Fitness App: Gym Workout Plan

Health & Fitness
4.8 (18.2K)
378.4 MB
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Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fitness App: Gym Workout Plan

4.78 out of 5
18.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Mahala Rogavin
Good for now, bette than others
It’s really hard to find the right app! If I could just get a personal trainer, I would. I have tried FitBod which was great except it wouldn’t recommend enough variety and equipment in my gym. I liked how I could skip things. Then I tried StrongHer and again I liked it but wanted more variety. Now I am trying FitnessOnline and I like it but I find that I have to cheat the app which I don’t like—example: I only have 30 mins to workout due to needing to be home for my kids so so skipped a few things and then it makes me feel bad about it. I wish it would let me see the time required ahead of time. Also sometimes a the gym I have to adapt bc someone else is on a piece of equipment I need but I have limited time. We will see how long I used this for. I also wish I could search for a specific equipment workout (aka barbell only) as right now we are getting a huge snow storm and I can’t leave the house—I guess overall adapting to life would be cool.
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1 year ago, Bucklebeard
Awesome app for new workouts
Never left a review for a app before but it’s needed for this, the app is great for finding new workouts even for experienced gym goers. Sometimes I only have time for a quick workout and only have dumbbells available to me, I can enter into the filter in the app “dumbbells” and it will find all the workouts I can do with them and my targeted muscle group and I can choose from there it’s awesome. I was also curious about resources available to people getting into working out on the app, and the premade workout regimes are pretty in depth I especially like the warnings, cautions and notes that are provided on the workouts I highly recommend giving it a try plus it’s free!
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3 years ago, dfhjyrfgy
Awesome App for Beginners/Returning Gymers
I used to be in the gym consistently however life happened but I still managed to stay consistent with my weight. That all changed when the quarantine happened and I gained like 25-30 pounds. I started back working out in January and this app has been amazing! Gives you much variety when it comes to the workouts. And it also links to your Apple/fitness watches. The only downside is sometimes the calories burned on the app doesn’t match the amount on the machines. I also wished the diet function was a little more user friendly and offered more option. Overal, this app is AMAZING. Definitely plan to continue using it.
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1 year ago, Crystalline457
This is a wonderful app! If you are someone that doesn’t like or can’t create a workout on your own then this app is for you! Just answer a few questions at the beginning for the app to figure out what the best routine for you is and then boom! The only thing I would maybe add is a little more diversity for the question if you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or something! I feel like there should be an in between. But other than that it is really simple to navigate and they also show what the movement looks like when telling you what exercise is what. Which I really like!!!
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1 year ago, SHELLY.1uv
This app is amazing!
I have been looking and downloading so many workout apps and none of them have worked as good as this one, I got my husband using it to and it’s very helpful because not a lot of people know what workouts to do or start doing … I love it cause you can create your own schedule for example today I’m doing chest workout, yesterday I did gluts.. and other apps that I’ve downloaded didn’t have this. Another thing you have to complete your workout of the day and you can’t pause and continue. There’s no charge to this app, I really love it.
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3 years ago, audram.73
Not So Customizable
You really have to know what you are doing to make the customization capabilities work for you. I love that there are tons more exercises that FitBod, but I like that FitBod can develop a workout for based on next muscles & your available equipment, but can still be tweaked if you can’t or don’t want to do a specific exercise, or if you want to add /delete time, repetitions or sets. I know that your app allows me to “build” my own workout, but the point is, I don’t know how ensure that a workout I would build is healthiest. I need help. A trainer. An app acting as my trainer. This just didn’t help me. It’s a good app if you really understand the ins & outs of fitness and are trying to get something else out of it.
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7 months ago, Rcggirl
Next best thing to having a personal trainer
This app provides challenging and customizable workouts. I also love the detailed explanations on what to do and not to do to ensure your form is correct so you avoid injury and get results. There are graphics to show you what muscles are being engaged, both primary and secondary, with each exercise. It also provides several options to choose from for each target muscle group. I can’t recommend enough. For reference, I’m a 50 year old female.
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3 months ago, Mc7634
Wonderful but sexist
This app is the best in terms of workout design. I subscribed after less than a week and I have no other subscriptions in my life. The workout videos are sexualized but only for the women. The woman is in a thong and her breasts get bigger when she breathes in. Her breasts bounce while she does the workout. The one sided specialization is really gross. Also, there are minors in the “feed” posting sexualized pictures and dozens of adult men “liking” their posts. I’m concerned about predators using this app to contact minors.
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6 months ago, Poca Hall
Great app!
I typically don’t write reviews (or subscribe to many apps for that matter). However, I’ve been working out for 15+ years and looking to take my workouts to next level. I’m good with lower body workouts - but upper body I struggle to come up with own workouts. This app is PERFECT for that - I’m on day 3 and body feels sore like I first started working out which is AMAZING! The only down side is that there aren’t many exercises for bulking up lower body (going for slim thick look lol). BUT, there is an option to add your own exercises. Overall- I like it! Great app .. gonna subscribe!
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2 years ago, lkelly1981
Great app for working out
I got this app a few days ago and it’s really been helping me with different exercises I can do for different muscle groups. I really like the animations on how to perform a certain exercise. I do wish it would allow me to have a workout plan for more than 3 days a week. So I integrate my own exercises in the meantime. A negative thing about this app is I’m getting a lot of messages from other users. It’s quite annoying because I have to keep blocking people. A lot of the messages are from users in different countries. Overall though, it’s helping me figure out what to do in the gym.
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2 years ago, abrisha21.
great workout app
i recently just downloaded this app last week to help with working out and toning. within a week of using it from gym to home workouts i’ve gained 7lbs. it’s crazy and gives me great motivation to see results from the workouts given. it’s soo many options you can choose from with this app. i’m going to give it a month of using it and post my results on Tiktok and mention the app!! i can’t wait to see the results from this app. best workout app ever 🤍
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3 years ago, Colin D. B
I love it
This app has completely changed my motivation to workout. With the day to day advice for what workouts I am suppose to be doing it makes me feel like I have my own personal trainer. I also love how you can make personal workout routines for whatever specific type of muscles your looking to grow in the time span of 30 seconds. The one down side I have is not being able to unlock the next workout for twelve hours after the previous workout.
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1 year ago, deletrus
Needs improvements
Love the workouts! The length, warm ups and cool downs, alternates, slow movements with instructions. Spot on. Would like to see some voices added, or voice cues. The parts that really need improving are the diet and sports nutrition. Diet consists of the same food throughout the day, every day with no recipes or specific diets. Mine says 100 grams (please also add ounces) of raw chicken or other fish every day. That’s it. I’m looking for recipes for a high protein low carb diet the sports nutrition on mine has a multivitamin. That’s it! Would like to see suggestions based on gender, age, goals.
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11 months ago, Otterpop1973
Great fitness programs
This is the first fitness and exercise app that I have enjoyed and can see results. I love how customizable it is and that you can change the exercise for each muscle group. So if a machine or area in the gym isn’t available I can keep changing it till I have the equipment I need for that muscle group. I’ve also had any questions I’ve had answered right away. Great job on this app and management!
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3 years ago, debskf4
Almost perfect
This app is amazing. The only thing is that you can’t see the next day work out. I’d like to see it so I can plan ahead of time. I like to read the instructions and watch the mini video of each workout so I can do it correctly, but unfortunately I have to wait to the next day to see the next workout and that’s why I’m still looking for another workout app. I even bought the premium version hoping I would be able to see the next day work out, but it’s not available either way
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8 months ago, 蓝色南极
Not good enough.
I have tried the app for 2weeks and got my shoulder hurt. It’s very painful when I raise my right arm. Although I was attracted by the 1st glance and it’s really cool, I find some points need to be improved: 1. it’s weird that the instruction is not followed by the video. 2. Can’t set cycle and weight base and even no auto updated based on record. 3.can’t set groups which make time remind very hard to follow. I need always to focus on counting by myself at 4th group, because there’s only 3 groups on watch. 4.what on earth is exact relax time between each group 1min or 2min?
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2 years ago, PedoJoe4Gitmo
Awesome app!
I love this app! My wife and I know NOTHING about working out or even how to do the exercises properly, but this app makes it easy! I love how it shows how to properly perform the exercises! The only complaint I have is that the subscription part of it sneaks up on you after a few workouts rather than asking for a payment upfront. But, this app is so good and I like it enough that I’ll pay for it anyway. It’s worth it!
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3 years ago, old man jay 53
Love this App
Only been using it for 3 days now but I think it’s awesome. Very easy to use, completely intuitive with lots of features in the free section. The only thing I would ask for is to be able to preview the work outs before the day of in case you need to purchase equipment or find a suitable replacement to some machine or apparatus that you don’t have access to.
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2 months ago, Lnay77088
I love the app
I love the app, and my favorite feature is being able to choose an alternate workout if the equipment is not available or occupied at my gym. One small suggestion: are you guys able to add an overview of what each week’s workout will consist of? Like, the purpose of each week’s weight increase/decrease, etc?
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1 year ago, fed up in TEXAS
Not all it’s supposed to be
I’ve tried all types of app, and nothing compares to a trainer. This is great only issue that it does not work with my under armor heart monitor. I can’t adjust times in the workout as head to the gym at 5:00 am and can get most of the machines and I don’t need the 1 minute rest time between sets. So I’m always losing my true work macros, which totally defeats the purpose of having it. But he does give great workout options and it give you real in gym machine options.
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2 years ago, kespier22
Hotfix issues remove MOVE RINGS
Since your update 4 weeks and then 3 weeks ago to iOS 16, your hotfix issues now cause this app to miscommunicate to the red move rings and will completely erase all data for the exercise movement. After completing a workout inside the Fitness Online app and achieving over 500 red move rings, the rings revert back to zero and the movement has been erased, therefore achieving the move goal is impossible. You don’t have a contact on your app or website so I have to leave a review hoping to get a response. Please fix or I’ll be requesting a refund.
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4 months ago, A-A.Bailey
This app works
I wanted a app that I could use to workout because I had no idea what I’m doing, and I usually just stick to home workouts like p90x and stuff. But now I wanted to do some strength training, and gosh after my first two workouts I sweat and feel sore more than I ever did in any workouts I’ve done before. So I am loving it!
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1 year ago, Ralinho
Best app
Great app to start your lifting journey, gives you lots of choices to pick from, and if you have a little knowledge ( if not you can always google it) build up your own workout program, and even your nutrition program.. and it’s totally free. So do yourself a favor and go and download this app!
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1 year ago, GymGirl7991
Very limited free functionality
App is good to get started with workouts and if you want to read guided instructions on how to perform certain exercises (weights, posture, etc.) However, if you don’t purchase a subscription, the free workout suggestions get locked and you can no longer access various features (such as logging in workouts, swapping exercises, etc.) Would not recommend if looking for a free app to use long term.
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7 months ago, darthmartous
Better than a lot of others
I just want something simple. Let’s me record my workouts, make my own workout etc as I don’t want all the bells and whistles that come with ongoing subscriptions. this is pretty close. I don’t like that you can’t make your own exercises though, for when they’re missing something (drag curl for instance)
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10 months ago, nikerunner81
Great when it works
The app is great when it works but it seems to always struggle when communicating between the app and the watch. You have to restart your phone and then hope it updates to the watch. At times you will find yourself spending 20 mins trying get your workout sent to the watch. Nothing worse then getting to the gym and having to spend extra time trying to get it configured so you began your workout.
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1 year ago, Barbaleo9
No man wants to see another man working out especially a weak clown thanks for having the drawing done you can actually see what muscles you are hitting you should make another app with the old school blue line up drawing there just to be one like that I'm advanced just trying to do forgotten exercises.
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1 year ago, Dmhd7102
Liking it so far.
I am really liking the workouts in this app. There are many variations of workouts to choose from that keeps it from get boring. Some of the workouts are a little too short so I tend to add some of my own exercises. Overall, it’s a good app.
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8 months ago, Aman.22
Best workout app
I’ve been using this app for more than 6 months now and it has transformed me. I highly recommend it. The only downside side of this app is that they don’t have family plan or subscription, otherwise it’s great.
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1 year ago, Pedro De Warrior
New App
Trying this out for the first time. I’m learning and I assume I’m at fault. When it said Rest 2 minutes, it took me a few to realize it is not mean rest FOR 2 minutes, it means rest IN 2 minutes. I lost a lot of points in the first workout. Hoping I get smarter as we go along and then maybe I can give 5 stars!
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4 years ago, dsellingee
Say no to diet and nutrition
I would recommend this app but I think I the designer should charge monthly for the workouts not the diet and nutrition. Diet is lame with no recipes, just a recommendation for example like chicken then brackets saying (baked, broiled, boiled) with tomato salad (no recipe there either). Nutrition section is a sales pitch for supplements. Too bad they got my 6.99 with that hope. Canceling the subscription. Enjoying the workouts.
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11 months ago, Jaud90
Great app
This is an amazing app. It has real workouts and they will make your tired. I haven’t purchased the full app yet but definitely going to soon. Such a great way to make working out a little easier!!
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2 years ago, 👋🏽Ashlei
App Crashes
I used to love this app but it continuously freezes 3x a week. I have to constantly close the app, go back into it, add a set 🤞🏽, close the app and start over. It’s annoying when the app is slowing down your workout. Please fix! Also, I wish there were more variation of exercises available to add to workout. It’s not a deal breaker but it would be nice.
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4 years ago, AtrozCube
Fantastic and Then...
NOT RECOMMENDED. The first 3 days were great. Told me what exercises to do, showed me how to do it and I was able to keep track of what I did. There were other services of course like diet and nutrition that monthly fees associated with it but not the exercises so far. And then...when I clicked on the 4th day to get my exercises a screen popped up, Please pay $6.99 a month if you want to continue. Seriously... not happening.
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4 years ago, BossTroy
Great, but...
Great app and I love the A.I workout demonstrations. Would give it a five star if it would allow me to move to the next workout without being 100% due to not resting with 100% of the time the app recommends. If you do not rest even a second of the time allotted, it doesn’t allow you to move on. Please fix. Thanks!
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3 years ago, huladef
My beautiful app! You have good gym workout plans
This app is really great for people who don't have a gym membership and those who want to start exercising. (I can't speak for people who do a lot of fitness because I'm not one of them.)
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4 years ago, Defter_98
The tools this app provides are extremely useful - especially the large database of foodstuffs
It makes it easy to not only keep track of major meals, but also incidental calories.
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3 months ago, MSLivvy Lou
Great workouts
I have been trying to get back into the gym all year. However, when I use to go it would be without a workout plan. This is exactly what I needed to help get my body in shape! Best purchase ever!
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2 years ago, Mp1004
Trainer I needed
This is the trainer I needed without the price!! I was needing something like this!! I have been looking and asking for a routine and something to tell me “okay, you’re doing this today. This is your routine”. So glad I found this.
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2 years ago, MyratBekdurdyyev
App is great, but I don’t see much improvement on myself
I love the app, it’s easy to use and very simple. Must be one of the simplest app there is to use. Used it for over a year, but I don’t really see improvements on myself, I gained some leg muscles and chest but not abs or biceps or anything. Again it might be me, but been following the app 90%
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4 months ago, karebare2771
Was having fun until I didn’t
I THOUGHT I found THE app, THE HOLY GRAIL, the ONE. Until it made me want to pay a subscription. It was all going well, smooth in fact. I only downloaded this app bc there was no “in app purchases” button below the download button. WRONG lol, I actually really enjoyed this app for the 3 days that it let me lol. Kind of bummed out about the subscription. had to delete :(
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11 months ago, ArPaD04
Could be better
The workouts are good and helpful when you’re just getting started at the gym. The app could be better in general considering the monthly fee. The calories do not sync with the apple fitness app. How am I paying to use an app that’s not fully compatible with my ios device??
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4 years ago, Amanda Barrows
I was searching for some useful app for fitness to download on the store, but I could not find any. But I found this one instead, try using it and now I am convinced by its greatness.
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1 year ago, Danyal76
some more exercises and add persian language
Hi this app is amazing so cool and completely different with other apps in health categories. Plz add persian language to app also add some more exercises like back fillet with bench and plates something more. Add the involved muscles in each exercise specifically thats so important to know which muscle of (for example lateral deltoids or anterior deltoids ) your body involved in this exercise. Also if possible open copy train day for custom training plan . Thats all Thanks again Have a good train fitness online support 💪
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2 years ago, cougarman38
No one to contact
This app was going food for me for about two month then out of nowhere it stop working the exercise wasn’t coming up i would refresh & even tried to delete the app still all the same thing an on top of that it’s no one to contact when all of this went wrong an to think i paid the subscription in full free money for them i guess
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2 years ago, GIOB-06
Very good for workout, less for dieting
The app is great and super customizable. It fits my needs very well and with a excellent price for the subscription. However I wish they added more foods to the food gallery, I couldn’t find certain base line foods
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3 months ago, Ksiden
The best gym app
I've tried dozens of different gym apps and this app is the best. There is the right balance between paid and free functions, and the mobile application replaces the entire smartphone. Thank you.
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1 month ago, Nostalgic1234
App doesn’t work after the newest update
I am writing to inform that the app is currently down and that it doesn’t work. Every time I try to open it, it says error try again later.
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4 years ago, Murray Sheridans
It is the best
All five people of my family, including me have this application in their mobile phone. Its quality is really approved and the features are very good. I just want to give a thanks to the dev team, this is the best fitness app.
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11 months ago, Rania hameed
When I finish my workout , the next day not opened or opened after a long time , more than 48 hrs !!! How i can fix that ? And if my coarse 4 sessions per wk , if the next day not opened and i already finished three days , shall i can train the exercise for the first day in forth one ???
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