subscription. I have fallen victim to the double charging, double subscriptions, etc. (pro tip, contact apple, not fabulous)
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2 years ago, Angel11092010
This app changed my life!!!
About a week or less ago I got this app and honestly I thought how I NEED to tell people how good it is. Like I said I got this about a week ago and it’s already drastically changed my life! I love going to the discover section of the app to get motivation and it’s helped me eat better too and lose/gain weight! Sometime I’m too skinny and hardly eat and other days I eat like a pig so now I’m always just right. Today I was challenged to eat a good breakfast and honestly it’s been a year since I had a proper breakfast so I made blueberry pancakes and had some strawberries and now I’m going to eat breakfast everyday now! I’ve also had insomnia since 4th grade and would stay up until 1 AM but now I go to bed at about 11 AM and that two whole hours of sleep back and all of that happened within a week! I’ve also started to wake up at 6 every day and workout an hour and have a to do list too! I’m also meditating every day now and I love how you can give advice to a fellow fabulous user and request advice after you write them a message about what they can do! I just helped a person with their laziness today and am going to get help on how to be more motivated to wake up early even on weekends,workout, and table care of myself etc. This app changed my life and I 100% recommend this app to somebody who needs to turn the tables!!! (Sorry about how long it is)
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3 years ago, Elijah.Luis
Game Changer
I am a 24 year old nurse with mental health issues and I have a couple of bad habits I’ve been trying to eradicate for months. I’ve tried dozens of apps from habit streaks to accountability apps to online counseling. I installed this app with the intent to explore it and nothing else. But this app is so cleverly designed, it is hard not to love. There are attractive features in this app that will help you build positive habits. Yet, I believe the real hook is the story about you that develops, which happens when you successfully complete your goals. This app does an excellent job of not just making you think, but making you do, which is what I think is the epitome of mental health. It doesn’t just strive to improve your mental health, it strives to improve your overall function. The app engages you in multiple ways, which sets it apart from the traditional templates of regular one-on-one convos with people who only roundabout with Pinterest-like “inspirational sayings.” I’m genuinely more motivated, more functional, and have made more changes in my life the past two weeks since I’ve downloaded this app than I have in the last three years. Fabulous mysteriously makes it fun to remind you to be yourself and be healthy and happy at the same time, and keeping those streaks up can be pretty satisfying too. However you use this app, whether it’s for a day or for a year - strive to commit to it, and you will reach your happiness.
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2 years ago, Gracemeyup
This is a win
Whoever made this app, I physically love you. It has everything that ticks my brain just right to be able to finish goals and set them easily enough so that I can check them off and while that may seem easy to some, I’ve always struggled with sticking to my word. This app helps do that in such an efficient way so that no matter what you’ll get it done. The little feed of good motivations always seems to brighten my day and I save almost all of them! It’s adorable yet put in a way that’ll help you build yourself into the best you. I think everyone needs this app. I can’t think of a reason not to get it, it’s simply the best routine/healthy habits app out there and I say that whole-heartedly. It doesn’t just let you set a goal then alert you at a time when that goal needs to be done. The first goal for me from the app was to drink water first thing every morning, and while it did have a reminder it didn’t go off or was loud, it was gentle AND the app reminded me the night before to put a water bottle beside my bed so that the goal could be easier to reach. Not to mention the small map of your person traveling through obstacles and mountains? Genius. It gives you every bit of motivation. It even gives you daily motivational speeches AND nightly speeches. This app is 100% my favorite. Sincerely, a happy customer.
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9 months ago, Katelynn Green
This app is Beautiful, Gracious, Thoughtful, and Supportive
*When* I commit, this app keeps my life on track. That being said, I (probably like many users) am not neurotypical, and I really struggle with basic routines, meeting my basic physical needs, and living an organized life. I don’t just use this app for things like “do yoga” or “meditate;” I also need to add things like “shower,” “brush teeth,” and “drink water.” It may seem silly to some, but I’m sure there are those out there that understand what it’s like to not naturally do those things on a daily basis. I have jumped in and fallen off of this app again and again, and I think they do a very nice job of sending considerate notifications, phrasing their challenges and alerts in a creative and welcoming way, and while I know I will fail again and again, I appreciate the thoughtful UX they have curated. I also love what I know of the company, and that’s so important to me when selecting services. It seems to be an international, remote working environment with good values and a diverse team of creative designers, writers, engineers, and business professionals of other kinds. I don’t know what it’s like behind the scenes, but they *seem* to uphold their app values internally within the company, and I respect that! Thank you for creating such a lovely app that has gotten me back on track again and again.
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2 years ago, jstinrchie
It grows on you.
I forgot to cancel the free trial and at first I was kind of 😬 about it because I feel like I had unintentionally spent $40 for an app that reminds me to drink water…. then I realized a) it’s $40 for an entire year b) if you take the time in one day to set your habits and routines for every day in the next coming year then everything balances out. Now that my routines and reminders are set, I love it. I’m a single 29 year old who lives alone and has ADHD with Autism — It’s very important that I stay on a routine or my days can crumble. My old way was tolerable but it consisted of reminders and notes and alarms on my phone in different apps as well as calendars and random post it notes scattered throughout my life. After almost a month of fabulous I’m starting to feel like a lot of those things are becoming easier keep track of. On the surface it’s an app that reminds you to drink water and stretch but once you dig just a little, it’s a whole world of help. My only complaint is that they should maybe consider ways of making the app easier for beginners, older people or people who are technologically challenged. I’m a millennial tech-nerd so it was fairly easy to maneuver but I recommended it to my mom, 58 years old (who could also benefit) and she gave up after two days. She says that navigating it at her age was too frustrating. — Personally, I’m very pleased so far. (Almost one month in)
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4 years ago, Izehbelle
I truly do love this app. I have been using it for about a week now, and it has been more helpful than any other app I have tried. I am a young mother to two young boys, I work full time, and go to school full time. I have struggled for years now to learn how to take better care of myself due to my priorities are always making sure my children are taken care of while my health and wellness, both mentally and physically, took the back seat. For the first time in my life, I am actually creating healthy routines for myself. In the morning, I meditate, drink a glass of water, take my vitamins, and stretch. In the evenings I tidy up, read for 30 minutes and write down what went well today. And I’m still only using the free version! I think that is the best thing of all. Due to a strict budget, I cannot afford the premium version of Fabulous at the moment. However, I can still access a lot of the features that are essential to me bettering myself through this process. This also allows me to make sure that this app is everything I need it to be before I make the hefty $50 yearly subscription (I know $50 is not a lot by any means, I just can’t afford that right now🤷🏼‍♀️) and that’s okay! Because I can still thankfully do everything I need to do starting out. I sincerely appreciate the developers of this app, and I hope to stay with Fabulous for many years to come!☺️
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3 years ago, Mommakelz17
This app is worth it
I had previously come across this app in the past, downloaded it to see what the hype was and instantly deleted. Recently I came across this user who had recommended using fabulous to get back on track, and creating good, healthy habits. I’ve always been a routined person, but would fall off and struggle to keep track or stay on track. I would beat myself up and feel disappointed that I had to start over. After taking some needed time off for myself (especially during the pandemic) I am and have been working on myself to heal by getting back into creating healthy and happy routine for a better life. Just recently downloading this app (again) I wanted to put this to the test. Only after about a week of using this app, I will say that this app is by far one of the best apps I’ve ever used. It’s so gentle but so rewarding and honest about life and being “O.K.” With falling off track, making mistakes, counting the small wins, feeing appreciative, but the biggest one is making me believe in myself more by becoming the best version of myself. Mental health is so important and this app makes you feel like the darks do happen, but you can always come out on top. So if I had to say what is an app that works and I’m willing to spend the money...well, you’ve come to the right place.
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2 years ago, StolenDocuments
Quite useful structure and functionality
What I really like is you can add items to your routine in really flexible ways. You can add an item to morning afternoon or evening. You can be more specific and add it for a certain time. Or you can be even more specific and add it for a certain duration starting at a certain time. Other apps force you to add in every habit at an exact time, but that’s not realistic. Sometimes your morning routine starts a little earlier or a little later. With this app it simply prompts you to do the items in the order you’ve entered them however long it takes. You can just check one off after the other and if you have to pause in between one or one takes longer one day, you just do it and then check it off whenever you’re finished and go to the next one. It’s lower stress than feeling like you’re behind, or have to stick to very exact schedule. But you can also input I have to always be doing yoga at eight if you want to.. it’s your choice. I do find the requests to sign up for year long or lifetime memberships off putting and pushy. I also feel like the voices and some of the little inspiring animation things can be sappy and condescending. I like the British voices. But who doesn’t? That’s just the aesthetic stuff though. Personal preference. I think a lot of work and thought went into the development of this app.
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2 years ago, Palo-Alto-User
Misleading + No Customer Service
When you sign up for the free trial or subscription, Fabulous indicates that they can cancel the subscription at any time and that the cancellation will ultimately cancel the auto-renewal. I subscribed to the service over a year ago but decided, a few months later, I did not find the “Journey” in their app to be suitable. So, I canceled the subscription. However, on the anniversary of my subscription, I was charged the renewal fee, even though I canceled my subscription over nine months ago (that is, almost three months after my subscription). Actually, before the renewal, the status in the app was (and actually is still) showing my status as a “ Standard Free Plan.” This is extremely disturbing! They charged me for the renewal even though I canceled my subscription way before the renewal date. Then, they don’t give me access to the service. To make things worse, there is no direct way to contact a customer service representative to help me resolve the issue. You can’t simple start a chat or send a message in a simple way; instead, you need to go through the chatbot and answer a few questions in an indirect approach to get to the page through which you can send a message to customer service, and then you will have to wait for days. They claim that the issue has been resolved, but only time will tell! Overall, nicely designed app (nothing exceptional), but unpleasant experience, and I regretted giving Fabulous my credit card.
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3 years ago, jaszyyg
Love this app! & you will too
When I decided I wanted to change my life into the vision I had of myself in my head constantly, I kept putting it off because I didn’t understand where to begin. I wanted to change basically everything about how I led my life. But how do you just stop doing what you have been doing for so long? How do you get out of the perfectly confortable bubble you've built for yourself? I downloaded Fabulous. It was out of no where, wasn’t expecting much. I promised myself I’d give it a try, there was so many resources, categories to help with whatever I was struggling with & even a community of people sharing their stories. Unfortunately I wasn’t consistent for a while. It took me about 3 months on & off the app. What I liked about it is that it was always there, no judgement, I’d open it a couple times & some days I wouldn’t open it at all. That is the truth about change. I am now fully committed to bettering myself & wont stop until I feel like I’ve learned all of the information & techniques Fabulous has to offer. So if you’re reading this thinking this app is just like the rest, no my dear, this is the app for you. & you are the most important thing in your life, so go & get the resources you need to give yourself everything you want.
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7 months ago, Horse Loving Kate
Incredibly helpful!!
Highly recommend this app for self-empowerment to build the life you want. This app uses behavioral science and educational psychology (akin to Mr. Rogers) to empower to think, behave, and build a life that you feel happy in. The app includes strategies for learning how to be resilient and anti-fragile (i.e., seeing chaos or difficulties as opportunities to be the best version of yourself). The app is organized according to journeys. Each journey guides your thoughts and behaviors, and gives you time to master the lessons and build the life you want in that particular area. Better yet, the app recognizes that you can only learn so much at one time, so it cycles through essential lessons several times. This approach truly empowers you to create and manage your own happiness. The app empowers you to see your own dignity as a human being and your own natural wealth as a human on the earth with the sun, stars, and your own breath of life. The app enables you to focus on things that are within your circle of control and build contentment there. In my personal journey, which has some big challenges I had to face, it took about three months to see a substantive change in how I thought, behaved, and felt. I’m excited about the future and curious to see how I evolve my inner landscape.
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4 months ago, LoadedDown
Life Changing
I’m not one to write reviews but this app is so well thought out and has been sort of life changing for me. It is so encouraging and motivating in how it help you to build ggood habits. I have turned around how I have been. I am finally in a good routine that feels right and keeps me positive. I am starting to realize som goal and I am not giving up like I used to. I am more confident. It’s fun and interactive and the coaching modules are great. I hove how customizable it is. 2 things I would give to improve it is more icons to go with habits you set and the ability to assign different background music for each timed task. I don’t always want calm ambient music, sometimes I want upbeat if it’s a timed tidy up session or workout etc. It would even be cool if you could use your own music. Thank you developers for making this app. It’s awesome all the way down to the graphics and sounds! Also, it would be cool if all of your apps could integrate with eachother. Especially Shape and Ambient. I don’t think you need all the apps. The shape app, Lumiere app, and Ambient app all need to be rolled into Fabulous. They could easily be combined. Just my two cents. I do highly recommend this app to anyone wanting to get out of a rut and get good habits going and develop a better mindset.
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8 months ago, Paid & Happy Dasher
From depressed to empowered
I’ve paid for the subscription and this is my second year having the app although the first year I hadn’t used it consistently. Once I seen the payment come out again this year I decided instead of deleting it I’d really commit and give it another shot considering I really liked the daily focus coaching and I’ve been declining in progress I had made while using it. I can 100% argue that this app is like your own pocket therapist! I’m not one to want to talk through my problems but I have an ear for other perspectives and this app just makes it so easy to organize your thoughts, write like you have an in-app journal, listen to coaching like very short podcasts, and even plan out routines and tasks to really help you execute and feel accomplished! Whoever created the structure knew what they were doing and what they’re audience struggles with. Now, I’m not saying this app holds the answers to all our problems but it sure helped me develop an optimistic outlook, more self confidence, emotional stability, and organizational growth that I’d convinced myself I no longer had the willpower to create. I truly love this app and hope that the depressed, lonely, or unmotivated person reading this takes the chance like I did and bet on yourself!
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6 years ago, fhkbosniiiueopqnansndk
This is a life changer
As a sophomore in high school who is currently taking ap classes and college courses while still trying to be mentally and physically healthy, this is it. When I was a freshmen I LONGED for a way to engage myself in my studies and my mental/physical health. I had to find an equilibrium. I had no motivation or reason to try at anything. I was looking for help everywhere: talked to my parents, friends, counselors, and a crisis hotline. I couldn’t find a solution so I pushed myself to do a lot of good habits, but in the end, it only deprived me of my motivation and will. I was overwhelming myself as I wanted to find a solution to my ailment. An ailment that ruins many lives. Lives ruined by procrastination. Now as I was looking for help online, I came across fabulous. The app seemed to good to be true and I gave it a shot for my own well being. Needless to say, I am grateful for this. As of now I have completed the courses: “An Unexpected Journey” and “Staying on the Road.” I’m currently doing “A Fabulous Night.” I know it sounds cliche of me to say this but it has changed my life for the better. I now feel happier, motivated, focused, confident, and passionate about my studies and life. Whether you’re 16, a middle aged person, or in your late years of life, it truly never is too late to help yourself and nourish as an individual. 10/10
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2 years ago, PharaohRamses
Perfectly Progressive
To begin with just a bit bout myself, I am someone who’ll stick to something for a while then I break the habit and don’t do anything until it comes to mind, if at all. This app has been constantly on my phone and/or mind. It’s because even if you’re someone like me, or someone who’s better at building habits and sticking with them, you can benefit immensely from the lessons for skills and a healthier life in many different areas! I have always (re)started my journey with yoga, water every morning (now I’ll actively drink water throughout the day) and a healthy breakfast! But I can’t wait until I get to experience more of what this app has to offer, especially as someone who tends to keep bad habits easier than healthy ones! Beyond what the app provides directly, you can find a lot of support and positivity from the online communities in here! Making a positive change and sharing it with others can go a long way for encouraging and motivating you. It also really does help to see that you are not truly alone in your struggles, even if you choose to pursue it independently! Overall an amazing app that has helped me feel better physically and mentally countless times. Many thanks to those who’ve made this app✨
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2 years ago, Fgujjookgdrjnfgoivsrjnb
Login Issues
I downloaded this app while on vacation in LA, and started using it and mostly liked it especially the Infograph’s and layout of the app for the most part. It was mostly user friendly but there were some aspects that could have been more user friendly and streamlined. When I went back home to a different time zone, the app did not appear to update with that new time zone since it still showed I was on day two of my progress but I was not actually on day 3. I deleted and downloaded it again, but it made me go through the entire set up page again. This is why the rating is so low! I couldn’t bypass this part and simply login again and when I went through and completed it, it overrode all of my progress and didn’t have any backup data saved (even though my phone had been previously connected to wifi for various days while using the app) I lost all my progress and don’t feel like starting over so I’m deleting it and moving on to something else. Hope they can get and issue like this figured out so people don’t have to be forced to go through a completely new set up each time they download the app again. Also save yourself time with going through that long survey for the live coaching, it’s not free and they wait to tell you until the very end. It’s $67. I wish they made that clear before having to go through that survey so if you didn’t want to pay for it you didn’t need to do the survey in the first place.
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3 years ago, MrsPrado
Skeptically positive
I actually got this app a couple months ago when I needed so positive affirmations or medications to just kind of get through the day... as I started slinking a little further into a pretty dark depression I didn’t use it I actually deleted it for a bit and frustrated that I couldn’t get into to app. I thought this little story’s were annoying... then a few weeks back I had gotten so bad I wasn’t eating or taking care of my self at all I started searching for routine apps to just try and get myself taking care of myself to feel better... As I was searching I saw this app pop up and I remembered it did have routines as well. I re downloaded it and I can actually say for the last few weeks of using it. I’m starting to like the story’s and the guidance because I WAS READY... had I reviewed this app a couple months ago it wouldn’t have been positive because that’s not where I was... but I can now say thank you! Because this app is really helping me build better habits and stay on task and I check back on it often and now listen to the story’s because I know it’s going to get me to that next level of taking care of myself. As a Mom/Wife/ and in Management... Who has time for that? Right. Thanks again for a program that’s actually working for me.
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2 years ago, voxjanet
Hopeful, at long last
I’m 58, and have not taken the time to care for myself, like, ever. And now I realize: it’s now or never. I live in my head, not my body, which, intellectually, I understand makes my risk of earlier death much greater, not to mention the effect on my quality of life. The breakup of my 26-yr marriage in 2019 and desperately trying to teach vocal music online (MS & HS kids) during the first year COVID broke me. So I guess it took reaching rock-bottom to make me take action 🙁. I retired early in June, sold my condo, and took off for Portugal. It is here that I stumbled across this app. Fabulous uses the metaphor of a hero’s journey to teach, suggest, remind, and encourage in the gentlest, sweetest way. As corny as the Disney-esque animations and rhyming, seem, I think it’s working! The only reason I decided to try it is that it is created by Duke and is based in science, but I’m seeing the advantage of presenting the information in this manner. I’m as shocked as anyone that it is helping me build healthy habits, which I’ve always been terribly undisciplined about. I’ve tried other health apps and have never stuck with them. It’s early days, but I’m seriously hopeful that this approach will ultimately help me take control of my destiny. I have nothing left to lose!
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5 years ago, Keighty Kate
So far, so great!
I just got this app this morning so I’m basing my rating on user friendliness/ set up/ and its ability to hold my attention. The app kept me going, probably one of the easiest apps I’ve set up, definitely one of the fastest. Some apps can be work in just filling out the info but, this app was smooth & explained things clearly. I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes. I need something motivating in my life right now and I’m hoping this does the trick. I had always been a very disciplined, driven, fun, outspoken, and in great shape but, the last 18 mos~things have become very difficult for me. I had several big surgeries which left me in lots of pain but this pain is nothing compared to the pain in my heart... after loosing 3 loving people in our family. As my dad use to say... “Life happens kiddo”, but it seems I let it go on w/o me. I’m really hoping to find my fire again and hoping it’s as easy as finding this app~ something tells me... it’s not. All life’s greatest things~take work and I’m now desperate & willing~ just need reminders to keep going and I hope this app is a piece of the puzzle which makes the difficult times bearable. So, I plan on updating this review a few times, as I embark on my journey to become the once driven person I was~ so until then...
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3 years ago, The Lee Bay
Glitching out
If this app was working right, it would be a five star app. But it is not and has not been for about two weeks. It’s been glitching, not allowing me to access today’s list of goals and routines to check off. My daily coaching option that’s on my routines no longer brings anything up to play for the day and instead just has a list of activities you could bring up. I bought the lifetime subscription and I’m kicking myself for it now that nothing is working on it. I’ve been using this app on and off for five years among varying devices without glitching issues and now all the sudden now that I’m on day 34 or so on my current journey, it’s just decided it no longer needs to work. Another annoying thing is that if you forget to mark the things off as you’re doing them and decide to mark it off later, it doesn’t seem to count it the same as though you didn’t actually do anything but are just checking it off. I find this incredibly annoying. Not everyone has time to stare at their phone after every activity on their list and check it off. I’m a busy person. Some of us want to check it off later, that doesn’t mean we didn’t do it when we are supposed to. Good lord. Also, I’ve had to uninstall and reinstall this app several times just to get it to work. I shouldn’t have to do that. There’s plenty of space on my phone and everything else works fine. Why is this app so glitchy?!
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3 years ago, fair.plays
This has been, so far, the most effective and life-altering app I have ever downloaded on my phone. It’s easy to use, has beautiful design, is clearly very mindfully constructed with solid behavioral research backing up its structure… it just seems to have everything that all the other apps that I have tried didn’t have. I enjoy using it and it helps me make change enjoyable and easy- and that’s the only thing that works! My only feedback for the designers/users would be 1. Slow down; even though the program cautions the user to not try and take on too many habits to quickly, by the end of the first month of using the programs/journey as directed you can easily have a ton of “new habits” you have to keep up in order to meet your daily goals and it’s too much. 2. The support circles are kind of open message boards that any fabulous user can participate in and it’s too chaotic to feel inviting. There are other apps that I have used where people are put into small groups with moderators, and/or work with personal coaches. That I know that would make this app cost quite a lot more because it would have to be employ human beings to act as moderators or coaches, that to me would be the next level up.
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4 years ago, Dcjidvnjdcnm
Awesome App!!!!
I can’t say enough about this app. I’ve been in therapy for years for some losses etc. I’ve currently been enrolled in a DBT course,8 weeks to get through 4modules. You can’t reach knowledge or gain enough practice to be great at this in one course. This app you have here is the perfect in between classes to work with as extra coping mechanisms.. it brings in soooo much helpful information for personal care and development. It’s very easy to use. For me, it is not overwhelming, you can do as much or as little as you want during the 3 parts of your days. It has given me more practice in becoming one mindful where everybody should learn. This mindfulness can be done in 5 minutes or less or longer. It’s giving your mind a break. Instead of racing around thoughts, you learn to focus and remain calm. The meditations here are very easy to sit back and listen. I’ve even been so relaxed I fell asleep which is very hard for me to do. It has done wonders in just these few days to work with your app. I love the challenges! I also like the way you can choose what you want for your daily routine. If what you offer isn’t enough you provide a way for us to add our own routines in, if it’s not working on the list. Thank you so much for offering this FABULOUS app.
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3 years ago, scipio31
Great Idea, Bad Company
This app has some great concepts and, when used daily, I think can really help someone learn habits and set goals. The issues come in when you have to interact outside of that basic function, customer support, billing, backups, etc. First, for an iPhone11, this app crashes or freezes way to much. Second, Backup your journey? Forget it, I still can’t get that to work and even after over a month of emailing back and forth with customer support, their final answer is “we don’t know it’s probably you” (. Not many emails in 30 days , just lack of quick follow up on their part). Next is Billing. Be careful giving these guys your payment information. Use apple or PayPal as a third party because they will not stop trying to bill you. I’m still getting emails from PayPal that they are tying to bill me, even though all accounts are closed. Trial before billing? I got billed on day one, so be aware there as well. In summary, this app and the idea has a lot of potential but this execution is falling a bit flat. I would be willing to pay twice the price if it came with a better app and better support. Hopefully, someone notices this and builds a better alternative in the future.
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5 years ago, IT has Crystal
Best app on my phone
The old me wouldn’t believe that an app could change her life so much, but in truth, this app has made a huge impact on my daily life. Before Fabulous, I would wake up 10 minutes before I had to leave in the morning. I never ate breakfast, I didn’t make my bed or clean my room, I almost never had enough time to wash my face, and to be quite honest, I didn’t always remember brush my teeth. And it wasn’t just in the mornings that I struggled. During the day, I would hardly ever exercise outside of activities I needed to do, and overall I wasn’t making time for myself. Now, because of Fabulous, I have routines that I follow each morning, noon, and night that I customized to fit my interests and time schedule. I always remember to brush my teeth btw, along with many other things I used to struggle to do, and I’ve become more aware of my feelings, and my goals. I even feel that I have become more ambitious. I’m honestly super glad I got this app, and not only that, but I also highly recommend paying for the subscription. Through that, I got access to meditational practices, the ability to customize my routine, start new interests, and build many new habits besides the first sets. I just want to say, thank you so much for creating this app!
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3 months ago, Tiffnah
So far so good
I started using the app a few days ago and found it motivates me with the reminders and the routines. I like that it incorporates daily messages to help with your mindset if you need a mental pick-me-up. There’s a few improvements that can make the app a little more user friendly but overall it’s very practical and useful for daily life. Using the application has made me better with doing annoying or seemingly overwhelming tasks by putting them into a routines, which you create depending on time of day along with day of the week. From there, you get reminders and use the app to complete your routines. For me, this is very helpful and what I need to give me that extra push for things like “eat veggies” or “floss.” In addition, the app also takes you on a journey, and gives little readings or quotes to motivate you/improve your mindset. Depending on what struggles you may be having, the journey you are assigned (which you can change) can be different. Overall it’s an electronic to do list with motivational features within it to help you with perspective. It’s working very well for me thus far. Personally, I get a little release of dopamine every time I get to complete a routine.
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3 years ago, jeff_ames
Tried this app last year and didn’t find it all that motivating. No worries…everyone has their preferences. Forgot to cancel before my free 30 day trial was up. No worries…that’s on me. But I made sure to go in and cancel right away so I wouldn’t make the same mistake again. Imagine my surprise when I started getting ‘payment failed’ emails after the one year anniversary of the expiration of my free trial. Like, enough emails to be considered harassment. So finally, I responded to one of them and reminded them that they did not have an active credit card on file because I was no longer an active account holder. I received an automatic response saying how much they value me as a customer and they’ll try to get back to me as soon as they can, but they’re super busy. No worries - they can never get back to me as far as I’m concerned - the whole point of my email was that I was trying to get them to STOP contacting me. SOOO…imagine my surprise when I checked my credit card statement today and found that a week after my email that they were too busy to respond to, they MIRACULOUSLY found my credit card information and charged my account for another year!!! NOT fabulous. SNEAKY and UNETHICAL!! Oh, and if you’re wondering if they ever responded to my email…they did not. Too busy looking for my unauthorized credit card information, I imagine. So, unless you want a lifelong relationship with this company, I cannot advise signing up.
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6 years ago, gi-auntie
Fabulous is .. well .. ok I won’t say it but it is!!
I have found myself off track & wandering through life after a few years of retirement and then a great deal of personal loss. 2018 resolutions were filled with hopes of finding something to restore some normalcy to my life; that reading a good book in front of the fire on a rainy day kind of normalcy. I had already made the commitments to weight & fitness long before resolution season & they were going fairly well. I just happened across the Fabulous app when I was in the App Store looking for a To Do list app. It has truly been the answer to what I’ve been looking for, although I had no way of knowing for what I was searching. Fabulous is taking me back to the basics, and teaching me how to instill habits again, something I had unknowingly given up. Having this structure is giving me something to lean on as I begin to learn how to be myself again, after so much sadness and misery. Thank you Fabulous developers for creating such an innovative program to help those of us that have derailed. One thing, I did sign up for their upgraded program, Sphere, and it was just too much for me to take in. Maybe later but for now I will let Fabulous take care of my needs!! I am Fabulous after all!!
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4 years ago, Vtechy13
Life Saver
I’ve never been the type of person to steer towards the “self-help” or “self-improvement” section. In the last year, however, I began a journey of self discovery. It wasn’t on purpose. It just sort of happened. The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. Some things need to change entirely. Some things I didn’t even realize that I was doing. This app is so well researched and written. The content is amazing. Especially for someone like me who is usually a total skeptic. I decided to give it a shot, and I am actually seeing results. I have always been a cynic, pessimist, and grew more and more neurotic as I got older. That pattern kept growing until I would have bouts of depression that I literally could not get out of. Spirals of self destruction, and I couldn’t stop the thoughts. Well, let me tell you - the thoughts will creep up. But I check myself. It’s starting to come more naturally now. My brain is like “hey, where do you think you’re going?”, and it stops all that negative stuff in it’s tracks. I’ve never been able to do that before. It’s absolutely stunning. I can’t thank the creators enough. I wholeheartedly believe that I’ve gotten a second chance at life. Not just existing anymore. And I finally believe that I deserve it.
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3 years ago, Netta Lynne
Overall a great app
I have recommended this app to multiple people as it has been a great way for me to track my progress and receive consistent accountability. I love how customizable the routines are, and while there is guidance from the app, you’re ultimately in control of your experience. As far as feedback goes, I’ve grown to strongly dislike the background music. I understand the healing and relaxation properties that music can have, but I find these specific tunes very annoying compared to meditative sounds I prefer. I have muted the sounds during the routines and also went to settings to turn them off. Unfortunately it comes back on no matter what I do. I also believe that celebrating overall progress would be nice. In addition to longest streaks, acknowledging consistent attempts will encourage people even more I believe. For instance, I have never completed an entire week of my routines, but there was one week I tried everyday, and there were only two days I couldn’t fully complete. I like to celebrate small wins, and that to me was one. Other than that I love what the Fabulous team is doing with the app. All I ask is that you either offer different selections of background music and/or allow a muting option that actually works please.
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4 years ago, Ali'sAttic
My Saving Grace
One of my biggest issues is feeling lost even tho my business gives me a sense of purpose I’m all alone in the basement and have no schedule. I always thought my life would be different. Now I know it’s up to me to execute the life I one day will have but not to worry about it or dwell on my past but literally just live day to day improving myself and loving myself and laughing and being grateful and giving each step of the way. That’s how you live. Fabulous is helping me get some structure because I sort of just get lost sometimes not knowing when or how to accomplish things. Like do I really have to go to bank everyday? Lol no the adderal was doing much more harm than I thought and cutting out the toxic ppl feels so good. My phone can be a curse but it’s been directing and guiding me lately, I’m so out of touch w the world cuz I’ve kept myself so isolated all these years. Like Kanye, Taylor Swift they ha d issues to snd I’m not the only one lol I can’t believe I thought I was a bar person. I’m such a good person and I’m just feeling really happy anc hopeful . And it’s only day two . ❤️my friends Richard was my saving grace and I’ll always love him for that even tho I’m changing for me. So I can be the boss I was meant to be lol Alexandra Pendola
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3 years ago, Kayletta3
Finally a app that lives up to all the hype!!
I have tried self-help books, journaling, special organizing & decluttering journals, joined and listened to bloggers… well you get my point. I believe we all grow and growing means ( sometimes subconsciously and other times we’re very aware ) that change is welcomed with resistance. We all want to become better in life and make healthy behavioral changes!! This app is easy to use and tge first thing ALL app users are aware of is the “free” word than the cost for the “premium” or in other terms getting the full benefits of why the particular app was created. I have only been on this “FABULOUS” journey for 2 weeks and I already feel @ know the progress I’m making. The $ I spent in the past is a small fraction to what this day to day life coach app is offering me. I know I cannot fail, the app is set up in away where the user knows their is no failing. 🤷🏻‍♀️Try it!! If your ready to make changes and can’t seem to find a processes or program than what do you have to lose trying this app!! You’ll thank yourself and I am quite sure others will notice a change in your behavior and you’ll be thanking your past self for taking the leap!!
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2 years ago, amayaur
Contradicts itself
This app is really busy in its design, I honestly didn't mind too much at the beginning but it made it hard to delete habits that I didn't find productive to my journey/habits I already have in place. With such a complicated and busy design, it made it hard to motivate myself to use it daily, which completely contradicts the point of the app. I think my main issue with this app though was the recommended meditation and mental exercises. The app promotes small and steady growth at the beginning, which is what initially drew me to it. It promoted treating yourself and your impulses with kindness, something I really agree with since in order to form new habits, you need positive associations with them, therefore you shouldn't shame yourself throughout your healthy journey. However, one of the mental exercises promoted tells you to treat your impulses like a "spoiled" and "malicious child". It also gives an example of this "malicious" child telling you to take a break when you're tired from working out and having your "wise sage" tell you that you have endless willpower. This pretty much completely goes against the initial meaning and can be harmful to people trying to establish long term healthy habits, since using all of your willpower and shaming yourself for something as innocent as taking a break leads to complete burnout for most people.
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1 year ago, Arwen-Wynter
Changed my life
Yes, I’m just not that type of person. I’ll leave five stores and go about my day, but this app actually deserves a written review. It has changed me, even in a few short months that I’ve been using it. I no longer drink caffeine, I don’t want to drink, carbonated, beverages, and for the most part only drink is water and tea. I’m more mindful meditation exercise I eat, right, and I generally feel much better. As somebody with chronic health conditions, sometimes it is difficult to keep track of these things. However, it is of the upmost importance to my health to track these things. I realize due to my physical health, my mental health is beginning to go downhill, so I was looking for apps like any other person. I had started this app many years ago, but couldn’t keep up with it. I tried again and positive outcome has been more than I can even put into words. I’ve discovered things about myself that I didn’t even know. I finally found new doors to open so that I can start doing the hard work. It may seem like a silly app that you download, because through the put away. Trust me, this is worth it put in the time and you will reap the benefits.
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1 year ago, whoitsemi
Not So Fabulous
I regret everything about this app. I don’t like leaving negative reviews, but Fabulous is unfortunately the worst app subscription experience I’ve ever had. I liked it for the first week and hoped it would help improve my routine, so shame on me- I got a year long premium subscription. A month or two in, the daily notifications were more irritating than helpful and the voice overs for the lessons and meditations were so cringey or cheesy I couldn’t focus on the material. I cancelled auto renewal for the premium membership. Fast forward a year, and I was getting notifications that my premium account was about to expire. Great, it seems to be working. It now appears as expired in my Apple subscriptions. However, I added a new card to my Apple wallet a few days later and that card was charged for a premium subscription to Fabulous! They make you jump through too many hoops to issue a refund. I was redirected to so many different web pages, all of them dead ends. It ended with a long back and forth with the website chat bot, it saying that they’ll send me an email to continue the conversation, and surprise- days later and still no email. 🤦‍♀️ And that’s not even the half of it. I’m reeeeeally disappointed in how this app is managed. If it works for you, save your money and stick with the free version. It’ll spare you any stress better than a paid Fabulous exercise will.
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4 years ago, DJBlackolive
Great app
During the 7 day trial I found myself making better habits to help myself out during the day especially my morning routine. I work a night shift and have to balance out my day accordingly but this app really helped me with that with the alerts for something that used to escapes my mind early in the morning, which is to drink water it became a great habit I developed even when I’m off of work I still wake up and drink water which keeps me on the same schedule. With all the options for: the morning, afternoon, and evening routines, it’s getting a little used to but none the less I’m gaining better habits to help me throughout my day. I can say I appreciate this app and look forward to gaining my life back with healthier decisions. The only bad thing I can say about the app is when you mark that you did an activity that you did not complete, the app won’t allow you to undo that you completed it, so for someone like me who is openly honest about what I do, it will get a little frustrating to know you didn’t complete that goal for that day but everything else on this app is great and to me life saving. Thank you ^_^ for helping people change their lives in gaming better habits in just a few days.
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11 months ago, Morebandwidth
Love the idea, bugs are annoying, billing is predatory
Lots to love in this app. It’s thoughtfully created and beautifully executed. Meets a lot of my needs that I was previously tracking myself in other ways. The bugs are obstacles. Listening to the coaching sessions never works smoothly. It pauses and I have to restart many times ruining the flow of my concentration. It prompts me to start and restart challenges that I’ve already been doing. It asks me to fill in weekly reflections that I’ve already filled it. It has my correct name, yet in the profile display it changed an “a” to an “o” and there’s no way for me to change that. Update: the billing issues, wow. The free trial went into a subscription although I thought I cancelled it. The subscription does not show up under my apple subscriptions, not even under “inactive,” so there’s no way to know you’re subscribed even if you regularly audit your subscriptions. Digging into my account in the app to try to cancel took a while. When I finally got to the button to try to cancel, it says you must cancel on the web, but does not include their website, and searching for a fabulous app website provided no results. I’ve had to go back and forth emailing and dispute the charge with my bank. So, all in all, a drop in mental health rather than an improvement. Like I originally said, I like the idea. The execution could be better. The billing is predatory.
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2 years ago, KLNMORX
I really wanted to like this
I really wanted to like this app. I truly did, and I really wanted to make it work. The first habit it wanted me to establish was drinking water in the morning. Fine, whatever, not something I really needed help with but I did it. The second one was breakfast, and that's where I checked out. I've struggled for years with my weight, and last year I stumbled upon intermittent fasting. Eating one meal a day has helped me lose 60 lbs, and I'm still going. Now this app is forcing me to eat breakfast? And throw the only diet that's ever worked for me? And there's no way to skip this particular goal and move onto the next one? No thanks. This app has a number of flaws that made it really not work for me. Beyond the lack of customizability, the cheesy self-help language made me check out. There's also a lot of potential for triggering issues for people (like my breakfast issue) that the app doesn't let you skip. I have firm routines set in my life, but I wanted something to add a few good habits of my choice. If you're somebody who's a hot mess, this might be the app for you. If you've already got your act more or less together, there's probably something out there with more customizability and less hand-holding that would probably suit your needs better.
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3 years ago, Jreeeezy
Great app to create and inspire new healthy habits!
I stumbled across this app and thought I’d give it a shot. One of the things I suffer from is lack of accountability, I’ll procrastinate and avoid things of I can, choosing to lay around and be lazy if no one is telling me otherwise. This app reminds me throughout the day to practice new healthy habits that I chose to create a happier and more active me! The support from the positive community here and the inspiring little messages that come with goal completion give you that extra push to continue on the path you set up. I’ve only been doing it for a week and albeit a slow start, I am beginning to really see some new habits form and I love it! Be the healthier, happier you that you know you can and want to be. It’s as simple as saying “I want to change” and you don’t have to do it alone. Having served 10 years in the military I recognize the importance of support in trying to develop yourself into your goals. Except instead of a DI yelling in your face to push through, you have a supportive community that provides the same support, but in a calm and motivating manner. Different tactics, similar results! So happy I found this app!
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3 years ago, 🦆 Duck Walk
Always uplifting
This app will allow you to understand the idea behind small steps make for a grand adventure. Motivations, challenges, journeys and support really cause you to look within to better understand your own individual methods for how you handle day-to-day tasks. Now whether those day to day tasks are positive or negative are another thing. Every positive move that we make get us further along on our betterment. Negative or regressive moves can be evaluated further and then turned around. I’ve always found this app to take small tasks and equate them to bigger and better things. As someone who could easily become overwhelmed and then dog on myself for eventually falling wayside when it would come to completing a whole huge list of tasks. Fabulous allows me to begin to rethink how to manage everything. The app itself is gorgeous and well thought in the amount of motivation and inspiration you receive. Bear in mind that if you subscribe you will have access to an amazing amount of features. However, do not get ahead of yourself. Follow the course set for you and then slowly branch from there the better you are at understanding your goals. I only wish there was something like this years ago!
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4 years ago, Blū
Fine app, way too much clutter.
My annual subscription for this app is about to expire and even though I kept up with it for the better part of the year, I’m not going to renew. This app utilizes some great techniques for motivation and accountability but it ultimately dogs itself down with too much content. It is constantly putting more and more information in your face about things to read and new challenges to accomplish and so on. It’s not abnormal to open the app in the morning to begin my morning routine and be confronted by two or three messages that I have to swipe away or close out of or decline just in order to use the app. Every time you finish a routine, which it encourages you to have three routines in a day (morning, afternoon, evening), it loads a motivational picture that you then must click out of to use the app again, and you have to wait a few seconds for it to even be close-able. I don’t need three motivational messages a day. So all in all, this app could benefit from simplifying its UI and content a bit. Being encouraged occasionally with small messages or goals or streaks along the way would be helpful, or at least the ability to customize or opt out of most of these features. Maybe I’ll check back in a few years.
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3 years ago, justletmereviewomg
Beautiful UI, bad UX
So the path of slow and steady incremental changes makes a ton of sense. The kinds of tasks it seems like the app orients on, also seem well founded and useful. However, the way you interact with the app itself to achieve those ends is so confusing and unintuitive to me. There’s no one place to look at what I’ve achieved or how I’m doing, or which goals I might choose. Even after using it for a few days, I’m still unsure of where to find any succinct information or even which buttons I should be pressing. In addition, the way it offers me the option to make goals and follow up with those goals just doesn’t match the natural way I make decisions or the flow of my day. For example, I’d see the notification to drink water with bleary eyes immediately after waking up, but before my brain can comprehend. Then it disappears into the fog of slowly waking. This morning, I finally did get myself to immediately open the app and log that I drank water, then it promptly opened a loud animated cut scene which was pretty annoying for me, but even more annoying for the person asleep next to me. I hastily closed the whole thing. I’d really like to utilize the set of slow and consistent reminders that seem to be at the heart of this app, but what does it matter if I can’t actually figure out how to use it? Frankly, every time I open this app I eventually just angrily close it, and am left feeling frustrated. I’d never pay for it.
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2 years ago, Cristhiane14
Loving it so far
I’ve created routines for the morning, afternoon and evening. Fabulous is helping me create healthy habits for a healthy life. I’ve been using it for a week now and it’s easy to use, it gives good tips, and keeps my motivation going on a daily basis. Update: I used to love this app but they added a bunch of unnecessary and not optional features that have made the app more of a nuisance than convenient. The amount of notifications is annoying but the fact you cannot customize the notifications is just ridiculous. I get so many notifications that it defeats the purpose of the app. Sorry fabulous but I don’t need your hourly coaching… you need to step it up. Especially considering that I’m paying for this app so it’s like I’m paying for them to annoy me. It’s either that or no notifications which defeats the purpose all together because I would like to get reminders for my routines, which is what attracted me to the app to begin with. Also, I have zero intention of making this a social activity. My goals are about me and I don’t feel the need to connect with strangers on the internet so I can feel supported. I enjoy focusing on myself BY MYSELF. Personal goals are just that… personal. Not everything needs to be social so this circle business is another annoying and forced-on-me feature. I won’t be renewing my subscription and I regret subscribing to begin with.
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4 years ago, champagne mami 💖
The Jump Start I NEEDED
I used to live my ~dream~ life and I had my set of habits that worked. I was always in a great space and nothing could have brought me down. Then I moved away for college. The freshman 15 happened and I just went up from there, I started sleeping later and waking up later, and I lost focus of the habits that made me happy. Since then I’ve been trying to get the motivation or the will to do the things I love and I always feel the need to start it all at once which is difficult and unrealistic. Bit this app has made that more of a reality. I might get a later start to my day since I’m still just trying but the practices and talks on this app, the realization that motivation isn’t real you just have to do, and the checklist all give me the push necessary to bettering me and my daily life. Honestly, can’t really find the words to describe it but try the free trial and see if it works for you. Personally, I used it once and didn’t really understand it, forgot to cancel my trial and here we are. Best accident to happen yet. But you have to want it and be willing to really make some changes or it’s not going to work. Fabulous is just a tool, it’s up to you whether or not you use it.
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4 years ago, Kae Sera
A path to a better me
This is actually my second time attempting my "journey". I started once last year, but due to a lot of mental and environmental issues, I had to delete the app just to relieve some of my stress. Recently, though, I've wanted to improve myself and my life, and have been working on my own to pick up a few new projects to focus on (learning a new language, learning an instrument, etc.). I remembered how great Fabulous was at helping me keep up a solid routine, and so decided to download it again. Now that I'm past the "drink water" challenge once again, I'm really happy to spend a little on a subscription so I can fill up my "rituals" with all the things I wanna do! The only reason I can't give it five stars is because I feel there are many places it could improve, such as the ability to add custom "habits", and the option to skip the "drink water" and "eat breakfast" challenges if you've already been doing that for however long (like me, hehe). I also find it a little bit of an oxymoron that the app continuously tells you to get away from tech, yet says to make sure you use it as often as you possibly can, as well as follow all of their social, but I suppose that's just a part of running an app, haha.
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4 years ago, Fralcon
App quality has gone down
I’ve been a member for over a year. Over the past 6 months the app has repeatedly frozen up, routines open without the habits loading with them, the habits being checked off on the watch but not reflecting in the mobile app, and the app completely crashing. I really like the content but the app is starting to heavily detract from the experience. At some point the pain of switching is less than the pain of staying. I’m a Dev so I get that this kind of app isn’t easy to build, but the foundations have to be solid. You guys desperately need a feature freeze so the entire dev and design team can focus on fixing what is already there. Cleaning up the design, removing buttons that don’t need to be there, removing concepts that make no sense etc. (I have yet to understand the differences between sphere, premium, journeys and challenges). Simple things are painful, like how do I leave/end a challenge, how to I delete a routine? You mean we need to start another challenge just to end the current one? Why am I even given the option to join a challenge when the first journey isn’t done? For all the talk about fabulous being like an instrument, and the need to learn new words to use it, fabulous is pretty bad at teaching those new concepts. Throwing up another letter isn’t a solution. UI elements need to be removed, concepts need to be simplified.
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4 years ago, upsetwoman9
Terrible company and customer service.
This company is in the business of stealing people’s money. Not only is their app ridiculously expensive, they don’t offer refunds for accidental auto renewal, or if you did not like the app. EVERY other company I have ever had experience with will offer refunds if you are not happy with their service, if it did not meet your expectations, and especially if you were accidentally paying for an app for an entire year beyond when you ever even opened the app. It is clear to me that they cannot afford to be in this business if they are going to rob their customers of their money when they aren’t happy with the service. Again, I have experience with many many apps and services and everytime I have asked for a refund I get it, no. questions. asked. The fact that this company has the audacity to tell me they are keeping my money when I don’t even have the app still downloaded on my phone is mind blowing to me. Get out of this business, you aren’t helping people, you are robbing me. My auto renewal was on Dec 30th and I emailed them days later. they are keeping my money for the entire 2020 year. I could understand if they maybe kept one month but refunded me the rest but to keep this ENTIRE year of my money when I’ve been very clear with them I am not using this app is just ridiculous. Do not support this company, they clearly do not care about their customers whatsoever.
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2 years ago, JennBrimer
This isn’t for night shift workers
Overall I think this app is really interesting and interactive. I love the graphics, the colors, the calming music when you click on certain things, and I love how doing such a simple task like drinking water makes you feel like you’ve accomplished something. Having said that, I work 12 hr night shift, and I’ve tried to set” my morning” activities to start around 5pm when I’m getting up for work, and I’ve actually become more overwhelmed by how many tasks I’m NOT able to get done. On top of that, you have the constant reminders to do things and because my schedule is very different than than the average person, it kinda makes you feel like you’re still failing. Even if I don’t wake up and drink water to start. So going forward, I wish app developers would understand that a lot of people work night shifts, and design an app that can accommodate our hours. A lot of my friends are nurses on night shift so I know it’s not just me! I wanted this app to work for me, but because of my opposite schedule it did not. (If you wanted me to help design an app for night shift people, email me!) A lot of us get anxiety and overwhelmed very easily (especially after covid, we are burnt out!) That was my reason for getting this app!
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1 year ago, mayaec1027
Confusing, Very Poor UI
I’ve been trying to use this app for a few weeks now with the premium trial, and while I like some of the aspects of the challenges and coaching, the user experience is really lacking. I cannot figure out how to properly track what I am actually working on, whether it’s a “journey” or a “challenge” or just the daily tasks. The home page is way too busy. The “journeys” are not well explained which makes it hard to see the impact. Interactions also change dramatically based on what you are doing and I’ve marked off goals as completed without understanding what the goal has actually asked me to do. It’s to the point of the app being so difficult to navigate that I have accidentally deselected the “journey” I’d started on and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get back to it, despite the app making it seem very easy to pick up on things where you left off. I may be missing something as I am not the most savvy with different UI’s, however I really feel if the point of your app is to help people creating lasting behavior change, it should be very streamlined and not just one more over-complicated “tool.” I’m not going to give up on it entirely yet, but I’ve definitely been more frustrated with this experience than I would have liked to be.
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