FaceTouchUp Nose Job Simulator

Health & Fitness
3.9 (622)
36.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Pixineers Inc.
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for FaceTouchUp Nose Job Simulator

3.89 out of 5
622 Ratings
5 years ago, sdobse89
A nice option
I think the interface can use some work- for instance, you should be able to come back to saved photos without having to buy new credits once they are on there, and see more than one at once. The tools to “change” your photo have a learning curve and I wish they were easier to use but overall it is a great start and I could find nothing else like it. The consultation part of it, if it is as helpful as it sounds, is an amazingly convenient opportunity I couldn’t find anywhere else, short of researching and emailing doctors myself...which you should still do, but this is a great starting point for anyone even slightly interested in face surgery. Thanks.
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4 years ago, preciousavocado
I likeeee it, quick and easy
Surprisingly easy to use, the only thing I could suggest is the ability to zoom in on the picture you take before adjust your nose to the desired look/shape you want :) Another thing which isn’t related to the app (goes to future users of the app) is that just cause you can modify your nose to the desired look you want doesn’t mean a surgeon can give you that look specifically (based on surrounding facial features and your face’ aesthetic overall)
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5 years ago, MissSneakTW
Not free. Liked the app, but now they charge to use it.
I started using this app a year ago to see what surgery might look like..and planned to continue using it every once in a while and they never charged to use it. They recently started charging money. I would be ok with them charging, but the amount they now charge is ridiculous, here’s why: for anyone seriously considering getting surgery, you want to get an accurate view of what you might look like after surgery. You want to play around with several pictures of yourself, see different angles, views etc....to do that, it’s going to be more than a couple bucks. Not worth it. I’ll find a different app/software to use.
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3 years ago, Zaefabela
Cool feature to see a change!
I like that it allows you to create the nose that you want in a very quick and easy manner! While it’s hard to tell if the changes some people make are realistic expectation, it does leave a great deal of promise to the potential customer! My nose has a small hump and a down-curved tip, which is what I really am hoping to get fixed, and this showed me a glimpse of hope for my future ❤️
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6 years ago, NYCJames
Nothing more than a wrapper around an app that is free elsewhere
The actual app itself is easy to use and does a decent job of giving you a rough idea of what you look like. But then it wants to charge you for using it more than 5 times. Fair enough, if it wasn't for the fact that plastic surgeons often have their own apps, and the EXACT SAME reshaping simulator is used, without restrictions or purchases. I used my 5 photos and instantly wondered if there was another app which did the same thing for free, so I downloaded the app of a plastic surgeon. It had the exact same app in it which I was able to continue using without purchase. So save your money.
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4 years ago, MrFunbagLover
FaceTouchUp review
Was somewhat helpful in giving me an idea of what results a rhinoplasty would/could achieve. I feel like an actual plastic surgeon would be able to achieve better results even in a preop picture simply because that doctor would have the experience needed in order to determine what adjustments would be needed in order to maximize the results of the surgery.
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3 years ago, Shug101Deb
Good app, I recommend it!
Makes it really easy to get a consultation on your area, you’re also able to see what you would look like before and after editing really easily when using this app. I think whoever had the idea to make this app was really smart as it has become really useful for me!
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5 years ago, soulefire93
Writing a review
This app was actually pretty cool. It works well once you get the hang of it. It came with a few free photo credits and honestly it wasn’t enough I had to buy some more to get the perfect picture. But now that I have the picture I asked for a review and received a speedy reply. Now I’m on my way to a consultation and couldn’t be more excited. 🙏😮🖤
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5 years ago, M.Mo770
Great for testing new features
This app is exactly what I have been looking for. It’s easy to use/edit, and showed me side by side before and after pictures that were especially helpful. Only bad thing is the credit situation and the fact that you can’t return to old photos once done with them.
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5 years ago, Rlaubs
Prompt service
I was very excited to try this app for the prospect of getting professional advice along with it. I played around with the editor for hours and while I got decent results, nothing would really compare to a pro. I sent in a submission request and got a response back within a few hours!
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4 years ago, cboogie778
User friendly
I love that the app gave options for you to select surgeons. It was very easy to use and I cant wait to see the after photos. I’ve contemplated getting surgery for years and I believe my nose is affecting my dating life. I’m 40 and still single. Looking forward
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5 years ago, Tberry20
Pretty great!
Very easy to use. Only issue was that you’d only have 5 photos to play with. After 5 you’ll need to purchase more photo credits. Even when I didn’t save my photo I adjusted I still lost a credit. Other than that it was really cool to see the results!
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3 years ago, Alia Collazo
Great app!!
It really shows you how you can look like yourself still while also adding some touch ups!! Great app would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get their nose done.
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5 years ago, AgKz123
I have always hated my nose, and been curious what a nose job would do. Finally I have a way to play around a try different ways to create new looks. I’m happy with this app - it’s easy to use and finally I know what works and doesn’t work with my face!
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4 years ago, Horseseastar
I’ve been wanting to get a rhinoplasty forever. However, it’s hard to contact doctors one on one and through the internet. This app makes the transaction less of a hassle, and you get faster responses.
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3 years ago, bazix5
Scam app
This app takes away your credits even when you don’t save a photo to your album. You can only undo the last 3 actions so if you discard the changes to pick another photo or start over it still takes away a photo credit - then you have to buy more and more credits - and you don’t even have a saved photo to show for the $ spent! This is infuriating. Waste of money.
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5 years ago, Th3090
Why not?
It was interesting to play with and I like the function that allows you to email a specialist. I didn’t like how it inadvertently morphed your other facial features too instead of just affecting area you want to pinpoint. A decent app. I may change my rating/review after I get a response to the picture I sent in or use it more.
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7 years ago, Chelsea.Christine
Very realistic and easy to use.
It took me two seconds to see what kind of work I would like done on my nose and it was very easy to use. It doesn't look fake or drastic and I like that you can choose exactly what you want to do. Great app!
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3 years ago, ocailin
seems legit
I haven’t gotten my consultation or reshape options done yet but I’m interested to see if I can get some advice! I submitted a side profile with flash (do not use front facing camera) and gave a detailed description of what I would like to have done. We’ll see how it goes!
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6 years ago, Hgguhij
Consultation and Revoew
Maybe I am not navigating correctly but at first the app was confusing when I tried to “edit” my own photo to what I would want my face to look like but I am glad the email for consultations seem quick and seem realistic.
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5 years ago, HisPeculiarChild
I love this app!
I’ve been contemplating rhinoplasty for a while. If my results come close to my before & after photos with little recovery time, i would be elated!! Ready for a change. New season. New me.
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7 years ago, The Knows
Easy to use, could give more information
The app is easy to use, one you figure out the intuitive process for face shaping. It would be helpful, if information on what the buttons do was more readily available.
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7 years ago, Off the air
Easy to Use
I thought it was easy to use and gave me clear idea of how I'd look with my desired changes. The only thing I didn't like was having to review before being able to have my pic sent out for consultations.
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6 years ago, lilshafpy
Getting a reply back was fast and I will only be waiting for the rest to come .. also the touch up app lets u create the ew nose you want and have a before and after result of the pictures.
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5 years ago, rosajavak
Great help !
Didn’t know there was such a thing until one of my friends send me her before and after and recommend the app. Can’t wait to see my results
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5 years ago, Loveall0526
face touch up app
I love the fact that they actually get in touch with you with cost estimates- as that has been the #1 factor i’ve been most curious about. highly recommend!
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5 years ago, vee2003
Quick Response!
Very cool app works great to play around it’s the nose shape and see which shape you like best 10/10 recommend if you are considering a rhinoplasty! I texted last night and woke up to a respons very pleased ☺️
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7 years ago, GG23456789
Quick & Easy
Extremely quick and easy to use. Would certainly recommend to anyone considering rhinoplasty!
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4 years ago, Photo frenzy 1
Not intuitive-just stretched my face
I read the pop up screens but they didn’t help much. All I could figure out was how elongate or twist my face, not even close to what I had hoped to see with some changes to my nose. I have read this worked for some people, so I’m surprised I couldn’t figure it out. All I can say is it’s not intuitive at all and I found the directions to be very little help.
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7 years ago, JenestofJen
I found the nose that I want
This actually helped me visualize the kind of nose that I want, whereas before I was just concerned with getting rid of my bump. Now the nose that I've created looks even better than what I could've imagined.
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3 years ago, jdjdbxbx83848
Very helpful
I think it’s helpful to get a cost estimate and recommendations for surgeons in the area. Also great to use if you’re on the fence about a rhinoplasty.
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5 years ago, hoferjl
I’ve sent my photo in for a consult and I’m excited to see what the suggestions are. Not only will they evaluate my photo but send me a list of specialists in my area! How great is that?!
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3 years ago, gyyhbjk
So far so good
Got a reply back really fast, seems legit and everyone respectful. App is fast no glitches or errors. Loving it so far
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5 years ago, dania__177
Great plastic surgery app
Seems very accurate and realistic, definitely can see my face looking the way the after photos do!
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6 years ago, Christiana1993
It’s Great!
This app is super easy to use. The tools they have to help you edit your photos and show you a Before and after are great & effective!
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6 years ago, o0Rachel0o
Easy to use
This app is very user friendly and incredibly helpful to see the changes you’d like to have.
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4 years ago, Hogvg
Really good
I got a picture of what I would look like after my nose job man. It’s good stuff here. Plus they provide you with info to help you.
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4 years ago, Betty belew
Theyre great
Such a great app I’m really happy about how they let u know about the price for ur specific surgery and they don’t even take long to let you know
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5 years ago, whinnie82
Pretty cool!
I’ve always wanted to see what I would look like with a smaller nose. It’s easy to use and you can get recommendations for a surgeon near you!
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5 years ago, ElizabethYoung 127
Elizabeth Young
This app has helped me edit my nose to way I want. Not only that, but I get results from a consultation about estimates and what could happen for a nose surgery.
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5 years ago, racist generator
Excited to see the results!
I’ve not seen the results of the nose job simulator yet but the app got back to me quickly
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5 years ago, Talalsj
Great app
It has everything that someone looking for more information on rhinoplasty needs
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3 years ago, Patrif777
Nose job
The app seems to be very detailed and I think I will be able to receive help from the surgeons.
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7 years ago, Prashant.Ghimire
Great app
The app is really simple to use. I like before and after feature of it. Recommend you guys to try it.
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5 years ago, kbsby777
Very good
I liked how easy it was too use, very simple with the reshape button that gave me accurate results with what I wanted. Love that it's free !
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5 years ago, jalessia Pi
Great app to give you a preview of what you’re interested in having done! You won’t be disappointed
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4 years ago, lialmd
do NOT request consultations
they will send you an email asking to review the app before sending your pictures to doctors for consultations. that doesn’t make sense because how are you going to rate it if you didn’t use it? Oh and they never did it, never replied back after i told them the same opinion. Worst app.
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4 years ago, priyaceen
Rhinoplasty Help Given
They actually do give you estimated costs and surgeons in your area. Would recommend.
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7 years ago, shaybutter22
User friendly
The app. Is easy to use and gives you a good idea of post results. The only con would be that you have to rate the app. before a consultation.
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3 years ago, MaramWH
Great idea
I’m in love with this app so i can see a predictable pic pf my nose after a nose job and having a consultation also!
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