Fitbit to Apple Health Sync

Health & Fitness
4.3 (18.2K)
51.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bickster LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fitbit to Apple Health Sync

4.32 out of 5
18.2K Ratings
1 year ago, Xyz7923
Worked well but BMI not syncing
I stumped up the cash for the lifetime subscription. Lets hope the company sticks around. I wanted bmi, lean body fat and body fat percentage to be copied over. The others worked but bmi has not. And I cant seem to work out why. I use an aria scale to send the data to fitbit for all 3 but v odd that only 2 of the three worked. Any tips would be appreciated? I am curious to find out if this app does the sync in the background or if I need all three open for it to work. Couldnt work that out in the app and didnt quite follow what the one clicm sync toggle does. But overall pretty decent if I could solve this one problem. 4 stars! Edit - I added weight as a category and that worked and so did bmi at that time so maybe you need both for bmi to work. I didnt have weight selected as i used my fitness pal to get the weight data from the fitbit app once the aria scale sends it to fitbit. Now turned that off and i am all good.
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4 years ago, Mlouuuuuuuu
Just what I needed
I got an Apple Watch for Christmas from my wife, after using Fitbit for years. I wasn't sure if it was even possible to transfer my Fitbit data over to Apple Health, but then I found this app. It's a really good value for the price, because without it I would have had years of data just sitting on my Fitbit since I love my Apple Watch and primarily use Apple Health now. This app is a very valuable tool for anyone trying to sync years worth of Fitbit data history over to Apple Health. It is useful in other ways too though. A few weeks ago we went to visit my parents down in Florida, and I left my Apple Watch at their house by accident. I didn't realize until we were already through security at the airport! It wasn't a big deal though, thanks to this app. This is what inspired me to post the review. Since we got home I've been wearing my Fitbit every day instead. The app automatically syncs my data to Apple Health every day, I don't have to do anything. My parents are visiting us for Christmas so it's only another week until I get my Apple Watch back. But until then I'm fine using my Fitbit - I can still see all my data on my Apple Watch as though nothing has changed. I did have a small issue with set up but the FAQ helped me and the support team was really helpful too. All in all, definitely glad I downloaded this app!
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5 years ago, jjessie8675309
Syncs my Fitbit data like a charm
I got a fitbit for my birthday but I prefer using Apple Health to store my data. I was hoping there would be some way to transfer data from Fitbit to Apple Health on a regular basis, preferably where I didn’t have to do it every single day. This app works very well, highly recommended for anyone who needs to transfer their data from fitbit to Apple Health. I followed the instructions as written and had no issues. The process is pretty simple, you log in to your fitbit account, go back to the app, and hit sync. I did actually have one issue where there was a problem getting my fitbit profile but it turns out it was my fault – it was because I didn’t give the app access when I first installed it. It was a very easy fix and easy to find in the Frequently Asked Questions. This app is taking data from one platform to another so it makes sense that there are a few things that could go wrong. As long as it’s easy to figure out I don’t mind. I wish Apple and fitbit would play nice but what can you do. All in all Im very thankful for this app, I get to use my new fitbtit but I can continue seeing my data in Apple Health and not have my data spread out in two different places! I think my wife will be getting a fitbit soon too so I’m glad we know about this app.
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5 years ago, tom11234567
Syncs my Fitbit data to apple health
I downloaded this app because I have been using a Fitbit for years and I recently got an Apple Watch. I wanted to transfer my Fitbit history to Apple Health so I can have all of my data stored in one location. Luckily I found this app. With this app I was able to sync 3 years of data from Fitbit to Apple Health. Now I am able to fully enjoy my Apple Watch! (sorry Fitbit). The app works really well and the instructions are clear. It worked for me the first time using it. They also have an in depth Frequently Asked Questions page that covers a lot of different contingencies. I woulr recommend this app to anybody who is looking to transfer their Fitbit data to Apple Health, especially if you have years worth of data. I haven’t found another app that syncs your whole Fitbit history. There are a fair amount of bad reviews on here from people who clearly did not read the instructions. I honestly don’t know how you could mess it up, it’s so easy, but syncing data between two different companies I guess there are a few things that could go wrong. In summary this app works exactly as promised. It is also very easy to use.
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4 years ago, peanutbutterfly333
Syncs fitbit history and auto syncs daily
This app is awesome, I was able to sync years of Fitbit data to Apple Health. I have been a Fitbit person for years and never thought of somehow syncing my data to Apple Health. It's nice when the data is in Apple Health because I just like that dashboard a lot better, it works better with the iPhone and everything. The best part is the app will do an auto sync every day, so I don't have to manually go in and sync. My workouts and steps just show up in Apple Health like magic. The app is very simple to use, it's pretty self explanatory but there are instructions and an FAQ that I used for one issue. My husband also uses the app because he got an Apple Watch, so he can sync all of his years of Fitbit data and start using the Apple Watch seamlessly. He even uses it to sync workouts which is awesome because he does a lot of cycling, running, and strength training workouts on Fitbit. I synced all my past yoga and stair climbing workouts. It also syncs sleep data which is nice. Overall, if you're switching from Fitbit to Apple Watch or if you just want to sync your data to Apple Health for easier use, I would recommend this app.
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5 years ago, Mo1234123489
Fitbit Data Sync to Apple Health Worked
App works great. Synced all my data on the first try and does my syncing for me every day with auto sync feature. I am able to use my fitbit for running, going to the gym, etc, and see all my steps and other data on my iPhone. This is super convenient for me because having my data in two different places was getting super annoying. It’s honestly pretty ridiculous that Fitbit doesn’t integrate with Apple automatically but I guess that’s par for the course these days. My wife uses this app as well because we got Fitbits at the same time and are training for a marathon together. The only annoying thing is that you can’t participate in fitbit challenges, but if you actually take the time to read the description, the developers are very upfront about this limitation. I did have one issue where I was getting MORE data on Apple Health than I had in fitbit. But I contacted support and they were very helpful, there is an FAQ for this exact problem. It turns out I had fitness tracking enabled on my iphone so it was counting steps from my phone too. Very easy to fix.
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2 years ago, DCC-
New to Fitbit - Sync Works Great
I’ve been using the free version of the app for two weeks now, to manually sync my Fitbit Charge steps to the Apple Health app on my IPhone 12. It works perfectly! One reason for trying this app versus another, was that I noticed that the developer seems to be very responsive to those having issues. After the initial install, I also reached out with a simple question. The response was prompt and very helpful. The free version does seem to be a bit ad heavy, but it probably isn’t easy or cheap to sync to an Apple product. The ads are a minor inconvenience and I’ve had no issues navigating around them. I bought the Fitbit in response to a work challenge that has since ended. However, I will be purchasing at least a few months worth of the paid version just to say “thank you” and support the developer. Bickster… great job and a great app. Thank you!! DC
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2 years ago, Sfguy1111
Works but not smoothly.
After some fiddling I got my resting heart rate and sleep history synced to Apple Health from my charge 3. Goal achieved. Apparently I was supposed to magically know to click profile as one of the fields I requested from fitbit, but I didn’t so I got a cryptic error and had to dig through the help to find solution steps which were outdated so didn’t work on my fitbit website login. Also toward the end it said to launch an app but didn’t say which app to launch. Confusing. Developer: rewrite the help for that sync error due to profile not requested from fitbit.
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2 years ago, HOBinthewoods
Great, but a recent glitch is adding steps
I’ve been using this app since I got my first FitBit in November or 2018. I know I will get an Apple Watch someday, for the fall detect feature, so I was thrilled to find an app to transfer FitBit data into Apple Health app on my iPhone. It has worked great until sometime in September 2021. I generally don’t leave this app or Apple Health open on my phone. I use the FitBit App for my tracking throughout the day. Instead, I intentionally open them up to do a manual synch once a week or so. Just to make sure my step history is transferred and maintained in Apple Health. BUT sometime last month, Fitness Synch started adding 1000 to 4000+ steps to my daily Apple Health totals compared to my FitBit step totals. And now my step average records in the Apple world, which I hope to keep long term, are getting out of whack. I hope this glitch is FIXED soon!!! Please!!!
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1 year ago, Joe Sottile
How do I end the spammy popups trying to sell me things I don’t want?
Every time I switch to or start the app, I get spammed with ads. I don’t want the pro features. MAKE THE ADS STOP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! Edit: the ads are for the upgrade to “Pro,” and a second popup is for a review of tge app, which I can’t easily post because the keyboard obscures the action button that would allow me to post. These popups only appear on ONE of the two iPhones that my family has the app loaded onto. So I would like to get the same behavior—i.e. NO nags about buying the “Pro” upgrade OR about adding a review—on the other iPhone. The one WITHOUT the popups doesn’t have the “Pro” tab along the bottom of the main page, and doesn’t limit the “auto-sync” toggle or the “Sync entire history” toggle to the “Pro” level. I absolutely don’t mind the ad that is for third-party stuff, because I understand that those ads keep the app “free,” but I am never going to pay for the “Pro” features that I don’t need or want, and I am unable to post the review from the app because the keyboard blocks the action buttons on the review popup.
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2 years ago, Dcmanryan
Sync button you can’t click on.
I use the free version of this app as no way I’m paying $60 for a life time. Since 5/3/22 the free sync button you can’t click on. I’ve also read a few developer responses that say everything you can sync from your Fitbit to Apple Health for free and that’s a flat out lie. It only syncs your steps and nothing more and the settings clearly show a crown with Pro written in it proving it. This was a 3-3.5 star app when it used to work but the pestering you to buy it every time you open it and the ads that are forced to be watched now get you a big fat 1 star because 0 stars isn’t an option. UPDATE: I deleted the app and signed back in through the app into my Fitbit account and sync does work again. Fitibit did a recent update and may have messed it up. This is still the best app to use for free IMO even though the pestering to buy the full app every start up remains and the ads are worst than in years past. 3.5 stars.
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1 year ago, hunterwalker
It works
The real problem is that apple and Fitbit refuse to play with each other at all. Thus the need for this app. Up until this point it was a free fix that worked well. I understand a developer’s need to make money and that means the end user has to put some kind of financial energy in for the use of the tool. That means we, the consumer, need to pay in some way. So take your pick, data mining, advertising, subscription, or outright pay for the app. I admit, the tool works. The price to buy is too much and the ongoing subscription? No way. I’d be more comfortable paying half that price to purchase this utility. The true villains in this game are Apple and Fitbit/Google. They will never concede. In the end, it’s the consumer that takes the hit for proprietary greed. This app works well enough. Totally turned off by the new price model. Which leaves me feeling disappointed and stuck. I think these developers are asking too much.
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6 years ago, 1st Second
Pretty Weird
Received a Charge 3. Of course, no user manual but I expected that. Tried to set-up Fitbit acc’t from iPhone 6S but wouldn’t connect. Downloaded the App for $5.95. Couldn’t use App without Fitbit acc’t. Rambled on over to the computer. Set-up acc’t and found that the Fitbit App should not be downloaded before acc’t set-up. Too late for that tidbit of news! Still, tried to work thru the problem. Went back to iPhone, opened App, and logged into acc’t. Selected ‘Fields’, etc and chose ‘sync’. Said no. Asked me to download ‘Health’ App. Did so. Of, I know there’s nothing in health App to Sync but it tried. Told me my device was sync’d. But nothing in iPhone, nothing on computer, and the Fitbit won’t turn on. Somehow I don’t think it matters. I’m pretty sure it won’t work either! Now I’m no technophile but I’m certainly no amateur at these things either. My take is this: if the manufacturer of a product doesn’t care enough about their customers to include a “Getting Started” instruction manual in the product box, I don’t think they deserve my business. Unfortunately, this Fitbit is going in the trash.
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3 years ago, SCMordac
Works as designed, loved it until I got a new iPhone…
I have to use a Fitbit for a thing we do at work to have some friendly competition. I wanted that data to sync to my Apple Health app and this does exactly that job! One “gotcha” that is a Fitbit security feature - the app sync api is only granted access for one year and will “stick” at 12% if the access has expired. Just log out (inside this app) and log in again, it will go to the Fitbit connection again and have you grant access for another year. No data is lost. Their helpdesk was fast with the answer when I had this issue. Edited - I got a new phone and the restore purchase failed, the support team was quick to respond and fixed the issue immediately! Great app with great support service!
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2 years ago, therustycook
Worst app ever!!!!
I started the Calibrate program recently. That app can read data from Apple Health. So I wanted all my data to automatically sync so I did not have to read it from the Fitbit app then manually type it into my Calibrate app for the doctor and coach to see. I even bought the lifetime license. It has only been 24 hours and I have already deleted this app off my phone. The numbers are so incredibly wonked now! I slept just over 5 hours last night and Apple Health and my Calibrate app says I slept almost 11 hours. I walked just over 8,400 steps yesterday and Apple health is reporting over 10,000 steps. I just wish now there was a way to get a refund. This is the first time I have buyers remorse for an app. And it is not just that the sync is sporadic or something. It is that it has completely screwed up my data! Now I will have to spend so much time trying to clean things up. So I am not just out $60 but I am also out so much of my time to fix what this app has messed up!!!
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3 years ago, MichaelKnutson
One of my must-have apps ...
I discovered this great app several years (and several Fitbits) ago, and it’s been on my must-have list for whenever I get a new iPhone. It has allowed me to keep years of (Fitbit) data easily saved in Apple Health, and allows it to be easily aggregated and displayed for longer periods of time (one year or less summarized and displayed). Thanks to this app, I’ve got information starting in 2017 through today, all quickly available in Health. A winning combination. I recently had a syncing issue, reported it to the vendor, the problem was fixed, and the software updated in the App Store within a day. Superb. If you’re using a Fitbit, and want to store your data in Apple Health, this is the app for you!
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3 years ago, ic00668
Do not bother to request help
All these people know is that some third party script kitty wrote them a script to auto-reply to every request for help, like all poor support systems it simply links to FAQ listing. When they read the customer’s reviews, they criticize the purchaser for NOT understanding poorly written FAQs. These FAQs are also generic and written by the same third party script kitty. They script kitty author simply uses a find and replace feature to change company and product name from a common template. Do not bother to request help. Their auto-reply to the above concern says this; “Hello, we have an auto reply when you first contact support detailing what information we need to help you. We respond to all support questions personally” That is retarded, to first acknowledge you use auto reply then in the very next sentence you state you “personally” respond to “all” questions, how completely moronic is that for a two faced liar. Oh edit most liars are morons and most morons are liars …my bad!
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5 years ago, Boredom Rules
Great For Anyone Moving On From FitBit
Many have left FitBit or may in the future for better companies (especially since Google bought FitBit). This app is simple to use and imports your FitBit data to Apple Health which many fitness watches and apps such as MyFitnessPal and Argus can then use if they don’t already import straight from FitBit. This way you don’t lose your information when you move up in the world for fitness apps. Once imported to other apps and watches you can close your FitBit account whenever is convenient for you without losing your information. With Google buying FitBit and your information it’s more important than ever to leave FitBit behind! This app is perfect to help you do that.
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3 years ago, Brionté
Happy with it
I am updating my review back to five stars. The sync works well and all my Fitbit data past and present is in Apple Health. I briefly was upset because I had been using it for quite some time with no problem, then noticed that my data was no longer syncing properly. I checked and they wanted me to pay a subscription to sync the same data that I had already paid to download the app for. I did not appreciate being charged more for the same features. After leaving a negative review one of the support people reached out and helped me get it fixed saying I was grandfathered into the old pricing model. Awesome.
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1 year ago, CyndieJo
Love It!
Been using this app for over a year! Had to find a way to keep track of steps after multiple health issues - some requiring surgery. Ballooned up from around 110# to almost 200#. It was hard to keep track of steps with just the FitBit because I need to take it off sometimes. I can always have my phone in my pocket, so it was great! I only recently deleted it because I was told it might be seen as a “cheat” for a favorite game of mine, so I deleted it to check. Still having the same issues, so it’s not this app. I have tried “PowerSync for FitBit,” but it doesn’t have all the info I need.
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5 years ago, Heygiggle
Counterintuitive and would not recommend purchase
I purchased both this app and the myFitnessSync Health to Fitbit version, paying nearly $10 for the pair. I was firstly enthusiastic about this purchase because it does assist with conjoining all health information to the Apple Health app. However, the supposed automatic communication has yet to function, despite tweaking permissions. By my experience, syncing only occurs manually by pressing the “Sync Now” button. In addition, because I had not manually synced my information through the Fitbit to phone prior to going to bed, when I synced in the morning, it only registered my movements when my phone was on my person. As a result, over 8,000 steps and 78 active minutes, etc. recorded by my Fitbit are missing on both my iPhone Health app and Fitbit app. I tried syncing with the Health to Fitbit as well to remedy the error, and it did nothing.
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2 years ago, Little0me
App works great but removed free features
I used this app for several months to sync my weight and body fat percentage. It worked perfectly and the pro plan didn’t include any of the features that I wanted. Eventually there was an update where the only data you could upload for free was your steps. This is useless to me as I already have an Apple Watch that uploads my steps. The pro plan is so overpriced and not worth it. None of this would be a problem if the app was not useless and stripped of its free features. The app is basically just appearing to be free. I would consider paying a few dollars a month for the premium features or a $10 one time purchase, but $10 a month for basically a quality of life improvement is unreasonable.
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4 years ago, jkm7385
I’m a loyal Apple user, iPhone and Apple Watch, but I cannot wear my Apple Watch to work. Bought a Versa Lite, approved for work, and frustrated I could not sync data with Apple health. Really just looking for steps and activity/calories. This app does sync steps, but even though it says “active/resting energy”, that does not appear to sync. Overall, not as seamless as I would have liked but it was hard to wade through all the info and reviews to determine if it was going to work before buying. Six bucks I can’t get back, but I’m not torn up about it...Fitbit really just needs to get over itself and allow for data sharing with Apple. If anything, I think they’d see an increase in sales, where they’re spouting “competition!”
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1 year ago, Mikeys iTunes
I Liked it at First But after 2 days…
I found it inaccurate in many ways. Like many other people have said, my steps & miles while carrying iPhone are added to the Fitbit steps thereby making steps and miles ridiculously too many. That’s a big problem for me and if it can’t be fixed ima gonna ask the developer for a refund. Then on day 2, today, it transferred my weight by adding 7+ lbs to my weight. More than a few categories were transferred inaccurately. Now, I see no benefit to this having been wedged into purchasing as the free version offers only one category & its inaccurate . Without accuracy, the numbers are not acceptable. There has to be a fix, right? Now I want my money back after using for 1 full day. For me, it’s unusable.
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4 years ago, samanthaheizer
Doesn’t work for Pokémon go users
I am a mom that plays Pokémon go, but I don’t like carrying my phone. So my husband bought a Fitbit for me awhile go. None of the data between Fitbit would go to Pokémon go and/or Apple health app directly smoothly. So I downloaded this app in hopes it would transfer my Fitbit data to Apple health app. That part worked beautifully which is why I rated the app 5 stars as it does what it states it does. However, none of that data in my Apple Health app transferred from Fitbit counts towards Pokémon go. So I will be getting rid of this service and purchasing an Apple Watch.
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5 years ago, nflyt12
Love this app, but...
This is everything I wanted. I love that it syncs my Fitbit info into my Health data and gives a more clear picture of my overall health. The only reason I can’t give it five stars is because sleep doesn’t sync correctly. It doesn’t sync the total day’s/night’s sleep. If I wake up for any extended time at night and go back to sleep, it only syncs the first few hours to Health and not the whole night. I have to then enter it manually in Health. I’ll change to five stars if that can be fixed. Thanks!
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2 years ago, aCurtzy
Look for another solution
Okay, bought this app in a bundle in 2019. It’s worked like a charm and was easy to use. It was ad free and while there was no free version available I was happy to spend the money for a clean and well organized app that made up for the lack of interoperability between Fitbit and Apple health. HOWEVER, they’re asking for $60 for lifetime pro membership? When I already paid? I get adding in ads to improve revenue but it makes the app clunky and difficult to use?? What’s the point? Also, you could’ve at least grandfathered me in to pro or give me a discount jeeze. TLDR: it used to be good but now it’s way over priced. I’ll be looking for another solution.
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5 years ago, Allycatm1971
Don’t waste your money
What a waste of money!! Seriously people don’t do it! I watched numerous videos and “help articles”. It will not sync to my Fitbit. I get the error getting Fitbit profile cannot sync. I did follow the suggestion to contact support for help. I did and got more frustrated. I sent a detailed message and the reply was basically to check out FAQ and to make sure I had included information. When I replied I honestly did a cut a paste from my initial response. All information that was needed was sent originally 😩.
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2 years ago, adam - zeppelin fan
No Auto Sync Unless You Pay For Premium
The free version only allows you to sync steps manually on the current day. If you actually wanted to sync your steps with the free version, you would have to open the app at the end of every day (after all your stepping was done), subject yourself to full screen ads, and go to the sync page to transfer your steps. That’s a lot of work for very little functionality. This app seems useful for using once on the cheapest subscription to transfer all data, & then delete it forever to use your new Apple Watch from then on. It might also be worth having if you wore both Apple Watch & Fitbit regularly, but I don’t know anyone who does that.
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5 years ago, TheBudAdams
The only app that worked!
I just needed a 1-time sync that went all the way back to my Aria scale weigh-ins in 2012... this is the only app that did it! One suggestion to the developer, offer a way to bulk select data to remove. An annoying feature of Fitbit is it stores the same weight for every day until a new weight is logged. I am trying to remove the redundant data, but can only do it 1-by-1. 😳 Add a feature like that and you’ll be 1 step ahead of any other app that also syncs data.
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5 years ago, bgq007
Bought Bundle
Well. I had been using a different app and probably should have just stayed with that one. But I wanted to try and have a sync going both ways in order to keep everything the same. Unfortunately syncing with this app messed everything up and destroyed by Fitbit data. By destroyed meaning deleted some data, added data in other places. Just made a mess. Now, I wish I hadn't purchased. Wasted my money. If the seller offered a free version to try, I would have found out it wasn't the app for me. But I got suckered in by all the "5 star" reviews touted by the seller. If you want to use this, then do it as you start your Fitbit journey. That way no worries about loss or corruption of data. I was very sad to see all my progress destroyed.
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7 years ago, Gerry Pete
Common Repository for Health Data
I have a Withings (now Nokia) Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and Wi-Fi Scale and a Fitbit Surge Tracker and Aria Scale. I purchased them all over a period of time in an abortive effort to have one place to store all of my fitness data. I even bought an iPod Touch to access the Apple Health app in hopes of consolidating all of my fitness data. I am now where I need to be thanks to the myFitnessSync app. I'm just stuck with an extra Withings Wi-Fi scale since it will not sync with my new 5G router but at least I don't have to buy any more devices.
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1 year ago, Alicia A C
App is essentially an ad, not useful
Too many ads to use properly, half the time it redirects you to what is essentially spam while trying to use the one sole function. Also read reviews and seems the customer support is nasty as can be. Telling people ‘a few ads help keep this free’ if users cannot use the app because of MORE than a few ads then it defeats the purpose. You are purposefully harassing people into either paying for the service of a very small function or just deleting the app completely. Either way its not a good look when your customer service is just as foul as your app. Cant wait to see what nonsense you spout in defense.
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3 years ago, Scammers?
I paid for this app and now I have no access
I’m really frustrated that I actually paid for this app and without notice, you all changed to a subscription format but are not honoring your original contract. Furthermore, you don’t even offer a “restore purchase” option from the app. It is a rip-off and bad business to void your original contracts with older customers. There is no incentive to continue using this app bc no information is shared and the ads are incredibly annoying. I paid for this not to be the case and I expect my purchase to be restored immediately or I will invest in another (higher rated) app which is not ripping off its existing customers.
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4 years ago, jacksw71
Total waste of $6
I purchased this app based on the positive reviews (should have sorted by most recent). This app does nothing useful except add meaningless workouts to your Apple Health data. The claim that the latest version syncs Workout data is misleading. Let me tell you what it actually does. The workouts that it does create have a Workout Type of “Other”, even though the correct data is listed in another field. Totally useless for analyzing past activity. To be fair, other apps seem to do the same thing. However, they do it for free, thus the low rating for this one. I guess I’ll have to manually download the FitBit jsom files and import them by hand.
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11 months ago, not-a-great-app
It’s ok but not 100%
The app is ok but doesn’t sync all fitbit categories that the fitbit charge captures data. The main issue is the sync itself in that it doesn’t always sync the data to apple health. Then if you ask it to sync again you get blocked by a dialog that says you have to wait 577 minutes because you asked it to sync too many times. I suspect it is fitbit mfg that throttles the requests so poorly developed app don’t over run their servers. But, I wouldn’t ask it to sync more than once if it synced correctly the first time. Makes it really hard to see you stats immediately in apple health.
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2 days ago, Beth Morrell
Tried several apps and this one worked.
Had a LOT of data at Fitbit and the other apps didn't work. This one got it moved over. Took a few tries because of the quantity of data but got the job done. Another app I tried wouldn't get all of it and after trying twice it had doubled my weight. (What?) this one got all of the data over pretty easily and all correctly.
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1 year ago, jcaudle
Does a lot, maybe a little pricey
The app syncs more Fitbit data to Apple Health than others out there, but you also pay more than others. I bought it got the app a long time ago, but don’t know if I’d pay for the current lifetime license. If getting all of your data into apple health is important, this is the app for you. If you want something that just updates your active calories, there are cheaper options.
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3 years ago, miiiiikkkkeee
It works and saves a bunch of time
I recently switched from Fitbit to Garmin and wanted to download 7 years of Fitbit data. Unfortunately, Fitbit gives you the data in a series of JSON files that have to be imported into Excel, which is way beyond my Excel skills. So I bought this app, got everything into the Health app and am on my way. I had one wrinkle with the initial download, but the FAQs resolved the issue pretty quickly with easy to understand instructions.
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6 years ago, DamaniThePirate
Not as advertised.
The app does sync your Fitbit information to Apple Health, but what it doesn’t tell you is the extra steps needed to make sure that the Apple Health app reads the information from your FitBit and not your phone. Additionally, it says in the description that the information will sink automatically throughout the day after the first manual sync, but I have had to do it manually every time. I’m almost positive there’s a free app that also makes you do it manually. I payed for this app under the assumption that it would sync automatically, so I’ll be trying to get a refund for this and downloading the free one.
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6 years ago, HeavyFoot
Gets stuck and doesn’t work. Total junk.
This thing is supposed to do one thing and only one thing and it fails to do it. I followed instructions step by step. Come to the last step and click the Sync Now button. It says In Progress. Please Wait... and you wait and wait. Nothing happens. Gets stuck. Total piece of junk. Their responses to all bad reviews is thousand of people use it every day to sync their data. Yea right. Don’t spend a penny on this thing. I bet they wrote all the good reviews. Doesn’t even deserve a single star. If you sort the reviews by date, all recent reviews are bad. May have worked at some point but doesn’t work right now.
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1 year ago, FlyingbytheSeatofmyPants
Customer Service Apple Always Great
Not able to log in yet it tells me if I delete I will delete its data. Just not useful at all. I see the high ratings but it won’t work with my Fitbit. Or if it will it’s quite confusing. Update : This worked itself out before your response. I still feel more instruction is necessary but for your caring about customers I do raise this review. Thank you.
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2 months ago, PomPom1234
Does not update properly, no response from customer service
The appeal of this app is for the data to regularly update automatically from Fitbit to the Health app. My app has not updated automatically since download; the data will not transfer unless I manually refresh the sync. I've tried redownloading both Fitbit and Sync to Health, but no luck. I've also contacted support at least 3 times via their in-app link, but have received no response. I paid for the app to access all features. The performance and lack of customer service is incredibly frustrating and disappointing
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9 months ago, Worthwaitin4
Expensive for no good reason.
Like many other reviewers stated, you can’t sync anything other than steps without paying at the least $10. There isn’t a trial period so you have to pay to find out if it even works. I tried syncing steps and that didn’t even work. You can’t even see how the app works with out the first thing you see being “Gimme Money!”. I say don’t waste your time or money unless you reeeeally want to try this app. Also, the replies to the bad reviews are interesting to say the least. Hopefully the good reviews aren’t paid for like some other reviewers are concluding.
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3 years ago, stevjaco
Great App, does exactly what it says.
I’ve been using this app since 2017. It has worked consistently and continues to get better every year. When I switched from a Fitbit to an Apple Watch I was disappointed because my Fitbit Scale wouldn’t automatically sync with my Apple Health. This app completely fixes that issue! Once it’s set up, one button syncs everything.
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6 years ago, beesyrupmachine
Works but annoying and manual
The app works but it’s all manual. You have to remember to sync or else it won’t do anything for you. Also, every single time you sync it will nag you asking you for a review. I’m really upset about this considering it’s as annoying as an ad. Is the developer so desperate for reviews that there is no functionality to remove this “feature”? Either way, those are the two serious faults in the app that ruin the user experience and make it feel like you’re using shareware of the 1990s rather than an app you’ve actually paid for.
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1 year ago, #dogmama
not worth it
I recently got a Fitbit and I use it to track my runs and workouts. The Fitbit app worked great but I was annoyed from getting notifications from Apple Health App and the Fitness app. I downloaded this app to try to get my “rings” to close on my IPhone. There was immediately advertisements covering the page and it didn’t tell you everything cost money until after you logged into your Fitbit account. Everything has to be “Premium” and premium costs money. If tracking my steps on my iPhone as well my Fitbit costs money, than the fitness app isn’t even worth it.
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6 years ago, k8seren
Essential for Fitbit users
This app is awesome! Easy to use. Works perfectly for syncing FitBit data to Apple Health. I’ve used it daily for a couple of weeks and have found no duplicated data and nothing has failed to sync. Pricey but worth it and superior to all the free apps I have tried. It would be great if fitness apps just talked to each other but until then this app is essential. Thanks for this app!
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4 years ago, micucci1127
Weight data issue?
It seems to pull over my weight data from my Fitbit aria scale as daily averages rather than the individual data points? So now in my Apple health data I see 365 data points each at 11:59pm one for every day of the year, even on days I did not weigh myself. On days I did not weigh myself it seems to be taking “averages” between actual data points. Why can’t you take the actual data points and let Apple health make its own chart instead of adding all those extra averages?
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6 months ago, chg2018
Not the official Fitbit app
I got this app by mistake somehow I wasn’t paying attention and downloaded wrong app The app is designed to make the ads appear as if they are part of the app ended up taking me to a weird location and asked for my credit card info ( will be cancelling that card I should have know it was a scam when it said my card isn’t approved for this website While I do know that the app maker may not be responsible for the ad scam activities I feel they are at least complicit in the design to make it appear like part of their platform Very unhappy
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