Fitness AI Gym Workout Planner

Health & Fitness
4.7 (46.3K)
138 MB
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Current version
FitnessAI Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fitness AI Gym Workout Planner

4.69 out of 5
46.3K Ratings
2 years ago, jdmccallum
I have tried sooooo many fitness apps, and after 4 years, I think I have found that one that will make a difference. To give some context, I am a 21 year old male that is 140 pounds and I am looking to gain weight by building muscle. After only a month of using this app I am already noticing a difference, and people around me are too. This is such an incredibly rewarding tool. With most apps I would not follow through for multiple reasons: - complicated workouts - no results - incredibly difficult programs for my body type/beginner ability - programs that are too easy - cardio focused - terrible UI. FitnessAI solves ALL of the above problems with an easy to understand, body type focused workout that is displayed on a world class UI. Will update this review as I make more progress. The biggest thing with this app is to stick to a routine and work out every week! I workout 6 times a week currently but this may not stay the same! Update: watch support added! Please add calendar view widget to see active/inactive workout days Thank you developers Jack Update 2: up to 152lb, but according to my Fitbit scale my body fat percentage is around the same meaning I have gained 10lb of muscle Update 3: !Feature request! Apple Watch working without the need of a nearby iPhone please :)
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3 years ago, tktrynabefit
Like a personal trainer but you don’t need to make conversation with anyone
This app is awesome! I wanted to start more strength training but didn’t want to pay for a personal trainer.. but I also wanted to make sure I was doing exercises with proper form. This app is awesome because it gives you detailed instructions of how to do each exercise, key things to focus on and look out for, and a visual example of the exercises you’re doing that goes while you are supposed to go so you can constantly watch. It builds a balanced workout for you and will increase weights appropriately for your fitness goals so that you are constantly getting stronger. And they have great an exercises that really get ya. I love not needing to think about and plan out my own workout- I just show up to the gym and do what the app tells me to and I have noticed great results after 4 weeks of using this (I started feeling results the first week after 4 workouts, and seeing results the second week after 8 workouts in total- I also had been working out before this app, just doing my own unbalanced workout, so it’s not like I wasn’t in any shape at all before this app!). I am in no way affiliated with this app but am just that enthusiastic about it. I can’t share it with enough people!
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5 months ago, MissDev701
Good App
I’ve been using the app since November. The illustrated demos have stopped working just in the past few days so it’s a completely black screen. I’ve done phone updates and uninstalling/reinstalling the app back on my phone but it didn’t help. The “contact us” button doesn’t work inside of the app. It does nothing when you tap it. I do wish I could add short notes to an exercise such as what level I had to place my pulleys on to save some time when the exercise comes back up. As other reviews have stated, there really are no cardio options. The step mill, however, is one but has a max rep of 100 for 10 sets, instead of being able to add your time. I can easily be on there for 3000 steps in 25 min or so which is a hassle to record in the app, so I no longer add it. I do LOVE the simplicity of the app and I have had muscle growth using it. The home workouts are KILLER and supper awesome. The app helps keep me focused by supplying a feasible, realistic plan that is very easy to change up when some days I’m just not feeling a certain exercise or maybe just cant get on a machine due to the crowd in the gym; however, I do think the monthly fee is a bit overpriced for the lack of equipment exercises in the app, the demo vids no longer working, no way to contact support within the app, no way to take notes, and the very limited cardio equipment.
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2 years ago, evandepol
Great adaptive workout app
I’ve been using this several weeks now, and I am really taking to it. The app tends to overestimate my strength for initial exercises but it’s trivial to dial it in, after which it gradually helps nudge you forward by increasing weight and/or rep counts. There is a good variety of exercises with decent instructions and helpful animated poses. The built in gym equipment configuration is easy to use and results in exercises that can be done at home with the equipment you have at hand. Minor feedback is that I don’t have 4x 45lbs plates so it would be a useful improvement to be able to specify how many plate sets I have of each weight. The app gives daily motivational tips via email, and the “next routine” works really well to keep you entertained. The statistics section give useful insight in your progress as well as help give you a sense of how you stack up; double motivation. Finally, the ability to get in touch with the dev team is second to none: i tried it twice and had gotten a response from a knowledgeable human within minutes - fantastic experience. Will definitely recommend!
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1 year ago, Top stalllion
Great app - one major improvement considerations
Overall fantastic app that is easy, simple, effective, and priced right…HOWEVER, I’d like to point out some flaws. First and foremost, the app consistently crashes when I’m trying to select an alternative exercise, not sure if this has only been affecting me (I didn’t read much into other reviews) but it’s frustrating. Furthermore, I constantly workout in different locations (one location only has smith machines) and it’s frustrating to scroll through all the exercises to find a smith machine replacement of a barbell exercise (for example)…a search function for replacement exercises would be a massive upgrade and I’m no developer but I feel this could be a relatively simple and effective update. Overall, I highly recommend the app and I’m just nit picking but to me this feature would be key and would continue my commitment to this workout app among the sea of them out there. I’m in my mid 20’s and focusing on my career, it’s nice to have an app guide me through my workouts and save me valuable time in my day to day life.
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3 years ago, Dan getting gainz
Workouts made easy!
I downloaded this app because I was new to the whole weight-lifting thing. This app has been such a necessity for my workouts. I’ve learned so much from the app about differnt exercises, proper form, and which exercises work which muscle groups. I recently lost about 70lbs on keto and cycling, and needed to begin weight training to build a nice physique. The workouts are tough, and challenge me everyday I get into the gym. I’m already seeing results, and couldn’t be happier with my progress, and where I’m going. If I was to recommend anything to the developers, it’s incorporate leg day more often(I’m on the whole body training program). Otherwise, with the app, so far I’ve lost about 15lbs weight training with the app, and diet ofc. Still got more to go, but I know if I stay committed to the program I’m going to be ripped in no time. Summer body is loadingggg>>> 😎 Also, as of 2021, I’ve added a cardio component on top my my strength training from the app, sure I’ll see more rapid fat loss in the next weeks. Definitely get this app if you are looking to have your own trainer without the expensive cost of one.
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3 years ago, abard2
Amazing App
I’ve been using this app now for a couple weeks and I LOVE it. I am a beginner in the gym and this app makes everything so easy. Once you put in your age, weight, height, fitness goals, and equipment available to you, the app does the rest of the work. It creates a personalized workout routine for each day based on the information you’ve put into the app. For someone who was always afraid to look dumb at the gym, the app always provides a visual of how to use the machinery or equipment which makes it super easy to follow along. Along with this, the app tracks your number of sets, reps, and weight level for each exercise and gradually increases this each week based on if you were able to complete the weight and sets from the prior week. I no longer need to think ahead and plan my workouts, the app does it all for me. If there are any workouts I do not like or the equipment is unavailable, you can simply switch out the workout for a comparable one to target the same area. I’m amazed by this app. It seriously is a virtual personal trainer. Five stars!!
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11 months ago, Kqweek
This is just really useful
I’ve been working out on and off for a couple years now, but I’ve been going much more often in the past year, but keeping track of pr’s, rep counts, set counts, weight increases, and the like quickly became a headache. I tried a trainer for a little bit, but it was way to expensive, and at the end of the day considering how much you need to update them, you’re better off just keeping track of your own stuff. So I was kinda ready to give up on keeping track and just go back to working out casually, until I found this app. Think of it as you’re usual notes app, but you have a person just running it for you. Log a set? No need to write it down, just press a button. Did an extra rep? Easily add it, and the AI will calculate how many you should do next time. Moral of the story, if you like working out and getting in shape, but hate the book keeping and mental math that can come with taking exercise seriously, than this apps for you.
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2 years ago, Shik Shot
Love it, but I got a note.
The app is amazing! I love that it’s very informative, and works with my Apple Watch ( my watch actually tracks the workout from Fitness AI as a workout). I do , however, have a suggestion. Sometimes, I like to choose what exercises to do and I want to be able to preview those before adding it to the plan. Currently, for me to view the movement of the specific exercise, I have to add it to the plan or start a workout. ALSO- some bugs still do exist. Whenever I put my phone to sleep, the app disappears - I always need to open it again and again. And on my Apple Watch it sometimes forgets to measure my HR, or I can’t log a set on my watch. Other than that, the app is amazing! PS. I really really wish you added a nutrition plan section - what to eat and what not to eat based on a goal. For example, I want to burn fat while maintaining my weight and I want to have that info within an app that already knows my strengths and can suggest proper foods or receipts.
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3 years ago, Curlylpn#1
Absolutely perfect!!
This App is EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for!! I’ve tried quite a few apps to help me workout at home and none compare to Fitness Al! This app is simple to use and VERY user friendly! I LOVE that it automatically lays out specific muscle groups to work each day. I don’t have to plan out everything. I just adjust the weight and exercise to my liking. I also LOVE that it gives the percentage of muscles worked. It’s important to know what muscles I’m working and the effort I’m putting in. The visual effects of the example demonstration are VERY nice. It makes it easy to copy and perform each exercise correctly. After all your sets are complete there is a rest period that counts down for you automatically and I’ve found this feature so helpful in recovery. Thanks to fitness Al I look forward to working out each day. It’s gotten me out of my lazy habits. Fitness Al is great if you like circuit training!! I’m so SO glad I stumbled onto this app and it’s worth the investment.
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4 years ago, ka080911
Easy to use for busy people
I’ve seen just a few negative reviews especially on Instagram where it seems everyone is a certified fitness expert. I, for one, am completely satisfied with this app. I’m no Mr. Olympia bit I have some experience with fitness. I’m also a busy person so this app is very handy as it’s does most of my planning when it comes to workout plans. I use it to supplement my workout routines. Mornings are my cardio/functional fitness time and evenings are my weightlifting times and is when I use FitnessAI. I like having the plan already laid out for me so that I can use evenings for decompressing and clearing my head in the gym. If you’re a busy person and don’t have the patience or time to plan and make a workout tracker then try this app. No, you won’t instantly go to fitness model status but that crap isn’t real anyway. What is real is putting in a hard workout, having a plan, tracking your progress, and being consistent. Thus, FitnessAI.
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5 years ago, Satisfied User, Proud Sister
AMAZING for men and women alike
This is the perfect strength training app for anyone from well-versed weightlifters to newbies worried about venturing into the weights section at the gym. As a young woman, getting into strength training can be intimidating, which is why I love that FitnessAI shows you exactly how much of each exercise to do, and how to do them properly. This way you don’t have to worry about your routine and can focus on your actual workout. It may sound crazy, but this AI is probably exactly what my routine needed, as someone who has been working out consistently but hit a plateau. The routine pushes you just enough so you’re always being challenged and getting stronger, but not beyond what it knows you’re capable of. It’s been about a month and I feel great already. I’m the strongest I’ve ever been and the fun and easy-to-use interface leaves me itching to go back to the gym as soon as I finish my workout. I’ve already told all my friends about the app and will continue to do so. Thanks, FitnessAI!
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3 years ago, Willothy
A really great app. The fee for an annual subscription is well worth it. I am tired of fitness apps that claim to be free, but then require endless small payments over time. I appreciate the fact that this app has an outright charge for the full thing, and it does not lie about what it allows or provides with the subscription. I find the hardest part of working out to be picking the right exercises and changing weights /reps over time. This app is great because not only does it provide you with a workout any day that you would like it, but it allows you to customize your access to equipment, your style, and your goals without much trouble at all. When I am on vacation and still want a workout, I can just change the equipment to nothing, and it will recalibrate everything to purely calisthenics. I don’t ever really take the time to review apps, but this one has helped me so much that I genuinely felt inclined to support it. Good stuff!
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6 months ago, Jake.Sco
Almost perfect!
I have been using this app for going on my 4th YEAR! Yes, I have been using this app for a long time. It helps me track workouts, it helps me make gains and cuts, it reminds me to hit the gym when I’m feeling lazy. But I love it. That isn’t to say it’s been perfect. I’ve had issues with it not syncing to Apple Health and therefore not tracking an exercise for the day. Frustrating to my OCD. Somehow it got stuck on never Increasing my weight or reps, so I had to manually start changing it each week and some weeks I’d be stagnant. I eventually had to delete and reinstall to get it fixed, but it lost all my premade workout routines. Again frustrating. HOWEVER, this app has everything you need to make great gains. The AI can setup a routine for you each time or you can make your own routine and stick to it each week. It rates you in the exercise to how others are progressing to push you to get stronger and push harder. I love that the interface is easy to use and see and follow. And the best part, at the end of every workout I can rate how I did. 1-5 stars and then take a “sweaty selfie” to show my work. I make a face to exemplify how my workout went. (Developers) I wouldnt mind a quick cooldown/ stretching routine added to the end of every workout to help lower my heart rate and remind me to stretch the muscles I just destroyed. Excellent app, keep up the good work!
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3 years ago, Bobby Costanzo
Just about everything you could need
This app is everything I’ve ever wanted in a workout app. I first started working out a decade ago, and I remember searching the internet for a weekly plan and switching between a phone notepad, the exercise list, and a timer constantly. I’d regularly forget how many sets I had done, making my approach not very efficient. I was never really sure what weight I needed, how much time I needed to rest, and all of the other nitty gritty details. This app consolidates all of the above into one cohesive, well-designed UI that has truly streamlined my workout process. In a nutshell, working out has become more about lifting weights than the other “administrative” aspects. The only negative for me is the initial on boarding is really aggressive, especially for folks who haven’t worked out in a long time. I figure the algorithm will eventually realize I’m much weaker than it believes and will accommodate properly. I think that could take several weeks, however.
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3 years ago, oatbean
Nice, but sadly limited. (But fixable, I think/hope)
First of all, I’ve been using this app (5 or 6 times per week for about 2 months) and I find enjoyment from it. I like being surprised with new exercises for the day when I arrive at the gym. It’s almost like meeting with a personal trainer. However, my problem with this app is it’s limited number of exercise machines, etc. My gym has many different machines than this app has in it’s selection section. Since I’ve been visiting my gym for a couple of years I feel like FitnessAI is forcing me to retire some of the machines that, in the past, I’ve been extremely happy with. Now, I know it would be unreasonable for me to expect FitnessAI to list every exercise machine ever invented (especially with animations of how to preform the exercises). But, I’m sad there isn’t a blank template for the user to add his/her gym’s own machines and/or equipment (I really like my Gorila Bar when I workout from home). This app would definitely deserve five stars if this significant shortcoming were addressed in a future update.
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2 months ago, VictorsEduardo
Brilliant! And a few suggestions
I love this app! I tried a few other ones, most recently Shred, and found them to be noisy and adding unneeded features. I wanted something simple to recommend workouts for me, calculating weight increases over time, and easy to use. The only things I'd ask for are: 1. Please make it more offline friendly! I'm unable to conclude my workout if I don't have an internet connection. When I open the app again the next workout, it still has my old workout and then I'm notified that the data is corrupted. 2. Similar to above, please reduce data usage! I think it's pulling my rankings every time I switch to a different exercise. It's the second most data-intensive app on my phone after Instagram, and it's not clear to me why that needs to be the case given I'm mostly interacting with data that's been pulled into each workout once, at the beginning of it. 3. Clarity around some of the weight exceptions. For example, some machines already have starting weights, are we meant to add to these? Also, the pull-up machine's weight is meant to go down as you improve rather than up. 4. Can I upload workout pics? And also, save the ones I take in-app to my library? Sometimes I already took a pic during my workout, rather than the moment I finished it. I suggested these through the app support and I got a seemingly automated response there my suggestions have been sent to the marketing (?) team.
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2 years ago, Lykken On Lending
Fitness AI is good but room for improvement.
I have used a number of fitness apps and keep coming back to Fitness AI. For my budget and schedule, it works the best because I’m able to consistently work out with a program that has been selected to for me based on my needs and desires and do so based on my varying schedule. What they need to work on is allowing the user to move back-and-forth from one exercise to another more easily. The way it seems to be designed is more for just doing one exercise 4x over and then moving onto the next exercise. I like doing sets of exercises rather than waiting to move onto the next exercise. Also, they could do a better job of communicating why they’re recommending certain exercise programs. Education is such a big part of a workout program and while the pictures of each exercise are good, more information would be helpful and appreciated.
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1 year ago, Liebsmachine
A pretty app that takes the brainpower out of designing workouts
This app makes it easy to stick to a workout routine because it does all the work for you, and it will only offer exercises that you can ACTUALLY do with the equipment you have, which is really neat. So far I’ve found the AI is pretty good at encouraging progressive overload (though it does push a little hard on some exercises and can misinterpret completing all your sets as that workout being “too easy”). You have some, but not complete, flexibility in the specific exercises you do. I would recommend this app for people with a little bit of workout experience (complete newbies won’t know if a workout is too ambitious or not), but could imagine that expert weightlifters might be annoyed by how prescriptive the workouts are. I’m personally really enjoying using it, and it’s really helped me stick to my workout goals!
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4 years ago, Coachdal
Enjoy working out at home with this app.
Great workout tool to have. The app takes you through 4 workout so adjust and tailor a workout based on your weight, goals, and the weight and reps you can complete. I would leave a 5 star rating, but I only have dumbbells at home. So I have to either delete certain lifts or try and find a substitute lift for the same muscle groups. Good news is, I was told by one of the online coaches (who you can message anytime and they reply within 20 minutes, depending on the time of day, of course), that they are working on making more dumbbell workouts and exercises for people in the same boat as I am in. Try it out, what do you have to lose? *****************UPDATE****************** I love the workouts, and how it increases weight and reps for you. Would still to see options of selecting home or gym workouts. Also, would like to select the equipment I have at home, like dumbbells only, incline, decline bench, and resistance bands. Then have more lifts tailored to my personal equipment.
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5 years ago, Marc J Arm
Overall a solid app but needs a few additions
I’ve been using this app for almost a month now and for the most part I’m happy with it. I like not having to plan specific exercises and the rep count. The app takes care of that and gradually increases the difficulty of those workouts. I do think that the app needs a few things to keep up with the competition. First and most importantly you need to be able to substitute exercises during a workout. On leg day I wasn’t able to do 3 of the exercises it prescribed because my gym didn’t have those leg machines. The app should have a database of exercises (organized by muscle group) that can be subbed in. Second it would be great to have an optional rest timer that would be triggered when you complete a set. With these changes I would be willing to give the app 5 stars as its algorithm is better than any of the other workout apps I’ve tried.
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3 years ago, Bobby(9.0)
Not as custom as advertised
I love the idea of the app. I pay for it, but I’ll most likely stop eventually. It’s nice because it has many exercises, and great demonstrations on how to do them and what body part/muscle they target. The reason I pay for the app though is it is supposed to pick workouts for me. I enter what I want to train for the day, it surprises me with the workout of the day. However, you can only choose certain muscle groups together. For example, if I want to train chest and shoulders together, it won’t randomize a workout for those two together. It defaults back to chest and triceps. You cannot customize the body parts and get a workout in return. If you want a workout of the day chosen for you, you must follow the body parts they have selected. You can search body parts and put your own workout together, but that’s not really worth $4 a week. You can use google and put together your own exercises. The display is awesome, but I’ll give it 3 stars until they fix it and I can actually choose my own body parts.
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4 years ago, yaassmaann
Just okay
I appreciate the concept and UI but this app is for beginners. For one, the exercise library is very limited, a lot of simple exercises aren’t a part of the program ( how does it not have incline barbell press??). I personally don’t think that incrementally increasing the weight on a limited number of weekly exercises is enough in the long term, your muscles need variety! The most frustrating thing about this app besides its limited exercises is the rep range limits it places on workouts. Say for instance the AI says you should do 8 reps at a certain weight but you’re able to push out 10—you’re not able to log anything past 8, so the AI doesn’t register that and won’t adjust the weight properly, instead you have to find a heavier weight until you fail at 8, that’s kind of stupid don’t you think? I also wish it sent you weekly recaps of your progress like the Bodybuilding app because that’s very motivating and the app already has all this data so why not do something useful with it? Hope the developers read this because I like this app and want it to improve!
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11 months ago, Lifetimer2020
Hesitant at first, but impressed with this app
I saw an add for this on instagram and thought “well, I’ve tried all sorts of other apps and programs. How could this be any different?” Boy, was I wrong. I’ve used this app for the last month and was impressed that it’s kept me going and staying consistent with working out. The ability to easily find another workout alternative was a huge válgame changed so I didn’t have to figure it out on my own. It’s Apple Watch compatible which helps not having to grab my phone every time to log my reps. The visualization it brings on what muscle groups I’ll be hitting helps keeping me focused on my trouble areas and showing me what workouts can better hit those areas with. Over all this all has been working for me. Like all things, this may not work for everyone, but it’s a solid 5/5 in my book.
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11 months ago, sgtesdh
App has not been seriously updated in over a year and a half. Bugs crash app all the time. Lots of basic exercises are missing. Not worth the price for the subscription at all, especially compared with competition. UPDATE: Developer has responded to me claiming there has been updates, which is a complete LIE. Sure maybe they have pushed out an update here and there, but that would be the end of the story, as in the updates must’ve not had any substance since there is nothing that I, the end user have noticed changed in the last year and a half. At that point, you are putting out the smallest of updates to make it seem actively updated, when a lot of the major issues that this app has had for the last year and half have not been addressed. You should focus on this app more instead of trying to expand your marketing business selling “door-in-the-face” techniques to other apps, that’s no cap! And as far as your thank you, I decline, you thanked me for my feedback half a year ago and none of that feedback has been implemented to this day.
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2 years ago, Shanky333
Tech support fails
I first encountered Jake to another app developed through the same company called Fitness Tracker Customer support and an app support has completely fallen off and the only way to contact Jake is through the Twitter account which he keeps referring you somewhere else I wanted to discontinue that app before starting this one to make sure that my annual fee was no longer coming out That was a brick wall so I went ahead and waited until Sunday so that I could start my seven day trial with plenty of time to play with the app I was sent an email to purchase it at a discounted annual rate unfortunately the email would not link to the app and I could never open it can’t tell you the countless emails back-and-forth with customer support it was like I was talking to a brick wall not understanding the issue couldn’t even open the app Unfortunately I was never even able to download or open the app to give it a try which I was really looking forward to I’m so disappointed I literally spent hours trying to communicate with him and Dominic at Fitness AI support what a waste of my time
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3 years ago, Dmal74
Solid app.
Normally I would have given this a 4 star rating. Because they still have room and features to grow. But this app breaks down different workouts great! As a beginner has helped me out a ton! The more the guys are rolling out the better. Now where this gets the extra star to make it a 5 star app. Is the coaching and customer service! If you needed someone extra to nag that you’ve taken off so many days they do message you! But what I love about the reminder message is they offer help with workout plans, they really cater to you. These guys really cater to you. I haven’t asked for much. But they have gone above and beyond and that’s the wow factor hear that I haven’t received anywhere else! Great team! Love the app. Love seeing what I’m focusing on. And love it shows me on the calendar what days I go. Can’t wait to see how they continue to add on.
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3 years ago, Mindin'
Excellent app
I used JEFIT for over 10 yrs. While it is a great app to track and for community. I am happy to have found FitnessAI. I’m excited by the demonstrating model that shows what muscles are being worked. The fact that, while my target muscle group for each day is the same, the app changes out an exercise randomly. I love it! Big plus for being able to enter what equipment I have, in my home gym. I really look forward to working out because I just enter my stats and settings and it does the rest. One other thing, thanks guys for the daily positive accountability during the weeks I was not working out. It wasn’t annoying, it was needed. 👍🏼 I recommend checking this app out. After looking it over and evaluating it, I signed up. Totally missed the 7 day trial. Didn’t matter though, once I started, I knew I made the right decision.
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3 years ago, Devonyrreb
Started out great but after several months and even becoming a beta tester and sending numerous requests, this app is just OK. The exercises are good but when asked to add any exercises at all, something as simple as dumbbell kickbacks, I got “no promises” response. Also, the lack of the ability to add notes to the exercises is a huge thumbs down. Often times certain machines are not available and we make do with what we have and the resistance or weights can be completely different- notes would solve that in my opinion. Requests to add a notes section were met again with “no promises”. I want to love the app and gladly handed over my money, but I have to move on to FitBod as they have a significantly larger exercise database and the ability to add notes to exercises. If FItnessAI fixes these issues, I’d come back. For now I have to say bye.
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4 years ago, natefanaro
Different in a bad way
The workouts seem segmented. When I’m at the gym it is part of a session. In the app it just feels broken up between two groups of muscles and cardio. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t put them all together since that’s what I am doing at the gym. When you’re on the cardio timer you can’t use anything else in the app. Sometimes I like to use that time to see what I’m going to do for the next hour. There are a lot of workouts missing compared to other apps. And the google/YouTube search for more info on existing workouts never really produces the right results. I’m not sure of what AI is in place here. It always seems like a formula like this: If you met the goal reps last time, they will increase difficulty. If you didn’t, the app will keep it the same or lower slightly. I was using FitBod for a year and might go back. This is much slower to change a workout or substitute something. Especially when I have to keep adding workouts that are missing. A gym session doesn’t feel cohesive. There isn’t an option to do a circuit training.
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3 years ago, Notorious Zeus
Solid app that simplifies progressive overload and programming
As a former personal trainer, I appreciate the simplicity of the app. I am in a totally different career now with multiple time commitments and it’s no longer a priority for me to create extremely detailed plans. With this app, I have the aforementioned in the palm of my hands. I would give the app 5* if it had the following features: 1 - consolidated workout stats and charts (eg see weight lifted by muscle group overtime for a view of volume, or theoretical 1rm overtime for squat) - i understand there’s AI involved, but I don’t think that means we shouldn’t be able to see key metrics like volume / 1RM overtime 2 - ability to click into exercises WHILE NOT CURRENTLY IN WORKOUT to see key stats (1rm, volume, etc) 3 - ability to browse exercises in database and add custom exercises 4 - ability to add warm up sets / warm up routine. Obviously warm up sets add volume (hence impact recovery / muscle building) but the app doesn’t take into account or let you add warm up sets. 5 - timer buttons - sometimes the timer restarts or if you click a set accidentally it restarts the timer. Would like this to be fixed / buttons added for +/- 10 secs or something to tweak the rest 6 - visual heat map display of volume to muscle or % of 1rm to muscle group over the last X training days (eg a human muscle statue with muscle groups colored based on above)
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12 months ago, Leonardo6214
Want to love it!
Definitely one of the best strength training apps I’ve tried - so many are purely aimed at cardio. Love the clean design and simplicity of Fitness AI. After using it for 3+ years, there are just a few remaining kinks I’m really hoping can get worked out: – The Apple Watch companion app is such a great idea in theory, but it’s hardly ever properly in sync with the iPhone app. The rest timer, exercises, and sets/reps frequently get out of sync during a workout, meaning if you tap to record a set on your watch, sometimes it gets logged to the completely wrong exercise which is super annoying. Fitness focus mode also only turns on successfully sometimes when starting workouts. – There are a few really common gym machines that still aren’t included in the options when selecting exercises (torso rotation and tricep push down machines are top of my wishlist!), and there doesn’t seem to be any option to add custom exercises either. It would be great to have all my workout data in the same app when I want to do these exercises. – This option might’ve been moved, but I can’t seem to find the option any more to turn off daily workout notifications without disabling push notifications altogether. Could’ve sworn this used to exist. Hoping these issues can get worked out and make this app even better!
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3 years ago, Upsup08
Great app
As a cyclist, and busy medical professional, I was looking for a way to keep my limited free time for strength training as efficient as possible, and not have to carry around a notepad to record my weights and reps. This app does it all for you. I can do a routine in 40-50 minutes that used to take me 90. It tracks your progress and helps you safely increase intensity at a steady rate. The progress report you get with each workout is motivational because it shows you how you are progressing and keeps you coming back to the gym to improve. And everything I customizable, including your work-outs, rest times, reps, weights, sets, frequency, whether you are looking for strength training, increased muscle mass, or just fat burning and weight loss, this app seems infinitely tailorable to your needs. I’ve had two back surgeries and long term neuropathic disabilities as a result of the preceding spinal trauma, but this app makes it easy to eliminate any workout that my neurosurgeon doesn’t want me doing. In six weeks, I’ve gained 6 pounds in muscle and had a noticeable improvement in my climbing speeds on my bike. My strength has definitely improved throughout my body and my wife tells me daily that there’s been a noticeable improvement in my muscle tone and mass. Can’t wait to see what differences she notices in another 6 weeks!
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5 years ago, SleepingVanity
Buyer beware of the charges
I downloaded and used this app for two weeks. It’s a good app. However I immediately changed my settings in my apple subscription to be charged 12$ monthly as that is affordable for me. The app tells you that the change won’t go into effect until the following year because it has already charged you 75$ for the yearly subscription. This app needs to update and allow users to chose their payment plan prior to charging them. This app has put my account in the negative twice and froze my card due to suspicious activity. Even my bank found it alarming that I would be charged that much for an app all up front. I won’t be able to continue using this app until that issue is resolved. I know this may sound silly but I don’t even pay more than 10$ for my gym every month I can’t afford this app.
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4 years ago, CEDevils
Great app but a few flaws
So I really like this app. I have been using it for 6 months and made a lot of progress. However, since the release of the beta version there have been a few flaws. The beta version doesn’t seem to save your workout exercises and also it mixes up your routine versus the normal version. The normal version had the same routine that you set up each day. The beta version for me skips back and biceps. I have to go in and edit the routine AND exercises just to get my normal routine back. Then it goes into learning instead of increasing your reps or weight based on previous workouts. Another flaw is the help option on this app. There seems to be only 3 people you can message on the help tab when you have an issue. I have waited over 2 weeks for a reply from ANY other those 3 people. If you have an app with this many users, you should expand your help and support section, read your messages more, and reply in a timely manner.
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2 years ago, Levas497
Game Changer
I was a bit skeptical about this app at first given how simple it is, but after giving it a try for the week trial, I was hooked. I love how it shows you the muscle groups you’re working and what the form should look like without any soundtrack, pep talks, or ads. Very straight forward, easy to follow and easy to customize. If there’s a move you can’t figure out or don't want to do, the app gives you 3-10 other options that work the same group of muscles. Or you can just remove it. Only thing I wish it had was the ability to create a circuit instead of having to do all the sets at once before moving on to the next move (maybe that’s intentional, or maybe there’s a way to customize that that I haven’t found yet). Either way, great app if you’re looking for something that guides you and builds with you over time without a lot of chatter.
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3 years ago, pro fight 65
Best workout app!
I was using another workout app for about a year. I decided to make a switch because it wasn’t running as smoothly as I was hoping for. FitessAI has been working out much better. Pick the equipment you are training on and the app gives you a workout on exercises pertaining to your equipment. It’s like having a coach right beside you. The app knows when to add weight or reps and also knows when to decrease weight or reps according to your personal performance. The app runs very smoothly and has several types of training you can choose from or you can customize your own workouts. It’s the best decision I made to switch now I can continue my training knowing I will advance and continue to advance in my results Thanks FitnessAI for making such a great app for weightlifters. Dave
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3 years ago, 18HD
This app helped me immensely
A little bit pricey in my opinion but completely worth it. I used to work out regularly a long time ago and I would be constantly studying splits and exercises trying to find out what I should be doing, which worked somewhat but was annoying. I recently started getting back into the gym but had no interest in going through the workout planning, and so I started looking at apps that would plan for me. I tried multiple but the others were planning workouts that I really did not enjoy at all, not that they were hard but they just kind of sucked. Then came this app. This app makes plans for you, telling you exactly what to be doing and how long to rest, and I always leave the gym exhausted but feeling like I got in a great workout. This app is great, and it has helped me in the gym immensely.
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3 years ago, ChrisHarmon
Finally, I found it.
I’ve tried a number of the more popular workout apps, most have 80% of what I want in, but this one has 100%. Highlights of the app: - Easy to track reps and sets with scroll wheel. - Automatically adjusts based on how you’re working out. - Built in timer between sets (surprising how many apps DON’T have this). Even makes a sound when to begin the next set, so you can get ready under the weight and wait for the sound. - Show you even HOW to setup the barbell with plates, so you don’t have to sit there trying to count how much total weight you’re performing. - The overall feel of the app is very aesthetically pleasing. I didn’t think this would be something I cared about, but I now realize it is. Amazing app, thank you FitnessAI team for putting it together!
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5 years ago, B_Tran17
Learning as I grow💪🏼
Overall really great & informative! I have learned so much about weight lifting and now don't feel the need to bother other people to teach me the proper techniques😊 There's some bugs I would find here and there which made some workouts confusing...(i.e. starting weight for benchpress was 10 lbs🤷🏻‍♀️) But nevertheless nobody's perfect! Andrew and Jake are super quick to respond and really care about their users! So their customer service is pretty TOP NOTCH👌🏼 They respond within 12 hours (during business days; usually within the 3-4 hours after I send/provide my "feedback") Can't wait to not only feel (been at it for only 3 days and my body is screaming at me🥵) but SEE my results!💪🏼 Once that happens, y'all may have another annual subscriber😏 Thanks FitnessAI for making me not look like a complete noob at the gym😝
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10 months ago, Robigotsoles
Fitness AI HONEST review
I truly do like the app. I started working out again in February of 2023 and I’ve had expensive trainers, I’ve tried other apps and I’ve tried working out on my own. Pros This is the best app I’ve come across for working out that’s actually affordable. It give great workouts based on your needs. There are a lot of different types of workout and it’s aligned to the equipment you have. It also times your breaks within the app when you workout. You can log each rep and it pushes you to always do one more. You can interchange workouts if you don’t like one it will give you options on what you could change it to. Cons: It has a glitch and it doesn’t show you how to do the workouts anymore like it used to so I have to leave the app to see how to actually do the workout sometimes which is annoying especially bc it’s supposed to show you. It doesn’t have a lot of stuff like a treadmill which I feel like is basic and they should have it. When i asked the help team they said they’re working on fixing it but have no time frame for when this will be done. 👎 There’s no warmup or stretching routine in this app so I still have to make up my own.
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3 years ago, DMiller5600
Decent App!
To start off, I must say that I have used multiple workout apps and many of them are not worth a penny and actually waste time during the workout for you to input your info. This app is pretty good which changes your workout and adjusts to your progress daily which is excellent and keeps my interest. The routine maker actually is very accurate on adjusting to your exercises, weights, and reps. I do think the developers could make this app a bit better if it could integrate the pulse monitoring and calorie counter better with the Apple Watch. Right now I use this app for my routine, and the Apple Watch workout watch app to register my pulse and calories. Additionally, I hope in the future that the developers allow for timed exercises, not just reps. Overall a very good app, that hopefully in the future will only get better.
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1 year ago, Turtleshell928
Great app for all stages of the gym
I never write reviews but after today I had to. I got this app to give me an idea of proper form of how to do a certain work out. It gives you an AI example of how to move on each workout. Gives you automatic routines for leg day ect and you can adjust them to add more exercises or lessen it. The reason I got on this page to write a review was because like all apps, they bombard your emails with reminders and what not. I thought they were all bots and automatic replies. I got broken up with after a 10 year relationship with this girl and wanted to laugh since I haven’t been on the app or gym the last two weeks and the email reminder came in not to give up. I replied saying it’s hard to get out of bed and I’ll be back soon. Domenic (head coach at fitness AI) replied back saying “ Hey Chris! That sounds really challenging, breakups can be a difficult time. Take your time and do what's best for you 💪” They didn’t have to respond but the fact that the emails aren’t necessarily bots made me like this app even more. Highly recommend this app to everyone from new to returning gym members. Even has options for at home workouts. Happy grindin n gaining gym buffs 💪💪
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3 years ago, PONCHO VILLA
Good workouts!
I’m using the app for “Calorie Burning”, because I want to build lean muscle while, more importantly, burning my beer drinking fat. I really like this app! I don’t have to do research to figure out what exercises I’m going to do which is great, because I’ve done exercises that I wouldn’t have done otherwise which ended up being great moves! I really like the fact that you can edit the workouts to fit your needs. I have a minor injury, and some moves are really painful right now. No problem! I can simply click “edit” and the app gives you 7-10 replacement options that work the same muscle group. I love that the exercises change, so my chest/triceps/ab workout is different every time which helps to avoid the monotony of working out and avoiding a platue.
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3 years ago, originsusatv
This is the most adaptive fitness app on the market
Home fitness is important to me, but it can be expensive, so I don’t have EVERY weight or machine available. Over the past six years, I have tried nearly a dozen workout applications, and every one of them has a cookie-cutter program with cookie-cutter equipment, most of which I don’t own. FitnessAI is by far the best fitness application I’ve used. It’s completely customizable, from the equipment I have available to the duration of my workouts. This app has allowed me to get over this plateau by pushing me and showing me the exercises I need with my equipment. My home gym isn’t tiny by any means, but it isn’t a professional gym; Fitness AI caters to my goals with the equipment I have available and adapts to challenge me on my fitness journey.
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5 years ago, jake 0327)3
Good! But some things to work on.
I love this app! But some of the problems on my part that I need to work on is learning how the algorithm works. They way I do my work out is, for example. I’m doing bench press, the way I do it is I do 4 sets in total with reps of 10,8,6,4. The AI gets confused when I put in different weights for different sets. So if I’m doing a set of 10 reps, I would start off with 155. And then go on to 185 for a set of 8 reps and then 205 for a set of 6 reps and then finally a set of 225 of 4 reps. Now the algorithm thinks that I should be doing a set of 4 with 7 reps in total and starting out at 205. I’ll be honest😂 there is no way I can do that. It’s probably my fault. That this is happening. But it’s kinda frustrating. But this app has so much potential, thanks to the people who work hard on this app. Especially the coders. Hopefully you are getting a workout in too.
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4 months ago, Jimathan88
Waste of money.
I’ve had this app for about 2 months now. I do like a bunch of the features on it, specially the ones that show which muscle groups you should be working. The problem though is with the app itself. In the beginning the app worked great, but when I began to view alternative workouts to replace the ones suggested for that days sets, that’s when the issues start. Once I would select this alternative workout, the app starts to show the loading symbol, which then appears to freeze the app. After sitting there for 5 mins and it still loading I then manually shut down the app and restart it, to which it shows nothing but a black screen. The app when it freezes also causes malfunction of other apps, such as my music and others. The funny thing is now that I’m reading the lowest ranked comments I see others had the same issues. Do yourself a favor and get a app that doesn’t have freezing issues and avoid my frustration.
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5 years ago, jahowe
Fitness AI is great to stay motivated!
I randomly came across an ad for Fitness AI at the right time. I was getting bored with putting together new workouts. If nothing else, Fitness AI has kept me motivated to workout everyday. I look forward to completing each workout, submitting and finding out what my next workout will be. I am now two months in with workouts and it has been great. Let Fitness AI do the work for you in building your workout. My only suggestion would be to understand your own strength and adjust the weights that you know you can do for the first eight workout trial so you can get the benefit immediately. The app will set your weight pretty low, but it can be easily adjusted. After a severe low back injury I have been able to get into squats and deadlifts again by following the pace of this AI!
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3 years ago, Dwyatt2015
Amazing app.! HELPED ALOT!!!
So I got this app because I have goals that I want to achieve but wasn’t sure how to. I was doing some basic workouts that I thought was good but wasn’t seeing much of a difference. So my fist week I took this app and started in the gym. At fist I was like I can’t do this but then I adjusted weights and was good to go. What I love about this is that I can choose how long of a workout I have time for. And I don’t look clueless standing in the gym wondering what to do next or feeling like a didn’t workout long enough. This is amazing for beginners and regulars. The way it mixes things up so you are working your muscles out in different ways and preventing muscle memory is amazing. I am excited to see results with this. I can already feel the difference in my confidence and form with this app. Thank you!!!
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2 years ago, cjabxnsjjxjdjjc
(Almost) As close to perfect as it gets
Great app, by far the best fitness/strength training app i’ve found thus far. This app gives you the benefits of hiring a personal trainer (motivation, exercise diversity and the ability to customize workouts relative to your goals, experience & measurements), without the hefty price tag often associated with personal training. Only two areas that are stopping this from being a 5 star review is the Apple Watch syncing is TERRIBLE and I’d like the ability to customize a super-set workout. As someone who never works out without their Apple Watch, not being able to use it to effectively log my workouts while working out is a huge pain, and I would love to see the developers fix this issue. Once resolved I think this app will be well worth the $50 spent and a 5 star review.
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