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User Reviews for Fitness

2.91 out of 5
6.7K Ratings
11 months ago, Shantí Brown
Was all for it, glitches turning me off
I’ve been using the app for almost a year and more consistently in the last 2 months since purchasing a fitness tracker watch. I have been more motivated towards reaching my goal and “closing my ring” since this purchase, as without one, it only logged my movement if I had the phone on my person at all times - this was not convenient for me. For the last month, I’ve closed my ring nearly every single day, but I’ve been realizing lately my “awards” are NOT reflecting that. This was a huge motivator for me to continue to use this app. There’s really no purpose otherwise, there are plenty of fitness apps out here I could use otherwise. I enjoy setting a goal, reaching it, and being rewarded for so. I have completed a full week, Monday-Sunday, and yet the award has not be “awarded”, along with my longest streak, being at 8+ days. Also, BIG CON for me is the week running Monday-Sunday, and calendar reflecting that as well. Like really, where in the world is that normal? Everything is Sunday-Saturday, and as for myself completing goals, that is the way my brain is thinking. Being different in this way is just an annoyance, along with the fact it’s not an option that can be changed. Honestly, if my “awards” are not at least fixed, I’m over and done with this app. The issues are too much to continue.
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4 months ago, DeniseS17
Motivating app, glitches are frustrating
I have completed 100+ trainer led workouts in the last 7 weeks. I have enjoyed the variety of trainers, workouts, and music. This app has motivated me to stick to my goals and create a life changing routine that I actually look forward to every day. Building a plan 1-8 weeks has been great. I like that you can pick up to 5 different types of exercise, chose your daily time commitments, and then on that day modify the time/video for your suggested exercise. I do get frustrated when I do a workout, I can see it on my summary for the day, but it does not “check” off of my plan. I have had this happen 4 times in the last 6 weeks and it is discouraging when I’m on track, but have to redo a workout just to get the completion credit. Competing with other friends has been great. I switched from 8 years with Fitbit Premium to Apple Fitness+ with an Apple Watch primarily because FP got rid of challenges. I would love if I could have 2-3 friends competing with you at a time, but the 1:1 is better than nothing. Sometimes the awards are not totally accurate with the activity that it should be awarding for. There have been times that I have exceeded a previous goal, but the award gets “stuck” at a previous metric. I have used my Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone to exercise and all have maintained a considerably seamless. Overall my Apple Fitness+ experience has exceeded my expectations and previous experience with Fitbit.
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1 year ago, Ngigusch
Mostly great, needs some updates and fixes
Update: Apple has addressed many of the issues in my original review. Thank you! My new suggestions are: let us schedule rest days or input sick days on our watch. Sometimes I get discouraged by breaking a streak even when doing so is needed or beyond my body’s control. Rest days let me manage my time without getting fixated; and they’re necessary when sick. Being able to schedule rest days so I took them before I got injured or burnt out would make it easier to stay on track and avoid feeling discouraged about progress. I’ve got a packed, demanding life. I’ve got school age kids who make our home a revolving door of viruses. I’m in my 40’s and more prone to injury than I was in my 20’s. I feel like the metrics could make room for all of that. The trainer team is phenomenal. 5 stars to the trainers and whoever was in charge of casting them. The workouts and variety of workouts are also great. Items I would like to see addressed and updated: 1) [had been fixed] 2) [has been fixed. Thank you!]. 3) [addressed but not per my suggestions for audio. Still sounds better overall]. 4) where I am connected to friends on my fitness/watch; I find a lot of the automatic responses pretty rude and sarcastic. I’m all in favor of less smack talk and more positive affirmation/encouragement. I would be mortified if I accidentally sent one of my tender hearted friends one of those mean responses.
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2 years ago, EnglishTVAddict
Request enhancements
Could you please add a feature to adjust the playback speed of the dance videos? I like the routines, but they‘re just a little bit too fast for me. If I could reduce the speed by 10 to 20%, it would be a great improvement. I‘ve randomly found a few videos that allow you to reduce the playback speed by 50%, but that is way too much. Another enhancement would be to add some workouts (strength, yoga) that are tailored for people with knee problems. There are a LOT of us out here who either already have or are in the process of ruining our knees. So, workouts without squats or lunges would be great. I know the workouts for older adults at least show modifications, but there are only a few videos, and they are, in some aspects, not demanding enough. So, maybe you could create a set of workouts for people who are otherwise strong and in shape, but have to be very careful with their knees. This is also one of the reasons it would be good to be able to slow down the dance videos. There can be a lot of torque applied to the knees when trying to turn and step quickly, especially if one is not yet familiar with the basic movement or sequence of movements. I am an ex-dancer, and if I am having problems doing this stuff safely, I’m pretty sure it’s a general problem.
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9 months ago, sconnell2
Love this App, but Not Enough for Seniors
This is a great app, especially the watch integration… but Fitness+ workouts are very limited for seniors & others with mobility limitations. Although they include modifications in most of the workouts, far too many involve getting on and off the floor. They have one set of very nice “Workouts for Older Adults” but after 2 years they’re getting old. And even one of those requires getting on the floor so I mostly skip it. While many of us can do it if necessary, it can take us long enough that we’ve missed a lot of the workout in the process. At a minimum, if they don’t want to make more senior-specific workouts, AT LEAST enable us to search for workouts that don’t involve being on the floor. Nothing more frustrating that starting a workout that looks promising only to find out they’ve buried some floor exercises in the middle. Half the old ladies in my water aerobics classes wear Apple Watches, but I won’t recommend Fitness+ until there is a better library of workouts for us as virtually all of us feel the same way about getting on the floor. Hope someone actually pays attention to these reviews & works on this!
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1 month ago, Spartan075
Update is horrible
Before the update a month or two ago I’d of given this app 5 stars. Now it’s just infuriating. Biggest issue is selecting workouts on the Apple watch. It is hit or miss that it gives you a sound countdown now. Also, I’m losing lots of workouts because there are too many options in each workout. I click the little workout button, and now odds are I click to another screen over to actual workout. Before it was click, hear countdown, and work out. Now it’s click and keep back clicking, or click, don’t hear countdown, and workout not selected because something else was. Also, on my watch home screen once you get to 1000 calories burned you can no longer see your stand or workout minute stats. You have to either toggle on the watch or phone to see it. Also, on the actual iPhone now if you want to see your stats on the app while working out you have to click 3 different things to turn off the current workout. It makes no sense. You can see the workout on your wrist. Why would anyone make it annoying to see stats on your phone while working out? Before one click on the app and you can see the stats. Why did they go from an incredible synced user friendly app on the phone and watch to an absolute nightmare. I know sometimes you have to get use to updates, and it becomes second nature. Not this update, months later and I’m still stuck in a nightmare.
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1 year ago, Jtk1999
Enhancements needed
Overall the Fitness app functions well and effectively monitors activities. Some enhancements that would make this a 4-5 star app in my opinion: 1. Indoor walk and run activities - treadmill users should have the ability to add elevation and mileage to the work outs as this would more accurately reflect the distance and intensity of the workout. (Other apps allow you to do this but we should not need other apps). 2. Cycling (indoor or outdoor) - app should convert strides or measured rpms to steps for the purposes of accurately capturing steps for the day. On days I ride rather than walk / run the app tells me I am taking less steps because it doesn’t factor in cycling. Example - I am a Peleton Bike user - I do certain workouts that cover between 10-20 miles on the bike (mostly in winter when temperatures make running less optimal) and I get negative trend results because I am meeting my rings through other means. 3. App should ask some basic demographic information so that the “challenges” are appropriate. Certain of the challenges proposed do not consider whether or not a person works full time. I recently received a challenge that suggested I average 150 active minutes a day for a month. Addressing these would greatly enhance the app.
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1 year ago, Pilotguy1234
No where near what it should be
This does not hold a candle to Garmin connect. There is no way to edit data of a completed workout. Example, you do an indoor track run so you select outdoor run because the indoor run assumes treadmill. (And it’s suggested in the apple forums to select outdoor run for indoor track runs) The gps data is all jacked up and gives inaccurate distance. Now your vo2max is all screwed up. You’d think you’d be able to just go into the workout and change the distance. Nope. Can’t do it. You can only delete it. There is no suggested recovery. There is no workload. You can’t create your own workout like a run and lift. You have to add a new workout. What I mean is, there isn’t a way to set up a single workout that has two different types of workouts in it. Like I run, pause, then lift weights. You have to select run, then add a new workout and select lifting. The starting and stopping or pausing of workouts isn’t the best. If you select any run, you better be prepared to run in the next 3 seconds. You can’t just hit a side button and start the run run that way. On my ultra, hitting the action button only starts the last type of workout. So if I hit that, I better be doing whatever the last workout is. Which I won’t be because I run then lift, again, two different types of workout. I wanted to like this watch and fitness app. But it just isn’t anywhere near what Garmin does.
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11 months ago, Limelimelimelimelime
Has been pivotal for me recently, love it!
There’s a couple things I’d like to make it easier to use. 1 - allow users to categorize workouts saved to the library with their own custom labels (its difficult to remember the particular usefulness of each video based on the thumbnail and vague descriptions.). 2- there really needs to be some kind of way to correct information effecting the rings from past days or weeks. Example situation: I had a 94 day streak of closing all 3 rings and lost it while on vacation due to being just 2 calories short on the move ring. I didn’t notice it for several days and we’ll, due to natural human motivation patterns I’m consequently less motivated to continue with the uplifting go-get-it attitude it was giving me before. I’m still using it but it’s just not the same. And it could have been remedied if I could just have edited that 2 calories. Can you like, make it so you can add up to a certain amount of calories or time on any day in the past? Like, up to 10 calories or something? Maybe up to like 2 weeks afterwards? Like once in a 2 week period? Vacations happen (also emergencies etc) and please give us just some little failsafe :) Thanks
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2 years ago, al5402020
How can I get support???
This app has become garbage recently. It won’t open most of the time on my iPhone 11 max pro and barely works on my Apple Watch series 5. It freezes and crashes when I try to open it. I did the updates and no change. I uninstalled strava which was linked to it and no change. It is mostly the stand minutes where it is struggling to give me credit even though it is giving my credit for steps, exercise minutes, and distance. Sometimes it won’t record distance on my workouts but will show it in the total distance. I restart my devices multiple times to try and get it to work but it doesn’t help some of the time. There are crash logs on my phone but I don’t know how to report this. Help articles and discussions are unclear. This started a few weeks ago. I have proof of walking around for the better part of an hour and it won’t give me credit for standing and sometimes says I wasn’t even wearing the watch! I am currently at a 316 day streak for closing my rings and this is affecting my life and progress. This is unacceptable and frustrating. The health app won’t open at all. It just crashes continuously. Please tell me how to get help with this.
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3 days ago, KnitDani
Lovely, when it works (seldom well…)
Glitches abound. The other every update a little worse than before. If there’s one thing I expected, it was that Apple would make their various products and apps work well together, but they just don’t. My biggest issue is with using my Apple TV to stream the workouts. (I’ve tried the app on the Apple TV instead, but it crashes and glitches even worse, often repeatedly losing the connection to my Apple Watch.) When streaming, the workouts sometimes crash the app completely and I often have to start over rather than being asked if I’d like to resume the workout. Lately, this has been less frequent. Instead, the audio will play from both my iPhone and the TV or not at all; the workout pauses or skips (usually only a few seconds, but annoying); and using the stack never, ever works as it should. With the stack, the next workout will not play, will crash, or the audio comes from the phone while the screen looks like it should for streaming! I’ve played and played with all of this and cannot make it work. I like most of the trainers, the on screen metrics, etc. However, the social justice comments supporting various people groups and especially LGBT+ are obnoxious and pushy. I refuse to start any workout that was published in June and try to ignore it all, but it drives me crazy.
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4 months ago, Thomsina E
More options
I really love the app. I’ve started my fitness journey in January! I would like to see more options in regards to rewind & fast forward options, people who have Apple products but are non Apple Watch users able to use the fitness app, and have nutritional guidance & nutritionist to follow. I have been in the middle of a workout and either my iPad, network servers, or the app has frozen and it takes while to reload. I’ve had to either wait a significant amount of time before it reloads or forced to exit the app, then enter the app, and start over. If there are rewind or fast forward capabilities then it would be easier to pick back up where I left off. I think it would be a great idea to also have friends/family or join workouts with other people that are using this app to help build a community to help each other progress in our healthy living lifestyles. Lastly, I would love to have some nutritional content and able to follow some nutritionist within this app to make it more complete and well rounded in my fitness journey. I would also like to see elliptical workouts as it’s easier on my knees than the treadmill
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1 year ago, 25ehard
Great app overall,but sone suggestions
First of all, this is an amazing app ans I think the Fitness+ subscription is totally worth it. I do jave some suggestions though. I think you should have a better organization system for the library and put it at the top of Fitness+ not the bottom. It would also be cool if you could do a really big workout series for under 13, and it would also be cool ifyou added a more advanced filtering system option, such as workouts with no jumping for apartment situations. I was reading a lot of negative reviews and I realized many of them have ideas and suggestions that usually phrased aggressively but are actually good ideas. A lot of the best apps have responses to a lot of reviews so consider reading those. The Fitness+ subscription seemed a little pricey at first but it has been so benificial and with all the hard work those trainers put in to bring those workouts to the app it seems like a really fair price. This is overall an amazing app and so easy to use. It does seem like the accuracy of the rings could use some work though.
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3 months ago, JennyBANG
Great workouts, wide variety of options
I have been using the app for over 2 years now and can vastly see an increase for my motivation to workout using this app. Suggestions to developers would be to allow saving of ‘favorite’ workouts that you would be able to rate and/or write comments about. For example: being able to list the weight that was used in the routine in order to measure increases in strength the next time the routine gets completed. I have been creating my own version of this feature by saving stacks with my weights listed in the title of the stack name. Another suggestion would be to allow the programmed routine for the plan to automatically continue to the next exercise in the day’s plan, the way that the stack feature prompts to continue. Love the additions and hope to see increased features for targeting specific exercises. Overall love how the plan seems to group similar movements together for body part specific targets. The pilates with strength training tends to use similar movements that help emphasize the routine.
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2 years ago, #BibleBroad
Vast but not functional
I just got a subscription to fitness plus for free for the next three months because of my recent Apple Watch purchase. I’ve done a couple of workouts in like the way that the results of your watch are displayed on the screen as you work out so you don’t have to keep looking down at your hand to see what’s going on. I do appreciate the accessibility of the workouts and the subtitles, I like cycle classes, but have a hard time going and studio because I can’t hear as well with all the auditory process, but the clear instructions and subtitles on Fitness+ help me work the app. What I find frustrating is that there is no search bar in the example I live in an apartment and would like to look up low impact workouts that don’t involve jumping disturb my neighbors however, there is no way for me to look for this type of work out. I also wish that I could organize the workouts that I like they are all just in one big list and as I start to collect more workouts, this is going to become is going to be very helpful paired with my gym membership to keep me on track but these hiccups are making the app frustrating.
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2 years ago, Quallspt
I like the app but would enjoy improved features
I use the fitness + app often for my workouts. I do love the variety of trainers, workouts, and music styles. I love the diversity of the team as well. I would like it more if there were a feature to allow us to search/filter our saved exercises library. As I save workouts that I’d like to perform I’m finding it difficult to get to specific ones as the list gets longer. It would be great if there was a filter feature so that we could search for what we are looking to do that day. I’d also like it if Apple would allow us to see our rings and exercise progress on our TV when we stream. Currently, it’s only for those with Apple TV and that’s obviously not practical for us without it. Seeing the rings is a big motivator but I don’t want to be reduced to watching my workout on a smaller screen when I’m home just to see rings/progress. I do hope they continue to build their library as well bc I am finding it challenging to get variety with certain trainers as I use it almost daily. It would also be nice if you all had 15 min workout options as well.
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2 years ago, _Purple-Pants_
Not very accurate.
There are so many issues. In general, any exercise I do only counts if it’s prompted by the app. I can stand in line at the store for 20 minutes, but that has no effect on my “stand goal” because the app never said, “it’s time to stand.” (On the flip side, I’ve had it tell me “it’s time to stand” while I’m standing, and have been for a long time.) If I go for a walk, the app waits until I’m nearly finished to ask if I want to record it. The only exercises it recognizes from the beginning are the videos on the app. Oh, and HIIT is NOT Thai Chi. There was a big deal about Thai Chi coming to Fitness + but it turned out that was just the HIIT workout. Way to let people down. This really needs a lot of work… Update: Sleep wants me to wear the watch at night so it can monitor my sleep patterns. Last night fitness + thumped my wrist at 1 am waking me up to say that “it’s time to stand”. Um…WT actual F? Apple developers, how are you going to record sleep patterns if your devices keep people up all night? Further update: the sleep tracker is completely wrong. It said that I was in “deep sleep” when I was awake and using the fitness + meditation video. I didn’t even lay down fully until nearly an hour later. Seriously, what are you people actually tracking?
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1 year ago, Video info
Not user friendly
I love using the various workouts like yoga, strength, and the cooldowns. But I wish it was easier to navigate. The only menu is up too where you can choose the type of workout but they have so many other features available it’d be nice if there were tabs instead of having to scroll down to find what I need. It would also be nice to be able to add whole programs to my library so I know what those workouts are for. Like the hip and back program is great but I have to save them individually to my library. There’s also no organization to the library, it’s just one long list. It should also have the ability to filter within the types of workouts what I’d like to focus on. For example what if I want to do strength training for my arms but yoga for my hips? Right now I have to manually scroll through all the workouts! It’s a shame there’s so many great workouts in such a difficult to access space. Come on Apple, get it together. Now FitOn, that’s a great menu and filter system.
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5 months ago, Dhfjdir dj
Exercise videos can only be viewed on Apple devices
I have a lot of frustration with this app. My only Apple device is my iPhone mini. I assumed I would be able to cast these videos onto my TV, but Apple has taken steps to prevent any apps that might allow me to do this. The exercise videos (the only reason I have this service) are basically useless because of this. Trying to do Pilates while looking at a tiny figure on your phone does not work, especially as my husband and I are trying to work out together to stay accountable and keep bonking heads as we squint at the screen and keep moving the phone from the floor to the table then back again. We might have been able to make things work by listening to the instructions from the leader of the class, but unfortunately you can barely hear what they are saying over the loud music. Really poor balance of sound. Also poor camera angles— we really can’t see what they are doing from a front view and would be much better served from an angle. Really a shame because the work-outs are good and I like that they have a lot of options for those days when you’re short on time.
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8 months ago, BjsvNsb.
Good app but missing a valuable component
I have been using this app for a while and enjoy the fitness competitions with my friends and family. I do not view the contest as a way to beat the people I challenge but as a way to have an accountability partner and motivate me to work out. I typically use the app for running on the treadmill and appreciate that it records my record 5K and 10K time. However, the app would be much better if it would record the time of all of my 5/10 Ks. This would be an easy thing to implement to allow the user to see longitudinal data on how they are improving their speed. Also, the developers could graph this data to make it aesthetically pleasing. This would be an awesome improvement to the app and I wish they would add this feature. Not only would this help runners better understand their races, but it would also allow someone who runs every day to understand if they are coming down with a sickness since the longitudinal data would show a decrease from the average time of the user's typical 5/10 K time.
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3 months ago, diddysissy
Couldn’t do without it. Shoutout to the coaches!
The free trial with my Apple Watch convinced me to keep the subscription, it’s been really awesome to build a more structured and varied workout routine, which had been challenging because of my frequent business trips. I’ve been alternating between yoga, strength and Pilates a few times per week, and I can definitely see some progress on my health. The coaches are amazing and its a joy to find them in a new class, they clearly put a lot of thought into renewing the movements, the tempo and the intensity of the classes. Jessica, Kyle and Darryl are the best! I just wished the UX was a bit more intuitive, especially in terms of filtering which is limited. The preview of a class could also be clearer, sometimes you find out as you go that the class was too hard or too easy and it’s too late. Another idea would be to keep track of previous performance in the same class, to try and do better every time, or giving notes on a class to know easily which ones we liked and would revisit.
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10 months ago, KristinaK1983
Not very truly accurate
As now I was relaying on my watch, “ indoor walking” I put on a few times the few seconds I have to pause on indoor walking , automatically go to stop or pause workout, as walking around in a store, knowing I walked more than ( and put on silent if I didn’t pause and continue over and over ) it didn’t track all the hours and steps in store I WAS WELL OVER AN HOUR WAY OVER AN HOUR , came up as 19 minutes!!!of indoor stir walking, not including the workout of lifting and bending of stuff bought! , just because I took a few and I do mean FEW seconds to check something out quickly! I was OVER an hour walking in the store and only recorded 21 minutes, unless I wanted to keep saying done or pause than continue work out, far as outside walking I hope it is true! I don’t take a break unless dog has to use bathroom and I still move around, while dog does business , but 20 laps back and forth in my driveway supposedly equal a mile in my driveway… please APPLE fix this ! Especially the slightest pause on indoor walking! And PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE add VERY ACCURATE stability ball or exercise ball to an update for the watch SE 2ND GENERATION !! Please PLEASE PLEASE!!!
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4 months ago, ThePharaoh21
Fitness Competition Possible Glitch Question
I absolutely love the fitness app and being able to compete with others who share a Apple Watch. It actually motivates me to stay active. I’m a flight attendant and for instance I’ll wake up early in the morning I’ll do my multiple workouts and that evening inflight on my way to Europe it’ll show I’ve closed all my rings. However once I land in Europe and my location recalibrates it’s erases all my data that I created in the U.S. and it looks as if I never worked out. I’ve been loosing multiple competitions now despite working out and despite it showing I closed all my rings and reached the maximum 600 points for the competition. For some reason “going into the future” erases my data from the now previous day (Time zone in the U.S). Is there anyway this can be fixed? Should I just not compete if I’m having trips overseas because it’s not recording correctly. I know it sounds crazy and confusing but I’m just curious.
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11 months ago, JacobCrandall
I don’t get the hate, this app is great!
First of all, I’m not a bot and I wasn’t paid to write this. I used the app for the first time today and did a 30 minute run. Running has always been hard for me because I find it difficult to get out of my head and it seems like it just drags on and on. I’m lucky if I make it a mile and a half when I, first getting back into it, and at my best I only ever made it up to 4 miles. Today, however, I did the 30 minute run with Scott and I was really surprised. They way they “gamify” the run if you have an Apple Watch where you can see you heart rate, distance, cadence, and activity ring was cool, but the “Burn Bar” was the coolest feature. This is Apples definition of what it is: “ The Burn Bar is a way for you to compare your effort to others who've done the same workout. It adjusts to account for weight to allow for an equal comparison and is shown as your calories burned. If you leave it on, your workout data is anonymously added to the Burn Bar competition. The Burn Bar is available for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Treadmill, Cycling, and Rowing workouts.” I’m a little competitive by nature, so having this really pushed me to work harder, and the combination of the interesting commentary from Scott and everything I mentioned above contributed to me running 2.4 miles on day one (and I am out of shape). I’d encourage you to give this a try, especially if you have an Apple Watch.
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3 weeks ago, BrittanyyYo
Disappointed with Apple Fitness
I love that there is not where that shows in app purchases but if I look up other apps it will say there are in app purchases. Anyways, I got fitness+ 3 months free so I thought I’d give it a try. I was surprised with how basic the app is even though Apple charges so much for the membership. I did not renew my subscription due to the lack of options and I couldn’t sort by workouts I haven’t completed. As far as the normal fitness functions in this app- I am more surprised with the inaccuracy and functions of tracking workouts. The most frustrating thing to me is the stand goal. I am on my feet all day and can be actively moving and will be alerted that it’s time to stand but I’m already standing! So I try to move around more and it doesn’t recognize that I’m standing and I won’t get the point for standing. Also, how is there no option in the workouts for mobility, but there’s foam rolling and mind and body. There is so much Apple needs to improve about this app but it seems like they just don’t care, especially since people have been complaining and giving bad reviews for a while yet nothing changes and they never reply to a review.
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2 months ago, SmelserAO
Excellent fitness app
I have been using the app on my phone and on my AppleTV boxes for 2 years now. I enjoy the variety of the workouts and types of exercises you are able to do. The workout are awesome and have so much to offer and are always accommodating. There is always new workout added at the start of the week to keep you working towards your fitness goals. The only thing I wish Apple would add is a nutrition section to this app. Allow users to be able to add in foods by searching or scanning in items they have ate or even to create a food. This would be give people a chance to see what they have eaten in the same place as they come to do their workouts. Have a place to add the foods you have eaten or have planned to eat for the day. There are so many apps out there but each of them want additional money for something. Since I’m already a fitness+ “member” it would be awesome to have that added to help people reach their goals, daily, weekly, monthly and so on.
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2 years ago, badmoody
Fun trainers and a great variety of workouts
Apple Fitness has been a great way to get through these interesting times. I have been mostly doing strength training and cycling. The trainers are great and I really like the workouts. I’ve also been trying out yoga. I like the option to take shorter classes in my own home so I can get used to it. I would like to see longer classes. Maybe 45-60 for strength. I tend to do multiple classes for a longer workout, but having a longer class would be preferable. Also, I would like cycling classes that focus on strength, tempo or endurance. Longer than 45 minutes would be great. I would love to see a 60-90 minute endurance cycling class. I really appreciate the addition of new activities. Apple Fitness runs really smooth for me. I have not had any issues with using it. My watch connects quickly and content streams very smoothly. It is a great deal for all of the available content.
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4 months ago, Blanketyblankblankblank
Not very accurate
I have several issues with this app. 1) on a number of occasions the number of hours I have been in bed is inaccurate, and sometimes the number of hours the app says I’ve been asleep is impossible! 2) sometimes when I drop something, or shut a sticky door hard, it thinks I’ve had a bad fall, yet on two occasions I did fall the app did not register them. This could be a matter of life and death, and is one of the main reasons this 72 year old got an Apple Watch. 3) the app does not record vigorous activity like gardening as exercise, but it counts hand grinding coffee as exercise. Today I spent 2 hours in hard gardening - digging, bending over and weeding, planting, etc - but the app told me I only did a few minutes exercise (grinding coffee!) My body was well aware that I had done some fierce exercise (more exhausting than the beach walk yesterday which it was happy to call exercise), but the app was having none of it. If I am to be able to monitor my fitness activity, gardening and similar vigorous tasks should be included - they are equivalent to an exercise class.
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2 years ago, Disapointed Loyalist
Inaccurate Tracking
I want to like this app. However, it very frequently frustrates me with inaccurate readings. For example, depending on which wrist I wear my watch on I will get completely different steps for the day. Another feature I found to be frustrating was that the stand hours often do not recognize that you were actually up, even when you were up and moving around; therefore not giving you the credit. Although it’s recorded your steps and movements. Even exercise times…why is this stand function sometimes not picking up? I found that when I tried the trial version things appeared to be better for a few days…but after that I saw some of these same inconsistencies. For the amount you want to charge; improvement is needed. The search continues for a more accurate health and fitness app that is all in one. Just a shortfall to not have them together especially if you’re working with a professional in wellness; it would be so nice to have tools that were more cohesive and consistent.
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4 months ago, Love this app!@
I don’t know what to do!
I really like this app until I accidentally changed the move goal to minutes instead of calories, and that really made me off on my daily workouts. I didn’t really understand the minutes of exercise versus I like to see how many calories I have burned during my workout. Other than that the app is really great and the fitness trainers on there are awesome. I definitely would download this and if you’re thinking of this as a good app for kids, I definitely think so. I think it is a good idea for them to keep track of what they’ve done that day. Both of my kids have this app and they love seeing how many steps they’ve taken that day. This is also a really great app for an Apple Watch. Overall, this is a really great app just that one little thing that I couldn’t figure out really bugged me. If you’re thinking about getting this app, you should. It’s very helpful compared to some of the other fitness apps that don’t really work in my opinion.
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3 weeks ago, Scenicfx
Not Accurate at all!
The problem with this app is that it has assumes you have your phone on your person 24/7. That’s just not feasible. So I have a fitness watch and I wear it all day. It will record that I have burned over 2000 calories and the app will have half that amount or less. So today I had my phone on me all day and even took my watch off to charge it for two hours and at the end of the day: My Polar Watch: 2157 Calories Fitness App: 800 Calories that’s with three Polar workouts included! That’s very bad! So bad that I would not trust anything it records much less sign up for a training course. Also the awards don’t work if you exceed the goal. I guess you have to stop working out once you meet the goal. Aside from that all these fitness apps need to have a pause option for when you’re sick. When I am sick I don’t want to see notifications that I am detraining or not keeping up. I am a software developer so I understand what it takes to develop this kind of thing. It’s not that hard. But it must be if you don’t know what you are doing.
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9 months ago, Capricorn Star
Apple Fitness
At first this was a great app! As of late, it has started glitching and doesn’t record all of my steps. It has in accurate readings. I started averaging more steps about 8,000+a day but it tells me I’ve burned 50 calories. That’s garbage. I use the app as a motivator but lately it has be nothing less of disappointing/discouraging. It doesn’t work at all on airplay when played through my smart tv. Just to add, I can do the exact same workout as my husband but it gives more calories burnt for him. It’s like 25-50 calorie difference. Women can do just as much as most men can, all because they have more testosterone. If men and women do the exact same workout then the same calories burnt should be giving to both. I have recently cancelled the monthly subscription. I figure why pay for an app that doesn’t work 15% of the time. I will be looking for a better app because this one isn’t it. I actually need a refund because the app never works properly and I pay a monthly fee. So to say the least, it’s a waste of money that could be allocated towards a better working app. I would rate it “0” stars, if I could.
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7 months ago, Seginns
Lots Of Options
I’ve exercised for 30 years and have done everything from VHS videos to a gym membership. This app is great. There are multiple exercise categories, such as yoga, kickboxing, strength training, dance, and meditation. You can filter by how long you want to workout (10, 20, 30, or 40 minutes), by trainer, etc. Some of my favorite trainers from other exercise programs are on there, and the trainers who are new to me are also excellent. There are rewards you can get for calories burned, number of days worked out in a week or a month, and so forth but these are not important to me so I can’t comment on them. It is fun to watch my ring progress on screen while I’m working out. There’s also a timer on screen for both the overall workout as well as the individual exercises that helps a lot when you want to try to push through a challenge.
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2 months ago, TheElderMermaid
Apple, please diversify your workout mind.
I like being able to track movement to help motivate me and the tracker feature of this app is good for that but I take swim fitness classes that do not include laps. Laps is the only measure to track a pool swim as a workout in the app so I cannot use this feature. ☹️ This is my particular complaint but it leads to a more general and more important one. ⬇️ Your fitness app really shows your biases through the images featured and the types of workouts included about who you think does or should workout. 😠 Many people with mobility constraints, or who are older, or who carry more weight are indeed working out. Some of them, while not included in your photography, could still use your included fitness routine trackers. Some of them, like me, use specific types of exercise (like water aerobics or water resistance) for those workouts. Try visiting a community center or retirement community (instead of fancy gyms) to learn more. Do better please.
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2 years ago, downtondanny
Obsessed! Helped me get a 200 Day streak of exercise!
The powerhouse combo of the Apple Watch + Fitness+ has been a game changer for my fitness lifestyle. Watch Love how the watch gives tangible goals for your level that progress with you. Love the dopamine rush when all of my rings close & it makes that little spinning firework. Love that I can congratulate and compete with friends! App Love the variety of workouts, especially dance! I’ve always been enamored by dancers but never felt competent enough to join in. These routines meet me where I am, are super fun, & provide a great quick burn. Also love the treadmill workouts! I’ve ALWAYS despised running, especially running “for no reason”… I reluctantly selected a treadmill workout one time at the gym for a quick 10-min warm up, and I’ve been obsessed ever since! It blows my mind that I can actually enjoy something that I’ve been convinced I’ve hated for the last 22 years. My only WISH for the app is to have more detailed tracking. Now that I’m getting into running, I’d love it if it would show my previous paces/heart rates for each run I repeat. Same for other workouts (HIIT, cycling, strength, etc. would show heart rate & “lead the pack” placement). Now that this is a lifestyle, it would totally be fun to see if I’m progressing & to have a clear goal to challenge myself again each round.
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2 days ago, oh_carl
Love Apple Fitness—please add a trans trainer!
I’ve been using Apple Fitness workouts consistently since the beginning of the pandemic and find it to be better than anything else available on the market and for a fraction of the price. When I travel for work and have other equipment available, there’s a workout to correspond (rowing, stationary bike, etc). But I can always sneak in a 30 min strength workout no matter I am or what equipment is available. Would love to see a 45 min strength option in the upper/lower/total body sections. Beyond the practical review is the quality and diversity of trainers—I love that Jenn has been added to the strength crew, increasing the number of women of color trainers. I really appreciate the celebration and inclusion of a variety of cultures and identities throughout the months and years—it’s part of why I have stuck with the app this long. My hope is that Apple is ready to add a trainer who is openly transgender. As an LGBT athlete, I’ve appreciated how many openly gay trainers there are on the Fitness Plus Team but it’s been almost four years now without a trans trainer and I’m scratching my head about this, given how many trans trainers there are in the U.S. and abroad. Keep up the great work and thanks for putting out such a great product for those of us committed to an inclusive and diverse idea of fitness.
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1 year ago, I know how to save
Enjoyable but needs more filters
I enjoy these workouts. I am not usually a workout class kind of person but have found many workouts here that I enjoy. However, because of a medical condition, there are some moves that I am not supposed to do, and there is not a good way of eliminating the workouts that have these moves before doing them. Sometimes the descriptions tell all of the moves but often they only tell some moves and I will get five minutes into a workout before I realize that I am being asked to do one that is not allowed for me. There should be filters with all possible exercises so we can eliminate the workouts that have the exercises we don’t want. I like the trainers. I feel like they are relatable and encouraging without being unrealistic. Good music selections. I do love how they start each workout with sign language but wonder why it is just done at the beginning. Seems like pandering.
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1 year ago, Duron Smith
Love this app but glitch in the awards
This app has been a game changer in my workout routine! It helps keep me motivated and consistent. The only thing I’ve noticed is there is a small glitch in the awards. For example: March challenge is I need to double my calories goal 8 times in one month. It says I’ve only done 6 but I’ve done it 10 times. So it hasn’t given me the metal yet. Also, I got some friends and coworkers to do the competition with me. I’ve won some and lost some. But it never gives the awards to the winner… it just says “you will earn this when you beat (insert name)” but then after a win it doesn’t give the award. I beat my boss 3 times and lost once but it only says “you will earn this when you win”. Other than that I totally love this app and I’m making all my friends and coworkers get this app. But If that could be fixed it would be great.
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3 months ago, mmmm1234555
Fitness factors
I love my fitness app, I’ve been using it the last 4 years throughout my fitness journey and I’ve had very minimal issues with the app until recently. I’m 8 months pregnant and I constantly feel like my app is judging my productivity. I still workout 5 times a week but I’m burning less calories and my move goal has been cut in half but even then I’ll still get notifications about how much I moved this around this time this month vs last year or even last month. Of course being this far along my mobility has slowed down but I just wish there were a way I could factor in pregnancy to my app that way it’d be more accurate and uplifting during this time rather than making me feel like I’m not doing enough. Maybe even give some exercise examples to do during pregnancy! Just my thoughts, I love the app overall I just think it would be a good idea to have some fitness factors such as age that could also be a good idea to mention.
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4 months ago, Q eddy
I love it but I’d like more of less.
When I very first opened this app I was pleased to see a beginner section but surprised that it was only a few work outs. It feels like like Fitness+ was set up as an extension for those that already work out and if you’re a beginner- well, watch the modifier and good luck. I agree that some trainers are more intense than others and some just pound out the work while others take time to remind you to keep form and function in mind. I would love some basic movement classes (like side-plank or shoulder press technique or modified yoga poses for the beginner)for strength, kickboxing, yoga, really any activity that, if preformed incorrectly could cause injury or not achieve the desired result. Also, some basic stretching sessions would be awesome!! From pre and post workouts to just overall flexibility. Thanks to all the trainers for making me stronger!
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11 months ago, Atlas&Artist
Separate music volume control, filter by beginner, moderate & intermediate classes
I’m so glad I tried Fitness+! There is such a wide variety of classes and levels it’s been fun trying new things or saving & repeating classes I liked. The teachers are wonderful, again the diversity in personalities and energy (all positive ones too!) is like meeting new friends. I’m hearing, but have signed most of my life because I went to a mainstream school, so seeing the use of ASL by the teachers was a surprising and a cool perk! I love the music too, they pick songs that flow with & boost the workouts but I would like the ability to change the song volume behind the teachers voice, because it’s often too quiet to really enjoy unless it’s turned way up, and then the teacher is pretty loud. Maybe I just haven’t found a setting to do that yet, but it would help get into the workout, especially on days I need help focusing! Great app, thanks for working hard on it!
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4 months ago, vstarrme1
It was disappointing to me
I was so darn motivated to get out and walk and I loved the opportunity to listen to another person who was also motivated by walking. Those little medals you get are really cool even though they were real. But it didn't accurately keep track of my walking even when I had the phone with me. You have to really move the phone with your hand when swinging your arms while walking to get this accurate. I like to walk in the evenings because I live in a small town. It starting getting darker earlier and so I would need to use the torch. One evening when this happened the torch kept turning off. I would have to stop and turn it back on. Well I ended up tripping off of a sidewalk because of the torch shutting off, falling and scraping my knees all up and the phone in its case has a crack. But the crack is my fault and my problem. Still waiting to hear why the torch did this when it never had before and hasn't since doing the same thing. Everyone is consumed in the crack I guess.
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6 months ago, BoofOtter
Fitness + is Blues Clues for 20-something’s
I actively despise Apple Fitness+. It’s cringy LA fakeness at it’s worst. While people blame Peloton for seeming cult-y, nothing can prepare you for this fake energy of the patronizing drivel that’s spoken during each class. It’s as if every instructor (primary + joining friends) has an off-screen boss, forcing artificial smiles and awkward laughs, giggles and reactions at weird moments when nothing funny was said. My class tried really hard to correlate every single moment in the workout to watching a season of your favorite show… it was miserable and repetitive filler-commentary, and all of the music sounded the exact same. The set looks like a fake-brick scene, straight from the musical ‘Rent.’ It’s hard to believe that any one of the instructors has any real experience instructing. How have they not improved things in over a year of producing this content? - so, in short, if you want to watch something with the writing of Blue’s Clues, aimed squarely at super young, insecure 20-something’s that never developed their brains past the 3rd grade, good luck and have at it. As for me, I’m running for the hills!
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2 years ago, Alec.b
inconsistent and incorrect data
This app is a very cool concept, and got me very excited when iOS 16 came out, making it available on the iPhone. I was have so much fun completely my fitness rings. Also, I love how it can connect to other apps that use the Health app like Garmin or Centr. However, the data is not importing over property, throwing off your goals consistently. The only way to get the data properly into the the Fitness app is to force the data to import into the Fitness app. For example… open this Fitness app -> then open all of your fitness apps that send data -> reopen this fitness just to verify the import worked. But, even after an important the app is also inconsistent with the data. Meaning it will sometimes add to you ring/goal then hours later remove a lot of your progress from the ring. Obviously a lot of bugs that need to be fixed. But these bugs are some pretty major issues the stop the function or goal of this app. Apple we would definitely love an updated version soon. 😃
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1 year ago, raresilk
Love my Fitness Plus trainers!
I am reviewing again after 18 months using Fitness + every day. It has transformed my fitness level as a 61 year old - I have not been this functional and flexible since my early 40s. Yet my highest praise is for the INCLUSION elements. The modifier for each training is well planned and I have progressed well from mods to the optimal forms. The welcoming mood and contagious positivity that Fitness + trainers bring to every session adds to inclusion. Each coach in their own individual way sends the message that we all belong in the world and are strong enough to rise to our challenges. As a survivor of early childhood PTSD, exercise has always been an important therapy (reclaiming control of my body). Fitness + adds something I can’t exactly describe - as though each session heals me in spirit as well as body. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this essential new level in my healing.
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9 months ago, Xtucannsamm
I think this is great. For the cost, you get a lot of great content. My only suggestion would be to incorporate better planning for a workout plan. Every workout is “all out” and it would be nice to see a recovery workout option mixed in. Also if you are doing strength multiple days in a row they don’t take into account upper and lower body. You might have 2 or 3 lower body workouts in a row. You can switch them up, but it would be nice to see. Other than that I think this is as good as it gets. The workouts are all tailored for you to do at home with the equipment you have. I have done every type of workout available and the trainers and music are all great. The complaints I see confuse me because if you have tried anything else, nothing even come close to what you get here. Especially for the price. Great job!
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8 months ago, EAngwin
Love the Workouts
I love the workouts, the music, and most of the trainers. I also would like to be able to incorporate rest or sick days. However, this app is not available for my MacBook and I would love to use the bigger screens. When I air cast play to my MacBook, it stops my workout all the time and stops air cast playing. I end up having to end my workout and have to start all over or continue on my phone. It’s very frustrating and I loose my momentum. I also can’t see the progress on my rings when I air cast play. When you do the fitness + workouts, you can’t scroll on your watch to see the progress of the rings either. Other than this, fitness + is a challenge, offers a lot of variety and has great music. It has helped me to meet my fitness goals and I feel rewarded when I get reinforcement from my watch. I also love the personal fitness plans that one can create.
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1 month ago, RealMusician1001
Pluses and minuses
Pluses:-- the workouts are identified by number and you can search by instructor, length of time etc. (This is better than "classpass" app in which there is no way to search for a particular instructor or workout, so if there's one you like, you'll never find it again.) --You can choose to have subtitles in case you're deaf, and you can choose to have extra audio prompts describing what they're doing in case you're blind. Minuses: --the background music is often vocal, and I find it horribly annoying to hear a singer singing words at the same time as I'm trying to listen to the instructor's words. Like having two different people talking at you at the same time. When I find a work out with only instrumental music, it's better, but sometimes the music is still louder than the instructor, or otherwise lame. I wish there were a way to turn off the music entirely (and just listen to the instructor).
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2 years ago, Cameroncrazie
Great content, with a few needs for improvement
I love apple workouts. There’s a good variety of content, playlists etc. the watch integration is awesome and makes it easy to track my activity level. I also love that you can share the subscription with the family. I wish there were more prenatal content specifically (although I know some trainers are pregnant, it would be helpful for the workouts to be more of a specific journey for me). I signed up for Peloton and Melissa Wood Health, both of which have much more content available for pre and post natal workouts. I also have had an issue where the workout crashes halfway through when air playing onto the tv, and it’s frustrating because you can’t get back to the same place in the workout, you have to start over. It’s rare but very annoying when it occurs. Thanks for keeping the family moving!
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3 years ago, ms.kayo
Mostly I love it, but….
I really like the watch, and it is particularly the Activity app I value. It has really helped motivate me to get up and move, and seeing the payoff in health stats is really rewarding. A significant flaw, though, is the inability to tailor notifications more. I LIKE the stand notifications: they help me be mindful of time passing when I’m caught up in work or reading, so I will be sure to get up and move around throughout the day. I do not want a freaking stand notification in the middle of the night, especially since the reason it goes off is that the watch has noted I am restless. The little alert is just enough to tip me from restlessly sleeping to “thanks for waking me ALL the way up, Apple!” But I wear the watch because it is the most considerate alarm option, sufficient to wake me at 5 am for work but let my husband sleep on. Q&A on the internet shows people have been saying this for 5 years. Fix it, Apple! Also, though less urgent, I DO like alerts telling me I’ve met my move, exercise, or stand goal for the day. I do like when the day is winding down being reminded if i have not met a goal. I do NOT like all the “badges.” I am not 6, I do not want a gold star or a “badge” and a “good job!” How hard would it be to let folks choose the notifications they want, instead of all notifications on or off?
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