Florida Blue

Health & Fitness
4.8 (14.9K)
240.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
14.2 or later
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User Reviews for Florida Blue

4.81 out of 5
14.9K Ratings
1 week ago, my name is supposedly "taken"
Healthcare that offers wellness and a variety of opportunities to be my very best. They host Restorative Yoga and Another class I love called Flat Belly/ Strong Core with highly skilled and knowledgeable instructors at NO additional charge! I took a super informative class on Houseplants and learned so much, it was awesome. They host coloring because it’s fun and relaxing and stress reducing. I absolutely LOVE my Florida Blue healthcare, it’s affordable and AMAZING!!! Upgrade you wellness to Florida Blue.
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2 years ago, JJJJJJJJ2727
This app NEVER works!!!
I don’t know what it is about this company and their online services, but between the app and their website, nothing ever works! I go to the app, try to log in and the circle just spins. I can leave it up for 30 seconds or 30 minutes, it just spins. I go to the website and 50% of the time the homepage doesn’t load. Florida Blue- either get competent interns or have someone under the age of 85 run your online services because it’s brutal. Going through all the hassle of an hour long phone call with them is not only less frustrating than using their services, it’s usually the only option
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11 months ago, marleysmarie
After reading the other reviews on this app, I was sure that the developer would have fixed the issues, but they did not. This app is useless. For the amount of money that we pay monthly for health insurance it makes NO SENSE that this app does not function correctly. I am unable to access my health information, I cannot download my cards, or access other vital documents. I am deleting this app, I wish my employer would change insurance companies. It is 2022, there is NO REASON that this app doesn’t function properly. I am deleting the app and I wish I could give zero stars
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5 months ago, SheRevu
Error messages often in searching
This app search for a provider constantly gives errors. I am convinced this is intentionally done to frustrate customers to avoid the use of the health coverage that we pay so much money per month for. I suspect this because even the service on the phone is confusing in the same manner so this tactic is done by design. I simply needed to locate a near by provider in network to make an appointment and I have yet to accomplish this simple task with this ridiculous app. It gives constant error messages when doing searches.
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9 months ago, kkoalaa._
Super helpful
This is such a easy app to use ! Especially when you want to do something with your account and don’t wanna be on the phone for hours waiting for costumer service! Especially if you loose your insurance card or just trying to do a payment definitely recommend
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5 months ago, Disappointing Rewards program
Fake rewards program
I don’t understand the Florida Blue Better You Strides reward program. The program, does not offer me any money back or a program to use as of 2023. I had two exams and they were submitted summer of 2022 - I was told to wait 3 months and they were never applied toward a deduction on my payments. The Better you Strides program app never functions properly nor have I received my full benefit after submitting my exams. Thoroughly disappointed and upset about this lack. I feel duped by the company. 👎
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7 months ago, Erin TN
Great App
I would say that the App is much easier to use compared with the website for some reason. Especially if you have the plan and are being outside of FL. Much easier to use the app to find providers list.
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2 years ago, 2Grammie
Can't remove 2013 pop up msg????
I just downloaded the most recent update with "bug fixes" and the same bug is there telling me to update my browser. So I deleted the app and reloaded it. Same stupid pop up window. Worst of all is that the message appears to have originated 8 years ago!!! Come on folks. Get it together. Navigating around that worthless message is a pain. The good news is I can see my claims, card etc.
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2 years ago, zack0419!
Not compatible with M1 Macbooks
I had to contact apple about this application, because when I tried to login, a notification pops up saying that my device was jail broken and needed to be reset. This was not the case. It's a problem with the application being only available to Ipads and has not been updated for M1 Silicon Macbook use. I recommend using a URL or iOS device for the time being, until the developers can update their system to allow Silicon processors to use the app.
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2 years ago, Loopo live
Scrap it and start new
This is the worst app I have ever used! Thank goodness there are still live representatives, like Miss Beverly we can reach by phone! This app is confusing it does not show all pcp available! On top of all that every time I try to use the cost comparison part of the app the system tell’s me I need up date my search engine/web browser. I keep all my programs up to date! Obviously Florida blue does not! Bottom line! ”DO NOT STOP YOU LIVE PHONE SERVICES!”
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2 months ago, JTooSmoove
Florida Blue
I just downloaded the Florida Blue app and I was trying to add my insurance card to my Apple Wallet and every time I press the Add to My Apple Wallet” it brings up this disclaimer. I don’t understand. Why put on the app that you can add to Apple Wallet and it doesn’t even work.
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9 months ago, Plain & Peanut
Rewards Center
I find the rewards center a little confusing. It is sometimes difficult to find reward activities page.
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1 year ago, Desantisgirl
Worst ever
Every time i log in it tells me my password is not correct fine i go to change it then the app makes up excuses why you cannot change your password. Do i live under the Chinese Communist Party or something that I’m no longer permitted to change a password???? Then you call customer service And they act like they dont know what you are talking about. I will never ever choose Florida blue ever again for my insurance company.
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8 months ago, No Nickname For Me, Seriously
What a headache
We lost our members card, tried to call the number within the app while at the hospital to get the information. The snippy automation process then said they’ll route us to a representative that can help after about 6 minutes of menu prompts. THEN it just hung up on us, this happened 5 times. Couldn’t tell you how infuriating that whole experience was. Ended up having to pay out of pocket due to that
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10 months ago, Lee Ann in Dallas
Login failures & unable to change password
Backend issues prevent logins and password reset even with their Technical Support. You can request a temp password but still unable to access member specific info. I have called numerous times and all they do is enter a ticket and say “we will call you back”. Password reset is an option on their phone tree so you know it is a major problem. What a joke of a company!
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8 months ago, Elopez1280
Easy to use
This app was recommended by the receptionist at my doctor’s office. It made my life so much easier when searching for an in network provider and to key an eye on billing.
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9 months ago, GeoFla
Severely Flawed
This App is severely flawed. It is not representative of a real business. Many features do not work and the language selected (English) changes haphazardly from one page to another. The architecture and wireframe are not properly sequences. Some hyperlinks do not work and others send you to the wrong page. Details get stuck or seriously delayed in the cloud. Try them on a Laptop or Desktop instead.
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10 months ago, amm115
Works terrible
Whenever I use the option to “ find care” enter in the service I am looking for, such as MRI once I do this the app just closes down. I’m never able to look up providers or services anymore without it just shutting off. I’ve tried reloading the app it just doesn’t work. The only thing this is good for is looking up your claims.
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2 years ago, Dholu.
N. Patel.
Pathetic app. Cannot log in. Tech support courteous but has so far failed to resolve the problem. Tried to change password and it confirmed the new password but I was still unable to log in. Now it says I don’t have an account. Tech support says I have done everything right and cannot understand why I am not able to Log in. They are investigating. Hopefully they can solve the issue.
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11 months ago, looking for efficacy
The app is either unintuitive or broken
I often try to give the app an opportunity to work, but it rarely does. For example, I sent a message to Florida Blue through the message center. I received an email that I have a response. However, when I visit the app, I can only view my original message, I can not see the response. I can only see the response when I visit the website.
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1 year ago, Just Reasons
Nonfunctional App. Useless.
This app keeps getting updated but it is still unusable. You try to access ANY type of information and it stalls out and gives you an error. Need to see your ID card? ERROR. Need to see your recent claims? ERROR. Need to see what benefits you have? ERROR. The ONLY thing is does work for is finding a doctor within the network. Thats it. Multibillion dollar company and a horse manure app.
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6 months ago, Miyonnie
Florida blue
Just getting to know them but trying to understand them more going forward. Looking through the app. I recommend.
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1 year ago, jaygator75
App Crashes When Trying to Access Insurance Benefits
Every time I try to access my Blue Options PPO benefits to research co-pays and other patient obligations, the app crashes. I’ve deleted the app from my phone and reinstalled, and yet it still behaves this way. Now I have to log in with my laptop to do this. For a company that touts its customer service, they need to go back to the drawing board (wireframe?) with this one.
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2 years ago, Golfer32818
Just about useless
App doesn’t show payments when received. Menu offers lots of information options but if you try to access them on an iPhone running up to date IOS, you get a message saying you need to update your web browser. If you are sending everyone back to the internet website what purpose does this app perform?
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7 months ago, Daisy 🙏
Customer service
Julisa really good customer service she help me with everything downloading the app created password etc
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3 months ago, DizzySeahorse
App crashes
It’s darn near impossible to find care. Every time I try to apply filters the app crashes out on me. When I’m able to apply filters I keep getting pediatric specialists. When I try to use the rewards center the app crashes on me. The only time the app won’t crash in me is when I pay my bill. Funny.
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1 year ago, Cooper8747
Generally a bad app
It’s clear this app was not created by professional app developers. The UI/UX is abysmal and dated. One example is the “View ID” card function. It renders it as a tiny PDF. SO BAD!!! It should be a full screen display that you can present to a provider. Better yet, it should have the ability to add to Apple Wallet. Any dev worth their weight would not put this app out for public use because it so bad.
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1 year ago, Hohhohhh
as bad as the website
I can’t believe how a company like this, has the worst technology, it is really insane how many hours I have spent trying to get things from the app and the website, I had to go back and change paperless to paper back, is very slow, unfriendly, with tons of difficult and technical problems, definitely a huge handicap for the company
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2 years ago, SkoootSkooot
App doesn’t work on newer iOS
I would leave no stars if I could; the app doesn’t work, it won’t let you sign in if you’re using something newer then ios 14. App says phone is jailbrokwn even though I haven’t done anything to this phone, all they have to do is update the app which they haven’t which just shows that the developers don’t care about it. Thanks guys
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1 year ago, pc727
Needs major improvements
Everytime I try to find care or enter the rewards center the app just closes out. It’s really annoying. I wish these issues could be fixed. I like the idea of having my insurance information on my phone but just need it to work correctly.
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1 year ago, oneforlarry
Worst app ever
Won’t show all pcp in my area. When I called because I couldn’t use the app’s function. They were uneducated on there job to help me, and when I asked for English speaking. They gave me someone who had trouble with English and did not know how to use the computer. I spent 2 hours finding a pcp with them that at the end I found out that it was on the other side of the state.
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2 years ago, B-2112
App needs improving
This app allows you to access your account, however not much more than that. It’s difficult to navigate and very unclear when searching for a in network provider. I haven’t used the insurance yet so I can’t speak to claims, but I can tell you the app is so out of date it doesn’t even allow you to add your insurance card to the Apple Wallet.
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3 months ago, Joe_D_Boss
I downloaded this app to have the convenience of quick access, ID cards and more. The ID card doesn’t load and constantly says “something went wrong” and doesn’t load. Many of the doctors listed aren’t even participants and I find myself having to call everyone to find a doctor or specialist. App is useless therefore deleted
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2 years ago, 0240-lharr
Impossible to use
This app is impossible to use. Many times the app never even loads, so it isn’t even possible to login. When you can get in, the app is really awful. It’s impossible to navigate- blank popups that show up right where you are supposed to be able to make a selection. Error messages all over the place. It’s a mess.
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7 months ago, Trucolection
There are a lot of resources available on the app but it doesn't adjust for font size on the ipad so I am not able to do some items because they don't fit on the screen.
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11 months ago, ColeyOrme
App doesn’t work
There are serious problems with the app. You can’t even search for a doctor without an error message; and yes my app is up-to-date. It frustrates me to see old negative reviews were responded to by the company apologizing for the inconvenience, as this one may be, yet they are no closer to finding, or perhaps even looking for, a solution. What a joke.
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1 year ago, Dyscelia
Doesn’t work
I tried to download the app yesterday and when logging in took me 5 attempts. Every time I clicked log in it would just close the app out. Then finally was logged in was trying to check benefits and claims and every time it would close out still have not been able to see anything on the app.
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10 months ago, bells1960
Mission lane
Excellent way to build your credit and an excellent way to keep your credit account upgraded and stabled
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9 months ago, Ancient22
So-so app
I just signed up for Florida Blue and while the app was easy to install and it was easy to register, none of the other app features worked for me and they didn’t have my plan’s details on the app.
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2 years ago, Shortiidiesel78
Are they ever going to fix this app
This app continuously has low ratings and nothing seems to change. I just updated the app ( new bug fixes right?) NOPE!! I still can’t see my bills. I keep getting an error message. I seriously think this is one of the worst apps I’ve ever used.
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1 year ago, kbinfl528
Works Sometimes
I’ve been able to use this app to keep track of my claims but sometimes I get stuck on a page that’s just loading or it’s a page with no back arrow. Then I have to delete the app, reload and sign back in. That is annoying. I’ve had much better service calling and getting a dedicated rep.
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2 years ago, TigerNike
Directory info is wrong
If you happen to be like me and just got Florida Blue insurance, you’ll need to look for a doctor, pharmacy, etc. Unfortunately, the exact same search results show up whether you’re looking for a specialist, pharmacy, or lab facility. It’s broken. If one weren’t paying attention, they might go to an out of network provider by accident.
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1 year ago, A.Scan
worst App
this is the worst app ever. i go to change my email and it doesn't send anything from Florida Blue to my new email. Also, the auto pay is a joke. the App has become crap. it use to be so good and now it's crap. i go to see my benefits that i pay for and says service error. I would get someone who can create a great app and trash this app.
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2 years ago, Heatherjolie
Not great…
I cannot find the Doctor that I want to use even though he takes this insurance. I tried to log in and it locked me out pending an email verification, which is fine except the email was NEVER SENT! So I had to delete and try to reinstall the app…🤞🏻. I’m not confident!
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2 years ago, Mountaingirl1957
Zero Stars
This app and the website just keep getting worse…not sure what the developers are thinking. Claim information is more difficult than ever to get to what you want. Have to set dates constantly. And to go back I have to start search all over again. Website is just as bad. Get it together Florida Blue!
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5 months ago, Erina002
Finding Care is a joke on this app
Very aggravating trying to find help with the “find care”. It automatically sets to 20 miles and the categories are not user friendly. App does not seem meant for phone. Please TEST the app before you launch.
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9 months ago, all is taken- omg
It doesn’t work
Surprise by the reviews. I’ve been trying to access my dental account for hours and I still don’t know what my is number is. The app times out and when I search for medical provider it just says try again.
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5 months ago, Teach514
App Freezing
App keeps telling me my browser is out of date. My browser is up to date. Screen will not go away to allow me access to the information. Crome updates automatically.
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2 years ago, TrixieDixieAnn
I would give zero stars if I could. Plain and simple, the App does not work. It takes ten minutes to open, it constantly gets stuck, and is not user friendly at all. It seems this has been the case all along and nothing is going to be done about.
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1 year ago, I <3 clothes
App is not working right and very frustrating
Every time I try to use the app I encounter some sort of loading problems, errors, and glitches. The app definitely needs to be properly updated, and maybe even needs to be run through a different app program entirely.
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