Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro

Health & Fitness
4.7 (5.4K)
73.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fitness & Bodybuilding Pro

4.72 out of 5
5.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Algo Rhythm
Simply perfect
I have a tendency to over-think things. Especially when I’m getting more information on a daily basis—like about exercise. What I love about this app is how simple it is. I picked “plans” / bodybuilding / 4 days per week. Then, I just follow the exercises in order-day 1, day 2, day 3, etc. I can enter the weight I used, so I don’t forget. Then, the next time I’m doing that exercise, I try to use a heavier weight or more reps. The app remembers everything! (Just remember to hit “done”) I’ve been using this app for 7 weeks, and I’m amazed by the results! This has replaced the notebook and pen I use to bring to the gym. Also, I’ve done a lot of research on how best to stimulate hypertrophy, and this app nails it! Don’t over-think it. This works!
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6 years ago, app needs improvemnet 9/6
Best app
I have been using this app from 3 years, this is just great. I never needed those workout plans, I just needed an app that shows me all the exercise for upper and lower body. All the other apps out there, they are just making you to follow their plan or make your own. But all I needed is exercise videos, so I can see and do it in a better form. So far this app is top in my list. Keep up the good work! And I like the new updates.
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2 years ago, matt smit
Double billing
Really sad that I paid for app then when phone rebooted they want me to pay again for app.
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6 years ago, vov44ik
App is great, approach is horrible
App itself is great, I was using old version for quite a while. Suddenly after upgrade to new version with paid subscription all my records are gone. It was very frustrating. Ok, I told to myself, let’s start from scratch and I decided to by limited time offer ~60$. What do you think, app crashes all the time you try to open detailed view of ANY exercise. In addition to that nutrition plans are not usable, I wouldn’t have that much time to cook so complicated recipes. I hope for the best, that all those things will be fixed, but something tells me I might be wrong.
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6 months ago, Genesius2001
Great with one exception
In the paid version I like how the user can pick targeted programmed workouts for set number of days per week. The workouts are great! What would out this app over the top is the ability to add the workout to a calendar. For example, let’s say I pick homework out for three days. Another prompt after this is needed to schedule the workout into a calendar.
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1 year ago, 1969guy
Useless now except for premium version
I added the app years ago and eventually paid a flat fee to remove ads. Now they have been pushing their ads at the start of each session and now this week have punched ads before every exercise, which also cuts off background music. Avoid.
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5 years ago, Devildog6490
App is misleading
App has workout plans behind a subscription paywall. Once paid, the app shows an extremely limited number of workouts and only one plan to choose from. The workouts don’t even make sense on the bodybuilding program. Spend your money elsewhere if you are looking for programs. This is not worth a subscription. Cancelled and deleted immediately.
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6 years ago, dubs_A_A
Once great App, now money grab
Used to be a wonderful app with a lot of free features with options to upgrade for more features. After this last update, everything now has a monthly subscription to even use it. It might be worth it if a one-time payment was made available, but now you pay either $13/month or $40/year.
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2 years ago, Avatar632
Why Change?
I used to love the app until you guys made the recent changes on the UI. It’s no longer intuitive requiring more clicks to enter data. The videos are also no longer easy to get to. Why take a step back with the UI??
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3 years ago, jejeheej
Gl oh hi hi hello
I hi hi hello hi hi sorry to bother but you can call you have a good time I am sorry I don’t know what you ware I have been here for about a month and east east coast east east bend coast east east south bend east coast coast
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11 months ago, Zanyar Jaff
Gratitude 🙏🏻
This so useful for me i don't have to pay to coch.
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2 years ago, fbusby
Frank Busby
I love it the app gives me a list of workouts keeps me in line with each workout thank u
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6 years ago, rmz5
Can’t access the content I paid for...
I paid for sections before, as they updated the app now I can’t access my plans I paid for to access them according their new policy I can only paying monthly, though again I paid for other plans, pretty weird !!!
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3 years ago, Tmeikklee
Bad Customer service
Be carful paying for year prescription. I change new phone and I can’t transfer my account. There is no customer service to contact to. No phone number or email provided.
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6 months ago, jarama17
Great app !
I’ve been using this app for 5 years. Great app!
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4 years ago, fmeforreal
Keeps closing
Loved this app but now every time I open it the app pauses my music/podcast, and then when I reopen my phone the app has closed itself so I have to open the app and replay my music every single time.
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3 years ago, Mitchoson
Stop the pop up ads now!!!
Was the best app I found for lifting. Now the pop up adds are ruining my experience two days after they made them a thing. Looking for a new app currently.
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1 year ago, kcore69
No timer
I loved the app before they removed the timer. The timer was great! Can we get it back?
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2 months ago, Srikar1990Sunny
Great app
I love this app, it gives me confidence.
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1 year ago, SanJosephSan
App update
The app performance and overall was great before the update. The in-app purchase and every time i use the app ads are the worst. I am uninstalling the app. Thank you
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9 months ago, johnnyboi!!!
Having to wait.
Having to wait 5 seconds to see my examples. I Dont like that very much.
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6 years ago, rc201
App keeps closing when I try to record anything
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6 years ago, Cesarjr12
Fitness vip
This is a great app it has everything I ever needed!! Thanks
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3 years ago, PDandy5
Paid subscription
I have a premium paid subscription I cannot access.
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5 years ago, Loving hops
Not good app
This is not a very good app. I can not listen to music while lifting weights and following the program. When I try and change my time or reps it does not let me. It is plenty of better apps for Free.
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6 years ago, Ramy007
Amazing app
This app is amazing , keep on progress
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3 years ago, MAXR0CK
Ugly Interface
Horrible design. Looks like in 2010. Please redesign the app!
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5 years ago, BAR112
STOP with the greedy subscriptions!
There is nothing here worth an expensive monthly or yearly subscription. I have free apps that are better. Forget it!
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4 years ago, esmaiel rayayat
Goog trainer app
I use this app and gain very good result
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3 years ago, hallie faye
Work Outs to get abs
To get abs
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3 months ago, Hybaka
Waste of money
This app does not worth almost $60 a year
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6 years ago, romeobulat
Great great
This is awesome
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5 years ago, simumba
It’s taking long to load
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6 years ago, Bashar_aliraqi
Seems like nice app
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4 years ago, adhlrsg
Nice app
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10 months ago, smokedawg808
Bc m Wish
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4 years ago, hadi mahmoud
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6 years ago, mamad66
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5 years ago, انتزناااتتننن
سراقين حراميه
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5 years ago, jazerre
الاصدار السابق
الاصدار السابق ماكان فيه اعلانات البرنامج صار فاشل من الاعلانات
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3 years ago, MimiBu
Lacks depth
The workouts are really something you can get on YouTube for free. It doesn’t require any info on the user such as weight, height, age or even gender The nutritional portion does not specify any macros or even calories. If you’re a woman who wants to get lean you could be eating 2000 calories on their nutritional plan and not know. Terrible waste of money.
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5 years ago, Jemima24
Unauthorized transactions
I downloaded this app yesterday as well as other fitness apps I was gonna use there 7 day trials to figure out which one I liked best and delete the rest. Well this app had some 70% of deal and where saying it’s only 2.99 a year. I wake up the next morning and they charged me 38.96 it has not even been a full 24hrs let alone 7 days.
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