FWB Adult Friend Hookup: XFun

4.6 (12.4K)
77.2 MB
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Current version
BestinMatch Limited
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for FWB Adult Friend Hookup: XFun

4.62 out of 5
12.4K Ratings
1 week ago, Bobjarvis
I've been using this app for a couple of months now and overall it's been a very positive experience. The app's interface is clean and intuitive and easy to use even for the less tech-savvy. The free version offers a lot of features, but I ended up going with the premium features and the extra benefits it brings are worth it. I was matched with a guy named Joe. We chatted for a while and decided to meet for a drink at a local bar. The night was filled with laughter and great conversation and it was a night to remember. It was an exciting experience and we've stayed in touch ever since. I've noticed that most people on this app are looking for fun and casual dating, which is a nice change from other apps where it's hard to gauge what people want. Another cool feature is the ability to change your location. I travel a lot for work and being able to meet new people in different cities is a game changer. During a business trip to Chicago, I met a local girl. We decided to explore the city together, and she showed me some amazing spots that I wouldn't have been able to discover on my own. It turned a routine work trip into a mini-adventure. I had a lot of fun using this app. It's great for meeting new people and having casual, no-strings-attached fun. If you're looking for an app that is easy to use and has real users and some great features, then this app is definitely worth checking out.
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3 months ago, gur_sarao
My favorite dating app
I liked about this app is that it had a clean layout, encourages you to fill out some basic but meaningful information about yourself, and prioritises quality over quantity in a way other dating apps don’t. This app is, I think, the best app for finding a relationship as opposed to a hookup, or at least for meeting nice people with whom you can have a conversation. Curating your selection of daily bagels encourages you to consider each potential match more carefully, while the explore section gives you more variety, and since it’s not a swipe style like other apps, you can spend more time engaging with each person’s profile and making a decision. In short, this app is the only dating app I’ve ever really liked, and I had several good dates from it. I met my boyfriend (I’m female and was using the app to meet men) really quickly through this app, so I only used the app for a few weeks. I kept it on my phone to keep our first conversation, and recently opened it to be disappointed with the way the profiles look now. But I haven’t tried it with this new style, and I’d still recommend the app on the strength of how good it was when I used it.
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4 days ago, Dan93rr
I am happy I joined this app
I joined Xfun on a whim, looking for some fun dates and new experiences. I wasn't expecting much or anything serious. I just ended a two-year relationship, so it is just an outlet for me. After a couple of weeks and a few casual dates, I matched with Mark. His profile mentioned his passion for hiking and exploring hidden trails, which immediately caught my attention. I messaged him, and we bonded over our favorite hiking spots. We found that we hiked together before. What a coincidence! I was on a business trip when we matched, so we kept chatting for about a week. He asked me out when I got back. And Our first date was a hike in a local nature reserve, and we hit it off instantly. We spent the next couple of months going on adventurous dates, from rock climbing to kayaking. We are quite in tune. He is kind and considerate. After about three months of casual dating, he wanted to explore these adventures with me exclusively. I was on the edge because I wasn't sure I was ready to start a new relationship, but eventually, he talked me into it. And now, it's been a year. I am happy, we are happy.
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3 weeks ago, expert123expert
Deleted all my other apps!
The app has a very user-friendly interface that makes it easy to navigate profiles and send messages. I started with the free version, which is very powerful, but I eventually upgraded to the premium version. The advanced features (like the ability to see who likes me and change my location) are game-changers. It makes connecting with people much more seamless. And I've reported a few profiles and seen them deleted quickly, so I think the app takes user safety very seriously. Now for the fun part - my dating experience. I've had a couple of great dates through this app. One memorable match was with a girl named Emily who shared my love of indie music. We hit it off right away and decided to meet at a local concert. The date was great - we enjoyed the music, ate some late night food, and even planned our next outing before the night was over. Another date was with a lady named Sarah who loves to hike. We decided to spend the afternoon hiking on a nearby trail. The conversation was natural and it felt like we had known each other for a long time. That hike led to more outdoor adventures and a great friendship. All in all, this app is a great tool for meeting new people and having fun experiences. The features are well designed and the user base is diverse. If you use it wisely and are careful with interactions, you can have some really great experiences. Highly recommended to try it out!
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9 months ago, Colecc22
We belong together!!! I think this is a very good adult dating app, the people inside are very nice and sincere. I have found my love and happiness here. I am very grateful for this platform. And this is my story. By the time I got a match from someone named Joe, I had kind of forgotten I had it. I saw that we went to the same university, and lived in the same town. I decided to give him a chance. At that moment, I never thought I would have such a relationship After chatting on the app for a while, we moved on to IG and then other social apps. Finally, we decided to meet. We first met in the park near our campus, and from the moment we met, we knew it was something we both wanted, not just NSA. A few months later, we decided to move in together. We also got a cat named Lottie. The thing is I never thought I could find someone on a dating app, but it just happened. Thank you very much.
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1 month ago, hey!itsthatfilmguy
Absolute scam in more ways than 1
Let me just say, I paid so you don’t have to. This app is a scam. Not only are your messages put behind a pay wall but the app is overrun by bots and scammers. These scammers will try to get your personal information right away and ask if you are DTF send you a fake address tell you they are “pay to play” try and get you on Snapchat or other social media platforms and get you to send #udes showing your face so they can “blackmail” you into giving them Apple/Google gift card or they will send your nudes to everyone on your friends List. This app preys on the desperate. Don’t fall for it and never take provocative pictures especially don’t take any showing your face. There are a few real people on this app that you will absolutely never get to talk to because no one is paying for this absolute garbage fire of an app. The literal second you pay for a subscription you are overrun by notifications about someone viewing your profile and flirting with etc. look, we all know what this app is for but I can promise you won’t find what you’re looking for here.
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6 months ago, Shay Dr
Effortless setup and fun times!
I recently tried out this fantastic dating app, and I must say, the setup was a breeze! In just a few simple steps, I had my profile up and running, ready to explore potential matches. What sets this app apart is its unique approach – it doesn’t just connect you randomly; it asks thoughtful questions to ensure compatibility with your type. One feature I love is the GPS integration, guaranteeing that I get matched with people in my vicinity. This not only adds a layer of convenience but also increases the chances of meeting someone special nearby. What impressed me most is the app’s focus on creating connections for a good time. It takes the pressure off and makes the entire experience enjoyable. If you’re looking for a dating app that’s easy to use, tailors matches to your preferences, and promises a good time, look no further!
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11 months ago, adelmozip
Don't give up
I used the adult dating app on and off for 2 years before I met my girlfriend. Before I met my girl, I met a lot of great women on this app because I was cautious and had high but realistic expectations of myself to ensure my safety. In fact, my girl and I Facetimed before we met because I wanted to see if we really liked our conversations so much that we could actually get together. I've never had a bad date while using the app. It all depends on what you and your partner are looking for in life. If you meet someone who only wants a nsa and you don't, cancel the match. Keep looking until you find someone whose goals and intentions match yours. I wasn't hopeful for a long time, but I kept trying, and I'm very thankful that this method of matching finally led me and my girlfriend to find each other.
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10 months ago, Rkrishe
Love it 😍
A nice dating application where I fall in love again I joined this hookup app on a whim. I've heard of Tinder and Bumble, my friends have had a few happy ONS there. But they told me those top apps are full of fakes, so that's not my first choice. Xfun is a relatively simple small app where I matched with several hot women at the first week. Even the active people are fewer than other apps, I like its free features. Lucky me, I met Sarah, a beautiful woman. We happed to swipe profiles right at the same time and ended up sending messages to each other simultaneously. After a few weeks chatting, we decided to meet in person. And the chemistry was even stronger offline, so we had a happy first date and led to many more. I may fall in love with Sarah, and she is the best surprise I have found in Xfun.
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10 months ago, FunnyBaby0508
Just have a try!
I'm reaching out to say thank you for building such a nice dating app. I've been single for 2 years, and I know open relationship is what I need. I tried many ways to meet like-minded people, but most of them didn't work out well. Until I joined XFun, things started to look up. Most women I matched here are attractive and looking for wild fun. That's exactly what I want. Even there are some fakes pretended by the indoorsman, I don't care. Actually, those fakes are easy to tell. Most of them are trying to ask you to have a call or text on other apps. This app allows free text, why bother? Anyway, as long as I get to flirt and date hot girls around, I'd like to stay with this app. So, keep up the great work, let me match with more beautiful girls.
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10 months ago, Hytrugkk
This app gives me a new chance
After a divorce, I was hesitant to start dating again. But my friends keep encouraging me, I decided to try online dating to see what those dating apps can bring to me. At the first week, all I got are younger men trying to flirt and ask me out. I am not into cougar dating, so I just keep swiping. And then I matched with Mark, a widower who had also been through a tough time. We share a lot with each other and he always understands me. We have dated twice. It's nice to have someone to be here for me when I am sad and lonely. Both of us agree to take things slow, just let nature take its course. Just thanks to this app for giving me a new chance to experience love. I am happy now.
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3 months ago, Stunner GQ
I haven’t successfully used any dating/hookup site or app in the past, simply because most are unreliable and not secure enough. X Fun came in recommended after my recent breakup with my partner and I don’t regret ever trying it out. It has completely transformed my experience when it comes meeting new people with precise intentions. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and find potential matches. The location-based matching algorithm is exceptional and I love that one can easily be matched with people around them. Overall, I highly recommend this dating app to anyone looking for genuine connections and meaningful relationships. It's definitely worth a try!
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11 months ago, Ryan Lee02
Worth a shot!
The dating scene has been rough, and for a while I’ve struggled with finding the right partner. Most of the dating apps I used in the past like Bumble and Tinder are geared more towards those looking to hook up short-term. Thankfully, I stumbled across this app and gave it a shot. With the matches that I got, I’ve met women with different personalities and interests, and am currently talking to one that may be the one for me. We are currently setting up a day to meet (we both live close to each other according to the personal location feature) and I hope things go well ☺️ So far this seems to be a good dating app, allowing you to hookup depending on your preferences and location. Thank you XFun!
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10 months ago, Vickinjhh
Different from other dating apps I used
Finding like minded people on casual dating apps is never easy. I like meet new friends and have different dates, but most apps I've tried were full of fakes, even some are top ones. Well, Xfun brought me a partner who shares my common interest. When I matched with Jason, I though he was just another handsome guy for casual dating. But after a few conversations, I found he is very funny and importantly, he also likes workout. Our first date was gym date. It was a different but wonderful date for both of us. Xfun goes beyond the superficial. It's a nice platform that connects people on a deeper level based on values and interests. Totally a different app!
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10 months ago, Indikacool
Met a wonderful partner in life and love
I've downloaded this dating app for one month, and dated two cute women. In early August, I matched with a beautiful woman who share common interests with me. We both swiped each other right because of outdoor enthusiasts. After several days chatting, I found Emily is attractive and independent, the most important thing is that she also likes hiking. Our first date was a challenging mountain hike, which solidified our connection through teamwork. I know I like her, so we continued to date and explore more great outdoors together. I just wanna say thank you for letting me find such a wonderful partner! Joining this app was the best decision I ever made.
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1 year ago, [email protected]
Best app I love it
I met a perfect partner here Finding a perfect partner is never easy. At the beginning I was just seeking casual dating on XFun. I thought it was just a normal hookup app where you can find someone for short-team date and one night stand. But somehow, I matched with a lovely girl. Then we started talking and finding we share things in common. I asked her out for dinner after three days match. She looks hotter and cuter in person. It was a wonderful night. And since then, we dated for several times. I can feel that we become better and more comfortbale with each other. Evertything goes well between us. Thanks Xfun for matching us.
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10 months ago, alex02323
Enjoy the dating app, meeting nice people
I joined this dating app in early July and matched some funny people from different places. At the first week, I just chatted with my matches. They are friendly and nice. I feel comfortable and chill on this app. And then I matched with a lovely girl named Emma who is in the same city with me. She is three blocks away from me, maybe we've run into each other before. Anyway, we shared lots of things in common. Both of us like Marvel movies and Iron man is our favorite character. We hang out a lot now. I know it's hard to believe that you can make good friend on a dating app. But I am the luckiest person. Thank you Xfun!
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9 months ago, Hhhhaleyy!!!
Great app!
As someone who enjoys causal dating, this app has been a great place. I've had some thrilling dates and unforgettable moments. Women in my area are open minded and seeking for casual things. At the beginning, I was skeptical about online dating, but xfun changed my mind. The app's free text has given me a great chance to connect with diverse people, some of whom have become good friends, and a few have turned into something more. The interface of xfun is user-friendly, making it easy to use and navigate. I appreciate the potential match list for personalizing. It leads me to people with shared interests and values. Really like it.
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10 months ago, ZH.8.8
It is a reliable platform to connect
I like this app. It's not just a dating app, but a platform that creates meaningful connections. At the first days joined XFun, I met some fakes and reported them to the support team. Those profiles were removed in a few hours, which is effective. And then I connected with Emma, a lovely girl who likes cooking. Have to admit that the app has unique approach to connecting like minded people based on common interests. I have dated for several times. She shared me her favorite restaurants. And she cooked me for once in my apartment. She cooked for me once, and I enjoyed having someone cook for me. I really discover a wonderful girl online!
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10 months ago, TheChaosWalker
A very rewarding dating app!
As far as dating apps Xfun is certainly one of the better ones out there for those looking for casual dating and hookups. It is also surprisingly accessible to those trying to use dating apps for the first time and though I am glad I use Xfun now, I do wish I was able to use it years ago as in my opinion it far exceeds other apps similar to it such as Tinder. Also within a few days I was very fortunate to find someone on this app I was able to bond with quickly and continue to talk to now. Hats off to the developers of Xfun for creating a truly great casual dating platform.
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1 year ago, kskduenkpspdp
A good dating app
This dating app is highly recommended. I've been using this app for several weeks. I like Xfun a lot. I always wanted to find a long-term fwb partner, and this dating app brings me something surprise and new. There are more real and friendly adult friends than I expected. Thanks to the free chat, I am able to connect with people I like. Besides, the GPS search leads me to more adult friends around me. The latest version has some great improvements, especially the video verification. I feel more comfortable to chat and date with those hot women offline. Anyway, I am having fun on this hookup app. Love it.
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11 months ago, jlw895
I've been using XFun for over a year, and I've been dating and having nsa. My luck wasn't great, but I didn't know I was learning more about dating and the traits I was looking for. That way I can be more specific in my dating and finally find someone on this adult dating app. I think is right for me. After the first date, I knew she was the one. So we kept dating, and we ended up in a long-distance relationship for eight months! Now that we're engaged, we can't wait to get married in six months! What I want to say about dating is you'll find what you're looking for eventually.
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12 months ago, BrandenElPunk
Really nice app for adult dating
I've tried Tinder and Bumble, and Xfun is the best dating app for me. I just wanted some real casual dating on those apps, and most of them were full of scams. XFun is way better. It selects me the most suitable matches based on my bio, which makes things easier. It's free to match and even text. Unlike other dating apps, xfun allows you to text with anyone you are interested in without match. Most of those girls I've connected are sweet and looking for casual dating and one night stand like me. I am having great time with this app. By far, this is the best one for me to meet like minded people.
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4 months ago, Ghost.Boi.
The Next Tinder?!
I took some time to go through this app to find some friends that could potentially lead to more. Imagine my surprise when there were actually people local to me that signed up for this app (I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere Illinois)! This app is very easy to use and has had no glitches so far! I like that I can see 4 options of people at a time. My only complaint is that I can’t select female and male at the same time, but that is not a deal breaker. This app, with its easy to use functionality, could very well be the next Tinder!
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11 months ago, sydno1997
It’s worth downloading
To be honest, I installed the adult dating app because my friends told me that it's fun to swipe around and that it's possible to meet people who are interested in you. Of course, not every match is a success. It's like meeting a new friend in person. But what I really want to say is that I can't tell you how grateful I am to developers for creating something that does bring me together with someone I may never have met. If you are also looking for NSA, this app is the right one for you. All in all, the hookup app is worth downloading and you have nothing to lose.
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9 months ago, Mikevevo
A lot of fun using this app
I've been using this dating app for over two months now, and it's been quite a lot fun. The algorithm of xfun for matching seems to be really spot-on. It leads me to people around. I've had the pleasure of meeting some attractive women. Most of them are hot and looking for casual fun. My overall experience has been positive. Since I join this dating app, I've more chances to explore different dates and get to know more people. I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who's open to try online connection. You may meet someone special.
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11 months ago, Seigdespair
Love this app
I met my partner through XFun and we've been together for over a year! I am an introvert, it is difficult to make friends in reality. We have no mutual friends and come from two different regions. I'm sure we wouldn't have met without this adult dating app There's no guarantee that this hookup app will bring you love, but it works for me. I think if you just go back to being yourself and try to have some fun and don't take it too seriously, you're bound to meet some nice people. A positive attitude will get you more done in less time! I love this app More options
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1 year ago, Atrecious
Best dating app
Xfun is absolutely the best dating app I have ever had. It caters to people who are open minded and looking for company. It focus on real connection and casual dating. Before downloading this app, I doubted if it can work for me. It's never easy to meet someone suitable on those hookup apps, even most of them claim to be the most helpful app. Well, xfun impressed me that there are way more active and real members than other apps. The customer service is responsive. I really enjoy its free text. I get to chat with some friendly adult friends around. Having fun with this app!
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1 year ago, Decorpel
Cool app
Since I joined, I’ve got a lot of dates, which is a better chance because I have never felt so good before, and I try to go out on dates. The speed is good, and I’ve found more than hookups on this app that is much better than what I seem to be guessing at random. Compared to other dating apps, I can change my settings very well. Although to me it seems almost the same. I think it’s a great design to use on the road, looking for a date on the go and not having time to meet someone face-to-face in the real world.
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5 months ago, chinwachukwu
Friendship found : My experience with this app
I've been using this app for a while now, and it has truly exceeded my expectations. The user interface is sleek and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and connect with like-minded individuals. What sets this app apart is the diverse and welcoming community it fosters. I've met some incredible people who share similar interests. Overall, this app has added a new dimension to my social life. Highly recommended for anyone looking to expand their social circle in a respectful and enjoyable way!"
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12 months ago, Shaylaray B.
So far so good
I just signed up for this dating app about 2 days. And so far I find there's a lot of handsome men on here seeking for friends with benefits and serious relationship. Have to say, I do have lots of choices to pick from. I am in Chicago. It's easy to match with people around me, which I am impressed. Most of those men I've connected are gentle and friendly. Truth being told, I thought I would meet some creepy guys online. XFun does provide a safe and comfortable community for people who are looking for casual dating. I like it so far.
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3 months ago, xoAriii
I absolutely love this app I am fresh out of an relationship of 5 years and I’m not interested in dating for a while so I’m looking for friends but of course I still have needs and this app allows me to meet people who want the same thing I want. Able to enjoy yourself without feelings involved there isn’t many apps out here that are like this I recommend this app to anyone who’s just looking to have fun the app is easy to use , it’s free and the people on the app are good looking lol it’s a win
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12 months ago, sebegdudjwoNskzowvsuzbsvs
best app ever
My bro told me xfun is a nice place to find milfs to date, so here I am. I was not sure if this is the right way to find friends with benefits or tinder hookup, until I got the first match. It's really fast to get connected. She is a girl in my college, but we never met each other before. It feels different to find someone on hookup app. But we keep chatting for 2 days and then we have a date. It was a happy night. Right now, I am not rushing because I know this pure hookup app can bring me what I want.
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11 months ago, msxjuicy
Awesome App!!!
XFun is the ultimate choice for anyone seeking an exciting and thrilling online dating experience. I have tried numerous platforms for partners, but XFun stands out from the crowd with it’s broad user base, advanced features, and unparalleled privacy protection. It offers a seamless interface that makes finding compatible partners effortless and ensures unforgettable experiences. I can’t believe I found so many matches near by. If you're looking for the best hooking up app on the market, look no further. XFun is undoubtedly your go-to destination.💕
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10 months ago, Maddy027483
Just trying something different!
I tried out this app today and it was super easy and cool. Had no problems creating an account and it was a very cool experience. The app was cool and I’d recommend to someone looking for a fun time! There was a nice variety of people and it was a very inclusive and eye opening but fun and short lived experience. Dating apps just aren’t my tea but if you’re reading this, give it a try! You never know what could be out there if you don't look...
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1 year ago, tinaeffs
Great to find FWB
I enjoyed the casual dating app until a recent update. The message will be super delayed and my likes will not go through. Annoyingly, when I opened the app later, there was another update. I don't know if it’s my phone or something. But, it was a great hookup dating app. I met my FWB here and always recommended people who enjoy adult apps to join! The XFun team is also very quick to be concerned about any bugs or problems in the app:) They are checking the problems for me.
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11 months ago, rekius
Best one yet!!!
Y' all this is the best hookup site. I've been looking for an adult dating app like this, and it doesn't get much better than this. If you are single, you can search for other couples, singles, etc. I also like the simple profiles! This nsa app is very user-friendly. I make apps, so I know when the app is bad and when the app is good, and this app is way beyond my expectations! Pretty awesome. There are still some bugs sometimes, but they will fix them in time.
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11 months ago, Septasucks
For the people who wanna try xFun. I have never received a response on any of the other hookup apps. Too short? Now the right color? No? I’m not sure. For that reason, I’ve been depressed for 20 years. I thought I could get out of trouble by using hookup sites. But my inability to attract or even connect with anyone made me vulnerable to manipulation. I wish there was to get rid of the “I” in my mind. Then, xFun changed everything. I realized I could be loved but also be myself.
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11 months ago, Olivia198701
Not many people around my area yet, but it looks great. We just need more people involved on this hookup site! It is very good, especially if you want to hookup free. This app is not just about sex or nsa, you can chat with the person you like and have something more. People are real and attractive. Some settings need to be adjusted. For example, I'd like to know how my own profile look like while swiping. Perfect for people looking for more adult fun and new experiences
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1 year ago, no111111111
Nice app
Thank you so much for this app!!! I met a wonderful woman here. Even though we live 40 minutes away from each other, and we never met each other before. Thanks to this dating app, we have connected now. It seems we share many things in common. She is a dog person like me. And she wants something casual but serious, which is my thing as well. So far, we have dated each other for a month. Things work well! Can’t be more happier!
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1 year ago, mijreviews
Actually good dating app
Wow, what a nice way to make new friends. I’ve been using this dating app for a month now. Would recommend people who are looking for casual things like fwb and nsa. Or if you are looking for new friends, this app is still great for friendship. Just like other online dating apps and sites, xfun is designed for hookup. You are able to search like minded people around who are into something casual. This app brings me a happy and interesting life. Love it.
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11 months ago, Gthevisionary
A good dating app
This daitng app is absolute top one. No annoying ads at all. I like how it's just a hookup app but also can be a general app for friends making. There are friendly people in this app which is good. With its free features like seach, filrt and text, I can connect with someone like minded easily. Even there are some fakes I've encountered, the support team deleted them quickly. I believe this app could be better if it has video chat.
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10 months ago, floalyy
Amazing app!!!
First off, I have met so many awesome individuals from this app. I’ve went on many dates and even friend dates with tons of people on the app!! I would recommend this to others who are trying to connect with people and have a good time. All I can say is you won’t regret it. The people I’ve met on XFun are people I will never forget in my life. I would definitely recommend this app to people trying to relight their love cycle !!
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4 months ago, Arthur Spanial
All the 5-Star reviews are fake
If you scan through the 5 Star reviews, you’ll notice they all sound alike - like they are from the same person. That’s bc they are. The app? kind of limiting.. You can’t see who you liked.. (unless they like you back - even with vip) mistake swipe? get vip. boost? separate fee from vip. message a hottie? get vip. You get the point… They use your profile to get others to upgrade to a monthly plan $15, and use other’s profiles to get you to upgrade. You basically work for them without getting paid. I use the free version. I think that anyone who manipulates reviews, manipulates the platform and I should not give money to.
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1 year ago, Caity Gros
By far everything is good!
I tried many dating apps and XFun actually works on me. Easy to swipe and match, free to text. I like that this hookup app knows that communication is important for us. I wasn’t planning to date, but there are many handsome men around me. It makes me happy to chat with them and I literally went on a date with a gentleman. It was a wonderful night. I will recommend this hookup app to all of my friends. Just hit it up!-
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3 months ago, Kyle P Crawford
Super User Friendly
Super easy to use app. Great lay out and I love that you view 4 profiles at a time instead of just swiping thru one user at a time. It’s great that you can specify whether you are a smoker or drinker among other important details. I would never date a smoker or date someone that doesn’t like to enjoy a couple drinks. This app is perfect for someone looking for fun or maybe something a little more serious. Great app!
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11 months ago, aapre33
X fun is the best !!!!!!!
Better than other apps A great adult dating app, better than most other apps. If you learn how to use the hookup app, you will find it very easy to use. What I like is that you can choose to verify, so you can be sure that the person is really the person you say they are. Of all the hookup apps I use, this is the one I use the most. There are so many options, and verification features can weed out impostors.
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11 months ago, jasmine72737
Great app!
The adult dating app is very user-friendly and I can sign up and start using it in a few minutes. I can also check out some men's profiles and chat with them for free. I like this nsa hookup app very much. I had some crazy adventures on the hookup site. It's the perfect app to explore your desires and connect with like-minded people to hookup free. This is the best dating app I've ever used. That's exactly what I want, better than some other hookup apps.
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11 months ago, Danis Alvarado
A Dating Texting App that Sparks Romance
This hookup site is a true gem. Its user-friendly interface, swift messaging, and thoughtful features create a seamless experience for finding potential matches and hookup free. It's a perfect blend of convenience and excitement, igniting connections with ease. Really nice NSA hookup app. Easy to use. Seems like a legitimate way to meet interesting people. There are many in my area. So far, so good. This is a real scene that meets real people, and they are beautiful and nice.
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5 months ago, Blew The Chance I Gave
Paid Subscription Flaw!
I purchased the subscription in hopes of having a better experience with the app! Unfortunately I can not search through the app properly! I can pull no matches or see anyone in my area. I have my location on which would help with the search but I get nothing. I think it’s a bug that can be fixed. But at this time I’m leaving to find something better. No buyers remorse just want the full experience I payed for. The team at Xfun reached out and expressed there concern over the issue I encountered and will work to address it. I appreciate that and hope to return in the future if life doesn’t goes as planned.
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