Future Personal Training

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Future Research, Inc
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User Reviews for Future Personal Training

4.88 out of 5
9.1K Ratings
3 years ago, Clinical
Future is the future of exercise
This exercise app is different than all the rest. I’ve tried many of them out there. This is more than just an exercise app. There’s literally someone on the other other side of the screen (or the country ;) to keep you accountable. Matt Fleekop is the best! I haven’t missed a workout yet, and I don’t want to either. I don’t want to let my trainer down! It works for me! I think this can work for a lot of people out there. I think the monthly fee is a steal considering you get personalized programming, accountability, and almost daily interaction with a highly educated and experienced trainer. It’s unheard of. I always struggled to get started working out because I just didn’t know where to start, what to work on first, how much weight, how many reps, I’ll just start tomorrow, etc, etc, etc... After a FaceTime and getting to know each other, what equipment I have, what kind of exercise I like and don’t like, my experience level, etc, Matt set up a program for me and each week he’s pushing me harder and harder. All I have to do is open the app on the days Matt has scheduled a workout for me, hit the start workout button, and just do what it says. Best of all I’m actually doing it!
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2 years ago, CKC Homie
I graduated college 4 years ago and have not been active since. I’ve been trying to get back in shape for awhile and the pandemic really set me back. I tried everything - group ex classes with orange theory, peloton, hours of cardio on bikes/treadmills..you name it, I tried it. Couldn’t stick with any routine for more than a week until THIS APP. Having a coach that you actually meet with face-to-face (FaceTime) & can reach out to about workouts is game changing. My workouts are created for ME, not a generalized group like peloton does... When I’m not feeling well or run behind at work, I just send a message to my coach and they move or adjust my workouts so I can stay on track. Traveling? They’ll make workouts geared for travel too! Heads-up to the people wanting to go full throttle like I did: I started working out gradually because of my coaches advice (which is smart, I wanted to go from 0 days to 5 a week...LOL) & now I’m working out over 4 days a week! Just had our call to add even more days so y’a girl is one happy camper. New girl who this?! Only took 4 years to find this but I’m so happy I did! It’s an investment in YOURSELF, do your future self a favor & sign up 💛
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4 years ago, JorgeSimon92
Loving my experience so far!
I was hesitant at first to give this app a go but I will admit after my friend, Kelly, sent me her guest pass for the first month and I got paired with Sepano, my coach, it was smooth sailing from there. He was the top recommended based on the survey I filled out and I love how they showed all his credentials. I chose him off his credentials since he appeared to have extremely similar beliefs especially in holistic. The entire process thus far I trusted everything he’s said to do and in a month and a half I’ve seen major results. I get lots of compliments how good I look and Not to mention the app is so easy! It’s tied to your Apple Watch so it holds you accountable. I will say one time I didn’t wear my watch one workout and I noticed it said I burned more calories than I did when I wore the watch. I was sketched out at first but then realized the results when I measured myself. And not to mention your coach not only checks in on you after every workout but utilizes your constructive criticism to continue to create a more seamless fitness experience for you. And it’s a great app especially if you’re always on the go because it’s accessible on your iPhone. Just throw on some AirPods or share it to your Apple TV.
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9 months ago, melfrog79
This app was great until they raised the price.
I was ok with the monthly subscription going from $150 to $200 because my original personal trainer was amazing. All the trainers are amazing. Once they raise the price, something must’ve happened with how they treated their trainers, because there was a mass exodus of trainers. I started the app in February had a trainer for about four months and come the change. After that, I was given a new trainer about every two weeks because everybody kept leaving the app! There was little time to build a rapport with any new trainer. They did offer two months of training free. But why bother? I start with a new trainer they give me basic workouts or the same workouts the other trainers attempted until they can review my training info. I attempted to do workouts that didn’t help or was not challenging enough for my progress this far. I am new to working out and these changes are not helping. It’s more frustrating than anything and doesn’t keep me motivated. You need to do better for your employees because they are not the problem. The app is mediocre and not as good as other workout apps available. It was the trainers who kept me coming back. Future is nothing without their trainers. You should do a better job supporting them instead of raising prices. Put more money into trainer retention and app development than into the CEO’s/managements pockets!
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1 year ago, Mashka Lubov
Most effective coaching app
This isn’t just a generic workout app. My coach, Laura-Lynn, creates new workouts for me every week that target my specific needs. We have video check ins, we message every week and after every workout to make sure my goals are being met. I have some injuries and some changes to my body after pregnancy, but she’s able to work around them and help me get my strength back. The app itself is great as well because it hooks up to my Apple Watch and Google fitness, it gives me a play by play of my heart rate throughout the workout, there are cool features while you’re working out like being able to record yourself to send to your coach to check your form, you can leaves notes about what you liked or didn’t like about each exercise, there are visualizations for each exercise and audio queues while you workout with explanations for each exercise as well. My coach leaves me messages throughout my workout to let me know if there are any modifications or where to focus my breath, etc. I’m seeing and feeling results and it’s been about 2 months now. I highly recommend!
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1 year ago, ShaiMoran
Positivity turned to Frustration
I was very excited about future and enjoyed the app, my trainer and the workouts. I messaged Future about updating my account details to accommodate some credits I wanted to use with the app but I was hoping not to have to re-start my membership and lose my progress and my trainer. I messaged them a week before my subscription was set to renew. 3 days went by- no response. I messaged again with the same question. Another 3 days went by- no response. Since there was still no response I cancelled my membership so I wouldn’t be charged and restarted my membership with the credits thinking I could re-select my coach and get back on track. My previous coach was not available with my re-started membership so I sent another email asking if I could get my coach back. STILL NO REPLY. Then a day later I see that I was charged $150 on the cancelled membership! I am beyond frustrated. When you are paying for a personalized experience the least you expect is customer service on the other end or a phone number you can call to talk to someone. I was so pumped and excited to recommend Future to all my friends but now I wouldn’t dare recommend a company that charges $150 on cancellation memberships and doesn’t respond to any customer questions or concerns. Very frustrated and disappointed 😔
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1 year ago, Anonymous 8791
Future is a game changer (even for lifelong athletes!)
I have been working out for 20 years (sheesh that makes me sound old and I’m only 35!😂) and mostly program my own workouts. But with two kids, a dog, a husband, a full-time job, and age, it became a struggle to thoughtfully (and efficiently) program workouts and have them build toward something (rather than a random collection of workouts that am aren’t ‘training’ but just ‘burning calories and keeping infirmity at bay’). And my consistency was dwindling. Something had to change or I wasn’t going to see changes. Enter Future. Now, I’ve been working out consistently for more than a month, and it’s been according to a program made by a great trainer (Isaac) who takes into account my goals (e.g., get toned, lose the fluff, etc.) and constraints (e.g., time, old injuries, etc.) I feel great, I can see changes, and it’s so easy. I roll out of bed, open the app, and boom, there it is, an artfully crafted session to help me build toward by goals, leave me feeling energized, and give me the satisfaction of sticking with something. I can’t say enough good things about Future.
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2 years ago, cnozil
If you want results, get this app
First off, shout out to my trainer Jasmine-BEST TRAINER IN THE WORLD! I struggle with consistency in my workouts—I travel a lot, and that means when I get back I’ve broken my schedule because I don’t have access to my gym or classes. When you train, if you want results, the most important part is consistency and Jasmine makes sure that I have all the tools to complete a workout anywhere. I was moving and had no equipment? No problem, she set me up with a work out using my own body weight. Now I have some home equipment, I work out with my weights. If I decide to go to the gym, she’ll tailor a workout to that situation. All the workouts are tailored to my goals and are considerate of my injuries. Plus future keeps track of all my workouts, and kind of gamifies your progress in the very beautifully designed app. And I see the progress in my body every day! Plus I can talk to Jasmine every day about what’s working and what isn’t, and she, the expert, figures out solutions for me! I love it! If you need the accountability and consistency a trainer provides, this app is for you.
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9 months ago, bustingbuttons
Sinking ship
After more than two years on this app I have to admit it is not sustainable. The coaches are leaving and they will be selling the software. The model just doesn’t work. During the pandemic it was ideal and helpful but now we have better options. The fee increase to $200/month for a couple minutes a day of your coach’s attention is not worth it. Your Future coach will be balancing conversations with 75+ people. You will receive general messages and you will have to repeat yourself to get answers. The lag time in communication makes it ineffective-feedback delivered four hours after a workout, if at all. The worst is the turnover of coaches! You get connected to someone and before you know it they are gone. I quit just before being connected with the fifth coach in 8 months!! When I have continued with a new coach the quality of my service has decreased!! I’m having to use other resources and apps to make up for the poor coaching service. Future gives coaches a better lifestyle with more flexibility. It’s not set-up with the client’s best interests at heart! Do not expect detailed advice on weight loss or nutrition, they are strength and conditioning coaches. If you want personalized programming from a coach that really cares look local!! Find a community and friends to keep you motivated!
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2 years ago, Turtle111111111:111111
5 months, worse than when I started
To be fair, I was 100% invested in the program when I started. Month 1 and 2 were good. I was happy and recommending this app to friends. After that, the results were waaaay to slow for my liking. I asked to increase the intensity a little and she went too high for me. She was super nice and really good at switching out exercises, listened to my concerns and understood my health issues. Had to pause a month due to a medical issue, but reactivated for 2 more months with the hopes to focus on weight loss and nutrition. After 2 months, I gained weight! It put me in a downward spiral I’m still trying to get out from. There was never any real nutrition coaching or guidance, something Future really marketed as a component. I don’t need to be told to google for nutrition tips or information. I tried to log back into the app, but now it doesn’t even recognize me and can’t login. Instead it asks me all the questions a brand new person would be asked. Would be nice to have a website (or even the app) to log into so I can see my past (paid for) information. Also would prefer a coach who doesn’t look like they’re right out of college. After giving this a try, I’d prefer someone with much more experience under their belt.
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2 years ago, AshB970
Shockingly amazing for business travel! 💪🏼
I am a business traveler and was looking for something to help keep me consistent as I started to spend 50% + on the road. Future kept popping up so I decided to dig a little deeper into reviews and they were all very positive. I took some time looking for a coach and picked Mike Traber for a couple of reasons. He’s been everything I could hope for and more. Although virtual, it seems like he’s always there. If I’m in a motel 6 in North Dakota or the Conrad in Bora Bora, I can send him a pic or video of the gym I have to work with and he helps me tweak my workout for that specific place. I have some autoimmune issues that cause flareups and mike has a deep understanding of body physiology and how to modify movements and exercises to give that part of my body a break or make a slight change to help take strain off that area. He also keeps me away from the in and out chocolate shakes when I’m in cali, although I hate him a little for that one. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ve been very pleased as a business traveler and feel like this app would be great for anyone!
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2 years ago, Good app99
Best fitness app ever
Future is by the best fitness app I’ve ever encountered. I signed up mid June 2020 at the height of Covid because all gyms were closed and I wanted to stay on track with my fitness goals. I was paired with Ross J and was immediately impressed. He listened to my goals and tailor made workouts for me. The constant check ins kept me motivated and he would change it up every few weeks so I wouldn’t get bored with it. After a year or so of at home workouts, I wanted to amp it up so I joined a gym giving me access to all types of equipment. Ross custom made workouts and listened to my feedback, incorporating progressive overload and always ensuring I’m doing proper form by having me send in videos. He is non judgmental when I need a few days off and is always ready to push me to the limit. I’m now lifting 4 days a week and running 2 days a week. He genuinely cares about his clients and I am happy to say I’m in the best shape of my life at age 40. It would never have been possible without Ross and the Future app. I’m a customer for life.
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3 years ago, Coachf123
Great workouts
My trainer Arianna is great. Always making adjustments that are needed. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging. Although it is a costly app, I find it hard to drop it because it has really enhanced my health and well being. Feel stronger, lighter (lost 25 pounds in 4 months), more flexible and I have more endurance. All of these exercise benefits has really made it hard for me to try and save 160 per month. I think they should have a discount for clients that have their own apple watches. I think the app can be tweaked to allow a workout to be saved then continued (from where you left off) at a later time. Right now if you pause it for whatever time needed when your workout is disrupted, it drains your battery and the watch records the pause as if you are working out. I once paused the app in the morning and returned to the workout in the evening and my watch recorded that I exercised for several hours and burned a huge amount of calories when I was doing nothing. When you do the workouts straight through with just minimal pauses to catch your breath or adjust your position the App works very well.
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9 months ago, j-b0n3
It’s not worth the $200 a month
I’ve been using Future for a year and a half now and have gone through 6 coaches. When they upped then price from $150-$200 in the summer they also increased the workload on their coaches from 50 clients to 80-90 clients. Additionally they gave their coaches sales training and put it on the coaches to convince the clients to stay when the clients wanted to cancel. I’ve been training for 10+ years, and I don’t know of any strength and conditioning style gyms that charge $200 a month. The workouts are a hit or miss, my current coach is knowledgeable and great, but I can tell they have been stressed out since the client load has been increased on him. I encourage all persons interested in signing up for this app to go look at Futures Glassdoor employee reviews and read the horror stories of this company treats its employee. There have been dozens of other reviews on here of people leaving due tot he price increase, coaches quitting and client load increasing. I encourage people to look elsewhere, there are better options. If you are beginner, this is the last thing you want to be using to learn. If you’re intermediate to advance, find a local boutique gym if you can’t, find an online coach for cheaper or look at the competitor apps. Future is not worth it.
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2 years ago, MusicTeachermcgorry
Flexible, Organized, Game Changing
I’ve just recently completed 1 month of workouts with Futuresnd I can’t imagine stopping. I’ve had an on again/off again relationship with the gym for years. There are a few gaps that I have seen Future fill for me: (1) It is organized. My coach and I set a goal of 3 workouts a week for now. It’s attainable and I know that there is some friendly accountability. (2) It is flexible. I’m a music teacher snd performing musician who leads a busy life. Sometimes I have to knock a scheduled workout to the next day. My coach easily moves it over in our calendar and I get it done the next day. (3) It is tailored to what I need. Right now, I’m doing body weight workouts. The gym isn’t the best option for me right now (maybe ever again?), so I can workout at home. I recently was in a hotel for a week, so we modified the exercises for one week to make use of the hotel gym. No hyperbole: this program is helping me change my relationship with my own fitness, and therefore my life.
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12 months ago, audamama
Game Changer
As a busy mom and full-time worker I do the thinking for everything else. I have equipment, but I need someone to do the setup and thinking who knows what I need. The way this app works is perfect for me. Voice cues from my trainer keep me focused. Music selection is a no-brainer, or you can use your own. The timing is all setup ahead as you go through the workouts. You can leave feedback for each movement and change weights easily. The watch app perfectly compliments the features, too. I can move forward without getting up to do it on my phone. I record my lifts and my trainer can give me feedback based on my performance tracked in my apple watch. I would love if this connected with some of my other apps, like Strava and Peloton. But not a big deal because this app and my trainer has changed my life. In March I was looking at having to get injections for my SI joint pain and now I am on my feet for hours again and ran a 5k on July 4. Tha ks Future team!!
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2 years ago, 0987meg
Great experience with Morten Mueller
I have being using the Future app for 1.5 months and my experience has been amazing, my trainer Morten Mueller has gone above and beyond to make sure my workouts meet my needs. In the beginning Morten facetimed me and asked me my goals, expecations, and just took the time to get to know me, and how I like to workout and where I workout. This has allowed me to have a great experience while working out at home or at the gym. Morten reaches out to me daily to make sure I'm on track with my workouts, changes anything that needs to be changed and he even did a 1 month follow up Facetime. I look forward to the workouts, and I feel like this is the most consistent I have been with working out in years, the motivation and accountability and correct training/review of my form from Morten has been amazing. In the short time I have had the app, I see a difference mentally and physically. So thank you so much Future and Morten for helping me change my life!
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3 years ago, Sierra Eva
Exceeded my expectations
Key point (for if you don’t wanna read my paragraphs): -coach is great and is supportive of you, they check in ~5-6 times a week with real feedback - workouts are what you want with their expertise - having a real person checking in keeps me motivated, and I have gotten a new friend out of it - they are so flexible and really make sure you can fit the workout into your days I figured I would take advantage of their $19 first month special, half expecting to cancel after a month like I usually do with fitness apps. But I have never taken to a workout routine like this one. My personal trainer Corinne Tester checks in with me every weekday, and sometimes on weekends even. Since I started 5 weeks ago we have had two FaceTime calls. One was an initial so she could learn my specific needs, nutrition, injuries, goals, etc. The second was after a few weeks to check in. Each day is different, with a lot of workouts that build on each other. I don’t know how she has done it but it literally has everything I love to do for in one week. Running, mobility, yoga, biking, strength training. It’s always new and keeps me engaged. AND I DONT HAVE TO PLAN ANYTHING. it’s amazing. I had a pretty bad car accident and she has been working with me to strengthen those specific areas as well as my overall strength and endurance. I could go on and on about this app and my coach. They are wonderful. The cost is 100% worth it. 🥰
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1 year ago, AmLargent
Real people, excellent app
Poor Austin (McBee) got saddled with me - I'm fat, soooo unfit, and blunt as a spoon. But I got gifted with a talented real-life professional who listens, guides, adjusts and leads me through workouts. The accountability without the hovering is perfect for me. The fact that he can see my watch activity means I gotta actually do what I say - there is no lying with Future. If I don't do it, he'll know. He'll know how hard I go, so I can't under or overlay anything. Accountability is incredible here. As an obese woman working out is intimidating, and often embarrassing, but he NEVER makes me feel bad and has consistently helped me with patience and a no-nonsense attitude. I can't do rah-rah excitement - no Richard Simmons, please. I got super lucky with Austin - he has met me where I'm at and challenged me beyond belief in a VERY short amount of time. I'm thrilled I found this app, because it is functionally perfect for what I need. It works, is easy to understand and explains as I go. Perfect.
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5 months ago, Yee Hog
Should you get future?
This is rather simple. If you are considering getting a personal trainer you will pay much more than future is charging. I was in the same boat. I wanted and looked for a personal trainer and couldn’t decide if they were really qualified and then I couldn’t get myself to pay the fees they were asking. Additionally, I have my own home gym and didn’t want to have to go somewhere to workout. I hadn’t heard about future until I started my search for a trainer. When it showed up on my radar I took them up on the one month free. I AM HOOKED! My own personal trainer, my home gym, my schedule, no driving anywhere, and far cheaper than a personal trainer in person. I can send videos of my workout for critique and tips. Every Sunday I have a fresh workout for the upcoming week and my trainer is engaged. I’m on an extended monthly plan making it even cheaper than month to month. Do the one month for free and find out!
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2 years ago, wmanderson
100% changed how I workout
I’ve been using future consistently for well over a year now. And while the app isn’t perfect, it does an incredible job as providing high-quality, challenging, and effective workout plans. My coach (Jose) is incredible, and with his help I’ve established a consistent fitness routine and seen incredible results since signing up. That being said, I’ve read on Glassdoor that the company itself isn’t treating coaches as well as they should. They’re forced to communicate with 70+ clients 6 days a week, 8am-8pm, as well as pitch new trial users, and manage everyone’s workouts. It sounds like burnout is real and I wouldn’t be surprised if Future experiences massive turnover—which likely further disrupts the existing coaches’ schedules. Again, I love the app. But I hope the company behind it isn’t just focusing on profits and growth and is instead investing in the men and women who make it great to use: the coaches!
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2 years ago, Prajna's Passion
Don’t wait! Fall in love with Future now!
I love this app and working with my personal trainer, Becca. First heard about it last year but forgot about it. Crossed paths with a great online review and got started a few months ago. Prior to this only walked 1-2 times a week with a friend. If they weren’t available I didn’t exercise at all for weeks. Completely tailored to my needs and goals. My trainer adjust the workouts for my injuries and switches things up when my work/life schedule has changed. I’ve never been interested in having an Apple Watch but now I love it cuz it keeps me honest and gets me out of my office chair to stand, move around, and make sure I get enough steps in each day. In this short time I’ve got motivation and momentum and am seeing progress with body strength and fitness. I can only say good about this app and trainer. Don’t wait! Get started and start to feel fantastic.
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4 years ago, mjcoach33
I work out 5/6 times a week now!!
I signed up for this app bc I was experiencing back pain and wanted to move my body after long periods of sitting during my day. In the first month, I was moving 5-6 days/week. My trainer Jackie who is AMAZING made sure to understand my needs, tailor my workouts, and helped me build on success early on so I could build confidence and persist. After two months, I experienced significantly less pain during my day (I was always complaining about aches) plus my abs and legs got way stronger and toned, people around me were noticing a visible difference (a nice bonus!). Honesty, I haven’t used an app that has significantly impacted my quality of life and health in such a major way. I think because it’s coupled with a real human and personal touch it all works but is way less expensive than a personal trainer. Anyways, I highly recommend. So worth it!!!! ✨ Jackie is the BEST.
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7 months ago, c7ed
Love this app!
I’ve struggled to consistently workout for decades. I started out doing 3 20- minute workouts a week. Then inched that up to 30 minutes. When I wanted more, I added in 3 additional days a week at 10 minutes of flexibility/mobility and eventually increasing that to 30 minutes. I now do weights 4x per week with Saturdays as long as 40-45 minutes now. I’ve been consistently working out 6 days a week for 19 weeks now. The longest stretch of my life and it’s been easy to slowly adjust to working out delay. I have one recovery day and two easier mobility days to play with when life gets busy or I’m not in the mood. Love this app and really like texting back and forth with my trainer all week. I highly recommend for those whom working out has been hard to be consistent with.
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2 years ago, Mtmpow3r
The best option bar none
I write very few reviews but I’ll write one for this app. I have struggled for years with my weight and COVID just made it worse… keep in mind I have a decent home gym. I spent years looking for a solution which would just generate workouts for me based upon my needs and my own equipment. I considered joining a gym or doing Orange theory. Then I stumbled across future, and it is a beyond perfect. When I skip workouts I feel like a dirtbag because I need to tell my trainer, a real trainer, Kyle why I got lazy. That motivates me day after day to just get up and do it. I feel great after every workout and the feedback between you and the trainer is clutch. Go look at the price for a personal trainer, and then look at Future. It is a killer deal, don’t be dumb and just do it. You are investing in yourself.
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2 years ago, mattmorrell
Incredible- 13 months in
Edit -13 months with the app. Best workout app ever. Highly recommended. Edit - 3 months with the app- I’ve never been able to lift weights like this before. I continue to be so impressed by the app, the coach (Jordan) and the whole program. Lots of variety, encouragement, and support. Highly recommended. Edit - after about 5 weeks with the app - still awesome and I love the variety and quality of both the app and instruction. Phenomenal. I have paid significantly more than this subscription for much lower quality app and coaching. Very impressed by the quality and expertise of their staff. It’s clear that this company is going to great lengths to keep customers engaged and I am grateful for the attention to detail and level of service. Top notch app and coaching - highly recommended.
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1 year ago, BigAmo's mom
This is what I needed to get started again
I love my coach! Andrew is so motivating, supportive and humorous! I’m older and a bit slower than a lot of people on this app I’m sure, but I have to say it has been wonderful! Andrew was amazingly supportive through an injury and now into recovery. He adjusted workouts to fit my ability and is now helping me return to the strength I lost through the injury. All my fitness routines are personalized to me based on feedback following the workout. I look forward to seeing what Andrew has to challenge me each week. The messages of encouragement have helped keep this old body moving! I get more from this app and Andrew, Then i ever did with an in-person trainer and it’s a workout I can do no matter where I am. Future, you are doing this right!!!
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3 years ago, k.resz
Love it!
I’ve loved using Future since starting about 6 weeks ago. I’ve pushed myself more than I would without a coach and I’m surprised at how quickly I am seeing results! As a retired athlete, I was having a hard time with weight gain and a lack of push in my athleticism. I realized what I was missing was that I’ve always had a coach in my life and Future is proving to me that having a coach is what I needed to keep consistent and make progress. My coach has been great, responding well and giving me tips along the way. It’s pricy, but it’s a real person working with you, so I think that justifies the price. I’ve noticed a few technical issues with the app when it comes to logging weights. Hopefully that gets worked out, but all-around I’ve been satisfied with my experience.
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2 years ago, Scott Diebold
App Performance Issues
I love the app and the coaching is incredible. However the app performance is critical to the program and I’ve had to many issues. I am sticking with this because the coaching is awesome but am pretty unhappy with the bugs for $175 a month. Biggest issues are 1.) HR will sometimes stop recording and save half a workouts worth of HR data (happens many times) 2.) will sometimes stop my music from playing in the background completely (usually just turns the volume down when explaining something) and the won’t let me turn the music back on 3.) had issues with not being able to record my form but that seems to have been fixed. They need to add better apple health integration for weight and other data to automatically come in as well as allowing you to add weight and progress photos for past dates (add a date field that is adjustable for when the photos or weight was recorded).
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1 year ago, NicaG2043
Best App EVER!
That’s it—that’s the review. App Highlights: You choose the traits of your ideal trainer and a list of trainers, along with their profiles+ stats come up; helps you narrow down who’d you like to work with to reach your goals You communicate 24/7 with your trainer and they return timely messages and can help you sculpt your regime properly. PLEASE COMMUNICATE! My trainer is literally a whole match made in heaven! S/O Zach! Your in-app experience is fully customizable; I rate the moves, adjust reps, communicate about each move and at the end, you rate your workout on a scale and that gives your trainer information to help you two build a plan that works for you+your goals Personal Fav: The visualized graphs of your heart rate is attached to which workout moves brought it up the most so that reading can help you and your trainer see averages/what brings your heart rate up the most (which helps burn fat) and other cool stuff! I have the Apple Watch SE (2022) and it helps me greatly but vibrating/signaling for me to get ready for a new move in my regiment. It’s not needed but it helps ppl like me who get easily distracted, stay focused. I’ve never known such an interactive app. It’s so dope! GET IT! 1000% pure 🔥🤌🏽💋🖤
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2 years ago, Boom bob
Turning 50 in Two Weeks and Feeling Great
I’ve been in this program for 5 weeks and it has been really good for me. I workout 3 times a week and honestly feel stronger then I have ever felt. My goal is to run in the Senior Olympics in a few years and I had to start somewhere because like my son would always say “I was getting mushy.” This program enables me to workout when I want, where I want, with what I have, and have a coach (and an Iwatch) to keep me accountable. My husband has also seen how this has worked for me and he’s going to start Future next week to strengthen himself so he can get his golf game back. Everyone has different goals and letting Future know what they are and getting started is the first step in attaining them. So….I highly recommend.
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1 year ago, MistahGreenTea
Solid concept and trainers, integrations could be much better
The concept of Future is pretty great, the coaches are diverse in their background and focus areas and are quite adaptable, the app is fairly user friendly, but where this falls short is the heavy reliance on Apple products. Using FaceTime to meet with coaches, only supporting direct integration with the Apple Watch (which means other watch brands would need to sync with Apple health, for example). It feels as if there's a lot missing out from a realtime training perspective if I don't have an Apple watch. Maybe it's just me, but I have found no way to access their billing portal on Stripe, can't seem to control or manage my subscription without contacting their support team. Implemention and integrations could use some work. But overall, a stable and extremely affordable PT app, even with their upcoming price hikes to be released on June 7.
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2 years ago, Vdoc1
Future Fitness is EXACTLY What I Was Looking For
I absolutely enjoy Future Fitness! The format is simple and very easy to navigate. You are able to select your coach. I absolutely LOVE my coach! I’m building a relationship with my coach via text in the App and video check-ins. Every coach has professional experience in health and fitness and is credentialed (degrees in exercise science, nutrition, and nationally certified). The workouts are tailored by your coach to help you reach your specific health and fitness goals. I’m seeing major improvements with my weight, strength, flexibility, and body shape after 21 days! I’m no longer lost in the sea of “one size fits all” exercise programs! Future Fitness is perfect for any age and exercise level! Join now and start to see the results you want!
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4 years ago, Sjdhdjskslanxkes
Life Changing! Completely worth the money.
I just graduated 7 years of pharmacy school and let’s just say I put on A LOT of weight. I always knew what I had to do to get rid of it, but I just couldn’t stick with anything. I also always wanted to try personal training but it’s so expensive and with 7 years of student debt, I just couldn’t afford that. So when I found this, it really changed everything! I love my trainer, she is super responsive, helpful, and incredibly motivating. She has been helping me come up with goals for myself that really help me find motivation in myself. I have been using this app for 5 months so far (which is the longest I’ve ever stuck with anything before) and I am enjoying everything and seeing real, tangible results. I really can’t recommend this enough.
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2 years ago, ljr1567
I can’t believe how much I enjoy it!
As a lifelong competitive athlete, I’m not one for virtual ANYTHING when it comes to workouts. I gave this program a try because I don’t feel motivated to workout in a gym with a mask on and Boston’s cold winters limit my ability to workout outside. Not having high expectations, I set my goal to just do a Future workout 5 days a week. As weeks went by and my coach up’d the ante, I valued these workouts more and more each day. I’m at the point where I look forward to my workouts and watching the checkmarks accumulate on the calendar. # 1, I feel better getting back in the groove of things #2, the variety in workouts keep it interesting and challenging #3, I love the motivation of my coach: TEAM DAN! #4, I’m looking GOOD!
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2 years ago, Anmol2021
Fantastic App
I have been using this application for over a month now and I feel great. The structure of the application with three sets of timers (one for how long it’s taking you to finish the workout, the duration of the program for the day, and the duration of a particular exercise) is really motivating to keep up with. The application also shows you the techniques of each exercise and makes suggestions to adjust your form. Then you have the amazing set of trainers that work with you on diet, exercises, and goals. They also follow up with you every single day to see how you are doing and what they could do to improve your performance. I am really happy with this application and I hope it’s worth it to you. Thanks,
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3 years ago, eric without a nickname
Real trainer and watch integration for the win
I didn’t work out and even without a pandemic I didn’t want to go to gym and flail around in front of everyone. The real trainer is so key for me. Having someone to understand where you are and tailor a workout is awesome. He checks in on me throughout the week and can give suggestions for stretches or other things to try between workouts. And durning the workout he leaves personalized audio tips to help me focus on what matters for me. On top of that the app and watch integration are super great. I put a tv in my garage and it is easy to see how the movements work and where my heart rate is. Using the watch to log changes to weights or reps is seamless. I don’t normally leave reviews... for anything. But this has been so good for me I felt compelled to share.
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2 years ago, An 'unbiased' reviewer
Great app; KP is a great trainer
I’m one month and one week into using Future for training. Never had any level of personal training before, and I wanted to try it out for the low introductory price. I selected the trainer Kyle / KP, and from our first meeting I have been nothing but impressed and appreciative of his work. He’s always been patient but continued to push through my excuses and struggles, so that I am finally starting to feel and see progress. When I’ve asked for changes, he’s translated those requests into exactly what I needed. I’ve already paid full price for the second month, and I want to continue with it until I’m consistent with exercising and better able to plan my own workouts.
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2 years ago, timtwu
Great coach and idea overall; but poor execution due to very buggy app!
I got lucky from the start and got a great coach I’ve been working with for a year now. The substitute coaches from time to time have been decent as well. The service is good from my perspective, but the app itself doesn’t deserve 5 stars; it’s very buggy! I don’t have the latest iPhone today (it’s a 12 Pro), but it was when I first joined and not much has changed in terms of number of bugs; if anything it got worse over time. The watch app quits every time I record and on occasion the app crashes during a recording or workout and is especially annoying during timed sets; the voiceover to end the set never happens because the app crashed!! I would switch in a heartbeat if my coach ever quit because I’m really putting up with the app at this point!!
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2 years ago, Montana77
Incredible Value
After 6 weeks of using Future, I feel I've got enough experience to write a candid review. This is the longest that I've been able to stick to a workout routine in the last decade or more (currently in my 40s). The implicit accountability is exactly what I need. Knowing that someone is dedicating time to craft my workouts is motivation to complete them. Can't disappoint Coach! The app is simple to use and I can't say enough good things about my coach. He's attentive to my feedback and develops a variety of challenging workouts to keep me engaged (I typically bore quickly). I suppose there could be a bit more variety in the music selection, especially within channels. However, there is the option to listen to my own. I initially enjoyed listening to something different but I'm finding the songs to be repeated frequently across workouts. That's certainly not reason enough for me to give up on Future. The value I get from Future for the membership cost is incredible. I highly recommend giving it a try, especially since they let you try it out at a reduced cost.
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3 years ago, Msmantha
I hate going to the gym. The on demand and live classes I wasnt able to stick with. In person training is super expensive and Covid I was very hesitant about having to have the Apple Watch for this program but this is the first time I’ve ever been able to stick to a program and enjoy it. I love the communication I have with my trainer Rae’. I was considering weight loss surgery but after doing this program 3 times a week for a month, I feel like I’ll be able to loss the weight on my own. I appreciate having routines specific to me and being able to give feedback on what’s not working for me. I still don’t like this watch but imma stick with it until Future comes to Fitbit 😁
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4 years ago, Merrill trader
Wish I had this years ago- better late than never
Talk about a healthy marriage of technology and personal touch for the ultimate wealth you can have, a strong and healthy body. Julia as I have told you all the time you are the reason I am where I am in my fitness journey. The idea is amazing and so is app but without a human like you delivering what you do through the technology is what was only a dream a couple of months ago. Future is now present and has been a welcome present for me. Motivation is an art and fitness is a science and Julia with your empathetic approach I keep getting farther and farther in my goals. Love the app, my trainer and entire future team. Being in tech industry also happy to offer feature improvements as a user. You rock Future team!
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3 years ago, robdh0811
Super Motivating
So many good things to say about this app. First off the intra-workout guidance is incredible, meaning the videos of each exercise are super instructive and make it easy to perform each exercise correctly. Secondly, my trainer is in constant contact and I feel he seriously tailors my workout and wants me to succeed. I like to think I hold myself accountable but probably not as much as I like. With Future, I feel like I’m squandering the work my trainer put in if I miss a workout. The Apple Watch rental, the cool, free water bottle and a few smaller features make this app an all around winner. So glad I tried it - I feel like it is essential to my life now. Oh, and I’m one of those people that never leaves app reviews.
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2 years ago, Oatley mom
The best fitness app hands down
I really can’t say enough amazing things about this app and the coaching provided! I’m only 4 weeks in but I haven’t had one single problem so far, the functions of the app are VERY user friendly, and a seamless way to track my progress all in one place. PLUS…my coach Alee is amazingggg! She provides quality workout programs each week that cater to my specific goals while also being mindful of my past injury. She literally works her magic virtually! No in-person personal trainer has ever been THIS detailed and in-tune with my fitness needs and I’ve cycled through my fair share of trainers. I look forward to her motivational talks via recordings or texts!
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3 years ago, ejlvd2
Ashley Was Amazing
With my 14-year-old daughter wanted to “get in shape” I was nervous. The world is full of so many negative messages that can seep into the fitness industry. But a friend recommended future and I told my daughter we could give it a shot. We were asigned Ashley and she absolutely blew us away! She took time to get to know my daughter she helped her learn to choose vegetables and kept her from so many of the negative narratives. It was always about my daughter’s goals and caring for her body. Ashley’s positivity infected our whole family! We would sit down to dinner see a lot of vegetables and say we can’t wait for Ashley to respond to what a great meal this is!Ashley texted my daughter about activities that she liked and got to know my daughter as a person. It was like having a cool older sister who also happens to be a nutrition and exercise expert. I think perhaps the greatest tribute to Ashley is that my daughter is now ready to graduate from using her help. Ashley taught my daughter and all of us so much! I know there are less expensive options out there, but I guarantee you you cannot find a better one.
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2 years ago, Elizzybear93
Best Trainer
This app has the best trainers. I am an ex triathlete that was never supposed to be able to walk again. I told my trainer my limits and that I tend to push myself too hard, and this is the first time my trainer actually gave me things that I could do. I have had 15 trainers before this one! This is the best one. I love the option of sending videos of the workouts. And I live that I don’t actually have to adjust my schedule to meet with my trainer but once a month. My coach sends me inspirational videos that help me keep moving forward and I just cannot be happier. I’ve lost 15 lbs in a month and I am just ecstatic. I have about 115 more to lose, but I’m confident I can with this trainer.
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2 years ago, conaninconcord
This service is why the mobile internet was invented
Future gives you more of everything you need to stay safe, motivated and fit and none of the stuff you don’t. In-person training sessions can be great, but do you really need to pay someone watch you do pull-ups? I text with my coach everyday, we adjust workouts on the fly based on my feedback and questions, my travel schedule. My coach is incredibly knowledgeable, attentive and supportive. The sports psychology part is perfect for me. And the workouts are so easy to follow, programmed into your Apple Watch, cues on your headphones. All you have to is show up at the gym and push play. It almost feels too goood to be true.
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3 years ago, GoSox2007
Huge fan of the product, app is nearly perfect
I have noticed impressive results after 4 months of using Future. My muscles are more defined, my mood has improved, and I’ve lost half of the 20 lbs I put on during the pandemic. My coach, Greg, is very supportive and quickly adapts based on my performance and feedback. I’m deducting one star because of certain aspects of the app that I wish were a bit easier. My hope is that the development team will see this. -There is no way to turn off the audio guidance for exercises. -You can’t sub out alternative exercises based on equipment availability. Instead, you need to reach out to your trainer who can change it for you. It would be nice if you could do this yourself. -It would be great if it was possible to log weight in pounds and kilograms without needing to pick one or the other in the master settings. At a lot of gyms (including mine) the dumbbells and barbells are listed in pounds, but the kettlebells are listed in kilograms. It’s annoying to have to do the calculations in my head. Overall, I highly recommend this app and product. With a few slight improvements, it will be perfect.
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4 years ago, KDM047
A Fantastic Investment in Your Health
Like many, my workout routine was disrupted by the pandemic. With no return to the gym or group fitness classes in sight, I started looking into personal training options. I am SO glad I discovered an article about Future Fit. As a former college athlete in a team sport, I love training but really benefit from external motivation and an expertly crafted plan. Otherwise, I won’t push myself to the level that I know I perform at. My ALL-STAR trainer, Matt F., set up an onboarding call to learn more about me and my goals. I love the workouts from my first week, the personal interaction with a talented, expert fitness professional and the accountability baked into the system. Great interface and in-app experience too. Thanks Matt and thanks to the Future team! 💪🏼💪🏼
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4 years ago, riecco2
Personal Trainer Incompetent
The personal trainer I had incorporated none of my feedback into my weekly workout routines. Like literally nothing. After my workouts I provided extensive feedback on which exercises I could and could not do and which ones I wasn’t interested in doing for practical reason and asked for alternatives. I even suggested similar exercises to replaces the ones I didn’t want to do and which ones gave me the best workout. It was like I was receiving a randomly generated assortment of exercises each week with. It wasn’t even worth communicating all of this to my personal trainer when I was finally done with the app because she would probably just ignore it also. Each trainer manages 50 clients so maybe this is why each workout is not personalized. Also, I’m not paying $150 a month to be constantly harassed to workout; I’m paying for a personal trainer to design a personalized workout routine.
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