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User Reviews for FitCloudPro

2.96 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
5 months ago, Too busy to fuss
It’s pretty and it counts steps but…
This app definitely needs some help. My husband got me the rose gold watch for Christmas and where I love the appearance of it, there are several opportunities for improvement. The battery life is silly short. I have to charge it every couple days, where the brand commonly regarded as the OG of the smart watches only needed to charge once a week. The integration with apple health is sketchy. For example, I can read different types of sleep on the FitCloudPro app but Apple Health is only pulling deep sleep so now my work benefits site thinks I’m suddenly developed sleep issues. This app doesn’t directly link to Virgin Pulse so that’s why I even bother with Apple Health. Women’s Health/menstrual cycle tracking is ok but not being able to edit either past or future dates pretty much seals the deal that I’m in the market for a new smartwatch. To say that it’s not ready for prime time is being charitable. Someone who develops the app really should actually just go buy a Fitbit versa family watch and see exactly how badly this stacks up against their app. If you really care about your higher end customers, try to get a Garmin. But you won’t get any Garmin converter until you put better batteries in! I think they go for a couple weeks without charging.
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12 months ago, nemuikuma
Quirky app
The watch that uses this app is a good watch and functions as advertised (not sure the relation between the watch maker and app developer). The health data is fairly accurate compared to external devices, although the blood pressure is questionable (not sure how the BP is captured). The step counter and distance tracker is different that what my phone tracks, but not by much. The biggest problem I have with the app is the weather data. It seems to only update on the watch after I open the weather app on my phone, which makes having the ability to check it on the watch unnecessary. The temperature data is always off by a few degrees as well as the forecast, which makes me doubt that it’s getting data for the location on the phone app. Other than that, no real complaints. Just keep in mind, your not wearing a $400+ watch and it’s not using the native OS of your preferred phone manufacturer.
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8 months ago, Dixie rebel 1970
Update to my last review
The app has issues ….my last review I gave one star as the app wasn’t working as I couldn’t access my watch faces to change the face on my watch. I woke this morning to find that the app is now working and can access them….i don’t know what happened as to the app not working and now it does. Hopefully this gets fixed. When going through the app I noticed that my phone and watch was still connected but that when trying to access the watch face store it was a complete white screen and said no connection. So I played around for the next hour and a half with my phone trying to get it to work with the app and failed to an extent. I feel now that it had to do something with the app and needs some attention from the developer. Like I said whatever happened now I can access the watch face store and my other faces I created with my pics. I am happy …I did send them a suggestion through the app and I’m hoping that it did it….it now works and am happy 😊
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5 months ago, Anikki88
Works well, settings differ per watch
So first I’ll say I tried different watches, and noticed that the options within the app change based on which watch you have/bind. That said, the app does what it should. My watch did not come with thorough instructions for the app, but after playing around with it a few days I found it intuitive. I like that it connects to Apple health. The steps and heart rate seem pretty accurate. I don’t have anything to measure my blood oxygen so I can’t speak to its accuracy. The sports push would be better if it let you choose which sports show up on your watch. Right now, 19 sports are static. If you choose a sport to “push” from the app, it will rewrite whatever sport is in the 20th slot. For me it’s a waste because my most frequent exercise is at the bottom of the list in my watch. I do wish there were more watchface options with an analog clock, which includes the section you can upload your own image.
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1 year ago, babymama12-18-13
Setup was easy and fairly quick. It does have some nice options to measure heartbeat and blood pressure as well as track your sleep. It does count your steps and keeps track of how many calories you burn. And there are some reminders that you can set. Down fall is the sleep tracker is a bit weird to read and all. The weather option is not always accurate. You only have 2 options to choose from for reminders. And the watch face/screen saver options are pathetic. For it being a smart watch there’s only 20 options to choose from and they’re all similar and boring. My mom has a type of smart watch and she has at least 60 if not more to choose from even ones for holidays. And tons of options to choose from. Will probably end up getting a different smart watch soon.
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2 years ago, Alexa1050
Logged in user/first time user, bug on profile setup page
I haven’t been able to login or connect my account. After I did the setup for email and password, I was prompted to finish setting my profile. After entering all the info required the “next steps” CTA is not enabling. I have tried to fill out that page at least 6 times and the app freezes. The go back arrow doesn’t work and you are forced to quit the app. It worked for me only when I tried to move forward as a visitor/guest user. The profile page worked after entering the info. I can’t quit the app because it will prompt me to fill everything out again. Very bad experience for a first time user, it lowers the confidence on the quality of the watch and the data. Please include a fix for that on your next release. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Squarelyboxedin
Limited (to None) Instructions
I have owned for more than 4 months. There were no instructions but the scan bar for downloading the FitCloudPro App. I found some instructions online. But particular instructions for the Sleep function as well as the BP,HR, Steps, etc was not included. I want more instructions on setting up my particular sleep routine. I do like that the App shows “light and deep sleep and time awake” for each night as well as weekly and monthly stats. The battery charge is short, I need to charge every 4 or 5 days. I kept the watch primarily for the sleep function but I hope that updates to the app will allow the sleep function to be tailored to individual sleeping routines. Also I do not trust the accuracy of the BP, HR, etc…
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5 months ago, Ella Kenison
Please read this!
At first, I was in love with the app. I had no trouble connecting Bluetooth or anything! But then I wanted to connect the watch to my iPad (for notifications and stuff like that). I had seen people do this online, so I knew it was possible. I was also pretty sure it was possible because I had an iPad 9. So I got to the app, and my watch connected. So I got out of the app and started playing a game (still on my iPad). It was fine. But the moment I turned my iPad off, it automatically disconnected. It didn’t disconnect Bluetooth, but it disconnected the watch from my iPad, meaning I couldn’t get the notifications or anything. Please please read this! And try to fix it. But overall, to a great app! Sincerely, Ella❤️
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3 months ago, Gavdawg155
Watch faces store
Love the watch and the app but for some reason I cannot open the watch face store, I can’t edit them on the edit screen either. Not sure what the problem. It came with some nice presets but I’d like to see if there is a better option for me. I’d buy a few for different occasions. You guys are definitely missing out on a little money I can’t be the only one with this issue! Update app let me access watch faces for a day and now I cannot access them again. This is a major downfall and probably why the app has 2.8 stars. I will be looking for a different watch and app because of this
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4 months ago, dhemsath13
Not reliable
The watch looks nice but I really needed something to track my exercise correctly due to lung issues. This app does not count NuStep machine at all so I’m off by 2100+ steps per day. It also does not track your steps on treadmill unless you swing the arm with the watch on it while walking which some cannot do. Oxygen is totally useless mine always says 98 ive not seen a number like that in years!! 90-91 is my average so I have to use an oximeter while exercising. The only thing it does seem to track accurately is my sleep. I only use mine as a watch not tying into my phone apps so it does hold battery for about a week but I can see if you add aps it will burn up quickly as another review said. Totally unsatisfied looking for new one again
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12 months ago, GinoDotCom
I need support but feedback button is not working
I cannot send anything through the feedback button as the email stalls whenever I hit submit. With that being said, I am hoping my feedback gets addressed here: I was wondering if the app can update the watch OS so my AMOLED watch can carry more than 1 Downloaded watch face at the same time. Currently, I am only able to carry 1 downloaded face watch at a time. whenever I download a new watch face, it overwrites the existing downloaded watch face that did not come originally with the watch. Secondly I was hoping if the app can allow an update so the watch OS can can keep the stay on display to that of the current watch face, but just a much dimmer version of it. Currently only two options are analog and digital for always on display. I’d like the whatever current watch face I have selected to also stay on on the always on display, but just in a dimmer version. Thank you, Gino
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1 year ago, tateyk
Accurate and easy to use
I really like this app and watch, it’s the only fitness watch tracker I’ve used so I have little to compare to. But some of the complaints of reviews I read said things like not super user friendly, or units weren’t changeable but all of that seems to be fixed. It measures accurately and I don’t really have any complaints. There are tiny things I would change like maybe being able to personalize and upload a photo for the background but overall it’s a good product.
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2 months ago, Kjhdhsvhxudb
So I got this watch and downloaded the app to be able to connect the watch the issue that I’m having with it is my Bluetooth if I connect any other Bluetooth to my phone this app takes over and when I would go to try to turn off the Bluetooth it turns itself back on on its own. I can’t explain it a bit too much for me to wear the app does what it wants to not what I have it do I don’t appreciate that at all and I erased or unless they deleted the app, but the Bluetooth is still on my phone and it’s still turns on by itself, and all my other devices, don’t understand it
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2 years ago, Chuck-IV
For those that can’t complete the registration…
When you get to the age and info page, make sure at the top, you enter a NICKNAME. Otherwise the button won’t ungrey and you can’t continue. As for the watch/app itself, the health info like heartbeat/BP/BOL is actually pretty darn accurate. Beyond that, this kinda misses the mark. While there are 7 or 8 included watch faces, you can only load ONE(1) extra watch face from the app. If you try to load another, it will overwrite the first one. While I could change to 12hr time format, so could NOT find a place to change to Fahrenheit from Celsius. You are stuck with Celsius temps. Also during signup, everything was metric. So my height had to be in centimeters and my weight in kilograms. If you are gonna sell this in the USA, you need to out more work into you app to add US measuring system and also allow for more watch faces to be loaded to the watch.
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1 year ago, Tdb1974
Want to be heard
I love my watch but it doesn't stay connected to my phone constantly as it should. I'm running the latest version of iOS. I tried to send a message through the support link on the app. Oddly, my support message would never go through. Said it couldn't connect to the server. I love this watch and I haven't found any other watch that does BP. It's just frustrating to miss a message or not be able to see the phone# calling at times. It's sporadic.
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7 months ago, Mickey'sLuv
Cannot connect to watch face server
I’ve recently purchased a smart watch. Everything on the app is pretty simple and straightforward, but when I go to “Watchface”, it keeps saying it cannot connect to the Store’s server. My iPhone is currently up-to-date, and I was trying to find fixes online but to no avail. Please get this fixed! I’m sending back my smart watch as I’ve come across a physical problem, but if I should get another product that uses FitCloudPro, the connection to its Watchface Store would be much appreciated!
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6 months ago, roman.elites
FitCloud Pro is a decent app with a few quirks
I like the ease of use with the watch. One thing I would like to see done by the developers is the ability to store a few of the watch faces downloaded on the watch. There are 5 watch faces that cannot be removed and replaced. Please allow this option so I can scroll through my favorite watch faces on the watch itself. If this is possible to be done please send me the directions.
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9 months ago, PZsonic
New version could be much better
. On the plus side, the app does stay connected to the wristband and reconnects automatically without user intervention. Notifications work well, too, except for the weather. There’s no way to enter a fixed location, and the temperature is always wrong. In conclusion, an app with lots of room for improvement. UPDATE:The newest version of the app freezes when changing views, and often crashes. It rarely reports sleep and when it does, it doesn’t reflect sleep as shown on the watch. The older version was a lot better. I regret having installed the new version.
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1 year ago, Penny poor
Watch faces
I was really looking forward to changing my watch face to specific things and seeing as there were many presets I though you could change them all so that you could have one for everyday and one that shows you everything such as the ones that show heart rate and steps. Though this wasn’t true at all you can only change one and if you bump the dial it switches to ones that I don’t particularly like. Otherwise, it does what it advertised and is really acurate for what it can do.
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1 year ago, Mariodab
Sleep reporting bug
The ihealth app is reading information for sleep reported to it by FitCloudPro incorrectly. In the sleep section under the weekly breakdown if you tap on any given day on the bar graph it will open a tooltip that lists your sleep breakdown for that day in plain text. It lists it the following way: Deep Sleep: 2.7hoursLight Sleep: 4.2hoursAwake: 1.3hours I did not make any error in spacing. That is exactly how it is listed. That is supposed to be read the following way: Deep sleep 2.7 hours Light sleep 4.2 hours Awake 1.3 hours But ihealth is reading between the colons so it reads as: Light sleep 2.7 hours Awake 4.2 hours It disregards the other data due to not all information being present between the colons. Please patch this to report the data correctly. Also, this app can take temperatures, but it does not record it to ihealth. Is there any reason why it would not report this data to the app? If the data is not reported accurately it is useless and the app and device become useless.
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3 months ago, Jakayla’s basement
Why not text back why always Bluetooth?
I think that the app and the watch is fine I have not had any problems yet I just feel like we should be able to respond to text and on the watch and also I don’t like that the watch is always connected to Bluetooth because it doesn’t really let me listen to just my phone without it being on the watch as well and if we would be able to respond to text on the watch it would be more convenient 😊 please and thank you.
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4 months ago, BBBPPPBBPP
Smart watch not so smart app.
It’s not the worst but could be so much better. What I don’t understand is how it can track sleep when I’m on day shift but when I go to nights it doesn’t track sleep very well at all. My other smart watch that uses glory fit doesn’t care when I go to sleep it knows and tracks. Can you update this one to do that please? It’s supposed to be smart so I would think since it tracks heart rate it would know 🤷🏻‍♂️
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12 months ago, hatethis:)
Fairly good watch but here's a suggestion for the app
So I've worn this watch for about two months now, and it's fairly good! I do wish that the measurements I asked it to do (like the "measure all items" or tapping them on the app) actually saved in the app and on the charts. My pulse went up to 144 when I told the watch to take it, but it wasn't saved in the app at all, just showed "max 98 beats/min". It'd also be cool if the "automatic health monitoring" intervals could be changed.
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5 months ago, TyyWyd
Enjoying the watch but….
The watch is great it just needs to be more understandable with it’s counts and settings because after a long run it shows military time for some reason when we need to see if we PR or what time we ran also with the steps/min it’s still not making since because it only show a whole number and not the actual minute pace the watch is all over the place so it’s hard to calculate when on runs maybe try looking into that a little more and work on the built in app also Thanks FitCloudPro.
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3 years ago, PM46599
I don’t trust it, among other things.
Primary reason for returning this is that the bp function is not reliable. When I first set this yesterday, I seem to remember a screen where you could calibrate that function, but with the now standard “almost” translations you get cobbled up English and I can’t find that screen anymore. The sleep tracking log is pathetic to try to use, also, it is supposed to keep a log of the data, but that log can not be found. Last reason to return this is that the watch just sits there and plays dead when I would receive phone calls and texts.
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2 years ago, Jenga_Fox
The accuracy has proven to be freakishly great! It is always within 2 point systolic and diastolic of the reading at any doctors office ( I’ve compared several times and in different locations. Plus, the heart rate is also give or take 2 counts every time. My only complaint is that the connectivity is a constant battle, regardless if using wifi or data. Overall, I definitely recommend these products and app.
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9 months ago, DRichards2
Settings options failure
I cannot adjust or turn off the ringtone volume so I get a very loud alert when my phone rings. Even if my phone is on vibrate the watch still rings. I would prefer not to have any alert sounds from the watch, just the vibration alert. And that is not possible. When a call is coming in, I cannot see who the call is coming from as there is no display. Then when the call ends… This is just a few of the issues I've had with this watch. I wouldn’t buy it again. Thankfully, I was able to get a refund.
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12 months ago, Sarumalei
The app doesn’t save your data
The watch itself is great. The app however, does not capture the data. I wear this watch every single day and it will go weeks without processing the data on the app. If I look at my MTD step count it looks like I only walked two days out of the month. I just went to Mexico for 4 days and walked over 10,000 steps all 4 days and 1/4 days if logged some of the data… it logged 1 day out of those 4 with 9,300 steps. It also deleted data that was previously showing for the month. Not good at keeping long term data. Needs to be re-worked
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2 weeks ago, Raylina McCllen
Last update
The last update really messed up my watch!!! It changes watch faces to other faces I haven't downloaded ON IT'S OWN now and when I try to take a manual reading from the watch for any of my health status it will flip BY ITSELF to other screens. It's as if someone is trying to use my watch at the same time I am or like it has been hacked or if it has developed a mind of its own! Please fix quickly. It was fine before the update. I would give 5 but this last update was not very good.
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3 months ago, Lumi 4 ever
Smartwatch needs a little improvement!
The update is not working now it doesn’t show any watch face at all. My issue is I’m able to make my own pictures into watchface but the only color that shows up for time and date is light green. A few more watchfaces would be nice too especially for the different holidays. Everything else seems to work well.
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3 months ago, Linkin48
Blood pressure don't work plus others
So basically i got it for step counter n time also charge it every 4 days. N now the watch face don't work where u could change the picture of the face of the watch. N the texts n mn messages don't work either. N it said i called my temo mami at date n I don't have that in my contacts. I don't call ne one that. N the weather not working much either. It b raining n the watch says sunny. I updated the version its supposed to be. No very accurate. I was so disappointed.
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8 months ago, FV Serenity
Good enough
It works well enough for tracking the data as advertised however, loading watch faces only worked the first day, now it just says can not connect to server. Good thing I loaded the one I wanted while it worked. Also if you try to send a comment it fails with the same error as well. Kind of nit picky as it does the basic functions fairly well. Almost great, missed it by that much. .
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2 years ago, ArizonaBlue59
Everything works … but weather has stopped
I’ve had no major issues with the watch since I got it several months ago except that the weather was working but isn’t. It just shows a cloud with a question mark and a temperature stuck on 42. I’m able to get phone call notifications but no SMS message notifications.
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11 months ago, popokwong
I bought the smart watch
I bought a smart watch with this app, but I can’t receive text/reply. The alarm only can set for 5 alarms I need more. The contact only for 10 people I need more. When alarm goes off only for about 15 seconds not enough. The rest are pretty good. When phone on ring/silent the watch is the same, and I like the way it look, please help me and I need it text and reply at least text reminder.
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7 months ago, Alexia Trojanek
Watch face servers down
Everything about the watch works smoothly but the app is a different story. When I go to select watch faces in the app, it pulls nothing up and says that the server is down. I tried with and without wifi and still nothing comes up. So that’s a little frustrating because I would like to change my watch face from the original settings but nothing is working.
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2 years ago, Crazysis2202
I like it (plus ideas to add)
your products is really good i like it a lot it is what you expect out of a smart watch it takes a sec to figure out but its nice the only thing i would change is being able to customize what you see when you swipe right like add more displays other than step count heart rate and sleep monitor but over all this is amazing 👍
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3 years ago, Mcronk66
Not set up for people who work overnights
The sleep activity, activity reminder, and drink reminders are not setup for night workers who sleep during the day. Then why do you offer a 24hr clock? The heart & BP App do not let you pick what HR or BP is considered high and vibrate to notify you? Also the step app does not provide previous daily steps in miles. Now my old MorePro watch and app did all the above except the drink reminder and not being set up for night shift workers?
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7 months ago, Keninitasca
Not a good app!! Avoid.
I have had this watch and application for several months now. Initially, my biggest problem was my watch face randomly changing on its own. It wasn’t a huge deal since I could usually just reset the face when time allowed. That situation has changed however. The app will no longer let me connect to the store. It says it cannot find the server. I’m stuck with a watch face that I can’t read or understand. By the app, not being able to find the server, it is rendered my watch practically useless to me.
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3 years ago, westbab
Missing functionality
App updates needed (unless I am missing something ): 1. ECG results do not say if normal or abnormal (Other apps with different watches do) so the ECG itself is no help. 2. trouble integrating with apple health app on iphone - no data being sent 3. provides health index chart after ECG results but does not provide any information to compare indices to see if you have a health problem or not - what do the different indices mean? Hope they can update app with these items.
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6 months ago, Mr. KoalaBear
The music
So far its far from the worst watch ive had but its no where near the best, watch face settings dont work. It lags a considerable amount. And I cant find an option to make the music stop playing from the watch itself without disconnecting my entire phone. The music quality from the watch is extremely lacking and if there was a way to turn that off id be willing to look the other way for the other problems I have found
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2 years ago, Josh'sladylove
Bluetooth issue
My watch will not make calls, receive calls, and voice assist will not work. All are saying Bluetooth not connected but it is. Everything else is working great. My phone shows the watch to be connected, however I never received an option to “pair” my phone. I’m not sure if the watch is defective or what but I have literally tried everything.
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4 months ago, fercrazy2
Good app so far
I have a t20 watch (according to the Bluetooth name) and I love it so far the only issue I have is I can’t change all my watchfaces it only lets me change one and I HATE. The one with the soccer player, i want to be able to change all of them also it would be nice if I could use my apps or get notifications for all my apps on the watch, I don’t understand how to sinc my messages yet either.
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2 years ago, Giggy52
No problems sync
When the app says to click on device, tap the serial number shown above the instructions. It took me a few tries before understanding the directions. After that, everything set up fine. Make sure the battery is fully charged before connecting.
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11 months ago, dkline12
Watch is garbage
I enthusiastically purchased this watch, and properly downloaded the app. Within a week of use, including poor connectivity and non-access to many watch features, the watch simply sizzled and died when it came in contact with water. The watch clearly states on the back that it is water proof. Important!!! Inside the watch box, there is no details of the company that actually sells this device. So if you have a problem, you are completely screwed. Take my advice, don’t buy it.
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3 years ago, AndrewJay1990
Problems and can’t get it to re -pair
For real it makes me mad I was so excited to get one of these and then my mom gave me hers cuz the metal breaks her out and I could not pair it myself my mom ended up figuring some of it out and it paired well eventually it wasn’t connected again and I haven’t since be able to get this thing to pair it’s really sad I just wanna be able to see ppl txt me on my phone through my watch but guess what ain’t got that once to be able to happen idk what to do this was a huge let down so I give it 1 star
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10 months ago, Jay123;5)
Please fix this app!
So far the watch seems to work as it’s supposed too sometimes. I feel the biggest downfall is the app! We should have a way through the app to be able to go to the settings, so that when I receive a call the watch isn’t hella loud while I’m trying to be discreet at work! Often the watch will disconnect from my phone without my knowledge, so I think I have no notifications then I look at my phone and boom I’ve missed a-lot of calls and texts! Overall I’m not impressed.
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4 months ago, The Real Davy Jones
Repeated Binding Issues
The app loses binding with the phone after a week or two, and will not reconnect. I’ve disconnected & tried to rebind multiple times without success. The only thing that seems to work temporarily is removing and reinstalling the app, which then loses bonding after a week or two. I attempted to leave feedback via the app, but I repeatedly receive a server error when I hit send. For the short time it worked, the app was useful.
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2 years ago, Tybak4
Good App
This application works very well so far! I believe there will be more put into this app down the road. The developer has updated this app as recently as one month ago. I hope that the support continues. I’m hoping to see more watch faces in the near future. But so far, a really good app.
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2 months ago, Briannehavblev
Loses steps
I am so tired of meeting my step goal at the end of the day and the app losing steps. I’ve tried refreshing the app before bed, though shouldn’t have to, and it’ll say my step goal is met and then it isn’t recorded. I’ve tried force closing the app and opening to refresh, still loses steps. Yesterday I met my step goal by 8pm and it still lost steps, so not even close to midnight. Annoying. And the updates don’t seem to work.
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1 year ago, Pappapino
I am very disappointed in this app. It’s a smartwatch app but yet the options are extremely limited!! They are all very generic. The weather is not accurate.. It does keep your steps pretty good and calories, and you can use military time which I prefer.. It’s just really sad because I use this app for the Alpha Strong Delta watch I purchased and love the watch itself because of its ruggedness, but this supporting app is such a disappointment!!!
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