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User Reviews for Find Me Gluten Free

4.85 out of 5
14K Ratings
5 years ago, goldendoodledogs🥰
Amazing and easy to use
I love this app so, so much! As a teen with Celiacs, planning trips with friends and where to eat on vacations can be extremely difficult. Not to mention my family moved to a whole other state and we were unaware of the options around us, and all of our other family lives back where we moved from so car trips are made often. We would be somewhere during dinner time, and they would always ask me what i wanted to eat, and i would always say “I don’t know. What is there?” And then the frustrating, 15 minute process of finding a fast food restaurant nearby that everyone wanted to eat and that had gluten free options, began. Everyone would be tense and we would normally have to stop at different places. Then i heard and found out about this app and everything changed. I tell my parents places nearby that me, my little brother, and my parents would all agree on and for the most part, everyone is happy. So this app made those long car rides easy and not as much frustration and not as much time was wasted on finding somewhere to eat! Love it, thank you so much!
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5 years ago, jfhinoh
Helpful app so far
I have been gluten free for about 2 years for health reasons. This has made traveling and dining out a challenge. More planning and less spontaneity, especially when going out with others. My husband and I had a trip planned for out of state so I started researching gluten free restaurants near our destination. “Find Me Gluten Free” reviews kept popping up so I decided to download the app. I was able to easily find 5-6 restaurants walkable from our hotel with gluten free options. We visited 3 of them this trip and I was not disappointed with any of them. I left reviews for all of them with the hopes of making things easier for the next traveler in my situation. In the past I’ve had to walk out of restaurants due to lack of knowledge of the staff. It’s always embarrassing and inconvenient. This app has saved me from this and made my trip much more relaxing! I will be using it on a regular basis for myself and for others.
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2 months ago, travelintracy
Find Me Gluten Free is a gem!
This app (with LOTS of input by users) is wonderful. When traveling, it makes eating out super easy. And with the reviews and safety ratings it makes feeling pretty confident about your food a freeing experience. I have found gems of local places in many places. Without this app, I wouldn’t have found a great deep fried chickens breast sandwich with onion rings in Orlando. I wouldn’t have found a great bakery or two that ship - on both coasts. And REAL bagels from New York - shipped right to my door. By far the searching and locating options of restaurants, pubs, wineries local to you or somewhere you’ve never been before, is easier in some ways than it is for my gluten eating family member! Now they just use this app and go with it! Now it’s once again fun to be eating out with family
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6 years ago, jukeboxglitter
Like Yelp but for people with allergies!
I love this app! I'm so glad I decided to download it however long ago it was. I've had it for so long now. In a small town I didn't find a huge need for it but there were still some restaurants listed on here. Now that I'm living in Salt Lake City, as well as traveling or being on the go.. I am so fortunate for this app! If they don't have a restaurant or place listed, you can add it! I use it so much to get people's perspectives that have allergies because sometimes places may "say" they don't cross contaminate but then your sick the next day or something. I like the fact that through this app it helps eliminate more people getting sick than need to, or "glutened" by simply being able to gain perspective of people with the same health concerns who have opinions from their own experiences.
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2 years ago, KWK0808
If I could put 0 stars, I would. Yelp is 100% free to use. No one needs to pay for any filters, and it’s such an easy app. So please, for the love of all that is holy, tell me why the “most celiac friendly” feature costs $20 a year? That is exactly $20 a year more than I should be paying. And, it’s the only feature behind a paywall in this app. I already have to pay an arm and a leg for gluten-free celiac friendly food, and I can barely go out to eat anyway. This is the scummiest thing I have ever seen anyone do. Offering a service to people with a disease to use, mirroring the functionalities of a 100% FREE TO USE service for anybody, and charging $20 a year, just to search for restaurants they can eat at? Deplorable. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Same thing as spending $20 on a 1kg bag of “gluten-free” flour. Your production and labor costs don’t go up when a user searches for “celiac-friendly” restaurants, so keep it the SAME PRICE. Terrifying that people can act like this. God bless America I guess.
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2 years ago, JAAAWWW
Not as Helpful for Celiacs
2.5 stars This app has a lot of people who are doing gluten free as a lifestyle choice, and rate restaurants solely based on how the food tastes. I’ve also seen a lot of restaurants that were flagged as 100% gluten free establishments, only to find out this was not true. I am an extremely sensitive celiac and this app has a lot of garbage you have to dig through to find a truly safe restaurant. It would be more useful if there was some sort of verification process before the restaurant was labeled a dedicated GF facility, and a way to easily notify the app manager of discrepancies. I have had issues when traveling as I plan my entire trip around where I can eat. I find I always have to call to verify if the place actually has any clue about gluten cross contamination. Eating out in the US is just extremely difficult as a celiac and this app isn’t as helpful as it could be.
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5 years ago, Aloha Ric
Celiac friendly
If you are celiac and you let them know they will go out of their way and tell you what’s possible and what’s not. They have a guaranteed gluten free fryer at all times. And they have been my saving grace as of recently diagnosed celiac person. Just tell them your needs and they will work with you and it doesn’t take that much, no long waits great food, and even dairy free frozen treats. They have a separate area for food prep, and even a separate grill. One of the few on LBI. Love this, and everything else that I can’t eat anymore that I’ve eaten already I know is freaking delicious. That’s the hardest part with the woo hoo, all-year-old favorites♥️♥️♥️ but they still kill it for me and one of the very very few places I can eat out. Thank you Woo Hoo❤️🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼
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4 years ago, TeaZlLLA
Saves you Time, Money, And Helps Keep you from Belly Aching!!!
“Find Me Gluten Free” has coupons too! It is a Great App for those who have to follow a Gluten-Free Lifestyle. Saves you Time, Money, And Helps Keep you from Belly Aching!!! The app has many reviews by others who also have to follow a Gluten-Free Lifestyle. When you first log in, you find many local places, you might not have tried. When you travel, it helps you find places to eat. Many reviews have Helpful Tips for how to order as well. Helpful “Dining Card” feature, helps the chef & servers better help you! It has a new feature so you scan the barcodes of your FAVORITE Gluten-Free Foods and makes notes as to where you buy them! It also has an Amazing Bookmark Feature! Many Features Come FREE with the App; but it has Invaluable Extra Features included with In one In App Purchase, {for when you need to find, “Safe Eats NOW!!!!!”} Skip the Hangrys, Down Load The and Find Me Gluten Free, NOW!!!! #findmeglutenfree #FindMeGlutenFreeApp #FindMeGF #NourishedFestival #Celiac #GlutenFree #FindGlutenFreeFoods #CeliacDisease #LivingWellWithCeliacDisease #GlutenFreeTravel #GlutenFreeLifestyle
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5 years ago, Blibbering_Humdinger
This app is actually a gift from god.
I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate and adore this app. I have celiac disease and I am often traveling, which as many of you know, can be a huge hassle. This app provides me with options everywhere I go and because we can review each restaurant, I can tell how careful they are about being gluten free. It also has hour and cost ranges so I can tell what I’m getting myself into before I go. This is the ultimate app for people with celiac or those who have to follow a glisten free lifestyle. I have the free version of the app, but I’m tempted to upgrade purely to support the creators because there is almost nothing lacking from the version I have. Download it.
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4 years ago, Tealie66
I previously wrote a review stating the app was untrustworthy. I meant to put that review under the gluten free scanners, not this app, but for some reason, it didn’t update when I corrected it. This app is actually pretty incredible. The only two things I would do to improve it would be to have the map of searched restaurants on the top of the search results so you can see what’s closest. The other thing would be to have more users. Seriously, everyone GF should use this app, add pics, add reviews, etc. Also, I appreciate the developers response to my previous review. Trying to figure out how to remove it since it was attached to this app in error
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4 years ago, MaplewoodLSA
App Is Great Except For One Thing
I love this app except for one thing. When I tried to sign up for premium, there was no place to input payment info. It told me my payment didn't go through. I have no idea what they were attempting to charge it to! I've searched throughout the app, but there is no place to look at your payment info, there is no FAQs section, and no help section. I hope this gets fixed soon, because I would really like to have premium. I have celiac disease. Without premium, I have to go through the list and call every place I want to eat to find out what their GF policy is. And then I still have to go through the long explanation with staff once I get there. So, the app is helpful but still needs work.
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4 years ago, LisaHuszar
Like app, but not user friendly or I don’t know how to use it!
I use this app every time I go out of town, but I find it totally frustrating, that if you bookmark a restaurant for later, or in my case 10 restaurants & go back later to select one for a meal, then it doesn’t show which restaurants you marked earlier. You actually have to select the restaurant again & click on it, to see that you bookmarked it at all. If you are like me & have looked at many many different ones & read all the reviews, it is hard to remember which ones you wanted to go back to try & which ones you didn’t want to try. I guess in the future I will just have to write them all down so I don’t have to do it all again when ready to choose a restaurant.
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5 years ago, KelseyWaara
Essential for any celiac!!!
This app is been ESSENTIAL since I got diagnosed with celiac 6 years ago. It would be impossible to determine whether restaurants that claim to be "gluten-free" are actually gluten-free without this app. Basically users can leave reviews for restaurants that have gluten-free options, and there is an option to mark whether it was celiac friendly or not. So you feel pretty confident when you see a restaurant has a rating of "100% of 16 said this was celiac friendly" is safe for you to eat at, and you can tell that a place that says "30% of 10 said this was celiac friendly" probably isn't going to be safe for you to eat at.
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5 years ago, SlapperFish
Favorite App
I tell everyone about this app including people that don’t eat gluten free. We have used it so many times and found the best restaurants this way. When we are out of town it works so great to find GF restaurants we would never know about. We have found some amazing restaurants using this app!! We have even traveled back just to go to that restaurant again. So many of them are in places we would have never found just traveling through. This is probably my favorite and most used app on my phone ! I wish people were better about adding restaurants because I know there are more ! Get busy people !!!
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4 years ago, SDCeliac
Lifesaver app for celiacs!
Long overdue review for Find Me Gluten Free. I love this app and have used it extensively both at home while traveling for 2+ years now. We have used it in France, Belgium, England, & Scotland with great success. I’ve never been sick while eating out at a tried and true celiac approved destination. Of course, you do need to discern celiac reviewers from ncgs and the varying levels of sensitivities to find what is safe for you but that probably goes without saying. I’ve had no issues or bugs. I do wish the link to maps was better but couldn’t be happier with the experience otherwise. Thank you SO much to the creators!!! -One happy celiac
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4 years ago, Millie1811
Easy to use for finding GF
The FMGF app is extremely easy to use. I very much like how it lists restaurants close to where I am currently or can be used to plan for future travel. The main problem I have is not with the app but that in addition to gluten, I have multiple food allergies. I am allergic to shellfish and intolerant to dairy, soy, beef, chicken, turkey, and pork. So although a restaurant may have a gluten free menu, there is a high probability the restaurant uses soy bean oil in a surprisingly large number of items on their menu. So in the end, FMGF is great for giving me restaurants that offer gf, but chances are I can’t eat there anyway. FMGF is a great app just the same.
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6 years ago, julieannkk
This app is a blessing.
My daughter and I both have Celiac Disease. This app helps us make healthy choices. I trust the is often more strict than reading the package...I love that. Everyone with Celiac needs to follow a strict gluten free diet. Cheating or allowing for mistakes is not an option, as Celiac can lead to serious health problems. Not only does this app keep us healthy, but is also such a time saver and stress reducer to have this valuable information available by simply scanning a barcode. What a blessing! Thank you so much! I tell everyone I know with Celiac Disease about this app, and they are all thrilled to purchase and have it. Thank you, again!
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2 years ago, dani pants 89
Best GF Thai food in West Jordan!
I eat here all the time! I have celiac‘s, Husband doesn’t, great for Togo and also an a clean dining room. The owner is very nice and friendly and understands what gluten-free is and how to make it if you have any problems with gluten. They also have pho noodle soup, as well as pad Thai, prices are great! It’s worth calling to order before pickup normally about 15min wait, for Togo, eating inside is nice and A/C cold in the hot summers and warm in the winters. Will keep eating there never got sick! I feel better about going there and paying a local restaurant,Then risking getting sick and paying more money at noodles and Company.
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4 years ago, potterrocklmfao
Helps me stay safe
I rarely review apps, but this app is very helpful, so I thought I’d give it a little review. I get physically sick every time I eat wheat. Food that is even touched by wheat can make me really sick, so I have a lot of anxiety about eating outside of my house. However, this app has helped my anxiety a lot and it’s helped me stay safe whenever I eat out of the house. The app gives you an overall star rating of the restaurants, shows you what type of food a restaurant serve, and it allows you to read other people’s reviews of the restaurant. I highly recommend using this app if you are allergic to wheat.
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3 months ago, Ms. Gluten Free
Better than Google for GF finds!
This app does not have every restaurant, but it’s a great place to start and read reviews from people which gluten allergies who have actually been to the restaurants. It’s especially great when you are traveling and you don’t know the city well, or are on a road trip and just need to find something in a random location at that moment. I do wish it had a rating question for how well restaurants dealt with other allergies. However that’s not the purpose of the app, so I will not dock them for that.
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4 years ago, mmilch
As someone with Celiac, this app genuinely improves my quality of life
Celiac is a lonesome existence sometimes. It would’ve been hard to realize a few years ago that it was even possible to take for granted the ability to order off a restaurant menu like a normal human being. But that was a huge loss when it was taken away. Whoever created this app has been there, and I appreciate it. I’m not sure how it would even be able to travel before this app existed. I’m grateful for Find Me Gluten Free and the people who made it. (And for what it’s worth, the annual subscription is worth every penny.)
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3 years ago, Doreen Kent
Great Help for on the road
We live in Texas and travel to Fl a couple times a year. In the past I would have to just find a restaurant online that we were hungry for and then start calling to see if they had gluten free entrees. Most of the time we were lucky if they knew what GF meant , but it became a great pain just trying to find a place for me to eat with my family on trips and became a real source of hand wringing. But now that I have begun to use FMGF app, life is so much easier for all of us! I have even found GF places in small towns in Texas. And that says a lot❤️
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2 years ago, hkiersey
I like the theory of this app but it is not accurate
I was very relieved to find this app but in practicality it is not accurate. I’m not sure what happens but today I went to a restaurant that was Marked to have gluten-free options and there was not a single thing. The waitress assured me that they had never had a gluten-free menu to her knowledge and nothing was safe. A few people in the past marked this place as safe. That’s A big disappointment in the app. It’s based on users and users either lie or are not celiac so they don’t care that celiac people rely on this app.
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7 months ago, Morganandchris
The best app for celiacs!
We use this sooo to help us find safe places to eat with our daughter (celiac disease, severe lactose intolerant, insulin resistant). Businesses can post and advertise about gf all they want, most of them are not celiac safe. This app makes it easier to travel because you get reviews from real people with celiacs, not just people on a fad diet…(whom I thank for making gf more mainstream). Thanks You to the developers, this is one app that actually makes a difference in people’s lives and helps improve the quality of social live!!
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2 years ago, G-A-R-Y-O-N-E!
Location Filter doesn’t work
I added the location filter to search for gluten free restaurants up to 25 miles from my location while searching by distance but even then the app will only display results up to 4 miles. And it doesn’t matter if I select All or Closest. The limit remains 4 miles. To find out other restaurants within the 25 miles I would have to change my location multiple times to account for the 4 mile limit. Which makes the app very frustrating to use since I’m familiar with the restaurants closest to me and want to find restaurants further away to try. If the developer fixes this I will adjust my rating and review to reflect the change. Thanks.
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12 months ago, VioletLilacLavender
So Helpful!
I have celiac disease and have been using this for years! So helpful both in my home area and when traveling. I sprung for the Premium version because of how much I use and depend on it and also wanting to support its development. I love how much information they’re building in for people to leave in their reviews, including safety info, variety, good for dairy free, if is dedicated GF, dedicated fryer, etc. Highly recommend! And encourage folks to add reviews so we can build an even better resource for us all!
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4 years ago, SueAnne22
Sounds great, but no substance
I had really hoped that this app would help me when traveling. I’ve tried it a few times over the past few years, in various cities. Unfortunately, it just lists restaurants, mostly near your requested location, but not based on being gluten free or having gluten free options. I’m guessing this app just charges restaurants to be listed/advertised on the app. Maybe the upgraded version actually gives useful information, but I’ve had such horrible results with the basic app, I’m not paying to find out. This app is absolutely false advertising and a waste of time. Sad. It’s a great idea, and it could really be life changing for those of us with Celiac disease, if it were properly executed. I’ve had much better results with Yelp and Trip Advisor.
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6 years ago, piecie'smom
A super helpful tool
This app has been my lifesaver to help me find places to eat with my daughter, who has Celiac. Especially if we are traveling and unfamiliar with what is around us it is wonderful how many people take the time to post a review. Gluten Free means different things to different people so it is extremely important to have reviews from others who have celiac and can let me know if they felt the restaurant understands cross contact concerns and whether the place has real options other than salad (kids with celiac don’t always want a salad).
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2 years ago, Erika and Victor
Celiac Review
Could not have enjoyed my vacation with this app!! Worth more than the $20 for premium just support such a life changing app. Newly diagnosed with celiac and recovering from a month long flare up, removed the excitement of my first vacation with my husband in 15 yrs without our 7 children. I stumbled upon FMGF website and was able to have courage to eat out at places because of the reviews and I have not been “glutened”. Love it so much we went premium and will continue to support this app! Great work!!
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5 months ago, GF Celiac Foodie
Used to be so helpful - Now it is nearing useless
We have been GF for almost a decade. This App was amazing when it first came out. People would report in on the menus, what happened if they had reactions, and how sensitive they were (Celiacs or not.). Since spinning up the paid version, the information has deteriorated immensely. Any company can list their restaurant/chain and review themselves, and SO many of them have no business being listed here. One 5 star rating is just as helpful as no ratings. Getting real information on a Celiacs safe place requires a paid subscription, so if you actually NEED this app, you pay more, just like overpriced GF food. Smh.
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4 years ago, Magicsneakers
Finally a real gluten free restaurant in Halifax
We ate here after reading reviews and being turned down from being served in a few restaurants when i mentioned I had severe wheat allergy. We walked over a mile up hill to get here and it was worth it! I got to eat a burger and sweet potato fries with GF bun and I didn’t get sick like I did the 1st night Halifax at a local pub that said they did gluten free. Best meal I had and that was sad for such a big area and it was “only” a burger place! Definitely recommend if you have issues with cross contamination, I do and had no issues!
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4 years ago, Moxsox
Indispensable App for Celiacs
Having had to be gluten free for 20+ years, I have had many challenges in finding gluten free food, especially in a new place. I have found this app to be an important and indispensable. The “celiac-safe” information is the most essential part in this time of “gluten-free” often meaning “gluten-light”. I care much more whether the food will make me sick than whether it is tasty. However, it is great to see the options that now exist. This app is essential if you have celiac disease. Use it and add to its database. You are helping us all.
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1 year ago, betsteub
Lifesaver while traveling
My husband and I traveled 4000 miles in the south and along the East Coast. I was always able to find somewhere safe to eat using Find Me Gluten Free. We are both gluten-free and cow dairy free. I used it every day of our trip. The reviews really help because a lot of people talk about establishments that are good with other allergies besides just gluten. Not only did we find good eating, we met lovely people and lots of small business owners who were rightfully proud of the food they had to offer.
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4 years ago, Fun11dog
Cannot recommend more
My family travels within the US quite a bit and has relied on this app for years to find celiac friendly restaurants. We have found places we never would have found otherwise & have always been pleased with the outcome. After eating in dozens of restaurants all over this country, we have never had a reaction eating in a restaurant we found using this app. My whole family agrees that our lives are better having used this app when we travel.
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2 years ago, the kyds are not allwrivbt
Celiacs rejoice!
This app has been a game changer. I bought the paid version within a week. My girlfriend is celiac and I have a host of life threatening food allergies as well. We travel often and have found ourselves scouring google for “gluten free” restaurants, which has often turned out to be completely unreliable. With this app we’ve found some truly amazing restaurants that we wouldn’t have known about otherwise, both in the US and in Europe. Highly recommend!
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5 years ago, gsusgrl40
Not GF Registry, but just as Good!
I paid the small member fee to have the GF Registry app, and was disappointed when they closed. However to my surprise, I located Find me GF and it has been my lifesaver. I love that I can leave immediate reviews (as it helps me to remember where I have eaten when I visit that location), and I can read the reviews of others just like me. I have seen the recent fee for certain options on the app and wish it wasn’t so steep though....I would consider it otherwise. Other than that, it is a great app to have and it is there for me regardless where I am traveling in the US.
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2 years ago, We love pizza.
Find Me Gluten-free is a game changer
I love this app. It helps so much when we’re traveling and don’t have a clue where to go for meals. Without it, I’d have to be on the phone with every restaurant to ask about their menu. We’ve found some great restaurants in out of the way places that we would never have stumbled on. Even when we’ve been with friends who live locally, we’ve found great restaurants that they had never tried and were glad to find a hidden gem.
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3 years ago, MrData2
Perfect for newly diagnosed Celiac
My wife recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease. This app, Find Me GF, has been a tremendous help in navigating the new food choices. I am on Low Carb Diabetic food plan and this app greatly lessens our research time. We first identify the GF food or restaurant and then analyze the Carbs count per item. Thanks to this app we are getting faster at arriving at a menu we can both enjoy. Each day adds to our knowledge base, along with experiences of other Celiacs. We are grateful for this brilliant app and the support community.
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3 months ago, Nicole Jacobsma
Use this app all the time!
There’s nothing worse than being in any given place and trying to find something to eat and having to worry about what I can eat. I just open this app and see a map of the area I’m in with all my options. Most restaurants are reviewed and reviews tend to focus on cross contamination which is great for those who have celiac. I use this app pretty much every time I’m in a different town and my husband and I are hungry.
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4 years ago, andisnow
Like Yelp for people with Celiac disease
When traveling we always consult Find Me Gluten-Free first when searching for safe restaurants. In metropolitan areas we have found some really excellent places. You do have to read the reviews though and not simply rely on the star ratings. I’ve found that most of the restaurants have very limited numbers of ratings and many times they are not current. Perhaps the developers need to offer some kind of incentive to encourage users to write reviews. If you are using this app, it’s your responsibility to contribute by writing reviews!
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4 years ago, whaleyyyy
Love love love
I really love this app. I normally don’t do reviews but for this app I have been posting reviews. I have had such a hard time eating out because I am celiac that for a while I stopped eating out all together. This app has made it super easy for me to find safe, good restaurants that I can eat at. Because of this app, I now eat out. After finding places on here I am no longer hesitant and anxious when I am at a restaurant chosen through this app. I recommend to anyone who is gluten free it has really helped me.
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1 year ago, Chella831926
Can no longer change the location??
I used to love this app and would always recommend it to others in the Celiac community; HOWEVER, since the most recent update, I am no longer able to search in places other than my current location, which makes it useless when trying to plan ahead for travel. The app will show that it is supposedly searching the location I enter - but the only results that come up are ones local to my current location. Hopefully this will be fixed soon because we travel a lot and used to really rely on this app for recommendations!
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5 years ago, Sporty887
Super yummy and safe!
Had a wonderful lunch today! My hubby recommended we try this place since we heard they have lots of gluten free options. We went and they did not disappoint! I had the plato de pobre with steak, my hubby had the carnitas, and my son had a steak plate with fried egg on top! Best part is that it was all gluten free and so yummy!! Our server, Dane, was very knowledgeable about gluten free and even recommended some items. We’ll definitely be going back. Btw the empanadas are so good and the Columbian salsa is amazing! This is definitely a safe place for celiacs. 😉
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2 years ago, DukeRepro17
The very best app for celiacs!
This app is a must-have for folks with Celiac! I cannot count the number of time it has saved me. It has truly been a life-changer. I didn’t think I would ever be able to travel again after my diagnosis. But this app had made both domestic and international travel around the globe possible for me! I also didn’t buy the membership for a long time, but now that I have I definitely will be renewing! It’s worth it!
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4 years ago, s o n o
Mostly awesome but...
For 10 years now I’ve been unable to eat wheat. I don’t have Celiac disease but I have a weird constellation of debilitating symptoms whenever I cross the gluten threshold. This app has been SUPER HELPFUL at home and when traveling. My only criticism is about its functionality. Oddly, sometimes listed restaurants simply don’t pop up in the list or on the map. I’ve also found the “Search” function a little janky. Overall though, loving it. Thanks developers, one of my go-to apps.
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5 years ago, lhb-68
Great app but...
The whole idea of this app is great, and it has been a huge help to me on vacations. It would be helpful if there were 2 ratings - (1) overall restaurant quality and service, and (2) how safe is it for celiacs. There are restaurants with high ratings but if you read the comments, they are left by non-celiacs for whom cross contamination is not a problem. There are restaurants with low ratings that are solely due to slow service or limited GF menus. Truthfully, I’d rather go someplace with a limited menu but the comfort that the restaurant does well with that limited menu.
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5 years ago, Ben Toebox
Used to be a great app for Celiacs until...
They started charging to see the "Celiac friendly" businesses. Way to make it so that the fad diet people are fine, yet the people who really need this app are unsupported unless they pay a premium. Aren't celiacs gouged enough? We pay more for food and healthcare, and now we have to pay to make sure our gluten free places are actually celiac friendly. Shove this app. EDIT: Although I can now see “celiac friendly” businesses, regardless of what they say in the developer response below, I STILL have to pay to sort by “most celiac friendly” so now I have to go through the entire list instead of having the option to see celiac-friendly options. Still not the app it used to be :(
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5 months ago, MrsMcSmarty-Pants
Hungry traveler
Having real food allergies (not just “preferences” makes travel so much harder. I went through a long period where I would only book accommodations with kitchens so I could make my own food. This app has been so great at helping me find truly gf locales that I’ve recently been able to find some great eateries on my trips- and haven’t had to spend as much time stressing about food so I can spend more time having fun!
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1 year ago, kriscandy
Go to app for Gluten free peps… also some DF and vegan
Gluten free people should be given this app when diagnosed as a Celiac or Gluten Intolerant. This is the only community-based social app I use and it’s saved my life in the sense that it makes me feel normal again and not isolated or scared. I can recommend multiple restaurants in some cases for friends to choose upon and then we are all happy. I wish more of the community would remember to post their food pictures.
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9 months ago, JapriceT
Not celiac friendly
The fact that a restaurant’s celiac safety rating is allowed to be rated by people who don’t have celiac disease is beyond me- I literally can’t trust a single rating in this app when I see “non celiac” users give a place perfect safety rating and then I see celiacs giving it the lowest score. Only a fraction of local restaurants show up. I travel for work and end up using google to find places wherever I go because it’s easier to work with. And I understand that app development isn’t free so while I have no issue for paid features, but I’m not paying to have my safety in the hands of fad dieters.
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