Fitbod Workout & Gym Planner

Health & Fitness
4.8 (217.2K)
179 MB
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Current version
Fitbod Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fitbod Workout & Gym Planner

4.82 out of 5
217.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Crooked Line
Great App for Consistency
I have been working out on and off since high school (30 plus years). However, finding the consistency and motivation has been challenging. I have read countless articles about different weight lifting plans and have tried / failed at most of them. Fitbod, however, changed all of that. When it comes to using this app, I never have to think about what exercises I should do because it does the work for me. You are able to pick workout types based on preference. For example, push/pull, upset body/lower body, full body, etc. each exercise is also explained and demonstrated to cover different learning styles, visual, kinetic, etc. the app keep track of what you did in the last workout and applies weight suggestions which can always be Chandra up or down depending on how you are filling. There is also a countdown between sets and finished workouts can be posted to different social media sites, Strava for example. Yes, this site does make suggestions to share the app with others, to post personal records, etc., in an attempt to attract more users. But, it’s simple as hitting the X or saying no if that’s not your cup of tea. All in all, for what you get, the paid version is worth it to mr and, after my year subscription is up in the next few weeks, I will be re-upping for another year. You can tell they put a lot of thought into this app and this is my jam for sure. Consider giving it a try. Be a better you like I am becoming a better me!
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5 years ago, nbct.wright
Good but not great enough to pay for...yet
I’ve used this app for one week which granted is not a lot of time. However, it is long enough to see some glaring errors. The app has a lot of really great exercises for beginner to advanced fitness levels. There are very good, very clear directions with a video accompanying each exercise to make successful execution quite easy. The problem I have on my iPhone Xs and my Apple Watch Series 4 is that the app on the watch and the app on the phone don’t seem to work in perfect synchronicity. The idea behind the watch app is that you can use it to cycle through specific exercises within a set or superset while your phone sits idle in your pocket. The problem on the Apple Watch app is that you have the choice only to log an entire superset and move onto the next superset despite the fact that you may only be on the first set within a superset. It’s annoying to have to go back to your phone to login individual sets so that you don’t clear out the entire superset and move onto the next exercise. I’ve had this issue every day since using the app. Also and on a more minor note, when setting up the initial free 30 day trial, I had to install, delete, and reinstall the app three times before I was able to begin the free trial. These are just a few examples of how this seemingly very strong app is still a bit glitchy in areas of basic user interface. A little fine-tuning and I would recommend it even at its $10 a month subscription.
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4 years ago, KelGym
Took 2 weeks and now love it
I’ve been using the app for 4 weeks now- at first I was excited to get started but let down quickly for personal reasons, not the App per-say. Background - I work with a trainer at the gym and do a push-pull workout 5 days a week with cardio. Of course the trainer works around my injury and recovery... I had wrist surgery last year and still have limitations, for example can’t put body weight on it and can’t do any type if push up yet. So frustrating!! Now, with not having the gym nor my trainer available and fast forward 2 weeks- I’m loving it! Found the perfect workout regimen for me within the App! I really had to play around to see what would work best for me with my injuries. I tried to set it to push/pull but without gym equipment there isn’t much push you can do.l without push-ups, which I can’t do....So was getting frustrated with the workouts. I tried different settings for 2 weeks and found one that is working around my injury!! I love that I can customize the app - exclude exercises I can’t do, set the type of regimen and equipment available or that works for me. The app changes up the exercises, this prevents me from getting bored and keeps my interest with my at home workouts right now. I can truly say I get a better workout then the gym at times - I’m sweating, my heart rate is up and I feel fulfilled at the end of the workout! I’m going to be using this when the gyms open back up - this is my own personal personal trainer!!
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5 years ago, rachelafile
I love whoever created this so much
***9 month update: I ended up losing 40 more pounds using this app and am the strongest I’ve ever been in my life. I wish I’d had this app in the army, because it has saved me from the hip injury that got me medically discharged. I can even run again now! Strength training is the way to go and this app helped me 100x more than that trainer ever did. *** I was a member of a personal training gym for 6 months ($700 a month for 3 workouts a week). Having a trainer was great; I built muscle and lost fat (20 pounds total weight loss). But once on my own, it’s been a struggle. I didn’t know what exercises to do together or how they affected my body. I saw this app on an Instagram ad and while I usually take a peek at fitness ads, I ultimately never download or buy a subscription. They’re almost all the same, don’t do much for you and are expensive. This app is EVERYTHING. Jeez- for the price of Netflix, I could’ve been using this app from the beginning and seen the same results. You still have to put in the work, but this is the best tool I’ve found so far and the price is amazing. I bought the annual subscription and am very pleased with my results so far. Great, customizable workouts that take all the I’m-confused-and-don’t-know-what-to-do-so-give-up out of it. This app partnered with a cheap $10 Planet Fitness membership may very well be the best thing to ever happen to me.
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4 years ago, tylerc081691
Revolutionary idea - still some more work to do
I really like this app a lot. It has an intuitive interface, and gives me challenging workouts that I look forward to every day. Like a lot of other people, this app has also exposed me to many exercises I wouldn’t have otherwise tried. I know that I will continue to use and enjoy this app for a very, very long time, and for that I thank the developers. The reason I gave 4 stars is because there are still some bugs that I feel need to be worked out. For example, one workout had 2 exercises that were both “max effort” days on the same muscle group. Maxing out one muscle group on a given day is taxing enough, but maxing out the same muscle group twice in a day will give you inconsistent results. I’ve also seen very strange weight/rep recommendations. For example, I maxed out one exercise at 13 reps for 50 pounds. A couple days later the app wants me to do 15 reps for 40 pounds. That’s practically maxing out again. Besides that, there are lots of little bugs that I’m sure will get sorted out over time. For example, the timer beeps are inconsistent between sets (sometimes it’ll beep and other times it won’t). I also wish you could tell the app that you don’t have fixed barbells. Most barbells are 45 pounds with no plates on them, yet there are barbell exercises in the app calling for 30 or 40 pounds, which is impossible. Again, I’m sure this will get sorted out in time, but they are still a minor annoyance.
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5 years ago, misskeys91
I like This Alot , Except . . . .
im a beginner when it comes to working out so i tend to be in the gym not knowing what to do just pretty much in there hopping from one machine to the next so i love the fact that this app (been using for about 3 months now) gives me my full workout . From start to finish so im not just in there trying to figure out what to do next . Love that it shows yu how to do it as well as what area of the body the exercise is actually for. My only downfall is that because im a beginner i would expect all my workouts to be beginner friendly. They most certainly have beginner friendly workouts but when im starting my workout and i see the workout they put together , i can never just go thru with the whole workout because im constantly replacing the one they put in my workout. For example , it may tell me to run for 20 min on the treadmill and ill have to replace that because its no way as a beginner that yu can run for 20 min straight (well i cant) or another one they always have be do are pushups but i always have to replace that with the one where yu can be on ur knees or just a completely different workout. So its not something that would make me not continue to use this app its just that if my workout is for 1 hr 30 min it then becomes way longer than that because i constantly have to stop to replace the really tough workouts that they have me doing. Only reason why i gave it 4 starts , other than that , would be a 5 for me🙂
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7 months ago, Samballin24/7
Good, not great
I gave the app a try on the free side and I gotta give it a mixed review. Part of me wants to use it and a part of me finds it pointless. It’s a decent app for tracking workouts, but the workouts provided aren’t all that. There’s a weird superset fetish with the app that makes it really annoying to even make your own routine. My favorite part has to be the soreness tracking, but it’s a bit redundant if you have a solid workout plan already. I think if you’re getting into fitness, it might be good enough to get you comfortable at the gym and with working out. However, if you’re an intermediate or advanced lifter, this app is pretty much replaceable with the notes app and a stopwatch. Also worth mentioning the rest timer is beyond annoying with its increments of time. Exercises like calf raises don’t require a lot rest time and the options there are odd numbers (going up from 15 seconds by increments of 10 so you can’t even select 30 seconds). I have to give it a 5.5/10 considering it’s a decent way to track soreness and get into fitness, but is also a bit redundant and easily replaceable. It’s also under $7 a month so it’s not egregiously priced if you follow the workout plans provided. However, if you’re sticking to a consistent routine for 3 months (which is what I do) then it’s a bit useless. You can buy better workout plans for cheaper and replace all the other functions easily. However, there is merit to it, just not for me.
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5 years ago, J0hnnyb1
Goodbye Plateau
I’ve been lifting since I was 16. I worked in a gym through college and didn’t have a problem staying fit/built. Then, real life happened. I worked a professional job, got married, had a kid, and skipped the better part of a year working out. I’m highly motivated so getting back to work wasn’t difficult. The real problem was that I am not 37 and my body doesn’t snap back to 100% like it used to. With that being said, I am determined to be in the best shape of my life or die trying... Enter Fitbod. Fitbod got me out of my comfort zone and forced me to do exercises I’ve not done in years or, I’m some cases, ones I have not done before. I’m finally, after the better part of a year hitting weights like crazy, seeing some major gains. I questioned the formula at first but as I fine tune the weights and number of reps I’m finding Fitbod to be indispensable. With all that being said, the only improvement I could recommend is to pair supersets in a way that is efficient. Sometimes similar exercises are paired which is okay unless they use the same piece of equipment that need rearranged (and can take a few minutes to strip and reset). This is really my only complaint with the app. It’s really great otherwise. Also, the synchronicity between the app and the Apple Watch needs some serious work. They don’t always know what each other is doing or has done.
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5 years ago, Mchlldn
Super excited but somewhat sad!
I had always struggled with feeling confident at the gym especially with coming up with sound and effective exercise plans for the day during peak gym season. I work 9 hour days and can only hit the gym if I would like during peak night times, and often times I’m struggling up to come up with work out ideas and end up not making the most out of my time at the gym. I think that is where the feature of this app really shine through. I would recommend this app to those who need a little help with creating and tracking their exercise plans and progress! Also, you’re not indefinitely locked into the plan and you can swap/replace exercises if you would like. I believe the best feature is the instruction videos that built right into the app. The achievements after a workout are also a bonus! It’s nice to cheered on. Also, with the help of this app, I really get an idea of what muscles I am working out and I am able to check my form without being super self conscious because of all the instructional video. I was so excited to start incorporating this into my regime and hopefully kickstart myself into consistency. Unfortunately, the $60 annual is a bit too much for me to justify at the moment and knowing what I could save with the annual single payment versus the monthly has me hesitant to go down that route. I suppose I’ll just have to go back to using without until I can budget out for the annual fee.
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5 years ago, valene_ayar
LOVE this app....but....
Okay let me start off by saying I LOVE this app. I just take like 5-8 mins before my workout to log in everything I want to do. You have the option of telling the app what machines and weights you have available and it will give you ideas for workouts. You can make multiple profiles too. So, for example, you want to use it at the gym and home ....well you probably have different equipment at home than a gym. So you can create a home profile to tell it what equipment you have at home. And then another profile where you can use it at the gym with their equipment. The instructions and videos are very helpful as well for those workouts you don’t know very well yet but would like to try. It has made me sooo much more efficient instead of wandering around between sets wondering what to do next. The ONLY complaint I have (and why I didn’t give 5 stars) is because they don’t have as many different workouts as I like (for example, kickboxing and heavy bag workouts to name a few) and you don’t have the option of adding it. Other apps allow you to add your own workouts that aren’t listed in the app. Soo if any app developers are reading this right now ....please fix it and I will use this one religiously instead of bouncing between apps. It would really help eliminate competition because other than that feature, the app is unbelievable!!! And I would change my rating in a second to reflect how I feel
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4 years ago, what you were
Great app for beginners!
I never review iPhone apps, so this is kinda meaningful. This app is awesome! As someone who has messed around in the gym before, but ultimately just did the same exercises every day and not seeing results, this app is a lifesaver. I just put my headphones in, turn the app on, and go. When I go to the gym I don’t like to think about what I’m going to do next, and this app takes care of that! You tell it what you want to do (I’m doing a strength-training program), what your gym “level” is (I’m a beginner), and it creates a workout for you based on how long you want to workout for and for what muscles are “fresh”! This is especially great, because I typically workout 4 days in a row, so sometimes some muscles are way more sore than others, and the app knows that. I have used this app to keep my same weight, but start to put on some muscle! I have even caught my wife checking me out, which she hasn’t done in a while. All-in-all, this app is fantastic as a personal trainer that fits in your pocket. Yes, it does cost at most $10/mo (they have yearly plans for $60/year), but honestly that’s way cheaper than a trainer and this is basically doing the same thing. Definitely check this app out, if you’re a beginner or even an advanced gym rat! This will put together whatever kind of program you need, and if you stick with it I guarantee you’ll see results!
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5 years ago, Dom Nolan
Fantastic App for the beginners and the busy
I’ve been using this “Fitbod” app for about a month now, and I have to say I absolutely love it. I highly recommend it for anyone like me, who doesn’t have time to make up and track a detailed fitness program for themselves, or anyone new to lifting. Every exercise it plans for you gives a detailed description of the movements and a video of the motions, so you’ll never be lost or unsure about what you’re doing. 20 workouts in so far and I’ve yet to repeat the same exercise twice, yet still activate every muscle group multiple times a week. Helping to keep things interesting, but in the long term, prevent plateau’s and stagnant progress. There is a subscription fee, but between the daily custom workouts, active muscle fatigue tracking, archived logs of all past workouts, and multiple customization features depending on personal preference and equipment available to you, it’s well worth it. Plus it links to Strava and Apple’s health app if you’re into that sort of thing. I never cared enough to give a review to an app before because that’s stupid, but this app has been a very pleasant experience for me, and I figured I should recommend it before everyone drops of their New Years fitness kicks because I actually look forward to checking this app and checking what my next workout has in store for me.
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5 years ago, dab202020
Mixed reviews
I have mixed reviews about this app im a premium subscriber. While I do like this app there are certain things I would like added or changed. First I do like that it’s gives you a detailed video on how to do each work out I think for beginners that are just starting to workout and don’t want to look stupid in the gym doing workouts wrong it’s very helpful to see the right form and detailed explanation of breathing and tightening techniques. I like the tracking of workouts and how they change your workouts throughout the week and show which muscles are fresh to be worked out and which ones you have just worked out through the week to give a rest. I also like how if you really don’t want to do a work out you can replace it with a workout you feel better about. How ever it is to hard to do this and if you don’t know the name of the machine in your gym or workout you want to do it’s to difficult selecting a work out scrolling down to the video to see what it is then if it’s not the right one having to go all the way back select another workout ( that might not be the right one again) then repeating the process if it’s not. There should be a video next to each workout to show a snapshot of that workout so you don’t have to take the time selecting and reselecting workouts. I also feel like for 10 dollars a month it just doesn’t do enough for me when it comes to tracking workouts and progress. Needs more features for what your playing
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5 years ago, This is my nicknamexxxxxxxx
Best Fitness App!
I’m an ex powerlifter looking to tone up my bulky muscle into something more lean and, well, feminine. The thing that floors me about this app is just how much you can customize it to your preferences! When you open the app, it asks the basics: age, gender, height, weight, y’know. Then it asks you what your goals are for fitness: do you want to bulk up? Get lean/lose weight? Bodybuilding? Are you training for powerlifting? Are you training for Olympic weight lifting? Then it asks how many days a week you want to workout (and for how long), what your experience level is, what equipment your gym has (dumbbells, barbells, machines, etc.), and from there it customizes a weekly workout plan that’s perfect for you. And if your preferences change, like if one day you want to just do a bodyweight workout with no equipment, it lets you do just that in the settings! The more you workout, the more the app adjusts to your limits so that you’re neither whipped to the bone nor walking away feeling like you waisted your time doing nothing. It’s as if I’ve found a personal trainer that fits in the palm of my hand!! It’s only been the first week I used this app, but I’m already so thrilled with how well it’s made that I’ve subscribed to the $60 a year plan. This app is well worth it in so many ways. It even lets you add recovery and warm up exercises!
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4 years ago, GPDistel
Great potential but misses the Mark
I’ve been using this app daily for two months now. While the concept of having it adjust to meet your ability and push you further is great it misses the mark on execution. It starts out great, five stars for being able to suggest the proper weight and exercise according to what I want to achieve and the equipment I have available. -1 star for not being able to RELIABLY go between my Apple Watch and phone to track progress or complete sets or workouts. App is often out of sync. On my watch the timer randomly stops while on the phone it works fine. Not all the time and not for the same workouts which only adds to the frustration because I never know what to expect next. -1 star for not being able to RELIABLY add exercises or sets. Have tried several times and it’s hit or miss. Sometime it works, other times it resets prior exercises I already completed. Now before I try to add I take screenshots of any changes I made in case it decides to reset. -1 star for having to pay a subscription for an app that is not being properly tested before it’s released. Looking back over past comments and many people have said the same thing, this is unacceptable. If we are being asked to pay monthly or annually for a service the least they can do is address the issues that are being reported. Not expecting changes overnight but going back a year and seeing the same called out, it’s time to get it right. If not, start reimbursing us until you can.
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3 years ago, Another Ashley Johnson
Love all of the features
I started using Fitbod in June 2018. Getting back into a workout routine as a mom and night nurse seemed impossible and overwhelming with three kids, an out of whack circadian rhythm, and limited time but I needed to do something for my health and to manage stress. I invested in home gym equipment over the years but never stuck with anything. I literally had to dust my weights and bench. I came across Fitbod while searching for an app to help me organize my workouts, give me some accountability, and some structure. It’s been a total game changer. There are so many helpful features that I love. It took the overwhelming planning me. Fitbod put together my workouts, according to the equipment I had, and was a great way to stay accountable. The instructional short how-to videos and explanations are great for beginners. I used these frequently to review form and ensure I was using the proper technique to avoid injury and get the maximum benefit. The timers for rest periods, superset builders, recovery log, max effort days, I love everything about it. For a busy mom with three kids, lifting with Fitbod took the stress of planning my workouts away and has allowed me to stay organized and progress! This transformation led me to health coaching and Fitbod is something I recommend to anyone looking to incorporate fitness into their routine.
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3 years ago, tiffydx3
Good but could be better
I did my first workout with Fitbod today. I really enjoyed the workout itself as I could pick which muscles I wanted to workout and it would generate the exercises for me. The exercises didn’t repeat, supersets were available, there is a built in timer, all of which I loved. Also available to add on are warm up and cool down exercises that are automatically generated for your muscle groups that you’re working out that day. And it shows you how to do each exercise/stretch. Can’t wait to see how my next two free workouts go before I consider subscribing. The one downside I’ve noticed while trying to log the weights I used— for the mini loop bands and resistance bands, the only way to log weight is based on their specific band colors/levels of resistance and I have bands from different brands with different levels of resistance to them, so I would like to be able to insert my own level of resistance for workouts rather than the preset ones. Also, the colors of the bands in the app don’t match up with the colors of the bands they sell on the website. This should be reconciled to at least match the ones that the company sells IMO because then I’d be more likely to buy the ones that match the app. This isn’t a huge deal as I just matched the resistances, BUT it’s an easy fix the company should adjust.
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4 years ago, MasonV57
An almost perfect home fitness app
I’ve been using Fitbod for a couple of months now and it’s proved itself to be worth the money. I’m fortunate to have some equipment at home, all I needed was some guidance on what to do with it. Fitbod has given me exactly what I needed and I’m seeing (and feeling) the results. It costs the same as the cheap gym membership I had, but gives me a plan to follow that is working better than a gym membership did. The functionality of the app is flawless. It gives you a lot of flexibility to customize your workout if you want to change the exercises that it generates. The navigation is easy and it integrates with Apple Health and Fitness. It provides a good post-workout summary and helps keep you motivated by letting you know when you’ve set personal records. Overall, I’m happy. My only gripe is that, while this app won’t let you forget about leg day, it seems to neglect chest and triceps exercises unless you manually change the muscle groups you want to work out. It’s easy enough to fix that, especially since it shows you how your muscles have recovered since you last worked them, but the point was to have an app that would guide me through full body fitness. For that reason, it falls just a little short of perfect for me. Regardless, I’m still happy overall with the app and plan to continue using it for the foreseeable future.
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3 years ago, azilee22
A month in and never going back
I have been trying to get into working out for around 2 years now. I struggle with social anxiety so going to a gym and not knowing what to do or if I’m doing it right had been a BIG struggle. I had settled for 10 minute workout videos and running until I had a friend recommend this app. I’m OBSESSED. The algorithm works different muscle groups each workout so that I’m not doing just an “arm day” or “abs day”. Also, throwing in different exercises each day keeps me interested AND has proven to help my muscles. I love that you can change reps or weight for each round of an exercise as well. The videos and descriptions work perfectly to describe/show the correct form for the exercise. This not only helps my confidence in public but is super important for a beginner (to learn the correct form that is). As a student, it’s also really nice to be able to change gym profiles for at home/at summer apartment/at school. VERY handy. I also loveee the Apple Watch compatibility (calories don’t count unless they’re on the Apple Watch!) I’ve only been using the app for about a month but I am shocked at the amount of muscle i have added. This app really is like a personal trainer and adds room for personalization, the perfect mix.
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6 years ago, Jay_Cass
I WANT to love this app...
I’m a fitness professional. MS in exercise Science and an exercise specialist. For the casual gym goer looking to expand their repertoire in the gym and have something keep them accountable and organized, this app is wonderful. It’s user friendly, right to the point, and highly intuitive for just about anybody looking to get in shape. My issue is this. I got this app because of the convenience and the peace of mind knowing that I can follow the given workout and be confident that I’m doing all the right exercises. But I don’t have that convenience and peace of mind because I’m OFTEN finding myself trying to configure the workouts beforehand, quite thoroughly. The workout plan comes up and it gives me exercises that are just not conducive to a good workout. Meaning, why would I do an isolated movement, 3 sets of 6 before a heavy compound lift for 5 sets of 12? That makes no sense. Unfortunately I have to do a lot of the thinking myself because the algorithm provided just spits out workouts based on a flawed system. It doesn’t know what I know and how I would configure my workouts so in order for me to work better with the app, I’d have to sit there and configure every exercise. And makes sure you save the workout because any setting changed without saving the workout will completely throw out everything you just did. Frustrating when you’re on the fly. Anyways, good app, just can’t love it.
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2 years ago, Davey.Jones95
Affordable and Practical with Results
A year ago I began my fitness journey determined to better understand my body and perform exercises that would help me to reach my goals. Like most beginners I had absolutely no plan or structure, but this app gave that and more. The workouts are designed to fit your desired goal based off of your available equipment. The ability to personally tailor my workout program to any setting has allowed me to workout out practically anywhere. The pandemic has forced me to workout from my garage but in the past year I have accumulated more and more plates, dumbbells and equipment while simultaneously updating my available equipment on my app to set workouts and honestly I have had no need to join a gym. You will get stronger and you will see results so long as you stick to your goals and follow the apps instructions. My technique and form has improved tenfold and my strength has increased making every day tasks seem like nothing. I could write a whole essay on why you should download the app but it is definitely worth the trial and subscription if you are serious in pursuing any workout program. This app is a perfect supplement to any workout program or goal. 10/10 would recommend.
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6 years ago, MaxShrug531
Comprehensive Workout App!
My foundation is in starting strength barbell strength training and I then do accessory work for bodybuilding. Currently, push/pull/legs split. This app has all the exercises a beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifter could ask for. I’m sure with updates and customer reviews they will add more exercises to the library. It’s great for calculating volume and calorie burn. Notably, the calorie burn can be worked into your daily diet and calorie count so you can factor your workouts into bulk or cut routines. The app is very easy to use, customize your own workout, supersets, or have the app generate a workout for you based on your fitness goals (and then customize it to your satisfaction). I purchased after my 2nd free trial session because I saw how convenient it was to track weights, volume, rest intervals all on your phone. It was one stop shop. Well worth the purchase, will recommend to friends and others! My phone is an iPHONE XS Max, no glitches, runs smooth. Please add the following exercises: Pendlay Rows, Deficit Deadlifts, Halting Deadlift, Rack pulls, Barbell Overhead Press (OHP), Barbell Pin Press for OHP, Rev Grip Bench Press, Wide Grip Bench Press, Block/Pin Bench Press, Rev grip Tri pull down (medial head), cable/rope triceps extensions, leg press stance variants (narrow/wide, upper stance, lower), Barbell Front Squats
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10 months ago, ultraloveninja
Great, but needs some features
I’ve been using Fitbod for a while now and there’s really no other fitness app out there that compares for ease of use. If you are looking to start and get into a workout routine, this app with get you going right away. Overall, I’ve been pretty pleased with Fitbod and I’ll still continue to use it. The downsides are that it’s lacking some features that would be helpful. I’m starting to look into training for a triathlon and it would be great to generate strength training for specific disciplines like running, cycling, swimming, golf, etc. Only having five or six general categories doesn’t really diversify for specific training. I’m not looking for a full on training plan, but more supplemental training for other sports. The other issue is no Garmin support. There’s only Apple health, Strava, and Fitbit. I’ve been able to sync my Garmin data through Apple Health and then into Fitbod to have it count for other workouts (e.g. - cycling, swimming, etc.) but it’s not super accurate and I’m not sure it’s working to the fresh muscle groups when generating workouts. It seems that the AI that was there before isn’t the same as it was a year ago, so not sure if there was an update that tweaked that. Overall, Fitbod does fill the gap of taking the guesswork out of strength and lifting, but it still needs some work.
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4 years ago, Henderkyle
Beginners luck
Six month update *** Still absolutely LOVE this app. It has made ALL the difference in my time at the gym as a beginning lifter. If you enjoy the feeling of clicking “done” at the end of a set to see progress, this is for you. If you need to see examples of how to do the exercises, this is for you. If you need to be pushed into exercises you didn’t know existed, again, this is for you. Well worth the money. I just open it, make adjustments based on how I’m feeling and then go. No thinking involved after that. Looking back at my past sets and seeing progress is phenomenal. My ONLY complaint is that it picks a few exercises and will not let them go. I love being asked to do new things, but it seems to be desperate for me to try some things over and over when there are even more new things to try. And that makes the reps get crazy high!! Doing 5 sets with 42 reps of ANY exercise is a LOT. I want it to cycle through all the things I haven’t done before it gets that high on one particular exercise. This would save the time replacing those with new things on my own before each exercise session. Otherwise, this is the best app I’ve ever paid for. Hands down. 100%.
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6 months ago, Phildo321
Good but frustrating
The Good: can customize workouts, has a great exercise library with video demonstration. Can create your own workouts, can group exercises into a circuit, also suggests workouts based on recovered muscles, provides good data to see how you have been tracking over a period of time. The frustrating: your customized workouts are not searchable, when performing an exercise the app does not tell you what you did last time or provide any wick info on recent weights used, cannot group saved workouts into a folder which would be so nice if you do different programs, it would also be nice for it to suggest exercises based on frequency of movements that you usually do for a particular body part, also since now I have many saved workouts, when I go into the list, when I go to look at a workout to see if I want to do it, if I want to look at another saved workout, there is no back button to take you back to the list…you have to exit out completely and go back into the whole list again…super frustrating! Hopefully these are easy fixes that some I have requested 4 years ago when I first purchased. Hopefully a public review will motivate them to actually follow through with these frustrating features.
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4 years ago, big review guy
App keeps crashing & doesn’t sync with Watch app
I’ve been using Fitbod for years. The app has so much potential. It makes logging workouts and tracking progress so easy. I usually use my owns self-created workouts, but the ones that the app generates are great as well. But lately, the app has been crashing nearly every time I use it. When I create a workout, when I update a workout, when I’m mid-workout trying to log a set, the app crashes. It’s incredibly frustrating. Often times I start a workout and continue to log exercises on my Apple Watch, then get halfway thru my workout before I realize the app on my phone has not synced, and not of my progress appears there. Then the watch app defaults to the phone app, and my progress is erased on the watch, forcing me to go back thru and re-log everything from memory if I want to have a record of the day’s workout. I’m not sure what the issue is. I sent an email but have received no word back. There have been sporadic issues like this in the Pat surrounding various updates, but they usually pass within a few days. This time the problem has persisted for months. Please. For the love of the gains, fix this issue. I pay for this app and it crashes nearly every time I open it. Often times, mid-workout. It’s infuriating. Only thing keeping this review at 3 stars instead of 5.
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1 year ago, jdanderman
This app has revolutionized fitness for me
I have always wanted to get in shape, but the idea of going to the gym has always been so overwhelming and intimidating. The main reason has always been: what do i do? This app has solved that problem perfectly. I just put in my information and boom: here’s exercises to do, how many reps and what weights to use, and exactly how to do the exercises (combination of detailed instructions and lil videos). Now this app is certainly not perfect. There are definitely several limitations in the customization area. But i think the positives far outweigh the negatives. For the longest time, i just did push ups and pull ups at home, because they were easy to do consistently. I tried adding other things to work out legs, but i didn’t really know what to do and how to do it. Then today, i had to stay home from the gym because i had a sore throat, but i still wanted to work out. So, i made a new gym profile on the app and entered that i just had a few dumbbells and a pull up bar, and boom: a full comprehensive workout that was just as satisfying as going to my gym. That was honestly what motivated me to write this review. FitBod has revolutionized fitness for me.
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7 months ago, Chris Hannack
Great for my situation
Only been using this app for a little while, but have downloaded countless other apps in the past. This one has three giant advantages compared to others I've tested... 1: You're able to enter what equipment you own. I can't tell you how many times I've tried a workout app, and it tells me to do something on an incline, or on a pull-up bar. All I have are dumbbells, and don't want to buy other equipment at this time. With this app, it tailers your program based on what you already have. 2: You can tell the app what areas of the body to focus on. I'm currently rocking a hernia (one reason I'm trying to lose weight), so I have to avoid to much core exercises. If it suggests an ab workout, all I have to do is hit a couple buttons, and move to a different muscle group. Excellent for people with limitations. 3: It keeps track of which muscles have been pushed harder than the others, and will create your next workout to focus on other areas while giving the recently pushed areas a break. Muscles don't develop while working out, but rebuild while they rest. Overworking one muscle group daily will actually slow down your progress.
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3 years ago, JLoveDub1017
Completely Changed My Relationship with Fitness!
I started FitBod about a year ago and am SO happy I stumbled across this app!! After the changes that came with Covid, and being at home for two months, I was completely off my workout game. Pre-Covid I was an avid morning gym goer.. waking up at 5/530 to get to the gym and workout for an hour before heading to work by 8. When everything shut down last year, we fortunately had some decent at home weights and other things to help maintain a level of fitness, but I was all over the place with what I was doing. I was following random accounts on Instagram to get ideas, or different articles from health magazines, but felt my progress reversing. When I came across this app, it totally changed everything! It gave me focus and a proper regime for working different muscles. It’s helped me to explore new and different moves, and also make me more comfortable with equipment now that I’m back in the gym. I love that I can set up different gyms, depending on if I’m at home, traveling, or full access at a gym. I still incorporate some other exercises outside of this app, but this has added so much to my routine! Thank you FitBod!!!
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3 years ago, Cassoke
Perfect for someone who knows nothing about working out
Hands down, this is the best fitness app I’ve used. I’ve tried several and found this to be the most fit for my needs. Since it pretty much builds my workout based on fresh muscle groups, I confidently walk into the gym knowing that I’ll just do what the app tells me to do. It also gives a great variety to your workouts so you’re not doing the same things everyday. I’ve learned so much about the gym equipment from this app. The explanations and videos are exactly what I needed for new workouts. Honestly, every time I walk out of the gym after using this app, I always find myself saying to myself “that was a great workout”. On top of that, I really like the replace feature. So if someone is using a piece of equipment outlined on my workout, I just replace it with a workout that exercises the same muscles. And on top of that, the ability to customize the equipment you have available in the gym was so helpful when Covid closed all the gyms down. At that time I was stuck with at home workouts and the two kettlebells I owned. Thanks to this app, I had no excuses to stop working out when the gyms were closed.
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1 year ago, ACT Student trying not to fail
Amazing app worth every penny but….
This app has changed the game for my workouts and I truly LOVE it. I paid for the annual access which is honestly super affordable and totally worth the money. My one critique is that you don’t have any great options for a workout “refresh” once the app has selected your workout for the day. You can of course always change the length of the workout (15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour etc) but when you change the time the workout typically reconfigures altogether as opposed to just dropping reps etc. If you go from a 1 hour workout to a 30 min workout it changes to a whole new workout and if you hate the 30 min workout plan and switch back to 1 hour it doesn’t go back to the original workout it changes to another whole new workout. Not ideal… it would be great to either maintain similar workout plans between time changes OR have a “refresh” button that will switch out all of the workouts without having to manually change each activity one by one. Overall a great app though and has helped me lots. It changes what muscle groups you work so you never really get stuck in a rut. The app could definitely just use a few small updates :))
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2 years ago, Marlon C
Great app really love it!, but
In January I’ll be already using this app for a year. It’s been quite an experience and it has helped me so much. Going to the gym without having to worry about “what I’m gonna train today” and being certain you’re not overtraining some muscles more than others it’s just so worth it!. I love the fact that I can use it and log sets from my Apple Watch!, even being able to see the exercise example video from your watch it’s also great. There are couple things that can be improved though, like being able to log the amount of effort at the end of each exercise from your Apple Watch, there’s kind of like a glitch when you mix timed exercises with reps exercises the clock keeps running and logging all the sets, it’s a pain in the neck. Also while I’m able to log my Nike Running app runs into Fitbod I’m not able to log my Nike Training routines when I do HIIT training and cardio on that app, that would be a great feature, like for the Fitbod app to be more open, like when I log my weight into my Apple Health from my Fit2Live app and I weight myself everyday. I think inter-connectivity is the way to go, in my humble opinion. Anyways Thank you guys for making such a great app!!! I’m a fan!
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3 years ago, aepva
Makes exercise easier
I have been using Fitbod for nearly three months now and it has made it so much easier to work out regularly. I find the hardest part of workouts for me has been choosing exercises and keeping track of what I am doing. Fitbod handles both of those tasks well and lets me focus on the workout. There are things I’d like to see added such as the ability to add certain exercises that are not there now. For instance, I have a concept2 erg for days I can’t get out and walk - but there is no option for adding rowing. And I often walk my golf rounds carrying my bag - but there is no way to add in the extra weight if I put walking in my log. But these are small inconveniences compared to the benefits I get from letting Fitbod plan my workout. When it does give me slightly squirrelly exercise lineups (like three variants of glute bridges one day last week) it is easy to pick other things. And i frequently read up on T nation and other places to understand how to have proper form on new exercises, since the instructions in Fitbod tend to be quite concise. In short, thank you Fitbod - I am already seeing improvements in areas where I was literally weak and that is all the motivation I need.
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5 years ago, DaniGaylord
I was wowed with this app. Unfortunately, lately I will log my workout on my Apple Watch 3 and it won’t record it though I press the log button or it will mess with my sets and reps and I have to go into my phone and log manually. If I try to use my watch regardless , I will flip my wrist to press log on the app and it will glitch after I press it and go back to my main watch face. It then says it needs to refresh with my phone. So I get my phone out to sYnc and my sets and reps that I know I logged for previous workout moves are gone and the sets AND reps are messed up! So I have been just logging through my phone and my app on my watch messes with it yet again! My watch will keep reminding me how many exercises I have left when I never logged into it with my watch . I have to go in and fix all my exercises that got reset or deleted again! I have now deleted it from my watch (one reason I got the app was I could workout without whipping my phone out) in hopes to get this sets, reps, deleting issue solved . This app WAS awesome! But the glitches has made me kind of want my money back! Don’t ask about updates, I have updated my watch, phone, apps, shut down and turned back on. Still an issue. This seems to be the only app on my watch with an issue as well. All my other apps work just fine .
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6 years ago, Boonetang
Does the thinking for you
I’ve worked out for over a decade, but more recently with work and life I started slacking going to the gym. When I started getting back into my routine I found myself having issues in thinking through a split routine and tracking it. I had tried other apps, but sometimes I’d miss a workout or two due to travel or what not and then had to rework the program. This app, on the other hand, is excellent! It works like magic with the Apple Watch telling me when rest time is up and allowing me on the watch to log the reps and weights for the specific set and see the next set coming up. I started with just the trial and have found this app to be incredibly useful. I decided to purchase the subscription because for me it saves me time, motivates me to get to the gym, tracks everything effortlessly, and allows me to adjust workouts while taking that info into account for the remaining sets and future workouts. If nothing else, at least TRY this app and see the difference between how flawlessly it works. Also, one major feature that helps so much: you tell it what equipment you have. It then only makes workouts you have available in your gym. Genius!
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1 year ago, Hydrogen1.01
Long Time User
I’ve been using FitBod since they first started with Allen way back in the day. Is it perfect? Nope. But FitBod has helped me shed weight and be confident in the gym. I’m an ultra endurance athlete and I don’t think FitBod meets the needs for future Arnold’s and Hulks. If you’re like me and want to stay fit and strong, or save time in figuring out what to do today, then check out FitBod. I used to spend hours over the course of a year thinking about my routine, throwing in change ups, and walking around the gym just kinda doing whatever. With FitBod, I can get off work and hit the gym if the traffic is good and get straight to work. Weather I have 30 minutes or 1hr, FitBod has had a plan for me at any moment, and taking into account my past workouts to judge which muscles to work on. I can set up which gym and equipment is available which takes the guesswork out of substitutions. I have my work gym, hotel gyms, and apartment gyms, each with wildly different weight sets and busy times. I’ve learned that FitBod is reliable and the team keeps making great updates. Despite all this time, they’ve gotten better instead of becoming abandonware.
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3 years ago, Uncalltheway
Great with some easy to fix flaws
The app provides a solid system to set up a workout routine based on your requirements and restraints. The video tutorials provide clarity that affirm you are getting the workout you signed up for. The interface is engaging and well designed. The issue is bugs and some logic within the app. The most annoying issue is the lack luster algorithm for determining calories burned. It is directly tied to the time of your workout, regardless if you just sat there for an hour. In fact if you take twice as long to do the same workout, you will be rewarded about twice the calories. This is silly and should be fixed as it a big reason I do not port this data to Apple health. Two, the split days do not recalibrate correctly if you change the split day (maybe you wanted to do chest on a Friday instead of legs.. it might make it chest again on Monday. Three, small bug but if you go to check future workouts, it won’t load all of them until you click on one first or leave the screen and return to it. This is probably a week of dev work max. Please fix these issues. - 2 year subscriber
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3 years ago, magic-mystik
I am a beginner but I’m not in bad shape. I’ve been swimming for 4 years. I wanted to get out of the pool, many benefits with this app. I have the ability to customize my gym. You don’t have something? That’s alright! Just put it in the app. Want to change the workout for that area. Change it! Super easy to figure out. Really easy and practical to use. Don’t know how to do something? Don’t stress, they have a tutorial for that! I decided to do an at home workout as a beginner. I have worked out once or twice on land. I haven’t even finished the first set and the pain just made me stop. I walk for hours at my job I can’t be having leg pain that makes it hard to get up in the morning. Don’t let the word “beginner” fool you. This app is by far NOT for beginners. If you are a beginner. Do NOT use this app. I am now currently laying on my bedroom floor with the fan on full blast. Very frustrating and honestly giving up the idea of working out. Just going to deal with the diabetes when I get old and get married before I can’t walk down the aisle. If you have been working out for a while. Want to spice up your workout, tone your body, build muscle, learn new moves, THIS is the app for you. Otherwise just walk away before you end up like me...
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4 years ago, Steph NKing
User friendly and time saving
I have trained with personal trainers and loved it, but due to covid, I was unable to access one any longer. We built up a small gym area in the garage, but after a few months I found my creativity for workout creation fading, my muscles were used to my known exercises, and I was no longer making any gains. Fitbod came right on time. It’s user-friendly, has hundreds of workout options, saves me a lot of time planing workouts, and is excellent for all levels. It takes into account your equipment, or lack thereof, and incorporates it into the routines. It learns what is easy or too hard, as adjusts workouts based on this. The instructions and demonstration videos ensure safety and good form for new exercises, and you can tailor workouts based on your goals. You can be a complete beginner or gym rat and enjoy the workouts, have no equipment or all, and adjust the time you want to spend working out each day. I am honestly really impressed, and for $60 a year I’ve never felt so motivated to keep working out. My only recommendation would be to add in a couple more cardio options (kickboxing, boxing, etc) for those who enjoy MMA and strength fitness routines.
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5 years ago, Jimmy_Jammed
Great app but bugs are ruining it
First off, this app is amazing and is really helping me maintain momentum in my workout routine, as well as getting me to expand outside my comfort zone and avoiding just doing the same workouts every time. However, a couple bugs are really ruining it and causing a horrible experience. The biggest one is that on a day I am going to workout, I look through the “generated workout” and make any modifications I want to the exercises. This can take me about 15 minutes to get the right workout. Not a big deal, but when I go to the gym later in the day and fire up the app, I can see my workout for a few seconds, then it resets to the originally generated workout and I lose all my customizations!! This wastes a ton of my time at the gym to re-calibrate it. The other issue is that the gym profiles keep overwriting each other. I have a profile for my actual gym, and a profile for my home. But changing things on one profile like workout time length and available equipment will often update it on the other profile. Definitely defeat the purpose of multiple profiles! Hopefully these get fixed soon, once they are I’ll update my review.
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3 years ago, Elgin Thomas
LOVE!! Totally worth it.
I love everything about this app. I’ve been using it for a year and can’t believe I haven’t left a review on it yet. Fitbod rocks because it simplifies everything about weightlifting. Other apps like bodyfit make you choose from plans but Fitbod takes the choice out of it and tailor fits the plan to you. Everything is just so personalized I couldn’t recommend it enough. I paid for the annual Membership back in December of 2019 and most certainly plan on letting my renewal rollover. Well worth the price. I’m even willing to pay that amount in spite of the fact that I haven’t had access to the gym. Here in California all the 24 hour fitnesses have shut down for a large part of quarantine. I haven’t used the app that much since I purchased in last December because of the lack of gym equipment but for the little time I was able to use them before March it was a dream. It was literally like a personal trainer for a few months all for the price of $60. They clearly put a lot of work in to this app. Here’s to hoping that they continue to improve and add more helpful intuitive features like the weight plate calculator and the timer etc... 5 stars!!!
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4 years ago, Rezzim
Best fitness app I have ever used
I’ve tried everything. I’ve done apps I’ve watched videos gone to classes. I hired a trainer for a few months. This app for the price and all of $60 a year is totally worth it. It’s been a blessing for me and it’s something to look forward to of “what are we going to do today?” Which helps the motivational aspect that I lack. It is simple to use. It has videos loaded into every exercise so you’re not having to struggle with waiting on a video to load via the internet. It’s clear and concise and clean and well thought out. It lacks all of the obnoxious pressuring tools that people think are so great and if that helps you fine - but I sometimes just can’t finish this last exercise after an hour of pushing myself and I’m just glad the app doesn’t get judgmental about it. It just says ok great job look at what you did today. Lol. If you’re struggling to work out or not sure how to get started - coming from someone who’s worked out solidly for the past 4 years - and still struggles with weight and motivation and body image issues and all of that - this app has helped me tremendously.
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4 years ago, Flifus
So much more than a “Fitness Log”
I’ve been using this app for about a year. During that time I have rated it 5 stars periodically. Occasionally I will read other people’s reviews of the app. I just have to smh at some. Some complain about the price. You get what you pay for, and you get so much with this app. I have never had a second thought about the value I get from using Fitbod. Fitbod doesn’t just log your workout, it creates and customizes a workout based on what you do and what you want. So much is customizable. And if you aren’t feeling a specific exercise or the amount of weight or the rep count, change it. If you need a lower weight than it recommends, change it. It tracks your progress and makes a plan according to what you are capable of doing. Other than a personal trainer that knows me and helps keep a record of my workout, I have never had anything give me so much feedback and a plan for every day. I was very overweight and had not been in a gym in over 15yrs, because I hated going in and not having a plan or seeing new equipment and not knowing how to use it. This app has changed all that and has helped change me. Thank you Fitbod.
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3 months ago, LT108
A year and a half later with Fitbod and I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve ever been
No kidding, I was 220 lbs in 2022 today I’m a healthy 195 with muscle definition. This app is literally the most useful app I’ve ever put on my phone. I use it almost everyday unlike a lot of other clutter on my phone. Let me just summarize by saying that I wanted to learn more, diverse excercises as I felt is hit a wall as far as what I knew how to do in a gym. This app taught me some really sick workouts that have had a huge impact on my wellbeing and fitness. Before this app I could not do pull ups, chin ups, dips, etc. but by inputting my results and working one day at a time this app helped me build up to doing all that and more. I also love how I can switch between bulking, shredding, and strength training whenever I feel like it. If you’re a beginner trying to get healthy and feel better get this app now. It will start you off with very manageable excercises and you can even select 30 minutes if you want to try out a quick one. Very easy to track gains and also plan what comes next. 10/10 would recommend!!!
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6 years ago, jbabx85q
Hits the spot
I’ve always enjoyed cardio workouts and had wanted to sprinkle some resistance training in, but never knew where to start, or what to track, or what equipment to use and how. This app was really the perfect gentle introduction. I’ve continued using it for over a year, and now I slightly prefer weight lifting to cardio, which I never expected. It did take me a bit to learn the main exercises, but once I got used to them, I couldn’t stay away from the app. The features are all really great - I can use it to generate a quick 15 minute workout or a longer 45 minute one, and can customize it depending on whether I’m at my work gym, my apartment gym, or not around any equipment at all, and based on my overall mood and what’s sore. Most of all I like the variety, both within and across each workout, and all the customizable features, and how it tracks logged workouts and recovering muscle groups. It all prevents exercising from getting stale and keeps me on my toes. I’ve enjoyed seeing the additional features over the past year, especially the “achievements” tracking, and am looking forward to getting more use from the app in the future.
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6 years ago, Not for your casual gamer
Aaron R
Hello everyone let me say first this app is great! This is the best app of its kind... if u don’t mind paying. If your like me you don’t have to much extra spending cash especially for an in app purchase. I have avidly been using this app for about a year or more and i have loved it. It was great to time my breaks find out a rough estimate of what i burned (Cals) and to see how to properly do new exercises. I Had zero problems with the app minus a crash or two here and there but now 40$ a year is just not worth what i’m getting. I understand the company has to make money and for some of you 40$ is nothing but for me it’s quite a chunk of change i didn’t think i would be needing to spend Love the app just wish you wouldn’t force users to buy a subscription to use it. maybe a very limited free trial that gives the bare minimum would be a good substitute. Other then the price i highly recommend this app to all people on the fitness spectrum. UPDATE: I qualified for the beta program and was pleasantly surprised that they cared about their users i’m giving them a Big five stars for their actual care for customers great app and even better developers
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5 years ago, ashnguyen6
My best friend in the gym!
I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now with the fitness goal option selected in the app to do strength-training, muscle tone, and bodybuilding, and let me tell you it has forever changed how I work out for the better! I’m already seeing a difference in how I look because the app is there to make sure I do the number of sets and reps I’m supposed to to reach my goal. It’s also challenging me to do exercises I was always scared to try as it offers videos and instructions on how to do the exercises correctly with right form. An option that I really like is that I can replace an exercise with another of the same muscle group. I connect this app to my apple watch and it lets me log in each set how many reps of an exercise I’m doing and it calculates the calories burned in a workout based on that data which is very convenient! This app will get you from a beginner at the gym to an expert in no time! Just keep exploring all the features in there and you’ll be amazed of how awesome it is. I would highly recommend this app even with the $5 subscription price per month that I’m paying. It’s totally worth it!
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6 years ago, 615Amadeus
The only App That I would give a review on
Like a proud parent, I’ve watched Fitbod grow and develop from the early stages where the app would crash, videos were pixelated, and it looked like things would not end up well for the people of Fitbod. I sent them a message when I noticed their instruction videos that used to have audio attached were removed. With great customer service, they explained that they were planning on re-recording all the instructional videos that were once borrowed from another company. After about a year, I noticed improvements in the types of exercises you could choose from, the gym equipment you had access to, and (my favorite) the option to choose your body type that you would like to pursue. This app keeps me motivated to hit the gym every day at 11:30 at night after a long day. I get my notification, and can see the workout that’s ahead of me.... I absolutely love it. For all those type A planners out there like me, get this app. You’d spend money on anything else of value, this app is WORTH IT. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hit the gym!
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2 years ago, Gory520
Started great but has grown more buggie
I have been a user and of Fitbod for i believe three years now. During my first year of use it was great. Workouts had a nice layout and the all routines made sense. After some updates and a increase to have a membership I have found my experience using the app becoming a chore. Where before it was thoughtless now is a pain. Exercises/ equipment I once excluded for a gym profile appear in my workout. Workouts that are the exact same, but for some reason are named differently are given in the same workout. They workouts available to log are still somewhat limiting. And with this limitation there is still no way for you to create a exercise log to track your progress. As a side don’t even bother trying to log your workout through your Apple Watch. Multiple times I have to sync up my watch and or phone to be in line with one another. If say I complete a set and input that into my watch my phone will then not have the set logged and vice versa. I hope things improve with the updates that are promised to come but with this track record I wouldn’t be surprised if things continue to get taxing for the user to operate.
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4 years ago, caustin919
I find myself spending more time altering the daily workouts than anything else. The order of the exercises within a set often makes no sense. Also I am CONSTANTLY adjusting the weight used in the exercises as the recommendations are too low. I increase the weight and log it with every workout. You would think the app would adjust the reco over time but it hasn’t. I would like to be able to exclude muscle groups permanently rather than having to do it with each and every workout. I’m an avid cyclist so between rides and other workouts I do.. so for example I should be able to exclude glutes and quads permanently if I choose to. I have my Fitbod account linked to Strava so Fitbod reflects the rides but I still get a reco for those muscles groups even when they’re fatigued. I also thought there would be more variety in the structured workouts but there isn’t. This doesn’t make sense to me as it looks as there is a database of dozens of exercises for each muscle group.. but I keep getting the same two over and over. I really wanted to like the app but after a month I don’t see the value in paying 10 bucks a month when I have to spend 5-10 minutes a day customizing the workouts along with the other issues I mentioned.
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