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FitOn Inc.
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User Reviews for FitOn Workouts & Fitness Plans

4.88 out of 5
282.7K Ratings
3 years ago, TJR1987
Best Fitness App, have a bit of feedback
Accessibility to fitness is difficult for lots of people because of how expensive classes and gyms can be. Hoorah for making an app with a huge fitness library that’s freeee. This is the best fitness app I’ve ever used as far as motivation and variety goes. I’ve consistently worked out every day since downloading it and have added a lot of variation to my workouts. I downloaded pro since they were having a promo. I don’t use the meal plans but do use the meals section to add recipes to my grocery list when I’m in a rut. I have a bit of feedback but I’m confident small things will continue to improve as the app develops. 1). I wish there was a search feature. Sometimes I want to type a key word in and see everything that qualifies, or want to type an ingredient in and see which recipes use it. 2). A couple of recipes are missing parts to them like the salted caramel pancakes don’t actually include the recipe or ingredients for the salted caramel (I found that part online though so, no big deal.) 3). I can’t play the meditations with my phone screen off. This is mostly an issue with the sleep mediations. Deandre’s sleep meditations are some of the best I’ve ever used but if I fall asleep during the meditation, I wake up hours later to a hot phone after the screen has been on all night :-( None of that will make me stop using the app, I can see myself using this app for a very long time.
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2 years ago, mishaphappens
5 stars for the workouts, two stars for the meals
I’m still going to rate this as a five star app because this app has helped me fall in love with working out. I’ve used it for over a year and I love the trainers and the selection. I even bought a Roku so I no longer had to stream from my phone. The Roku app is fine, but the phone app is superior. I recently changed programs and my Roku app does not acknowledge the new recommended workouts a day, but I am making due. After having such a great time, I wanted to give my money to support the app, but…gosh I feel terrible, but the paid extras are just not worth it. The meal planning is a forgotten feature where they add the same meals over and over again and they do not consider allergens. So that zucchini lasagna you keep throwing at me? I’m allergic to dairy and cheese is kind of a main ingredient for lasagna. I tried their dairy free Mac and cheese and after over an hour cooking a lunch, I had to throw the whole thing out, it was so disgusting. The other problem is they think you’ll have all this time to cook. Most of the recipes take too long and are expensive. I haven’t had any reason to use the other paid features, like downloading a work out or using their music. I don’t regret the money spent, because I think the developer and the trainers deserve it. But I won’t be renewing my subscription unless something drastically changes to tempt me.
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4 years ago, TeriMichelle
This Changed Everything!
I honestly never review apps. This might be my first ever. But it’s worth it because this app has been HUGE for me starting my new fitness journey this year. I’ve been wanting to get in better shape and move my body more, but because of schedules and life and everything it’s hard for me to actually get myself to a gym. I’ve done at-home workouts before, mostly yoga, but was never able to stay consistent. A friend recommended this app and since it’s all FREE (did I mention that every workout forever is FREE?!?) I decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did because I have been HOOKED ever since. I love the 3-5 minute daily workouts for morning, afternoon, and night. I have timed notifications set up and since it’s only a few minutes it’s so easy for me to at least complete my at-work and pre-bedtime workouts every day. The at-work stretches in particular have been absolutely amazing, it’s a great way to get me up and away from my computer for just a few minutes to keep my body moving throughout the day. Each week you get personalized recommended workouts, but you can always search and explore for others that fit your mood, time limit, intensity level, etc. There are fun challenges and celebrity workouts and all kinds of things that keep this app fresh. I couldn’t recommend it more. Definitely give it a try!
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4 years ago, Chels Shay
i used to workout all the time, played 3 sports in high school.. and maintained a healthy 110lbs til i was 27. then before ya know it, i’m 31 years old and 150lbs barely fitting into clothes and super discouraged about myself. i like to work out but have had ZERO motivation over the years. downloaded this app (one of about 20 over the last 4 years) and as i was making my way around the app, i instantly knew this was the one. SUPER user friendly, extremely customizable, and while you’re looking at it, it’s SO hard to make up ANY excuse for why you can’t follow this video for what, 15 mins?! i did my first one today and as soon as i was done, found another one to do! later on i’m looking around the app to see what i will do for tomorrow and i see these “live classes” no one else can see you, they’re just going on at a certain time, well the next one was about to start in 4 mins and it was a 15 min class. i literally said to myself, why the hell not? i will spend the next 15 mins on some type of internet anyways.. joined my first class and it was perfect. again- almost impossible to make up any excuse not to do it. just got up out of bed, turned on the video and went to town, didn’t have any weights or anything- wasn’t even needed (especially for a “beginner”). SUPER LONG STORY-JUST DO IT. you’ll thank us all later.
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4 years ago, JCalderon2016
Ad helped me become more active
Who hasn’t search for a workout app that you absolutely love. And I already have a few on my phone. But an ad came up On one of the games I was playing , And what got me interested was that it said it was completely free. Usually there’s a catch for bed so usually I’ll check it out anyway. So I downloaded the app and every single workout is free. 100%, no lying, The only cost for the app is to get the customized meal plan. And even that is so cheap as well. Way cheaper than what you would spend to get on other plans for any other app or weight loss plan. I absolutely love this app and I love how the workouts are all different. You can decide the time limit, you can decide who you want to work out with, you can share when you do work out, it’s tracks your workout, you can have favorite, search a trainer, schedule reminders, rate each workout, it’s so much for $0. I’ve been telling everyone about it, it’s the best workout app I’ve found. My only issue is that when I click on my reminder, I do the workout, then I can’t click out of the workout when it’s done. I have to close the app altogether. But then again, in coming to leave a review, I noticed it needed an update. So it’s probably because I hadn’t updated it. But I love love love this app.
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5 years ago, girlyKid22
Best Fitness App on the Market!!!
Hands down this is the absolute best, free fitness app out there! FitOn is what I always wished I could find in a fitness app: the freedom to get in shape at home on my time frame. With 5 children my life is crazy busy and my health has taken a hit. I have tried the gym (you need a sitter and drive time plus the membership fees), jogging outside daily (I developed a hip that continues to pop out of socket), exercise videos (snore, bored after 4-5 run through of the same thing), other apps out there are either expensive or only provide short video clips of moves. I LOVE how I feel like I am in an actual one-on-one training session with an honest to goodness knowledgeable trainer! I love being able to pick workout videos from a variety of intensities and genres (goodbye boredom). The app provides a daily motivational quote. You can take pictures of yourself to document your journey and share them (or not). You receive badges for completing a certain number of workouts. You can also join challenges that tell you which workouts to complete during the week. I find the whole app to be completely motivating and delightful. I look forward to working out and have already noticed a change in my fitness, stamina and appearance after only a month. Thank you FitOn for helping me make my life healthier on my terms!!!
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4 years ago, Allie13579
Great app, 10/10 recommend!
I was using a pay by the week app before this, and decided to try FitOn to save money and because I had seen an ad for it on Instagram. I’m SO HAPPY I made the switch! I love all the instructors, they are there with you so while my muscles are burning they’re doing it with me, acknowledging the burn and encouraging through the entire workout. It’s like built in accountability! They help me smile through the burn. I have worked out every single day since downloading the app because I love the variety and they have great options for time, if you only have a few minutes they got you covered! And I feel they really maximize efficiency during those few minutes so if you’re following along and putting in the work, those few minutes go a long way for the rest of the day. I love how you can choose different styles of workouts and different levels of difficulty. Seriously cannot recommend this app enough, and the workouts are all completely FREE!! Only thing you can opt to pay for is nutritional info and to sync data with fitbit, but the workouts themselves and personalized workout weekly plans are totally free. Not a gimmick! Download this app. Just do it and then just hit play and before you know it you have a more active lifestyle!
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3 years ago, Saint Bernard 2
Great App
I haven’t done workouts for many years due to time and money and I love this app! I love the variety of workouts and that they are all fairly quick and I can choose the style and intensity. That way I can choose what and how many I will do based on the time I have. The only thing I would love to be able to do is attach my own personal note to the workouts so I know for future reference if I would prefer to do a workout in the morning or evening, or if I found the workout to be particularly stressful on a certain part of my body, and will know if it’s wise or not to combine certain workouts. For example. I had time to do 2 the other day and did a workout that focused on my arms. I followed that with a yoga workout that claimed “total body”, which it was, but turned out to require holding my weight on one arm and I could barely hold myself up. My intensity 1 yoga was suddenly intensity 3. My arms were shaking so much I had to reduce the stretch before my arm gave out and I hurt myself. I thought both were great workouts and added both to favorites, but if I were able to, I would’ve attached a note to the yoga one that it really strained my arms and not to combine it with another arm exercise or perhaps do it first before I’ve exhausted my arm strength. I love the app and so far I’ve enjoyed all the trainers.
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2 years ago, Yeti8987
Best workout app Ever
FitOn is THE BEST workout app. I’ve tried so many, and this one has everything I need at the free level: engaging workouts with expert instructors, for every level of fitness and every kind of activity, the ability to enter my own activities and calories and track them along with workouts from the app. I used it for two years in the free version and had NO COMPLAINTS. They’re always adding new workouts and I really enjoy the variety of instructors and activities available, plus there is the ability to work out with friends and compare your progress with others who use FitOn, if you like. Recently I upgraded to the very reasonable yearly subscription, because I’ll be traveling a bit for work and the paid version allows for downloading workouts for offline use, for tracking calories, recipe suggestions, for guided programs like 6-week slim down, and some other features I haven’t explored yet. I can also get other music options from the paid version of the app. Seriously, just try it. Gabrielle Union and her team have put together something amazing that is always being improved and costs absolutely nothing to get a crazy-wonderful number of workouts, including even simple stretching and meditations.
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5 years ago, jlcabell
Incredibly help app that’s free
I was skeptical when I saw that the developers marketed the app as “free.” If you have struggled to find a workout or remain consistent (or wish you could take classes but can not afford to do so), then I highly recommend that you try this app. The app customizes your workout plan based on your goals and preferences (i.e., how often you want to work out, how long you want each workout to last, the type of workout you prefer, etc.), but it also allows you to browse and find workouts that you may simply want to try. The trainers are articulate, helpful, and instructional. They remind you of form and motivate you the entire way through. The workouts are ranked by intensity as well as organized by category. The only issue I’ve had so far is mainly because of my preference for trainers. I like trainers that don’t rush you through the exercises, especially if the screenshot is limited and I can’t get a good feel for the form (and especially for the lowest level workouts since I’m attempting to get into the workout habit). Other than that, I commend the developers for putting out high quality workouts that are inspiring, motivational, and actually do challenge you to become stronger, healthier, and more confident. Thank you for your efforts to bring us this app. I appreciate it.
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4 years ago, somekid47
One of the best apps on the market, some minor suggestions
I’ve been using this app for over a year now, I couldn’t believe there was an app that had fully free workouts. I’ve recommended it to a couple family members since I joined. When the meal addition came out I bought it because I was grateful for my experiences with the app. I have not used that feature consistently, but I appreciate that it generates a shopping list for you, and the recipes that I have used have tasted good and were not too complicated. Lately I’d been having some issues with the app crashing, but I reached out to their support staff and the response was almost immediate, and clearly specific to my question. I really appreciate the energy of the trainers, and the way they have to made exercise at home both attainable and accessible. I have some reservations about the “calorie burn tracking” feature with the videos, which seems especially arbitrary for people like me who don’t have a Fitbit or apple watch tracking our heart rate. My only suggestion would be to make that feature optional, so that people could choose whether or not to participate in it. I just ignore it, but I know that calorie-tracking can turn people off of workouts entirely.
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11 months ago, Ruby479
Favorite fitness app!
This app is great and free and if you want the extra perks with the pro version, it is very affordable! I have gotten in great shape and stayed motivated with this app better than any other fitness routine I’ve done. Once you find a trainer or two that can motivate you and makes workouts you enjoy more, it’s easy to stick with and there are tons of different trainers to workout with! They have added a lot since I first started using this app about three years ago. I recommend this app to everyone! Suggestions: only a couple things I’d like to see. Would be great if you could pick out your workouts for the week and have just those show up under your program for the week and not any others that are suggested for you. (Would also be great if you could choose from which trainers the app suggests your week’s workouts. Some trainers I just really don’t enjoy while others I love.) Also would be nice if you could leave comments for yourself on a particular workout so when you go to pick out your exercise, you could see your own comments from last time if you liked it or what weights you used so you can work on increasing weight or choosing more challenging techniques.
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2 years ago, SpringfieldNOTLocal
Best ever & FREEEEEE
Let me start by saying, I never write reviews. Like ever. Unless it’s really bad or really good. The FitOn app is the latter except for 100X more than really good. They have a wide variety of workouts from varying target muscle groups, time of workout, intensity, trainer, and type of workout like cardio, HIIT, strength, Pilates, yoga, etc. My favorite part is it is 100% free. No in app purchases unless you want to. But let me tell you I’ve been using this app for 2 years without purchasing anything. No gym membership fees and I can do all of the workouts at home. Seriously amazing. And you can keep track of your goals. I’m proud to have hit 68 weeks in a row of meeting my target which was 3 workouts a week. I’m upping my game cause FitOn is where it’s at. Anyone can workout with this app. You don’t need to be a pro. If you’re insecure about going to the gym, get FitOn. If you’re short on time and have a busy life, get FitOn. If you’re tight on cash, get FitOn. If you don’t want to plan out your workouts, get FitOn. If you want to improve your form, get FitOn. If you want to get in shape, get stronger, get leaner, improve physical & mental health, get FitOn. Need I say more? No excuses. This is for you & you got this! Get FitOn. You won’t regret it.
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4 years ago, supergirl612
Love this app!
A friend of mine recommended this app to me and I was happily surprised at the quality of the content. Not having to pay to unlock workouts, plus having access to basic dietary info and articles is more than I could’ve asked for! I am a novice and I have enjoyed the flexibility of setting up a personalized beginner plan. I appreciate how app guides you through a basic questionnaires to help choose the best work out for your level. It has taken the overwhelming feeling out of working out by providing a variety of options, plus I feel motivated by the instructors and I don’t have to leave my house to exercise effectively! Thanks to FitOn, I have completed more workouts in a week than I have in months! One suggestion I have is that I would like the option to view the individual exercises and reps in a written format underneath the equipment and exercise description. Since I am a visual person and I have trouble with certain exercises due to a knee injury, it would be nice to preview what the video consists of before watching it. I am extremely happy with this app and have already begun sharing it with my friends and family. I only wish I had found it sooner! Thank you FitOn for being comprehensive and actually free!
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3 years ago, adhdaf
Not very Deaf friendly
Got this app to try and unfortunately after just trying 2 workouts theres some very noticeable things that need to b fixed to make it better accessible for Deaf people. First after a bit of searching managed to find the close captioning control(which weirdly u have to unhighlight to turn cc on🤷🏽‍♂️). Then i found out it doesn’t default to “cc on” after you’ve turned it on once like i assume it would. Instead at the beginning on every workout video i have to go and turn cc on. Every single time. I can see that getting real old real fast. Devs please just let it change the default so that after you’ve turned cc on once it’s default to always have them on. Second the closed captions r not useable. U have them super tiny down at very bottom edge of screen. Which would make them hard to read as is. But then on top of that theres that lil like 3 in long bar thing that stays at bottom on videos on iOS devices which then also blocks part of the view of the closed captions making them completely unusable so i have no idea what the trainers r saying. Please make the closed captions larger and move them up a bit from the very bottom edge of the screen so they’re not blocked. Third this isn’t related to Deaf accessibility but the app frequently nags about upgrading to fitonpro. Seriously frequently. Chill on that some cuz it’s extremely annoying.
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2 years ago, Krist123!!!
When I found fit on it was a blessing! A few years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and I had to start taking prednisone. I’m still taking it as I can’t come off of it if I wanna walk or have any kind of normality. Taking it has put on about 50 pounds of weight that I had never had before I tried other things and it never helped me to lose weight so I decided I’m not going to commit to any kind of diet I’m just gonna cut back on any carbs and get rid of junk food and eat small portions. I love the workouts that I do on fit on every day! I work out and push myself as hard as I can and I’ve been seeing results for the first time in 40 years! I love how they don’t make you pay for the app if you don’t want to. You don’t see that often and I appreciate that! For the first time I found an app and they don’t make you pay for it and it’s an app that can help with your physical fitness and overall health. Most people only make apps for money but it seems like whoever made this app genuinely cares about peoples health and wants people to work out because they made it free. I look forward to my workouts every day now so thank you so much for the app!
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4 years ago, reaganmw
Wanna Get Fit? GET FIT ON!!
I am not the type of person that writes reviews, however I am the type to read a lot before making a purchase or getting an app. Let me just say that if you are interested in losing weight, getting healthy, or even want to find better stretches to do or want to start yoga than get this app! First of all it’s free, and it’s really one of those apps where everything is free except for a few premium add ons (like being able to use your own music in the background of the workouts instead of the fit on music but it’s not even noticeable during the workout really) and you can even create a custom workout plan based on your goals. Mine is 11 weeks, and it has continued to give me new workouts, not for every single week, but I’ve never received a week with complete repeat workouts either. And the repeats are usually the ones that I either didn’t get to that week (due to busy schedule) or the ones I rated really highly! I cannot recommend this app enough. There are so many cool features I could talk about for paragraphs. As someone is who is always looking for a better workout app, this one is the app I have been looking for, and has checked ALL of my boxes. GET FIT!!
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4 years ago, SEM5410
I never review apps, but I had to write one for this one. FitOn has been a lifesaver during the COVID-19 pandemic. When my gym closed and I started working from home, I wasn’t sure how I would exercise or continue my newfound interest in Pilates. My sister suggested FitOn (and told me it was 100% free), and I tried it. I instantly fell in love! I like that all the workouts are on-demand so that I can workout whenever I want. I love that it offers workouts for all levels and in so many categories. I can do Pilates, yoga, and cardio! I also love the Daily Fix workouts; they really help me to take a break from sitting and staring at my computer screen all day. I also love the before bed stretches; they really help me relax. I have been using it for about 6 months now, and I am seeing results from my hard work. I am more flexible, and the areas I have been working on have become more strong and toned. Over the summer, I have been using it more and more as it helps me pass the time while quarantining and to de-stress during these very scary times. I don’t know what I would do without it. I highly recommend it for anyone! Try it! You will be happy you did.
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3 years ago, small hobbit
Can’t remove their generated stuff from your weeks
It’s not entirely a bad app; there’s a good amount of free content and it seems to be cross platform (I have found apps that charge for that while claiming to be “free”) The issue I have is they generate a workout routine for you on setting up the app, and though you can add exercises from their database to any week you want (I have yet to find a way to see further weeks in advance) there doesn’t seem to be a way to REMOVE exercises from the week. It may not seem like a big deal since you don’t HAVE to do all the exercises in a week (at least I don’t believe so, I haven’t finished a week yet) but for organizational purposes this one annoyance makes this app already difficult to deal with. If this feature is added PLEASE DO NOT paywall it. The reason why I bring this up is the one of the exercises it gave me includes equipment I do not own and thus can’t do, and it’s always the first in the list. I can’t believe this app is so popular without a feature like this. Oh, and another thing: because I signed up with my hotmail address it put the calendar alerts into Outlook, but I use Google calendar. It would be nice if they would add the option to pick the calendar to add these to. It has also started to put these notifications in the calendar 3 times in the same day making them more of an annoyance than help.
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2 months ago, Pretzer
Love this app
I have tried so many other apps and workout programs, and always get bored. The biggest issue I have is boredom and lack of variety with workouts and food. I’ve had this app for a year and a half now, and I always find myself coming back to it. I still have another app I use for workouts, but I stay consistent with this one the most. All the recipes are delicious and I love trying different ones. The variety of workouts are great if you are busy - sometimes I only have time for a 10 minute workout and they have a bunch of them. I struggle with chronic inflammation - the app is filled with stretches and gentle exercises to accommodate physical limitations or pain. The meditations before bed with Deandre are my favorite. I have a hard time falling asleep now without listening to one of his meditations. There’s also TONS of advice on here which is super helpful. There’s so much misinformation on social media, so having the ability to go on the app to find accurate info backed by science means a lot to me. I really like the feature that puts a little checkmark and the date you complete the workout!! Thank you, FitOn!
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4 years ago, alyssa x
I don’t review apps. I’ve only ever reviewed one other one, and this is my second ever. I’ve never been overweight but I do struggle with being slightly chubby and out of shape (i.e. not athletic at all). I never liked it, but never wanted to start working out. Now that quarantine set in, a friend told me about this app. What did I have to lose? I downloaded it and bam! I was hooked! The advice, the fitness plans, the workouts themselves, everything is amazing. The instructors are really understanding and are always saying if you can’t do this, back off. They aren’t always pushing you to go farther-though if you can, you should. I’m still on the beginner side, still doing workouts with the lowest intensity, but I can’t wait to move up to the higher intensities. This is the first time I’ve been excited about exercise! And the description is true-everything is 100% free, though if you want extra things, like meal plans and synching with a Fitbit, you do have to pay. But that is very fair and not a ripoff at all like some of the other “free” fitness apps. I have honestly nothing bad to say about this app. Developers, give yourself a pat on the back! You earned it.
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2 years ago, Dovelesshummingbird
It’s been the best thing for me
This app is for any level workout for anyone. Set your own pace, weight goals, and favorite workout instructors. It is an ANNUAL purchase so, not it’s not free. But honestly $30 dollars a year is nothing compared to your day-to-day living. It’s actually worth it. I bought the app back in March of 2021 and I’ve used it more within the last three weeks ever!! I was tired of group workouts and accountability buddies. I just needed something where I could motivate myself, track my workouts and see my growth. They give you all kinds of food options and recipes, workout reminders, tips for what your goals are, whether it be to lose weight or build your muscles. The app is worth it. You can pause your workouts, stop it and it’ll save where you ended, which it didn’t before so luckily they fixed it. MY ONLY ISSUE IS, I have a Fitbit Lux and they don’t have that option to link. Most of the time I burn more calories doing these workouts, according to my watch, which is less than the amount the video says you burned. So, if they could fix that, it would be perfect for me.
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3 years ago, cspivey1
Really Great Fitness App
I’ve been using this app for a week now. Absolutely the best. It gives you access to absolutely so many different workouts. You can choose, interval, yoga, meditation, stretch, etc or just focus on lower body, upper, abs, legs etc. Also available are workouts with kiddos as well as post and pre natal. You can also choose your duration of workout to fit it into any schedule. So many different trainers so you can find someone you like or mix it up so you don’t get bored. The workouts feel as though you are there one on one with the trainer or in a class so you feel accountable for showing up and getting the workout done. They also give you access to meal plans and live workouts. With the click of a button you can set workout reminders in your calendar so you have accountability everyday. I have tried so many workout apps and this one is by far the best and most importantly, the only one I’ve stayed consistent with as it checks off all my boxes when it comes to showing up, staying accountable and getting the work done. On my way to a better and healthier me!
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4 years ago, very.anonymous
Short and Sweet options for beginners
Lots of beginner stuff for dorks like me that haven’t been doing anything but walking and spinning (less in the last year) for a few years 🤦‍♀️. Short and sweet yoga (I always get discouraged by 90 minute yoga in the beginning) , HIIT, Weights , core, Pilates for beginners and longer for the fit among us. Equipment or no equipment. I’m loving it. They just sent me this so figured I would send on. The free version is fine. I paid the $19 for the year to get premium music. $19 a year is pretty amazing, especially for something I’ll do and that I’m doing everyday. Tons of stuff for manly men too 😜with former football and rugby players. All levels so it’s not discouraging. Start slow and build or jump into it with challenging stuff if you are already fit. I’ve been intimidated to try new stuff but this app has me excited to try as short and sweet to start out. Been doing the beginner HIIT, Tabata, yoga, strength training. Johnathan Van Ness teaches beginning yoga and more. Lots of variety and on demand so it’s been easy for me to fit in. I found that going to the gym, they always have classes at times I can’t go. On Demand gym. I love it.
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3 years ago, THE GENIVIEVE
Seriously the best fitness app ever! & it’s free! I honestly thought it was going to be to good to be true like every other “free” fitness app out there, but I decided to give it a try and I’m so glad I did. There’s every type of workout, stretch & meditation you can think of available for every fitness level & they NEVER ask you to pay for any of them. There are even coaches to help you if that’s what you’re looking for. Not to mention they have every type of workout at every possible length. If you only have 10 mins it’s cool, you will find something that will make the most of that 10 mins & leave you wanting more. If you have more time just choose how long you want to workout & they’ve got you covered. This app has been helping me get back in shape after being sick for a couple years & I truly couldn’t be happier with it. FitOn hasn’t let me down yet & I don’t see it ever doing so. It can’t hurt to try bc it is totally free & that means forever not just for some tiny introduction period. There’s nothing to loose but weight & there’s so much to gain.
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4 months ago, Neo2567
A Pretty Great Workout App
To start off, I’d like to thank this app for helping me in my weight loss transformation and I believe it is one of the best fitness apps on the market right now. For me, I had been fat and unhealthy for my whole life but after a recommendation I tasted my first grasp of exercise. Before this the only experience I had was school gym class but I don’t even think you could call that “exercise”. The cardio workouts are great for beginners and I’d recommend them highly for weight loss. While I’ve never tried any of their recipes, they do look very nutritious and tasty. However, the app has some small potfuls that being that I find the strength section to be pretty disappointing. After losing the weight, I vied to get shredded but after a few months of consistently trying those strength videos, my strength had barely increased. In my opinion, if you’re one to want to gain muscle I would recommend a more standardized workout routine. Even though the app has shortcomings, it has still helped me so much I’d have to recommend it!
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3 years ago, JayMillAr91
Lacks basic video control features
This app is okay if you’re working out by yourself and the video plays perfectly the first time you hit start, but otherwise the user interface for the video playback is seriously lacking and the party feature for the pro version is a joke. You can only pause the video. You cannot rewind or even hit a “restart” button. If you start the video and you missed something, or the party isn’t synced to your friends you cannot restart in an attempt to get everyone caught up. If you hit play again the video just jumps back to where it would have been if you didn’t pause it. Even if you’re just doing it by yourself! Even if it’s not live! So you’re telling me there’s no way to restart my video and I have to wait for it to play to the end before I can try again?? No way. Also, when using this app on your phone in party mode, you can barely hear the video, even if the volume of the video is turned up and the volume of the party members is turned down. Useless. The volume is better if you use your laptop or something, but the laptop version doesn’t even have a way to accept a party invite unless you email your friends a link. This is so frustrating and definitely needs basic feature improvements.
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2 years ago, C. Turnea
I love FitOn!
I love a lot of things about FitOn. I love how accessible the workouts are. You can pick a plan to support your goals and schedule the workouts for the week accordingly. The trainers are amazing: they are so positive and they take such a reasonable approach to health, wellness, and fitness. They come from such a wholistic approach. Not only are you working your body with these trainers, but also your mind. They meet you where you are and still encourage you to do your best. I’ve been using FitOn consistently since May 2022, and I’ve definitely seen and felt results, mentally and physically. For me, it’s not about the number on the scale, but seeing and feeling the changes in my body and my mind. FitOn Pro definitely has a lot of advantages over the non-pro version, but it’s such a great deal that I find it beyond worth it!! One small critique that I have (but doesn’t overshadow the positives of this app) is that some of the meals have unclear instructions or amounts for their ingredients. If this was improved, then I would definitely use that function more.
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5 years ago, Danigirl4
LOVE this app!
FitOn is making me excited to workout again, really and truly. After having my daughter, my motivation went out the window and I’ve been struggling for the past couple of years to find it again. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been approached by a “fitness coach” via social media who only wants to be my friend if I join their group. The programs that people try to sell are ridiculously expensive too! Fitness should truly be accessible to everyone, and that’s where FitOn comes in. Now that I live in a town without family around to watch my child (and who wants their kiddo in a gym daycare during sick season), it’s so easy to turn on the app and do the workouts from home. They’re interesting and fun, and the instructors are great! I’m sweating and trying to catch my breath at the end of each workout, which I love. They grab my attention and keep me focused until the end. If you’re on the fence, just do it! Download this app today and discover for yourself that “free” doesn’t mean cheap in this’ll love it, I promise! (And yes it truly is free and has zero ads!)
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3 years ago, Rakafox
Exactly what I’ve been needing
I recently already wrote a review on here with one star simply because I could not open the app after an update. I was frustrated and in the middle of trying to start a workout but that has been fixed by deleting and re-downloading the app. That aside- FitOn is absolutely brilliant! Up until January 2021 I have never really enjoyed working out. It had always been a struggle and I never saw results of any sort but like many others come this past January I decided it was time to put my health first and get my booty in shape, as well as the rest of my body. There are so many great workouts for all situations that once I started I couldn’t stop and don’t plan to any time soon. I have not only lost 20 lbs (without dietary restrictions) but I have more muscle than I ever have or ever thought I’d be able to have. Now instead of dreading a workout I’m actually sincerely bummed out if I miss one! FitOn has totally given me more than any other app could and I can truly say that it has changed my life for the better.
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3 years ago, Adverturer
Finally someone got it right
The first app I actually wanted to review. I have a schedule that’s very fluid but very full, which means I can’t allot the same amount of time every day for my wellness - sometimes I can do 40mins and sometimes only 10. This app allows you to choose the length of your workout! So you still CAN work out every day and feel accomplished even if it was 10-12 mins. Another major breakthrough is the sheer variety of workouts. I get bored with the same routines and same instructors no matter how much I like them. Plus, on some days you just don’t have the mojo to do kickboxing or the mood to do zoomba, and on some days - that’s exactly what your body and spirit wants. This app allows you to select a workout that matches your time frame, your mood, your goals, and your energy level. All the videos have this positive radient energy about them that inspires and energizes you. I am actually looking forward to my daily FitOn time, and yes, I did say daily! Thank you for creating this amazing product and keeping it free to spread the joy and wellness 💚
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4 years ago, 🧚tired of him🧚
THE BEST work out app out there
Totally impressed with this app. Other workout apps require u to either pay before even getting started or have few free workouts. However on FIT ON that was not the case! It’s free version is like the premium version of other workout apps! It has such a big variety of workouts, no matter what state of fitness you’re in. This app helped me through quarantine and still is keeping me going. The coaches are so motivational and positive. One of my favorite things some of the coaches have said is “You just showing up here today already is half the battle”. Which helped me want to get going in times I wanted to give up. Recently I got the premium version it not only includes different song choices with ur workouts but also gives you a daily plan and ingredients on what you can eat/drink(healthy). If I keep going the list of amazing things this app includes will get longer, so rather I’ll make it short and let you explore the rest yourself! Note to this app creator’s: I am really thankful for y’all having created such an amazing app! <3
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2 years ago, AngieRocksThe808
Convenient for busy moms!!!
Excuses go out the window because they make it so easy for you to just click play. All you need is your cellphone & your own bodyweight if Your just starting out. What I like about them is they are just 20 minutes or less. I work nights so I get off work at 2-3:30am…so I don’t mind a quick workout 20 min before bed & no one’s awake so even if your in an cramped 1 bedroom apartment complex (I just do it in the hallway…no one’s awake so no shame)! You don’t have to follow programs to the T (Ex: They want you to do a walking class but it’s sketchy at night). You can skip & do it when you can. You can sign up for weekly or monthly challenges & that helps to keep me motivated. I’m absolutely love this app. One piece of advice for the creators is to allow us to be able to do multiple programs at once. Sometimes we have different needs based off the type of workout we wanna do (fat burn, weight lifting, cardio, dancing, yoga, etc). Overall 9 out of 10; would recommend!
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3 years ago, prettychaos1234
This app is a game changer
I was watching tv late one night and a FitOn commercial came on the tv, the add said free! It looked really good with celebrity trainers and different styles of workouts. I made a note and the next morning download the app to my laptop and my phone. I didn’t do anything else ( was in a need to do something but to lazy to actually do it yet place) about two months later I hit 160lbs on the scale. I have been 130lbs my entire life! I started to use this app. I plugged in my weight loss needs and they created a workout plan for me. I can also browse through the hundreds of workouts that are available and add them to my program. I usually do a workout from my program and follow it up with 2 more of my choice. I’ve been working out everyday for a month. My body feels stronger my arms, legs and booty are looking so good. I’m still working on those abs but I’m staying with it . All it took was a download and making the choice to live a healthier life style I couldn’t have done it without FitOn!
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3 years ago, JessicaS87
Thank God for FitOn
I have been using ClassPass for forever to work out frequently and go to tons of different classes, but since the pandemic hit I’ve been stuck to working out at home. I stumbled on FitOn on Instagram and decided to try it because why not, it’s free. 17 weeks and 200 workouts later, I love this so so much! I love the variety of workouts, that you can sort between workout times, types of workouts, and difficulty level. I’m a big fan of all the trainers, and most importantly, I love love the healthy mental approach they all use when talking through the workouts. There is a lot about feeling and getting stronger, and being connected to your body. As someone who struggled with eating disorders for years, I love that there seems to be intentionality behind not talking about getting smaller, losing weight, and dieting. I have a yoga mat, free weights, and stretch bands, and this app has been so much fun, and I also feel very fit, despite not having seen a gym in months. Highly highly recommend!!
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4 years ago, kenyattabelton1
Brand new to the app lots of kinks 🙁
Workouts- so far so good but I don’t want to be forced to review each work out when I’m done. It would be helpful to be able to review the work out moves without it being counted as a work out if I view a video. Please add fast forward! when advancing with the second-forward button I get buffering. I do like the feature showing a preview video when you are finishing one work out but if you don’t click on it immediately you have to go back through the video to find it. The favorite button should be available on any screen for the video instead of having to open it first. Meal planning is not helping make this an easier task at all. I got the Pro version to access the meal planner. This needs a filter feature to both find meals and build the grocery list. Currently the list populates for all the auto selected items so you can’t customize. If you increase the servings it doesn’t update in the recipe. I also got an error message when trying to send the menu to email or the printer. This is frustrating because the meal option is only available in pro and so far it leaves a lot to be desired. I hope I can come back to rate higher as time goes on.
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5 years ago, the llamacorn🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄
Best Free Fitness App
This app is 100% and completely free no loopholes or fake advertising here, I have been on here for three weeks and haven’t found a single thing to pay for and no ads either, really this is perfect. The instructors are amazing and really energetic and make you feel great when you do complete a session. I love how the app gives you recommended workouts so you don’t spend hours trying to figure out which workout to do. All of the negative reviews were from when it wasn’t free but now it is. Best of all most of the workouts don’t need anything more than weights if they even need weights. So my advice stop scrolling through the other fitness apps, FitOn has everything you need and more! Edit: FitOn is still an amazing app with even more coaches who encourage you along the way another thing I love is the new advice section where you can see recipes and proper ways to perform excersise (I cant spell it ok) Also I love the quick bedtime stretches you can do FitOn has really helped me love to excersise so much 😊
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3 years ago, mkldearest
SO worth it!
I was skeptical when I saw "free!" because let's be real...that usually means there's some hidden fine print somewhere. But I gave it a try. I'm definitely not a gym or workout class person, but have always wanted to get into yoga/pilates/Barre and strength building with weights. I love that this app offer so many different kinds of free workouts, including dance and stretching exercises, which I love. I'm a huge believer that you don't need a ton of time, equipment, or $$ to stay in shape & feel good, and this app totally proves that. I set a goal of 2-3 workouts/week and I find myself doing several 15-20 min workouts throughout the week because I feel so good after them and they're so easy to fit in! If you have any reservations, just try it for 1-2 weeks since it's free to download. If it's not for you, at least you didn't lose anything. I upgraded mostly for the convenience of casting to your TV, but otherwise I would've been totally content with the free version!
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12 months ago, Zillow is so much better
A year ago (June of 2022), I signed up for a free trial and ended up cancelling (per their instructed steps) because I found an app that worked so far beyond better for me than this one did. I received an email, yesterday, regarding an invoice and receipt for a “renewal fee”. Now, granted, the fee was only $25. But, when I contacted the company about my previous cancellation, they gave me the runaround only to finally tell me they could not refund me directly and told me I had to contact apple support. So, I did just that and apple support could not find one single bit of evidence to support I’d done anything more than the free trial. They showed no money for an initial fee and therefore could not refund me. I proceeded to contact the company again, giving them this information. They were still unwilling to acknowledge the need for a refund. Only after I contacted my bank and reported a fraudulent charge (and was forced to cancel my card with the info this company had) did they decide to send me an email refunding my charge. They could learn a lesson or two from apple support who was entirely helpful. ABSOLUTE WORST EXPERIENCE WITH AN APP EVER!! Terrible customer service. Please do not fall for this scam like I did.
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2 years ago, waterbaby86
Great app
This app is awesome. First you need to know that I’m a busy mom with three kids and can’t always get to the gym anymore. Most of my workout are done at a practice field while the kids are doing sports. I lovedworking out and missed going to the gym. This app helped my find workout routines and since the videos are on the shorter side I can easily mix and match. Secondly talk about options. They have a workout video for everyone and everything. I mentioned earlier than I was busy I find a body weight video and work out while the kids play at the park. You name it they got a video for it. Quick workout while at the office or need to stretch for a min. Well your in luck they have a workout for that. My 10 and 7 year do some of the workouts with me and they love it. It helps keep them is shape for soccer and other sports they play. The best part is that most of the stuff is free if you want more of the fancier tracking stuff then you can buy the pro version. Great app I hope they keep free so people can enjoy.
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3 years ago, msninad
You won’t regret choosing FitOn!
I need to say that I am a fanatic of this app. It makes it SO easy to stay active and provides such an amazing variety of workouts from exceptional trainers. They always offer modifications so that people even at the most beginner stages of working out can start somewhere and build up their strength. I love the mini at-work sessions and stretches, too! Meditations are amazing and great for a pick-me-up at any time of day, or for any feelings I might be going through. I got my friends and mom hooked on it as well, and we all agree that it’s changed our lives and made working out FUN! I also love the different integrations with other apps and my Apple Watch for tracking my HR (pro only) and calorie burn. I did pay for my account but I see the free version is not as limited as some others. Would certainly recommend to anyone who’s just starting their fitness journey. You will impress yourself with what you will be able to achieve using this app.
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4 years ago, kstonepharm
Perfect balance of strength, cardio, and recovery
I love hardcore workouts and cardio. The program it puts together for you is a great balance of strength, cardio, and recovery (which is just as important as going hard core). And I love the variety! Two things are stopping me from giving it 5 stars. I wish you could play your own music in the background (I wouldn’t mind paying extra to do so) and I completed my 12 week workouts in 9 weeks (I do two workouts a day). I would love if they updated your next 12 weeks (or however many weeks you choose for your program) after you finished the program. I have to wait 12 weeks for my next set of workouts to come out, which is kind of a bummer. Though I know I can browse the workouts they already have, I like the pre-picked workouts and having a regimen. The program created for me, encouraged me to try new workouts and get out of my comfort zone. I tend to choose the most intense workouts, but the program gave me a good mix of all the necessities for a healthy exercise regimen. Overall great app though! Would recommend!
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3 years ago, @my_H
Fabulous instructors, great for quick workouts!
I have always struggled to work out consistently, but with FitOn I finally, truly enjoy working out. I’m able to request a program that I can actually accomplish, the workouts are targeting the things that are important to me in the amount of time I realistically will work out. I love the track for restorative and tension relieving workouts! I actually look forward to working out now, and I often do an extra 5-10 min workout when I have time. And, the instructors are fabulous - positive, not stressful, they help me do my best even though I know it’s wimpy at the moment. I don’t feel pushed too hard, and the overall experience is calming and builds me up emotionally in addition to physically. I also love that the app gives you a robust workout experience without hitting paywalls that make it inconvenient to use. I might actually join their yearly membership just because they’re adding value to my life!
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3 years ago, jodigirl999
Simply the best there is...
I am an attorney and single mom of three...including one late in life “surprise” - my son is now 2. I have always been physically active but over the years my available time to hit the gym or fitness class narrowed. I found FitOn in my journey of trying fitness apps and online routines to work at home. I cannot say enough about it! I have been using the app for about a year and a half. I love it!!! I get bored easily and like to change up my routine. The trainers are awesome and they all have a unique style, so there is zero chance I will feel stagnant. There are so many styles of exercise, yoga, Pilates, HIIT and more... it’s a one stop shop for all things fitness! I have been so impressed and enthusiastic about how well this has made maintaining my fitness goals, I have regularly posted about this and encouraged friends to join. Like a mini spokesperson. Ha! I very seldom review products and this is my first review of this nature. I have tried at least a dozen other fitness apps/programs to keep me on target and motivated. I simply cannot thank the FitOn fam enough for creating such an amazing program for health and well being. Particularly now, when we all need to practice self love and healthy choices. This app is my go to morning routine and that is not likely to change. Is it weird I get so excited to see my favorite trainers release a new workout? Thank you so much and be well!!
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4 years ago, Csillu_N
FitOn honest review
I love the app and I have been using it for months now. There are several workout types, target areas and impact levels you can choose from. Trainers are awesome. Some of the workouts may be challenging for somebody that is at beginner’s level but with constant practice and discipline it will eventually get easier. Improvement opportunity could be to be able to skip a workout if I don’t like it. For example I personally don’t like dance related workouts. Even though I restarted my plan several times and selected different goals ( build muscle or tone and loose weight) I would always end up having these type of workouts in my plan. Another reason why I gave 4 stars only is because it really annoys me when after I complete a workout it automatically puts it in the next week and I cannot change it. It messes up my whole schedule. But overall it’s a very good and fun app and the workouts are completely free if you don’t want to use the personal meal plan section. I would totally recommend to give it a try!
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3 years ago, LolaLiz42
Your Only Regret Will Be Not Downloading Sooner!
I’m going to start out by saying the pandemic set me back so far, I gained almost 40 pounds and felt crappy. I discovered this app through an ad I got and downloaded on a whim because I don’t love the prices and lack of motivation at gyms. I’m not a fitness freak, I’m not in shape, and I often let my discouragement about my size keep me from getting back to the great shape I was in years ago. If you’re like me and find it hard to commit to a fitness plan- THIS APP IS FOR YOU!!! When they mean free, they mean FREE! Never had ad’s or a lockout limit before you had to pay. You choose when and where you workout, and the difficulty and total time you workout. You’re in control here! I’ve been able to stick to this routine because FitOn makes it SO easy to squeeze in workouts. Seriously there’s no shame or fees here, do yourself a favor and give it a try! Truly have no complaints. Thank you so much FitOn!
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4 years ago, dnl0124
Best Fitness App
I’m a very active person. I have always worked out multiple times a week and used other apps or programs (including Beach Body and Sweat by Kayla) but slowly became frustrated with lack of content - or paying an incredible amount every month for a subscription. FitOn provides a ridiculous amount of work out options without upgrading to the Pro. I took advantage of FitOn’s promotion to get the upgrade for not even $20 for a year subscription. I was pleased with the app before the upgrade and absolutely love it with the upgrade. If you’re overwhelmed with all the programs, the monthly challenges are fantastic tools. They strategically provide you with the programs to do each day you open the app. This is a great app that works from beginners to advanced athletes, low intensity to high intensity, short work out if you’re in a hurry or longer ones when you have more time. I give two thumbs up, five stars and absolutely rave to all my framily.
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5 years ago, AK Arnold
The Workout App I have been looking for
I saw this on app pop up on an instagram ad (probably because I have tried every fitness app out there), and clicked it because it said it was actually free (skeptical, yet interested). Literally NO fitness app with real workouts, trained instructors, quality material, good interface, and personalization is free, but who knows, maybe this was the unicorn. IT IS THE UNICORN! I am not kidding, this is the best fitness app I have ever tried. It is motivating, encouraging, fun, diverse, and easy to use. There is a workout or stretch for literally everything, and I love how some classes are “live” so you can kind of do it with other people, but from the comfort of your home. I do not feel shamed with I use this app, but actually feel like I can workout well and thoroughly. I just cannot get over how fun these workouts are. I also like how quick they are so I can do as few or as many as I want without a huge commitment. Five stars and then more!!
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5 years ago, jesussaves357
Amazing! I can’t believe this is free!
I love love love this app! This is the only free workout app I’ve found that is actually good quality and it honestly way better than a lot of apps I’ve paid for! The instructors are awesome and the app is easy to navigate. It has plans and reminders. It really is amazing guys download it right now! My only suggestion for improvement would be to add a filter for beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts both in the browsing section and when setting up a workout plan. That way people can customize based on their fitness level. Also it would be great for there to be a little be more descriptions of the workouts (maybe a run-through/list of some of the moves or a preview mode where it shows some clips or something like that.) this would make it much easier to know which workout is right for me. There have been a couple of times I’ve had to stop a few minutes into a workout because it just wasn’t what I was looking for. Other than that I really do love it.
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4 years ago, ssnicker
I have never written an app review!
I have never written an app review but I love this app. I just hope they don’t start upping prices like other apps I have used. When I first started using FitOn I was super pleased because they wanted to provide people who can’t afford gym memberships, fitness coat hrs and expensive subscriptions with the opportunity to train and get fit. I was a little but disappointed when they added a fee for pro but I also think sixty bucks per year is a good price for what you get and know that the free version is still very good. I just hope FitOn doesn’t get greedy in the future and raise prices since there’re original goal was to provide more people with an ability to learn how to workout properly and get fit. Overall I love the app I love the huge variety of workout options and recipes. I wish there were more snack recipes the are not treat type snacks. Overall I have really enjoyed the app.
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