Fitness Connection

Health & Fitness
4 (417)
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Current version
Titan Fitness LLC
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fitness Connection

4 out of 5
417 Ratings
6 years ago, Meowzy91
Missing one thing...
If this app could somehow incorporate your user ID or member number so you can just scan your app barcode instead of having to carry around an extra card; I think that would be the Bees knees! Cause who doesn’t have their phone on them anyways? Please include this on a future update!!
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4 years ago, Bery bery bool
I dont usually do this
I um don’t normally write reviews but i feel maybe this will help. I just started going to fitness connection somewhat in the area i live in and i got a subscription through there. It seems really cool and I'm excited to see how far i get as a beginner to this workout stuff. I thought by downloading the app i could see my subscription and change the card its on and pay for it but it turns out you guys don't have that feature. So um the only thing id have to say about the app is that maybe we should be able to have our own personal accounts we could log into, be able to see our subscription, cancel it or change/upgrade it within the app. We could see when our next payment is, change the payment method or maybe update the card its on, just for easier access incase no one can actually make it to the gym or do in the gym at that moment. Maybe there could even be something on there to track our progress from when we first started, like how much we were able to lift that first week vs two months later. Just brainstorming but other than that it seems pretty cool.
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9 months ago, killbite
User Experience Lacking
I downloaded the app and made an account to use a digital guest pass that was shared with me by my son. At the end of the trial, I used *this app* to go through the membership sign up process but it somehow can’t figure out that I’m now a member and no longer just a guest. It’s not clear at all how to resolve this. On top of that, the user databases between this app and the FC website are not synced up so you actually need *two* separate user accounts that don’t appear to be connected in any way. Except that somehow the FC website knew that I was a new member and was able to figure out it needed to email a new assigned alphanumeric ID for the separate FC website login. The email said that a temporary password would arrive in a separate email (which never did); and no, it didn’t go to the Spam folder. So clearly there are some workflow and tech stack issues that need to get resolved to make the UX less frustrating and redundant.
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2 years ago, Toño A.
Worst Experience!!!
First of all, this has been the worst experience of my life... The first day I came in I signed up for a membership and a training program. It's almost three weeks now and I never received what I paid for. They schedule multiple appointments and the trainer never show up. They lied to me several times and this has become a waste of time. I requested to Eric Ganow the manager at Fitness Connection in Mesquite Tx to cancel the membership and the training program and a full refund. I also asked him for an email confirmation for the cancellation. He said he will cancel both that same day but won't be able to refund anything. So he was able to charge me almost $400 the day I signed up but he is not able to make a refund for a service he never provided. But guess what it's 3 days since the cancellation request and I never received any email from them and instead they charged me another $10. What a joke, right? I think they do this on purpose. They know what they are doing and this is not right. I wrote and email to the address they show on their website [email protected]… but does not work, that email address does not exist. This business and their people are not serious. I DON'T recommend this gym at all and I give them 0 stars...
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6 years ago, StephieMG
Very Useful
I’ve then with Fitness Connection for several months now and really enjoy that app to find out what classes are upcoming and he was teaching them my favorite classes yoga and it also helps to see what the hours of the childcare are still then I can plan my work out around it’s schedule. I like that you can change the location is and see what other classes are going on at different locations, should you miss your class at your local fitness connection you can go to another. I would definitely recommend having the app on your phone if you’re into the classes.
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2 months ago, preetiime
Check in
I just joined this gym and so far the app doesn’t allow you to use your Apple Watch to check in. I don’t bring my phone in the gym with me so I figured like other gyms you can use your watch to check in but no you don’t have that option. So I have to bring my phone in scan the barcode then walk back to my car to I can leave my phone. It’s a big inconvenience I don’t know how much longer I will have this membership all over one simple thing smh.
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1 year ago, Andriana McCullough
Workout Gym
It’s an amazing environment to workout in fitness connection! The staff are very welcoming and have different machines that can accommodate for you and your needs! Staff make sure everyone is doing well, keep everything clean as well! Have wipes for you to clean very nice!! They have classes too like Zumba, kickboxing that you can schedule! I highly recommend this place to workout!😁
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8 months ago, DTK523
If you’re new and having trouble logging in to the app, do this
If you can’t log into this app: you have to create another account within this app, even though you have already set up your account online. So when you first open the app, click “Log In”, then click “Don’t have an account”. Then select your location, and put in all your info that you gave when you first signed up, along with the barcode and your new password that you should have created on their website. Make sure your email matches the one in their system.
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2 weeks ago, LolaMonique
Check ins
When you check in at the facility through this app it doesn’t always record it and when I asked for help from an employee he offered none. He just said he didn’t know why that was happening. I like to keep track of my workouts through the app along with my watch but I guess I’ll unsubscribe and keep using my faithful Apple Watch.
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2 weeks ago, KiloEcho78
No contact
There’s no way to contact the developer of this app if a problem is found or if you want to make a suggestion. All links in the app profile are useless or take you to an admin portal. So I guess they want bad reviews due to frustration. Anyway, here’s my suggestion: add support for Apple Watch to display your membership barcode. Even the YMCA has this these days so you don’t have to carry your phone with you to the gym.
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3 months ago, mayday()
$100 Cancellation fee nightmare
I called in to cancel my membership, because my friend I was going with no longer could, so I am gonna to a gym 20 mi it’s closer, and there was a $100 cancellation fee. I’m sorry the lady didn’t give me enough time to read 7 pages of legal documents! Who even does this crap. Don’t go here, it’s an alright gym, but when I called to cancel my membership the lady sounded like she had a gun pointer at her head, it was like she was a zombie, I don’t like this company, and wouldn’t recommend going here.
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4 years ago, Ashley Lynn00
Card key
Please allow a way to log into your account through app and have barcode available to scan at check so keys or card doesn't have to be carried around in addition to phone! 😁😁 please!
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3 years ago, itstheworstapprevieer
Useless waste of space
there’s no real reason to use the app, it always says my login is invalid or incorrect even though when i go on the website it’s correct. it doesn’t have the option were you can scan into the gym like most gym apps do (la fitness, planet fitness, life time) even though it’s literally 2021. It’s not that hard if you need a new programmer my 15 year old brother knows how. it’s just such an outdated app. will be deleting after posting this review.
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4 years ago, NorthDallas76
Fit Step Class
The fit step class on Saturdays at 10:30am is one is the best classes I have ever been too. Each time I have attended the class I have burned over 400 calories.. I’m so happy that the class will be added in Tuesday evenings too because I will be attending both.
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12 months ago, LauraBedoya
Very complete and helpful
This app is very complete and helpful. You can track your workouts and it gives you and explanation for each exercise you choose.
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7 months ago, Morena_9099
Great app and easy to use
Loving being able to keep up with all my activities and classes on this easy to use app definitely recommend
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1 year ago, ThickDon
Excellent app
The app works officially and provides me with the information that I need accurately. I also enjoy the faster check-in from the barcode provided within the app.
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9 months ago, Kris2393
Mostly Decent
I love that I can track my workouts, and the challenges for check-in’s and activity is nice, it keeps me motivated. But there’s one problem for me - I use my app to check-in every time, but I can never see my check-in history! This really needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, joabimboka
Email configuration
I really like this gym and app is user friendly.. however when trying to give feedback it says to configure email but not sure where in app this is done..
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4 years ago, wilty24
Barely helpful
I don’t normally write reviews but I feel like this App has a lot of potential that is just never really capitalized on. It’s good for finding locations if you are traveling or moving, and class schedules, but other than that it really falls flat. Maybe if you add some account incorporation to the app and make it more interactive I think it would help a lot
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7 months ago, Babykissez
Having issues
I am a new member and tried to use the app to scan in today and I keep getting an error message that says: “Sorry there seems to be trouble retrieving information. Please try again later”. I’ve already logged out and reinstalled and I still get this message.
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1 year ago, Lani Walker
Great Fitness App
I love this app because I can track my progress. Schedule out my classes for the week! They are continuously expanded functions which is a 5 Star!
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2 years ago, iloveicecream25
Such a useless app
Like I know y’all membership is cheap but how can y’all not be able to launch an app properly. It’s 2021 for Christ’s sake, no one like to carry their key tags around. What is the purpose of this app this is a legit question? Cause I really want to know. You try to sign on and it’s gives you the “invalid email/password” prompt. I mean I’m like really annoyed. Seriously y’all need to work on this app cause this is ridiculous...eww
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4 years ago, viviaantuyet
Can we just have our user added on to this app?!? its so unconvient going from the app to look for classes and go back to the website to see our user info...
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2 years ago, no_2u
Cant update payment method
Neither the app, website, nor phone support are able to update my expired credit card. Unable to temporarily suspend membership during Covid using app, or view suspension status. And why is the app icon red & white when FC signage is yellow & black?
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4 years ago, mommies2girls
I’ve never seen an app for a gym that doesn’t allow you to input your information so you don’t have to carry a plastic card around on your keys. How 2005 is this? Why even have an app? No one uses these cards anymore and it’s $10 if you lose it. Not to mention the guy at the gym lied and said you could use the app on your phone to check in to the gym instead of using a card.
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1 year ago, samrozzi
App slow to load wish you could access Id on watch
Wish you could add your Id to apple Wallet or on the watch app. Would be a massive improvement since sometimes the app takes so long to load
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6 years ago, Bluv78
Love the app!
Love the class schedule! Is was a nightmare to look at schedule online. This is sooo convenient to change locations and check class schedule and then add to my calendar! Game changer for me...
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5 years ago, Cyn's Pod
Morning Yoga Reno fitness connection
Have I mentioned recently how much I benefit from your morning yoga classes and how much I appreciate instructors Jamie and Amanda I don't know if I'd be this far without them thank you
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6 months ago, traveleatsleeprepeat
Love this app
So simple to find the workouts that I want for the week and schedule them in my calendar.
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10 months ago, ETMak
Great app
Love how I can make my own fitness program, it adjusts easily and does a good job of helping me stay on track of my workouts.
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3 years ago, jhert88
No barcode to scan
The screenshot leads you to believe this has a barcode button that you can pull up on your phone so you don’t have to carry the plastic card (like most gym apps), but there’s no way to do that. Sign up experience was pretty poor as well. The app uses different credentials than the FC website.
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1 year ago, BouncezNasty
Pretty solid, only if the check in history counter actually worked, it would be 5 stars. Really the only reason I have the app to track how many days I’ve gone, please fix.
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12 months ago, christinasoulia
Easy to navigate
I had trouble with the website- it seemed kinda disorganized, esp re. Class descriptions but app is right on
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6 years ago, Bdthrash
Fitness connection app
I love the App, it allows me to plan out my workout in advance. It would be nice to know if the instructor was changed, prior to the class starting!
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4 years ago, bigsal1494
Make it possible
It would be really nice if we could use the phone as a key card or ID it’s hard to carry my key card and losing because of work
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6 years ago, snorty1933
Could be a little better
The app doesn’t show the hours of the club, even though there is a tab for it.
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2 years ago, Matt_M
Apple Wallet integration?
I appreciate having an app that lets me scan into the club instead of using my key tag. But please provide integration with Apple Wallet! Thanks.
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10 months ago, HRJNT2008
Love the app
Convenient to check in & easy to track my goals
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2 years ago, Griffdog45
We need a membership barcode on the app to scan at the front Desk.
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4 years ago, jthom921
Pointless app
Pretty much pointless since you cannot use the app instead of a physical card. The schedule is online so there’s no need to waste phone space for this app. Giving it too stars though because it at least works as it’s supposed to.
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8 months ago, HumanBirdy
A clean UI and easy to navigate with great tools to help you learn about fitness goals and training tips.
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1 year ago, Jossie Garcia
Doesn’t track
When I got this app it was mainly to track how much I come to the gym and to also check in but since I downloaded it in February it shows no history of check in for any day, week or month and I hope you guys can fix this issue.
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2 years ago, kalayvonne
Doesn’t work
It never works . Keeps saying there’s no user that exists with my email . But when I log in from the website it works just fine . Reached out to support who were not helpful at all . They just replied with an automated email that wasn’t even in English !!!!
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6 days ago, @iammoney1
Add to ur calendar
I love that I can tap button and it goes straight to my calendar
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4 years ago, xunnojsdbikkfrcbim
Check in
I agree this is one of the only gym apps that you can’t download your tag so you check in by scanning phone Please help
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6 months ago, Zach "Big Z" Pyron
Great App
Easy to check in. Easy to track your workout.
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6 years ago, tjfrank30
Great App
I use the app to schedule my classes weekly.. I like that I can add them directly to my calendar... cool feature!
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1 year ago, Queenlymajesty
Doesn’t let you log in
I am able to log in to the fitness connection website on Safari just fine but I can’t log in by using the app. I have attempted this multiple times, if I can’t log in then the app is useless.
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1 year ago, ClassyTeacher99
Check-in History
The check-In history doesn’t configure. I have sent several emails and proof of my visits as requested and nothing has been fixed. Still says I have 0 visits.
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