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User Reviews for Food & Macro Tracker By Fittur

4.95 out of 5
5.6K Ratings
4 years ago, Jenysis Peidro
Fittur to me ?
Fittur is a great program!!! It does work for everyone if you give it a chance. This journey is a true life changing adventure that you have to be ready for, for it to be successful. Life is hard, but losing weight is harder. Tracking and going to meeting are extremely important. Showing up, weighing in weekly; making yourself accountable is an important key to your success. The little goals that you set for yourself is so worth it!!! And if the scale this week doesn’t show it don’t give up!!!! Just remember ...that if it doesn’t show on the scale that it’s not a defeat!!!!!, but a “work in progress” result. As long as you whole heartily stuck to your plan, the scale # doesn’t matter...the scale doesn’t show inches lost...remember that! I’m not going to say that it’s all rainbows and unicorns....At first it is so frustrating, and time consuming to figure out your “path for success “!! But just remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and self perfection takes time!!! Be patient with yourself and you will be successful!!!! I can honestly say that the Fittur plan does truly work, and it is totally worth all of the effort! ?
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4 years ago, Arless Abbes
Such a helpful app!!
I've been using Fittur since February at the recommendation of my trainer. I am 45 and have never really had to worry about my weigh or diet until recently. I had put on 10 pounds and was shocked to discover it wasn't easy to loose (it had always been easy before). With this app, it shows you it's all about math 😃. I've lost almost all the weight I want to loose, and the reason I haven't lost it all is because I eat too much lots of days (or I should say, I eat too many high cal junk foods instead of protein and veggies that will fill me up without all the calories). I am eating much healthier though and have learned to fill up on the healthy lower calorie foods most of the time. I feel great!! I'm 5'6' and 125 pounds at the moment. Still a work in progress, but I love this app and am so glad my trainer turned me on to it! I also recommended this app to my brother, and he has been much more conscientious with his food intake. He has completely turned his health around and lost 30 pounds! Thirty pounds in five months! He is 5'10' and now weighs 145 pounds. He looks great and is eating so healthy!
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4 years ago, Janathean Hayhoe
Great app geared towards healthy dieting
Less of a review and more of a feedback. First of all, I want to say I've been using this app on and off for about 7 years now. When I first started using it, the app projected weight loss no matter the calories. At the time I liked this, but looking back I realize how bad that can be and how it could cultivate eating disorders. It makes me unbelievably happy that they have changed it to not publishing food diaries, not posting it on feeds, and giving you a warning that you're not eating enough calories to sustain your body, and that it won't project weight loss for under the necessary calories needed for functioning. The first time I got that message I was discouraged, not because I wanted to see what I'd lose, but because I realized I needed to eat a lot more in any given day. Nowadays I get that message and I'm encouraged to use the app more to make sure I'm actually eating enough to live healthy. So, huge props to the developers and team for making sure people are staying healthy, and cultivating good eating habits.
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4 years ago, Islee Banister
Downloaded the Fittur app back in July 2018 and have used it everyday to track food consumption, activity, create and research recipes, lookup point values at national restaurant chains, as well as scan and calculate point values for food at the grocery store. Since that time I have lost 160+ pounds and can’t say enough good things about the Fittur app and how it was such a helpful tool in conjunction with attending weekly workshops for me (and my husband) to live a healthier lifestyle. I like how they highlight recipes and topics on a weekly basis to offer helpful tips and information that you can stumble upon. Fittur also has a point system where the user can accumulate points for tracking food consumption, physical activity, and attending weekly workshops. These points can be redeemed for good quality, fun rewards (generally health and wellness related). If you’ve tried Fittur before the app existed, give it a try again. Tracking your food (and even water intake) is so much easier than it used to be with pen and paper.
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4 years ago, Cleven Belk
Helps me tremendously
Using the app has helped me stay accountable without the need for meetings. Though there are ways to chat with someone within the app, I’ve only needed to use it once. It’s still a great feature to have if you’re unsure about something and want to make sure you don’t go off plan. I also like being able to link my Apple Health data to the app. It’s nice to have all my steps brought right into the app so they count towards “Activity Points”. The app lets you choose if you swap your weekly “flex” points first or those earned through activity. I use weekly points first and only have the activity ones stored in case I go over. One thing I especially love is the number of built in restaurant data. There are a lot of chains in the app, so you can just look up what you want to eat and will know ahead of time what you should and should not order. The built in calculator is also useful in case barcodes don’t scan or if you’re heading to a restaurant whose information isn’t in the app but their nutrition information is available online. I’ve lost almost 30 pounds since April and I don’t plan on stopping yet! I used Weight Watchers before they had online tools and I must say this is way easier. I always have my phone so it’s no problem to track. Keeping the food journal handy wasn’t terrible, but this is super easy and I have all the points data at the ready, so no flipping through a book to find what I need!
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4 years ago, Kiptyn Sanford
Fabulous ap!! One of the best I've tried.
I have never written a review of an ap before until now but I feel so strongly about this ap I just had to pass on the good word. It keeps you on track. The trick is to enter all of your food and meals before you eat so that you can see just how many calories, fat, etc you are about to consume. Trust me, you'll make different food choices immediately. I'm a fit active female but just needed help keeping better track of certain elements of my diet such as sugar and carbs because I'm prediabetic (thanks to my native american genes). I have completely changed my eating habits since using this ap and I've lost 6.5 in 2 weeks simply by changing my eating habits which included changing from eating 2-3 meals a day to grazing on 3 meals and 3 snacks for a total of 6 mini meals a day thus balancing out my calorie intake throughout the day. It's worth trying and good luck to everyone. We could all take better care of ourselves.
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4 years ago, Leiny Cursons
GREAT!!! Everything I need for free!
Love this app. Immensely better than when I tried it years ago. I lost weight on Noom and love them and their app immensely. But I’m on my own now and tried LifeSum but it didn’t allow me to enter cups or tsp or tbsp most of the time. I like those measures because I cook and it’s easy for me to estimate. I heard Fittur was better so I tried it again and it’s the app for me. It is easy, quick, smart, tracks steps from my , and today it compelled me to write a review because I was so happy when I hit ‘complete my diary for the day’ and it told me if every day was like that one I would lose 5 lbs in 4 weeks. So it is encouraging too! Free version also warns me when I’m eating something unhealthy and how it fits or doesn’t with my goals. It also gives me my nutrient measurements for FREE and there are A LOT of nutrients listed. I can create meals and it’s easy to pick foods I ate recently. Thanks app devs!!!
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3 years ago, M.J.204
Good not Great (Yet)
This app looks great and works well in a limited capacity. It needs a few tweaks to make it great. One star off for each of these fairly major drawbacks, IMO. First, there needs to be an export function. The “share” tool is silly - what is needed is the ability to export to a spreadsheet or word document so you can examine your detailed macro and eating trends over time. Export would also make it easier to work with a nutritionist. While this app is prettier than My Fitness Pal, this limitation makes Fittur far less useful. Second, the Recipe and Create Food functions are frustrating. It’s fine for a one-time use but it ought to let you go in and edit (or at least see!) the recipe/food after you create it. What if I change the brand on an ingredient the next time I make something? What if I don’t remember what’s in a recipe? What if I don’t remember how much I used of a certain ingredient or want to use less next time? Tough luck. Currently you have to recreate the whole thing from scratch.
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4 years ago, Rogene Jobes
Fittur App is fantastic!
I love the Fittur App. I started Fittur in April 2018 by using the App exclusively. I have done very well using this App in my quest to get healthy. The barcode scanner is crucial. I also know there’s support if I need it but so far the App has been my mainstay. Losing weight slowly has allowed me to internalize the choices I need to make to stay healthy. My main goal was to control and/or reduce medical episodes in a positive way by losing weight. This has come true for me! I still have about 22 pounds to go to goal but I know with the help of the App I will succeed. I will not stop using the App at goal. My big goal is to maintain my weight loss which I know I can do with the App. Many will want the support of the meetings and I know from past experience how helpful those are. I think if an individual will be honest and track you too can be successful just using the app. It’s a great tool and very helpful.
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3 years ago, Eliane Commanderes
Could this really work ?
First week - lost 5 lbs, pretty easily maybe all those people who found success with Fittur were right. Happy with plan, feeling full, few cravings, and full of energy. I’m very skeptical so the second 5 lbs is always the challenge for me (52, active person who would like to loose a total of 15 lbs). So I’m cautiously hopeful! My daughter and I are doing it together as we get ready for her wedding. After almost a year, my daughter lost 25 lbs for her wedding, I lost 17, and my husband lost 30, and his brother lost 30. All great results, we are now trying to manage the ups and downs of weight lose and maintaining our goals. Hoping this app helps keep us healthy and strong for the long run! Thank you to the developers, May they continue to help us using proven techniques.
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4 years ago, Laphonso Matfin
Fantastic App 😃
This is a great app Ive been using it whilst following the Atkins diet, not primarily to track my calories but to record what I'm eating each day, it has a great feature that breaks down your food into a pie chart to see exactly how much carbs/fat/protein you have consumed each day, it also works alongside other fitness apps to help track your can record your weight every day and it will create a graph of your weight and also if you complete your food diary every evening before you go to bed you will have a weight projection after 5 weeks, this app has helped me along my weight loss journey, also I feel I need to say that it won't recorded any data if you have eaten too little that day which I think is a great feature and encourages people to lose weight in a sensible and healthy way. I highly reccomend this app. 😃
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4 years ago, Amardeep Thickins
Great App!!
Without this app I doubt I would have lost a single pound! But with it I’ve lost 25lbs and still going. This app makes it so easy to keep up with how many points every food is, and helps you decide what you should/could eat when. Even in the grocery store you can scan several brands of a food and tell which one is the best. So not as much guessing about what to buy! Love the restaurant part of the app Too! I can go to almost any of the top known restaurants and find something I can eat, and lots more that I shouldn’t! But with the zero foods it’s easy to save enough points that I can splurge occasionally! And I do! I have never been successful dieting until Fittur and this App! ( I actually failed at Fittur years ago before the app!) So don’t dread dieting, this app makes it Easy and actually fun. Update: I’ve lost 35 lbs!! Working on 40! Also I have started using Pinterest to find lots of great Fittur recipes! Update: we LOVE, love roasted veggies..from cabbage to zucchini! If u have not discovered that try it; u will like it. Update: still list between 35-40 lbs; weight loss is slowing down, plus during Thanksgiving & Christmas holidays I took several breaks One thing I wish I had done differently: I wish I had exercised while I lost weight!!! Don’t make that mistake!!
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4 years ago, Gwendylon Toynbee
Fittur App
Over the years I have used the Weight Watchers program with initial success, and then the tracking and calculating would become too arduous. Eventually, I’d go back to my old habits and the weight would come back on, plus. I joined Fittur again in June. I was the heaviest I’d had ever been, pregnancies included. I hadn’t heard of the new app, but was ready to work the program again. At 65, I knew I had a long road ahead of me. Then I used the new app! It has truly changed my life! The app makes it very easy to track, calculate points and best of all the information is at my fingertips! No more hunting for my tracking book, adding and re-adding to be sure my totals are correct. With the app, there is only success ahead of me! I have lost 30 pounds to date. I hope to reach my goal weight by the beginning of the new year! Thank you Fittur!
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3 years ago, Rawn Raynesud
Helps to get started.
I always thought it started with hitting the gym more or getting more active.. which it does. However; having someone help me figure out my macro nutrients (clueless as to even what this was...) and how they should compare to my goal(gaining weight in muscle), WAS MONUMENTAL. Fitness pal is an easy way to keep track of those numbers, and all of a sudden I'm having more success with getting into a routine. Where as before, working out and getting fit meant trying to get in the habit for a week and then taking a four month break only to do the same thing again. All over the course of 4 years or so... Honestly, it just helps to have it all written down and at your finger tips, even if it's just to be only a little healthier. Or maybe to get crazy and start body building! Whatever you want. ?‍♀️
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4 years ago, Cuitlahuac Loges
This Fittur. Is Incredible ?
I have been enrolled in Fittur for many years and I am a lifetime member who began this journey again after 30 yrs. My life is aimed at wholistic views and I have evolved from the old program , fit points in the beginning, and now. As you get older it seems easier to gain weight, become sedentary , not being as social as before and generally paying mor attention to your illnesses than the causes that are contributing to your health. A year ago we decided to take the plunge back to Fittur. What a blessing this has been. We have lost 95lbs together ( of course the man ? lost 50lbs and the woman ? 45lbs.) and have been there since around the end of Oct 2019. The program is exciting, our leader is Awesome, and the new plan with three levels make it very accommodating for all. Thank you for such a great lifetime journey! I am impressed!!
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4 years ago, Satvika Lindroos
72lbs In 175 Days
I don’t usually take time to do reviews, but for this app, I felt I needed to. I’m a 6’2 adult male in my early 30’s. I was 330lbs just 6 months ago when I downloaded this app. I literally have not and do not exercise regularly, other than walking about 2 miles a day on my job. All I have done this past 6 months to lose weight is use your app as a calorie, protein, and nutrition tracker. I also switched from diet soda, to water or coffee exclusively. I stay under my goal daily calories, log everything I eat, and have gotten great results. I am now down to 258! I’m planning on being at 230 within the next 3 months which will be my new goal weight! Thank you all for this amazing app! Hopefully someone will read this and it will motivate them to get to calorie tracking. It really does work!
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4 years ago, Lemario Dumbrell
A Complete Gem......and it really works!
When I quit smoking almost 33 years ago my weight went from 164 pounds to 200 pounds in nine months. Since that time my weight has steadily increased until last March when it finally reached 220 pounds. I have never had the discipline to go on any kind of formal diet. Last March, my son-in-law told me about the “Fittur” app. I decided to give it a try. Since March, I have kept track of everything that has entered my mouth. It really has not been that difficult, I just had to be consistent. Today my weight stands at 177 pounds, representing a loss of 43 pounds. I can honestly say that this app has been 90% of the reason that I’ve been able to lose weight. It is amazing how, just by following the calorie count, one can show such progress. Thank you, Under Armour!!!
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4 years ago, Teonia Gettone
Weight watcher for life
I have been following weight watchers for over 10 years now and I love it. I love having the app on my phone for easy tracking, checking restaurants when going out, and scanning items for points values at the grocery store. The one thing it’s missing is the ability to create a meal plan out of recipes whether it be my recipes or weight watchers recipes and then creating shopping lists off of said meal plan. I’ve had to download a separate app for this and unfortunately I can’t incorporate any of the recipes I would like to try from the Fittur app. I’m terrible at meal planning and I know I can’t be the only one. A feature like this would be so helpful and make it easier to stay on track. Please consider adding this kind of feature!!
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3 years ago, Kyya Elgoodut
The best!
I've been putting on weight slowly and surely over the years despite trying to watch what I eat and exercise regularly and put it down to age. But since using this app I have realised how much I used to underestimate how much I actually ate. I've set it to a pound loss a week which doesn't sound sensational but it is achievable and so far that's what I've been losing since Christmas. This app is worth paying for and the more you use it the easier it gets as it remembers your food. If you are looking to lose weight sensibly and in a sustainable way then try this and save loads of pounds (in cash £ on fad diets or subscriptions, expensive diet food) and lose lose loads of pounds (lb) in weight!!! remember to stay disciplined and you'll do it!
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4 years ago, Micalah Churchouse
Who knew?
When I started my journey, who knew it was going to work? Not me. Just knew I had to try something. Who knew it would be easy as getting an app on your phone to track your points. Who knew you could find great recipes on the app. Who knew there was a community of people going through the same issues or concerns you had. Who knew they would inspire you. Who knew you could reach out to a coach when you were feeling like This isn’t Working? Lol. Who knew? Not me then but now I know! Thank you. It’s working too, that’s the best of it all. Started in February and I’m down 40 lbs as of today. I have a long way to go but it’s coming off one pound at a time. Who knew? Fittur knew it would, that’s who. Thank you!!!
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4 years ago, Thanna Sinyard
The Fittur app was instrumental in helping me reach goal
The app is fun to use and has a considerable amount of foods that have been pre-programmed with SmartPoints for all programs. I like the FitPoints feature and have my Apple Watch synced with the Activity app on my . I would like to see more “intelligence” around determining the correct level of Daily and Weekly SmartPoints after a person’s goal weight has been met. I reached goal seven weeks ago and am still groping around in the dark trying to add more SmartPoints (but not too many!!) in order to maintain. It would be great if the app could suggest specific levels based on a more comprehensive analysis of my eating and activity levels as well as the usual height, age and gender.
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3 years ago, No response service
Works well, excellent tech response.
I’ve been using the app for a month & have not had any issues. Even though I’m not much of a techie, it’s easy to use & there’s little info videos that explain the different options. I contacted the website for help about several things & got responses within hours! 😃And the responses were real answers, NOT the usual ‘have you looked in the FAQ section’. The scanner & ‘my pantry’ functions are very helpful & being able to enter nutrition info if anything isn’t already loaded in the database. Best of all, in my opinion, is there’s no silly, fake encouragement or disappointment icons or messages!
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1 year ago, Burnsdeep
Great Macros App
Started out free trial May 20 and so June 20 I purchased it for the yearly. Have lost 15# from that time to the purchasing of App! With walking almost 4 miles daily . The app is really easy to comprehend then others I have tried . I like I can scan foods and it logs and countdowns to the macros of earning them. If I could suggest to be able to log my start time of starting app and weight loss because from doing the trial to purchasing, my logs and macro dots and weight loss information did not convert over . I restarted and did the required info from the gentleman that helped me , but didn’t work. Thank you and I love the app !
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4 years ago, Shabrika Tight
Great App, A Real Help
I, like many, get bored and lose focus, this app has helped me keep focus, by telling the app what you eat, it keeps score, so you don't go off track, you keep your calorie intake under control, you can work out the calories etc... in your food yourself, and enter the data, but in many cases you simply scan the barcode, and edit if necessary, it also tracks your exercise, weight etc... It connects with a range of gadgets for the more dedicated fitness orientated user, I find it helps most, In those days when temptation calls, I find it helps you resist, I started using this app 7 months ago and have lost 4st with relative ease, I highly recommend this app.
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4 years ago, Curtrina Croley
I understand what people are saying. I am stuck in a Fittur apt that has to do with recipes, exercises, and couches. It tells me to join or checkout the continuing interesting things about this thing they want u to join. I can’t get out of it. I can’t get back to where I track food. I even downloaded the Fittur apt again but when it was downloaded it went right back to joining this whatever. I have tried everything. I did not finish logging my points last night and nothing today. I called support but no resolutions. If I can’t get out of this i am quitting Fittur and joining something else. Also tried turning my phone completely off but did not help.
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4 years ago, Kiamber Keyser
Willpower App
This program has helped me so much. Im always on my phone and scheduling work and home. I have always been on the heavy side and thought i would have to think seriously about surgery to help me find the Willpower to not eat so poorly. I dont eat a lot of sweets. Im a meat and potatoes girl. This app has changed my life. I didnt realize some of the things i didnt think were too bad like MILK could actually be one of my worst food items because of the quantity daily. In 25 days I have lost 26 pounds. I really do have more energy and look forward to learning more about a healthier me. Im 45 and the future looks bright. I would say Good Luck but if you follow the app you wont need it. ??‍♀️
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4 years ago, Tyquarious Adolphine
Simply amazing
I've never ever written a review for an app before even when they're amazing.. But I just had to for this! It has helped me so much to keep track of what I'm eating. It has most foods already stored and haven't yet had to add my own food, though it's great that I can at least add my own food if I can't find what I'm looking for in the search. I've been using it for about a week and a bit now and have lost 5lbs on my new diet with this nifty little app. (Baring in mind I'm not overweight and am not being stupid with what I eat, I.e not starving myself, and have still been able to lose so much weight!). I highly recommend it if you're on a calorie deficit!!!
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4 years ago, Greggery Bardsley
Love it !!!
I’m so grateful for the ‘New’ Fittur. The previous time I used it - the zero foods were limited, everything has changed ! Now there are Sooo many foods on the Zeros list. And the ability to scan the bar codes of different items to find the points ... I Love it !!!! There are so many foods in the scanner. Those foods that aren’t in the scanner you can put them in ! And then they’ve added recipes!!! I’ve also had so much fun trying out the recipes in the Fittur app. I’ve been back with Fittur for almost 9 Months and I’ll keep on going forever! Fittur is So much easier to use this time. I believe that is why I’ve successfully lost weight. I Love Fittur !!!
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4 years ago, Jasilyn Klaaasen
Fittur Review
I love this app. It has calorie counts for most of the most common foods. It gives you a breakdown on carbohydrates, fats and protein. It keeps track of your sodium, and you can track your weight all for free. It takes me so long to lose 10 pounds, that I just can’t afford monthly fees. I also like to cook one meal for the whole family and I don’t like eating “special diet food”. This program allows me to lose weight while just eating regular food and simply counting calories and recording exercise. It also gives you a direct relationship between calories eaten and calories burned so if I eat more one day I know to exercise a little more on that day as well.
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4 years ago, Maloy Yushkin
Update: I’ve been using Fittur for nearly 7 years, been through countless updates and changes and my feelings are the same. The food library is very vast and tracking calories and weight loss is easy. Since the Under Armour change, many improvements have been made, offering quick videos or workouts, weight control, and food prep. Also compatibility with virtually every type of exercise tracker. Top rated program with less intrusive adds, for free. Previous review: I lost 50 lbs using this app. Better than all of the paid programs and syncs with everything. Can't ask for a better weight control app.
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4 years ago, Jhoseline Creeboe
The best app and its Freeeeeeeeeee!!!
This is the first review I have writtent and I own loads of apps. I am clinically obese (BMI) and have recently started going to the gym on a regualr basis and watching my diet. The diet is the most important part yet the most difficult as there are so many quick diet programmes out there and such conflicting information. As you can imagine the only foods I was an expert in are listed on the menu of a chip shop. This App has made me aware of my food. The database of foods is vast and scanning barcodes makes it easier. Soon your new goal becomes staying under your calories just so you can see the post when you finish logging for the day. Yes in some cases it can be generous in terms of caloriess burned during excercise (if your using cardio machines you wont have a problem as you can see how much you have birned) but you can choose to be strict by reducing duration time or adjusting calories burned. I cannot reccommend this app enough. I could not have lost weight without it. Dont think about it download it now!
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4 years ago, Jaustin Swainson
You should get it
It’s pretty freaking great once you get the hang of it and I’m pretty sure your health insurance will pay for some of it. My mom, sis and I started sometime before last spring and haven’t paid a dime. It was a lot easier to stay on the diet since I had a support group so I recommend joining or someone, it definitely makes it a lot more fun and honestly I don’t really see it as a diet anymore. More like I changed my diet for the better. Anyway my starting weight was 240 and I am now 150. Mm! And before I end this wall of text, you should definitely take a before and after pictures I highly regret not doing so. ?
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4 years ago, Cordarrell Dicks
Keeps you on track!
Very easy to use just put in what you've eaten and most of the time the nutritional values are there ready to put into your diary. If its not there you can always use the food packaging to add it in yourself. It's really kept me on track, I avoid snacking because I don't want to put it into my diary so I've broken the habit of cheating myself and ruining my overall goal. I like how it keeps you on track, if you are over your calories you just have to work out what exercise you can do to compensate. I have lost 11lbs over 2 months which I am thrilled about, 3lbs to go and then it's just maintainance.
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4 years ago, Leeasia McMychem
Love this app!! By Kenleegro
I used to be a 3 month journal paper tracker. When the program changed to Smart Points, I decided to try tracking with the app. Love using the app and won't go back to paper tracking. Love Connect!!!! If I were to suggest any changes, I would love to be able to go back to a previously tracked day easier to see what I ate that day. It would be nice if you could select a date to go back to similar to when you are tracking the food and it allows you to select the date to track to. It is hard to go back to a specific day months ago. I am a lifetime member for over 8.5 years.
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4 years ago, Shantora Heibel
Helps keep you on the diet 'straight and narrow'.
Brilliant app that really helps you focus on the job in hand - losing weight. It took me a little bit of getting used to it but that's not the apps fault that's me. The interactivity with some of the best fitness apps is amazing. I cycle and my Strava account is linked to it and so 'tells' Fittur what calories I have burnt off. There is a decent database of foods that have all the calorific value attached or you can put your own in, or easier still, scan the barcode of the food if it's packaged. Get it. It will become part of your daily routine and its played a big part in me losing over 25lb!
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4 years ago, Vershon Flori
Love This App
This app makes it so easy to track. Most of the time, I don't have to type my food into the app. Just type it into search (most of the time you only need to type a couple letters of the food) then you see your options. There are so many items, all you do is click it and choose appropriate meal/snack and click track. It saves so much time--not sure how I ever did it with pen and paper. The app also shows your frequent breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners and all you need do is swipe if you are having one of these meals. No typing required. Also, Fittur recipes are at your fingertips.
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4 years ago, Shaasia Yvens
A great app - 4 pounds lost already in week 1
I was always a bit suspicious of calorie counting for weight loss, but seeing as I'd tried more or less everything else I thought giving this a go wouldn't hurt. I've been really impressed with how easy the app is to use. Even when you're eating something you've made yourself from first principles there's often something very similar you can select. Or of course you can add in your regular recipes themselves. I suppose what it's done has allowed me to eat more mindfully - allowing me to switch from high calorie foods to low calorie ones I like and would eat anyway. Yes, you need the discipline to record it after every meal and snack, but even the act of recording everything gives you much more focus and makes it easier to forgo foods that would push you over. Plus the notifications give you a nudge if you've forgotten. So yes, still only at the end of week one - but already I've been really pleased with the results.
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4 years ago, Keundra Mostin
Love it!!
I have tried to lose weight multiple times but always bounced back or got stuck at plateaus. This app helped keep me honest and really visualize how much I am eating. Also helps me compare the impact that eating that one candy bar will have as opposed to how much grilled chicken breast I could have eaten instead. The App Gives me that extra push to pick the tea instead of the latte, or if I do have the latte, I am able to see what I will have to say no to instead or how much I will need to work out to make up for it. I still eat chocolate and have lattes, the difference is that the app helps me be more conscious about it.
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4 years ago, Kumasi Pressland
Loved for years! One tip tho..
I have used Fittur off and on for the last 8 years probably. I love how you can find nearly anything in the system with the scan tool. I’ve run across a handful of things that didn’t match the nutritional facts on the box but it’s usually spot on. I also love that you can customize if you’re trying to gain or lose weight. I think it’d be cool to add a feature for 2 things: 1. Pregnancy diet- each trimester had a different caloric intake goal as well as weight gain. That mode could have recipes or suggestions for pregnancy. I’m currently pregnant and although I have my own caloric gains regardless of what the app says I can keep track of my nutrition and calories so I know I’m getting enough but not too much. 2. Nutrition from supplements- the app breaks down how much of each vitamin and nutrient you take in per day but it’d be awesome to be able to add what you take in supplements as well. Still love the app no matter what just some cool ways to add features
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2 years ago, Wikit1
Best Macro App Ever
I am a keto/fasting lifer, started weight training 8 months ago and still couldn’t cut my belly fat on low carb alone. I’m excited to see what is to come tracking my macros, I never wanted to because of the time I would have to put into it, this app is sooooo good. It simplifies it I absolutely love it. It opened to eyes to just how much fat I was consuming daily which is probably my downfall. Macros and the math of it all never interested me, but this app makes it almost fun trying to hit my goals. Highly recommend. Math is hard let them do it 😂
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4 years ago, Ilean Santus
Learning- and the app is intuitive
The apps’ intuitiveness is super when your focus should be on making positive life changes / healthy new habits. If an app has lots of bugs or is poorly designed or is in process- with huge gaps.... focus alters to frustration. In particular I like shopping- using the app: able to instantly determine the points that will be used per serving and making wiser choices/ not wasting money. Scanning is easy with exact findings as well- not always the case in diet apps. It is not hard to use but has enough added features to help the user become successful.
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4 years ago, Narvelle Morefield
Program does not work the same on all platforms
Mobile Device and Desktop do not have same access to parts of the program . Connect is a waste on desktop computer. You cannot search hashtags etc. if you want to search for breakfast posts forget it. I have made multiple inquiries with just a yea we know. We pay for this program but unless you have a mobile device there are functions you can’t access. What is that all about. So frustrating I understand people going to another program for pointing etc.
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4 years ago, Cuba Rawstron
My lifeline to weight loss/management!
I’ve been using the app for years! I love the app it’s almost a comfort to me everyday to feel in control of my eating. The Design is great. ....One small thing is I wish when I was scrolling to the portion, i.e. grams, tsp. etc. I did not have to scroll down to say update. Just because it sometimes inadvertently changes my portion amount and requires me to check the updated amount. More of a hassle than anything else. I’ll still (of course) use this amazing app. It’s a very small thing that changed in the newest design and I notice pretty often.
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4 years ago, Bezalel Fullun
Best tool ever!
I am a long time Fittur lifetime member who has re-started several diff times over 22 years. This last time, was the first time I had use of the Fittur app. I have used it to track EVERY SINGLE DAY for two years (having missed only a couple of days on a cruise when I had no Internet access). I am down 50 lbs and it’s largely because of this app. The Connect feature is a huge motivation but the tracking and especially the scan option is the best when shopping. It has saved me many times eating a high point food. Knowledge is power. Thank you Fittur app!
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4 months ago, Ms.jen720
First off I loved the app… every detailed… I put in all my stuff. Then I was told I have to pay for it to move on! It was trying to put me in a ‘free trial’ so I tried to exit out but nope wouldn’t let me, had me download another app that was the macro tracker app (works with this app but it does the same thing) . So I would’ve had to pay for both. DEFINITELY DELETED this and the other app, because there was no price associated with it, but for someone who doesn’t really know how to use the macros I’m not paying for anything… i mean what’s wrong with giving a free version then you can upgrade if you really like the app.. sorry ! Not a fan of these scam measures your taking … there are many other great Free ( with the option to buy) Apps on the market…
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4 years ago, Jadeyn Outridge
Anyone who wants to seriously track and monitor their food intake, exercise output, and breakdown of their protein, carbohydrates and fat intake then The Fitness Pal app is for you! This app has the most extensive food database available. Chances are if a specific food item passes your lips then that food item is contained in The Fitness Pal database. If you are on your weight loss journey with a friend, The Fitness Pal App can link both accounts so you can track each other's progress and successes. I highly recommend The Fitness Pal App for its ease of use, its robust database and if utilized, its the best way to keep you honest!!
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4 years ago, Nerisa Attride
Really does help you lose weight
I rarely make a review, but this app is a hidden gem. The food diary keeps count of your calories and fat intake which makes it easier for you to keep control. The majority of food/drink brands have already been submitted by the 1000's of users, but some forget to add in fat content etc. which makes your diary less effective. Suggest adding your own food and drink or doing a good search to ensure that you are selecting submissions with fat content etc. I lost 1/2 stone in 2.5 weeks and I wouldn't have been able to do it without this app
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3 years ago, Eveyln Tysackfi
Really Easy
I've never counted calories or dieted or any of that (cause I'm like the laziest person alive I swear) but it's really easy to stay consistent with updating what you've eaten and whatnot on this app. The way everything is written sounds positive without sugar-coating anything and I guess that's why it's so easy to stay motivated. I was starting to doubt that the app was estimating my weight loss accurately cause I have no daily workout at all right now and it was saying I was losing between 1-3lbs a week but I just weighed myself a little while ago and I've lost about 2-3lbs. So if you're reading this then I definitely recommend this app. I don't know if it works for everybody but it works for me without much effort. Sorry this review is so long an good luck 😆 P.s. If you need to stay motivated, try to keep weigh ins at least a week apart. You're probably not going to see significant results in half a week so just be patient c:
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4 years ago, Felissia Lipscomb
Helped me improve my health
This app is awesome. I’ve done weight watchers 2 other times in the last 12 years. The first time you has to track it all on paper and find it in a book to track it. The second time, they had it online on a website. But this app is awesome. With the calculator, barcode scanner and recipe creator I never have to question my points. Plus it works great with the fitness tracker on my Apple Watch. I’ve lost 15 pounds but countless more inches. And the best part is how much healthier I am. My bloodwork is great, my resting heart rate is down, and I have tons of energy!
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4 years ago, Oneil Westraw
Feature recommendation for Recipes
Love this app so much! It’s helped me so much on my weight loss journey. One feature I wish the app could include is the ability to customize recipes. Sometimes I don’t have all the ingredients for a recipe, or maybe I would rather not eat a certain ingredient like bacon, I would still want to be able to track the accurate food items I’ve eaten in my meal. There should be an option to check off optional ingredients and calculate the updated calories and nutrient intake. I think that would make life so much easier on the app!!
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