Fooducate: Nutrition Coach

Health & Fitness
4.6 (75.9K)
150.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Maple Media Apps, LLC
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Fooducate: Nutrition Coach

4.65 out of 5
75.9K Ratings
6 years ago, David------
Annoyed no that it keeps prompting me to rate the app
The developer responded to my 1 star review which made me feel kind of like a jerk for leaving a negative review in anger over the prompting for a review, which is apparently not their fault. The prompting for a review was still annoying but I appreciate the response so I’ll change it to 5 stars. As soon as I started using it, it kept prompting me to rate the app so I’m giving it a 1 star in the hopes that the prompting will go away. I have no idea if the app is any good since I haven’t really started using it yet. Furthermore I would suggest that most of the ratings it does have are from similar circumstances where people just rated it to get the prompts to go away and don’t don’t really have any idea if the app was good or not. So annoying. Hopefully it really is a good app and eventually I’ll be able to give it a better rating, but I doubt I would be motivate to go back and write another review. You can tell how annoying the prompts were since I’m typing so much.
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2 years ago, Userfrom Austin
Very underrated
I think I found this app before The Most Popular fitness tracker gained so much traction, and tbh this app is still superior. The UI is so easy for me to navigate, it’s affordable, and the database of food has grown so much. I also love the long list of different types of exercise, and even though estimating calories burned is not an exact science, I appreciate any ballpark number of extra calories that I need to eat so I don’t hurt myself. Seriously, I tried these other, more talked about apps, and I just don’t want to quit this one. It’s not freaky and aggressive in its wording about sticking to diets and militant exercise and cult-like branded phrasing, and the orange, yellow, and earth tone colors are more pleasant. I also love that it gives you a flexible target date, so you can also set your goal based on the number of calories you want to eat per day. (I like smaller calorie deficits.) Also, bravo for the warnings about going below 1200 calories! Keep being responsible, please! EDIT: I just deleted a star because I saw below what data they are collecting. Dude, collect my subscription money. Don’t invade my privacy like this. There is no reason to know my contacts, etc. Also, this shouldn’t be an app for ages 4+. Toddlers don’t need to diet. Kids and teens should not be encouraged to diet either given the statistics on the body dysmorphia and eating disorders they develop for life. Thanks!
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1 year ago, LilBooBooBaby
I really wanted to like this app
I signed up for the 3 day free trial but was charged for the app even before the trial was finished. It’s already on my credit card! There are thing I do like about the app however, the scan feature barely ever works. I rarely eat any processed food. I home cook every thing I eat. Trying to input a food or recipe of my own is somewhat challenging. I add every ingredient and add the “grade” I think it is and it won’t save it. When I do manage to save one of my foods not listed in the database, it doesn’t show up under my foods. It’s possible that it’s just me and the learning curve to the app but it’s frustrating and 3 days just isn’t enough time to figure out if it’s worth the $. I have no problem with paying for an app that will work for me. The developers should be paid for their work. However, I need a little more time working with it to determine if it’s the right one for me AND it shouldn’t show up on my credit card BEFORE the trial is over! I’ve cancelled the app because of this. UPDATE: I received a response from the developer regarding the CC issue above, however I’ve gotten many free trial apps over the years via Apple and have never been charged immediately for a free trial. It’s always been after the trial has expired. Maybe it’s a new policy. If they fix the food addition issue and scan issues I’d would give it another try.
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2 years ago, Jdjax2
Mixed feelings
Only been using the app a month or so. Bought the annual subscription which is a good deal. I like how the app works and the database seems extensive. It’s easy enough to use and I have been tracking food carefully. It has made me make better choices. However - I haven’t seen any weight loss this first month. Despite tracking carefully to the ~2k calories that it indicates, and doing daily light exercise (stationary bike) - the pounds will go down 1 day and back up the next. I am scanning and measuring the food out too. Perhaps it’s my age because I have no health conditions. The daily calorie limit does seem to be slowly tapering down in the app now. I assume that’s a feature that will allow me to finally start losing - but the lack of support and info doesn’t make it easy to figure out. I have emailed the support mailbox but the responses are slow to come. Been waiting 3 plus days now for my last question to be answered. It’s only my second email to them. Is there some sort of FAQ that explains how this all works and what to expect? I looked at the community forum section but it’s not intuitive to me. Lots of food pics is what I see there. Is there a place to post questions and get responses from other users? Still hopeful but a little bit disappointed as well overall.
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2 years ago, kashley knows math
Basically just annoying
First- it only gives you three units of measurement to log things. For example you can log a whole onion (in NLEA serving size, whatever that is) or you can log it by gram or ounce. Not bad even though a bit ridiculous. But then there's things (i.e. Sriracha sauce) that you can log by TBSP g or oz... But what if I consumed 1/8 of TEASPOON? I find myself doing a lot of conversions on the side just to log. Second- there is interface kind of stuff that really grind my gears. After you hit "done" when logging a food a banner pops up that it was successful and that banner blocks the back button. You have to wait for the banner to go away to go back to the search page to log another food. Not to mention changing one thing on your diet profile (i.e. keto to Mediterranean) it changes EVERYTHING... Your macros being the most annoying. Then there's the part when you click for details on your breakdown and go back it goes back to the top of the page. So if I want to see what foods had the most potassium today (which is at the very bottom of the breakdown) then I click "back" it goes right back up to calories. I do like the rating system for this. It seems more stringent than others' ratings. However I wish I had not paid for this app as it's too annoying to use.
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7 years ago, Bewildered1965
Helpful and Informative
Fooducate helps me be more aware of every bite I put in my mouth, because I know I will have to enter it into the app. I like that it also helps me understand more about the quality of ingredients and nutrients I'm consuming. I wish that it had an easy way to know more about a food before adding to my daily intake. I find that I have to add a food first in order to see just how it will affect the daily goals, nutrition info, etc. It would be helpful to me to be able to look at that detailed info as I try to decide what to choose for snacks and meals. The feature may be there, but if it is I haven't found it yet. I've been using the app a little over a week and have lost over a pound, so I'm seeing good results. It reminds me of when I used Weight Watchers points tracking, which also worked well for me. I also like the diet tips, where I have read some interesting information. The notifications are nice to help me remember to log in each meal before I forget what I ate. This is a good solid app. I have also found it worth the extra money to unlock the premium features. I plan to continue using this one!
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4 months ago, Gltrgrl71
Loved this. Easy!
I loved this app. Worked great. Set out to lose 17 after Menopause #’s in September and back to my normal weight (112)in three months. Ate all my normal food veg and fruit and healthy snacks( chocolate and white wine in small portions)so I wasn’t denied anything. I’m a “Clean” , Fresh food eater, GF, nitrate ,soy and red meat free for decades and enjoyed seeing my average A- rating daily. I eat a ton of food daily , never hungry,and even got through a Birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas with flying colors. Bought an Air fryer to enjoy healthy fresh air fried veg. And the clock they added recently helps so if you don’t have time to record immediately, you can list all later .Now it’s great. Now I’m just trying to NOT lose more weight. If you’re a tad OCD , this will work, if you cheat… you’re only cheating yourself. This makes you aware of the quality and calorie(or carb). Lose the junk, sugar and fats. You can still have quality treats .
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5 months ago, Just that girl Kira
So far so good…
Have had this app a little over a day now and I’m really enjoying using it! I got the 3 day free trial. I don’t know yet if it’s worth 50$ so not gonna pay for it at this time. I’ve been addicted to logging in my food intake and water intake as well as exercise and just seeing things broken down so well into categories and nutritional info. The community seems super supportive and friendly! I also noticed there’s TONS of different podcasts to help you with your journey be it weight management, mental health, diet programs, fitness and working out, music, self help type stuff, motivational topics and advice kinda topics. I have ADHD, depression, anxiety, PTSD and they have main show podcast episodes on all of those topics. Really neat stuff they have to offer. I don’t know what it’s gonna look like once the 3 day trial ends but we shall see. I’m really excited to use this app and lose some weight as well as learn how to just eat and be healthier than I’ve ever been before. 2024 is our year so let’s own this beeotch!
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1 year ago, JoshM199
Can’t wait for a companion Mac app!
I’m a nutritionally illiterate 40-year-old boy with terrible eating habits. I like everything I’m not supposed to eat, and I feel sometimes like I hate all healthy options. I was overjoyed to discover that this app existed — and links with Apple Health — to give me much needed insight and feedback into my eating habits so I can make some adjustments to my diet. This app’s interface is clean and mostly intuitive immediately upon first use this morning, and it’s gotten easier and I’ve discovered further features easily through the day. Unfortuantely, it lacks a companion Mac app; working on entering new recipes would be a lot easier on the larger Mac screen rather than being hemmed into the dimensions of my iPhone. I’d also like it see deeper and richer integration with Noom: so far, I have seen that Fooducate will write calorie data into Noom, but it doesn’t provide rich enough information that Noom can rank the food into their green, yellow, and orange categories to help me keep more careful track of my Noom goals. Those two gripes, however, are small compared to the invaluable service I feel it offers me as I’m trying to make the adjustments I’m trying to make. If you’re similarly clueless about nutrition and have little patience for learning more on your own, let this app do the work for you. What a bargain the premium features are!
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4 years ago, HGM889
I absolutely love this app! I downloaded Fooducate a while back when I had a bit of extra weight I wanted to lose and fell in love with it. It really helped me become more aware of the food I was eating and the different ways food labels trick us into eating unhealthy foods. I scan literally every new food I choose when I’m in the supermarket to make sure I am keeping in line with my health goals. Anytime I hear about new nutrition trends/ingredients/products, Fooducate is the first place I go to check it out. I also love how the app shows me if a food I scan has nightshades in it. I have a major food sensitivity to nightshades and they are often hidden in the ingredients, so this makes my life way easier! This app has changed the way I look at the foods I eat and helped me so much in my health journey.
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4 years ago, angie_mia
Con and pros
Im using upgraded PRO version. PROs: I switched to this app from My Fitness Pal only because they have a feature of different Diets such as PCOS (my case), Diabetic , Low Carb and etc. so I’m very happy to be able to check for pcos compliance food. I’m exited for new medical conditions to be added in this app ! (For example thyroid disease diet) -Also this app is great at showing you red flags of the food!! (Usage of artificial sweetener, hydrogenate oils, glycerol and other nasty stuff that MyFitnessPal Can’t see) So I found out many of my favorite food is contained dangerous stuff, hidden behind innocent words in ingredients. Amazing! Cons: 1)Scanner doesn’t work! ( most of the time. ) MyFitnessPal is scanning fast within a seconds and find your food immediately - Fooducate can’t do it, you will be inputting all food yourself and will waste a lot of time doing this. 2) Database is very VERY poor! MyFitnessPal has almost all food you can ever imagine in their database , in Fooducate you will have to “create a new food” each time you add it. Bottom line: regarding all cons I purchased PRO version of Fooducate, because it’s contributing more to my health and PCOS condition. But it would be nice if they could fix their scanner and update their database with more food (or just ask MyFitness Pal to share their amazing database)
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5 years ago, frustratedUser1900
Awfully small database
The concept is great which is why I ended up buying a one year membership but you either have to cook all your meals (which I often do on weekdays) or buy a meal at a very unhealthy store like McDonalds or taco bell or a packaged frozen dinner (which is very unhealthy and they acknowledge it too) for them to figure out your calorie intake. There is no middle ground. I went out to a Mexican place for lunch today as it’s the weekend and shared a plate of nachos with my friend but there’s no way of estimating my calorie consumption unless I know the portion size of each ingredient unless I am willing to go eat at tacobell. Their grocery list is also very small, most of the healthier brands don’t appear on their database. So I would have to either type in my calorie intake manually or buy a mass produced alternative listed in their database, neither of which sounds appealing to me. If you expect me to use the app everyday for a long time, you should make it super easy to add my consumption and estimate my calorie intake. I am just a week in to my membership and I already regret my purchase.
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2 years ago, OceanState91
Great for quality-based eating
I have bad mindsets around counting calories, like getting obsessed with numbers and binging out. The main focus of Fooducate is to help you eat better. The calorie tracker has the number of calories left for the day, but the “progress wheel” only goes about 3/4 around. So, if I eat a little more or a little less, it doesn’t look like a punishment. I love the focus on grading different foods. It’s really helped me make more informed decisions about what I buy. I also like how you can see the grades of the food you’ve eaten on the main page. If I notice I’ve had a lot of processed or low grade foods, it’s a great reminder to balance it out with something healthy. My one qualm? Recipes don’t get grades too. I’d love to see the average score based on the ingredients I have in a recipe. The only workaround with this is to add the items and make it a meal. You can’t add meals ahead of time or break them into serving sizes. So if I’m making a big batch of something, I need to manually calculate the portion of each individual ingredient if I want to see the grade. My Fitness Pal does something similar already for free, but Fooducate is the overall stronger app in my opinion. Would change this to 5 stars with the addition of this feature.
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6 years ago, Eyalkr1
This app changed my life
For years, I had all the intentions of buying and eating healthy food - but I was mislead by the “healthy” brands. When I realized that you need to check the labels and read ingredients - I was frustrated that it takes long time and learning (eg, more than 20 names to sugars are used just to hide the fact that a product contains lots of it 🙁). With Fooducate, I just scan the label and get healthy scores, and tips. It also offers alternative product which is similar but more healthy. For example, it helped me replace all the junk heavy sugar cornflakes, with low sugar alternative - and oatmeals. The main feature of the app is scan food. You can also personalize recommendations, based on your diet goals. Using this app was the biggest and easiest improvement in my health habits...
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6 years ago, HypotheticaLee
Fooducate is an app I love because it improves the health of the people I care about.
I got in the know about Fooducate. I told all my friends and family members to download it. A few days later my mom said I put her on a diet and that she is eating more healthy. That's when I decided to download the app too and let me tell you: Fooducate is an app that I love because it improves the health of the people that I care about. I'll help the Fooducate app out by sending products their team hasn't posted info about yet. You are excused to leave the Fooducate app page on the app store only if you are a certified healthatrician. Download Fooducate. Do it for your health! And tell all the people in your circle about it and make everyone healthy! Thank you, Fooducate team, for making more people healthy! 🌟
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5 years ago, kittykat12101
Good structure but very bare bones
This app has one of the most comprehensive food rating system along with a really wide variety of foods which I really like about it, but other than that it’s features are limited. I wish you were able to track steps like you could on the app I was using before this because most of my exercise I get from walking and it’s hard to do the math for how many calories I’ve burned without knowing. Additionally it’s super frustrating that the main measurement used in logging food is ounces. If I measure myself out a half a cup of carrots I have no clue how many ounces that is because I don’t have a food scale! Because of this I have to go back and forth between different apps to get the basic features I need but keep the insight that this app gives which could honestly be easily solved by just adding more features. I look forward to the day I can give this 5 stars!
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2 years ago, Asiacindyp
Amazing app for nutritional content
I am so in love with this app! I am studying to be a certified holistic nutritionist and came across this app while I was writing a paper for one of my nutrition courses. If you want to know what ingredients are in your food that you buy from the grocery store and want to find out the nutritional content and more, in addition to diet tracking and more, this is the app for you. I use the app mainly for nutritional purposes to see what’s REALLY in the food I buy. This app also educates you on what certain Ingredients mean. This is literally my favorite app and I recommend to anyone who is nutrition conscious. I have changed my eating habits from the information I learned via this app and of course nutrition courses.
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1 year ago, GIjodi68
BEWARE…. Resetting Password NOT an option
So here’s what’s happening to me this very moment…. I bought into Fooducate in 2020 as a tool to assist me. At first it’s free… however to get certain functions and options… you pay. I paid for “life/forever” since it only made sense at the time. After using it… and then not using it…. I came back determined to make it work with a new plan. Workout/macro tracking mind you…. Well since I had paid … I tried resetting my password and that apparently is the problem! After two weeks of asking for a password reset… nada. I’ve been asked to, check all my boxes (spam/trash) every day…. NADA. Then was told that since I “unsubscribed “ from the numerous emails… that I now needed to get another email…?!?!?! I asked why and how? I still get emails… “haven’t seen you in awhile…” or “new diet…” I’m sorry, I’m not an IT guru but with technology as it is today, wouldn’t you think the creator of this app would be able to reset a darn account????? My fun factor has become disappointed… I did ask for a “let’s meet in the middle” refund. My Gen X thinking…. WOW! They still don’t make things like they use to… this applies across the board on anything! Note: the app itself if good, not great…. Always room for improvement. You $$ for levels of functionality… so choose wisely and make sure you keep that password written down somewhere!!
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2 months ago, TedB_314
Incredibly effective
I lost about 20 lbs over a period of about four months with this app. It wasn’t even that hard! I just logged my calories and measured them out. I love that this app has a great database of foods, but also that you can plug in your recipes and it automatically calculates calories based on ingredients. Key to making that work is having a scale where you can weigh your finished recipe and then divide it into serving sizes based on weight. I also love that you can enter exercise into the app, which was great for me, a runner. Importantly, I’ve been able to maintain the weight loss over the last eight months since I reached my goal. All in all, a 5 out of 5 — highly recommended.
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4 years ago, Tpuhl17
Long time user
Loved this app when I started using nearly 8 years ago. 5 star loyal customer. Now, I have way to much food data that clutters up my “recent” foods with no way to delete them. I’ve asked, but still don’t know why users can’t delete foods from their data. The foods get sorted by snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner based on your meal times determined in your settings. However, it doesn’t take into consideration I might enter my breakfast meal long after I’ve had breakfast. For example, I hate the exact cereal I’ve eaten every day of my life for the last 20 years @ 5:30 am, but never entered into Fooducate until 10:30am. IF, I entered it at my breakfast time settings it would have been at the top of the list. However, since it wasn’t, and it rarely is, I literally scrolled thru 76 food items to get to a food I eat everyday. There were at least a dozen foods I passed I ate months ago for the first time and probably won’t eat again. No big deal? After awhile doing that countless times day after day searching & “scrolling” foods gets cumbersome, time consuming and very annoying knowing I have no control over the foods I see. I’ve looked for similar apps to try and jump ship, but so far I haven’t found anything. That’s not a ringing endorsement for Fooducate. I’m actively looking. It might be time to break up.
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7 years ago, rungirl39
Happy with the app
I like that this app allows me to easily track my food intake, which is super helpful when trying to lose weight. I don't necessarily count calories, but instead prefer to eat a moderate amount of whole foods that include a lot of healthy fats. The app holds me accountable so that I don't indulge too much in unhealthy snacks that slowly creep up around my waist line. I make most of my own food so I am happy that they have the "user added" option. The ability to enter in my mood is a great feature as well. Just the act of recording moments of boredom, anger and even my sleep patterns help me to keep my emotions in check, as well as provide a resource for me to review too see if any of my eating habits change my sleep quality or contribute to mood swings. Thanks for the easy to use health tracker!
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2 years ago, Emsmy1luv
Best app for keeping track
I’ve used this app off and on for several years now. The best app for counting calories and checking the value of ingredients in the foods you buy. I myself count calories and like to know what is really in certain sauces or prepared foods I eat. I love the scan barcode feature and the details you can read about the ingredients in the prepared things you buy. Hands down best app for staying healthy. I have tried others and always rely on this one for all of my info to a healthy lifestyle. It does so much more than even mentioned, and all within the free options of the app. Pretty stoked after 4+ years of using this app these features are still free.
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4 years ago, athena570
Best decision I’ve ever made!!
I have been eating foods and wondering what’s inside them each day and have yet to find an app that does that and more. So when I stumbled open this I felt amazing! The app was well organized and as a played around with it I enjoyed the fact that I could scan foods in store to find out if they are healthy or not and why! This app taught me a lot about harmful things in Our everyday food and how to save money and be healthy! I especially like the tracker which is the first one I have ever gotten that works and preforms amazingly without having any charge. If you are looking to know what’s in your food and how to track and improve your health download fooducate (lol I sound like a ad) this app is awesome!!
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5 years ago, RetiredOnFire
Great way to set goals and stay on track
I use Fooducate when I need to get on track and start budgeting my food intake. I have a tendency to start eating more over time. When I find the scale is creeping up I use it as a food diary and it gets me back to eating properly. I did Weight Watchers years ago and found the “tracking “ useful to become more aware of what I’m eating and make changes. Fooducate is really handy for that. And it lets you input your weight and weight loss goals and then calculates your food intake you need to achieve that. It gives you a lot of flexibility to decide how long you’d like to take. It also grades your food choices. I was surprised to find that Samoa Girl Scout cookies have trans fats. Tasty but not worth it.
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7 years ago, Sully2306
Great App
This is a great app for really understanding what you are putting into your body. I love that it also gives you healthier alternatives to replace unhealthy foods with. It’s so easy to scan the barcode of the food you want to know more about and instantly you can see the grade of the food and why it received the grade it did. There are so many hidden potential dangers in our foods today. If your scanned item isn’t in their system you can have them add it by submitting some data to the makers of the app and they will return with your item added and graded. Fantastic app! It makes transitioning to healthier eating seem more attainable by providing knowledge and makes it fun because it’s interactive.
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6 years ago, Chocoloco47
Food tracking needs more detail
The scanning via camera of foods is awesome, but this needs more details when it comes to food logging. For example, one can only log on a mobile device. The option to log on a desktop would make this process faster. Also, different serving units should be included. For example, one should be able to enter food as units of weight and volume, with both imperial and metric measurements. The amount of food consumed shouldn’t be required to be relative to service size. For example, I had 1/3 of a cup of oatmeal, but I was forced to say how many multiples of 1/4 cup that was. That’s a pain if you care about precision. Finally, the nutrition reports should also include vitamin and mineral reports. This could be particularly useful for vegetarians and others who need to be more vigilant about iron and other nutrients.
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5 years ago, chrisminbrooklyn1980
Needs to take into account different goals besides weight loss
Sigh. This app is...just not what I wanted. I need to gain weight, and while I love some of the metrics it provides if you want to gain weight there is nothing to help you in the app with this goal. Instead you have to more or less figure it out yourself. This app, unfortunately, is no help to those of us who want to gain weight, and as a result is part of a one-size fits all approach to diet and health, which is that losing weight equals health, which, as an eating disorder survivor, I can tell you is not true. It seems like it would be an easy fix to include other folks here to be more inclusive and I thought maybe I could get that if I purchased the premium features, but for now I’m just really disappointed that I bought the premium version, and hope that the developers will respond before my subscription is up. Ugh.
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2 years ago, Retirwneercs
They got too greedy for my taste
I have been using this app for years now mostly to check what food at grocery stores I buy, and it’s been a great help. BUT.. I am a retired individual on a fixed income and I simply can’t afford these $10 a month or $50 a year fees for a app when I get less than $650 a month in Social Security. All of these developers lately have been charging that much and more for apps and if I would pay what they want for each app that I need and would like to use I’d have to pay $10,000 a month or more & that makes no sense. I would give this app at 10 star rating, but now, with the greediness of the developers, I’m not even gonna give it a one star & if I could I’d give it a negative. I will miss using this app, but I will will miss the money more. Maybe someday when they become more reasonable or if they ever do again, I might re-up again, but not now. Adios
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5 years ago, Preview Works Better
Fine App, Too Cumbersome to Find Food Points
The app is great. I learn a lot about the food I’m eating. The only peeve I have is that it’s too cumbersome to get to the Food Points section of an item. For example, when adding to the tracker, you have to hit the search button, search for the food, click on “explanations,” lookup the points, then hit the add button. If you’re counting calories, you can go straight to the tracker and add food while seeing the calories per cup at the bottom of the item without all the extra steps. It would be great if you could choose to see the food points quickly at the bottom of those entries as well. You also can’t see your food points when you look at your food log in review for the day. You can see all your calorie totals, but nothing for the food points.
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4 years ago, Stvnjs
A very useful tool
I have struggled for years to lose weight. Sometimes successfully, other times, not so much. I have found Fooducate to be a much more useful tool than others I have tried. The thing is, its on me to actually enter in the food I’ve eaten and this app makes it very easy to do so. I also love how it figures out the calories I need to reach my goals. The grades for food are extremely helpful when at the supermarket trying to determine what I should or should not buy. Lastly, I like that it gives me alternatives to the “bad” foods. That way I can make up my mind if I want an apple or a highly processed bar of some kind that might be labeled as healthy but in reality is not.
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7 years ago, Staygold415
An excellent calorie tracker and educational too!
I love this app! It is far different from the other calories tracker app because it also educates you and grades certain foods. It informs you whether the food or drink you consume is healthy for you by grading it. For example if the food is healthy enough to eat the app grades it at A+ or close to that and if the food is unhealthy to eat, the app grades the food closer to a letter D. This really has educated me based on the grading scores of the foods. It truly helps me stay away from the bad and unhealthy foods out there. It’s also community based so the list of foods just keeps growing and growing. I totally recommend this to anyone trying to get fit/healthy.
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5 years ago, TAArtz
Great app
This app helps me realize what quality of food I eat. It keeps track of my exercise, water intake, and what I eat at every meal/snack with breakdown of calories. It adjusts calories I can have based on my exercise. It doesn’t display the other nutrition information, but it does transfer that information to the health app. What frustrates me is when I am entering food for a certain meal, it changes the time to when it thinks that meal should be. I wish it would leave the time as current and let me change it if necessary. It has a database of thousands of foods and lets me add foods and recipes (until today). I have had the app for about 6 months for free. I don’t know if they changed something recently to limit capability.
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3 years ago, badkitty_
Like the website, hate the app
I downloaded this app because I like the website. But the app immediately began prompting me for personal information. Height, weight, age, etc. I did not fill in any of the information. I clicked on the word “skip.“ Even though I clicked on “skip,” it still filled in personal information for me that it obtained somewhere ***without my permission.*** The information was accurate and appeared to be coming from the Apple Health app even though I had ***not granted this app access to the Health app.*** I then discovered I was forced to create an account just to view nutritional information on foods. I decided to immediately stop using the app. I guess the developers felt like although they had a good thing going with their website, why not use their app to collect as much personal data as possible, even for people who have no intention of using the app to track calories.
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5 years ago, AVIXDANA
This app has helped a-lot, it forces me to be aware of everything i put in my mouth liquid or solid. The barcode part helps me a-lot when i want to log food quickly and efficiently and the community on this app has helped me a ton with weight loss questions and support. When you start the app it will give you a diet assessment of everything you have ate in 48 hours i believe and it tells you everything! Carbs, fats, proteins, exercise, sleep anything you can think of. Its the only fitness app i use a-lot. I used to be 180 pounds now I'm 178 and my goal is to lose 35 pounds. I recommend this app for anyone who is trying to lose weight.
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3 days ago, Calebjames
Let me click the product photos and enlarge
In love with the app, I use it everyday! However, I will keep saying you should be able to view the product photos. Why can’t I click the product photos to enlarge the view? You should also retain the nutrition photos and ingredients for consumers to review. Make the product photo a gallery type swipe. Make it so when I click the photo it becomes full screen like the comment photos or recipe hero images. The Community tab was updated in the most recent version and the quality of he photos is 1000% better! They also made the side menu easier to navigate. The draw back is you still can’t access the “My Meals” options from the “My Lists” tab. It is only History and Likes. Your recipes can’t be viewed there either. You have to go to the recipes tab. There desktop version of the app has zero features. When you’re inputting a full recipe it is easier on desktop. Additionally if you’re receiving information for other people’s recipes or viewing the community tab, a desktop view is stronger. If you want people to use the Podcast tab, make it available on desktop. I could listen while working at my desk.
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5 years ago, r!atm
Suggestion - Unliking
This app works quite well for tracking one's nutritional intake. I really appreciate the ability to view better alternatives to certain foods. However, one slight annoyance I have is with the liking system. If you accidentally like an item, you can't "unlike" it, you can only dislike it, which does take it off your "list" but it brings the average of the product down. This is important for situations in which one hasn't tried the product but has given accidental feedback through tapping a heart. I would appreciate if an implement could be made in which a user can simply tap the heart again, and the like would go away. Otherwise, I have no qualms with this app and use it daily.
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5 years ago, Wacj2r
Lost 7 lbs in one week
I know weight loss is not only reducing calories it also requires the right mindset to be successful. This app has helped be become more aware of what I’m eating and the amount of macros I am consuming on a daily basis. I’m 55 years old and have tried most “diet” plans over the years and spent who knows how much money in the quest to lose weight. This app has them all beat. It’s easy to use, it does take a little extra time to enter your food choices but once you’ve done it a few times it gets easier. It’s a quick easy reference for food choices and it provides alternatives to help you make better choices. I am a nurse practitioner and see patients with diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver disease etc all day long. I’ve been recommending this app to my patients because it is so good. Becoming more mindful of what you are consuming and knowing what better choices are available to you is half the battle. This app is definitely a great tool to help on your quest to become healthy and to lose weight!
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2 years ago, MelB218
Paid for the Fooducate Pet Premium Feature…. Now what?
I was SO EXCITED when I saw there was a new feature for keeping track of your pet’s nutrition. Especially since I’ve been looking for an app that does this for a while now - I want to add supplements and Whole Foods to my dog’s food and would like to keep track of the nutrients I’m adding. Anyway, I’ve purchased it. Logged out and logged back in and I’m confused. How does this feature work? Can I add a separate profile to my account for the pup (that’s what I’d prefer). I found an article online mentioning a separate app for it, turns out it was an April fools joke?!?! I’m confused and beginning to wonder if I just got scammed out of $10.
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6 years ago, NegSilent
Not bad for free!
I like the app. However, it seems very few of my food items are listed. It takes quite a while to enter all this in by hand. However, my diet doesn’t vary by that much -only by how much and what time of day I consume it. On the other hand, you get what you pay for and this is no exception. It is not possible to advance to the next day without signing up for a premium account. $3.33 a month seemed excessive to me for what I was getting. The program would only be worth about two dollars a month to me. I don’t use it for anything more than counting calories and I eat pretty much the same food every day.
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2 years ago, buzzybeezybee
Judgy and hard to use
I was excited about the graphic and colorful interface and opportunity to track points and not just calories but this app does not deliver. The food database did not have most foods I wanted to enter—rarely a problem with My Fitness Pal. To track basic nutrients like fiber, you need to buy a subscription. Items are not logged properly (a donut was considered liquid). The food ratings are somewhat arbitrary and based on judgments made by the developers. For example, artificial sweeteners will give a food a bad rating because they are “controversial.” There is plenty of evidence that artificial sweeteners are safe, but even if it’s a matter of opinion, why is it included as a “bad” food for everyone? Some foods like canned and frozen vegetables also rank worse than their fresh counterparts, despite the fact that frozen often has more nutrients. One food I ate was reasonably high in sodium, but it was given a C rating because it contained “25% of daily sodium.” Well, it was my lunch and also 25% of the food I ate that day, so why is this a problem? I will go back to My Fitness Pal, which lets me track fiber, sodium, etc individually and without a moral judgment.
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3 years ago, Travisplo
It’s Better but could be more
It’s okay, as I said in the title. It *works*, but not perfectly or smoothly. For example, I’d enjoy a manual calorie burn input for external exercise trackers, instead of being forced to find something similar to what I did, and then trying to make a match with searching through the minutes and hours. Oh, and also being able to define a date as well as a time for exercises and meals would be nice. Also, the ability to use the “flexible measurement system” where you can manually type in any amount of grams for recipes. The ability to also remove old recipes might be nice. I might start editing old discarded recipes into new ones entirely otherwise.
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11 months ago, Gizelle Anahi
Disappointed with where the app is going
I’ve been a dedicated user of this app for many years and now I’m shopping for another. I have been very active in providing feedback about bugs to the development team and they used to be great at addressing them. Since they started pushing the premium version, the level of support dropped. Bugs and poor interface functionality no longer get addressed. I had a trial of the premium version and when I submitted feedback about an issue I had found, they used a bot to give me a canned response dismissing my feedback. Now the latest blow is that they suddenly without a warning made the message board accessible only to paid users. After so many years, I’ll be leaving soon. Very disappointing
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2 months ago, IdioticNoNamer
Love this app!!
this app works wonders. I got it bc i wasn't eating enough and needed to track my food to make sure i was getting enough calories. so far ive been using it for a few days and its great. you can add you're own stuff, recipes, etc. so no more putting in each individual ingredient like some other apps end up making you do! it allows you to track a lot of different things, too. sure, you need to pay for some of it, but the free version is great on its own i'm ngl - that's all i've been using thus far. it's helped me reach my calorie goals AND it doesn't shake you for eating certain foods. the food score it gives is just a ratio of the calorie quality, aka if you're getting enough calories that will actually do something for your body. other apps just decide it has added sugar so it's a D rating and it ruins your score for the day which i feel adds to unhealthy views of things like sugar, fats, etc. altogether i completely recommend this app!
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2 years ago, ashleyfauset
Different than the rest
I have tried several different calorie-tracking apps, and this one stands out far from the rest. It doesn’t only focus on how many calories you’re eating, and how many are burning, but actually gives you a score of the quality of food you’re eating so you can make better healthier choices. Now I can see & understand not only my calorie intake, but the nutritional value of what I’m eating, which is probably a better approach to take for anyone who is trying to be mindful about their eating habits.. Plus the app is super easy & fun to use.
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3 years ago, Paul Troon
I love this app. I have no experience with earlier versions. It is quite the handy device as long as the nutritional information is correct and as long as it is not “corrupted” by commercialism. I would hate to think that producers could rate their product higher. But there is no evidence of that so it is fantastic!! If I had to make one change it would be store specific. For example if I am in a Kroger looking at Kroger brand peanuts then the list that offers a healthier alternative shouldn’t list a Target or Walmart product first. Not saying they shouldn’t be listed just not first. Heck, I am in Kroger why do I care what Target has? Great app.
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8 months ago, Ashbash1
Utterly Frustrated
I joined Fooducate Pro in June and quickly began to develop relationships within the Fooducate Community. I found it to be incredibly challenging, encouraging, and supportive. Then about 6 weeks ago I lost the ability to see the responses and replies to my posts and comments. The feature returned but I could no longer click on a response and have it open the post that it was made to. I reached out and Fooducate said they could not replicate the error on their end and they closed my case saying they are “aware of the issue with not only me but other users as well.” And that was it! I am frustrated and angry to be paying for the Pro Package and basically only enjoying what comes with Fooducate Free. The Community is what matters - PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM for myself and the others who have been basically cut off.
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6 years ago, saritkw
I use it daily
Fooducate has changed my life. Literally. I did weight watchers, fitness pal, lose it, lifesum and others. They are nice but never worked for me because of the focus on calories only. This app opened my eyes to the source of calories - the actual ingredients that go into foods. I learned that a lot of the low fat and low carb food I had been eating for years were full of unhealthy ingredients. I swapped out these foods for healthier suggestions made by fooducate and things started to change! Today I’m 32 lbs lighter, and find it easy to maintain my healthy eating habits without thinking of myself as being on a weight loss diet. Thank you!!
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3 years ago, rayasummer
Pro version is useless
I decided to do the subscription because the concept sounded great. It lets you customize your health conditions on your profile and shows you a breakdown of the nutrients of the food you have eaten that day, but that’s as good as the pro version gets. Although you can customize your health conditions it does not change the recipes that it shows you to cater to those health conditions which is pointless. All of the recipes they show are entered in by the community and they just show the most recent or most popular they do not let you even customize it yourself to show what kind of recipes you want to see based on your diet. It all honestly looks kind of random and you have to spend forever searching for what you are looking for. Any other health app would be better.
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7 years ago, Ferris Beuler
Good, and getting better all the time.
(Adding to my original review- this is a great ap and better as more workable now less touches needed to use it. I wish you didn't have to pay so much for the additional features but yes, they need to make money. )This is a great application for identifying and comparing the healthiness of foods. I dont go grocery shopping without it. The new version is a pain because now it is trying to track my meals and be a diet app too; don't need that. Also it is too many taps to go from scanning one item to the next. It used to be easy to go from item to item in the store or the pantry scanning and learning. Now I have to backtrack to get to the scanning screen. The information is good however.
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6 years ago, silentsophi
The Food Database is Lacking
The largest hinderance to the use of the app is that the food database, even when scanning is a fraction of other apps like My Fitness Pal. For instance I tried to scan eggs from a National grocery chain and it want me to upload photos and details. I tried to log food bought from whole foods and it does not exist in the Fooducate app. It literally takes me 5 minutes to log a meal and maybe 10 to log a recipe in my fitness pal and it takes 15 to log a meal in fooducate and a solid half hour for a new recipe. I tried to add herb baked chicken and fresh sage wasn’t a pre-existing option and the chicken thighs I was looking for was not included but these processed frozen one were, that makes no sense. They really need to invest in their food database. Without it, it makes the app kind of worthless.
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