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Health & Fitness
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User Reviews for Fitbit: Health & Fitness

4.37 out of 5
340.1K Ratings
5 years ago, Jane - Eastern Cape
Awesome...but needs a little tweaking 😉
I am absolutely hooked on my Fitbit! I bought the Charge 3 and I hate taking it off. I love the notifications it sends if I haven’t moved from my desk each hour, I love the fact you can challenge other friends and colleagues to weekend, or weekly challenges as well as track your own performance. It’s got me more motivated than any exercise book, or personal trainer. The only downside I find is that it’s not 100% accurate. My resting heart rate on an ECG machine compared to my Fitbit has a difference of 10 beats per minute...that’s a big number when you’re trying to work in fat burn mode or/and cardio. In addition, when I train with other people my steps are pretty much the same but when we e all walked a 12km walk (as we’ve done consistently this week), my Fitbit comes up with almost 2km less than the others! The only time it’s accurate is if I walk with my GPS on my phone and then sync the data after my walk/run. In addition the calorie counter has very limited good options and scanning them and sending them off is too time consuming. I find I’m using the “My Fitnesspal” app to monitor my food intake...please look at their app and try and make the Fitbit calorie counter more user friendly. Apologies for mentioning the bits that need “tweaking”, but it’s constructive feedback that I feel is important. All in all I am so chuffed that I have a Fitbit as its now become a way of life for me! Thank you to the Fitbit team of developers ☺️
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5 years ago, Mssmith0516
FitBit app is pretty good, minus some frustrations
I love my FitBit Versa and the FitBit app, but my one complaint would be the overwhelming number of clock faces to choose from and no real way to filter through them. The categories are broken down to only a few, at most, and the search feature isn’t really all that reliable for what you’re truly trying to search for. For example, when searching for “beach” it only shows a few options, but IF you have a large amount of free time to search through the extensive library one by one, you happen to come across several more while browsing. Maybe having a “tag” feature for clock face developers to add search keywords would be nice. It would also be nice if there was a feature to filter clock faces by which ones are free from those that you have to buy. I’m also not fond of the calorie link option that FitBit incorporates with the MyFitnessPal app. It would be nice for a setting to be provided to select whether you only want workout calories that you’ve burned to automatically link to your MyFitnessPal app versus your overall calorie burn for the day. I’m one who only likes to log my calorie burn for workouts and not the entire day. Those are overall my only two complaints. For the most part, the FitBit app is great, with the exception of these couple of things, but I’ve also only owned my Versa for less than a week, so I’m still exploring the app.
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1 year ago, Thea Greek
Easy biometrics at your fingertips
Honestly I love Fitbit and have since I was in college. It was recommended to us by a professor of mine in the athletics department and I adore it. I am a volleyball player and I always have my Fitbit on. The app has been a tremendous help through the years and actually helped save my life twice when my heart rate was notably out of control and though I had been feeling very sick, it wasn’t until I saw that that I told my husband to get me to the hospital. Saved me from going into septic shock so that was cool. The app has also helped me with tracking calories, weight goals, periods, fertility, sleep, and more. The app actually helped us get pregnant with our first child (I have PCOS and was having a difficult time but the app really helped me figure out timing and consult a physician about the trends). What I’m saying is, I would recommend the Fitbit app and best Fitbit watches over pretty much every other product I have seen that is similar. Yes, even the A***e Watch and whatever new thing G****e has come out with. Best bang for your buck and there are a lot of apps that link up with the Fitbit app (and products) to improve your experience and help you meet your goals. I’m not paid by Fitbit to say this stuff but hey, if you’re out there reading this Fitbit, I’m just saying that I wouldn’t be sad about a job offer (jk. Mostly. Maybe.) Thanks for coming to my Ted talk
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6 years ago, noaccountname
So much for bug fixes.... and they were fixed!
Previous comments earning the app 3 stars a week ago: First time that the app has failed in over a year. So averaged out the number of stars to give it— with this week being 1 star and rest of year is 5. Since the latest update my Flex 2 wont sync. Ironic timing since I actually managed to finally do some serious exercising every day this week. I think the tracker is still storing data since I’m still getting silent alarms and notifications when wearing it. I hope it’s storing everything til bugs are fixed. Please! Update with 5 stars to go with it: I was so surprised that the developers responded to the problem I posted about syncing, and for that alone, I’d give the app 5 stars for customer service. But better yet, the FitBit help page that they directed me to had the solution. It was at end of webpage after a long list of things to try, most of which everyone probably does. At the end of the “try this” suggestions, the one about how to reset the actual tracker did the trick. I never knew there was a little button on the charger itself for this purpose. Anyways, my Flex 2 tracker miraculously synced after I reset it, and it had stored a full week of data, exercise, sleep patterns, etc, which appeared happily in the app. The developer’s reply to my initial review has the link to follow for how-to. Thanks so much for being repsonsive!
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9 months ago, Decompression
Disappointed with new UI; Bugs remain unaddressed
Very disappointed with the UI changes. The colors and icons are no longer vibrant and fun, they are desaturated and blend together. Since the different information all looks to be nearly the same color now, it’s not as quick or easy to scroll through and check different metrics at a glance like I could do before. Some info has been completely removed, like the remaining battery life on my device, or the predicted total number of calories left for the day that used to be visible on the main page. And the new graphics feel excessively large, while the important aspects of them (like the icon to show you’ve reached your goal in a category) are humorously miniature in comparison. Not only that, but chronic bugs remain unfixed and unaddressed, like how the app freezes when trying to open the barcode scanner to enter a food item of that is the first thing you try to do after opening the app; or how, when viewing the “zone minutes” section, if you have logged exercise for the day, the heart rate data shows an artifactual massive spike in heart rate around 12-1am (and this spike only generates/appears after exercise has been logged, and is only shown in that section of the app- there is no corresponding HR spike when viewing the general heart rate data). I love the idea of fitbit but with each new change, many of which have been downgrades/removal of features lately, it feels less and less like the fitness tracker that I used to love.
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2 years ago, Maggie's Shuffle
Fitbit program
In 2013, I bought a Zip and used it to track steps, which encouraged me to improve and increase my activity, culminating in an 8K walk/run in September 2013. I had been using different apps for diet and, although I was maintaining weight, I wasn't losing. In May 2014, I decided to put all my activity and diet into one program. I compared a few and ended up with the Fitbit program. By September 2014, I had lost 20 pounds. A miracle as far as I'm concerrned after so many years of trying. Most important, I feel healthier. I recently changed to the Fitbit One as a tool for my next goal....the next 10 pounds and to help me with my sleep cycle, which I have found to be amazing. The best thing out of all of this is that all the tools are together, complete with trends, journal, archives, and incentives. I have read some of the other reviews and find that one-dimensional observations of a multi-dimensional program lack the information and experience needed to be fair. If you buy a product knowing that it does not link with an app you are using, why buy it? Because the product, even as a stand alone, is good. In any program, the key is the user, whether the product integrates with an app or not. So, I have stated on the Facebook page that I am happy with the product and program and I reiterate that here. Fitbit rocks!!! Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, cakelover418
Great except for one thing...
This app is useful. It tracks water, food, steps, zone minutes, miles walked, and it has so many other cool features. One of my favorite things to do on the app is track sleep. It worked fine at first. It was accurate. However, now it's not becoming accurate. This week, it's said I got: Three hours and four minutes, three hours and fifty-three minutes, three hours and thirteen minutes, and today it's saying I got four hours and three minutes. Yesterday, I went to bed at 11:04 and woke up at 5:37, yet it said I got three hours and thirteen minutes of sleep. I'm pretty sure that is more than 6.5 hours of sleep. It's frustrating. It's happened four times this week. I'm not doing anything different than I used to. I wear it to sleep and I make sure it's not too loose or tight. I wake up, check the Fitbit app, and it's saying I didn't get a good night's sleep at all. I talked to my father about it (who also has a Fitbit), and he said the app glitches sometimes. My mother has a Fitbit as well, but as of recently, it's not been glitching for either of them. I am not doing anything different from them. I don't know if it was because of a new update or something, since it never happened before this week. Please fix, this app is so useful for calculating sleep and I want it to do it right.
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6 years ago, GG245777543236
Feel Naked w/o my Fitbit! But....
I’ve had a Fitbit for 5 yrs now and use both it and the app religiously. There was a frustrating Firmware issue with the charge 2 and another device crapped out on me but Fitbit replaced and has since fixed everything. I now (still) have a Charge HR that has been running strong for 2.5 yrs... the App itself is great, I love the challenges and the navigation is easy/intuitive for the most part. One part I don’t like is the adventures area. So far it’s just places like Yosemite, NYC, Boston... Why? There are so many grand walks/hikes in so many areas of the world. There are also lots of other sites and apps that have countless walks/hikes mapped in whatever area you happen to be in but I’d much prefer to be able to access all of this from the Fitbit App. I’m stumped as to why Fitbit hasn’t extended the selection when it would be easy to load other walks and in turn be much more usable for everyone! It would also increase Fitbit usage and engagement. I remember thinking this when I first saw adventures on the front page of the app, clicked on it and saw just a few areas. Today I decided to check again and... 3-4 years later they still have the same few walks/hikes. This is so odd I’m kind of scratching my head as to why expanding this section hasn’t occurred to anyone at Fitbit, what the obstacles are (seems easy/doable and cost/benefit smart) and why it hasn’t happened?
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2 years ago, footework
A Perfect Tool
I was able to improve my health with FitBit. With the SLEEP feature, I could check if my sleep was fitful or peaceful. That helped me adjust my habits to go to bed sooner, develop a quiet time, reading/listening to music, and to not have a heavy meal right before bed. I kept up with my exercise needs and intensity by monitoring the type of exercise and length ing my workouts. It helps that Fit bit is waterproof because I like water aerobics. The FitBit also accounts for numerous of steps walked per day. Many people aspire to 10,000 steps per day but as a 75 year old sedentary woman who was overweight and hated exercise, I chose to start at 3,000 steps. Of course, that goal could be raised, but I pretty much stayed at that goal. Through diet and better choices in food, activities, and better sleep hygiene, I was able to go from 338 pounds down to 206, my goal for my tall, large framed body. I’ve managed to keep my weight within 206 and 211 for over a year. This success is attributed to my acceptance of the understanding that calories in equals exercise out. It is NOT easy but I am glad I did. Good luck to you and you might like to try a FitBit to help your progress. And no, FitBit did not compensate me or even know about me until I press the send button. This device worked for me and I hope it can work for you.
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1 year ago, Jlrwfi
I love my FitBit! It is obviously made to help you, I love tracking my steps and exercises and sleep. It quickly becomes an addiction and I don’t even want to take it off to charge. My husband’s company uses it for wellness and using it gives us discounts, which is also great! The problem is that we are working on our 2nd Charge 3 we paid for AND 2 replacement charge 3’s that were sent to us, in less then 2 years!! They may replace it the first time, but then they claim it's out of warranty the second time. Having a device that breaks 2-3 times in less then a year is completely frustrating!! I’m at a point were I have to do 5-8 steps multiple times a day to have my FitBit only work 1/2 of the way it did originally! My daughters Versa has been the same way and it’s extremely frustrating. I have been using FitBit for many years, because I love them! My first FitBit lasted several years and was awesome!! I’m at a point where we may be trying different tracking company and forgo my husband’s company wellness benefits, because I am tired of paying for a device that doesn’t consistently work! Each issue has been different and the company blames your phone, your app, your computer for the problem. Then they send a refurbished device to replace the first broken one and then when that one breaks they tell you it’s out of warranty and offer you a 25% discount on a new device. Very frustrating!
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5 years ago, Hilexi12
Loyal fitbit customer
Hi I’ve had my Fitbit for a while and it is consistently helpful in tracking my sleep, food intake, drink intake, and menestral cycle. And of course, fitbit is known for tracking of activity and steps as well as heart rate. There is one complaint I have. I need a competitive atmosphere to enhance my healthy living. With the friends option you can challenge friends to like three different challenges. These challenges can easily get boring and unmotivated users if your friend runs track or something. I think it would be in fitbit and the health of the world’s intentions to have challenges dedicated to drinking enough water and reaching calorie goals and sleep goals as well. Activity is a big part of our health, however, when it comes to hydration, sleep, and nutrition many people are falling behind. With an increase in steps and activity. Fitbit should provide reminders to drink more water and to eat some food for more energy. I think that your healthy diet begins in the kitchen and ends with the right amount of steps. Without doing too much out of my way, I can usually achieve my step goal, but I often struggle with hydration and have fainting spells and sometimes get hospitalized due to lack of hydration. It is vital to a person’s well being to stay hydrated especially after working out or moving a lot. Thank you so much for listening and I hope you take my advice into account.
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6 years ago, seely rd
Great gadget
I am giving my Fitbit Zip five stars, even though I only use the steps portion. It is fun, gives me good info about a job I have, where I am on my feet for my entire shift, and it is easy to use. It is true, you will add extra steps to get to a goal, and I don't consider myself a competitive person. I am sure the other elements of the Zip are great, but I am an online WW member, so I just use the FIT for upping my activity. I highly recommend this product. However I am adding a review of the Flex 2, (3 years later) which I hate. I lost my Fitbit zip and went with the Flex 2 when there was a long wait for Zip delivery. I wish I hadn't. I give the Flex 0 stars. I have to download a new Fitbit app every time I try to sync the stupid thing. I've gone thru every help tip Fitbit offers, spent a long time on the phone with a person in customer support and have emailed the company for help. There has been no resolution. The company's support team used to be amazing, now they just read back text from the same help site I used when I tried to trouble shoot the problem. Also when the Flex 2 finally syncs (again after I download the app, again, for the third time that day) it seems to record arm movements. So if you are sitting down wrapping packages or painting your toenails you will also be getting in your steps. If you can get it to sync.
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2 years ago, Palexxo
Love Fitbit, But Tons of Bugs
Listen, I love my Fitbit. It helps keep me motivated to move, and is generally pretty accurate with steps. It’s nice to be able to track my workouts and give myself new goals to work towards. However, there are some major bugs when it comes to trying to track food intake. Half of the products I try to scan in have completely incorrect nutritional information on the app, with completely different serving sizes as well. My display of Macros is pretty much never correct because of this, and there’s no way to flag incorrect nutrition information. On top of that, sometimes the app will spontaneously decide to add random meals/snacks from previous days and weeks to my current day’s meals, completely throwing things off. This morning it randomly added “Breakfast Summary” for 206 calories and I don’t even know what that is. It will also randomly remove the calories logged for certain foods, regardless of if they still appear in the meal/snack you logged it under. I would love to keep all of my fitness/nutrition information in one place, but these problems are honestly really aggravating. I hope the Fitbit team can take a closer look at these issues so they can compete against MyFitnessPal, which seems to be generally preferred by those in the fitness community due to accuracy and lack of bugs.
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4 years ago, nastasiaelise
Today View Freezes. Help!
I love Fitbit app (features, UI, illustrations, the overall design, the friend challenges) and it’s definitely the reason I haven’t switched over to using an Apple Watch or Apple Health however I’ve noticed within the last couple months, the today view randomly freezes like a bug and pressing anywhere on it does nothing. I’m not able to go into any of the categories or view details (outside of just being able to toggle the bottom nav) Today it actually canceled out during a GPS walk I was tracking and when I went to view the app, I noticed it stopped tracking and just showed the Today view. However when trying to tap anywhere on the page, nothing happened. This freezing bug behavior has now happened to me 4-5 times over the course of a couple months and the only way i can get the app to work is by deinstalling it/deleting it, then redownloading it from the App Store. It then works after all of that but then I get the first run experience UI for each feature all over again. I’ve redownloaded many times because I still want to use this app because I love it and Fitbit so much but is this a known issue to others? Can developers fix this freezing? I would like to just use the app and not have to continue deinstalling it every time. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Road Runner 1971
My partner in fitness
I’ve had my Fitbit Ionic for a year and a half and am very happy with it. This is my 3rd Fitbit and the Ionic addresses the issues I had with my first two ‘bits, namely a one-day battery life and the fact I couldn’t immerse it in water. The data collected by my Ionic is logically and usefully displayed on the Fitbit app. I’m a recovering heart attack patient and the heart rate data compiled in the app is essential reading for my doctor. I transcribe the heart data onto my own spreadsheets and provide them to my doctor every time I have an appointment. The accuracy of the readings is impressive and consistent and when my numbers are taken three times a week at my cardiac rehab sessions at the hospital we’ve come to use the Fitbit’s heart rate number over that of the nurse’s oximeter because my Fitbit tends to do a better job filtering out the “white noise” of my a-fib condition. Medical science is a data-driven discipline and being able to provide my doctor with hard data each visit is immensely valuable. My last doctor’s appt in April lasted NINE MINUTES - all because I provided the spreadsheet numbers compiled by my Fitbit and displayed on the app. If you’re trying to talk to your doctor about your health and how you’re feeling and don’t have numbers to quantify your opinions, well, you’re only guessing.
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2 months ago, Techie 1111
The newest replacement I got, barely connects to my phone. I have to tell it to sink and a lot of times it doesn’t do it so I have to close out the app and come back in. It constantly tells me that the zip battery is dying even when I’ve replaced it A few days or a week before and continues to tell me that although sometimes it will keep working anywayFor many, many weeks. For some reason they don’t make the clip on zip anymore and that’s quite annoying since I don’t want to wear a watch I find it uncomfortable, expensive and in the way Zip needs a less expensive model. Some of the models have so many things I don’t care about Also the app used to clearly tell you what times you were getting exercise now it’s kind of a loose, vague timing. I found it useful when I got up a number of times in the middle of the night and lost a lot of sleep Older review below. The zip is difficult to see when it’s on you as part of her work and it doesn’t link up efficiently with your phone sometimes there’s a big delay sometimes it doesn’t check in then you have to go sync it. I liked the one that looked just like a little gem, No it’s synced up efficiently you couldn’t really read it and excepted lights which I never could remember which light meant which and it wasn’t specific. Otherwise it works and it makes you do exercise which is its purpose.
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5 years ago, Eschfineart
Love my Fitbit Versa, but...
I bought my Fitbit Versa Lite after weight gain due to a back injury. It has done a wonderful job motivating me to move more and eat healthier. I’ve lost four lbs in just the past few weeks. The sleep Score and record would be awesome if it worked accurately, but it is not working well at all for me. I’m in my mid-60’s and I wake up to go to the bathroom a few times a night. Even though I’m only up for a few minutes and usually fall right back asleep, the app splits my night into several segments, each usually under 3 hours so I only get the simplified sleep details for each (or sometimes for only one or two of them) even if I’m getting 5 hrs and 30 minutes total. I don’t understand why it doesn't just keep tallying my sleep noting those 2-3 min bathroom breaks as awake periods in the total night. Last night my Fitbit only recorded sleep from 3:15 am to 7:10. I actually went to bed at 11:30 and slept very soundly until 1:15. Went to the bathroom and right back to a sound sleep until 2:45 when I woke up briefly for another bathroom break, then, right back to sleep again. My app doesn’t show or count any of my sleep from 11:15-2:45 and there’s almost a 30 minute gap between me going back to sleep at 2:48 and 3:15 when it actually did begin recording my sleep. What’s up with that?? I also wish the calorie count was more accurate. Selected items seem to be based on user input.
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10 months ago, Ldlkdkdk
When Fitbit works, it’s the best
Update one year later: I had to replace my Fitbit AGAIN, but I had the extended warranty, so it was easy. Trying to return/replace through Fitbit is not easy, but doing it through the extended warranty is easy. You just have to plan to replace it every year (and buy the warranty). Also, I really miss the challenges! When they sold out to Google, the challenges and badges disappeared, and I haven’t seen any benefit from being part of Google. Bring back challenges and flights of stairs! I’ve been a Fitbit user since the very beginning, and I love the technology, looks, reports (especially on premium), etc. What I don’t like is how “delicate” the watch is. It only lasts a year or 13 months. I got frustrated with Fitbit and went to Apple for 4 years, and my Apple watch is still going strong, however, I don’t like the reports and info Apple provides as much as Fitbit. I switched back to Fitbit 3 months ago and, again, I love the info and reports (I do miss the up/down flights of stairs info), but my watch is already having trouble. I may have to have it replaced. I am still within the warranty period, but the Fitbit return policy is not easy and I’m frustrated that I returned to Fitbit and I’m already having trouble. So, Fitbit is the best when it works. Apple is a close second, and their watches last for years without troubles.
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3 years ago, gypsytamp
Used to be a great device now a headache
I had a charge HR and a charge HR 2 for years. They worked great and almost never had issues. This year I bought the Charge 4 and found the dreaded active zones, which was so discouraging to working out that I returned the charge 4 and sought out a charge 3. I am almost weekly having issues. The watch and app won’t sync up to show the same stats, and the Charge 3 is always having issues syncing. Once a month since buying it in November I have to take the watch off my phone to re upload. Now I am trying to sync it to my phone again, and error codes non stop. The only solutions offered are to update the phone IOS or the watch app. Both of which are updated, and I don’t seem to have an option to do a manual update. Seeing all the forums of people with these issues that Fitbit has done nothing to help out with is a poor display from the company that I used to really love. People keep having problems and the company says nothing for months to a year, but they have time to send out an email saying they’ve been bought by google ? Really disappointed in how this company seems to have gone downhill in quality of their customer service and how well their products work. I can’t buy a pricey watch because when trying out Versas they won’t read through my tattoos. It seems the only option is a new product if Fitbit doesn’t do something to actually help customers out from all these issues.
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4 years ago, last_avenger
Infuriating meal tracking
This app is great for casual fitness tracking based on steps and heart rate but lacks important features like workout recording and gps functionality. More importantly, if you use the app to track meals you will regularly find yourself wanting to slam your head into the nearest wall. The search function is incredibly poor, returning baffling results for simple searches and not including an ability to search by restaurant or brand. If you cook a meal at home and have the package barcodes handy it’s easy enough, but god help you if you want to accurately record your meal if you eat at a restaurant or order out. It would be understandable if just local restaurants weren’t in the database but it’s just as hard to find your meal if you’re eating at a well recognized chain. Worst of all, certain foods and beverages have multiple entries for different portion sizes or for the same item sold at different restaurants or stores which crowds out the limited results when searching. For example, Coca Cola has different entries under many restaurants and retailers yet an ounce of the soda has the same nutrition information regardless of if you by a bottle at 7-11, order one with your meal at Applebee’s or get it at the McDonald’s drive through. It all adds up to a frustrating user experience which actually deters people from the goal of the app which is accurately tracking their health and fitness.
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3 years ago, Greatness4DLord
App Is Unstable
I’ve been using the Fitbit app for a number of years and lately I’ve had more issues than I can count. I have seen people get kicked completely out of challenges as if they quit the challenge. I’ve seen post disappear as if the individual deleted them but did not. I currently cannot get to my groups, community or feed. The app is so glitchy and unstable at this point. It doesn’t seem like anyone at Fitbit is doing anything to resolve these issues. So many people having issues setting up challenges or wait they disappear and they cannot see them on their dashboard. Here is a good one Fitbit rearranges where they are and moves them to the bottom of the screen under all the other app features. It would be nice to see some stability in this App! It’s been around long enough that things should not be doing what they are doing. Oh and one more thing Fitbit needs to work on is this Fitbit jail garbage. If someone reports someone YOU FITBIT should be investigating what was reported!!!! Innocent people have been reported when it was the person who reported them was the terrible user and should have been removed from the community. Please Fitbit fix the issues we are all having so it will be a better app. I even PAY for the subscription and have issues which is also frustrating because I’m pay for things I cannot use. Thanks!
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4 years ago, Hollylovesugly
Disappearing Data
I want to love Fitbit and this app but the devices and the app are so glitchy. I tried a Fitbit in 2012, it lasted less than a year before it died completely and support was no help. I was gifted a Charge 3 last year. Again, lasted less than a year (7 months) before it stopped working completely. Fitbit ended up replacing it and the new device has worked fine so far (its only been a month) but now the app is where the issues lie. I literally watch the tracked data from previous days disappear in front of my eyes, particularly the exercise-related information. This has been going on for weeks. I started a challenge yesterday related to tracking active minutes “in the zone” and it doesn’t seem to be connecting my active exercise minutes to this challenge so it shows that I’m making zero progress. I did give the app two stars because the adventures and virtual hikes are fun but the options are really limited. I liked the features of the premium upgrade but my Fitbit died shortly after starting the free 90-day trial so I didn’t get to try it much. I was going to pay to upgrade recently but this disappearing data makes me feel like it’s not worth the money so I’ve held off. This app has tons of potential but is very buggy. Also, I think releasing less models of watches could be a nice change in order to allow them to focus more on quality control and getting more things right with fewer model options.
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2 years ago, deanned
Done with Fitbit
Update: one star is too much. I’m wearing a Fitbit again b/c it was a gift. Completely useless. Never syncs, I don’t even look at the Fitbit or the app anymore. Too much crap on the screens and no way to simplify. It’s sad that they have ruined what used to be an awesome and simple to use product and turned it into a useless piece of plastic. My Alta HR band was breaking repeatedly where it attaches. I kept gluing it back for over a year. Finally decided to get a new one and of course, had to get a different model b/c it’s discontinued. Got it, said it could d the tracker, tried to connect endlessly. Tried every recommendation, then called customer service, who just had us repeat everything we’d already done. We returned it. My husband had the same problem w a Charge 2 replacement, and when he called they just sent him another one, that worked. A month later, we decide to try again. Order another one, app says it found it, endlessly tries to connect with no success. Thought I’d try to go back to the old one, and see if epoxy would hold. But I had deleted it when trying to sync the first Inspire HR, and now the app will find it, never connect. Customer service provided zero help, so I’m looking for an alternative after many years of loving my Fitbit. Have a scale that’s useless now since I’m not going to use two separate apps. I don’t know what happened to this company, and I’m sad to see it but i got good use for years. Time to move on.
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6 months ago, Stephmich22
Extremely Buggy and Inconsistent
I really wanted to love this app but i’ve noticed way too many discrepancies in my data. I’ve got sleep problems and I’ll often open the app to see that it’s logged me asleep during times I’m positive I was awake. Additionally, the data is sometimes inconsistent between features (e.g. on a sleep chart it may say my heart rate was one number and in an exercise or heart rate chart it’ll say something entirely different). This happens often enough for me to be reluctant to really trust any of the data at all. There’s also an inconsistency between charts and how interactive they are. Most you are able to tap and receive a tooltip defining the data but others (like the oxygen variation chart) aren’t interactive at all and it makes the data essentially useless. The only labels on this chart are the time you went to sleep and the time you woke up so you would literally need to get a ruler out to have any idea what the chart is displaying. I’ve noticed lots of little things, like summary text reading one number and then the detailed data not reflecting that. It’s also a bummer that the body response feature only notifies you around 15 mins after the body response. I’m someone who’s sort of all over the place so it’s pretty useless to me as I hardly ever remember exactly what I was thinking about 15 mins ago. It was a feature I was really looking forward to benefiting and it turned out to be pretty disappointing.
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7 months ago, Mbreasch
Don’t like new app
The newer version of the app is not as good. Since I updated I don’t even like using it anymore and I’m thinking about using my Apple Watch. The older version of the app was so clear and had all the information I wanted and was easy to read and it worked great. I never had any problems. Since I updated the app I have already had to deal with a problem, that I couldn’t set the times I wanted to choose for my hourly steps. No matter what I chose when I pressed the “set goal” button it just reverted back to random numbers that I hadn’t chosen. It happened over and over. I tried to get on support and chat with someone for help. I was just ignored. I also feel like the update gives so much less information on the opening frame. I used to have what I wanted right there available to see as soon as I opened the app. Now I have to search for things and just don’t like the set up. It does not respond as quickly as the older version. I am so disappointed because I have used Fitbit for years. I’ve had an Apple Watch for years too but always preferred fit it for fitness. The new update and changes have me considering switching to my Apple Watch. I’m just so disappointed that Fitbit changed what was working great for me. I really wish I had never updated. I wish there was a way to get the older version back. If I can’t I’m switching to my Apple Watch.
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1 year ago, Samwise Fisher
App Performance Declining??
I’ve been using my Versa 2 and this app for like 2+ years now?? And never really had issues with it until recently?? It started with random sync issues a few months back, but it has gotten worse. Over the last 2-3 weeks I’ve been unable to update my Versa, have had to reconnect to it multiple times a day, had days where my watch data would not sync with my app, and most recently, the app crashing half a dozen times. Like. Literally. My app has been crashing half a dozen or more times today before it FINALLY opens to let me check to make sure it’s syncing with my watch and other apps. I know it’s not my phone, it’s a brand new phone, and the app is up to date. I hope whatever glitches are going on get fixed soon, because I really DO NOT want to switch watches and have to figure out how to re-sync my calorie tracking and body comp scale apps with another fitness app and watch. I really like Fitbit, I’m a creature of habit and don’t want to make the switch, but these bugs are really starting to mess with my fitness journey. Hope they fix the issues, then I can change this rating to five stars because I really have enjoyed this app and watch through the years. I just have noticed a decline in the performance of the app lately and hope it’s just a fluke and not a trend. 🥲🥲
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2 years ago, Lea Reyes
Fitbit Overview
I have been using Fitbit for years and I absolutely love it. It tracks everything that I do, running, yoga, swimming, walking, hiking and anything else. I especially like how it tracks movement because I can get a lot of steps in when I’m cleaning house and doing other things outside of exercise. I track my sleep which is very important to me, water intake and I did food and nutrition for a while just to check in take of proteins versus fats etc. I’m vegan so I wanted to make sure my meals were balanced. I use the programs as well especially when I’m on the treadmill because I hate running on the treadmill. The programs keep me going. I also other features for meditating because that is extremely important on a daily basis. I usually have to replace my Fitbit every couple of years. I never take it off with the exception of showers so it gets a lot of use. The only downside I could say is that it’ll sometimes think I’m cycling when I’m in my car but I just delete that exercise. Other than that I will use this over any other watch, including the Apple Watch which I will not use for exercise. It doesn’t do everything the Fitbit can do. I highly recommend Fitbit and enjoy the challenges with my friends.
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2 years ago, Kendreah
I love
I love this app. It is awesome to see your sleep patterns and get fun alerts when you walk so much. I tried the premium so I could get more sleep details. I love the sleep details and data graphs. I am bummed about two things though. 1. I don’t need any of the workout programs or anything like that, I want it to track my movements and heart rate during the day time and monitor my sleep patterns and blood oxygen levels at night. I had to pay for the premium to get those results even though my watch tracks it already. Just seems like that could be offered without having to pay more for it, we already pay a good amount to have these devices on our wrists. 2. The blood oxygen levels are not showing up and never have. I honestly didn’t even see this graph until I purchased the premium package (still in free trial mode at the moment) After looking into this problem it seems most people are having this problem. It shows for some and not others or shows for a little bit then goes blank. I’m paying (going to be) and cannot see those results! ??? Over all I am pleased with the app. Wish I didn’t have to pay more to get those few more tools for night time! Update didn’t stay with the premium but use the app daily.
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7 months ago, Bothered to review
New update is terrible
The latest update has ruined the exercise feature. I think I’m SUPPOSED to be able to see a graph with my heart rate during exercise, but the graph is usually not there. Refreshing the app and even redownloading it doesn’t fix this issue. Plus the timing of exercise tracking seems off, like it’s rounding up or down?? That’s the opposite of useful for tracking workouts because literally every second counts for certain exercises! Plus, you can’t edit the type of exercise anymore, which is incredibly frustrating because a lot of my workouts are being inaccurately tracked as swimming. On top of everything that, the new update looks terrible. The fun colors and graphics are gone, are are the cute little daily “rewards” when you hit all your goals. It might be okay if the update was way to use, but it’s absolutely not functional. It’s actually more difficult to use and more time consuming. Add onto that the constant app freezes and crashes and it feels unusable. So, to summarize, the new update is ugly, difficult to use, doesn’t show exercise heart rate data, can’t accurately track time, and can’t accurately track exercise type. At this point, the only thing keeping me from getting a different tracker is that I have two Inspire2s and it would be a waste of money to get something new while I have two working devices.
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5 years ago, CCW223
I switched to APPLE!
I like the FitBit app BUT the watch always has glitches. My text no longer come on my watch face like they did before and I have done every check, measure suggested and reset my watch to know end. Every time my husband and I do an update something else goes wrong and you half to guess which part of the watch or phone app won’t work this time. I have owned my watch for three years and the battle is constant. My husband two years. Since my last review and update my watch will not turn. I have cleaned the charging points, roughed them up with a brush and cleaned my charger, still it will not do what it is intended for. Also FitBit DOES NOT have the capability to change the battery which means a $200 Versa watch (at the time) is JUNK! So our solution to the problem has been to purchase Apple watches. It is spot on and has ZERO glitches in the month we have owned them and we have done one update. Where Apple lacks is its ability to have sleep, diet, and caloric monitoring in one place. IE you have to have a separate app for these things so for example I use FatSecret, pillow and 8Fit for these items. So in comparison if you want something that works use Apple but if your looking for a program that works half the time but is all in one place Fitbit is your solution. The only way I would go back to FitBit is if they made the batteries changeable because batteries loose there ability to charge over time even if you let them go dead and then recharge.
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7 years ago, The Zenth
Overall a great pair (app & Fitbit Flex) except some bugs
My Fitbit Flex works great with this app. The app works great most the time except for the few “bugs” that it has. First one is the messaging part of the app. Whatever message is at the top of the screen is basically unreadable. It’s hidden under the top banner or menu or whatever. So I order to see it depending on how long it is I either have to pull down on all the messages or have my fiancé send me a message so there’s a different one at the top. Second issue is the fact that I open up the app and it syncs just fine. However, there are several things that don’t refresh and show that they were synced or updated with new data. For example: weekly exercise, steps per hour, sleep information. Basically most things underneath the top circles. So, leaving the app and bringing it pack up doesn’t work. I literally have to close the app all the way and re open it to get everything to reflect what was already synced and updated. I’ve been having to do this for several months. The last update didn’t fix it so I’m hoping someone reads this and can help fix it. It is not my phone. I’ve tried turning it off and turning back on several times in the past months. Please help! I’ve gotten to the point where the app is not really enjoyable anymore. Messages and my own data are a hassle.
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5 years ago, tmdbeagles
New Version is Terrible
I love my Fitbit, just updated my hardware for the third time to the Charge 3 and I love it! However I had to leave a review for the first time ever to say how much I HATE the new version of the app. Before, you could customize the tiles and then you wouldn't have to mess with it ever again, now that's not the case, the challenges have been moved to the main screen, I constantly have to move the challenges out of the way, since they default to the very top, so I can keep the water tracking tile at the top. Once the challenge is over, they take a while to go away, which before it was on the main screen was fine, now that the challenge is on the main screen, they are just in the way of any new challenge. Plus you can't tell the difference between old and new challenges when you try to move them. And the main screen doesn't remember where you were when you click on a tile, so if you click on a tile, when you go back to the main screen, you return to the top, this is especially annoying if you have multiple challenges you are checking, since they are all named the same you have to find a new way to figure out which challenges you've already looked at and which you still need to look at. I hate app updates just for the sake of doing an update. There have been improvements in the hardware that added value, Charge is now waterproof!, but there was no improvement to the app and now it's just terrible.
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4 years ago, A Concerned Professional
Paying for previously included features
I enjoyed tracking steps, sleep, etc with my prior fitbit, so when they came out with one that measured HR I was excited to upgrade my watch. I am a RN and I am prone to fast heart rates. This really helps me track it through the day and monitor it while I work out. There is about a 3-4 second delay in the HR reading when my HR changes which seems reasonable as it has to monitor the change. It doesn’t do a great job when the HR gets really high- 170s + which is frustrating when I’m jogging on a treadmill. It is worse when running outside. The fitbit app used to INCLUDE the trends of your heart rate, included when you were sleeping. I updated the app awhile back, and now you HAVE TO PAY for a feature that was PREVIOUSLY INCLUDED. That is why I am giving this app such a low rating. If I had not updated I would still have had this feature, until the app FORCES you to update. This is total crap!! I’ve had a fitbit for years and years. Next time I am purchasing a APPLE WATCH. How dare you charge for a feature that used to be included?!! What a crappy business move!!! You have lost my business!!! Oh, and I’m always eventually having problems with charging my device. Ugg!! I tell it to all day sync, but it never syncs until I open the app and manually do it. If you get too much data on the watch it coverts all your sleep data to simple logs instead of the complex info. SO FRUSTRATING!!
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7 years ago, Aceyourface
Creeps in the community
Firstly I would like to say, the app works great. I hadn't used a fit bit in a year or two so I had to figure out how the new look of the app worked but it wasn't hard. I loved that my history from my old Fitbit was there because it gave me motivation to get back to how I used to be. Now the stuff I didn't like. I wish the messages would be more of a messenger style. I can't go back and look at the conversation as a whole, all I can see are messages sent to me and it's all separate so it clogs up the message list. Would be much better to see the whole convo in one message so I can have proof of incidents like I just had. I have friended a few people from the different communities in the app. So far everyone is cool, we are all there for fitness and support. I recently accepted a friend request and the guy started messaging me. It started out innocent enough just talking about how long we have had a Fitbit and what our fitness goals are. Then he started getting weird and talking about my face based off my profile picture and started hinting at sexual intentions. I ended up unfriending him and blocking him. What I wish for this app is a way to report users like this. This isn't a dating/hook up app! And I don't need strange men hinting that my face gave them a boner lol
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3 years ago, jfer1977
*EDIT* Needs True Fixing
I have been so frustrated over the last three weeks not being able to view my sleep pattern. That’s a big reason why I’ve always loved this app. It breaks down my sleep cycle. Helps me better to understand my sleep and to change things in my routine to try and get a better nights sleep. I read a review that said they were having the same issues as so many people on here. They deleted the app and then reinstalled it. I was worried about losing all my data and then realized I can’t access it anyway. So, I deleted and reinstalled. Didn’t lose my data and the app is back to working like normal again! I will be staying with my Fitbit! There’s no other device like it to do what I use it for. I have used Fitbit for years and have loved it. However, there have been three updates lately that have caused the app to freeze whenever I click on my sleep. My husband is getting tired of me complaining about it and is trying to convince me to go away from Fitbit and find a different tracking device. It would be nice if the developers would figure out the problem and fix it seeing as I’m not the only one complaining about this.
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4 years ago, Nattt22222
2019 update significantly decreased my Fitbit use
I’ve had my Fitbit for over a year now, and I love checking the app through out the day to check my stats. The old tile dashboard made it so I could open the app and see all that I needed to see without scrolling. When they did the update at the end of 2019 and changed it to the white list screen, I was so upset, but hoped I would eventually get used to it and it would be fine. Six months later, not only do I still hate it, but I just realized, because I rarely bother scrolling, that I haven’t used my water intake feature or the steps per hour feature in months because I just kind of forgot they were there. I used these every single day before the update because they were right there when I opened the app in a visually pleasing and user-friendly tile dashboard. I’m writing this review now because I ended up scrolling down today and was like, woah, I totally forgot about these features. I don’t understand why, with such a huge amount of negative feedback from users, Fitbit doesn’t at least provide the option of switching back to the old dashboard - or at least, design an optional new dashboard that offers users the features they lost in the new one. Simply put, the new dashboard is terrible, and after giving it time to see if I’d get used to it, I still hate it.
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5 years ago, Kate.151922
New App Design Turning Customers Away!!
I think I speak for the whole Fitbit community when I say the former app style was far superior to the new one. I have no desire to even open the app anymore. It is not appealing at all. The old dashboard style was WONDERFUL — you could open the app up and instantly view your stats in each little box without having to open each individual tile up, the card style was extremely visually appealing and fun to use, the fonts and colors were great. Now, the app is a major turn off with its new list view, small and uninviting font, and the stat previews are unfamiliar and no longer easy to understand. I am always open to change and updates but this new app style is definitely not a good one... especially when there are thousands of others complaining of the same thing. Fitbit, I hope you can incorporate a different app design similar to the old one, or I think you’ll be losing a lotttt of customers. The old dashboard design was one of the most appealing things to me as a Fitbit user and I used to be excited to check it every day. Now I can’t stand it. :( Please have your design team look into this. I know that apps must always be streamlined and keep up with updated design styles, but there are ways to keep the old basics (card style, bright colors, large fun font and lots of icons) while still making it look fresh and new. Please consider this. All of us at the Fitbit community will greatly appreciate this!
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1 year ago, Diesel415
Always Fitbit
I have always used Fitbit. I have no desire to use or try any other device on the market. For me, it’s not about the name, or all of the bells and whistles. It’s about the fitness and what the “tracker” has to offer. It’s not about how much social media I can have contact with while I am getting fit. Yes, I like being able to catch a quick glimpse of a text or see who is calling in case of an emergency but that is enough for me. I have the Charge 4 and when my altimeter quit in my last one I still replaced it with another Charge 4 instead of getting the new colorful 5 because it did not come with the altimeter. The app is great for me as well. However, the recent bomb you dropped of taking away challenges and the ability to play Bingo, etc is heartbreaking to say the least. Which is why I only gave the 4 star rating. I understand changes but to take away something that so many enjoy is mind boggling. Competition is what motivates many. Not just challenging yourself on a virtual trail to pick up treasures. You speak of better things to come but we have no idea what that my be. I hope we can continue to have the enjoyment of competing and getting to meet the world of people that enjoy getting healthy together.
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6 years ago, Kendal_Toby
Great Fitness App! 🏃🏻‍♀️👏🏻
This is a great app, keep doing what you’re doing. I love all the different features that can help you stay fit. This app encourages me to stay on my diet, or keep working out, or just maintaining a healthier lifestyle, even when the time gets tough. In addition, I really appreciate how you read and listen to these reviews. Just a suggestion: where you log your food, you can create a custom food but you can’t delete or edit them. It would be very helpful if we could do both or either of those. I created a custom food because it wasn’t listed in the provided foods but I forgot a word in the title and it made it a completely different product from what it was. I really need to edit it and change it but that is not an option. Also, another thing that would be cool to have is if you could create a custom workout for your exercise. There is a limited number of options and I make up my own workouts and I would like to put it in the log. Likewise, where you can track where you run, hike, or walk is a very helpful feature! Could you, by any chance, add biking to that? It would make it a bit more useful for me. These are just a few suggestions that I believe would improve the app. Overall this app is great and I am so thankful for it!
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4 years ago, Tigereyes29mn
Rockin App!
This app is awesome as is the watch itself. So many ways to personalize it and you have control over everything but it shows you some tips about nutrition and activity, sleep etc. in a way that is also unique to the user in some form because I have a friend and we don’t usually get the same messages which shows me that the people behind the scenes who developed this app and do the updates etc. worked really hard to make an excellent program that takes you or puts you front and center which is how it should be but I tried a couple different watches and their apps if they had them in the first place were so cookie cutter it was ridiculous one didn’t have any gender but male on it!! So in closing if you are looking for a quality watch with a great app and free is great it is but try the membership at least one month it seriously adds to the core program they offer monthly and yearly so a month is 9.99 we can waste 10 bucks at a coffee shop or fast food in a blink so no excuses🤨 take it from someone who was a huge skeptic about the watches and their actual results IRL, I just thought they were a trendy waste of money 😂 look at me now writing a book praising this watch and it’s app 😳.......,
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10 months ago, NPR-Listener
Does Most Things Well
I have been using FitBit since 2015. I prefer the all in one App of FitBit over the multiple Apps to achieve the same tasks for Garmin. The food section of the FitBit doesn’t work so well anymore. Many food items when clicked on just spin and spin and do not return or log information (calories, energy sources, etc.) Also I wish dates could be changed within the food section. Sometimes I may not log food for some days, then when logging the items I make an error on the day, seems like the only way to fix it is to delete and start over, I wish I could just change the date. FitBit watches are not durable and do not last too long for me. I went through 3 or 4 Surges, something breaks or battery quits or something goes wrong usually around the 18 month mark. Right now I use a Garmin Instinct, but still use the FitBit app. I might buy another FitBit in the future, but their poor durability is a major disappointment. I am amazed at the technology of these smart/sport/tracker watches/devices. However there is room for improvement. I think FitBit over-estimates calorie burn, I think my Garmin does a more accurate job. Overall FitBit App and watches are decent products.
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3 years ago, TomeGirl
Good Product terrible Support
I live my FitBit, when it works. I wear it constantly and rely on it to keep me moving. The heart rate monitor and sleep tracker are fabulous additions. The reason I can’t give it more than a 2 is because it’s customer support is awful. I had what I thought was a simple broken band after 4 months of use. The band broke from pure use, no impact, I only removed the FitBit to shower and charge it. The customer service response was to have me return the entire device and get a replacement. Simple enough, but not sure why they would just mail me a new band. I put it in the mail and sent the tracking info as requested. Over 5 week later, I finally got the new FitBit. I emailed a few times to get a status and ask when I would get it. Nothing! No response or anything. It finally showed up 6 weeks later. I was so excited and have been wearing it daily and upping my steps. Except they must have sent me a refurbished model. The battery doesn’t hold as long as the last one. The watch face brightness is glitchy and I can’t see it during most walks and sunny days. And now, it’s gone dead on me twice this week. It has a charge but won’t respond when I try to charge it more and “wake it up”. Time for a Garmin! Oh, and somehow my trial for Premium is now fee based and I can’t find a simple way to just cancel that subscription. Good product terrible support!
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5 years ago, 3rddegreenos
My first versa didn’t even last a FULL year before it completely shut down and stopped working for good. Got my second versa about two weeks ago and it started giving problems today when it began to incorrectly record my caloric count while I was at the gym. I also noticed that the previous day, I racked up a total of almost 3k in caloric count and it reset on the watch and in the app around 8pm the night, so it ended up not recorded my caloric count that day. So I decided to do a hard reset. After hard resetting and setting up device (which took multiple tries since it didn’t work correctly the first few times) my device now won’t sync with the app. It currently says “looking...” I’m fed up with fit bit. I chose this watch over the apple series because the battery life last almost 6 days with a full charge and I’d be using it to track my physical activity as oppose to Apple Watch only lasting about 2 &1/2 days. I suspect my first versa had water damage (even though it is advertised to be waterproof) since I swim a lot, the screen went blank and the watch continued to work until it eventually died. I’m worried now because my current versa is giving the same software issues my previous one did leading up to its demise and it’s only been about two weeks since I opened the package. Please do better! For $200 this isn’t worth it to be honest and I really had high hopes for this... Very disappointed.
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5 years ago, Roseredsiren
Had a good product
Quit messing with it. Every time you make a significant change in your algorithms around data collection it messes with the quality of the data set. For example when sleep stages came out it made changes to the resting heart rate calculations and I started getting new weird data patterns and I could no longer see the patterns in my menstrual cycle in the graph. Now you’ve added this damned useless and meaningless sleep score that I can’t get rid of or change the prominence of and I have to dig to find the info I really need and want which is how long did I sleep and maybe how much REM did I get. Though I don’t trust that measurement anymore because around the same time as the update that brought the score I suddenly started getting much higher REM readings regularly with no changes to my behavior around sleep or my experience of my sleep. All this makes me distrust the data more and more. And let’s be honest- the fact that there are now all these new extra measurements and “insights” is a money making scheme because they are locked unless you subscribe to a “premium” account. I’m probably not going to ditch my Fitbit all together but I would no longer recommend it to someone else. It was a good product. Don’t go changing it just to change it or try to drive consumption you end up ruining it.
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2 years ago, MissRell
What happened to exercise categories
Love using my Fitbit Luxe. The only thing that somewhat frustrated me was when I worked out, I sometimes couldn’t find the type of workout I did listed in the “categorize exercise” option on the app. For example I do ab workouts quite often, but there’s no way for me to label the workout as such on the app, given the choices under “categorize exercise”. Then the other day I noticed that more options we added! I had done a HIIT workout and lo and behold HIIT was a new option to categorize my workout! Then I searched and also saw there was now an option to list a core workout for when I have an abs workout day! Fast forward a couple days later and when I went to log my workout as HIIT, it was no longer listed as an option. Looked for the core workout option and it wasn’t listed as an option anymore either. I also noticed that the workout I had listed as HIIT a few days earlier has now been changed to “Circuit Training”. Please bring back more options for categorizing workouts. It really helps to look back and see exactly what I did. With more options, I don’t have to guess what I did or use another label that doesn’t really apply to my workout.
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2 years ago, ShanzyNV
Always Have Syncing Issues
I like the app itself because it gives a lot of information. I love the sleep and heart rate data. As far as data goes, I think it’s great, but.......... I have had nothing but problems for nearly two years getting my Inspire HR to sync. It’s ridiculous that I have to go through this gyration of going into Settings, “forgetting the device”, then going back to the Fitbit app to pair and sync. I have to do this EVERY TIME I want to see current data. I called the company almost two years ago and the associate walked me through this process in order to refresh. She said “they were aware of the problems and were working on it.” Well, it has certainly taken a long time to work on it and it still doesn’t sync. Loses Bluetooth connection within minutes. The features of call/text notifications stopped working within months of my purchase. This device should be in sync constantly when near your phone. I’m afraid to do a total reset because I don’t want to lose all data. Not sure if I’m slamming the app or the programming. I just want the device to STAY synced and to get my notifications on my device. Very frustrating. I don’t know what bugs Fitbit supposedly fixes on the updates but none of them have corrected my problems.
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5 years ago, the dalan
Huge fan
I love my charge 3. I love how it tracks sleep and keeps track of my sleep stages. I love that I can track my runs, the splits, distance, and shows a map. Battery life is great. Notifications are great as well. 100% waterproof. The only time I take it off is to charge which I only have to do once a week. Also very durable I play basketball 3 times a week. Sometimes it will get hit by someone’s hand or the ball and my Fitbit shows no damage. I love Apple. Im bossed with my Mac and iPhone. But the Fitbit is way better than the Apple Watch and a fraction of the price. The app itself is great. Records the data very clearly and is easy to read. They send progress reports each week as well which are great compared to the last week. (I think it would be cool if that also got compared to your average stats) tracks all I see about and i can access it easily. Syncs very quickly as well. My one problem is it is very hard to read in the day light. The screen gets really dim and when on a run and I want to see my pace or trying to read a text message when it’s really bright outside it’s almost to read. I don’t know if Fitbit needs to fix that or if I can adjust it. Literally my only concern.
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1 year ago, Popmomma
Turn auto renew off, got renewed anyway
There are some things that I like about my Luxe but significantly more that I dislike. This is an expensive device and the app is really expensive to get the basic features needed to make it worth wearing the stupid device, throwing mine out. The programming for notifications is all messed up, endlessly buzzing my wrist reminding me that I have a text until I clear the reminder on the Fitbit. It’s even worse with phone calls, buzzing my wrist every minute while I’m on the phone to tell me I have a call - I know I have a call, duh, I’m on the phone. There is no setting in the app or website to set it to buzz once only. I had to turn all notifications off completely because you have no control over what it notifies you about or how many notifications you get. I also didn’t like getting buzzed when I’m talking in a meeting to have my watch tell me to move. The app itself was pretty good otherwise. Able to track my glucose, food intake, sleep - sort of. If I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom the sleep tracker ends there - so it says I had 3 hours sleep, not 7.5. It worked better when I first got it and just counted that as awake time then there was an update and it messed up the sleep tracking. I’m very disappointed in the product and the app.
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5 years ago, g026026
Sleep Score is Demoralizing
I’ll start by saying I loved my Fitbit. I got it last Christmas and it has helped me to feel motivated and accomplished, as well as accountable. However, the new display that includes a sleep score is horribly demoralizing. Every morning I wake up to check my sleep - hours slept, when I woke up, how it compares to other nights. I use this information to try to improve my sleep and my stress levels. This morning, knowing I had a long, challenging day ahead, I saw that my sleep had been given an arbitrary 70-something score which I cannot remove to just view the actual data. It’s on every screen. That’s a C on a test. I felt miserable and like I wanted to give up, and now feel like I have to remove the sleep feature (a key reason I wanted a Fitbit to begin with) to avoid feeling like a failure every morning. Please make this feature optional or remove it altogether; you’ve ruined the start of my day, where my Fitbit used to make me feel excited and happy to start the day off productively. Update: The response I received from Fitbit makes no sense. “We you can’t turn of the Sleep Score feature”? I can’t begin to understand what this means. This response and the lack of response from the company about this issue which has upset so many customers has now very seriously made me consider getting rid of my Fitbit altogether and getting something else. How are you going to fix this, Fitbit?
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3 years ago, Txbid
I love the app but have a complaint
I absolutely love using the Fitbit app to track my activity. I’ve been using it for years and am looking to but my forth tracker in a few months. I have the premium membership and it really does help me with their programs and added features. I especially enjoy the get fit bingo and love challenging my friends. You can even challenge non-premium members which is great because I get to share the fun with anyone I want (which is smart on the business side since now my sister has premium because of it!). However with everything I enjoy, I’m getting frustrated since my active minutes are not syncing properly. When I try to sync them it shows them in the app for one second then goes back to zero. I’ve tried many things (messing with Bluetooth, restarting my phone, logging out of my account, redownloaded the app) but nothing helped. I know around two months ago this was happening but I had updated the app and it went back to normal. Maybe all the bugs aren’t out and there needs to be another update? I’m not sure what it is but if someone could help me get the app to properly sync that would be great since I’ve become fixated on how it’s not working and try syncing it an insane amount of times hoping for a lucky try that never comes. Thank you!
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